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80,000 hadir, kata Ahli Parlimen P. Pinang

Sim Tze Tzin yang mengeluarkan tweet di bawah adalah Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru, Pulau Pinang.

Yang Berhormat itu kata “80,000 crowd at Padang Merbok”. The Unspinners kata 9,415. Nak percayakan siapa?

Juga tengok tu kat depan gambar.

Ada pun orang Cina dan mereka begitu menonjol sekali dalam gambar-gambar yang ditweet oleh Sim Tze Tzin serta yang terpampang di dada akhbar J-Star hari ini.

Twitter simtzetzin 80,000 crowd at Padang Merbok

The Star Padang Merbok Rally

The J-Star menggambarkan bahawa orang Cina yang paling ke depan dalam perhimpunan #Black 505 semalam.


#Black 505 petang ini: Kaum Cina menjauhi perhimpunan


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11 thoughts on “80,000 hadir, kata Ahli Parlimen P. Pinang

  1. A friends (chinese of cause) said after 4.30pm a lot of her pier going back. Her estimation during those peak time around not more then 10,000. I’ll take her estimation more than a blog then.

    But those figure of 80,000 hmmm let see, 30,000 + 50,000 = 80,000 plus minus 20,000 (Data taken from MKini, Keadilan News and Harakah) and in engineering your need to have a plus minus. See, found out how they estimate the crowd and look inteligent hahaha

    :D sarah

  2. I have monitored the hard-core travelling troupe of not more than a couple of hundreds of supporters who moved from place to place for the rallies and augmented by the resident supporters. It is rubbish and nonsense to claim otherwise because the cost, the transport, the accommodation etc for huge numbers is just not possible.

  3. If even half of those who voted for Tan Kok Wai, Fong Kui Lun, Teresa Kok & Tan Seng Giaw turned up, you’d easily have close to 100k one would suppose no?

    Instead the Chinese were laughing at the dumb idiots gathering at an open field with the haze lingering around them to listen to the same rehashed, reused, recycled speeches going on & on about the illegitimate government, popular votes, gerrymandering yada yada yada when neither of those issues were an issues pre 505.

    Btw, Hannah weren’t anywhere near the vicinity of Padang Merbok yesterday otherwise she’ll “go tell it on the mountains, over the hills & everywhere” via her Twitter account. Tells you a LOT doesn’t it?

    If you see pg4 today, they had a pic of the Guy Fawkes mask used in V for Vendetta. The caption reads “Fawkes was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics, who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot…” & “… has since become a symbol of rebellion…”

    What the editor & writers failed to write was the reasons & motivation behind the Gunpowder plot. Guy Fawkes was part of the recusancy movement which refuses to participate in Anglican worship & rites as they’re Catholics. With a law passed by the queen where those affiliated to the movement were punished with fines, jail terms, flogging etc, Fawkes led the rebel movement aiming to revert the monarchy to Catholicism.

    And when his plot failed, he was arrested & tortured to obtain information on the movement. He was broken by his tormentors & gave the information after which he committed suicide (incidentally against Catholic & Christian teachings) to avoid more torture especially the dreaded quartering.

    I’m trying to highlight two points here.

    1. Guy Fawkes ratted on his comrades & took the easy way out by committing suicide despite his supposed motivation was to restore his Catholic faith to the throne of England. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) suicide is a mortal sin thus condemning one’s soul to eternal damnation.

    2. The rebellion was one motivated by religion, between two mainstream Christian denominations, the Anglicans & the Catholics. Bet them non Christians using the mask had not an inkling of that eh? Tak rasa tergugat ke akidah mengagungkan pejuang agama Kristian?

    1. setuju sangat…orang yang pi sana tu tak fikir…bertindak sesuatu menyamai orang bukan islam memang boleh jatuh akidah…contoh guna lilin…tapi yg aku pelik…orang beragama macam ostad badrul amin pun ikut seolah olah tak tau hukum sebegitu…takkan dia tak tau…huhu

    2. Bro FFC…soalan anda…..

      “Tak rasa tergugat ke akidah mengagungkan pejuang agama Kristian?”

      saya percaya soalan berkenaan ditujukan kepada Melayu-DAP, Melayu-PKR dan Melayu-PAS yang berdemonstrasi dengan topeng idola mereka ‘Guy Fawkes’.

      saya percaya jawapannya adalah sama dengan orang Melayu-Islam lainnya yang menyambut ‘Valentine’s Day’….

      tetapi…tidak ada apa yang boleh dilakukan kerana kalau dulu orang Melayu sering dikatakan buruk sikap mereka kerana sering dilihat membawa budaya ‘tidak-apa’….(kemudian diupgrade menjadi ‘aiman tak kisah’…..dan sekarang ‘ada aku kisah?’), persoalan ‘rasa tergugat akidah’ akan tetap dipandang sepi.
      malang sekali di kalangan mereka ada orang-melayu yang dari parti yang mengaku memperjuangkan Islam…..!!!

      pada saya, sudah terang, kerana poilitik bernafsu songsang, manusia yang durjana memang sanggup menjual diri sendiri!

    3. “Instead the Chinese were laughing at the dumb idiots gathering at an open field with the haze lingering around them to listen to the same rehashed, reused, recycled speeches going on & on about the illegitimate government, popular votes, gerrymandering yada yada yada when neither of those issues were an issues pre 505”

      How true, and the sad thing for me is.. the majority seems/are Malays and so I must say this, even though I hate to admit it…..these damn Malays are so damn stupid brainless, shit in head type who will blindly follow the failed leaders ( as in Anwar, the Bard guy and Mat Sabu(n)…..

      The non Malays are hard at work slogging out for their exams and eventually scoring first class results, and getting exemption from repayment of PTPTN Loans. You see, those Malays that attend the gathering are soooo STUPID, plain fools and a tool for the destruction of the nation…And Anwar and gang make full use of their dead brains to advance his cause…and this the nation that ANwar wants and heavily favored by DAP and gang…..

      Malays and MELAYOOS, if you are reading this, please do not be angry with me as these are facts. So those with children, please bring them up properly and not let them be like these bunch of donkeys and asses…I am a Melayu too and I am sad, very sad indeed….

      And the parents who brought their children along, are you sure you are doing justice to your children?? Dragging then in the haze and gloom, smog and filth. You, as parents, are the killers of your children future. And you would be so happy when your child becomes like Adam Adli and his likes….

      Our country is already a peaceful nation, no need to create and follow troublemakers…..

      I do wish the Malays will learn, and be like the Chinese….it is dream and I shall continue to dream on….

  4. I notice YB Sim Tse Tzin is growing wilder in his tweets and remarks ever since becoming MP. Like all Chinese politicians power and big support has made their heads grow BIG.

    He is lucky there was a Chinese tsunami or else he would have lost because he was lazy assemblyman who spent most of his time in KL. He is a weekend politician like all those Umno politicians. Lives in KL and spends weekends in his constituency.

    Moreover so many gossips in PKR about his private life that caused strain in his marriage. Now he is trying to be sensational so as to be noticed. That is not responsible politics. YB, politics must be about issues and not to make wild and personal accusations and remarks.

  5. keadaan cuaca jerebu sgt tebal, tidak sihat utk kesihatan

    begitu juga dgn black 505 @ kl622 – harapan mereka juga nampaknya sgt “berjerebu”

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