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Isma’s message to Umno / PSM bullied and backstabbed

Two small parties made an outsized impact during the last general election — one by showing up Pakatan’s selfishness and the other by showing Umno the unhappiness that pro-establishment Malays have with the BN.

Pakatan broke their promise

Parti Sosialis Malaysia president Dr Nasir Hashim on Friday admitted that Pakatan had backstabbed the PSM.

“We were bullied, promises to us were broken, and tackling our problems took a back seat as everyone were concerned with their own well being, and so on,” Malaysiakini reported Dr Nasir as saying in his speech at the party AGM two days ago.

Bullying is a predominant trait among the leading Pakatan politicians and hence earning them the description DAP SuperCyber Bullies.


PSM tweet: “siapa yg kita lihat sebagai kawan telah menikam dr belakang pd PRU13”

Hullo, hullo Earth calling Planet BN. Is the BN head honcho party registering this?


Ni PSM yang cakap, okay.

Adakah Umno masih belum lagi berwaspada terhadap tindakan-tindakan licik menggunting yang sedang dan makin giat dijalankan oleh musuh dalam selimut?

Twitter partisosialis

Fair skin insulting dark skin

See screenshot below of a Facebook comment: “Can you guarantee Sara [sic] would not jump ship?” is a most insulting reference to the PSM deputy chairman M. Sarasvathy.

The Facebooker Foong Mun-Keong seems to have forgotten that it was the DAP Chinese representative who had actually jumped in Jelapang.

But typical of DAP supporters, he casts suspicions on an Indian for something Sarasvathy has not done and for which there is no hint at all that she would do.


Foong Mun-Keong’s character assassination of Sarasvathy is reflective of the typical behaviour of the DAP Chinese who try and smear the reputation of good people because they themselves are so very kiasu and greedy. In this case, it is the DAP’s insistence on the Jelapang seat.

James Ngeh Koo Ham, the DAP Perak evangelist warlord, justified why his party deserved to contest by saying, “Jelapang state seat with 90% Chinese voters will have its interest best served by the DAP”.

So much for the DAP’s proclamation of colour blindness.


Scissors in the back

Political observers could see the scissors poised over PSM’s back from very early on but like all credulous victims, PSM were the last to be willing to concede the obvious and inevitable.

Finally even PSM chairman Dr Nasir had to admit, “They conveniently ignored the fact that they had sabotaged PSM in secret in the run-up to the 13th General Election.” (NST, 29 June 2013)

The Scissorati strike again!

Compare the headlines.

Now look at The J-Star headline yesterday:

What kind of berbelit-belit grandmother story did The Star concoct as a title compared to the punchy ones by Malaysiakini, FMT and NST?

Why? Please ask!!

Because the Scissorati are carrying out the usual cover-up for the malfeasances of their dearly beloved Pakatan, that’s why.

Dan cukuplah PSM hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong. Jangan lagi mengemis dengan Pakatan. Mereka itu sememangnya memandang rendah serta selalu meminggirkan kaum India.

Cuba tengok pada gambar di bawah.


Seorang pengomen blog ini, Mulan @ 2013/06/28 at 9:45 pm telah berkata tentang plakat yang dipegang di perhimpunan #Black 505 di atas:

Melayu kawanku. Cina kawanku.’ Tapi tak ada siapa yang mau berkawan dengan India.

That was the predicament of PSM. Pakatan did not want to be friends with the Indian-majority party. Simple as that.

Even Dr Nasir was disappointed that Pakatan saw PSM as the weakest link and “belittled [their] friendship”.

On the contrary to the “weakest link” allegation, PSM is the most principled party in the opposition. The Big Three do not come anywhere close.

hannah yeoh

Firsters think they’re superior

After being alerted to the PSM’s misfortune, and learning from the PSM experience, hopefully victims of the scissorati would wise up before it is too late and BN fatally hemorrhage from the MCA Scissors stabs in the back.


partisosialis radical

“Radicalize the people”

PSM the clenched fist party, in one of its tweets on Friday about their AGM, also talked of the “need to radicalize the people”.

What does PSM mean to do and how do they figure to radicalize the people?

Another small party that took part in GE13 has ‘succeeded’ where the PSM faltered in this regard.

I’m talking about Ikatan Muslim Malaysia (Isma) which contested under the Barisan Jemaah Islamiah Semalaysia (Berjasa) ticket.

Isma the ginger group

Berjasa president Ustaz Haji Mohd Yusoff Haron explained the rationale for the GE13 participation of Isma.

It is to deliberately create three-cornered fights and play the role of spoiler.

Ustaz Yusoff said in a statement carried on the Isma website on 11 April 2013:

“Demi menjaga kekuasaan politik orang Melayu Islam di negara ini, ISMA melihat antara langkah terpenting yang perlu diambil ialah menawan semula kawasan-kawasan yang selama ini telah diberi laluan selesa kepada pihak lain.”

He is refering to constituencies where Malay voters are the majority but the seats given to non-Malays to contest.

Isma was as good as their word and fielded a total of 9 candidates for Parliament — see chart below (click to magnify).


In every single one of those nine urban and semi-urban seats, the candidates from both BN and Pakatan were all Chinese or Indian.

Isma fielded all Malays.

The 9 seats contested by Isma are Subang, Kapar, Batu, Seremban, Padang Serai, Tapah, Cameron Highlands, Alor Setar and Selayang where the electorate comprise either an outright Malay majority (more than 50 percent Malay voters) or where the Malay voters outnumber voters from any of the other races.

Among the BN big guns who lost in those 9 seats are MCA vice presidents Donald Lim and Chor Chee Heung, MCA deputy national organizing secretary Heng Seai Kie, MCA Negeri Sembilan chairman Yeow Chai Thiam and MIC secretary general A. Sakthivel.

The Isma men lost their deposits. (A candidate forfeits his deposit when he fails to collect a minimum of one-eighth of the votes cast.)

It is clear that Isma entered the fray in order to signal to Umno that non-Malay, non-Muslim leaders are rejected by their supporters. (Isma is a Malay-Muslim pressure group that got Berjasa to loan them a political party logo).

Isma’s move does not augur well for the minorities.

seremban KEPUTUSAN PILIHAN RAYA UMUM - PARLIMEN 2013-06-30 07-39-47


Isma made a good showing in Seremban where DAP’s Anthony Loke beat MCA’s Yeow Chai Thiam. The 6,866 votes garnered by Isma’s Abdul Halim Abdullah is slightly over one-fifth that received by Dr Yeow.

Furthermore Seremban registered a whopping 1,486 spoilt votes indicating that a number of residents refused give their support either to MCA or DAP. Who are these 1,486 voters?


Cameron Highlands

One Parliamentary constituency where Isma could almost have made a difference is Cameron Highlands. Here MIC president G. Palanivel had squeezed through by the skin of his teeth.

Palanivel won the seat with a slim majority of 462 but the spoilt votes were double the number – 877 – and the votes for Isma-Berjasa were 912.

Cameron Highlands has 34.2% Malay voters, 32.3% Chinese voters and 12.5% Indian voters.

Isma put up a credible showing in Kapar as well where Mohd Pathan Hussin obtained 6,289 votes in the 51.5 percent Malay majority area. The seat was won by PKR’s G. Manivannan beating MIC secretary general A. Sakthivel.

Isma is capable of obtaining 6,289 votes in Kapar and 6,866 votes in Seremban.

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor obtained 9,943 votes to win Putrajaya defeating Husam Musa who had 4,402 votes. Now imagine if Isma and Perkasa decide to contest in Putrajaya in GE14.

Isma did not go into GE13 to win but merely to express its disgruntlement. The strong message to Umno is that pro-government Malays are unhappy over the BN coddling its Chinese and Indian component parties.

Writing on the wall

GE13 It was a Malaysian tsunami, says Kit Siang - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-19 12-04-08

Rest assured that there will be a Malay tsunami in GE14.

Isma’s performance is the early warning ripple. Take note.

Umno must now ponder seriously on where the Malay tsunami will hit when it sweeps ashore. It could wash away PAS as in Kedah or it could mercilessly drown Umno.

PSM is flailing its arms about “radicalizing the people”. PSM does not have the reach to do this.

The bigger risk is the radicalizing of the Malays, both in the areas of nationalism and Islamism. Malays will be more susceptible to this happening should Umno still choose to remain so lackadaisical.

Even the moderate Malays who comment in this blog are wondering why Umno is allowing the MCA to permit its media empire and its many tentacles to choke the BN.

Silence means consent. We’re taking it that MCA tacitly condones the out-of-control backstabbing behaviour of The Star.

Does Umno condone the behaviour of the MCA that is the owner of The Star and their slandering political blogs such as Stop the Lies?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

74 thoughts on “Isma’s message to Umno / PSM bullied and backstabbed

  1. speaking of serving the interest of the Chinese by the Evangelist Jimmy, where’s the support from the Deceit Action Party in the case of Jonker Walk and Chin Woo School?

    now that the Chinese are facing dire problems, in the case of Jonker Walk involving Chinese traders, and on Chin Woo School, the land dispute with the Tourism Ministry, the Deceit Action Party has gone quiet.

    now Jimmy Boy, where’s the service promised by the Deceit Action Party ? first in 2007, they exploited the Indians through the Hindraf movement which subsequently delivered the bulk of the Indian vote to PR in GE12, and in the recently concluded GE13, they did their job on the Chinese, the Malays will be next come GE14.

    when will Umno wake up ? when will the big guns in Umno listen?

    as for The Star, I have noticed that sales are not very encouraging since 505. maybe the Boycott The Star Campaign is having its effect.

    keep up the pressure. better still, tell the mom and pop stores and those other businesses selling The Star to stop selling the paper altogether. it will really bury them.

      1. the DAP version is more persuasive, besides the DAP Jimmy has been doing it for far longer than the upstart from PKR. the PKR guy is a has been, he took a career turn to become an evangelist after he twice failed in his attempts to become MCA party president.

          1. and Joseph and Betty did a stunt in a Buddhist Temple prior to 505. its high time this Joe comes out in the open and tell the whole of Malaysia whether he’s Christian or not. or he’s not Christian at all ?

            have you thought about this. since Malaysian First will never be able to canvass a lot of votes from the Malays, this Joe could well come out with a, you know, Jerusubang First ?

    1. The falling sales of the physical Star doesn’t mean the Star is not popular. The readers are moving to the web/mobile based one.

      Come to think of it the Star is very Machiavelli. Remember the anti hudud adverts. Some of my friends (who are DAP supporters) were disgusted by it as they say it is very tasteless. Perhaps it is a covert way of the Bintang to make people hate the MCA more but seem to a “mouthpiece” of the MCA on secular rights. So Alexis Carrington.

      1. re: “Perhaps it is a covert way of the Bintang to make people hate the MCA more but seem to a “mouthpiece” of the MCA …”

        All the more reason why MCA is not only the BN Achilles Heel but will be the cause of the down through sabotage from within.

        1. MCA is now portrayed like the dirty old man of the BN. MCA is all about having sexy haircuts at the barber and beer at the karaoke. Perhaps the Bintang want to portray all MCA-lites are like Dr “Sex” Chua.

          The adverts were really poor taste. My friends say that the ads make the Chinese look like sex starved beer drinking Homer Simpsons. (Not that it is not true – go around the pubs of Subang and you could pick up one or two.)

          1. This gives contrast to the God fearing J-Subangnites.

            Do you want an orgy based MCA future or a heavenly DAP future?

            So Machiavelli.

        2. The bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Petaling Jaya should put their feet where their mouths are. Be like my nephew who spent time helping to alleviate poverty in Laos and has now gained favour with the Royal house. He is also well-known in P.J.

          Be like my neice who spent time in darkest Africa to preach and help the Africans. She never thought of dressing up in fancy dress and looking cute.

      2. “Some of my friends (who are DAP supporters) were disgusted by it as they say it is very tasteless.”

        These DAP supporters’ self-righteousness are well-known. While professing disgust, they themselves are probably condemning hudud.

        In any event, anything from BN is considered “tasteless” to them. Bloody hypocrites!

  2. Good Morning Helen.

    My heart felt warm, very warm when I read your analysis, whether in depth or on the surface BUT is factual and no one can deny this.

    The turn of events do radicalize some of us, many of us if not most of us, Malays…. me included but it never affect my relationship with my neighbors. As the Chinese (the new Chinese, mainly Christians and evangelists) seems to pose a threat towards many things, it also high time for Malaysia to view their positions.

    UMNO is losing grounds as they do not seem to be looking after the Malays and taking the Malay votes for granted.

    ISMA is new but when they make the right moves (with PERKASA not going into politics) you will see Malays migrating to ISMA.

    For too long, Malays in some areas have to take what was dished out by our leaders and soon at the right time, may hit back at UMNO and hurt their partners badly…

    If in the sense of political benefit, and if Malays can accept a Chinese candidate, why can’t a Chinese accept a Malay candidate in a Chinese majority area? …statistics are showing some marked increase of Malay voters in areas where it was predominantly Chinese…. and ISMA could just take advantage of this…. forget about Najib.. he will always be ah gor.. to the Melayus he will always be the ah ngok…

    Interesting times for the future and PRU14 ehhh???


    and their leadership is very poor with no proper qualifications. Vide. Their snide remarks all over.

    This is why their leadership seems to be leading the flock without an exit strategy. At times of crises, whether this sort of befuddled leadership is shown to be wanting remains to be seen. A phone call to Singapore would be too late !

  4. Melayu Malaysia. You write a sensible and normal comment. In actual of fact, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, are now led through the nose by the new Christians who are in the minority amongst the Chinese.

    There is nothing to fear about these people who are NOW OPERATING OUT OF DEPTH pertaining to their academic, religious and cultural ballast. THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM ARE UNQUALIFIED TO LEAD EVEN A DONKEY !

    But as political opportunists they seem to have done weil for the MOMENT. Time will expose all the FAKES, THE FAKERS, AND FAKERY !


    1. re: “Only those who failed in their academic endeavour do politics”

      You mean like the failed accountant and the law grad from the Tasmanian university who did not practise law but instead became an “event manager”?

      1. not only that, they were “evicted” from the Land of the Kangaroos too. I heard that Miss Speaker applied for PR status but was rejected, thus her eviction from Australia.

        “event manager” you said. sure she’s good at being an event manager, look at her Anak Malaysia stunt. now that is one event she staged with the full support of the Deceit Action Party but an event they failed to pull off.

        1. Baru dia tahu langit itu tinggi ke rendah, ingat ada BF tempatan ada kerja, senang-senang dapat PR. Jangan mimpi!

          Melayu sahaja yang baik hati bagi Jus Soli, itu pun tak tahu berterima kasih…

  5. Why the Chinese traditionally eschew politics ? There is an age old saying, ‘ A Mandarin should not retire from office with sleeves filled with gold !’. I suppose this explains.

      1. What has happened to Her Holiness YB Hannah? I saw photo of her in her Speaker’s robe. OMG! Look like she has three stolen ayam and itik hidden under it. Obese la like the fat mama she used to mock. Karma.

          1. The criterion for a Speaker he or she should be at least with a proper legal degree, All town council clerks in UK are qualified lawyers with legal experience. It is a shame that we have such low standards 56 years after Merdeka.

      2. Hahaha Mem Besar Selangor. Yes Madam!

        Oh yes saw Betty Bald last night at Sutra. She is no longer bald, just ugly.

        And Zairil Chris Ross Lim is the new loyal puppy that the First Couple takes around. How cute.

        1. “And Zairil Chris Ross Lim is the new loyal puppy that the First Couple takes around. How cute.”


          1. Every election the First of Couple of PP will spot a new doggie. This time it is a Malayan Pekingese.

  6. Every time I see Miss High-class in her Speaker garb, especially the hat, I start chortling! She reminds me of Rowan Atkinson on one of his sketches!

    1. no matter how they try to “package” her, she still looks like a village girl. she has no class. that’s why she has to constantly berate those people she dislikes with the slogan ” no class” because that way, she can redeem herself.

      they say “who wears the pants in the house”. in her case, in relation to her and her hubby, the question should read “who wears the dress,skirt in the house ?”.

      1. PPP…’no matter how…she still lookslike a ‘village girl’…..

        to me beliau lebih kelihatan seperti seorang yang dilahir, dibesarkan dan mewarisi karektor orang yang datang dari sebuah kampung baru cina….setidaknya seperti orang dari kawasan perumahan setinggan…..

        memang low class…..

      2. Class – you are born with class. HY – mana ada class. village girl ma!

  7. Helen,

    Penyertaan pertama ISMA ini tidaklah memberangsangkan namun ianya satu langkah pertama yang sangat penting. Saya gembira dengan keberanian ISMA memasuki gelanggang politik.

    Saya tidak gembira dengan konsep perjuangan ISMA namun saya yakin bahawa melayu perlukan alternatif seperti ISMA ini. PAS sudah benar benar menjadi seperti UMNO. Kelakuan mereka sama cuma rumah sahaja berbeza alamat.

    Sekiranya najib yang dibantu oleh pemimpin seperti nazri aziz terus terusan amalkan stail pemerintahan seperti sekarang ini, makanya ISMA akan menjadi alternatif untuk saya di masa akan datang.

    1. tuan ibni ismail,

      apa yang membimbangkan, kehadiran Isma akan lebih membuat orang Melayu berpecah ke tahap yang amat sukar untuk disatukan kembali.

      pada saya, orang Melayu perlu segera merapatkan kembali ikatan persaudaraan mereka melalui 1 parti….

      masalahnya, bagaimana dan adakah boleh?

      1. Isma sememangnya satu alternatif kepada PAS setelah PAS sudah berjuang demi putrajaya dan mengorbankan segala prinsip perjuangan asal.

        UMNO nampak macam poodle pulak sekarang. Akar umbi semakin garang tetapi UMNO sebaliknya. Isma juga mempejuangkan penyatuan ummah, tetapi memilih untuk tidak duduk diam dan melakukan sesuatu untuk membuktikan sentimen orang Melayu/Muslim yang kurang senang dengan PAS dan juga UMNO.

        Dan analisa Helen sekali lagi membuktikannya. Sejauh mana ini akan meranapkan UMNO dan PAS masih terlalu awal untuk kita telah.

        Mungkin PRU14 Isma akan berjaya menang kerusi, jika orang Melayu/Muslim memutuskan untuk protes UMNO dan PAS ramai-ramai.

      2. Saya lebih tertarik dengan cara bangsa cina berpolitik sebelum ini. Mereka mempunyai MCA dan Gerakan di dlm BN. DAP sebagai pembangkang yang terkuat. Dong Zhiong dan dewan perniagaan cina sebagai NGO yang mempunyai pengaruh dan sangat dihormati oleh MCA dan DAP..

        Kita sudah ada UMNO dan PAS.. persoalannya adalah apakah Perkasa, Jati mahupun ISMA boleh bertindak seperti Dong Zhong..

        1. Boleh tapi mudah tunduk apabila kena gejut dengan pemimpin melayu sendiri yang kepentingannya hanya kepada tembolok sendiri.

  8. Star paper stresses the importance of responsible journalism and not gutter type ala utusan or bh.

    But there are black sheep too in the star. Good example is Joceline who like to write nonsense and craps.

    1. ah a Red Bean Army member is in the house. what took you so long to come in ?

    2. The STAR half rate tabloid journalists are more interested in sex news from India and China as front news to remind themselves how good they are than their motherland counterparts. Harian Metro is more interesting.

      1. re: “more interested in sex news from India and China as front news”

        Thought the Scissorati are Malaysian First (not Chinese, not Indian) as well as colour blind. So why not sex stories from Bulgaria or Burundi?

      2. And sex news from Alvivi. Alvin and Vivian our favourite sex couple. And we thought the Chinese don’t like sex.

    3. “STAR does not practice responsible journalism” — are you sure, you seems to be very ignorant, make comparisons and you will see they practice all sorts of negative “…ism” to anybody who goes against them.

      They makes lots of negative reports either in writing or images, please make some research.

  9. Ms H. I reckon if you totted up the total wealth of the MCA leadership from 1957 to 2013, it is worth about RM25 BILLIONS minimum ! PLUS RM 25 Billons minimum of the 7 1/2 poor Singaporeans who became Malaysian billionaires during the NEP. As the American cowboys say, ‘There is damn gold in damn dar Malaysian political hills !’

    1. And the MCA’s leadership’s minimum RM25 Billions control at least minimum RM100 Billions !


  11. this is taken from Stop The Lies

    Helen Ang Abdullah Yahudi Laknatullah says:
    June 30, 2013 at 10.36am

    Pukimak dan pantat punya umnoputera

    this link will help you and fellow readers

    you hit their nerves ah ha ha ha ! okay for the serious stuff. you need to watch your back. we will try to alert you but I hope you take precautionary measures to protect yourself from all these cyber slanders. these people are capable of the worse kinds of misdeeds. I hope other readers visit Stop The Lies from time to time to protect themselves from all this slander that’s been going on.

    1. Ms H. If you are not honourable, truthful and effective, no one will care or take notice of you. Well-done, Not to worry, your Blog provides a vital avenue for TRUTH WITHOUT HYPOCRISY ! Please keep it up.

  12. Ms H. An explanation on those Mandarins in ancient China with the long-sleeved costumes. The long sleeves hid pockets for taking bribes in gold taels. You see them being flapped around on TVB films.

    1. re: “The long sleeves hid pockets for taking bribes in gold taels. You see them being flapped around on TVB films.”

      Can hide a pair of poison-tipped scissors too. And yes, the scissorati are reacting panicky. After all, there’s much too lose from a boycott from both sides of the political divide.

      The hundreds of millions of ringgit in profits. And then the directors like Wong Chun Wai whom are paid millions per annum for sitting on the Star board.

      Ooooh, what a lucrative income in jeopardy.


    ISMA nak jadi UMNO, dah ada UMNO nak buat apa diganti-ganti. Kalau tak suka pemimpin UMNO, ubah pemimpin sudahlah?

    Cara menumbangkan benda yang tinggi-tinggi, kenalah digoncang-goncang dahulu. Begitu juga pemimpin tinggi. Kalau terus dihumban keluar, porak-perandalah Negara kita.

    Kalau benar pemimpin UMNO tak betul, 3.6 juta ahli UMNO akan bising dan bertindak. Lihat sahaja Tunku Abdul Rahman, dan Pak Lah.

  14. The newly rich Chinese seems to eat and bring the bad taste in anything good.

    Christianity in the past, during the times of the Catholic fathers and sisters was about service. Service was first before conversions and property ownership.

    Today, the new churches have conversions and mega property and business in mind. You don’t see thousands of Malayan Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim go through the Catholic schools or Christian hospitals and become Christians.

    Today, enter the doors of any new church and if you are financially viable you will be encouraged to become a member. In the past the nun went to villages to teach and to heal the sick.

    Today it is a mini holiday where rich Chinese give it up and go on a holiday converting people in for example Bhutan or Myanmar. They don’t open schools or heal the sick. It is all about member get member like your Anway or Avon.

    Buddhism is not that innocent too. In the past Buddhism is about giving it up for a peaceful mind. Today it is all about building the biggest temples and statutes. Monks now ride in BMWs.

    My foreign boss (Indian Buddhist) was shocked to see the amount of “bling” being splashed on the Penang Wesak Day Parade. Monks sit in BMWs with white Caucasian devotees handing out Buddhist literature. Where is the humility the Buddha taught? From time to time you will see novice monks prowling the shops at Gurney Plaza.

    Religion is no longer about the good of others. It is a hedonistic lifestyle to show the goodness of oneself for the pleasure of oneself. (Nobody really care a shit if the poor have anything to eat. It is good devotion to pray to Buddha to best moon cakes from the Eq. It is devotion if Jesus is worshipped in a stadium sized cathedral. Small is a curse.)

    Unfortunately the non-Chinese find that the hedonistic lifestyle of the newly rich Chinese is quite a good adopt. Did Islam ask their followers to give green coloured ang-pows? I don’t think it was a practice before the 1970s, but today this is a trend.

    The same for Hari Raya, it was the celebration of the first two days as a celebration of the end of the fasting month. Today the Raya is a month and it is bigger than Ramadan.

    The Malays now want a festival as big as the 15 + 1 day (the eve is equally big) of Chinese New Year. Are there yellow ang-pows a Diwali custom? It is a custom today.

    The New Malay is as hedonistic as the Chinese. Look at the magazines like Glam. It is all about the designer clothes, foreign holidays and private schools. The Malay too is a Chinese wannabee.

    They speak Malay with tons on English. The men wear the latest make-up. (The magazines are no longer about Ibadat but what is the latest makeup from L’oreal Men.) The Indian would want to be a shade lighter to be more Chinese. They don’t speak Tamil but want to be English speaking.

    The Christian Tamil do not want to worship in their church but at the more progressive multi-racial Chinese church. It is no longer Sivaliggam a/l Munusamy but Samuel Siva s/o Malcom Munusamy.

    The only race the Chinese aspire to become is the Caucasian. Why do parents enrol their kids in foreign degree twining program at private colleges. It is wholly and exclusively in the capture of a white spouse. Bring back a white spouse even though the spouse looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, it is fine. The white man is the only race on earth the Chinese fear!

    1. and sorry to say also ………. ramadhan that is supposedly is the fasting month… now it becomes the F&B festival month with all kinds of newly designed & specialty food from celebrity chefs (the product of master chef program and the like) – hotels and exclusive restaurants surely would offer a very tempting discounted prices to attract food lovers… and malaysian regardless of race memang kaki makan pun……

      what a food heaven then…..

    2. “The same for Hari Raya, it was the celebration of the first two days as a celebration of the end of the fasting month. Today the Raya is a month and it is bigger than Ramadan. ”

      Puasa pun kadang-kadang tak lengkap tapi Raya yang lebih.

  15. I am Mulan. I have a lot of respect for the Christian conventional churches, the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Methodists, the Lutherans, the Presbyterians, the Friends, the Baptists, Orthodox etc. But this bunch of new Chrisitans, even my illiterate sister-in-law who used to rinse hair in a hair salon in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur could establish a RM2 incorporated church to collect tons and tons of tax free money (subsidized by Malaysian taxpayers) which she invested in London properties.

    1. ” even my illiterate sister-in-law who used to rinse hair in a hair salon in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur could establish a RM2 incorporated church to collect tons and tons of tax free money (subsidized by Malaysian taxpayers) which she invested in London properties.”

      All in the name of GOD.

  16. Helen,

    Yup. UMNO better take note of Isma’s presence. UMNO must learnt the lesson. That the Malays are no more inclined to vote for MCA, Gerakan in Malay majority areas.

    Even ISma knows its chance of winning is very low. But it is a warning that UMNO must not ignore. Next time around there will be TOTAL REJECTION of MCA, Gerakan in Malay majority areas.

    Meaning UMNO can kiss good bye for seats like Kulim, Tanjung Malim, Air Itam if it continues to field MCA or Gerakan despite being backstabbed by these 2 parties.

    The problem I believe is with Najib. He is seen by Malays as too “distant”. “too autocratic”.

    Muhyidin on the other hand is more “malay”. I am proud when Muhyidin firmly told Kit Siang that he(the former) is a Malay first than a Malaysian. Najib should have backed what Muhyidin said 100%. Unfortunately, Najib did not say anything.

    Anyway, nobody thinks Kit Siang is a Malaysian first.

    What is it with Najib that he was not able to see what the Malays have been saying. That Chinese will reject him in the election.

    Still he did not see. Still he allocate a post for MCA. Still he talk about reconciliation when DAP is baying for blood. Still he believe putting SPR under parliament as insisted by PR. Still he does not realise it will open the way for PR to have a say in SPR day to day operation.

    Still he refuse to see that Peguam Negara office “ada yang tak kena”.

    Still he has the habit of over welcoming new friends over time tested genuine old friendship. Still he sees the need to create a new “wheel”.

  17. “Isma did not go into GE13 to win but merely to express its disgruntlement. The strong message to Umno is that pro-government Malays are unhappy over the BN coddling its Chinese and Indian component parties.”


    And Malays are unhappy with PAS becoming PR’s poodle too. So the voted off PAS in Kedah. But this does not mean they are very happy with UMNO either. Many are still on the look out for other alternative to better represent them. The impact may not be seen so soon on UMNO or PAS but will surely leave its mark on GE14 results.

  18. Helen,

    ‘Inaction by itself is an action.’

    Kenapa Najib tak ambil peduli grass-root punya pendapat?

    Kenapa pemimpin UMNO tak ambil peduli sunggutan ahli?

    Kenapa Peguam Negara tak buat kerja?

    Inaction by itself is an action…..

    Rakyaat melihat….. Ahli UMNO menunggu….

    1. Dino,

      Perhaps Najib should be reminded that UMNO is not “indispensable”. That includes Najib too.

  19. Looking to the progress of Isma, PAS & UMNO, to me Najib WAJIB di lucutkan serta merta

  20. Really not looking forward to some radical socialist party and another religious platform party.

    PSM shouldn’t be surprised they got ignored. They just don’t have power within that group and conveniently tossed aside.

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