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DAP accuses Umno of victimizing Chinese community

Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz today told Malaysiakini that according to Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron, Jonker Walk in town would be will be closed four weeks as a trial run.


Yesterday the news portal had reported that the “Malacca government’s decision to shut down the historic city’s popular weekend night market, Jonker Walk, has been described as ‘political retaliation against Chinese voters’ who backed the opposition” in GE13.

The Malaysiakini article ‘Opposition: Closure of Jonker Walk is political retaliation‘ drew almost 260 (many angry) comments which were in consensus that the closure was a form of punishment.

Protesting decision of Malacca government

Accusing Umno of victimizing the Chinese community, Tony Pua retorted, “Will BN shut down Petaling Street, too?”

“Or why stop at just closing these Chinatowns, why not cancel Christmas or ban Deepavali or CNY celebrations?”, challenged Tony.

Meanwhile The Star carried a headline today, ‘Jonker Street must never be shut down, say traders‘.


Newspaper cutting above: (Former) Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam had demanded the resignation of Malacca Wanita MCA chief Datuk Kian Sit Har for acting against the interests of the ruling coalition.

Some of the MCA leaders already have one foot out of the BN. Similarly some of the people working for MCA companies, such as Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, are running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

With MCA now out of the government, there is no longer any restraint on some of the party’s renegade leaders. Similarly the Scissors is now freed from having to hide within the fold any longer.


The MCA political blogs

A special report on the Star Media Group titled ‘The long and winding road ahead‘ (Kinibiz, 21 June 2013) said that the MCA, which has controlled Star Publications since 1977, has over the years reaped the benefits of the newspaper company’s healthy dividends.

Kinibiz also reported that The Star has in the past years provided “strong mileage” for the MCA.

The Kinibiz four-parter however had some not so nice things to say about The Star‘s prospects. This negativity caused some of the Star top brasses to go ballistic.

The Star bosses threw a hissy fit at the Malaysiakini reporters and launched their attack through the political blog that they’re covertly operating Stop The Lies.

We’ve have seen how sneaky The J-Star can be in their double-dealing such as with the Rosmah-Most Powerful Woman ad.

The MCA-Star black ops, including character assassination, are conducted through these propaganda blogs hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

See, here (my expose) and well as Rocky’s take on “Wong Chun Wai’s machai“.


The Battlestar Galactica, flush with fuel and injected with ample funds, is ready to fly.

Expect more sneak attacks from the Scissorati fleet. The BN would be suicidal to still consider The J-Star a government-friendly media.

Photo below: Dr Chua Soi Lek during his visit to Jonker Walk early this year.




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133 thoughts on “DAP accuses Umno of victimizing Chinese community

    1. Everything that the government do or tries to, will be perceived as an act of mere balas dendam. Why kept blaming UMNO when it is a collective urusan rasmi kerajaan. Its like blaming DAP/Chinese for all PR folies. The acts is none other than to instigate one bangsa against the other. The is very dangerous and they know it.

      One day you asked the government to be all inclusive and the next you blame UMNO not the government that trise to be all inclusive (heck still vacating a misnistry to tikam belakang MCA) for doing something that does not please you. Take, take, take, take and take it all. Average Malaysians had no one else to blame but you people. You know who you are!

      ‘Accusing Umno of victimizing the Chinese community, Tony Pua retorted, “Will BN shut down Petaling Street, too?”

      Instigating the Chinese especially the kongsi gelaps to hate UMNO/Malays, imagine the worst coming.

      “Or why stop at just closing these Chinatowns, why not cancel Christmas or ban Deepavali or CNY celebrations?”, challenged Tony.’

      Isolating Hari Raya is another way of telling the non Malays and non Muslims that UMNO/Malays are racist bunch and must be put to death by all means.

      Sneaky TP, the kind of people Malaysians should blame for God forbid, upcoming race riot.

      1. re: “Isolating Hari Raya”

        Sharp of you to notice. Let’s keep eagle eye out for this kind of giveaway to their niat jahat.

          1. Just a closer of jongker walk ,not closing of SRJK(C) ,where UMNO should do if we want to see one nation of 1 Malaysia not what we had now , three nations in 1 Malaysia.

    2. Maybe these J-star neo-colonial superior-complexed mentalities need to brush up on “Chinese” adages … they’re so out of touch with their nenek-moyang.


      video from instant 6:50:

      Confucius said to Zi Gong: “Who is better? you or Yan Hui ( fellow disciple)?”
      Zi Gong replied: “How can I be compared to Yan Hui? You tell him one thing and he is able to extrapolate ten more things from it.
      If you tell me one thing I can only figure out two more things …”
      The Master replied: “You’re right! you are not as good as he is. Neither you nor I are as good as him.”

  1. Dear Helen

    I noticed you have been accused of being a church hater so I am writing this on your defence.

    I don’t think you specifically want to target the church but you want to target corruption and power craziness in the church.

    Well the Buddhist community is not that angelic too. Kek Lok Si by allowing their premises to be the venue of the head shaving event with the DAP puts them in the same boat as the DAP drama queens. The haze has also made me write this.

    This is one of the Singaporean companies accused of polluting the environment.
    And this is the founder.

    Poor Hockien that became a billionaire. Look at the charities he supports.

    Oh read the article. Isn’t noble to “Promise to donate RMB50 million to Hainan Province within 5 years to set up the “Hainan Sinar Mas Education Assistance and Environmental Protection Foundation” to support the education and protect the environment of Hainan Province so as to promote the harmonious development of the society”.

    Kill the orang utans and save the environment in China. The articles go on and on on how noble the old man is.

    Closer to home the City Harvest scandal.

    Jack Neo’s sex in the church and his wonderful repentance.
    Now the wonderful church is involved in a miraculous music money scandal.

    In fact the attendees have made the church so rich they could purchase Suntec City.

    What is my point? The Chinese are Machiavelli in nature.

    Religion is an excuse to buy your way out of wrongdoing. You do something very wrong (like burn the forrest and making millions suffer) and you use your money to buy salvation (like saving the environment in Hainan). You have your fling and the next thing is that you repent publicly with all the dumb ass crying.

    How do you understand Jerusubang?

    The newly rich Chinese think that religion is best purchase out of their loneliness. To the Chinese everything can be bought even salvation.

    You can buy the latest IPhone to send to someone who has been condemned in hell. With every buyer, there is a seller. The pastors will sell you salvation for money and power.

    The moral of the story. You reap what you sow.


    1. re: “I noticed you have been accused of being a church hater”

      I’m accused of everything. They make their personal attacks on me under the cover of Anons. What kind of people are they?

      re: “To the Chinese everything can be bought”

      Yes. That is why it is impossible for them to understand the Malays and for them to realise how insulting they are to the other races.

    2. I can also be branded a church hater if you read my past comments. Thing is, I was born into a Catholic family, baptised as an infant, received all the sacraments I’m supposed to receive & am still a practising Catholic.

      What I can’t stand is hypocrisy in the name of Christianity. Preach of love but speak with hatred. And don’t get me started on using God, religion et al to justify selfish aims.

      Quite honestly, I don’t have this deep seated resentment for Christians when I was back in Kuching. It’s probably because no one uses the pulpit to preach self righteous stuff or politics. I must have walked out of church at least 5 times in KL when the priest decided to speak of the need to vote out an evil regime. I won’t shout or challenge the priest during mass as I believe there should be decorum in church thus my walking off.

      And before anyone slams me for not loving sinners, let me make this clear. I am a sinner. I don’t proclaim that I live for God or I speak for God. I don’t go about like some God army telling everyone who’s not a Christian they’re worshipping the wrong God etc etc bla bla bla. I’d admit my mistakes freely unlike some who can do no wrong.

      So yeah, if hating Christians gets me a reservation in hell, so be it. You can pull the wool over the eyes of men, not God. Your judgment will come, that’s certain. Therein lies my trust that God will dispense what we all rightfully deserves.

  2. Helen,

    Adalah satu penghormatan kepada KM Melaka dan juga Nazri jika benarlah pengundi cina menganggap bahawa mereka berdua ni benar benar berani membalas dendam..

    1. Orang Cina datang ke tanah melayu pada zaman kesultanan melaka.

      Ketua Menteri Melaka sekarang tentunya anak jati melaka.
      Jadi, kalau nak ajar orang Cina supaya mereka ingat akan pengkhianatan mereka, eloklah mulakan di melaka….

      Anak Malayu Melaka takkan takde susur galur Hang Tuah ataupun hang Jebat?

  3. Yang pertama terlintas di hati aku bila baca tulisan ini ialah…

    Jika Cina tak tahu appreciate apa yang dema dah dapat selama ini, jangan marah jika orang lain juga bersikap demikian.

    Jika orang Cina fikir tindakan ini merupakan tindakbalas politik atas apa yang berlaku pada PRU13, baguslah. Terimalah kenyataan bahawa itu juga pandangan baru kebanyakan Melayu yang sudah menjadi menjadi ultra Melayu.

    Orang Cina tidak akan mendapat friendship and trust dari orang Melayu selagi perangai mereka tidak diubah.

    Aku sedih kerana muhibbah dan toleransi yang kita rakyat Malaysia banggakan sudah deteriorate kerana api politik yang dibakar ke seluruh pelusuk negara.

    Jika anak Cina sudah pandai menghina Agong, memperlekeh agama Islam, jangan marah jika orang kampung atau Melayu kolat seperti aku ni tersinggung, dan ingin bertindak balas.

    Helen, apakah cara yang terbaik untuk hentikan pergeseran yang tidak memberi sedikit pun faedah kepada sesiapa kecuali mengancam keharmonian dan keamanan negara? Apa yang Cina boleh buat ke arah ini?

        1. Orang Melayu boleh berpindah ke Perai.

          Orang Cina evangelis boleh berpindah ke Pulau Tokong Guan Eng tu.

          1. Setuju Helen..tapi Pulau Pinang perlu dihanyutkan ke Indian Ocean..jauh jauh dari Malaysia..

            Buatlah ape yg patut..judi..pelacuran..tak de orang nak marah

          2. Apa kabar Helen,

            Katakanlah idea Helen dilaksanakan, masalahnya tak semua Cina Evangelis akan berpindah ke Pulau Tokong Guang Eng.

            Kalau diikut juga cadangan Helen, dahlah kita akan kehilangan Pulau Pinang, malah tiada jaminan Cina Evangelis yang masih menenggek di sini akan tidak akan meragam.

            Contoh depan mata dah ada, PAP ditendang ke Singapura oleh TAR tapi evil sistersnya DAP yang masih menenggek disini buat hal yang serupa macam big sisternya PAP buat dulu.

            Lama kelamaan, sedikit demi sedikit KL pun boleh tergadai.

      1. Tak boleh tu. Ingat, Pulau Pinang sebenarnya masih menjadi kepunyaan Kedah. Ia hanya disewakan dulu kpd syarikat British. Dan sehingga kini masih membayar penyewaan kepada Kedah oleh Federal Govt.

        1. Kira ianya satu bentuk pampasan. Terpaksa juga beri tanah (pulau Pulau Pinang) supaya boleh ditampung kelompok para pengikut taksub Lim Guan Eng itu yang pulau mereka akan dicantumkan dengan Singapura kelak.

          1. Helen,

            Yang saya nampak sekarang ialah anda juga ingin beri ini dan itu kepada Cina. Bolehkah percaya orang Cina akan puas selepas ini. Bagi orang Melayu ia ibarat beri betis hendak paha. Itu yang membuat orang Melayu semakin sedar, bangkit untuk bersatu mempertahankan hak dan segala apa yang masih ada di tangan mereka. Tahap kesabaran Melayu semakin tipis apabila dicabar dari segenap sudut dan lapis, oleh politikus, oleh persatuan, dan kini oleh individu.

            Now! What can the Chinese give back and give up?

            Apa SACRIFICE orang Cina untuk menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang tulin dan jujur supaya ketegangan yang ada sekarang dapat dikendurkan?

            1. Yang saya syorkan lebih kurang sama dengan pengorbanan yang dibuat oleh Tunku pada tahun 1965.

              Sekiranya Singapura kekal bersama Semenanjung, hura-hara sebuah negara dijadikannya.

              The Singapore Chinese population was too destablizing for Malaysia.

              Selepas pemisahan nanti, bawalah haluan masing-masing.

              1. “Yang saya syorkan lebih kurang sama dengan pengorbanan yang dibuat oleh Tunku pada tahun 1965.”

                Ianya tidak akan menyelesaikan masaalah. Pasti ada serpihan CINA DAP yang tinggal dan meneruskan perjuangan mereka dan masaalah sama akan berbangkit kembali. Kalau ini berlaku nak buat apa lagi, nak kasi lagi sebidang TANAH MELAYU pada CINA DAP?

                Singapura itu adalah sebagai PENGAJARAN dan PERINGATAN pada ORANG MELAYU yang ada di Malaysia ini, untuk membuktikan sekiranya kuasa berpindah tangan nasib mereka tidak akan terbela seadilnya.

              2. 1. Kita dah bagi PERCUMA Singapura! CUKUP!

                2. Pulau Pinang adalah sebahagian daripada negeri Kedah dahulu. Jika mereka tak mahu bayar air yang selama ini mereka ambil PERCUMA daripada Kedah bermakna mereka mengaku Pulau Pinang hanyalah sebuah DAERAH dalam negeri Kedah Darul Aman (ya! negeri yang berSULTAN!)

                3. 95% tu bukan cina evangelist sajalah! Tak perlu salahkan cina evangelist saja. Semua sama saja.

                4. Meniaga ATAS jalanraya bukan TEPI atau di kawasan yang tak menggangu lalu lintas, tak ada lesen dan jual barangan tiruan kena biarkan sebab cina berada di atas undang-undang. Tahniah Ketua Menteri Melaka!

                5. Aku tunggu peniaga-peniaga barangan haram di Petaling Street yang kurang ajar tu kena pula. Habis semua pembeli termasuk pelancong kena maki hamun dengan peniaga-peniaga di situ bila tak beli barang dengan mereka. Imej kita di mata dunia tak ada nilaikah ?

                6. Sekarang dah tak perlu “beli” jiwa cina untuk undi lagi. Fikir-fikirkanlah Najib dan menteri-menteri oi!

                1. re: “Kita dah bagi PERCUMA Singapura!”

                  Yang dibagi ‘percuma’ Singapura itu kepada Stamford Raffles.

                  Sebenarnya bukanpun Tunku yang galak mahu menerima Singapura dalam tahun 1963. Lee Kuan Yew yang beriya-iya mahu masuk/bergabung dengan Malaya dan ianya Tunku yang terpaksa dipujuk untuk menyetujui cadangan tersebut.

                  Bayangkan sekiranya Singapura tidak dilepaskan pada 1965. Bermakna Singapura akan tinggal bersama Malaya pada 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969.

                  Maka akan lagi marak rusuhan kaum Mei 13 dengan kehadiran lebih sejuta orang Cina Singapura menghangatkan suasana serta memperkasakan kedudukan orang Cina Malaya pada zaman itu.

                  Tindakan Tunku adalah bersebab dan bukannya dibuat dengan tidak semena-mena

                  1. Sebenarnya Singapura lah yang terjadinya rusuhan kaum lebih awal ia itu dalam tahun 1964 selepas terkeluarnya mereka dalam Malaya. Ramai yg terkorban dan ratusan cedera parah.

                    Kaum Melayu Singapura tidak menjadi “batang pisang” dalam pertempuran tersebut….tetapi selepas itu mereka di-jadikan…….

                    1. re: rusuhan kaum tahun 1964 di Singapura

                      Benar. Juga tahun pilihanraya umum di Malaya. PAP mengetengahkan calon tetapi yang menang hanya Devan Nair di Bungsar (sekarang Bangsar).

                      Kempen PAP membawa cogankata ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ yang menaikkan amarah orang Cina.

      2. Good idea. To hell with the severe social and economic impact that will destroy the Malaysian economy, financial and manufacturing. Then in the near future when the Indians do not vote for Barisan Nasional again, you can move them to Melaka and expel the state from the Federation.

        Then when the Iban, Bajau, Melanau and Kadazan Dusun Murut people demand more share and say, you can kick out East Malaysia from the Federation. Who needs the oil?

        Then Kelantan. They always speak funny, right?

        In the end, what’s left of Malaysia is a bunch of warlord city states like Italy in 1400.

        1. re: “the severe social and economic impact that will destroy the Malaysian economy, financial and manufacturing”

          (1) Don’t overate yourself in the importance of Penang.

          (2) As for who is “destroy{ing)” what, you people are the most destructive species of makhluk perosak.

          1. An island with naught natural resources & a God complex leader can survive meh? And when his fiefdom is free from the clutches of the evil empire, who else can he blame for his estate’s shortfall? UMNO dah tak bleh brader.

            Btw, who brought in all the electronic manufacturers into Penang long before ’08? A classic case of lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama no?

            1. “An island with naught natural resources & a God complex leader can survive meh? And when his fiefdom is free from the clutches of the evil empire, who else can he blame for his estate’s shortfall?”

              ~ some overconfident person. 9 August 1965

              1. Same overconfident answer like the Tokong in Komtar eh?

                Traffic is shit due to bad town planning. Property prices skyrocketing. Compare that to their idols down South. Can compare or not?

                If you can’t even start on the right footing, dreaming of emulating Singapore is the best you can do. At the moment even state water debts is transferred to the Federal Government but harping on their “sound financial management” to erase it.

                What about Rapid Penang? Bitching about lack of buses & demanding for more. That the best you can do?

                Lim Guan Eng et al is no way close to even be in the same league as Lee Kuan Yew who started with an almost clean canvas to paint his masterpiece that we see today.

                If Guan Eng truly believes in his own hyped up God complex, he could try go at it without Federal grants. But guess what? He’s whinging about it all the time. So much for naysayers then huh?

                1. re: “Traffic is shit due to bad town planning.”

                  Penang is such a small island but the nouveau riche there love their spanking big, imported cars — SUVs, MPVs.

                  Now imagine the working class Malays and Indians migrated out of Penang island and more City Harvest kiasus migrating in, and their big cars all dressed up in the pretty Penang plates but nowhere to go in the traffic-choked little island.

                  1. That is some scary shit, Helen. Scarier still is the fact that it’s already happening and has been for some time now. With the ardent, idolatrous religious fervor over their can-do-no-wrong Tokong, the IslandGladeite/FettesParcker (sic) kind and offshoot non-CHC tribes are living in denial (this includes quite a few bahalol Malays and Indians as well). All happily deluding themselves about where Penang is heading.

                    Like a trio of Malay, Chinese (center position) and Indian uniformed cadre beaming patriotically at the backside of their torch-bearing Great Leader as they march into the rising sun of a new Cultural and Industrial Revolution (and Intelligent (City Harvest) City via Penang Paradigm). Of course, the promised land has been (literally) cleared and rendered “safe” by herald-bearing developers and Triad king-pin point men.

                    We’re all heading up shit creek without a paddle, I say.

                    Most of them are still in some kind of LSD (or LGE) induced high where they believe Penang is somehow independent from the Federal Government (and Malaysia for that matter) and they will actually benefit from Tokong’s constant haranguing of the FedGov/UMNO/BN etc.

                    They even believe their Tokong has actually brought in new FDI to improve the local economy and enrich the coffers AND preserve the environment! They also believe we’re richer because there’s no corruption. :D

                    Yeah, right. The sor hais will believe anything they’re told.

                    Jim Jones has nothing on LGE when it comes to pushing kool-aid.

                    Freakin’ dumfux.

                2. FFC,
                  Guano Eng, macam chee@#$ ja. buat parking pun tak betul nak compare s’pore. mati dulu, nanti aku bakar replika s’pore bagi kat dia. (ni statement rasis ke?)

          2. And don’t underestimate the contribution Penang has to the electronics and hi-tech industries in Malaysia. And the tourist trade.

            A vindictive short sighted person who advocates breaking up Malaysia without considering the outcome, ethnic population transfer, and supports readers who thinks dicatatorship and genocide is an answer… is a far bigger and more dangerous makhluk perosak.

            1. Malaysia is a land area of 329,847 square km.

              The size of Penang island is 293 square km, or 0.089 percent (okay, let’s round it up to one percent) of the Malaysian landmass.

              You are indeed big-headed to think that the country getting rid of 1% of its acreage amounts to “breaking up Malaysia”.

              Why over-rate yourself so much?

              1. Adehhh… Pasal apa nak korbankan lagi tanah atau pulau (walaupun 1%) sedangkan tak pernah ada pengorbanan dari puak yang tak mengenang budi ini. (Setakat ini yang aku ingat hanya Guan Eng saja yang pernah buat korban lembu, lawak sungguhhh…)

                Tapi aku masih lagi sanggup korbankan duit ringgit jika KTM mintak derma untuk beli minyak keretapi untuk hantar puak ni ke Singapura.

                1. “Tapi aku masih lagi sanggup korbankan duit ringgit jika KTM mintak derma untuk beli minyak keretapi untuk hantar puak ni ke Singapura.”

                  Me too…

              2. It is not land size, but the economic value.

                Take the San Francisco Bay Area for example. It is far less than 0.089% of the US land area. But it has San Francisco, the industrial city of Oakland, Silicon Valley (San Jose, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Santa Clara), and important areas of economic value. Take that away and the US economy will be severely affected.

                Penang is the third-largest economy amongst the states of Malaysia, after Selangor and Johor.[102] Penang is also the state with the highest GDP per capita in Malaysia in 2010 with RM 33,456.00 (USD$ 10,893.00)

                ~ Wikipedia

                “You are indeed big-headed to think that the country getting rid of 1% of its acreage amounts to “breaking up Malaysia”.”

                Yes, maybe we should have given Lahad Datu to that “Sulu Sultan”. That will appease them and prevent future attacks on Malaysia. Its only <2% of Malaysia so it is not "breaking up Malaysia", right?

                  1. Hypothetically speaking, lets say Penang gets the boot.

                    As AC-DC mentioned, we should not underestimate the contributions of the electronic & high tech industry as well as the tourist trade there in Penang.

                    As it is, Bayan Lepas FIZ is home to several electronic & tech giants. Being based in an FIZ, these companies are given almost blanket tax/duties exemption for items brought in or out of the FIZ. This is why there’s a Customs’ post at every FIZ.

                    At present, I’m unsure how the state earns directly from these companies. Perhaps through land assessment, licensing charges, quit rent etc. Indirectly, it would be through employment opportunities afforded to Penangites & others who will end up spending in Penang.

                    Of course as part of the Federation, the state receives annual grants for a multitude of projects as well for running expenditures. As such, the state government is not as hard pressed for income sources unless it is to lower budget deficits or to increase their reserves.

                    Going back to the hypothetical scenario above, should Penang be off the team, that would mean federal funding would also stop. Thus the onus is on the state to source for new income streams.

                    This is necessary to enable the state to continue running from day to day. They would also require certain agencies which prior to this was the responsibility of the federal government. They’ll need a law enforcement agency which of course the could recruit from among their voluntary patrol. They’ll need immigration as well as customs as well. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And all this means more moolah needed.

                    And the easiest option would be to remove FIZ status from Bayan Lepas. Thus not only will the companies there be subjected to the various import/export duties, their tax will invariably go up too.

                    I know for certain that one particular MNC ships between US$2m to as high as US$20m of electronic products weekly out of the FIZ to various locations worldwide. Their product is rated at 25% duties based on the internationally recognized harmonized code system. Imagine paying 25% duties on say an average of US$5m a week. That’s US$1.25m a week & US$65m a year. And we have yet to even touch on the corporate taxes & incentive scheme yet.

                    And if say Kulim offers an FIZ spot to this manufacturer, do you think they’ll take it up?

                    As so far as the electronics industry is concerned, I believe Penang will face mass migration of these companies to the mainland if the unthinkable happens.

                    1. re: “They’ll need a law enforcement agency which of course they could recruit from among their voluntary patrol.”

                      Heh, heh, the new uniform for the new police in the new Penang will be brown (colour suited to the DAP voluntary patrol from where the new govt will recruit the new constables).

                    2. a lot of empty land in KHTP. Now new state admin has solved water problem… by then kedah needs international airport, maybe in Padang Meha. :)

                    3. Helen
                      Where does Penang Island get its resources for the factories.

                      The humans – the Malay kampungs in Kedah and Perak.
                      The resources – all over the world
                      The water – Kedah river.

                      There is no difference between an Intel chip made in Penang or Kulim. The savings for Malaysia – less transport costs, save opening facilties for the workers travelling to Penang. You don’t even need the 2nd Bride let alone the first.

                    4. “At present, I’m unsure how the state earns directly from these companies. Perhaps through land assessment, licensing charges, quit rent etc. Indirectly, it would be through employment opportunities afforded to Penangites & others who will end up spending in Penang.”

                      The FIZ generates income for the state from local employment, local contractor and vendor businesses who supply/buy from these electronics companies. A lot of business and commerce in Kedah, and even the Kedah government has high reliance on trade with Penang’s industry.

                      “Going back to the hypothetical scenario above, should Penang be off the team, that would mean federal funding would also stop. Thus the onus is on the state to source for new income streams.”

                      That also means income taxes, commercial taxes, sales taxes, government taxes, fuel taxes, tobacco duties, stamp duties, excise, etc. from Penang will no longer go to Putrajaya. The money goes straight to the Penang government coffers.

                      Fed Gov loses a large income from the third largest economy in the country. Our deficit shoots up.

                      “They would also require certain agencies which prior to this was the responsibility of the federal government. They’ll need a law enforcement agency which of course the could recruit from among their voluntary patrol. They’ll need immigration as well as customs as well. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And all this means more moolah needed.”

                      Shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. Penang already has a Customs & Immigration dept, and they no longer need to be directed from Putrajaya. Since they only need to supervise Penang, there is less complexity. Less bureaucracy channels and leaner organisation, hence less expensive & more efficient to run.

                      “As so far as the electronics industry is concerned, I believe Penang will face mass migration of these companies to the mainland if the unthinkable happens.”

                      You need skilled labour and expertise to run a proper electronics industry. Skilled labour, k-workers will actually move to Penang in reaction to a regressive and racially tainted political move.

                    5. Perhaps East Timor should hire AC-DC as their consultant then since he’s in the opinion everything is easy to set up. They’re still struggling with their economy are they not?

        2. Since you’re all for more rights & decided to bring the East Malaysians into your rebuttal, why oh why don’t I hear you or anyone for that matter lobbying for the original 1/3 + 1 parliamentary seats allocated to then Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak be given to the East Malaysians now?

          Let’s not blame it on gerrymandering shall we? Because chances are 9 out of 10 opposition supporters didn’t even know the word existed before 6th May this year.

          1. On the contrary, Pakatan wanted the Sabah and Sarawak seats reduced because Borneo is the one factor handing victory to BN.

            And remember in their shadow cabinet (leaked from PKR sources), there was only one East Malaysian — Baru Bian.

            1. Exactly! They’d be screwed BIG TIME if Sabah & Sarawak has 1/3 + 1 seat.

              As it is currently EM holds 56 seats out of 222 if memory serves me right. That equates 25.2%. Assuming WM maintains their seats, the parliamentary seats will need to go up to 250 to give EM 1/3 + 1 seat.

              That means EM will now have 84 seats. How many more can DAP & PR win? Hoping to win in the ulu areas where some opposition leaders are persona non grata?

              In a similar vein, amazingly all PR ADUN in Sarawak voted for the threefold increase in their allowance. Waste of public funds no? After all everything & anything from BN is bad. With the state elections due in 3 years we may just see “orang Malaya” parachuted in to earn more moolah.

              Hypocrisy in plenitude where these harapan rakyat are concerned.

              1. FFC,

                Bila pasal pertambahan gaji dan elauns semua sokong lah. Dari zaman TDM lagi dah perangai lagu tu (ikut cara cakap TDM).

                :D sarah

        3. I think only the Chinese are strictly targeted not the others.

          You think why the govt of Singapore has a vision to expand its population to nearly 7 million by 2030….it is to accept the Malaysian Chinese as a Singaporean. Is it not good for the Chinese Malaysian? a first world island accepting the? so they won’t have to blame on UMNO? they have to live with PAP

          Remember the great LKY used to say…”there is no other way to govern the Chinese society….except with a tight fist”.

  4. Dulu bukan main lagi siDAP bantah sekerasnya penutupan Jonker Street kerana kesesakan lalu lintas. lalu lintas di Melaka pun sangat sesak dgn adanya berjuta2 pengunjung/tourist ke Melaka.

    Jonker walk menjual barang ciplak sehingga memalukan Malaysia. jadi apa you buat kalau peniaga kat Jonker Walk tu pun tak setuju dgn dasar Kjaan negeri, dan berdegil?…tutup aje lah Jonker walk ini supaya semua bantahan DAP tu mendapat reaksi positif.

    CLOSE THE JONKER WALK or STREET. Close the pubs who simply violated opening hours, close the coffee shops that pollute the scenic Melaka River. Close the massage joints, close those restaurants that open up tables on the 5 ft way.

    1. “CLOSE THE JONKER WALK or STREET. Close the pubs who simply violated opening hours, close the coffee shops that pollute the scenic Melaka River. Close the massage joints, close those restaurants that open up tables on the 5 ft way.”

      SETUJU SANGAT, kalau tak suka sila BERAMBUS

    2. Kawan berbangsa Jepun aku yang pernah singgah kat jonker street lalu membeli jam ciplak dengan harga RM100 sebab salesman nya kata ini jam ORI COPY, ketawa besar bila jarum saatnya gugur sebaik saja memakainya di hotel. Nak marah pun tak boleh, memang kelakar. Tapi memalukan.

  5. As much as I enjoy Battlestar Galactica growing up, I’d have to borrow this phrase from my favoritest (does such a word even exist?) sci-fi show in response to the Jonker Walk issue:

    The Empire Strikes Back!!!

    Cue Darth Vader music….

    1. Aku suker bab “the empire strikes back” tu… just wait n c, more to come. All this while pon theres nothing that we gain from them rather then losing more and more lands in the name of development? I m no haters… but remember this phrase. …. what u give, u get back!

  6. Next area to watch is Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Jeng…jeng…jeng…

    The sabit has finally fallen.

  7. :When I read that it will be closed from friday to sunday, I can see the money drop from the chinese eyes. That’s why they so melenting. road conjestion that effect a lot of people, so what? As long they make a lots of money, who’s care. No money they died maaa. But if you close it during weekday, they also melenting. Money speak louder than words. Jonker street make a lot of chinese rich, hehhehheh. So if you close it during the peak weekend (friday, saturday and sunday) it will effect them. After all a quote from a friends money is GOD to Chinese.

    :D sarah

  8. Nothing to see at Joker Street really. I have not been there for some time. Similarly for Petaling Street. Last I went to Petaling Street it was full of Banglas selling imitation products and pirated dvds.

  9. man gotta do what a man gotta do, berani buat berani tanggung. if you man enough to berumah di tepi pantai, janganlah takut dilambung ombak.

    bisnes melayu boleh hidup tanpa kuasa membeli cina, bolehkah bisnes cina hidup tanpa kuasa membeli melayu.


    1. Good point. Why merengek when some blogger suggest BBC sand BCL. Suddenly everybody in chinese community jumping around like jumping jack. The campaign was not starting and implementing in full force on that time. makes you wonder right Hmmm

      :D sarah

      1. sarah…

        orang cina ni selain daripada mereka takut mati….(sebab tu semua duduk rumah tapi orang melayu yang ramai kat padang merbok), ada satu lagi yang mereka teramat takut….

        mereka takut jadi miskin….! sebab tu mereka ‘lompat kaw-kaw’ bila ada usul boikot atau BCL….

          1. Itu saya boleh jadi saksi. Bekas bos saya pernah kena duduk luar rumah bini marah lambat balik. Tak bergerak sampai pagi takut bini lagi marah hahaha

            :D sarah

  10. Hi Helen, ME-Cikgu Kampong comes back.

    Boleh tak masyarakat Cina tidak memandang apa sahaja tindakan kerajaan dari sudut negatif..? ALtough I hate arrogant UMNO, I believe they have some plan for better Melaka. I dont think they will close the jonker walk forever. Pls listen to them janganlah anggap semuanya salah. MOST IMPORTANT.. jangan kutuk MELAYU becoz this action has nothing to do with MElayu.

    Jangan kutuk Islam, jangan kutuk Melayu, jangan kutuk istiadat dan budaya Melayu, Respect Raja-Raja Melayu, Hargai Kemerdekaan, Respect lagu NEGARAKU, tabik kepada Perajurit Tentera dan Polis Negara dan sama-sama BINA masyarakat Malaysia.

    Kita perlu bebaskan Malaysia dari semua unsur selfishness. We dont want corrupted BN, corrupted DAP, PKR and PAS.

    1. Could you pls analyse how much time Malaysian waste energy and resources for demonstration, kutuk2 etc.
    2. Tak boleh ke mereka ini duduk diskus dan cari solusi utk kebaikan Melayu, Cina, India and Bengali?

    Cikgu Kampong

  11. Actually it is a good idea from Tony Pua to closed down Petaling Street. Tell me please, what Chinese culture is there to show foreigners in Petaling Styreet. It is so famous (infamous) for counterfeits, watches, bags and you name it.

    At any rate, there are few Chinese trading there, only Nepalese, Myanmarese and of course the Bangladeshis…T.Puah as an MP you should make the recommendation to the govt of the day to tear down what was Chinatown…It is also the breeding ground for all kinds of illegal and immoral activities activities (think budget hotels rented by the hour…)

    On many nights the authorities manage to fish out foreign call girls and pray, tell me, from where do they mostly come from???

    Yeah Tony Puah , I dare you to make a strong case in the dismantling of Chinatown. It is BAD image for the country, UNLESS you and especially your DAP fellas are in cahoots….

    YOU DARE?????? You are in a position to do so in the so called Malaysian Malaysia concept and do away with racial identification. In its place create a market similar to Pasar Seni where ALL races are given the opportunity to showcase their heritage…not just Chinese….

    And from my heart , I strongly believe you are a COWARD……Talk Only No Action…..and very typical of DAP….

    1. Want to really appreciate Chinese culture, we go to China.. very cheap packages and I am sure foreign tourists share the same view as me.

      I live hardly 25 mins drive to Petaling Street, have not been there for the last 30 years, and an unspoken out of bounce place restriction out for my kids as I feel this place is not safe for them. (probably secretly they went to the Pasar Karat with friends out of curiousity).

      …… BTW for those who are not aware, Pasar Karat operates in Petaling Street, time of operations not disclosed as here they sell stolen goods at blood-cheap prices, cash and carry. They swiftly disappear when they sniff the authorities presence). Operators are mainly Chinese – one of their many ways to get rich quick by peddling stolen goods! I was told these Pasar Karat also exists in Penang? It is very scary for us locals when we hear of these kind of activities going on.. the reason we NEVER visit Petaling Street.

      I don’t know if similar activity exist in JONKER STREET, there must be reasons why the authorities decide to close it.

      1. Oh yes. To buy porno DVD (BluRay 3D too) visit Petaling Street and their branch at Batu Feringghi.

        You can also get a lesson or too their from the instructors if you are too lazy or dumb to use the vide.

      2. Yes, there is Pasar Karat in Penang. Lorong Kulit near stadium and Jalan Acheh. A lot of junk sold there, pili air & tombol laci pun ada jual. But also antiques, fruits, clothing, and traditional medicine. I was there in early 2012. There was a Orang Asli trader selling fresh honey from the Balik Pulau forests. Traders are mostly Malay, Indian, and Indonesian. There was also an Acheh trader selling sex toys and minyak lintah near the gate.

  12. they want the road closed so they can do their business. how big do they think they are???

  13. Kita tengok ajelah wayang tu. Kerajaan Sarawak dah naikkan gaji menteri-menteri peringkat negerinya sebanyak 300%. Kerajaan baru negeri Melaka hanya nak tutup Jalan Jonker. Satu buka pili air, satu tutup pili air. Memang padan muka penyokong BN dan penyokong PR, bukan begitu?

    Kerajaan yang menggubal dasar atas lunas-lunas tak masuk akal politikusnya, rakyat juga yang tanggung. Sementara ramai yang ingin memuaskan rasa dendam dan benci, tindakan ini semuanya tanda-tanda hari terakhir kuasa Persekutuan BN jua.

  14. FFC I support you and your views because you are true, honest and a nice person.

    For every action, there is a reaction. At this early juncture in the proceedings as advanced by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP beginning as long ago as 1966, may I ask what is the exit point for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, as planned and visualised by the DAP. Please remember that are at least 6 Million Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, living scattered around the country, men, women and children. The leadership of the DAP and indirectly the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore must now know what is the exit point for the 6 Million Chinese young and old. This is not Bangkok, you know. 99.99% of these Chinese have no where to go.

    As of now, the 99.9% of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, apparently support the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and indirectly the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. But what is in store for these Chinese, if the exit point is not forthcoming. All these fellows are Chinese and I have said before all Chinese are very clever but some of them are so very clever as to be stupid. Will the time of reckoning of these clever Chinese be upon us soon?

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Polcies for Singapore. Is Plan B is to turn our beloved Malaysia into a battle ground

    1. re: “Will the time of reckoning of these clever Chinese be upon us soon?”

      Aaah, we see the same thing. I’m fast catching up to your maturity (eating more salt — Chinese idiom).

  15. Turning Malaysia into a battleground to activate Plan B ? Malaysia and its Rakyat was served well by the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. The Opposition lost and has since taken the oath of office at the Dewan Rakyat. It is now the job of the Siingaporean Trojan Horse DAP and indirectly the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore to safeguard the safety and the livelihood of the 6 Million Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese who are now their supporters and under their care. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP cannot take the cake and eat it too. There must be some dispensations without the compensations.

    A lone voice from the DAP leadership to bark at the majority of 51% of the Malaysian population or 13 Millions. Some one should be sacked for such gross miscalculation of non-delivery of a conquered Malaysia to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his failed 9 Policies for Singapore to save his life-time legacy – in JUST 3 EASY STEPS !

    In essence, the present unfolding scenario shows the mind-set of the DAP leadership which is cast in concrete. It is difficult to fathom what it is – home-grown or Singaporean !

    Whichever way you throw the dice, the 6 Million Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, are now stuck with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. And no leader has offered a guiding hand or advice where all these nonsense is going to lead them to.

    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY of both the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

    It is not to be laughed at.

  16. Ms H. On the question of eating salt, I tell my friends I am nearly 100 years old, older than TDM and my enemies, 50.

  17. Ms H. In my whole life-time, I never ask a person his/her age or profession or personal details. I have a list of 52 persons who all thought I would die first. The youngest was just 39 years old.

      1. Helen so geli. We already have Israel wannabee I in Temasek. Do we actually want Israel Wannabee II in Darul Sampah

  18. Ms H. Ah ! A leading question ! All of us were educated at Cambridge. From 1925 t0 2013, 15 members of my family either directly or by marriage were educated at the University of Cambridge. Except for one sub-standard entry, all went up including Lee Kuan Yew on their own merits. Academically, he was tops !

  19. I quote this from AIDC.COM

    “RBF Online memuji langkah berani kerajaan Melaka untuk mencegah masalah kesesakan lalu lintas, peniaga tiada lesen dan menjual barangan tiruan di pasar itu.

    “Jika Lim Guan Eng boleh aniaya peniaga-peniaga Melayu di Pulau Pinang, apa jadi masalah kalau Idris Haron tutup Jonker Walk ?

    “Lagi pun ianya terletak di tengah-tengah bandar Melaka dan mengganggu kelancaran trafik. Di Pulau Pinang orang melayu meniaga tepi pantai yang tak kacau lalu lintas pun Guan Eng boleh tutup. Apa lagi orang yang meniaga tengah-tengah bandar ?,” katanya.”

  20. Secession of Pulau Pinang without water and oil ? Also please read the Constitution unless some mad-cap wants to form SSSP for racial reasons. No way !

    1. S’okay, Singapore South will pass on the NeWater technology to Singapore North.

      1. Maybe the lady can give them some discount for old time sake. After all she is also from Semenanjung. Not sure whether she still keeps the I/C to vote off UMNO.

    2. Penang can extend her land up to international waters towards Sumatra. Even can join-up S Perai and Tanjung. Surely Penang can survive. Add 4-5 casinos, become Macau within 10 years. Mind you, Penang has a functioning port and an international airport.

      But, I rather die in seeing P Pinang seceding. That cina kuiy island is ours, and, the cina kuiy is ours as well..period. We fight our thought out, we fuck each other, but, letting go is not an option.

      Hell, I only hate the DAP-LGE-LKS attitude, my friends are DAP monkeys, and Hantu durian at the same time…hehehe

      1. re: Seberang Perai

        The deal is that SP remains with Kedah. They only get the island.

        1. maybe get the Seberang Perai people to burn their lands to create haze for Penang island; only during the time when the wind blows westerly. :)

          1. Ya, membakar rumah sendiri dengan harapan akan menyusahkan jiran. Beginikah cara pemikiran orang BN?

      2. sekarang pun dah ada kasino di perairan penang. nampak kapal putih kat jeti tu… ha tulah kasino terapung. kalau jadi republik senang sikit, buat terus atas darat.

        1. Dari Atas Feri “Pulau Pinang”

          Bau laut kian larut
          dalam aroma minyak enjin
          Feri “Pulau Pinang” makin laju
          membelah alun memutih
          menuju ke Pulau Mutiara.

          Wajah-wajah anak watan
          menugu di motosikal
          entah apa direnungkan…,
          di celah kelangkang pelabuhan
          ada sesuatu berwarna putih.

          Feri “Pulau Pinang” merapat
          ke bibir Church Street Pier
          Sweetenham Pier ada tamu
          hotel kasino terapung di muka jeti,
          untuk maksiat di perbatasan selat.

          Dari atas Feri “Pulau Pinang”
          berkilau sinar Mutiara kita
          ada hotel kasino di perairannya
          dan wajah-wajah anak watan
          masih merenung ke pelabuhan.

          Atas Feri “Pulau Pinang” menuju ke Pulau Pinang.
          ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri (Dipetik dari buku Hingga Ke Negeri Abadi

  21. I heard that the MB Melaka is alim sikit than previous MB. Expect the closure of pub2 and tempat2 maksiat di Melaka?

    1. the pub2 and tempat2 maksiat in Melaka will be “centralised”. most likely melaka raya will be the place for them.

  22. Ms H. Here is a joke for you. Once upon a time, very soon after Singapore became independent, some world class Singaporeans wanted to turn Jurong into Valais, Switzerland, Ang Mo Kio into Bernese Oberland, Seletar into Vaud etc, But embarassingly, they found that Singapore could actually fit into the biggest Swiss lake !

    1. LOL.

      The Chinese want to commercialise everything. You give them a lake, instead of leaving it beautiful as nature intended, they’ll probably built water theme park and floating casinos on it.

      1. Remember the bucket they used to carry in the early mornings?

        And collecting leftover food for the livestocks? I am really impressed!

  23. The present antics of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP will be a differen story if their inspiration, Singapore, did not implode after October 2008. If you recall, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore at the age of 86 made an ill-advised Grand Tour to congratulate the Opposition leaders in April 2008 in anticipation of the fall of the BN which did not happen. Thereafter, events in Singapore happened to the chagrin of the ruling elite. And since that time, the elite has been on the defensive. I reckon the peak of Lee Kuan Yew’s achievement was when he retired as Prime Minister at the age of 65.
    And here in Malaysia, we observe that his creation, DAP, keeps battling away as though there is no tomorrow and no exit for the 6 Million Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Has someone gone into orbit after going ballistics ?

  24. I dont see what’s the big ruckus with closing down jonkers street street malls arrangement. Petaling street is not a burden to traffic flow contrary to Jonkers street. Besides in the long term planning for tourism industry growth for Mallaca, i dont think shouting to the world that tourist should come because of cheap fakes is that smart.

    it should be the prerogative of the local authority to ensure businesses does not supersede the provision of public service such as access and road to the and non business. Dont tell me the businesmen vote carry more weight than average voters residing in Malacca.

    With regards to TP rebuttal to the extent of linking it to racial context and also religious context, its best to tell him, please get a real job.

    1. re: Chinese dealing in “cheap fakes”

      Hmmm, reminds me of the City Harvesters.

      1. Mari melawat Malaysia!
        Soalan: Saya nak beli DVD filem Melayu tiruan yang kini di Astro First, kita pergi mana?
        J: Kita pergi Petaling Street atau Batu Feringhi

        In fact piracy is a main revenue earner for the Chinese. You can also get a boy or a girl at those places.

  25. Any close observer of the Malaysian firmament since 2003 would have noticed that the ordinary working people, the hawkers and the small business around the country have been working for meagre gains.

    I am certain that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is fully aware of this gradual downturn of the economy and the constant pressure of price increases all round which everyone in the market place.

    To put it succinctly, I do not understand the strategy of the DAP if any when its tactics are openly aggressive and unyielding in a situation where most working people are on tenterhooks as regards their financial well-being. Where will these tactics lead us is the 64,000 dollar question ?

    Instead of evolutionary, I find these tactics revolutionary. If these reflect the actions and behaviour of the new Christians, so be it.

  26. the chinese has betrayed their keturunan by ringfencing their existence within the malay community. dap has victimized the chinese by divisive politics. the malay politicians now are bent on penalizing the chinese for doing this. it pays to be mature in politic. thats what mca has been doing all this while. thats what umno and mic has been doing. dap and pkr wants to break this balance and the stupid pas thinks everybody will embrace islam in the end. jonker walk and melaka parade is the start. just a matter of time before the one-upmanship game will put the chinese in a worst situation. and i have stopped buying the star for a long time. they are just pouring petrol over fire.


  27. According to Utusan today, the MB only wants the road to be open not close during weekends. But hawkers can still operate.
    MELAKA 25 Jun – Kerajaan negeri tidak pernah mengarahkan perniagaan di Jonker Walk di sini, ditutup bagi aktiviti penjualan pelbagai barangan cenderamata setiap hujung minggu.

    Sebaliknya, Ketua Menteri, Datuk Idris Haron (gambar) berkata, kerajaan negeri hanya membuat keputusan membuka semula jalan raya di sekitar Jonker Walk yang sebelum ini ditutup setiap Sabtu dan Ahad bermula dari pukul 6 petang hingga 12 tengah malam.

    “Ada kekeliruan kerana kenyataan saya sebelum ini disalah tafsir, mesyuarat Exco sebelum ini tidak pernah mengarahkan operasi perniagaan di sepanjang jalan raya di Jonker Walk ditutup.

    “Saya hanya mengarahkan jalan raya yang sebelum ini ditutup setiap Sabtu dan Ahad dibuka semula kepada lalu lintas bagi mengelak kesesakan di bandar raya Melaka,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

  28. Let me take you back to the events of 1997 where the haze was razing and Indonesia was burning (physically and racially).

    Remember the incidents between the pribumis and the Chinese. The rupiah slumped (so did the Ringgit) and the IMF came in. What did the Chinese do? Change lots of Rupiahs and Ringgits of course and took it to Singapore.

    What happened next what was the racial riots in Indonesia. The pribumis were so pissed off with the Chinese. The rich Chinese were arrogant in the Suharto years.

    Look at our Sinar Mas case. The Chinese treated Indonesia like a place to pillage. Their loyalties still lie in China. Yes, burn the Indon forrest but save the environment in China. The rich Chinese don’t care how many people suffer and animals perish in Indonesia but mother China must be protected. Kill orangutans and save the Panda.

    The Chinese are never happy anywhere except China. (Mother China don’t want them – they are labelled Overseas Chinese huachiao – another race.) In fact Taiwan (recently interfered with our politics through the internet bean concoction) is labelled overseas Chinese. Think of how much problems these Hockien speaking huachiao is causing mother China.

    Like the other Hockien overseas counterparts, these Taiwanese Hockiens are not natives of Taiwan. They are migrants. They seek refuge in Taiwan and cleanse the “pribumis”. See this article

    Note: Mulan (the Disney movie) came out in the Summer of 1997. The distributors placed “Kami Cintai Malaysia” at the bottom of the posters judging from all the Pribumi-Chinese issues in Indonesia. Malaysia was beginning to feel Anwarisation with the 1st Sodomy case. Mulan which was a very Chinese patriotic tale was too hot to handle in 1997.

  29. Helen and all my kawan-kawan
    Since I am on the issue of Taiwan and now craving for Ice Red Bean and Bubble Tea drink with delicious plastic bits, care to comment the difference between the very democratic Taiwanese parliament [YouTube]

    with ours


  30. Singapore don’t give face to nonsense. Jonker Walk or Kampung Gelam or anything that is above public interest will be shut down. That is how a government earn respect from the people.

  31. If I remember correctly, before this it was DAP who whinging about Jonker street stall. ironic to the max

  32. Yes, Tony Pua, next to be closed down should be Petaling Street. The place has been a big disgrace for Malaysian Tourism. Well known to foreign tourists only for its fake branded products, cheap hotels and filthy brothels. No need to guess the people behind these dirty businesses. The same people who are supporters of your party, aren’t they.

  33. For Ali, a sensible comment. It is alleged the ‘A’ woman had an office in the Menara MPC, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur which she closed down and moved on to the bersih-bersih caper. I wish I am 70 years younger and form 7 NGOs, one for each day of the week.

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