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Star columnist misleads readers on Umno GE13 performance

Zainah Anwar yesterday penned in her Star column a piece titled ‘Don’t chase after pyrrhic victories‘ (The Star, 24 June 2013)

Conceding that Malaysia is an “ethnically divided country”, Zainah holds the view that “no party could survive without inter-ethnic accommodation”.

I beg to differ.

Umno has demonstrated that despite the betrayal by MCA and Gerakan, the Malay party not only managed to survive the Chinese tsunami but even bettered its standing from the last general election.

Zainah wrote:

“But the very political strategy that won Umno support in the rural areas and among other segments of the Malay community, cost Barisan support among the Chinese, Indians and Malays in urban and semi-urban areas.”

What Zainah is saying is that Umno’s “emotive appeal” concerning the erosion of Malay “special rights” – the strategy Umno purportedly used in the kampungs during the election campaign – had cost Barisan its support among the Chinese, Indians and Malays in urban and semi-urban areas.

While Zainah’s statement may be true pertaining to the Chinese voters, it is not true at all with regard to the Malay voters.

The fact is that Umno won back the states of Kedah and Perak (the silver state was lost to Pakatan in the March 2008 election). Umno could not have regained both states on the basis of winning rural seats alone.

In order to form the government in Kedah (see electoral map) and Perak, Umno had to also win most of the semi-urban seats. And Umno was forced to accomplish this feat after having to write off the Chinese votes while at the same time banking on a big enough Malay swing.

The election results prove the trend I’ve described above.

Below are the data.

Umno won the semi-urban state seats below:


  • Pantai Merdeka (91.8% Malay voters)
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam (89.0% Malay)
  • Jitra (83.4% Malay)
  • Tanjung Dawai (80.2% Malay)
  • Bandar Baharu (77.8 % Malay)
  • Kulim won by MCA (60.8% Malay)

The BN victories in these six semi-urban seats were due to strong Malay support as they are in Malay majority areas.

The semi-urban mixed seats that eluded the BN’s grasp were lost by the coalition Chinese and Indian component parties and not by Umno (with the exception of Merbau Pulas).

They are:

  • Bukit Selambau lost by MIC (54.1% Malay, 19.7% Chinese, 25.5% Indian)
  • Lunas lost by MIC (47.0% Malay, 28.0% Chinese, 24.6% Indian)
  • Bakar Arang lost by MCA (43.9% Malay, 41.3% Chinese)
  • Sidam lost by Gerakan (38.5% Malay, 40.5% Chinese)

BN lost these seats because Umno sacrificed them to its Chinese and Indian partners to contest.

Bukit Selambau was lost to a PKR Indian candidate by a slim majority of 530 votes, Lunas was lost to a PKR Malay candidate, and Bakar Arang and Sidam were both lost to PKR Chinese candidates.

The common denominator characterizing the four semi-urban mixed seats which the BN failed to win is the Chinese element (the constituencies had 20-40% Chinese voters).

The Pakatan winners in Kedah were two Chinese and one Indian as well as one PKR Malay who defeated the MIC man.

If Umno had been put to stand in the aforementioned four seats, it is most likely that its Malay candidates would have won the day for BN.

Therefore Zainah’s contention that the political strategy employed by Umno cost Barisan their support among the Malays in semi-urban areas is faulty. Her theory only holds true when applied to the Chinese electorate but is not really tenable when applied to the Malay electorate.

In a nutshell, Umno’s strategy worked successfully among the semi-urban Malay electorate in the west coast.

The same trend seen in Kedah was replicated in Perak.

Umno won in the semi-urban state seats below:


  • Pangkor (69.8% Malay voters)
  • Pasir Panjang (69.1% Malay)
  • Manong (69.0% Malay)
  • Manjoi (67.2% Malay)
  • Bukit Chandan (66.8% Malay)
  • Changkat Jong (62.3% Malay)
  • Tualang Sekah (60.4% Malay)
  • Hulu Kinta (60.0% Malay)
  • Lintang (55.6% Malay)

To reiterate, Umno performed to order not only in its traditional rural bastions but in the semi-urban seats as well. In Perak, Umno won 9 out of the 10 semi-urban state seats that it contested.

The semi-urban seats that were not in the BN bag were lost by the Chinese and Indian BN component parties and not by Umno (with the exception of Sungai Rapat).

They are:

  • Keranji was lost by MCA (75.6% Chinese voters)
  • Sitiawan was lost by MCA (74.3% Chinese)
  • Malim Nawar was lost by MCA (70.8% Chinese)
  • Pasir Bedamar was lost by PPP’s M. Kayveas (69.1% Chinese)
  • Simpang Pulai was lost by MCA (63.7% Chinese)
  • Jalong was lost by Gerakan (56.1% Chinese)
  • Teja was lost by MCA (50.1% Chinese)

The visible pattern here is that all the semi-urban seats seats where the BN suffered defeat are Chinese majority seats.

Hence once again, it is proven that Zainah’s surmise missed the mark when she insists that Malay voters in the semi-urban areas had rejected Umno’s race-centric approach.

It is true however that BN lost the Chinese support wholesale even in the semi-urban constituencies. As long as any area of Perak is Chinese majority, the opposition will win.

Are Zainah’s figures credible?

Another contentious bit of statistics by Zainah is her quote that “Barisan won only 54% of the Malay votes”.

Zainah had adopted the figure from CENSE, a think tank founded by two former heads of the MCA think tank Insap.

A separate analysis by Dah Ikhwan showed that Malay support during GE13 for BN was 63.7% overall in peninsular Malaysia, which is 10 percentage points higher than stated by The Star columnist Zainah Anwar.

That’s a big gap between the two numbers. One can’t help feeling that the disparagement of Umno and the downgrading of its capability that often appears in The Star is quite deliberate.

Dah Ikhwan found that 63.0% of Malays in Perak and 56.7% of Malays in Kedah had supported the BN. Malay support for BN was highest in Johor at 84.1% (source: Dah Ikhwan).

The recently concluded general election instead saw a poor showing by PAS in Kedah, garnering 44.5% Malay support and worse in Perak, winning only 40.9% of the Malay votes.

In his cross comparison, Dah Ikhwan’s analysis pegged Malay support in the peninsula for PAS at 45.46% — a drop of almost 3% from the 48.34% level of Malay support that the Islamist party had received in 2008.

On the other hand, Chinese support for PAS rose from 59.3% overall in GE12 to 73.4% in GE13. Meanwhile, Chinese support for PAS in Selangor registered a stunning increase from 42.9% in GE12 to a whopping 70.3% in GE13, according to Dah Ikhwan (source: here).

This leap of Chinese faith translated into 15 state seats for PAS in Selangor, double its previous haul of 8 seats.

Suspect conclusions

Zainah made the following conclusions in her Star column:

  • “The days of it [BN] winning over mixed constituencies with its assumption that the Chinese would never vote for PAS are over.”
  • “The days of it winning urban Malay majority seats with the assumption that the Malays would never vote for DAP or that urban Malays would never vote for PAS are over.”
  • “There are no safe seats for Barisan in the urban areas. And eventually, as Pakatan re-strategises its message and tactics, even those safe rural seats would be up for grabs.”

What a bleak picture this Star columnist paints of the future of Umno and the BN.

The truth is quite the contrary.

(a) The data I’ve cited indicate that Umno is capable of winning mixed seats by depending on the Malay vote bank solely. And through a slightly stronger recovery of its Indian support base, BN should safely cross the finish line first in GE14.

(b) Zainah believes we mustn’t now assume that the Malays would never vote for DAP. Perhaps the Malays in her social circle might not be averse to the idea but then again, there are many Malays who simply look askance at the party.

The Malay unease with the DAP is hinted at by the disparity in the performance of PAS in the east coast states compared with the west coast states.

PAS had fared better in Kelantan and Terengganu — Malay states with an almost negligible minority of other races. The Malay voters in these two states – where the Chinese are few in number – were not spooked by the DAP’s preeminence unlike their brethern in Perak and Kedah.

(c) Zainah asserts that Pakatan is capable of mounting a serious challenge against the BN even in the latter’s fixed deposit rural seats.

Spoken like a true denizen of planet Star!

So indisputably pro-opposition in slant.


Gunting dalam Lipatan

Previously The Star had gone to the extent of printing a blatant lie regarding a fact that can be easily checked by anyone.

In its article ‘Campaign for survival of race, religion failing as more Malaysians reject it‘ on 28 May 2013, the newspaper quoted a forumer as saying, “In this general election, we saw that whenever Umno’s candidate lost, those constituencies were picked up by Malay candidates from PAS or PKR. As a result, this time, there is actually more Malay MPs.”

It is absolutely incorrect to say that Pakatan has more Malay MPs in the 2013 Parliament. There are only 39 Malay MPs in Pakatan compared to their 50 non-Malay MPs (see table above and pie chart).

[You can also check the Parliament official website.]

The Sneaky Star has a tendency to keep publishing these kinds of false, inaccurate or misleading information just to put the BN, particularly Umno, in a bad light whereas burnishing the DAP’s image and lofty ambition.

The MCA-owned and MCA-controlled paper’s insidious agenda and mala fide against the BN is becoming more apparent by the day. The Scissorati just keeps stabbing and stabbing.

And it will surely strike again before you can say ‘Jerusubang’.

Update (3am):

With regard to the false statement published in The Star saying “this time, there is actually more Malay MPs”,

the truth is Pakatan has fewer Malay MPs and more non-Malay MPs in 2013.

Additionally it should be noted that Pakatan had 43 Malay MPs in 2008 compared to 39 Malay MPs in 2013. Full name list here.

In 2008, Malays made up 52.4% of the Pakatan MPs while in 2013, Malays made up 47.6% of the Pakatan MPs.


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80 thoughts on “Star columnist misleads readers on Umno GE13 performance

  1. Helen,

    Yup. Many quarters try very hard to imply that UMNO loses the urban Malay votes. Or in crude language, UMNO only won in places where “stupid malays” reside, they said.

    I am pretty sure that is a deliberate misleading of information. In my area, Ampang, UMNO manages , I can say, to get around 60% to 70% of malay votes. But UMNO almost lost all Chinese votes. Hence, PKR won .

    The same goes for DUN Bukit Antarabangsa. The malay votes is heavily tilted to UMNO . But again, it llost the Chinese votes

    To say that Malay support for UMNO in urban areas is eroding is anything but the truth. The opposite is the truth.

    What Zarinah implied is that UMNO is losing the Malay votes. The truth is that the party that is losing malay support is PAS.

    In almost all Malay majority areas , PAS lost to UMNO.

    The exception is that UMNO lost in Malay areas when it put especially chinese BN candidates. As Malay goodwill is depleting, they send strong message that the day MCA to win in Malay are is coming to its end. Alor Setar, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuantan are examples with Malay rejection of the strategy.

    Malays too are becoming less charitable. something that PAS likes to deny.

    The problem with Malays( and from UMNO too) is they easily believe what presented to them. As such, they said Chinese votes saved BN(meaning UMNOI must be grateful to chinese) in 1999.

    The truth is that even in 1999, at the best only 30 to 40% of Chinese votes went to BN.

    The real reason why BN (especially UMNO) won in 1999 is due to the fact that while Malays even whey appears equally divided with Anwar’s sacking), the lion share of Malay votes went to UMNO. The exception is of course kelantan and trengganu where Malays did not see or expect challenges from Chinese as compared to Malays in Pantai Barat.

    Massive onslaught now going on to imply that only rural Malays now support UMNO. They try to imply that these support is erioding as rural areas increasingly become urbanised.

    Do not fall to the trap. UMNO has solid Malay support. Just do not be a moron to believe all facts” cooked up by those “tilted” towards PR

    1. I would like to think that Chinese never wanted to give MCA (no point adding Gerakan) a strong voice in the government. This has been the case since forever. They think they have a better fighter in the form of opposition.

      I am just curious. If MCA can stand on its own by fighting in Chinese majority area instead of Malay’s. And suppose they win big, they could’ve at least demanded very senior positions like BN Deputy President, Treasurer, Sec-Gen and so on. Or government posts like Finance Ministry, Home, Education and so on. But they were still given Health Ministry which has the 3rd biggest Ministry in terms of budget.

      Naturally, if you win small and too dependent on support, you will always be seen as a junior partner. Taib Mahmud may lead a small party, but he got the rest of the Sarawak MPs to listen to him. That’s why he is off limits.

      DAP is a strong partner to Pakatan because they deliver big number to the coalition. PAS became junior member despite representing 65% of Muslims (or actually 55% of Malays) because they lost most of their contested seats to UMNO.

      In conclusion, no power no talk.

      1. re: “And suppose they win big, they could’ve at least demanded very senior positions like BN Deputy President, Treasurer, Sec-Gen and so on. Or government posts like Finance Ministry, Home, Education and so on. But they were still given Health Ministry which has the 3rd biggest Ministry in terms of budget.”

        DAP will demand very senior positions like Pakatan Deputy President, Treasurer, Sec-Gen and so on (see how they got Selangor Speaker chair). Or government posts like Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Home Minister, Education Minister and so on.

        That’s why the Chinese voted for DAP.

    2. Any chance of actual stats for 08 to back these figures?

      i think many pakatan loyals would need to be enlightened by what’s been plattered to them.

      1. I doubt the pakatan loyals bother to know the truth.

        They just accept what their masters tell them. Their masters are like cult figures to them.

    3. The blogs and commentaries have solidified the Malays behind UMNO. They realised that UmNO the party is not UMNO the corrupt KEtua Pemuda or Ketua Wanita.

      The Malays are still united. They are just waiting for a good leader. no no no not ala that TDM fella. he s no good for the Malays. or that tamil fella Anwar..

  2. Is she the former big boss of SC? the one who kept quiet over several issues when it involves certain related parties, people and companies?

    If it is true, then am I surprised at what she has written??? Sorry I didn’t read the analysis as the Star is not the “GO to newspaper” for me. It has lost all sense of balance and credibility.

    Looking at the advert content, it seems to be like some small town newsletters promoting sales of furniture and electrical items. As for their views, well, rather skewed to anti-govt….

    1. They are sisters, I’m told. This one is NGO – a founder members of Sisters in Islam.

      She used to have a column in the NST has been a writer ages.

      1. She is a cysts among Muslims. Period. And now waging mala-fide against the mala-yu. I always refer the ngo as Cysyters in Islam.

        1. Since Melayu Malaysia and Islam1st have voiced their concerns over these “liberal islamists/islamic liberals” (hedging, hedging, do it their way, you know) so what has become of traditional Islam Melayu?

          “Malay muslims” please check out this Singapore website:

          You will read about the selok-belok and the fallacious logic of the liberal-political rhetoric, as they strive to reform Islam to their whims and fancies (seriously!! as in “legalizing” which means “culturally nominalizing” lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual relationships and marriages, among many other contentions.)

          Coupled with the wahhabi-leaning PAS guys, who’ve kicked the “study of logic” and “sufi spirituality” out the front door, boy we have some situation on our hands here. Pendek kata, the Jerusubang evangelistas have been impelled by rocket power from their Pakatan all-lies allies! We’re not calling ourselves angels are we? So why do they make us out to be devils, those holier-than-thou souls!

          Not possible for Islam Melayu without returning to Him our Friend of friends, Way in the Heart: [YouTube]

          1. I’m looking at AI and his Indonesian connections for the study of misguided Protestant Muslims like ZA. These are not liberals in my opinion because Islam is liberals enough and need not be changed according to their kemaluans. These people are attacking the religion because their paymasters would need them to do so. Its just an act of cari makan to me and very much part of the job.

            I would also like to bring everyone’s attention to these so called ‘reformist’ Muslims with an office in Pavilion KL, who loves to sing the songs sang by SIS. Since SIS have lost credibility among Muslims, and has been rather quiet since, these Prostestant Muslims are using this new gerakan to resuscitate their misguided thinkings to the masses. Still working very hard to convert the average Muslims to their very own scientology.

            “Coupled with the wahhabi-leaning PAS guys, who’ve kicked the “study of logic” and “sufi spirituality” out the front door.”

            I agree very much to the statement made by you, Chris, as lectured by Sheikh Imran Hossein (he is not refering to PAS but rather Wahhabis who chose to break the Hijaz into pieces for few hundred pounds, if I’m not mistaken) to on many occasions, in speeches and books.

      2. It says it all. Even her take on Islam is questionable so don’t be too perturbed by her political analysis. Very shallow.

        Is MCA still rightful owner of STAR. They have not taken any stand about all the muck that STAR is dishing out.

        1. MCA must be held accountable for the actions of the media that it owns.

          Since there is no indication that MCA has any desire to rein in The Star, the then BN must kick out the MCA simple as that.

          The MCA is very stubborn. Their website very adamantly uses only Chinese and English and refuses to use the national language.

          MCA is even willing to use Tamil in its campaign material but not BM.


          1. “MCA is even willing to use Tamil in its campaign material but not BM”

            Tapi masih tak sedar diri, UNDI ORANG MELAYU lah yang selama ini telah memberi talian hayat pada mereka.

  3. Perhaps she is still bitter the way pro-UMNO bloggers treated her sister Zarinah Anwar sampai terpaksa resigned from SEC.

    Anyways, she was the head of Sisters In Islam before which had crossed sword with PAS before. So it is understandable why she holds a liberal view.

  4. Helen….
    sudah biasa sangat putar belit the star melalui kolumnis yang sebegini. nama aje melayu tapi akal sudah dirasuk DAP.
    saya memetik:-

    1. Chinese support for PAS rose from 59.3% overall in GE12 to 73.4% in GE13
    2. “The days of it [BN] winning over mixed constituencies with its assumption that the Chinese would never vote for PAS are over.”

    betul ke orang cina menyokong PAS?
    dengan hanya melihat peratusan…memanglah meningkat tetapi katalah tanpa propaganda DAP…adakah orang cina akan memberi undi mereka kepada PAS?

    pada saya undi orang cina sudah tidak lagi mempunyai nilai yang boleh diharapkan oleh BN khususnya orang Melayu.

    lagipun, orang melayu tentu tidak mahu mengharapkan sokong tetapi tetap sokongyang ini membawa rebah.

    1. Saya rasa bab Zainah Anwar sebut orang Cina sedia pangkah bulan tu memang betul dan bertepatan.

      Yang menjadi masalah, pada hemat saya, adalah hala tuju The Star dan kiblatnya ke arah Jerusubang. Kenapa tokoh-tokoh yang lebih konservatif, misalnya Khoo Kay Kim atau Chandra Muzaffar tidak dijemput menjadi penulis tamu?

      Malah kolumnis mereka semua pun sealiran Firster.

      1. It will not benefit them (the J-Star). That’s why. Anyways Farish A Noor, a liberal too, but I have not seen his writing in The Star but NST.

        The Star like people like Karim Raslan, Zainah Anwar, Marina Mahathir, Azmi Sharom. What do these people share in common?

    2. Alwie,

      Orang cina lagi menyampah dengan PAS Tetapi DAP dan PAS ada satu musuh bersama: UMNO.

      Dan PAS pun perasan yang orang cina sokong PAS. Mereka bukan sokonmg perjuangan PAS. Mereka guna PAS untuh lemahkan UMNO.

      1. interestingly, joceline deduce that PAS UMNO relationship will normalise after the vile Nik Aziz has finally been dragged down from MBship due to age. Hopefully the PAS will be able to control its Malay cows and take back the whip from DAP.

        The pics of Anwar and Najib in each other company smiling and Anwar making Najib laugh tells so much enmity between BN and Pakatan can be drowned by the easy going Malay commonality between Najib and Anwar, bet Lim Guan Eng and LKS had a small heart attack seeing their cordial conduct at parliament today. Anwar i believe still see UMNO as powerful, he had problems with Mahathir but not UMNO or Najib.

        Me thinks the sociopolitics will normalize when the old baggages goes to the graves with the legacy leaders.

      2. Tapi UMNO masih tak perasan org2 MCA diam-diam sokong DAP.

        Utusan yg selalu gah menengahkan isu org2 Melayu, perasan STAR adalah musuh UMNO dalam kelambu, tapi tak berani nak tuduh dalam akhbar Utusan.

      3. yes, in politics you kiss my ass and I kiss your ass too. In the end whoever makes the most it will survive. Till today, we are still talking about politics of race and religion but nobody is talking about development and moving forward or addressing the environmental issue at the highest level, hill clearings at the highest level or cleanliness of the rivers and its surrounding etc.
        why, why, why??????????

  5. PAS is in a world all of their own and thinking the DAP/Chinese supported them wholly and truly. PAS has kept their brains carefully and tightly wrapped underneath their covered heads and NOT use them. That is why they can never read DAP’s game plan.

    Even when they get 15 state seats in Selangor, what do they get??? Some third rated exco positions when they should be in the driving seat..Continually played out, tricked and happily being the donkey in the loose grouping and they claimed success and smelling of roses.

    How weak their mental capacity is and believing that they have the power…tsk tsk tsk and of course our Anugerah Tuhan man took full advantage of their plain stupidity….but things are achanging and I forsee a big shift in PAS position after their November Muktamar. Soon you will see where they really stand and if the so called support by Chinese are firm….

    1. Even few of hardcore PAS supporter in my circle was willing to admit than the weak presiden (HA) make Pas look plain stupid when dealing with OMNO. As such now UMNO start to look like a saviour and they openly admidted that they vote for BN as a protest during GE#13. That combine with Hassan Ali and Nasharuddin who fight for PAS and being alienated.

      :) sarah

  6. 5 juta lebih pembaca J-Star… agaknya berapa peratus yg percaya bulat-bulat tulisan si melayu keparat pro DAP ni.

    melayu pecacai melayu 100 kali lebih mulia dari melayu pecacai DAP.

    tak gitu?

  7. I tend to agree with the comments that the STAR is spinning here, may be we can be a bit more academic and objective and less emotional and refer to the study done here:

    In Short,

    The PRU 13 Voting Pattern for the whole nation can be deduced by
    Sampling from 11 constituencies in Federal Territories.
    Let put X : % of Chinese Voters and Y : % of PR Votes 
    Plotting Y against X we get a straight line equation

    Y= 0.5381X + 35.074 we can see this graph at the Link above.

    Putting X = 100 gives % of Chinese Voters that voted PR
    0.5381*100 + 35.074= 89%

    Setting X=0 gives us the % of Non-Chinese voters that voted PR
    0.5381*0 + 35.074 = 35%

    If the pattern is assumed for the whole countries and , according to SPR 30% registered voters are Chinese ,

    0.5381 * 30 + 35.074 = 51 % 
    Exactly the same as % PR got in the PRU13
    Conclusion: Urban Malays voted in pretty much the same way as rural Malays.

    I am just quoting the original author below:

  8. Hi Helen,
    1. Semua melayu tahu, kini, star akbar penipu dan cuba mempromosi meletakkan dan mempengaruhi pembaca-pembaca cina dalam keadaan sudah mula berkuasa! Hakikatnya cuba menjadikan ‘penipuan itu satu kebenaran’. Dalam perniagaan cina penipuan sebegini sudah lama menjadi amalan, betul tak? Siapa merujuk The Star dalam hal-ehwal Negara terutama politiking, dia tergolong dalam manusia yang lupa daratan. Lupus sahaja kerakyatan Malaysia.

    2. Mana pernah cina di bandar-bandar telus dan menyokong kerajaan? Undi DAP tetapi meminta semua kemudahan pada kerajaan? Sudah berapa lama penipuan ini berlaku? Akhirnya siapa yang menjerat diri sendiri?

    3. Kenapa dalam Malaysia, cina begitu beriya-iya inginkan 100% cina dan kecinaan tanpa melihat bangsa asing selain di jadikan ALAT untuk kepentingan dan keuntungan kaum cina sahaja? MCA dalam BN tidak pernah utamakan agenda kebangsaan dan B.Malaysia apalagi DAP! Apa MOTIF bangsa bertahap keparat seperti ini? (keparat di sini di tujukan pada cina-cina yang lupa diri bahawa ada Bangsa Teras hidup dan memerhati di keliling mereka) itu sebab laporan PRU13 pun di kaburi seada nya!

    4. Jika Helen bukan dalam golongan ini, teruskan lah perjuangan suci mengikut ajaran agama anda mendidik cina-cina yang di umpamakan cacing sudah naik kemata atau sudah mula mengeluarkan suara-suara terlalu asing ! Orang Melayu sudah mula naik benci dengan gelagat-gelagat bangang seperti ini!!

    5. Jangan kerana mengikut lenggok ‘melayu ‘ yang amat di benci majoriti Melayu sendiri, menjadikan cina-cina lupa daratan dan seperti anau dalam belukar.

    6. Kembali lah membina perpaduan. Kembali bermasyarakat majmuk, saling bekerjasama, bertoleransi dan berkorban sebahagian nya demi Negara Tercinta kita yang di namakan Malaysia! CINA TIDAK BOLEH MENDAPAT SEMUA NYA. Jika ini terjadi, amat buruk padah nya…..

  9. The Chinese had been tricked by the Dap to support Pas. I’m sure many are unaware, esp the Y gen that Pas was an offshoot of UMNO, who broke rank simply because it felt Umno wasn’t pushing deeply enough the Islamic agenda into conservative territory.

    Umno, thank god, choose to project and promote Islam as the middle ground. Despite increasingly playing religious tones, Umno had been consistent in championing this stand since independence, that is moderate Islam.

    On this platform alone, the Chinese should be thankful to Umno for leading the Muslim Malays in this direction. Had Umno relent and consent with the Pas leaders to turn towards extremism in the up-swells brought about especially by the Iranian Islamic Revolution among others, the consequences would be dreadful to even think of.

    Yet we see today the Chinese willingly slept on the same bed with Pas. What a hypocrite stand for something they so despised and yet underneath the rotten political bed-sheet they willingly consummated.

    I guess the elixir from the UBAH mantra must have driven out all that logical thinking from the community. Now they are left marooned into a political ties that puts them increasingly at odds with the majority divide, and worst of all exposed their own vulnerabilities in the years to come.

    1. re: “On this platform alone, the Chinese should be thankful to Umno for leading the Muslim Malays in this direction.”

      I am.

      1. Tsunami Tiga Suku

        Tsunami benar
        sekapal kemakmuran
        tak memadai.

        Tsunami besar
        seluruh ras tenggelam
        ke dasar suku.

        Tsunami gila
        karam puncak istana
        watan dicambuk.

        Tsunami lupa
        kota ras yang digugat
        berpasak tauhid.

        Tsunami takut
        pukul terpantul balik
        tertumbuk muka.

        Tsunami itu
        semakin tiga suku
        cari penyakit.

        Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang.
        ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri

      2. Helen,

        Precisely. UMNO, despite its wart and all, is a model of generosity and benevolence. Should it choose to play racial politics, no other political parties can stop it. UMNO can simply plays racial sentiment at peak of its power where once it controlled almost 70% of parliamentary seats.

        All these craps about race based politcs much criticized by STAR and DAP are manifestations of hypocrisy. DAP is the last party on earth that speak on democracy or non race based politics. DAP is the one fanning racial sentiments, not UMNO.

        And now, Zarinah implied that only rural Malas (meaning not educated malays) supported UMNO. That is far from truth.

        1. Zainah, not Zarinah. Also another pair of siblings that people tend to mix up, Kam and Karim Raslan.

          re: “All these craps about race based politcs much criticized by STAR and DAP are manifestations of hypocrisy.”

          Yup, if their critics keep wanting to link Utusan to Umno, then The J-Star should be linked to the DAP in the same vein.

          1. Zarinah is the one the husband did… while she is sitting her ass on SC and while her kakak Zainah talks about morals and moralities, preaching to the so called backwards Muslims who chooses to go the other way, instead of her way.

      3. re: “On this platform alone, the Chinese should be thankful to Umno for leading the Muslim Malays in this direction.”

        I am.

        The next question Helen, is it enough that you and the less than 10% of Chinese Malaysians sees and appreciated that?

        Malaysia would be a better place, less politicking and gaduh among the different ethnicities should majority of the Chinese subscribe to that. But sadly they don’t and they probably won’t.

        1. re: “less than 10% of Chinese Malaysians sees and appreciated that”

          MCA owns and controls The Star media group which has an audience of 5.63 million.

          Appraise whether the MCA has ever imparted any kind of info to help the BN cause, considering the kind of reach nationwide that is commanded by the country’s biggest media conglomerate.

          The BN Chinese voters are the little old ladies who are relics from Tun Tan Cheng Lock’s era. I doubt that they’re signed up for the latest apps made available by The Star‘s e-paper.

          On the contrary, The J-Star has been assiduously shepherding the flock to the Pakatan grazing fields. Short of duplicating the suspension imposed on The Star during Ops Lalang, there’s no will to rein in the fatal scissorsing.

          Therefore the next alternative mode of action is to sanction its owner, the MCA.

  10. Let the facts speak for themselves. Malaysia is a democratic country with politics which is Malay based. This was even recently admitted by Tony Pua of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which shouted the PAP mischievous slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ for 47 long years.

    From young, I have always thought that Malaysia should have Malay based politics which is real politik. To break-up an arrangement which has served all the Rakyat well since 1957 is doing a great disservice to ourselves, our dignity and our confidence.

    For those who say it is time to drop communal politics in the Opposition, I request these unqualified opportunists to look at themselves in the mirror. For instance, why misled the 90% of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, to oppose the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties so that these Chinese got themselves hoodwinked from the bridge of the good ship,’Malaysia’ to the engine room with the Opposition ?

    The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are now without any representation to formulate policies and help to navigate through the shoals of sharks ready to gobble up the BN.
    Therefore, it is now the duty and responsibility of the DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore to safeguard the safety and the livelihood of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese.

    Put your foot where your mouth is. No more. No less.

  11. Dear Helen

    Thank you for allowing me to enter the following comment on your blog

    The title of Zainah Anwar’s article is a give away on what was in her mind when she wrote it. Misdirected as best, misinformed at worst.

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word pyrrhic means,
    “ Pyrrhic: (also pyrrhic) adjective – (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor ”.

    Did UMNO win and win it big enough to warrant Zainah’s acidic treatment?

    Should the title not be the thesis of her essay of an analysis of the victory of the Chinese tsunami?

    DAP and PAS had been around as long as we can remember. But they are so opposed to each other ideologically that the prospect of a PAS-DAP coalition is as realistic as a USA-USSR defence pact.

    In fact PAS proclaimed that UMNO was kafir just because it accommodated Chinese based MCA and Gerakan and Indian based MIC!! Now of course the Chinese are voting PAS candidates. How inexplicable?

    The Pakatan was made possible only because of the existence of PKR. The Pakatan coalition did well because the Chinese voted PKR and PAS. This is political opportunism (or adventurism at best), and NOT ideologically based voting decisions. What is the Chinese voters ideological leaning?

    Was it the enemy of my enemy is my FRIEND?

    Why think of UMNO as the enemy? UMNO is still endorsed by a large majority of the Malay/Bumi community and as the result of the GE13 to go by, a very significant of the voters in the Malay heartland – the rural areas and that small towns. Do the Chinese voters view the Malay/Muslim/Bumiputra majority (of Malaysians) as the enemy?

    PAS just found out that they had a big lost in Kedah. They lost the State Government to UMNO, although the Kedah UMNO, was beset by infighting, and non-existence political leadership.

    The most humiliating lost yet, was in fact that they lost all their state MPs, save for Mahfoz Omar!

    The real winner of the Pakatan coalition is the DAP. The best showing in its history.

    But now that the Chinese voters have made known of their hatred on UMNO, and by extension, of the secular oriented and (by extension moderate and tolerant) via a very public political process – the GE – is it not that the DAP victory a pyrrhic one?

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for highlighting and making the crux of the matter crystal clear for us to see.

      The pyrrhic victory is the DAP’s indeed.

    2. Well said. Even Mat Sabu said at last Sunday Pakatan Convention that Pas lost at the GE13 because “PRU-13 yang lalu kita lihat di saluran satu yang pengundinya orang tua, mengundi UMNO. Di saluran enam, pengundi orang muda juga memilih UMNO. Bagi orang Melayu, UMNO masih dianggap pelindung Melayu dan Islam” (Berita Harian, 24 June 2013).
      Somehow this quote is not reported by English papers and online media.

      1. re: “Somehow this quote is not reported by English papers”

        Seriously, the BN has to take action.

  12. Personal thoughts,

    Funny when some of the commentators here mix PAP into the issue.

    to cut a long story short,

    The Singapore govt is have problem dealing with it’s new gen of citizens. Here, the new gen of citizens are complaining about the rising foreign influx and the “seemingly induced” foreigners to become new citizens.
    Singaporeans are angry with the govt for putting foreigners at an equal level with them and at times, better then them when it comes to opportunities and benefits.

    Everyone is in a rat race. Survivor of the fittest.

    The atmosphere in SG for
    Ethnic & religious issues in SG: Lukewarm
    Economy issues: Boiling point

    Whereas in Malaysia, Malaysians are arguing about ethnic & religious issues. Talking about whether Chinese should be grateful, Indians should be tolerent or Malay should be united. UMNO is champions for the Malay cause. DAP is some hidden evangelist with an agenda. PKR is Anwar’s cradle to PM glory. MCA is DAP mouthpiece.

    The atmosphere in Malaysia for
    Ethnic & religious issues in SG: Uber boiling point
    Economy issues: Lukewarm


    p.s : i’ve had lived in UK, Brunei, Indonesia & Singapore for 12 years.

    1. re: Malaysia’s “Uber boiling point”

      You think it will boil over? When?

      I’m not sure which side has got more wax in their ears. Unable to listen and understand the other’s POV.

      1. Hi Helen,

        All sides knows what is going on.
        Problem is taking the steps taken these politicians are taking.
        They are politicians, aren’t they? .

        This is the part where i find it awfully disturbing.
        Taking the easier way out, playing on sentiments (race/religion) rather then the crux of the whole issue (economy)

        And we are paying for all this drama.
        actors/actresses need to be paid too, don’t they?
        Think about the taxes, the donation boxes etc.

        We do love drama, don’t we?

    2. In my opinion Malaysian Chinese attitude towards the Malays had always been at boiling point since Merdeka. They had been enjoying themselves under British rule. However they managed to contain within (pura-pura culture with the Malays) as they were able to still wallop the bulk of the economy post Merdeka.

      ….The May 13 incident was when steams started to gush out from the kettle and
      ….GE13 was when the whistle kettle blew its noise – nonstop.

      Melayu yang pekak dan yang leka saja tak akan dengar dan sedar yang air dah benar2 mendidih. Sekiranya tidak diperdulikan, boleh kering air dalam kettle tu dan akhirnya akan MELETUP.

      I am glad elders like TDM is still around as WE can learn so much from his experiences.

  13. I dare not comment because above read is all superb. TQ for a wonderful well thought out analysis.

  14. It is stupid for all Malaysians to argue and insult each other, As a country and as its peoples, we have done very well.

    Do not be misled

    (i) an apparent weakness in the UMNO, 2003-2013. It is not structural but renewable through transformation of the digits.

    (ii) the poor leadership of the Opposition which could not gain power in JUST 3 EASY STEPS in 1997, 2008 and 2013. All the leadership knows is the rough common garden stuff of rallies and rallies wasting their sponsors precious money and wearing down their own supporters en mass.

    It is not even a pyrrhic victory for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. It was a total loss because with 90% support from the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, they did not gain power.

    The DAP’s order of battle prepared in Singapore is not suitable for Malaysia where actually the Chinese are only effective when they are NOT DE-TRIBALISED !

    1. I hear this rumbling about a lot of oversea chinese feel cheated during GE#13 when they was push to come back by the promise of easy victory to the chinese. The promise was that the chinese finally will be in power. Some as bold as saying become the first PM. The star was in their eyes to change for the batter. Some said it was time for Maaysia to change to be more like a Singapore or Hong Kong for that matter. That why they come back.

      They also lure with the promise that the malay and Indian support this movement and they want to be part of this history movement of changing the goverment (who they thought so currupt that even to make an IC and passport you need to pay a bride or duit teh). Living oversea for soo long and only need to deal with embassy they though this was true.

      But in the end that was not materialize and BN still hold the power. As such some of them already vowing that they will never come back to vote again. Wasted time and money they said. Is it true???

      :D sarah

  15. There is no indication that Malaysia is near uber boiling point. The BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties are in power.

    All the Government needs to do is to play it cool by implementing fair and transparent policies, observes the absolute rule of the laws, ensures the bureacracy performs normally and eschew using GLCs to do business.

    As for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, there is no time to waste to look for young and old talents from Day 1.

    There is no indication that Singapore is near uber boiling point either. The Singapore Government actually has lots and lots of money for 2 Million indigenous Singaporeans. The foreigners who came in are multi-millionaires. Have you ever seen multi-millionaires riot in the streets?

      1. you should instead say that rich people, the millionaires and billionaires, they pay people to riot and tell the authorities to safeguard their interests all at the same time. that’s how the elites maintain their grip on power. they play both sides.

        1. re: “they play both sides”

          Just a thought. A knife or stiletto that stabs in the back is one blade. Scissors is two blades.

          1. okay I m going to go offline so I m going to be clear about this. they don’t use knife or stiletto or any other object. they just open their mouths, with their sharp teeth and bite, or whatever word to describe it, their enemies.

    1. I think these apt to describe the malay

      Melayu ini lambat amarahnya
      tetapi tinggi dendamnya
      Disimpan dendam zaman berzaman
      Anak cucumu pasti terkorban

      Berdepan amarah melayu sepanjang zaman
      Jangan ditiup baranya
      Jangan dijentik maruahnya
      Jangan dikacau agamanya
      Jangan dihina keluarganya
      Jangan diruntum hatinya
      Kelak diamuk merana badan

      duduk bersila nampak sopan
      Bibir tersenyum menyambut teman
      bingkas bangun bila dicabar
      maut menanti tak kira lawan

      :) sarah

  16. But it is strange to say that Malaysia is a runaway success in human terms whereas Singapore is a runaway failure even though it has money up to its gills !

  17. Star columnist misleading readers is the same as people spreading rumors that because of the haze, if you don’t stock up with basic commodities like rice, cooking oil, buying face masks etc, you will have problems.

    this past couple of days, I have notice, that more and more Chinese are stocking up on these face masks. there are even those who have started buying rice. you notice a pattern here?

    the Chinese, most of them anyway, they are very, and I mean very receptive to rumors. just like 505 when the opposition told them that there will be regime change and they voted en bloc for the opposition and the outcome turned out differently for them. very gullible people.

    1. re: “the Chinese, most of them anyway, they are very, and I mean very receptive to rumors”

      They’re also the ones spreading lies everywhere. Especially the evangelitas.

      The difference is that the Dapsters may be crude and rude but they can’t match the sneaky Scissorati.

  18. And now with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP pushing and jostling in the Selangor State Government and other places where they are active in recognition of the proverb, ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ and in a diverse society with different levels of sensitivities, let us hope this is the limit to their new found power which their associates will tolerate. One swallow does not make an Indian Summer.

  19. The behaviour of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, shows their mind-set of the present generations – THEY REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE COUNTRY WITH THE PEOPLES THEY LIVE IN.
    by voting 90% for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. At least, they should have abstained and not take sides which is more to their Chineseness.

    As I have always said the MCA neglected their rightful duty and responsibility to fit the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese into the national stream of endeavour. This cannot be done overnight but through explanation, discussion, experience, etc over time.

    The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, will desert the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP too when economic headwinds blow hard and strong against them anytime and run back to the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties.


      So very true.

      re: “The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, will desert the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP too when economic headwinds blow hard and strong against them anytime and run back to the BN”

      The trust has been broken. The BN Malays do not want the Chinese back now that the true colours have shown.

      I think Dr M saw this development when he spoke at Gelang Patah.

      Go back to his speech in Parliament in 1965 just prior to the S’pore separation. He saw the picture clearly almost 50 years ago.

      1. Helen

        TDM try to warn them but as always becouse they see a Malay was beneth them (even TDM), they didn’t listen. Now they have to pay the price.

        :D sarah

    2. re: The behaviour of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, shows their mind-set of the present generations – THEY REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE COUNTRY WITH THE PEOPLES THEY LIVE IN.
      by voting 90% for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. At least, they should have abstained and not take sides which is more to their Chineseness.

      i agree. the problem with the overall theme of change (ubah in the opposition sense) is drastic. Changes takes time. And the opposition’s marketing aspect of it, is overly “optimistic”.

      The sense of “revolutionary” changes to come if they come into power. Dreamy ain’t it, but that’s how you the game is played.

      Since you can’t win the war, win perceptions then.

      1. jen hui,

        I am amused when people (I am talking about self glorified DAP) who claim they are open minded, liberal and understanding and all for meritocracy ‘failed” to read the Malay moods.

        Anyway, that is not surprising as they have shallow understanding of malays. Their contact with Malays is ussually limited to reading what several anti UMNO Malay writers in STAR or friendship with Malays from PR.

        As such, they simply have no idea that Malays “tilt” in favour of UMNO. Not out of love so much. rather, the Malays took a cautious approach. Why rock the nation? Why pawn Malay interest by voting racist DAP or some aging politician who cant accept reality that he is not destined to be the PM.


        As for your inference on “trust”, it is more suitable to Najib. He should learn by now. the pain of being rejected wholeheartedly after giving so much to chinese.

        As for chinese, do they expect the malays to trust them anymore? Only a moron will trust putting Malay interest in the hand of hypocrite PR.

  20. In realpolitik terms, the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties will accept them but there will be no more fun and games at the Nation’s expense because of their ignorance of the national political landscape, unless they have credible and trustworthy leadership once again. The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, should know better about the word, ‘TRUST’.

    1. If its so, quite sad how our politics are played.

      Would it be better for politicians to earn trust from the people and not the other way around.

      Well, they are getting paid for it, isn’t it?

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