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Battlestar Galactica Republica

The Madam Speaker will make sure that the Selesa (Selangor Legislative Assembly Service Commission) Enactment bill is passed, giving the DUN more power and independence.

Regular commenter moya @ 2013/06/09 at 6:46 pm believes that “HY [Hannah Yeoh] want to be a “Vice President ”, as in US is the Speaker of the Assembly. So, Selangor is making themselves to be a SEMI-REPUBLIC. Be WARY my friends”.

hannah yeoh

In the USA, the Speaker is:

  • the highest-ranking member of the House
  • typically the head of the majority party
  • he/she sets the House legislative calendar determining when bills will be debated and voted on, as well as
  • helps to make sure bills supported by the majority party are passed (Source:

DAP is pushing through this bill so that the Selangor state assembly – which it controls – will be independent of the executive in terms of finances and staffing.

Another regular commenter The International Jew @ 2013/06/08 at 11:36 am wrote:

“what’s insidious about this new Legislative Assembly Service Commission is that it will be headed by the Speaker with the Selangor Menteri Besar, the state opposition leader and between 5 and 6  lawmakers.

“think about this. if the DUN is free from the state government’s executive arm, what will happen? or rather, how the DAP will benefit from this law.”


Take Selangor for …

To return briefly to our comparison of the Speaker’s role in the hierarchy, the American Speaker of the House “stands second only to the Vice President of the United States in the line of presidential succession”.

In the USA, the Speaker is No.3 in importance after No.2 (Vice President) and No.1 (The Prez).

The Selangor bill drafted and tabled by the DAP will create a commission headed by the Speaker (chair held by DAP since 2008) along with the Menteri Besar and a few other legislators.

In Selangor, the 67-year-old MB is sick and sleepy. So who do you think will be in charge?

Gambar Kosmo! via
Photo credit: Kosmo! via
Khalid “agak kurang sihat sedikit”

Inside job on Most Powerful Women

The Star rejected Tony Pua’s ad because the copy failed to disclose that it was created by the DAP.

The paper published its ’10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia’ page5 without any hint that it was not a news item written by its own reporter. Nonetheless, some astute industry observers suspect it was an in-house effort all the same.

More damning, the Star Rosmah page was published without any indication that it was an advertorial – there was no tag nor strapline stating so – and the name of the company that purportedly placed the advertorial was not divulged.


(Remember that The Star claimed its earlier refusal to print the Tony Pua-DAP ad was because the ad creator was unnamed.) But a few days ago, the same paper printed the ’10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia’ advertorial that similarly failed to comply with the paper’s advertising guidelines.

So what do you think The Sneaky Star is up to?

Star group editor Wong Chun Wai blamed anonymous Indians for the fiasco. It’s clear from whom the Jerusubang newspaper got its sneakiness.

The Star board of directors: MCA's Tan Sri Fong Chan Onn is chairman of the board. Deputy chairman is Tan Sri Vincent Lee and beside him is Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai.

The Star board of directors: MCA’s Tan Sri Fong Chan Onn is chairman of the board. Deputy chairman is Tan Sri Vincent Lee and beside him is Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai. The man with the silver hair is Ho Kay Tat who has left the company and the woman is Datin Linda Ngiam, the media group’s former CEO.

Another member of the Star board is AirAsia’s Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

The J-Star is the Rocket


Urban tsunami

A lot of the discussion on the Chinese tsunami has centred on the DAP victory.

It is just as vital to focus on the implications of the MCA defeat.


There are 56 state assembly seats in Selangor. MCA’s presence in the DUN is zero.

Neither has the MCA any Parliamentarians in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Effectively, the political clout of the MCA is zero in the Klang Valley that is chockful of Chinese residents who are well-to-do, relative to the rest of the county.

The Star is the media with the biggest reach to an urban audience (and Utusan to the rural audience).

The StarOnline Rates Card 2013-06-19 09-15-04

The Star online claims hits numbering up to 46 million page views per month.

The Star media group and its various online apparatus played a role in enabling the urban tsunami to wash away the BN.

The J-Star is also the tail that is wagging the MCA dog.

We saw in GE13 the MCA on self-destruct mode. Not only was the party unable to help itself, it allowed its machinery to freely empower its arch rival.

MCA bigwigs at the J-Star office. Wong Chun Wai is gesturing; Gan Ping Sieu is terribly impressed



The J-Star is a clear and present danger to the BN.

The MCA, where their factions are presently fighting among themselves, are incapable of getting a grip.

From the BN point of view, there is nothing in the MCA that is worth salvaging.

In GE14, BN should consider themselves lucky if they can get 5 percent of the Chinese vote. This core 5 percent does not need any further courting because they are the ‘push’ segment (i.e. look askance at the DAP) and not the ‘pull’ segment (i.e. necessary to be wooed with free mega dinners, lucky draws, coupons and vouchers, etc).

Putting aside the 51 percent Chinese Star readers, the paper has still got 25 percent Malay readers and 24 percent Indian readers mostly in the urban areas.

MCA mouthpreach for the DAP

Let’s look at two Selangor urban Parliamentary constituencies — Puchong and Serdang.

Serdang was won by the BN in 2004, 1999 and 1995.

In 2008, Serdang was snatched by DAP Selendang Squader Teo Nie Ching and is now (2013) held by DOCTOR (PhD) Ong Kian Ming, And where Nie Ching donned the tudung, Kian Ming is someone similarly not averse to wearing the Malay songkok if expedient.

Puchong is another former BN seat taken over by the DAP.

Serdang and Puchong were previously BN seats because they’re unlike the 80-90 percent Chinese electorate seats that have always been in the bag for the DAP. Serdang has 39.57 percent Malay voters and Puchong has 39.36 percent Malay voters.

Both Serdang and Puchong are huge constituencies, having 133,139 and 107,010 voters respectively. There is a fair case to be made for the electoral boundaries of Serdang and Puchong to be redrawn in the next delineation exercise. This could potentially double the DAP’s seats from 2 to 4.


Looking beyond The J-Star‘s print circulation, the media group has plans to expand online in a big way. It is the industry leader in all the e-applications and the player that has invested the most capital in digital technology.

It is in this quadrant that BattleStar Galactica will get the youth and it will deliver these young votes to Pakatan. And not to forget that half of the Star audience are non-Chinese (26% Malay, 24% Indian).

The MCA is complicit in all the scissoring that its J-Star is doing, and culpable for all the venomous stabs that the BN has endured from the Gunting dalam Lipatan.

This makes si penyangak MCA the musuh dalam selimut.

That is why The J-Star has been in total denial that the Chinese tsunami ever happened and its lalang chief diligently deflecting the demand by the pro-establishment Malays that Chinese must be accountable for the direction the vote went.

The first step in accountability is making MCA take responsibility.



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  1. alamak, lidah terkeluaq…

    (tak baik kutuk org tua yg sakit. satu hari nanti kita juga akan tua dan sakit.)

    kutuk HY takpa dia masih muda maa.. ekeke!

    1. its too late d. oledi masuk HY head of laypastor (kalau pompuan laypastress kot atau lay on the matress?) ajaran ayah lim. selangor akan ‘diselamatkan’ & dirahmati oleh wali selipar evangelista, mark my words.

  2. keadaaan khalid yang tidak sihat akibat jerebu adalah sgt sesuai utk di”ngap” oleh puak2 DAP evangelise…

    tidak macam Tun M yang masih dikurniakan sihat lagi bergaya diusia emas, fikiran masih tajam memberi idea membangunkan negara

    hahaha…hannah yeoh nampak lebih menyerlah drpd menteri besarnya..apa kes??

    ahh…the star pasti akan lebih sebuk utk memuatkan berita yang tak sudah-sudah tentang hannah yeoh…..

  3. Dulu Pak Lah tido orang kutuk dia habis. Sekarang ni Khalid tidur tak apa dia ambik ubat sebab tu tertidur. Senang la Madam tu nak buat kerja sneaky-sneaky time orang tua tu tidur. Ada hati dia nak jadi macam U.S. Vice President ka? Orang Melayu pun ramai tak kenal Madam ni.

    1. oppss…hannah yeoh adalah MB yg sebenarnya…DAP evangalist
      khalid hanyalah bayang2 …buat syarat sah kabinet negeri selangor je

      PAS pun dengan rela “paksa” ?? dan penuh redha melepaskan peluang jadi MB selangor kepada geng keadilan dan DAP evangalist

      penat je berjuang puluhan tahun, bila datang peluang tak tahu pula nak gunakan dengan sebaik2nya…dayus kah mereka??

      camna nak letakkan harapan pada PAS..??
      asyik sbuk membenci umno bn tapi lupa produce pemimpin berwibawa taraf international seperti Tun M, kalau PAS dpt produce pemimpin lebih baik dari Tun M lagi org melayu suka dan bangga

      tapi dengan melepaskan jawatan MB selangor…apa lagi harapan yg nak diberikan kepada PAS ??

  4. Helen,

    Battlestar galactica tu cerita favorite masa bebudak dulu. Masa kat sekolah saya sama-sama kongsi cerita tu dengan kawan-kawan cina saya. Teringat the good-old-days zaman dulu-dulu masa semua bangsa tahu hormat kat bangsa lain.

    Zaman sebelum ada Dapster, RBA, LGE, dan lain-lain yang seangkatan dengannya. Zaman good-old-days tu dah berakhir semasa PRU13.

    Entah kenapa saya rasa benci sangat bila tengok dema tu……

  5. So PKR is sleeping, what is PAS doing?

    Don’t tell me after Lim Guan Eng they are now anointing a female khalifah now, too bad I don’t know what equivalent they wopuld pick, I don’t even know why they would compare Lim Guan Eng to Khalifah Umar.

    DAP can count on them PAS to supply jihadists to aid Hannah Yeoh. Didn’t one of them PAS leaders just declare that people would be martyrs if they die in Black 505?

  6. are we going to see post GE 13 bi-elections in DUN Pelabuhan Kelang and PM Bandar Tun Razak, soon? it will be very interesting to watch whether the voting patterns still stays the same, i.e, towards PKR. if UMNO doesnt get to contest in BTR, memanglah Najibni ‘bengong’.

    the one DUN in Kedah is in the cards soon, since the incumbent doesnt seem to be able to recovery from his illness any time soon.

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