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Does the word ‘Dapsy’ sound very pondan to you?

3 quick items:

(1) The url below points to a hilariously satirical political blog which I’ve just bookmarked on my browser toolbar.

My neighbours down the road must have heard my loud cackle when I read in the question above.

Legal and prudent question: Does the word ‘Dapsy’ sound very pondan to you?

My answer: Yup, dat vy ze Madame Speaker eees ze one wearing ze pants.

(2) A lovely blog that deserves be blurbed time and again is Alizul. Click here for 10 Tsunamis That Changed History‘.

(3) From Raja Petra’s column today titled ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction‘:

(Quote of the Day) “… since the plantations are mostly Malaysian-owned it makes sense to send the smoke back to Malaysia”.

Hahahahaha, the law of karma.

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For those who missed/not yet read my preceding posting, the photos below serve as an abstract to the content.

In Perak, there was a PAS Menteri Besar sandwiched between the evangelista cousins.



In Selangor, methinks we gonna be seeing a repeat performance of the DAP evangelistas becoming the power behind the throne.

The PKR Selangor Sickly Menteri Besar is allowing his state to slip away into DAP hands while he sleeps.

Read ‘Battlestar Galactica Republica’

Battlestar Galactica is a space ship



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20 thoughts on “Does the word ‘Dapsy’ sound very pondan to you?

  1. Dapsy bunya pondan, pun pondanlah, janji digunapakai untuk DAP sahaja hehe.
    Yang bakar kebun din Indon tu small holders, plantation owners kita tak buat kerja bakar hutan ini. Ingat juga, di Indon punya kebun 100 hektar pun dikira small holders. Banyak local small holders di sana.

    1. We must not complain about the smoke. IOI belongs Li Sheng Chen etc. etc many oil palm plantations owned by chinese malaysians ma.. the slaves work in the plantations to make billions for these chinese capitalists so we must not complain..hehae…

      So plant some more palm oil lah. Plant some more until glut, inventory full, then change to diesel so that cars will pollute enviroment too.

      Plant more palm oil so these chinese capitalists like East West can burn down more 130 million old forests. Then make diesel that is carcinogen to human..haha… just google diesel and cancer.

      Burn rainforests, pollute air, make diesel pollute air, cause cancer.. want more palm oil?

      So any one want to vote for oil palm plantations?

  2. That RPK comment of it making sense to send smoke back to Malaysia makes me think it’s the Indonesians who deliberately burn trees instead of acting because Malaysian plantation owners tell them to do so.

  3. eh..I thought crapsy…they are mostly a bunch of hooligan craps…need I say more??

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