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The turning point for me personally

If anyone is curious as to when I first began to be sceptical of the opposition, the milestone is actually time-stamped.

Kg Buah Pala made me realise how the other races would be treated if the evangelist-dominated DAP came to power.

Ask the villagers of Kg Buah Pala if Guan Eng had put people before profits
Kg Buah Pala villagers sold out by DAP

I made the following comment on 14 April 2010 in Malaysiakini about Lim Guan Eng’s hypocrisy pretending that he is colour blind (screenshot below).

BNs Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Malaysiakini

I pointed out that Guan Eng’s appointment of his two deputy chief ministers was itself on the basis of race. Previously Penang had never had a need for a second DCM solely for the purpose of filling the race quota.

The DAP pretends that they are loftily above and beyond race but their actions belie their words.

Guan Eng’s DCM1 was a Malay while his DCM2 was an Indian.

When Mohd Fairus Khairuddin – the first Malay that Guan Eng appointed as his deputy – was summarily removed from office, the PKR Adun was replaced by another PKR Malay, Mansor Othman.

By rights when this happened, the Indian DCM2 P. Ramasamy should have been moved up to DCM1 due to his seniority and the incoming Mansor slotted into DCM2 as he would be new to the office. But no.

The DCM1 position in Penang under Guan Eng is reserved for the Malay, and the Indian fella remains DCM2 regardless of his on-the-job performance.

Where is the meritocracy that the DAP is always crowing about when the DCM1 and DCM2 (the second chair created by Guan Eng when Pakatan took over the state) are ordered according to race and not according to the DAP’s own vaunted merit approach?

Was Ramasamy less meritorious than Fairus or Mansor? After all, neither of the latter two lasted very long, did they?

And currently Guan Eng is on to his THIRD!! Malay DCM — Mohd Rashid Hasnon. So what does that say about Fairus and Mansor? The problem not them but their boss, surely.

Well, we do know what Mansor said about Guan Eng — “cocky”, “arrogant”, “tokong”.

BN's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Malaysiakini

The second half of my 14 April 2010 comment in Malaysiakini said that Guan Eng “could have handled Kg Buah Pala better”. At that time, Guan Eng was cockily and arrogantly giving Hindraf the runaround.

My comment was in response to Guan Eng’s letter to Malaysiakini titled ‘BN’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde‘.

In his letter, Guan Eng made the following remark alluding to Hindraf. He said that he refused to meet with “organisations based on a purely communal instead of a Malaysian agenda”.

BN's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Malaysiakini

After Guan Eng took his potshot at Muhyiddin Yassin as a Malay Firster and after Guan Eng thumped the pulpit bellowing that the “time has come for all Malaysians to look at each other as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children faced with similar problems and filled with common hopes and aspirations” yadda yadsa (roll my eyes), he goes on to imply that Hindraf was “racist” because their agenda is the Indian poor.

The agenda of the Indian poor is not enough of a “Malaysian agenda” for Guan Eng even though the Kg Buah Pala villagers were being forcibly evicted.


The man wearing the ‘proud to be Malay Chine’s‘e Ind’ian‘ (=Malaysian) T-shirt is Sim Tong Him, the DAP Member of Parliament for Kota Melaka.

Firsters riding their high horses are fond of bludgeoning as “racist” any cause that even hints at being in any way race-related.

Yet we don’t force Sisters in Islam to be concerned about Buddhist men, we don’t expect the WWF to preserve heritage buildings and we don’t call upon the Bruno Manser Foundation to save the whales.

So why must the Firsters slam Hindraf for concentrating on chronic Indian social problems?

Why must Firsters demand that Hindraf sing along with their Bangsa Malaysia choir — “Malay-Chinese-Indian-we’re-all-brothers-and-sisters” (the hypocrites always ignore the East Malaysian tribes, haven’t you noticed?) — and “anything race-based is evil” in City Harvest chorus with them.

Hindraf had concerned themselves with the plight of the Kg Buah Pala villagers for the simple reason that no Penang Chinese NGO was taking interest. (For the background story on the complex and complicated saga, please read ‘Kg Buah Pala: Pagar makan padi.)

Instead at that time, the Chinese were bashing the Kg Buah Pala villagers as ‘greedy’ and ‘mercenary’ (it’s a Freudian thing with the Chinese) and accusing the Indians of being problematic in causing trouble for their Dear Leader.

Pekerja India di Ladang Buah Pala, P. Pinang, c.1850. Lukisan cat air/Joliffe
Indian workers of Nutmeg Plantation, Penang, c.1850 Watercolour/Joliffe

My perspective on Kg Buah Pala was at odds with the views of the Chinese who were fanatical DAP supporters.

The Chinese held the view that the Indian villagers should be grateful because the Penang government had so ‘kindly’ arranged for a number of the affected Indian families to receive a house in compensation.

Implicit was the belief by the Chinese that owning a double-storey terrace house was a step up the social ladder for those village Indians, and as such the Indians have no cause to complain. (That’s how the Chinese thought, I’m merely reporting.)

David Brown, founder of Kampung Buah Pala

My argument was that the traditional (generational) village was being destroyed and the Indian families – some of whom were cowherds – would be deprived of their means of livelihood.

While it is true that they would receive a double-storey terrace house after their homes were demolished but still, they couldn’t jolly well rear their cows in a row of spanking new terrace houses, could they?

The affected Indian villager families were given 24 units altogether but the developer had also built on the Kg Buah Pala land another 160 units of condominiums (two 12-storey blocks), 331 units of apartments (one 36-storey block) and 8 units of double-storey shophouses.

We know who got the most profit from the deal. It sure ain’t the 24 Indian families relocated to the 24 terrace houses.

Living amidst the kiasu middle-class Chinese neighbours in such a high density development, the cows belonging to the Indians naturally had to go.

And deprived of the cows, how were the cowherds going to continue to earn a living despite being given that double-storey brick house to stay in?

To me, the DAP supporters vociferously defending the Guan Eng administration’s handling of the issue were simply callous in their outlook (see screenshot of comment below).

Kg Buah Pala- Offer ends tomorrow « Lim Kit Siang_1320122195943

The differences of opinion on Kg Buah Pala marked the fork in the path where I diverged from supporting the opposition.

Kg Buah Pala opened my eyes to how DAP behaves with power in their hand.

It also occurred to me that if DAP had successfully gotten power in Selangor in 1969 (the party won the May 10 state election), there would have been countless of Malay kampungs wantonly destroyed.

And if I thought the behaviour of the DAP supporters was bad during the Kg Buah Pala episode, I think it is even worse now.


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90 thoughts on “The turning point for me personally

  1. Sayang sungguh insiden ini telah melenyapkan individu yang secara positif memilih untuk berbicara mengenai “institutionalised racism” di negara kita.

    Malangnya hari ini bicaranya bertukar tertumpu kepada bahaya dan ancaman kepada negara dari puak DAPsters.

    Tenggelamlah peluang membuka ruang bagi kedua-dua belah mencari jalan melangkah ke depan demi masa depan negara. Yang timbul kini pertembungan yang jelas memaksa semua berundur.

    1. You’re right Amri. Good of you to keep your eye on the ball and to remind us. Thank you.

      1. ‘The Chinese held the view that the Indian villagers should be grateful because the Penang government had so ‘kindly’ arranged for a number of the affected Indian families to receive a house in compensation.
        Implicit was the belief by the Chinese that owning a double-storey terrace house was a step up the social ladder for those village Indians, and as such the Indians have no cause to complain.’

        In Malaysia
        Chinese kiasu = smart enterprising people
        Indian kiasu = backward communalistic
        Malay/Bumiptra kiasu = racists ‘go live jungle’

  2. Helen. saya tidaklah terlalu obses dgn rencana dari Umat Terakhir, saya ambil ia sbg maklumat yg boleh diproses

    dan cuba lihat tarikh 8/8/09 – “sila hantar bulldozer sekarang…….”

    bukankah arahan ini seperti juga arahan israel kepada tenteranya mengerahkan bulldozer utk merobohkan rumah2 orang palestine tanpa belas kasihan ??

    what a coincident..??


    Sekitar November 2007, dua ejen Mossad diterbangkan khas dari Tel Aviv untuk memulakan urusan baharu di Kedutaan Israel di Singapura.
    Ia bagi memulakan kerjasama sulit antara tiga pihak iaitu Mossad, Kedutaan Israel di Singapura dan pihak-pihak Yowtai dari Malaysia.

    Sebelum 2007, sudah banyak urusan dilakukan antara Mossad dengan pihak-pihak Yowtai, namun ia hanya sekadar hal ehwal kaum Yowtai dan perihal survival ekonomi mereka.

    Pada tahun 2009, tepatnya ialah sekitar penghujung Disember 2008, terdapat banyak isi kandungan skrol dilaksanakan bagi melemahkan keupayaan umat Islam di negara ini untuk bersatu.

    Isi kandungan skrol itu dijayakan melalui bantuan daripada kemasukan kumpulan-kumpulan yang menggelar diri mereka sebagai gerakan NGO antarabangsa.


    sudah berapa banyak NGO2 yg bertapak di malaysia sejak 5 tahun kebelakangan ini??
    tujuan mereka apa..?? mengajar art of con utk menabur illusi kebencian dan pembohongan di kalangan rakyat malaysia yg rata2 sebenarnya amat rapat dan hidup saling meghormati
    malaysian sebenarnya adalah loving people

    dulu masa DAP jadi pembangkang…nampak semua masih okay
    tetapi setelah mereka dpt satu negeri je….semua sudah bertukar mengikut strategi baru yg direka khas oleh the hidden master mereka – israel zionis/jesuits

    mangsa mereka adalah tiada batasan – semuanya sekali sapu demi mencapai cita2 new world order. titik.

    1. Selain daripada menyeru agar jentolak segera dihantar, mereka juga membuat komen seperti di bawah:


      1. actually it’s more than enough to see how israel bulldozes those palestinian resident

        tapi rupa2nya sifat dan perangai yg sama ada juga wujud di negara malaysia yg tercinta ini

        semuanya oleh dapster evangelist

        “…….let’s move to other issues………”

        ya la…..other issues ye..? or other agenda that has been written in their scroll from tel aviv tu…

        1. re: “…….let’s move to other issues………”

          Begitu senang dia cakap. Orang diusir, tinggal sehelai sepinggang, dema tak sedikit pun terasa.

  3. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which has no absolute political philosophy of its own will never be able to surmount their hypocrisy of not indulging in racial politics in a racially diverse country. From its founding by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, the DAP is well-known to be dominated by Chinese until of late when perfunctory attempts were made to window dress the proceedings.

  4. You make Malaysian more kind hearted Helen. Malaysian mudah lupa, that’s it, hopefully after the Kpg Buah Pala episode they will realize how crazy DAP is about wanting to be in power.

    All the while DAP in opposition, they talk as if they are on the same level as god, they can talk without making any single mistakes, opposing is easier than doing something but once you do something you are bound to make mistakes, that’s the difference between DAP Chinese and non-DAP.

    When DAP helps their fellow Chinese they will say “they need help” but when non-DAP supporters help their fellow counterpart, that’s racist…. I really pity Kpg Buah Pala residence /Kpg Folk because I have been there in 1982-86.

    Happiness to them is not double-storey house but is their daily life which is equal to “hearts of diamonds”. Its the same like in Kampung, an air-cond to them is not the same like the cool breeze of the afternoon air, a jump into a river is not the same like a jump into a swimming pool, an ikan tenggiri is not the same taste as an ikan keli you caught in a stream behind your house, a coffee shop is not as good as a restaurant…. Malaysian please wake up… have a good day.

  5. I was sceptical of the Opposition ever since I was an undergraduate in 1954 which underlined what my mother complained about her new Singaporean relatives who were pushy and pushed her to the background of the proceedings when my elder brother got married.

    The Singaporean undergraduates who were in minority kept pushing themselves for the top posts of the joint association every year until the 3rd year I organised the Malayans with a 5 pounds tea-party and shut them out until I left the UK.

    They were the same down in Malaya Hall in 1957 when they became PAP cadres. And the same again when Singapore merged with Malaysia. Their speeches in the Dewan Rakyat, Sulaiman Court and other KL places have to be heard to be believed.

    And so this went on and on which was followed by the insidious brainwashing of the innocent and naive Malaysian minds to this day until I came along and began my DETOXIFICATION operations by revealing the TRUTH with real facts and not lies.


    I read the whole caper as a mischievous attempt to divide the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO WHY THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP SAT ON ITS BOTTOM DOING NOTHING FOR THE MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS AND ALL FOR 47 LONG YEARS?

    And now embarks on racially contrived all out aggressive campaign against a solid wall without any exit for its 90+ % Chinese supporters. What is behind all these conundrum?

    1. re: “Their speeches in the Dewan Rakyat, Sulaiman Court and other KL places have to be heard to be believed.”

      What did the PAP cadres say in their inflammatory speeches? Since the PAP bequeathed their ‘saka’ to their child the DAP after all, my guess is the PAP speeches then must have been like the DAP speeches of 1969 — like father, like son.

      1. Ms H. The PAP speeches in the Dewan Rakyat are recorded in the Hansard, Look for those which were against the use of Bank Negara Malaysia to function properly as a Central Bank but only as a form of Currency Board like the Monetary Authority of Singapore until recently.

        The British set up the Currency Boards in their Colonial Territories to control and exploit their them. With a Currency Board, you spend what you earn. In other words, the British which held the best 70% of the assets in Malaya will be forever rich. By the same token, the Malays remained forever poor. The Chinese only owned 25% of the third rate assets. This is the fact which the MCA neglected to argue and state the position of the Chinese who were only general distributors for the imported British goods for the British agency houses. The Chinese do not control or own the general economy to this day. Why ?

        The money printing machine is the Bank Negara Malaysia which began its real operations with the dissolution of the Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei Currency Board in 1972. I was there at the dissolution ceremony !

        1. On the Lee Kuan Yew’s and PAP speeches outside the Dewan Rakyat but in the precincts of KL, you may find them in the Straits Times, Malay Mail etc in the National Archives, Jalan Duta, KL.

        2. The MCA did not do anything to argue the Malaysian Chinese case based on facts. WHY ? BECAUSE THE MCA LEADERSHIP WAS NEVER QUALIFIED AFTER THE 1ST GENERATION OF LEADERS DEPARTED. Their leadership was not only UNQUALIFIED AT THE CRUCIAL MOMENTS BUT ALSO UNEDUCATED IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS TO THIS DAY. You have seen and now see how the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, political leadership on both sides of the political divide swank around with or without American PHDs ! This is one reason why I said with the de-tribalization of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, the Chinese do not think and behave like Chinese anymore. What held them together in the past was their upbringing and MONEY ! ONLY THE FUTURE CAN TELL WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ! And I also mentioned that Malaysian politics is balanced on a knife’s edge. I mean precisely that if one political party is strong, it has a duty to assist its associates, not to bully or oppress their friends and vice versa.

          1. Ms H. You may also remember that I commented,’ I look like any other Malaysian and speak Malaysian English.
            I deliberate assume this stance and operated at all levels a whole life-time to gauge the feelings of ordinary and ennobled Malaysians towards others. I have a list of 13 ennobled Malays who began poor except one, scolded me in the highest most salons in the country and only one frenetic Chinaman and one Kerala civil service retired clerk and none from my family except those who cheated me. It is a strange world. BUT THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE ENNOBLED MALAYS IS NOT THE REASON FOR ME TO RUN AROUND THE STREETS OF KL TO HATE ALL MALAYS or the Chinamen or the Indians or my relatives. I reasoned this behaviour as their pysche covers up an INFERIORITY COMPLEX ingrained in them when they were born. Strange, is’nt it even when I made it a point not to be a THREAT TO ANYONE ! There you are that is how humankind behaves without using their BRAINS.

            1. Ms H. You may also notice that only 2 Cambridge graduates succeeded to operate outside their professions in Malaysia and Singapore. The rest were/are very excellent professionals.

  6. For 60 years I FORGOT I entered the University of Cambridge with better grades than the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew until I was abused, insulted and bullied by the cybertroopers in the Malaysia Chronicle who called me ‘STUPID.’

    He went to the bottom most Fitzwilliam House by the backdoor. I entered through the 400 year old oak door of the best and topmost college of the University (there were 31 colleges in all) in open competition and gained 100 marks in all the requisite subjects in 9 months study coming from war-torn Malaya without any preparation whatsoever. Vide. Singapore Story.

    The Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II, Dr C.E. Raven, at Windsor Castle, ex-Vice Chancellor of the University and ex-Master of my College personally recommended me a place at the College after I sat for my examinations.

    1. re: “abused, insulted and bullied by the cybertroopers in the Malaysia Chronicle”

      Some of the Chinese can be immensely bodoh sombong and most certainly unparalleled in viciousness. And as I’ve said before, the Chinese although a minority are really the ones bullying every other race in Malaysia.

    2. Ms H. This is meritocracy for you. No hypocrite. No need to boast to take advantage of others. I just did what was allotted to me and complete it. And moved on. No need to blame others. No need to cry wolf. And help my fellow Malaysians always, knowing full well this is not going to be reciprocated and might even get a scolding sometime by the very people who benefitted ! Such is LIFE and civilised humankind !

      1. re: “might even get a scolding sometime by the very people who benefitted!”

        Sigh …

        1. Ms H. When you piece together all my comments, you will get the full picture THAT I DO NOT RUN FROM ADVERSITY AND ONLY TRIED TO DO THINGS AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN AND NOT IN THE VALLEY unlike the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which spent 47 long years in the valley and now wants to head butt the solid wall daily. AND I ESCHEWED FROM TALKING ABOUT THESE FACTS UNTIL NOW and not 10,20,30,40 years ago !

          1. PATIENCE AND TIMING ARE VERY IMPORTANT in any endeavour. People will laugh at me to a man or woman on my comments before 2008.

  7. I’m being a Star reader right now: just looking at pictures. But that Malay ChineseIndian poster with the highlighted Malaysian stood out. And I have to say it’s really ironic that it is pointing that the Chinese contributed to the “S” part only of the nation’s name.

  8. The DAP supporters could be worse now and PAS/PKR supporters could be totally ignorant about it, thanks for internet and double speaking two timing fork tongued wolf in sheeps’s clothing back stabbing politicians.

    Such an unholy alliance. It makes me sad that their supporters are not only within them Pakatan but some are actually within BN and even benefiting within BN.

    I personally believe that whatever bad things Lim writes about others, he is inadvertently describing his own mindset, purpose and methods.

  9. What is new about DAPsy? They have been racists of the highest order from inception. They are TAMAK. Tamak people will not stop at anything in order to get what they want.

    Also they will blame others of being rasists or whatever. They dont practise what they preach. Their CEC fiasco is blatant arrogance but does it bother them. No because they got what they wanted.

    Sama juga dgn kg buah pala. What they do is nothing new. Bapa borek anak rintik.

    1. Just for the information of other readers who may not be aware, Dapsy is DAP Socialist Youth, the youth wing of the party.

      Even in their name the party lies.

      They are capitalists, not socialists. The new nickname for DAP is the Developer Accomplice Party.

        1. PPP. What is there for the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese to be ARROGANT ABOUT IN OUR BELOVED COUNTRY ? Just look at their de-tribalized and un-Chinese behaviour in politics daily.

          1. And if the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, think that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore and the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes’ men with the smartest fellow on top are their role models, I am sorry to say that they are woefully mistaken. This sort of thinking might hold water in 1959 not in 2013 since October 2008 when the wonderful world of the one-street town, Singapore, imploded according to Kondratieff.

            1. Malaysian Chinese, remember the saying,’ You may con some people some of the time but you cannot con all the people all the time !’ Wakeup ! And re-assess your destinies carefully in this beloved and bountiful land of Malaysia !

  10. On hind sight the other races deserves to be bullied.

    The other races should now start the bullying, lesson learnt, and we can the all move forward, with the majority making decisions that impact everyone, good or bad.

    ALL of us probably need a very hard and tough lesson before our sanity comes to us…..

    And we don’t need a PM like Najib

    1. What do you mean? Just because we’re bullied, we have to become the bully? Er, no unless you’re talking about being a better person like Tun Mahathir.

      Our current PM may seem naive and too nice sometimes but I think he’s pretty smart and kinda sly too, though not the malicious type. Just like Tun Mahathir but Tun Mahathir is more… I don’t care how you feel about it, if it’s good for the country, I’d do it anyway, and I’d do it my way.

      Our Dato Najib is more… we’ll work together, please? Both are very hardworking too.

      Anyway, I hope the Malays especially would start to be more productive and supportive to our Government.

  11. I come from a family that are filled with staunch BN supporters especially since so many are in uniformed service. My first vote in 2001 state election went to BN & it went on until GE12 when I voted for the opposition.

    I thought change was a good thing for Malaysia. I remained idealistic for a while, until I realized the adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” needed a correction as change that the opposition bring, good as they are, is brought forth at the expense of tearing up the fabric of society that has been woven for so many years since before our independence.

    In fact, when I was in idealistic mode, I’ve attacked a few pro government blogger in a few opinion pieces in TMI. Whether or not I attacked you Helen, best left unsaid :p

    As my idealism wore off, I grew more realistic & started looking at the bigger picture rather than merely looking after my own “kind”. Sometimes you need to destroy something to build something better & I believe that’s the juncture we as a nation are at right now. Even if we have to set aside Chinese interest for the good of the nation, then it has to be done. If we continue to indulge in all their whining, complaints & demands while they subterfuge their way to stab us from our blindside, eventually we as a nation & a society end up as losers all round.

    On another note, I’m interested to know what the readers think about the proposed FT Islamic Law Bill that allows conversion by a single parent of kids below 18. As you have a myriad of readers from different background, I’d love to hear their thoughts as I believe this will be a really hot potato issue for the government. Thanks.

  12. Helen, count me as someone who was curious of your of political conversion. I realize as someone who has sworn off commenting (but not reading) this blog, commenting now is perhaps slightly twee.

    I realize I have unfinished business with i hate n’sync on another thread but some business should remain unfinished.

    The DAP apparatchiks and PR kool aid drinkers have won the battle for cyberspace.

    Although I am just as scornful of the pro Establishment types (excluding you off course) whose main goal seems to be erecting ideological straw men much like their pro oppositional fellow citizens, I do believe that the crypto racism and rank hypocrisy within PR would eventually lead to the destruction of the alternative front.

    Not that UMNO – no more BN – can ever claim the moral high ground but rather, the reality will be that the devil you know is more conducive to the racial business in the halls of hell than the angel who promises to lead to the shining city, but who really wants to rule the halls of hell.

    When the Komtar Potentate, throws money at the KBP folks expecting them to abandon their principled stand it is considered an act of benefice to the wretched.

    However, when Hindraf makes the same deal with UMNO in the context of the MOU, which did not include the principle of custodial deaths (which Hindraf’s Ganesan openly stating was considered on an economic scale), Hindraf and Indians are considered, sell outs or pariahs or toddy drinkers or whatever else passes as acceptable comment on the Indian community.

    Remember kids, it is acceptable to ditch principle and accept lucre from the Chinese but never ever from the Malay. For the record, I think Waytha/Hindraf faction joining UMNO is unacceptable but at least I am able to separate principle from my partisan leanings and am objective nay rational enough, to dissect the issues, which is necessary for any kind of self-reflection.

    If I can work up some outrage maybe I will finally write that op ed piece and submit it somewhere titled, “Why W/Hindraf should aim to be the MCA in its glory days and not a post (or pre) tsunami MIC”.

    The crypto racism as perpetrated by the DAP goes far beyond controlling the semantic discourse and is reflected in the policy imperatives of the alternative alliance. I will not touch on the “Indian” issue but rather consider it from majoritarian “Malay” perspective.

    Whereas the MCA was collaborating with UMNO for economic/social advantage to the detriment of the disenfranchised Malay class, the DAP on the other hand are partners in an egalitarian sense with PKR, whose agenda is very much the same as UMNO’s.

    This is hardly surprising since PKR are in substance, the disenfranchised from UMNO.

    This is why outlier perspectives such as those advocated by PSM are anathema to this alternative alliance.

    Keep in mind to the DAP; Malay interests are confined along class lines. The so-called “educated” urban Malay is not the target. These types like their Indian counterparts are not part of the dialectic. They would have willingly drunk the kool aid and have no real interest in change beyond the superficial kicking UMNO out of Putrajaya.

    No, what the DAP is doing is enabling their Malay counterparts in PR, to continue the agenda of maintaining the Malay “serf” class that has kept UMNO in power all these years. The fact that they have not managed to achieve the required results in terms of votes does not mean they are incompetent in their endeavors.

    The rise of the Christian evangelical wing in the DAP has further ramifications. The most important of which is that the DAP gets to define urban middle aspirations and this is done through the lens of evangelical Christianity.

    Whereas in the past, the Christian sensibility was part of a diverse range of religious thought in this country and indeed the urban landscape, the discourse now will pivot on an axis of UMNO extremism and DAP intransigence.

    Add to this the concept of “race” and the fact that the Chinese community has always been parochial (something they accuse everyone else of being) and what you get is a race based religious plutocracy at war with a race based religious kleptocracy. In the long run, the only real losers will be the Malays.

    1. No worries. Welcome back.

      Re: “When the Komtar Potentate, throws money at the KBP folks expecting them to abandon their principled stand it is considered an act of benefice to the wretched.”

      You managed to put their behaviour into words. The DAP putdown was that the Kg Buah Pala Indians were not the kind of people – economically speaking – who in their lifetime could have afforded to buy those double-storey houses (granting that landed property is indeed expensive in Penang).

      But it was also a case of the Chinese looking down on the Indians racially as well. The Indians know this intuitively but the Firsters would be in denial as to the practice.

      The Kg Buah Pala Indians were cheated out of the their homes in the first place (complicated story, as I’ve said earlier). That’s how I see it, anyway. But this salient point – because Guan Eng & his SuperBullies controlled the narrative – is kept away from the general public awareness.

      I was briefed on Kg Buah Pala c. 2009 by the other Ponnusamy Hindraf activist brother Sekaran (lesser known than his more famous siblings Waytha and Uthaya).

      Appreciate the reminder on pluto and klepto.

      1. Ms H. I believe a vast majority of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, including some of their very top leaders will suddenly see the light about the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP like you and then what happens ? I saw through the rubbish on Day 1. This is the reason why I said have some patience and read the lips because the DAP chaps have mounted a ferocious tiger. And we wait to see the result !

  13. Helen,

    The first thing I read when I wake up in the morning is your blog.

    Sometimes (actually all the times), I really admire you for being brave. Reading the Malays hantam-ing the Chinese (although they meant Chinese DAP) day in and day out must not be easy. Maybe, because my skin is not thick enough. At the same time, we Malays in BN also kena hantam left, right and centre not only by Chinese DAP but also by the Malays in PAS/PKR. Cannot beat them, so might as well join them? Cannot la…

    When I arrived in the office this morning, the first loud voice I heard was “Khairy’s house was burgled. Served him right” he said, followed by laughter.”

    My replied was “It’s not right to wish people bad. What if people said the same to you when you’re robbed last time?” Anyway, he is a huge and fierce guy and was robbed right outside his house a few months back.

    He said “Unless you have been robbed and knocked on the head, you have no right to say anything.”

    I said “I know it’s bad but I do not think it’s right to cheers on others when some horrors befallen them.”

    Another colleague then said “we have been robbed all these while. It’s time for the Malays to get robbed.”

    I know the last statement refers to the NEP but here they are, staying in multi-millionaire neighborhood, owning 2-3 other properties in the Klang Valley, investing in stock markets across the region, sending their children in international school, socializing at the likes of Lake Club, and my list can go on and on and on.

    Other than that in the government, is there any industry in Malaysia that is not dominated by Chinese? The private sectors will not hire Malays unless they really have to – meaning, to fulfill the 30% quota.

    So, how can the Chinese claim that they have been robbed. I think we have argue this too many times. The way I see it, it is the Malays that have been robbed of our wealth and our land. We allow them to take 70%, and their wealth is enough to last several generations. But, it is not enough. They want 100%.

    Imagine, the Malays and bumiputras (Sabah and Sarawak) constitute about 70%-75% of the population and they only have 30% to share among themselves. So, who is being robbed actually?

    – Monday morning blues –

    1. re: “Reading the Malays hantam-ing the Chinese (although they meant Chinese DAP) day in and day out must not be easy.”

      Although I’m able to be objective about this development, and I understand what and why it is happening from the Malay point of view, the real anti-Chinese sentiments that are fast escalating augurs ill for all of us (the 10 percent Chinese BN voters included).

      Lately I’ve noticed that the foul-mouthed Chinese are losing it in their online comments. The most apt shorthand description is that the level of Chinese rudeness in the public domain is at par with the climate of May 1969.

      The Chinese online mob appear to have no realisation that they’re skating on very thin ice.

      1. I think DAP fear no one and DAP believes they are already in power because of the 50.39% popular votes. Aren’t they forgetting that the 50.39% are not 100% Chinese?

        However, DAP already have PAS under their thumb and PKR under their wings, so we, the Malays who actually will lose out in the end.

        Yes, I shudder to think what happen if the ice melt. Touch wood, it won’t happen.

        1. AJJ. The DAP fears no one because the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore say sometime ago that the gates of Fortress Singapore will not be opened for Malaysian refugees (but only DAP members – my words) MAYBE THIS GAVE THE UNDERLYING MESSAGE TO THE CHINESE, ONLY DAP MEMBERS ARE WELCOMED – hence the swing in the votes. Smart, cunning, and wily and mischievous.

      2. Helen, I’d appreciate if you could describe to me in details why most of the Chinese citizens in Malaysia thinks like they’re the king of the world and look down on everyone?

        They look down not only to Malays, the Indians, other Bumiputeras, the Banglas, and just about anyone with colored skins. I don’t get how they can be so double standard.

        Is there something wrong with their heads and hearts?

        I’m sincerely asking this as I just can’t make sense of what they’re thinking judging by their languages and actions at all.

        For example, they keep accusing the Malays as racists. But they don’t think that most of them not being able to speak Malay even though they claim to be Malaysian first is not racist! The fact that they looks down on Malays and Banglas is not racist.

        They also thinks of DAP as some kind of saviour, seriously, maybe it’s because I’m a Malay so I don’t get it, but what exactly are they so mad about? We all know the Chinese get the most of the cake in Malaysia, so why they keep asking for more?

        It’s like they don’t think about others at all. I’m talking about school funding, the UEC issues, not wanting to mingle with other races except for works, the high and mighty attitude, everyone else is wrong and so on…

        And then, there’s issue where they claim to be smarter than everyone else (saying BN only won because of the naive kampung people) and yet most of them can’t even speak and write in Malay fluently compared to the Pakistans, Banglas and other foreign workers.

        They also claim to be smarter but why do they keep parroting their leaders? There’s no petition about the blackouts, there’s no proof the blackouts affected the votes. So why do they insist on the Blackout Demonstration.

        Is there something they’re trying to prove? I seriously don’t get it.

        Please enlighten me with your insights.

        1. re: “what exactly are they so mad about?”

          A lot of things. They’re mad at me too.

          re: “It’s like they don’t think about others at all.”

          I think this is an urbanization and Gen X-Gen Y problem. Unfortunately most Chinese are urbanized. Chinese who live in the kampung not so inconsiderate.

        2. Maybe, I should start with the year 2008. What about 2008?

          1. In Msia, we had PRU12 and PR took over rich states, Penang and Selangor (their next aim is Johor, and of course Federal government but this is a different story – at least for now.)

          2. What else happened? Economic meltdown in western countries, and this include the economic superpower, the U.S.

          3. Anything else? 2008 marked the 30th anniversary of economic reform in China.

          What do the three points have anything to do with DAP Chinese becoming arrogant? Because for the past five years, the entire world had been talking about China going to be the biggest economy in the world. Every investors put their money on China. Westerners flocked in Asia looking for jobs, whereas prior to 2008, Asians would be the one begging for jobs in western countries.

          In Msia, Chinese DAP was recharged. If China is capable of toppling the U.S. as the biggest economic power in the world, how difficult it is to topple the Msian government? Their heads got bigger by the day, for five years leading to GE13. China will be the king of the world. DAP will be the king of Msia.

          And guess what? Jesus is also coming back to earth, so the kristians will rule the world in the end (this is a quote from DAPsters, not my own). With mama evangelist elected as speaker, DAP’s ego grows even larger.

          “Who can stop us now” is probably what they are thinking now but I believe, we can. Not easy but if we work hard, we can stop them.

          That’s how I see it.

          1. re: “‘Who can stop us now’ is probably what they are thinking now”

            Malays are saying “over our dead body” (we’ll let DAP rule the country).

            “An unstoppable force (DAP) meets an immovable object (Ketuanan Melayu).”

            1. Actually, the Malays will definitely unite if non-Muslims mess with Islam. You can kutuk the Malays all you want, but not all the Malays will react in kind.

              Try scream profanities towards Islam; you’ll get instant and very violent reactions from the Muslims.

              Ketuanan Islam is what DAP fears the most.

        3. NI. It is unfortunate the Malaysian Chinese behave in this arrogant sort of way which I also noticed in recent years. This I attribute to de-tribalization of their clans due to the NEP push for urbanization and the passing of the older folks. I would add the word ‘Brash’ too. They are arrogant and brash because they have no religious or cultural ballast – they are really hollow in mind and in spirit. THEY ONLY GO AFTER MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX plus leisure. The total sum of all these led to their present political position up a pole which will lead to the depreciation of their socio-economic well-being. AT THE MOMENT THEY THESE YOUNG CHINESE THINK IT IS ALL PART OF A GAME. Let us hope I am wrong.

  14. the Dear Leader is getting desperate. now he is asking Pas, but from what’s been reported, he is demanding, that Pas boycott the Kuala Besut by election. he knows that in the event Pas wins the Kuala Besut by election, the DAP will be staring at the prospect of a Malay unity government in Terengganu.

    the man is so full of deceit, just like his fellow DAP colleagues. he knows that a Malay unity government, if it comes to fruition in Terengganu, will have wider ramifications. look at the Malay heartland states in the north, states like Perlis, Kedah, even Kelantan and Pahang.

    if Umno and Pas can form a Malay unity government in Terengganu, why not in those states as well ? now he is trying to prevent this from happening by calling on Pas, well actually demanding that Pas boycott the Kuala Besut by election.

    1. Dalam sukan bola orang PAS-UMNO boleh bersatu macam Piala FA kelmarin Kelantan vs Johor. Orang Kelantan sokong Anuar Musa (orang UMNO).

      I would not surprise if a unity government comes to fruitation.

        1. As long as Nik Aziz and Hadi are around, UMNO and PAS to unite is highly unlikely to happen.

  15. BN appoints members to position based on party allocation. Although different party representing different race. They would always be seen as representing component parties. Same for Gerakan (majority Chinese members), or PPP (mainly Indian members).

    As of present situation, every race seem best represented by those who understand their own culture and lifestyle. Why? Everyone just being hypocrite and not making effort to understand each other better. We live separate lives. We go to different school. We communicate in own mother tongue. We mingle with our own kind.

    BN is just adapting to people’s will. It is not perfect. But it is the best the country could have, given the current situation. If nobody wants to assimilate into a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, let it be different bangsa retaining different identities and not feeling left out when they have their representatives in the government looking after them.

    My 2 sen.

    1. The 90 percent of Chinese who voted oppo played along with the DAP’s Malaysian-First-Bangsa-Malaysia pretense. Now they have Paul & Mary as Minister and Deputy Minister.

      The Chinese voters said they wanted colour blind ‘Malaysian’ representatives. No one should be complaining now that Paul & Mary can’t speak Mandarin.

        1. Sajak buat Firsters:

          “Malaysia 1st”

          Dahulukan Malaysia
          agamamu dan agamaku
          kompromi bahasa “Tuhan”…

          Peluang sama-rata
          di gelanggang tinggi-rendah
          “Mandarin speaking preferred!”

          Kompeten konsisten
          telus, akauntabiliti
          -hanya sesama ras…

          Dahulukan kroni
          sanak famili – anak bini
          Malaysia…, entah berbaki.

          Jalan Permatang Pauh, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
          ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri

          1. in order to be Malaysian First, you must be :

            1. Christian

            2. English speaking

            3. must denounce your own racial heritage.

            on all 3 counts, Malaysian First can be found in Malay, Chinese and Indian communities.

            1. LOL.

              Like I said in the event of divorce, the parents take one kid each.

              So BN take the Tamil-speaking, Hindu Indian and DAP take the English-speaking, Christian Indian. After that, we play the numbers game.

              BN will win by taking the Tamil-speaking, Hindu Indians b’cos they’re semi-urban and rural.

              The English-speaking, Christian Indians living in Subang Jaya or Damansara Utama overlap the DAP Chinese urban electorate and are in the seats where the oppo have already got a strong majority.

              Whereas the Tamil-speaking, Hindu Indians are living in the marginal seats and their vote will have a bigger impact on the election results.

      1. They will find whatever reasons to discredit the appointment of any Chinese in Malay-led administration. That’s in their job description.

        1. And if there are no good reasons, they will cook up some lies. That’s the kind of people they are.

      2. One day there will be a Minister for Chinese Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Department like the ‘Protector of the Chinese’ during the British days if the recalcitrant Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, which is one of a kind in the whole wide World keeps on being recalcitrant. Remember what I say about the Chinese being too clever for themselves ?

  16. I respect the way you write and thank you for reminding us. I think you made it loud and clear that we are not against the Chinese generally but the DAP Chinese who condemn racism but essentially practice one. I think its a delicate diatribe but it must be shown that DAP practices cloak selective and hypoctitical racism. The Malays must not be cowed in raising their rights simply because they’ll be accused of racism. We need to tell that DAP is racist by their own definition.

    This realization must come to full fruition. Because only then we can recognize our differences and work for common goal. The DAP brand of politics build resentment after resentment and brings our nation becoming more polarized. Every time we talk on integrating further DAP talk on separating recognizing only certain racial right. The people must realise this double talk.

    As an example, the right of vernacular school is argued on the basis of a right to mother tounge language. In Malaysia we have more than 30 ethnics with different mother tounge. But DAP will never fight for 30 to 50 types of SRJK bcoz it will separate us further. So what they mean by mother tounge is certain race mother tounge. They are saying its superior.

    So isn’t this the same with MCA? MCA does recognize the difference so we take position on what common ground we can achieve. But DAP is different. They will always argue fighting for Malay rights are racism but not if its for Chinese right. They think this cannot be seen by Malays. But it does and it builds resentment and aggravate the polarization as we’ve never seen before (in my lifetime). We need to change. But don’t call us racist to win a racist argument. Until they stand down, I will call them what they deserve: the racist bigot.

    Ps: sorry for the strong words. They’ve called me many names and I’m a respond in kind of person.

    1. In the whole wide World, only Malaysia has NATION WIDE VERNACULAR SCHOOLS. Not even the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP’s dear Singapore.

  17. Yes Helen. I remember they called you names when you raised the Kampung Buah Pala news and since then for any issues you raised you would be mocked. You were the only Malaysiakini columnist that I eagerly waiting to read because the other just follow the herd mentality. I’m glad that I still able to read your insights here.

    1. Yes, they mocked my views on the kalimah Allah issue as well.

      I accept that when my writings deviated from the Malaysiakini pro-oppo editorial line, they ‘froze’ (axed) my column.

      However the Scissorati are on the payroll of a newspaper that is owned by MCA but whose editorial contents are backstabbing the BN.

      I have no objections that The J-Star or any newspaper is partial to one political side. As I’ve written before, the New York Times has without fail endorsed the Democrat candidate in every American presidential election since Kennedy.

      However The J-Star is spreading the Jerusubang gospel and preaching DAP sermons but MCA is hoodwinking BN that their media machinery is fair to both sides for the sake of objective journalism and keeping up readership. What bollocks.

      1. MCA wake-up, no more day dreaming maaa…its obvious “there’s monkey on BN back”, your STAR is spinning money but at the same times spinning issues that kill yourself and your friend. Maybe money is more important to MCA than the results of GE14.

        1. “MCA wake-up,…”

          Haven’t you read their recent response on the star over utusan?

            1. I am actually referring to your entry “MCA says The Star is not Utusan So Kampung”.

          1. MCA is dead. Dead people dont talk. How sure are we mca still owns the star. In name only probably.

          2. Lol ,

            Please do not be too optimistic. MCA will not change. Why need to worry. why need to engage. Leave it to UMNO. Life is too wonderful to be changed.

            But the message from the ground will do the change. As the time tested Malay generosity that is rarity by world standard is coming to its end, Malays are sending the message that they see no reason for MCA to represent a Malay majority areas.

            Which is the reason why Padang Serai, Alor Setar, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak were lost to PR.

            1. Optimistic over MCA? no lah. It just that, unlike opposition who try to bury everything the saw as their rival, me and my MCA friends still have a tiny winny little hope to poke and wake them up. Otherwise I just strangle them myself and be done with it.

              :o sarah

            2. Shamsul,

              Please read my comment with sarcasm. I have commented many moon prior to PRU13 in many blogs that MCA is not to be trusted. PERIOD.

      2. In the history of the World, new fangled religious ideas will eventually peter out. These unregulated, self-appointed and untaxed new Christians are just another financial caper in the land of financial capers organised by the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese except two, chit funds and the forex caper.

  18. I totally agree with you on this one. In fact I must say that I enjoy reading the materials you provided here all the way and I find it constantly interesting. Keep up the good work Helen! And of course all the indefatigable commenters as well, you really are among the best true expressive Malaysians I’ve ever known of :).

  19. KBP was the turning point for me as well. It was the place of origin in Penang for my maternal family and was close to my heart because of this. Although I had no connections left there, KBP was also important to me as proof of Penang’s Indian heritage and historical way of life. This was what the villagers fought for; not just the land.

    How all this was trivialised and ignored and the historical village obliterated when Penang’s Chinese temples, clan buildings, jetties and mansions have become heritage sites and international tourist attractions fills me with anger till today (Tokong manages heritage affairs personally now). All that the Tokong had unconscionably done to push through the invalidated land deal and how his fanatical running dog supporters backed him up for selling out KBP to war chest contributing developers is forever etched in my mind.

    I became convinced of DAP’s racism and greed. So have many other Indians. What’s worse was that the Tokong regarded Hindraf who joined the KBP villagers in solidarity, as being communal when DAP openly practices communal and racist politics. I still remember how Tokong and his father chanted “Makkal Sakthi” at pre 308 ceramahs and piggy-backed on Hindraf and Indian sentiments to victory in Penang.

    The shameless hypocrisy of the sonsabitches.

  20. Kpg Buah Pala dwellers would not have just lost their livelihood, but also a historical connection. This is eerily similar to what happened to Kpg Datu in Sibu recently – which is one of oldest and the last remaining Malay kampung in the riverine coastal area in Sibu. Except that their kpg got totally wiped out in a mysterious fire, and villagers were conveniently re-located (in what seemed to be a pre-arranged penempatan).

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