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Why? Please ask!

The Star published the photos below.


As it appeared in The Star blurb
As it appeared in The Star blurb


What is going on INSIDE The Star?

Both photos taken from The Star. The photo on the right was published in The Star after Tony Pua had a falling out with the paper over their refusal to publish a DAP advertisement that did not carry the ad creator’s name.

However, the paper junked its own advertising guidelines when it published the ’10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia’ advertorial that gave no indication of who had placed the ad. Some industry observers suspect that the Rosmah ad was an inside job by The Star.

Below is photo that The Star ran of Shen Yee Aun when his exposed the DAP cybertroopers network as well as photos carried yesterday in the MCA-owned paper of Wanita Umno contenders Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Azalina Othman.


Ask – why?

Blog House president Syed Akbar Ali described it as a “rather grotesque picture“.

Just as articles are not featured at random neither are photos are chosen suka-suka hati.

Why did The Star choose to use the photo above of Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil?

It’s important to take note of these kind of editorial decisions that reveal the real feelings inside the MCA-controlled newspaper.

Below is Shahrizat looking her best. Doubtless it’s a studio posed and touched-up portrait. Her ‘normal’ shots look somewhere in between, i.e. not as glamorous but most certainly not as maliciously as The Star purposely depicted above.


Now imagine the Umno politicians being given the Shahrizat treatment by The J-Star every day – one or the other of the BN pollies – for the next five years while the paper lavishes TLC on the favoured (exalted evangelista) pollies from Pakatan.


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57 thoughts on “Why? Please ask!

  1. That’s shows how shrewd The Star is in trying to kill all their enemies, make them look weird in the eyes of the society, put bad comment through pictures and combine those pictures with sadist words but actually to me also that shows how worried they are if they lose the war, pschologically we can trace overtime who the winner is!

    1. “how worried they are………”

      the Star sudah kena rasuk saka jin ultrakiasu (again…)…. takut yg bermacam2 jenis…..

  2. Meh, a mountain of a molehill. Even Tony Pua had an unflattering photo in the star which you put there.

    1. I have pointed out that the unflattering photo appeared immediately AFTER Tony had a fight with the J-Star bosses while the flatterimg one(s) were published before.

  3. semester depan aku belajaq journalism, aku nak wat research pasal The Star punya strategi pakai gambaq terteruk tokoh pro UMNO/BN dalam akhbarnya. agak2nya boleh score A tak assignment aku? banyak lecturer kat uni sokong PR, aku dapat D lah jawabnya.

    1. You debatlah dgn lecturer you, cuba naturalized dia, your reference “Helen Ang”Blog hits 2 juta++ dah pasti lecturer tu tabik, confirm boleh A+.

    2. “banyak lecturer kat uni sokong PR, aku dapat D lah jawabnya.”

      Kalau nak dapat A ikut cara J-Star, Snip, Snip, Snip….

    1. LOL.

      What’s going on in The Star methinks is part and parcel of the Politics of Hate that the BN pollies are always complaining about.

      Just click on the hot-button articles in the pro-oppo portals and there is no escaping the venom spewed against certain BN hate figures.

      The J-Star is clearly being malicious here in the use of Shahrizat’s pix. Menara Star Phileo Damansara is like a nest of DAP sympathizers.

      1. Yes, Shahrizat is much maligned in that photo’s use, but you have to acknowledge the Star is really shrewd. Their usage of photographs as a marketing tool against BN, priceless. ;)

        1. re: “the Star is really shrewd”

          They are the Evangelista Bintang Lima, what more can one say.

          Evangelistas are conniving enough to sell ice to the Eskimo, to part a cult follower from 10 percent of his income and to convince PAS that their 3-in-1 God born of Virgin Birth is the same as Allah.

          Btw, the 5-Star logo should be appearing in the new look Star Online by tomorrow.

          When is the BN gonna wise up and be proactive?!!

          1. BN proactive? I would settle for reactive. As much as I voted for BN, I would never use the word BN and wise in the same sentence.

            1. Ok, mebbe proactive is asking too much.

              With all the reports and evidence, surely the BN can, at the very least, be reactive so that it is not shredded beyond repair.

              1. Now BN is already shredded by more than 2 percent, I doubt they are doing something, it feels very weird nowadays. Maybe silence is golden but then silence can also means “afraid of reality” which means to say you are going to accept defeat without a fight. As it is, it is like that now. Just analyse the content of our fellow blogger.

                1. The first step must be to blunt The Scissors and thereafter for it to R.I.P (Rust in Peace).

                  1. The problem now is BN component are more worried about their own internal affair[or rather personnel affair] rather than the rakyat affair and this gives the freedom to The Scissors and its Associate to freely roam the virtual world to spread more lies and more lies and more spin after more spin. Its seems they are not reactive.

                    If 51% vs 47% is not corrected, I am afraid it can be 58% vs 42% comes GE14.

                    1. LOL. ‘Rust in Peace’ was contributed by Sharifah, which I thought was brilliant.

        2. “The Star is really shrewd. Their usage of photographs as a marketing tool against BN, priceless. ;)”

          Remember during era Tun DOl dan KJ how they kenakan Tun M with the same tactic?

      2. Taktik J-Star sekarang senang aje, pengikut tegarnya dah malas nak baca tenguk gambar pun orang terus meluat.

    2. Did you guys read about the Utusan Malaysia reporter who was barred from entering the Penang legislative assembly to cover the sitting? He got fed up and staged a one man protest against the treatment carrying a cardboard with the words Ketelusan sudah mati disini. Poor boy does not know that he is living in Pulau Tokong where the Chinese worship the ground that Tokong walks on.

      1. Welcome to Penang, The island that is a symbol of democracy and free speech in Malaysia where (s)CAT is upheld. :D

  4. The photo of Shahrizat published in the Star did not do her justice. I met her in person at my niece’s wedding in early May and I must say that she is rather attractive. She is also slim and has light skin eventhough she is a Mamak.

    1. Helen,

      What can we expect from STAR? If it is about UMNO leaders, most of them are rather negative in this newspaper.

      I had met Shahrizat in person. And I found her rather graceful, attractive and elegant too.

      Whatever nasty comment about her, She does not have personal issue. NFC has nothing to do with her. She is just married to NFC chairman . that is all. And before we condemn her, let us not forget that the contract was won legally.

      And NFC was not a failure. Auditor General just highlighted some weaknesses. The real failure is UMNO’s tacit acknowledgement of dirty tactic by PKR that lied about NFC.

      1. re: “She is just married to NFC chairman”

        I think it is an issue. The man would not have been awarded the NFC project had he been the husband of Kak Limah, the Muslimat PAS who sells keropok lekor in Gong Badak.

        1. Helen,

          The husband won the contract. I am sure we all need to be rational. If people can accept Guan eng to be CM of Penang even he is not Penang DAP chairman, surely we can accept a businessman doing business. Must we stop him simply because the wife is MP?

          Now anyone knows that Guan Eng got the post because of his father’s position in DAP. Are we saying Guan Eng rose to prominence in DAP has nothing to do with his father’s position?

          The problem is that we nailed Shahrizat not because NFC is a failure. But to make BN looks very bad.

          Are we saying BN must be “papa kedana” to be considered as “not bad/”

          1. re: “surely we can accept a businessman doing business. Must we stop him simply because the wife is MP?”

            It is fine for him to do business elsewhere in other things but not when winning the ‘contract’ hinges on his wife’s considerable influence not just as a senator but as Ketua Wanita Umno and (at at time) a Minister.

            He would not have gotten the NFC deal had his wife not been Shahrizat but Kak Limah the keropok lekor seller in Gong Badak.

            re: “Now anyone knows that Guan Eng got the post because of his father’s position in DAP. Are we saying Guan Eng rose to prominence in DAP has nothing to do with his father’s position?”

            Guan Eng’s ascension due to his family relationship with Lim Kit Siang is an internal party matter and has nothing to do with the public or public funds.

            1. Helen,

              I beg to differ. The RM250 million is not a charity,. it is a loan. It is not that they rob the treasury.

              If saying that winning the contract is due to her influence, are we denying the husband from getting any contract?

              And do remember, he got the contract. we cant just say you got the contract simply because your wife is Wanita UMNO chief. That may influence. But surely your company is not assessed simply because you are married to Wanita UMNO chief.

              The bottom line is that they nailed her to whack BN. And we all forgot that Auditor General never said that NFC is a failure. It just highlighted some shortcomings.

              But human do sometimes tend to be selective

              1. re: “But human do sometimes tend to be selective”

                It is not Pakatan nor their supporters who filed the charges in court against Shahrizat’s husband.

                It was the gomen.

                1. Helen,

                  Exactly that is my point. I feel that the government just went along just to show that they are against any misconduct. That is wrong. we cant simply nail peoplefor PR exercise.

                  Can we 100% said that what Rafizi said about Shahrizat and NFC are not politically motivated?

                  1. Of course Rafizi was politically motivated. But that doesn’t alter the fact that the MACC felt there was a case to investigate and to press charges.

                    Best to leave it to the court to decide.

                    Umno is only shooting themselves in the foot by defending Shahrizat.

                    The GE is over and next one is 5 years away. More than time enough to recover from the shake-up in the women’s wing and who knows, Wanita Umno might even elect a more effective leader.

                    1. Shake the head first because usually rotten fish always starts there, do we have a choice? My answer is NO. Times up for her, sound cruel but that’s the reality. Jgn kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

        2. Agreed. The same goes for CIMB-adikku being awarded the Sime Darby merger exercise instead of Maybank. And then FGV. Of course they are able but if the adik owns Maybank, I strongly believe Maybank will clinch the deal.

          Sharizat just needs to go. She is a liability as far as UMNO is concern.

  5. Helen, Star is doing to BN what Fox news does to the Democrats and President Obama. An insidious campaign to undermine the image of certain people.

  6. You can ask them why they’ve accepted RM35,000 from a few DAP Penang assemblymen for their Newspaper in Education (NiE) fund.

    I find it hypocritical of both parties. DAP for donating to a program that was set up by a newspaper that’s printing “lies”. And, Star for accepting donation from their accusers.

    And this was brought to my attention because it appeared on my Twitter timeline no less than 4 times since this evening. Must be a slow news day that they had to retweet the same stale news several times. Or does it have anything to do with cult worship?

  7. Dear Helen,

    I thought you should highlight the rubbish of star on our agong. When our YDP Agong the head of state opened the Dewan Rakyat, his speech was published in page 10 or 12 after so many other news. Then besides it news quoting opposition to counter it.

    They are nuts thinking people are stupid. Putting YDP Agong below so many people. Making him insignificant. This is what I called the subtle treasonous propaganda. I thought of writing this on my blog but I’m still at this “racist” theme at my blog to counter these DAP racist propaganda.

    Thought of stopping to subscribe the star. This agenda needs to be countered.

    1. “Thought of stopping to subscribe the star. This agenda needs to be countered.”

      Just do it. I have done it long time ago and recently on their online version as well.

  8. My newsvender told me that many people stopped their subscription to Star. Now I wondering whether they stopped because they don’t like MCA or is it the way Star has become a Pakatan voice????

    1. Could also be the boycott driven by Ambiga, Haris Ibrahim and other pro-Pakatan activists.

      Both sides are unhappy with the double dealing J-Star.

  9. Helen,

    saya baru saja melawat AIDC, tajuk 10 Pihak Jadi Mangsa Red Bean Army

    seorang pengomen (Abdul Latiff Harun) membuat pertanyaan (kepada Bumiputra) kenapa Helen Ang tidak dikenakan tindakan oleh kerajaan sbgmn red bean army yg lain?

    June 29, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    ——-Kepada pihak berkuasa yang berkenaan jangan ambil mudah serangan cyber red beam army kerana kesan buruknya cukup besar terhadap negara. Gunakan kuasa yang ada untuk
    menghapuskan ancaman petualang cyber ini yang sama taraf dengan kumpulan bawah tanah….

    Abdul Latiff Harun
    June 29, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Anehnya kenapa Helen Ang tidak tersenarai?

    Lim Lynn
    June 30, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Stopthelies mereka memang tahu Helen Ang kena Komunis Mata Syaitan kemungkinan tak cukup bilangan top 20 kena Komunis Mata Syaitan.


    Helen, you dah buat ramai orang tak lena tidur dan tak senang duduklah…!!??
    nak tambah lagi….mandi pun tak basah, makan pun tak kenyang, minum pun masih dahaga……dan yang sadis….sudah ada kuasa pun masih belum cukup, hidup semakin membenci orang lain…

    you tak kesian ke dengan “dia orang” tu?? semakin hari semakin psiko…

    1. Saya rasa Abdul Latiff Harun sebenarnya bertanya kenapa Shen Yee Aun terlupa untuk menyenaraikan saya sebagai salah seorang Top 10 mangsa yang diserang RBA.

      Sebenarnya saya bukan menjadi sasaran utama RBA kecuali Stop The Lies cuba dengan sedaya-upaya mengumpan RBA supaya membenci saya.

      Yang memfitnah saya ialah pihak yang cacing kepanasan ekoran pendedahan telah saya buat tentang blog Stop The Lies beroperasi sebagai blog propaganda black ops MCA yang dikelolakan oleh ketua Scissorati itu sendiri.

      Baik STL berjaga-jaga kalau masih lagi mahu terus dengan fitnahnya. Beringat: Saya tidak ada apa-apa yang hendak disembunyikan (there are no skeletons in my closet).

      Yang ada bisnes yang nilainya berbilion ringgit itulah yang harus berawas, nanti terbuka pekung kudis dan nanah di badannya sendiri (‘open a can of worms’). Lebih-lebih lagi, yang sedang dipantau rapi oleh pihak-pihak berkuasa ialah The J-Star selepas mereka kenakan Rosmah pada tempoh hari.

      and guess who has got the most to lose? Nope, it ain’t me. I’m just a blogger. Saya tak duduk di lembaga pengarah syarikat besar untung dengan upah lumayan director’s fee berjumlah RM2.2 juta setahun.

      The bigger they are, they harder they fall. Wakakakakakaka.

      Kalau MCA yang mempunyai sejuta orang ahli itu boleh jatuh tersungkur, masakan sebilah gunting walau selicik mana ia menusuk matanya yang tajam dan berbisa itu.

      1. ok …got it…thanks!

        pertama kali saya baca STL…macam ada yg tak kena je…very anonymous

        “Sebenarnya saya bukan menjadi sasaran utama RBA kecuali Stop The Lies cuba dengan sedaya-upaya mengumpan RBA supaya membenci saya.”

        well Helen……kita sedang berhadapan dgn orang2 yg sakit jiwanya…aqal mereka sudah tidak waras…saka jin ultrakiasu semakin hari semakin membesar dlm diri mereka…

        kena segera cari penawarnya sebelum ramai lagi org yg jadi mangsa

        1. Penjelasan: Saya mengagak bahawa saya berada di bawah radar RBA kerana saya menulis dalam bahasa Melayu manakala kebanyakan kegiatan RBA dalam bahasa Cina beserta mereka beraksi di media sosial (Facebook) sementara saya ini mengendalikan blog.

          Saya tidak menggemari Facebook dan saya juga mengesyaki bahawa RBA kurang menggemari blog yang berciri statik (membosankan bagi mereka) dan lagipun pembaca blog tidak ramai bilangannya berbanding Facebook yang boleh dikongsi beribu-ribu orang pengguna sekaligus.

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