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Umno T’ganu Adun dies, shake-up in swing state

Umno’s Kuala Besut representative A. Rahman Mokhtar dies of lung cancer‘ — breaking news


Now Terengganu is left with 16 Umno Aduns to Pakatan’s 15 Aduns (Pas 14, PKR 1).

If PAS wins the Kuala Besut by-election, the state assembly in Terengganu will be 16-16. See my earlier analysis on the Terengganu electoral situation here.

If the parties are deadlocked, they might form a unity government. I had earlier explored the possibility of Umno and PAS uniting to form the government in Terengganu here.

Malays uniting: The empire strikes back

Regular commenter Fakin’ Fake Calvin @ 2013/06/25 at 5:29 pm

“in response to the Jonker Walk issue: The Empire Strikes Back!!! Cue Darth Vader music….”

The Jonker article was the most viewed yesterday in The Star Online (which claims to have 5.5 million unique visitors a month). Therefore, and quite obviously, what is developing on the Malay ‘backlash’ front is striking a chord among J-Star readers.

The Star OnlineJonker
Screenshot taken 25 June 2013

It’s Umno versus DAP now, one on one, man to man.

On the Jonker Walk issue, the voice of the Chinese opposition intones ‘Malacca CM kills goose that lays the golden eggs‘ (Malaysiakini, 26 June 2013).

That’s how Malaysian Chinese see themselves, really — as the “golden goose”. They claim they pay 90 percent of the taxes, they claim they are the Brains Trust of Malaysia, they claim they have contributed so much to the country that a museum should be built to commemorate the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Chinatown is not only limited to Jonker Walk and Petaling Street.

The DAP supporters are, after all, living in one humongous Chinese bubble — speaking Chinese dialects, eating Chinese food, watching Chinese entertainment, living in Chinese suburbs, working in Chinese companies and having a low opinion of the other ethnic communities.

The high priests and priestesses of the DAP Jerusubang cult are leading the charge in labelling Umno as “low class”, MCA as “running dogs” and “prostitutes”, and Indians as “pariah”.

Halt education blueprint, cry Muslim groups - Malaysiakini 2013-06-14 21-30-18

Tough issues in store for second PM-Hindraf meet

Without the four-letter words but with the same venom – “May God have mercy on the racists for they love not others who are also made in God’s image” (screenshot here) – are the exalted ones of The J-Star. They are the ‘Love’ face of the instigators of the Politics of Hate.

And The J-Star is the primary peddler of Jerusubang’s “hallelujah kumbayah” (see below).


Anti-Chinese sentiments

The J-Star slags off Utusan as racist.

The MCA-owned and MCA-controlled newspaper has 26 top jobs on their editorial floor and only one editor who is Malay. She is in charge of the monthly pullout called ‘Clove’ that features sambal tumis recipes.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

With that kind of evangelista set-up at The J-Star, what do you expect the paper’s contents to be like?

You can just anticipate the sort of mindset that is cultivated by the Jerusubang media.

Hence it is not surprising that J-Star readers are unable to fathom the reasons behind the Buy Chinese Last campaign, the drive to abolish Chinese school, the call to roll back the liberalization (e.g. merit intake to local universities, approval for independent Chinese secondary schools) …

And now the Chinese are being hysterical over the opening of some roads around Jonker Walk and playing the “Chinese are being punished and victimized” tune.


Taking Malaysia for …

The working relationship between Umno and MCA (and MIC) was Malay-Chinese (and Indian).

The working relationship between PAS and DAP is Muslim-Christian evangelista.

DAP busted the BN’s communal formula with its relentless and vicious propaganda that the “race-based” approach is something inherently evil.

The J-Star is not Chinese-Chinese (it is not Sin Chew Jit Poh, Kwong Wah Yit Poh or Nanyang Siang Pau). Its group editor is a self-confessed Hannah Banana. Its Scissorati are Jerusubangites.

That’s why The J-Star has no real comprehension nor sympathy for the MCA’s struggles. And that’s why The J-Star stuck its poisonous scissors in the BN back.


Malaysian First

For the last half century, the MCA has mediated so that the Chinese can keep our Chineseness and hugging it to our chest.

Working behind the scenes, MCA negotiated the buffer zone so that this Chineseness of ours did not get too much in the face of the other races.

It was a measure of the MCA’s superb talent, ability and success that the majority race left us Chinese alone to our own devices and did not forcibly impose assimilation as happened in all our neighbouring countries, including Singapore where Lee Kuan Yew shut down the Chinese schools.

But after the changing of the guard from MCA to DAP, the Chineseness that we had hitherto kept hugged close to our chest suddenly puffed out in tremendous cockiness and arrogance.


Where do we go from here?

Let’s have a second look at Zainah Anwar’s Star column on prryhic victories, ref. here.

Zainah’s is the typical type of Malay voice that the J-Star readers are exposed to. See Annie’s blog ‘Melayu of the Star‘ (25 June 2013).

On the other hand, the nationalistic-sounding Malay voices are immediately branded as racist and seditious — for example the former UiTM vice chancellor, the former Appeal Court judge, etc.

Anyway, Zainah wrote:

“In winning, its dominant partner has decimated its erstwhile allies. […] Whether Barisan survives as a grand coalition of ethnic-based parties is now dependent on Umno. Which direction will it go?”

Even though Zainah is Malay, her narrative is according to the Star template.

She says that in winning, the BN’s dominant partner Umno decimated its erstwhile allies the Chinese majority-membership parties.

Zainah is quoting a point of view favoured by the Chinese, which is that Umno’s Big Brother stance has effectively emasculated the MCA, Gerakan and SUPP.

Why does she overlook the far more obvious? Which is that the DAP decimated MCA, Gerakan and SUPP through the opposition’s virulent Politics of Hate. That’s what the GE13 results chart shows.

Zainah continues:

“[Will Umno] Appeal even further to its conservative rural core or embrace the changing mood of the electorate and push for real change?”

Sigh … that snake-oil word again “change”. And making as if the “conservative rural core” that supports Umno represents backwardness.

Writes Zainah:

“The Malaysian electorate wants to see change in the way this country is governed, how law is applied, how politics is conducted and how business is run. The long-standing public demand for greater transparency and accountability, independence of the judiciary, a free and responsible press, free and fair elections, a more just and open political system, an end to police abuse and misuse of power, and an end to the intricate web of business and politics that breed cronyism and corruption largely remain unmet.”

The by-the-book political vocabulary – see words highlighted in bold red above – of Star columnist Zainah Anwar evokes standard Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang.


Why is the MCA allowing its mouthpreach to deliver DAP sermons?

Zainah also believes that Pakatan stands for “affirmative action based on need, rather than race, and ketuanan rakyat rather than ketuanan Melayu.

And she is writing in … surprise, surprise (or not really) … the MCA-owned and MCA-controlled tabloid.

In an earlier posting I had discussed the claims by Zainah that “the stark reality facing Barisan” is the unmistakeable vote swing among the Malays away from Umno in urban and semi-urban areas.

She adds:

“There are many in Umno who want the easy way out. By hook or by crook, get PAS to leave Pakatan and join Umno and in one swoop, Umno’s dominance is further entrenched …”

As with her statement where she blamed Umno (and not DAP) for the decimation of the MCA, here Zainah says that many in Umno want a hook-up with PAS.

She omits to mention that there are those in PAS who want a hook-up with Umno too.

This mutual attraction between Umno-PAS/PAS-Umno can only increase with the passage of time in tandem with the fear factor of the DAP and of Chineseness becoming stronger.

And we have the most recent vacancy in the Terengganu state legislature (precipitated by the Umno Adun’s passing) to observe the development of this Malay unity trend.

Zainah is correct in her next paragraph:

“Should this alliance of the two dominant Malay parties come true, it would be the end of any pretence at finding an accommodation to manage the competing demands of a modernising, ethnically diverse nation.”

Is there any likelihood of a formal Umno-PAS alliance? Let’s see.

In saying “the end of any pretence at finding an accommodation to manage the competing demands of a modernising, ethnically diverse nation”, Zainah places the onus squarely at the door of Umno.

The DAP push and Chinese tsunami factors are missing from her article and her consideration of the coming to an end of the spirit of accommodation.

Is anyone still wondering why Zainah Anwar and her ilk are columnists in The J-Star?


And is anyone worried that MCA is funding Gergaji Dua Mata covert political blogs like Stop the Lies?

The Unspinners had leaked that “kita tahu apa yang Chun Wai buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber“.

Adakah Umno tahu apa yang MCA buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber?

The DAP have their SuperCyber Bullies (tagged the ‘Red Bean Army’).

The Scissorati snip-snip-snip away as well as spread fitnah in the cyberworld and social media and through their covert political blogs that are MCA-Star black propaganda operations.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

153 thoughts on “Umno T’ganu Adun dies, shake-up in swing state

  1. I’ve written a couple of times in the past of how DAP has the majority of the Chinese population believing that UMNO is racist and MCA is their lackey. Say it often enough, and people will start believing it.

    Attack! attack! attack! has been their strategy all along, and it has served them well. By putting BN on the defensive through various accusations, DAP and its allies have found a way to hide their own weaknesses.

    To fight of these bullies, MCA has to get its house in order and find a strategy that can help them muffle the noises emanating from DAP. Why MCA? If UMNO fights off DAP, they will be deemed racist. So the only way to ward off the attacks by the Christian Chinese bigots is for MCA to do so. Chinese vs Chinese.

    If the current situation of Chinese chauvinism as espoused by DAP continues unabated, I have a bad feeling that things might not end well for the people of Malaysia.

    1. re: “I’ve written a couple of times in the past of how DAP has the majority of the Chinese population believing that UMNO is racist and MCA is their lackey. Say it often enough, and people will start believing it.”

      They are given access to Malaysia’s biggest media conglomerate to say it often and again to an audience of 5.63 million.


      re: “Attack! attack! attack! has been their strategy all along, and it has served them well. By putting BN on the defensive through various accusations”

      Yup. Muhyiddin was put on the defensive having to deny that he is racist and Najib to deny that Umno is racist. All these oblique attacks are facilitated by The J-Star as my previous screenshots have shown,

      re: “To fight of these bullies, MCA has to get its house in order and find a strategy that can help them muffle the noises emanating from DAP.”

      On the contrary, MCA has given the DAP free use of its multimedia to amplify the Evangelista Bintang Tiga noises to an audience of 5.63 million and to the international pressmen who read in English and not in BM.

      re: “So the only way to ward off the attacks by the Christian Chinese bigots is for MCA to do so. Chinese vs Chinese.”

      MCA is incapable of doing so. The other races now believe that MCA Chinese = DAP Chinese. After all, it wasn’t the Christians alone that gave the oppo 90 percent of the Chinese votes.

      re: “If the current situation of Chinese chauvinism as espoused by DAP continues unabated, I have a bad feeling that things might not end well for the people of Malaysia.”

      Yes. MCA betrayed its little old ladies supporters (who hark back to the era of Tun Tan Cheng Lock). The betrayal of the MCA is in putting its Star golden goose profits above the necessity of putting up a fight against the DAP.

      Nobody believes that MCA showed any real determination in battling the DAP in GE13. And the MCA allowed its media machinery to covertly campaign for the DAP.

      The “current situation of Chinese chauvinism” has been promoted and propagated by The J-Star, among the other DAP support channels. It may be true that the DAP 3.0 evangelistas are leading the herd (mentality) but still the bulk of the Chinese are willing followers.

      MCA has none nothing to rein in The J-Star and instead it has permitted its covert political blogs to engage fabricating in lies, same as the Red Bean Army.

      MCA will be the cause of the BN’s death.

        1. Remember the day when UMNO was declared illegal, who help UMNO? I think MCA played their part too. Maybe now is testing time for MCA to see whether UMNO will help them too. Good luck to MCA.

          1. MCA helped UMNO in 1988. But what did UMNO Baru do? They focused on ethnic nationalist sentiments and used minority races as scapegoats. With an attitude like this no wonder the Chinese (and Indians) ditched MCA, MIC to join the Opposition Malays.

            Unfortunately UMNO and Helen Ang are too arrogant to see this.

            1. UMNO and Helen Ang tidak arrogant lah kawan,its just that as a leader with the most seat,suara tu banyak lah didengar.Cuba bayangkan kalau hanya ada 15 seat,suara tu sikit berbanding dengan 100+ seat.Hikmahnya adalah,kawan tolong kawan dalam masa senang dan susah,mungkin MCA perlu pertolongan sebab sekarang ahli MCA pun tak sokong.Sekarang MCA bergolak,tiada nakhoda kuat so all the best to MCA.

            2. Anda silap mentafsir, tahun 1988 itu bukan MCA menolong UMNO semata mata.. Anda fikir MCA akan selamat jika UMNO tidak menyertai BN pada masa itu? Dengan kehadiran UMNO sekurang kurang MCA dapatlah hidup sehingga 3013 sebelum kita kuburkan dia..

    2. Who are we kidding? If MCA is still with BN, they would have taken the Star editor to task for all the dapsy propaganda that has been published todate. Putting the MCA house in order in not on the agenda. They have made their decision loud and clear. It is obvious which side their bread is buttered.

  2. The DAP versus the UMNO (a DAP headline) or the UMNO versus the DAP (the proper headline). The brainwashing Singaporean headline for impressionable and naive Malaysians since the 1960s to 2013 – SINGAPORE VERSUS MALAYSIA or one-street town versus 27 Millions in a country which stretches 1,200 miles from end to end. See how we are brainwashed cunningly and deliberately all the time ?

    1. Since I wrote “It’s Umno versus DAP now, one on one, man to man”, it proves my brain is functioning in a way that meets your approval.

      You must introduce 3 Cambridge graduates to read my blog.

      1. Your Blog is already monitored by the Ministry of Information, Singapore Government staffed by ex-Penangites and others long long ago. Singapore had the super-computer to monitor all especially Malaysians with their peculiar sexual peccadilloes and their bank accounts since 1972.

        Malaysia’s very own Immigration Dept. had theirs only in 2000 and has operated inefficiently since with hiccups without the haze !

          1. Don’t worry Helen, I found nothing wrong in your blog, I found your analysis should be the subject of everybody who loves facts and figures which are derived from hard fact figures and sources from information that are all truth, so whoever is doing the monitoring good luck to you.

            1. Thanks. I’m willing to withstand scrutiny from the monitoring by various agencies.

              But I dislike the scumbags who, when they are unable to refute facts, resort to spreading all kinds of lies about me by making personal attacks under ‘Anon’ in the various blogs.

              These Anons who stalk the blogs will be the very first to leave their comments (other bloggers have noticed this modus operandi) and they’re anal retentive — leaving 5-6 comments in a single thread.

              Since they’re so very kiasu, I don’t think the Anons are Malay or lain-lain.

              1. Yes a few hovouring my blog using anons as a shield. Usually they come, throwing insult and then run. coward or Tin kosong

                :() sarah

                1. True.

                  Legit commenters use some kind of name, even if they’re pseudonyms like melonhead, international jew or grand marquis.

                  Those hit-and-run character assassins are just Anons.

          2. Rephrase:

            The Singapore Ministry of Info monitoring may be due to my proposal on the Republic of Singapore North.

            1. The Ministry of Information, Singapore only collects all info especially personal, sexual and financial, for future use only if you are a threat to their security.

              1. re: “info especially personal, sexual and financial”

                Isn’t that Special Branch territory?

                Regardless, what kind of people are they who go around fabricating outrageous lies and concocting false stories about a critic just b’cos they are unable to counter fact-based arguments?

                There are plenty of reasons why plenty of people despise the oppo.

                They main reason they incur my contempt is that they have embedded a Culture of Fitnah (it is seaped into their bones) which destroys trust and good faith — the basic ingredients to keep a society, especially one as diverse as Malaysia – intact.

        1. Helen you win hands down. Tak payah oxford graduate. Bukan boleh pakai kalau bangsa sendiri pun tak suka.

      2. There are hardly any Cambridge University graduates in Malaysia. If they are any good, they would not come back because they are World class. I got stuck here because my eldest brother ‘borrowed’ all my money when he was my guardian. This is a Chinese cheating and stealing case for you.

        1. Helen you must be proud having the one and only Cambridge graduate, religiously reading your blog. You must be world class too. Do we know how many Cambridge graduate reading the Jerusubang Star?

          1. The World’s most famous Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC USA appointed me an Adviser to the establishment of a museum in 1997 – the lst and only Asian ever appointed in their history. I do not boast.

  3. Because of the brainwashing efforts of the Singapore Government since 1960s, our own media has consistently used SINGAPORE VERSUS MALAYSIA headline instead of the proper rendition, MALAYSIA VERSUS SINGAPORE. This one reason out of many why Singaporeans laugh at us. Are’nt we stupid ?

    1. Stupid enough to believe that 40,000 Bangladeshis were airflown here to vote.

      Think about it.

      Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier for Umno to recruit the tons of tidak apa Malay youths that we already have in situ?

      After all, it’s only just due to their sikap acuh tak acuh that they’re not registered. But they’re bona fide citizens and rightful voters. Far less messy than the logistics of managing purportedly 40,000 fresh Bangladeshis unable to sing Negaraku.

      1. if 50-50, no choicelah, UMNO/PAS-PKR joint government in T’ganu can ignite better relationship and catalyst greater malay unity. this will definitely put DAP in ‘shitty’ situation….

        1. Mari Beruding; Jangan Bergaduh

          Tekukur, kelicap ada di dahan,
          memakan benih padi dijemur;
          syukur diucap kepada Tuhan,
          takkan letih menjadi makmur?

          Beri tetamu rasa serunding,
          air halia pembasah tekak;
          mari bertemu di meja runding,
          resam jahiliah usah ditegak.

          Pohon duri jangan disentuh,
          bimbang pula tangan terluka;
          mohon hindari segala gaduh,
          bincang sahaja dengan terbuka.

          Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang
          ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri (Dipetik dari buku: Hingga Ke Negeri Abadi)

            1. umno leaders don’t read filtered language such as sajaks & pantuns. they read this, “yes datuk sri, semua ok, no worries”.

              pas leaders hardly read other than harakah. look at mat sabu & mahfuz. they act like they came from planet of the apes.

              if political leaders read sajaks & pantuns, I could earn a living by selling books, no need makan gaji anymore.:)

  4. Yes, have you all noticed the pictures of Najib and Anwar laughing together (with Pandikar Amin in the middle) given more prominent pages on all newspapers except The Star on page 14?

    Definately the J-Star is not happy with the portrayal of happy Najib and Anwar.

    1. Padan muka.

      Air dicincang takkan putus. The Malays will unite.

      If Chinese of different religions can unite politically, what makes anyone think that Malays belonging to the same religion will not unite to defend Agama dan Negara?

      It goes to show how much Kool-Aid the Chinese oppo supporters have drunk that their critical thinking faculties are out stone cold.

      1. Asking the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese to unite ? The Chinese are the most individualistic people in the whole World.


        1. Helen, biar aku ulang dlm gaya org melake….. Padan muke cine.
          Yeah, one-to-one fight….., how many more seats can Dap add in pru13 ? As for umno, it can win more seat that MCA contested in pru13 muahahaha

  5. Are the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP new Christians repeating the Hollywood/Bollywood film ‘David versus Goliath’ or ‘Goliath versus David.’ ?

  6. Helen:

    I’ve always believed in “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” But in saying that, MCA will first have to get rid of the president.

    And then the new president must have the gumption to remove the existing editorial team of The Star.

    Sounds simple enough: however, not sure about the desire of the clueless MCA members though.

          1. A fleeting thought.

            The race relations in the country can best be described with the Doomsday Clock. Especially with the increased regularity in insults towards the Malays & Muslims with the latest being one “Sally Yen”.

            1. I don’t believe the ‘Sally Yen’ photo is genuine to Facebook a/c holder.

              Recall how the Umno bloggers got punk’d by the chess champion photo, and then again by the pendrive inventor’s photo miscast as RBA webmaster. The girl may not even be Malaysian, for all we know and ‘they’ just swiped her photo from somewhere.

              I think it’s an agent provocateur comment.

              1. Or it could be concocted by the Barisan Nasional cybertroopers to sow hatred.

                In Shah Alam they spread a false leaflet that purportedly was from the DAP so-called “secret plan” to kick out the Malays. It did not work.

                1. What you say is not something that has not crossed my mind before.

                  e.g. there are the ‘Red Beaners’ (for want of better identification) who masquerade as Malays and as Muslims.

                  However, I do pay close attention to details so that I can profile.

                  I’ll give you an example. Although my BM is fairly decent, I can’t pass myself off as a PAS supporter b’cos I don’t possess an Islamic mindset and also lack exposure to the intricacies in order to command the requisite vocabulary.

                  I have tried my best to profile the hate comments that slander me. Just like I lack exposure to Islam, even more Malays lack exposure to Christianity.

                  And furthermore those who are accused of being Umno cybertroopers usually operate in BM.

                  But the greatest giveaway is the timing and in response to what.

                  I’ve not been attacked in response to my postings on the MCA or Chua Soi Lek.

                  I’ve noticed a correlation that the slanders arise in response when I touch on a certain personality in The J-Star.

                  I doubt that agent provocateurs from both sides of the political divide would be much concerned with preserving the rice bowl of a J-Star fat cat.

                  1. “I’ve noticed a correlation that the slanders arise in response when I touch on a certain personality in The J-Star.”

                    But aren’t you always rattling on about The Star and its staff in nearly EVERY entry? Most of the time, every article you write will end up in a Star-bashing session. Even this article about Terengganu only mentions Terengganu in the first two paragraphs. Predictably it concludes in a Star-bashfest.

                    1. Like I’ve said, there are no drive-by shootings (slandering me) when I write about CSL, OTK, MCA, Gerakan, Perkasa, Bishop Paul Tan, Haris Ibrahim, Selangor Times, Bernama photoshopping the Najib open house, and this week Zainah Anwar.

                      And secondly, if I’m “always rattling on about The Star and its staff in nearly EVERY entry”, why haven’t I bored you to death as yet?

                      You must be a masochist — a sucker for punishment.

  7. Helen:

    Are we the only 2 Chinese writing on this blog of yours? Or are there more of us ‘renegades’? Just curious.

    1. Fakin’ Fake Calvin, I Hate In-Sync, AK47, Mulan, Lousy.Engineer (these are the ones who have openly mentioned in their comments that they’re Chinese) and I know of a few more pseudonyms who are Chinese.

      I’ve noticed that my blog is lately attracting the renegade Chinese.

      It must be the Birds-of-a-Feather pull factor as well as how besieged we (the 10 percenters) are feeling elsewhere in space that is controlled by the DAP SuperCyber Bullies and Scissorati.

      And probably the realisation that push has come to shove, and we need to get off the fence and choose our side.

      1. Helen, the renegade Chinese & all,

        “Great minds discuss ideas;
        average minds discuss events;
        small minds discuss people.
        -Eleanor Roosevelt”

        RBA discuss nonsense. I cent no use!

      2. I am not Chinese, I am lain-lain but I support Helen and I support those who support Helen.

        1. If the government is keeping the vernacular schools against the Perlembagaan Persekutuan, I think the different jurai-jurai Melayu should asks for their very own state sponsored vernacular schools.

          Lets have Jawa, Bugis, Aceh, Sakai, Dayak, Bajau, Iban dan lain-lain in all fairness of semangat 1Malaysia. Lets go all the way. Lets create a lot more misunderstanding among Malaysians while we are at it, shall we…

            1. Itulah, agaknya orang cina ni tak faham yang Melayu itu sendiri pelbagai suku kaum. Kalau semua berkeras nak kan sekolah vernakular dan berganjak daripada mahu menggunakan BM sebagai bahasa kebangsaan dan bahasa penyatuan, susahla Malaysia. Orang Melayu yang berpuluh-puluh suku pun pilih untuk lupakan bahasa kesukuan, tone down, walaupun masih digunakan dalam acara tidak rasmi.
              Begitulah juga dengan bahasa lain selain daripada BM tidak boleh digunakan dalam sebarang peringkat rasmi. Tetapi orang Melayu semua tutup mata. Tetapi sudah lebih, bagi betis nak paha. Dulu nak private, lepas tu kata kerajaan hanya tolong sekolah Melayu, walhal fitnah dan tipu sebab kerajaan tolong sekolah kebangsaan untuk semua bangsa.
              Alang-alang nak kekalkan saya rasa suku kaum Melayu kat Malaysia supaya minta sekolah vernakular masing-masing.
              Pattani satu. Siam satu. Thai satu. Bersama dengan pribumi sabah, sarawak. Sakai, Temuan pun kena bagi sekolah vernakular sendiri juga. Barulah adil dan kesatuan dalam kepelbagaian!

              1. Anak anak saya sudah tidak fasih berbahasa jawa.. tiada yang patut dikesalkan kerana untuk bersatu kita mesti guna bahasa yang sama..

    2. We are truly endangered species here in Malaysia mate. If PR comes to power we’d all have to go underground.

      The biggest reason why the Chinese are a selfish lot is down to the fact that they’re unwilling to open their doors, their house, their friendship, their heart to those they feel are beneath them. That’s why they accept Caucasians but not Malays or Indians.

      When they shun those they feel are beneath them, they end up on the losing end as they are unable to understand others. Thus respect is non existent or superficial at most. This leads to the increased insults we’re experiencing through social media outlets.

      Their superiority complex is now manifested in their voting behavior which contributed to the obvious but denied Chinese tsunami.

        1. No wonder they put a lot of orders from that mat saleh guy in AXN’s Apprentice Asia. They simply won’t buy from the Malays. Check out Episode 4.

          And oh yeah, Chinese girls love Arab boys too!

            1. Yea and the Malays in his Apprentice Asia is the penjawab telefon. His orang kuat is one cina+mat saleh, one cina with Kaca Mata Hitam kat pasar, and him anglo india telling the nusantara natives how to go about doing business, plus few nanyang chinese and mat saleh frenchie china wannabe…but its good tv, I must admit

              1. After episode 1, I decided it not worth my time to watch it. Somehow I rather watch the rerun of Nenek Gayung or Kakek Cangkul then this.

                :D sarah

                1. Actually I like to make the comparison between Donald Trump, Lord Sugar and Tony Fernandes. Apprentice Asia candidates look very Malaysians in a weird way. Cuba tengok sekali lagi.

                  With the gaduh, tikam belakang and bad mouthing one another instead of completing the task given. Macam politikus PR yang banyak buat kacau dan bising daripada buat kerja sebagai Yang Berhormat.

                  1. That it lah islam1st. Not much thrill when you get it almost everyday for the last 5 years and anticipation of another 5 years to come. At least with nenek gayung and kakek cangkul I know it a bad comedian scary movie with a lot of backstabing, screaming and misunderstanding. Sound familiar right

                    :D sarah

          1. Chinese girls love Arab boys too ! My brother developed Sino-African (black) relations 50 years ago in London. I am broad my minded to request you to note that there are 30 Million Cantonese women and girls in Kwangtung.(population of Malaysia is 27 Millions) And at least 500 Million Chinese women and girls in the whole World. Take your pick !

      1. Hannah Yeoh is married to an Indian. Meanwhile, this blog is filled with ethno supremacists who have wet dreams of expelling minorities from Malaysia, if we look at the comments.

        1. Why do you say that her husband is “Indian”?

          His daughter’s birth certificate does not say that she is descended from an Indian father.

          Furthermore he does not speak Tamil.


          And what is so remarkable about HY’s marriage in the cultural sense? They are two peas in a pod. They speak English and they both preach in church.

          It’s not like there is cross-pollination where he teaches her Tamil and she teaches him to speak Chinese.

          She has herself admitted that she is a banana.


          1. ACDC is ethno pacifist? The Gelang Patah voters ethno pacifists? The Chinese is ethno pacifists as oppose to ethno supremacists manning these blog?

            Stop playing the good guy, enough of damage control already. We know who and what you are!

            1. And BTW HY is definitely an ethno supremacist when she classified her kelinga childrens as teng langs.
              Definitely not an ethno pacifist to me, despite the glorified inter-ethnic unification.

          2. Ha ha ha. Didn’t FFC accuse the Chinese of “accept Caucasians but not Malays or Indians”?

            Best of all, ‘islam1st’ referred to Indians as ‘kelinga’ while accusing others of being ethno supremacist. Oh, I just love the irony.

            1. re: FFC’s comment

              Again, I repeat: Why do you classify Mr Hannah Yeoh as an Indian when

              he speaks the white man’s tongue (and not Tamil), when he embraces a religion brought by white missionaries (not one native to India) and when his offspring are not registered as ‘Indian’?

              re: Kelinga


              It is a proud and ancient kingdom. Say the Hokkiens come from the Fukien province, so the Kelinga originate from …

              1. I came from Utara, the word keling, simply means ethnic indian in the broadest sense, I don’t subscribe to orang Selatan POV of it as being racist or derogatory.
                And FYI ACDC among us malays and mamaks in penang, we call keling or keturunan keling with so much affinity because we have keling relatives among us too, it’s not meant to be exclusively indian of hindu origin only.
                The Malays in ancient Kedah had long ago made contact with the Kelings of Kalinga (thanks Helen) way before they were known as Indians from The Downsize Republic.
                How does Hokkien langs call the OO then? And how can I be ethno supremacist when I call all the Chinese as Orang Tinggi. Anyway I don’t really care, as far as ACDC is concern.

              2. “he speaks the white man’s tongue (and not Tamil)”

                You have a Western name. That means you are not of Chinese ethnicity, right?

                “he embraces a religion brought by white missionaries (not one native to India)”

                Going by your logic, that means the Muslims in India are not Indian, since they practice a non native religion. The rightwingers in the BJP (Hindu version of Perkasa) will be enthralled by your theory.

                “when his offspring are not registered as ‘Indian’?”

                Hm, is Hannah ethnically Indian? Maybe you should investigate if the Yeoh is actually Yohamarasengam?

                Notice how simplistic is the logic you are using?

                1. In the birth cert application form, both the parents had to fill in their ‘Keturunan’.

                  If Mr Hannah Yeoh himself did not choose to fill in ‘Indian’ (he and his wife wrote their own race as ‘Anak Malaysia’) same as they tried to pass off for their daughter, then WHO ARE YOU to insist that he is ‘Indian’?

                  Then you try glorify HY as if she is the paragon of “un-racist” because she married Mr HY and as if they have managed to bridge some great divide compared to the BN sinners who acquiesce to the “evil race-based” system.

                  Since that is so, I’m asking you what great divide they they cross since they’re both fanatically of the same religion (it’s not like one is Hindu and one is Buddhist) and what language barrier did they cross since he is not from SRJK(T) and she is not from SRJK (C).

                  1. “…blah blah blah… WHO ARE YOU to insist that he is ‘Indian’?”

                    And who are you to insist that he is not Indian? I just put down Ram as an example to counterpoint FFC’s fallacy. Ram and HY’s marriage is certainly an inter-racial one.

                    “Then you try glorify HY as if she is the paragon of “un-racist” …blah blah blah…”

                    That is a straw-man argument. I did not say Hannah is a” paragon of un-racism”.

                    1. re: “Ram and HY’s marriage is certainly an inter-racial one.”

                      How can you claim it’s “interracial” when both of them listed their ‘race’ the same – Anak Malaysia – in an official form (borang kerajaan)?

                      Blah blah blah colour blind, blah blah blah we’re beyond race, blah blah blah most patriotically Malaysian first, blah blah blah all members of the BN race-based parties are bigots.

                    2. He is Indian, so can he claim to be non-Indian. She’s Chinese, so can she claim to be non-Chinese. Well what’s is their kid race? Inchi? Chindi? Should be Indian maa, follow father lah no need to malu-malu, simple only, not complicated. Have a good day.

            2. Why is Shay Adora A/P Ram & presumably Kayleigh Oman A/P Ram registered as Chinese?

              Why are the kids denied their father’s racial identity in their registration papers? If you can’t even accept the fact that your kids are supposed to be registered as Indians, how can you claim to be race blind?

              And don’t go fucking blame it on the NRD clerk. Ain’t their job to decide your kids’ race. If the fault was the clerk’s, it is a parent’s responsibility to correct it.

                  1. ACDC should pray and asks his paymaster to pray hard that the anak-anak cina of HY warna kulit won’t go the father way. Let’s just hope that they will blessed with Mariah Carey’s effect. Otherwise, gone case, gaduh sini sampai pagi pun people will still call them banglas!

                    Remember the poor ethnic Indian man with adopted Chinese identity?

                    Do they call him Chinese, Indian or Bangla? No prize for guessing…

                    CLUE: Ask the DOCTOR OKM

          3. “It’s not like there is cross-pollination where he teaches her Tamil and she teaches him to speak Chinese.”

            Adeh… senak perut ketawa.

        2. Why oh why then is her daughter registered as Chinese?

          Judging by your sustained presence here, you must be having wet dreams about whipping Helen with a leather whip one supposes.

              1. Double standard lah. If it is them, it ok. If UMNO big no no and recist. Hypocrite to the level of hypocritevengelist.

                :D sarah

  8. About the breaking news, i think i’ve read somewhere that prk can’t be conducted because the adun meninggal within 60days after PRU, the pengganti will be selected from the winninv is under undang2 negeri terengganu..

    1. Not true.
      Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said: “There will be a by-election within 60 days after the confirmation of casual vacancy.”

      “We are waiting for a letter of confirmation from the state speaker on the matter.”

      He added the by-election will be done in accordance to the Terengganu state constitution.

      The Terengganu state constitution Article 30 (1), it is stated that a state seat shall be declared vacant in the event a state assemblyman becomes unfit or dies.

  9. I’ve noticed that my blog is lately attracting the renegade Chinese.

    You have also attracted the renegade Indians too. My colleagues who are sick of all the PR bombastic PR are reading your blog… but are too shy of commenting.

      1. I thought Kak Mah yang the one and only rumber jokkar pommelay? Helen top First Lady is it! Walawei Helen tahniah WCW sure bengang with this perkembangan…

        1. He is comforted by his Datuk Seri Datuk Datuk titles.

          Can we pinpoint when The Star turned?

          Or did it merely revert after a period of dormancy? After all, the paper was suspended during Ops Lalang atas dakwaan menghasut dan mengapi-apikan sentimen agama.

          1. It has always been a DAP sympathiser, probably sharing the view that MCA is UMNO lackeys. But it has never been so gungho these past few years. Maybe during pemerintahan tidurLah after the BintangTiga paper glorified his chinese keturunan with front page family gathering etc, sort of having the first Chinese PM, in innuendos of course.

            1. Going into GE14, it is too crucial to tolerate a dangerous musuh dalam selimut.

              1. Absolutely. Come to think of it, the BintangTiga Jstar won’t be insulting Muslims with Erykah Badu’s tattoo should Tun M is still the PM. Musuh dalam selimut dah depan mata, sudah tidak bersembunyi lagi tapi masih belum ‘kena tembak’ dengan itu kia-bor 1MPM. Sad…

    1. My chinese friends who mention Helen blog to me still didn’t comment anythings yet. They just read it and sometimes the first one to inform me any interesting news written by Helen. One of these day, she say she will commenting somethings. Otherwise, she just be one of silence follower.

      :D sarah

  10. Helen,

    I thought the role of the Star is to clarify the anti-govt propaganda being mass manufactured by the Red Bean Army et all.

    But looking at the issue of Jonker Street, obviously instead of giving the real picture of the situation, the Star has chose to sensationalize the issue and reporting in such manner that its coverage is giving strength to DAP’s accusation.

    What is the real truth is that the state govt is clearing the informal pasar malam that the traders have created in the Jonker Street so that the traffic flow can be smooth. At the moment the street is clogged due to these traders and causing a massive jam.

    But you won’t know that if you read Mkini, MI or the Star. By parroting the reporting style of the pro-PR media, the Star is indeed has transformed the paper from Fifth Estate to the Fifth Column. I wonder the senior management and editors of the Star knows what their underlings are up to.

    1. re: ” I wonder the senior management and editors of the Star knows what their underlings are up to.”

      “Kita tahu apa yang Chun Wai buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber.”

      The senior management and editors of The J-Star are in it up to their gills.


    2. Thanks for the info CS. To much info make my head spinning like a gasing right now. It hard to find the core of the problem in this excitement right now. To much press statement I think and the core problem was lost in sea of statement after statement.

      :D sarah

  11. It is time the individualistic Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, take a vote amongst themselves. Thus, those in favour of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties according to the concept of BN only (scandals are Humankind made), those for are for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP as founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. And the fence-sitters. Let us call a spade a spade. And stop big-mouth characters apparently fighting on our behalf when we ACTUALLY DO NOT WANT TO FIGHT FOR THINGS WE ALREADY HAVE !

    Do not forget the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has corralled most of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, so much so this reminds me of the Hitler’s ghettoes full of marked Jews with their distinctive numbers and marks. In our case, it is the MIND-SET !

    What a shame for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese who are now de-tribalized !

  12. Of course the Board of Directors, and the Senior Management know exactly what their employees are up to. In October 2012, Malay Tan Sris in business where already sitting on the fence having doubts on the BN. Thanks to TDM. We are still in one piece ! Do you know ?

  13. We the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese who do not believe in the shenanigans of the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP and its cohorts or digits, have no reason to be frighten of these Mickey Mice who could not gain power since 1966, 47 long years. They even outlasted the Communist Party of China with their intellect which is much less than the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, their erstwhile founder.

    They the DAP and the Opposition could not think of the JUST 3 EASY STEPS to gain power from the BN at its weakest in 2008 !

  14. Helen I can’t seems to post the SEMUT story to you…tried many times…don’t know why…I’m extremely perplexed by it.

    1. SEMUT is SENSIBLE ETIKA MALAYSIA UNITED TROOPERS, fronted by PCM’s Huan Cheng Guan who made a police report against ‘Sally Yen’ the past few days.

  15. Helen,
    Congratulations! Your effort in making people believe a myth – the existence of highly paid RBA, almost paid off. According to Rocky, Tengku Adnan is seriously studying the proposal of RM350million to counter this myth.

    I done sales for most of my career life. Many times it is hard to convince clients. At times it can take years and for much lesser amount. And many times, you really have to prove your products, show them the real thing, bring them to factory, get certification from a reputable 3rd party and etc.

    Yet, for something that is not proven, RM350million is going to be spent.

    That is brilliant. I salute you mam. You make salesman like me feel like school kids. Whatever is your share out of that RM350million, I dare anyone to dispute whether your deserve it or not. For me, you deserve every cent. You earn it.

    1. There you go … how credible are you?

      Like HY, you “simply accuse”. To throw back your own words at you, “for something that is not proven, (how dare you accuse)?”

      In the first place, I never introduced the RBA and the term is rarely mentioned in my blog.

      It was an expose done by Shen Yee Aun and mostly carried by Utusan and the Malay UMB bloggers.

      RBA only got mentioned here in my blog b’cos The J-Star tried to spin that the outfit did not exist. And like AC-DC insists, I write too much about that so-called MCA evangelista paper.

      Secondly, my beef is with the “DAP SuperCyber Bullies” – note the generic term – and I’ve named two, i.e. Hannah Yeoh and DOCTOR (PhD) Ong Kian Ming as per the Beliawanis MCA tweet from 2010.

      I’ve never said that HY and OKM are paid RM3k a month to spread slander on the social media.

      Thirdly, as I’ve replied commenters time and again, I am not on the social media. I do not have a Twitter a/c and I steer as clear away from Facebook as I can. I’ve explained that I do not disseminate my writings through Facebook (regular readers can testify to this exchange that we had had previously).

      Fourthly, the RBA operate in social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and whatever new-fangled technology) and they do things like slag Michelle Yeoh and the girl who home-videoed the BN detergent commercial.

      What has social media got anything to do with me? I am NOT in the social media. This is a blog — B-L-O-G. If anything, my work is a cross between journalism and researching (both of which I do).

      I present data, pie charts, graphs, tables, academic citations — my blog is filled with them.

      I tell you the ethnic population of Borneo in 1963, I got the exact figures year-on-year for the Merdeka citizenships and recently I even dug up a piece of legislation dating back to 1899 — Federated Malay States the Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactment.

      I scanned and posted almost 60 pages of Justice Lau Bee Lan’s written judgment on the Allah issue.

      How in the world would what I do in my blog be connected with what the Red Bean Army does which is to say that Rosmah bought a RM24m diamond ring or 40,000 Bangldeshis were airflown here or that blackout happened in Bentong or you will turn into a mutant b’cos of Lynas?

      I do not have any experience in fabricating lies, concocting slander, bullying, using abusive four-letter words, threatening aggressively to kill and rape people who do not support DAP (or BN), masquerading etc.

      Now again, enlighten my readers as to why on earth would Tengku Adnan Mansor want to pay me RM350 million vis-a-vis dealing with RBA?

      I’ve shown before the list of UMB bloggers. They are open about who they are. They are also all Malay males! Just go to any popular pro-establishment Malay blog — many of them carry the UMB blogroll.

      I have nothing to do with them. They have nothing to do with me. And I have never met Tunku Adnan in my life.

      Furthermore they (the RBAs) are active in Chinese social media. My readership is predominantly in Malay. Even the presence of RBAs are quite rare in my blog.

      I do not have any qualifications to deal with the RBA.

      Sigh … and did you put more or less the same unfounded accusation in Rocky’s blog too?

      I wonder how the other Muslims feel about your fitnah. And they say that the only thing straight about the Chinaman is his hair.

      I think Malays (the PAS people) who mix with DAP operatives and the Malays (reporters) who mix with the Sneaky Scissorati are getting a very bad influence.

      1. RBA la Helen, hijacking ‘NIzam’ sama macam ‘Sally Yen’ kes la kut..

        Kalau dah tau tak berapa pandai! Sales pitch pun melingkup. Perbaiki la sales pitch. Berlatih lagi. Depan cermin ka, hang buat menyemak apa kat sini. Macam mana nak pandai?

        1. Thanks for the alert.

          I just checked. This ‘nizam’ is not our usual commenter who more often than not writes in Malay.

          These people are REALLY SICK. Cina menyamar Melayu ni!

      2. Ini lah mentalitinya Helen, bila sokong kerajaan orang kata dibayar, bila sokong pembangkang dikata anti kerajaan, sokong atau tak sokong nothing seems to be right.

        To all readers out there, Helen Blog is very practical because information are written with factual data, not the spin-type-tell-lies-data.

        I have introduced it to my friends and I argue based on what is written in this blog and I can convince them very easily what are the truth, half truth and lies. Keep going Helen, I know you are very sincere.

    2. This is exactly what I mean by the opposition membudayakan Fitnah. Sudah sebati dan menjadi darah daging. Kalau tidak memfitnah, tak cukup syarat jadi seorang operatif pembangkang.

    3. Mr. Nizam, are they really going to spend RM350 million to fight a phantom army which is actually a decentralised autonomous mass of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,, and Whatsapp users who just click ‘Share’, ‘Retweet’, ‘Like’??

      The credit should go to Shen Yee Aun as he created the story of the Red Bean Army to boost his street cred in MCA. The MCA people, Star, Utusan, and pro Barisan Nasional bloggers swallowed his tall tale, as its probably the best excuse to explain their failures on social media and internet.

      In any case, he managed to secure RM350 million of taxpayers money to start blogs, websites twitter and Facebook accounts. You got to give him credit for that. Even my associate in McKinsey has to jump through hoops and hurdles to prepare a financial case for a $2 million project.

      1. This ‘nizam’ is as really nizam as the infamous ‘ravin’ is kononnya ‘Mohd Aziz’.

      2. AC-DC,
        I owe Helen an apology then. So the credit should go to Shen then. I google up Shen Yee Aun and found the article where Helen is defending the RBA story. Among the thing she said:

        “Such a mistake will once more provide ammunition for DAP spinmasters to discredit the Red Bean Army story.”
        “Another very important thing that BN supporters must beware is the attempt by The Star to whitewash and downplay the existence of the RBA”

        So she is promoting the RBA story.

        But this one is interesting, Helen also said
        “SYA is the segak young man in the poster above (on the right holding the microphone).”

        For RM350million, of course he would be the segak young man. If I had a share of just 1% of that RM350million, I also would say SYA looks like an angel. hahaha

        1. re: “So she is promoting the RBA story.”

          You’re trying to play the same preemptive card that worked so well once before. If the Malays complain about the Chinese behaviour, they are immediately branded “racist”.

          So much so that some Malays are backed into a corner and fear making any criticism lest they’re pegged as “racist”.

          And you’re trying to play the same game here. Anyone hitting out at the ‘RBA’ is branded a mercenary wannabe chasing a fictional RM350 million pot of gold.

          It’s also the same attack you use on Malays saying that every Malay who works with the govt officer is potentially corrupt b’cos there are potentially the pots of gold like the potential anti-RBA war chest.

          For everyone’s information, my exact complaint (that you’ve also quoted) is my objection to “the attempt by The Star to whitewash and downplay the existence of the RBA”.

          So your game is that any blogger who criticizes the DAP endeavour to make as if the ‘RBA’ don’t exist (LKS and LGE deny that the DAP employs cybertroopers even though they accuse Umno of having 10,000 cybertroopers on the payroll) will have his reputation smeared as trying to cash in.

          Like what you’re doing now.

          Is it any surprise that I despise the DAP operatives? The way you people operate which is fitnah; fitnah sudah sebati dengan darah daging kamu.

          But glad you’re here. Of course we all know that my blog is monitored 24/7. Look at how quickly you all homed in on newbie Annie when I gave her a shout-out.

          re: “For RM350million, of course he would be the segak young man. If I had a share of just 1% of that RM350million, I also would say SYA looks like an angel. hahaha”


          Nice to know that you, at least, can be bought so easily.

          So going by your logic — any commenter coming into my blog to defend Hannah Yeoh (“she’s not short and round, she soooo pretty”), then I can also say that that person is actually hoping to hop on the Subang Jaya gravy train Personal Assistants, the bevy of personal assistants who bodek the YB.

          If you’re ‘Nizam’, then I’m Robert Kuok’s grand daughter.

          I doubt that anyone who is discerning enough and reading your comment can believe that you’re a ‘Nizam’ (a Malay Muslim fella).

          The regular Nizam on this blog usually comment in BM.

          So you see, the more you people carry on with your standard modus operandi of smear campaign, the more you expose yourself. Think about it.

          1. Helen,
            1. Why so serious? That was a joke. But never mind. And since you too take my joyous statement ending with a haha to start a personal attack on me by saying I can be easily bought, dont complaint if someone else does a personal attack on you.

            2. The story of RM350million comes from a well known UMNO blogger – Rockybru. What fitnah is that? It does not come from DAP. If it had, I certainly would have doubt. I did not mention LGE accusation of paid UMNO cybertrooper. The RM350million story, I pick it from Rockybru, an UMNO blogger


            3. On 11th June 2013, you defended Shen Yee Aun’s story on RBA and even call him segak young man. Exactly 2 weeks later, Rockybru wrote about RM350 Million proposal to fight RBA.

            Ya ya, sure lah not connected. Of course not. And I am King of France.

            4. I know atleast 5 other Nizam too. But that does not change the fact that my name is Nizam. My parents do not have copyright on that name ok.

            5. And forgive me for not knowing that for having Nizam as my name, I am prohibited to write in English.

            Ka Ching!

            1. re: “Ka Ching!”

              You wrote in your earlier comment: “If I had a share of just 1% of that RM350million, I also would say SYA looks like an angel. hahaha”

              Lemme give back the favourite line adopted by your compatriots — “tick tock tick tock”

              1. Helen, why la so serious? I was joking ok.

                But still, 1% of RM350million is RM3.5million. That is still a lot of money. Dont tell me for defending SYA and calling him segak young man, that only mounts to 1%? Come on la

                However, I am sure once the RM350million is approved, you would be one happy gal. Dont forget to give donations ok?

                I really envy you guys. sigh.

                1. re: ” segak young man”

                  Unfortunately The J-Star did a hatchet job on his looks. Below, photo of Shen Yee Aun published in the MCA paper which led to counter that the Star depiction of SYA’s look was malicious gutter journalism.

                  Trust a pretend-Nizam to pluck a phrase out of context.


                  The Scissorati do that to people they don’t like, like Muhriz. Use the most unflattering photos.

                  I’m glad that you’ve dropped in to share the good tidings. Hence for any readers who want to earn an easy RM3.5 million, all you have to do compliment SYA on his looks and come up with a better word than segak.

                  Like I said, the more you open you mouth, the more you’re gonna convince the majority Malay readership here that you can’t possibly be a ‘Nizam’.

                  And the more you’re revealing your standard operating procedure of casting fitnah.

                  And the more you’re revealing that you do not realise how much the Malays despise pemfitnah and thus are unable to understand the Malay pscyhe (“Ka Ching!” is your vocabulary, and not the Malay’s) and why – with pushing your kind of despicable methods and your kind of despicable behaviour – you’re fast-forwarding the day of reckoning.

                  To quote your own word back at you “Ka Ching!” enjoy it while it lasts.

                  And to quote the favourite words of your compatriots back at you — “tick, tock, tick, tock”.

                  1. Helen,
                    Ka-Ching! is meant for you. Why do I have to worry whether other Malay readers understand what it meant?

                    I dont get it, are you saying that I have to prove I am a Malay to others and to you? And to do that, I cannot have some additional vocabulary to my English? And that extra vocab is not even Shakespeare, mind you.

                    Allright, so to you the mythical RBA look down on Malays. If that is true, how is it you are different when to prove one is a Malay, he has to know very little English. You are worse than the so call RBA, what more with your paranoia.

                    Flash news my friend, there are Malays, who might not be that good in English, but do enjoy reading English novels. And in the process, inevitably add their vocab.

                    By the way, do enjoy this video clip. Love this song

                    1. re: “Ka-Ching! is meant for you.”

                      On the contrary, your vocabulary and turn of expressions are revealing of ‘who’ you are.

                      You just have to keep coming back, don’t you? So kiasu.

                      Now giving us Shania Twain’s song on YouTube, revealing just how very kiasu you are. Have they increased your payment to RM1.50 per comment? (Oh, don’t take this seriously. Just an in-house joke.)

                      Don’t forget my reminder, the more you open your mouth, the more the other readers can figure out ‘who’ you are. And you sure ain’t a ‘Nizam’.

                      And my other reminder, to return to you the favourite calling-card of your compatriots — tick, tock, tick, tock

                    2. “Don’t forget my reminder, the more you open your mouth, the more the other readers can figure out ‘who’ you are. And you sure ain’t a ‘Nizam’.”

                      Yupe the real “NIZAM” is “MELAYU PEKAT” with a bit of “Ketotokan” but sweet and tolerable.

    4. Mr. Nizam, I don’t know if Helen is going to get a cut of that RM350 million, but I somewhat suspect her agenda is to replace Wong Chun Wai as Chief Editor in The Star. That would perhaps explain why almost all her posts end up into a Starbash. I just read some of her other articles today, and now she is on a witch hunt accusing several pro Barisan Nasional bloggers and websites of having links to the DAP, Star paper or something.

      And congrats, you have been accused of being a member of the Red Bean Army. Please go to level 71 of Komtar to claim your monthly RM3,000/RM3,600/RM3,999.99 reward.

      1. re: “you have been accused of being a member of the Red Bean Army”

        So I did not. In fact I think the ‘Red Bean Army’ is backfiring on BN b’cos due to the main-main name, a serious matter like employing slander as the preferred M.O. to attack has become trivialized.

        ‘RBA’ is not my preferred terminology. RBA is made fun of as jellybean, red bean soup, ais kacang, a breakfast topping. etc.

        The way the expose has been spun by the DAP supporters (such as The J-Star) to the oppo’s advantage same how the planted photo of the chess champion scuppered what could have been a scandal to nail the Penang CM.

        It illustrates how Najib is really losing the perception war.

        1. Bird of a feather flocks together.

          That is why when one ‘Nizam’ hilang. One ‘ACDC’ is busy defending him.

          Helen why do you still layan someone who gives you zilch credibility but at the same time spending a lot amount of his time, ‘talking’ to you.

          Do we not know ‘what kind of people are they’?

          1. Unlike the DAP ‘gag order’ ethos, I don’t censor.

            Also how long can they keep it up? I think lambat laun orang pun meluat tengok perangai diorang suka memfitnah itu.

            Takkan hari-hari dalam lima tahun akan datang mereka akan asyik memfitnah sahaja? Nanti pembohongan mereka akan hilang bisa kerana orang sudah lali.

        2. “So I did not.”

          Not you, but it was one of your readers who accused Nizam of being a member of the so-called RBA.

          ” In fact I think the ‘Red Bean Army’ is backfiring on BN b’cos due to the main-main name, a serious matter like employing slander as the preferred M.O. to attack has become trivialized.”

          I knew it would fall back on their faces or have no effect. : )

          I wrote how the ‘RBA’ is used to describe an autonomous and unorganised mass of internet and social media users, because the pro Barisan Nasional bloggers needed to explain away their failure to master the internet battlefield, even with millions of dollars being poured in. Supposedly all these Facebook & Twitter users are rows of cubicles in a darkened Komtar office space with people tapping away on computers.

          And I think you give The Star too much credit for the RBA story. It was started by ex-DAP Shen Yee Aun, picked up by MCA, and the pro Barisan bloggers started preaching it.

          “same how the planted photo of the chess champion scuppered what could have been a scandal to nail the Penang CM.”

          I read about how some pro Barisan Nasional bloggers started a campaign accusing Guan Eng’s son of molesting a classmate. And how the photo they used for the supposed ‘victim’ was actually a photo of a British chess player. Is that the one?

          1. re: “Not you, but it was one of your readers who accused Nizam of being a member of the so-called RBA.”

            It is DAP that started this spiral into the culture of “simply accuse”. The Chinese started labelling detractors “Umno cybertroopers” (LKS said Umno employed 10,000) and now in retaliation, the opposite is given the ‘RBA’ name.

            re: “I wrote how the ‘RBA’ is used to describe an autonomous and unorganised mass of internet and social media users, because the pro Barisan Nasional bloggers needed to explain away their failure to master the internet battlefield, even with millions of dollars being poured in.”

            They are operating in two totally different battlefields. How many of the UMB can read and write hanzi and master the lingo? (which is not exactly the same as language).

            re: “And I think you give The Star too much credit for the RBA story. It was started by ex-DAP Shen Yee Aun, picked up by MCA, and the pro Barisan bloggers started preaching it.”

            I blame The Star for not dissecting the DAP SuperCyber Bullies (my preferred term borrowed from Beliawanis) and for not framing the issue correctly which is the aggression (hate & incitement), the abusive language and threats, and the culture of fitnah which erodes trust. The erosion of trust is a dangerous loss in a tinderbox society of different races, different languages, different religions.

            re: “I read about how some pro Barisan Nasional bloggers started a campaign accusing Guan Eng’s son of molesting a classmate. And how the photo they used for the supposed ‘victim’ was actually a photo of a British chess player. Is that the one?”

            (a) They got punk’d into using the wrong photo.

            (b) Repeat performance: The ‘Sally Yen’ photo credited to the Facebook user who insulted the Prophet Mohammad is also taken from some modeling (or whatever) pretty girls website.

            (c) In this matter of splashing the so-called Sally Yen’s photo, don’t the Malay bloggers ever learn?! Remember, I warned them to beware of falling into the trap misusing the photo of the pen drive inventor.

            1. I think the Star did write many articles about the so-called Red Bean Army with titles such as ‘Red Bean Army Firing On All Cylinders’ prior to the election.

              As for the photo of the so-called victim, Facebook user, Phison CEO, and other failed photoshops, I say its due to the cybertroopers and bloggers laziness when they were constructing their propaganda and bullshit. They just used a photo off the internet to go with their propaganda and they got caught.

              1. re: “Red Bean Army Firing On All Cylinders’ prior to the election”

                The Star carried the story you mention 48 hours prior to polling day and only after they had a falling out with Tony Pua over the DAP ad.

                Why didn’t the paper do the expose anytime during the last 6 years?

      2. AC-DC,
        Really? M2U transfer can? Raya is coming up so I can use the money. But nothing beats RM350million. I would need to work atleast 50 years to secure contract of the same amount! Maybe I am in the wrong profession. DAP bashing is really2 lucrative business.

        1. re: “DAP bashing is really2 lucrative business.”

          Well, since the DAP is king of the hill in the social media, then Malay-bashing must be an even more really, really lucrative business.

          Remember what I say, the more you talk, the more you expose yourself and your operations.

          1. Helen,
            You tell me. I dont know. Give me a figure. Who knows I might consider changing profession. Have to book my flight to Penang one of these days

  16. Ms H. With your interesting Blog, have you ever wondered whether all those connected with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are qualified for their elected posts or not ?

    In the United Kingdom the Oxford University is the place where the future leaders are groomed through the Politics, Philosophy, Economics degree (PPE). Only 1% are culled from the 100% for political leadership. The remaining 99% remain as ‘playboys’ from wealthy families for the rest of their lives.

    In India, the Doon School, Dehra Dun is one of the few places where the elite is groomed to lead the Nation at its highest level. If the DAP leadership is found wanting, more and more difficult problems, human problems will befall us.

  17. And further, on the question of qualified candidates or aduns, Tun Tan Siew Sin told me in 1973 that for a person who serves the public, he or she should be from a proper family background and suitable academic qualifications. The behaviour of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP members says it all.

  18. Every one who writes here have their own agendas, some to “fitnah”, some to “counter-fitnah”, some to praise, some to “borek”, some for other motives only known to themselves and the “almighty one up there”.

    But did anyone stop to think deeply to your heart that by doing so, what are the benefits that you have contributed or will be contributing towards building a better Malaysia to compete in the world? Don’t you realise that Malaysia as it is today is in dire need of every ounce of resources to pull through today for the hope for a better tomorrow? Or do you think that when Malaysia becomes bankrupt, only those you hate will suffer?

    Wake up all, what you do should be for the future generations of Malaysians, not for your ego or avenge the wrong decisions of some past leaders.

    After more than 50 years of Independence, why can’t we call ourselves just Malaysians instead of Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Chinese or Malaysian Indians.

    What about foreigners who took up citizenship legally? For example, do we call them Malaysian Indonesian, Malaysian Thai or Malaysian Philippino, etc?

    Go on, watch this video : [YouTube]

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