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They’re going to fight about everything every day

Today it is Utusan fighting Tony Pua / Tony Pua fighting Utusan.

Tony alleged that Utusan twisted his statement on the pasar Ramadan out of context. See, Malaysiakini‘s ‘There are lies, damned lies and Utusan, says Pua‘ or FMT‘s ‘There are lies, damned lies, and Utusan’.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

To Tony I say what goes around comes around.

What the DAP publicity chief accuses Utusan of is exactly what the DAP politicians and their gutter operatives are the world champions at as well as something they – especially the evangelical faction of the party – are themselves constantly doing.

Hannah Yeoh TwitterTony migrate

There are another 4 years and 10 months to go before the next election needs to be held. That’s roughly some 1,765 days ahead of us of fighting, fighting and more fighting … daily.

The prospect of this non-stop fighting has prompted the English media to bleat for ‘national reconciliation’.

Philip, editor of the Star Online pointing to his paper’s new five-star logo

Evangelista Bintang Tiga

Beware. It’s just a sneaky trick contrived by the conniving pro-Pakatan media. Remember, the English media are thoroughly controlled by the opposition, particularly the Christians.

While the Prime Minister might once again consider to accommodate (like he did before the Chinese tsunami washed over him), Pakatan will likely take the opportunity to hit BN below the belt and in the same instance throw a kick to the groin. Oh, and how can I forget the scissors stab in the back.

The call for ‘national reconciliation’ coming from the oppo and their supporters is a feint to keep BN distracted while Pakatan plot and plan their sly manoeuvres.

Don’t believe me, you can read the surreal ‘Getting serious on national reconciliation‘ in Lim Kit Siang’s blog today.


Musang berbulu ayam

There is little sincerity, if any at all, from the other side.

The aforementioned FMT article reproduced in Lim Kit Siang’s blog, although headlined Getting serious on national reconciliation, starts by accusing Najib Razak and “his fellow Umno sycophants [of] sparing no efforts in hijacking any form of ‘ceasefire’ between ruling government Barisan Nasional and Pakatan”.

One does not commence efforts at rapprochement by going all guns blazing from the get go.

The article in Kit Siang’s blog is already dead set on hostilities when, on top of ascribing a “nonchalant attitude” to Najib, it goes further to say that “by placing an ultimatum on ‘national reconciliation’, the premier has proven that he is not interested in bridging the dangerously-widening gap between the Malays and the non-Malays”.

How is building bridges possible when their side refuses to abandon the blame game but instead points the barrel of the gun at Najib (insisting “the premier has proven that he is not interested in bridging the dangerously-widening gap”) even before sitting down at the negotiation table.

Heck, the article in Kit Siang’s blog even manages to slingshot at the Pakatan most favourite bogeyman Dr Mahathir, accusing the ex-premier of sedition.


Now let’s look at another Reconciliation article that appeared today in the English media. This time in The Malaysian Insider.

The TMI article is titled ‘Can reconciliation really work when we talk like this?

First things first. Guess who the TMI reporters Jennifer Gomez and Yiswaree Palansamy talked to.

They are the usual suspects:

  • Wong Chin Huat, Penang Institute fellow
  • Sivamurugan Pandian, USM lecturer
  • Khalid Samad, PAS Selangor deputy commissioner
  • Azmi Shahrom, the Liberal Malay poster boy

Hullo, hullo, hullo!

This is Wong Chin Huat, seated in the centre between perpetual professional protestor Hisham Rais and DAP candidate for Bentong Parliament seat, Wong Tack.


This is Wong Chin Huat walking beside Ambiga.

They are the co-heads of Bersih the Malaysian Spring wannabe movement.


This is Wong Chin Huat beside an overturned, smashed up car. The innocent and unfortunate car was assaulted by Bersih demonstraters.

Chin Huat is speaking into the megaphone. He may be pointing his finger up but he is definitely not saying “1Malaysia”.


This is the Wong Chin Huat who is a fellow of the Penang Institute which is Lim Guan Eng’s think tank where Zairil Khir Johari is the institute CEO.

And this same Wong Chin Huat is the anchor interviewee in the TMI article on the topic of national reconciliation.

Who is TMI kidding?!

Utusan diungkit

So who else appeared in the TMI article?

Azmi Sharom, a Universiti Malaya academic cum J-Star columnist is interviewed. No UKM academic cum Utusan columnist is interviewed.

Khalid Samad, the Pakatan MP for Shah Alam. No other BN leaders were approached for today’s edition of the article albeit TMI promised a few more parts to come. The least they could have done was interview Shahrir to pair.

Do you think the TMI article on national reconciliation is unbiased?

Of course not!

The TMI article quotes Khalid Samad as saying:

“We just need to be rid of those in power who are sowing seed of distrust and hatred among people. BN needs to stop pitting Malays against non-Malays.”

Even before we can dip our toes in the rehabilitative waters, Khalid is already faulting BN for “sowing seed of distrust and hatred”, and for “pitting Malays against non-Malays”.

hannahyeoh What an irresponsible PM Utusan

The TMI article quotes Lim Kit Siang as saying that there is “this urge by the government to punish voters who didn’t support BN”.

The Kit Siang quote is one of a piece with another passage penned by TMI itself which said, “Whether the Najib administration will put aside the corrosive elements of anger, betrayal, retribution against born and bred Malaysians who did not vote for Barisan Nasional – and focus instead on building bridges.”

TMI has singled out the Najib administration for blame over the “retribution against born and bred Malaysians who did not vote for Barisan Nasional”.

In short, the TMI news portal has merely parroted Kit Siang’s accusatory line.

Twitterhannahyeoh Perkasa = UMNO = Utusan

The TMI article also tells its readers that:

“At private dinners, they [the “educated Malays”] have been mouthing the same drivel put out in the public domain by Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa: that the Chinese should have been more loyal to the government which nurtured the environment for their economic success.

The TMI reporter, in saying that “drivel is being put out in the public domain by Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa”, seems to be channelling Hannah Yeoh (see her similar-sounding tweet screenshot above).

Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Odikal reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh

If Utusan is Umno, then Star is DAP

Malaysian media is polarized along language lines — Malay language pro-establishment, English language pro-opposition.

Pakatan never tires of linking Utusan to Umno.

BN should rightly be wary of The Sneaky Star, which was suspended in 1987 alongside the DAP leaders detained under Ops Lalang for incitement.

It is a fact that control of the English media discourse and narrative is lost to the BN.

It is an urgent necessity that the MCA must be held accountable for all the scissorsing that is being surreptitiously carried out by the biggest English media as well as its covert black ops propaganda blogs such as Stop the Lies which is operated by the chief Scissorati.

***   ***   ***   ***


Just me being nitpicky:

The TMI article said: “… the BN performed worse than in 2008, even losing the popular vote for the first time since independence.”

Not quite.

The ruling party actually performed its worst in the 10 May 1969 general election.

In 1969, the Alliance (Umno, MCA, MIC) polled 48.41 percent of the “popular vote”.

The loose opposition (PAS 23.75%, DAP 13.37%, Gerakan 8.57%, PPP 3.87%, Parti Rakyat 1.24%) together obtained 50.8 percent of the votes.

Independent candidates garnered the remaining 0.34 percent of the total votes.


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76 thoughts on “They’re going to fight about everything every day

  1. Malaysia will never progress and continue to be a 3rd world country unless those editorial idiots from UTUSAN and the likes of Mahathir stop their destructive cultures.

    1. jibkoko,

      No need to wait until Dr Mahathir’s tenure for Utusan or UMNO leadership had really wanted to play to racial gallery. They had ample time to do so.

      Even until today, UMNO alone has 40% of parliamentary seats. it would be higher if it does not have to babysit dying parties like MCA, Gerakan.

      That alone is enough to turn Malaysia into another rwanda or Bosnia should UMNO decide to incite racial feeling.

      The truth , DAP is the one playing racial feeling, teaching chinese to think about themselves only with no thought for other races.

    2. jibkoko,

      i’m sure u r a red beaner…..!

      the actual idiots who starts the destructive cultures were actually u and ur team….

      apart from being idiot, u the red beaner are so deaf and dumb because there is no way anyone with positive advice will ever able to make u and ur team understand!

      therefore, destructive cultures are applied only by u and ur gang….

    3. Yeah like The Star acting differently. At least Utusan never use an ugly picture to use in their reporting. The Star always acting like a kids, use as much as ugly picture as possible to damage people who are not supporting them. Acting like a school children who use to paint a mousrache or circle in their teacher picture when getting angry. Ask The Star to grow up lah before complain Utusan.

      :() sarah

    4. yawn..

      ayat skema Red Bean. Boring la korang. Kreatif la sikit nak provoke pun. Melayu semua bukan tunggul.

    5. They are so so jealous of Utusan, their papers just cannot reach out to the majority Bumiputras in the rural areas – desperately trying all tricks to shut the paper down.

      Our kids need Utusan to kejapkan mata pelajaran Bahasa Malaysia diSekolah – there are tons of educational articles for them daily..

      Asking their followers, mainly Chinese to boycott Utusan, no wonder even some of their Chinese MPs cannot speak fluently in our National Language. My neighbour’s kids are all SJKC products, cannot communicate well with the people here as they cannot understand the National Language. Really crazy dan tak masuk akal!

      Strange politicians out to destroy the harmony of this nation. What a shame.

    6. “Malaysia will never progress and continue to be a 3rd world country unless those editorial idiots from THE STAR and the likes of DAPSTER EVANGELIST stop their destructive cultures.”

      Tun M has already created more than enough legacies to all malaysian including you JIBKOKO

      ada mata ..sudah tidak nampak kah?? buruk sangatkah negara kita?? mundur sgtkah negara kita??
      ada telinga…dah tak boleh dengar kah?? berapa byk negara2 lain yg memuji dan ingin mencontohi malaysia??

      But I just wonder what kind of progress and development Dapster and The Star have done, are doing and would do for all malaysian regardless of race and religion.

      …………….and i am still waiting ………………….

    7. Malaysia will never progress and continue to be a 3rd world country unless those editorial idiots from The Star and the likes of Lim Kit Siang stop their destructive cultures.

      Or perhaps Lim Kit Siang would like to follow his big boss Lee Kuan Yew ways of never having any other newspaper other than SPH ( Singapore Press Holdings )….or PM Najib should follow the way of Singapore on how to tightened the screws on the opposition. Only the Chinese knows how to teach the Chinese.
      The malays are too tolerant…PM Najib and ex-PM Badawi are just weak…the next malay leader should be someone like Tun Mahathir…the Chinese can only be ruled with a tight fist. They don’t deserved malays hospitality. Now that we malays know that the Chinese do not want the kongsi concept well we will know what to do.

          1. I am not anti-Hainanese. In fact, I had many late Hainanese friends from the old school.


    8. berapa kerap anda membaca utusan? Bilakah kali terakhir anda membaca Utusan Malaysia?

    9. Malaysia will stop progress unless morons from STAR, Maaysiakini n the likes of Hannah, LKS, LGE stop their kiasu cultures.

    10. jibkoko, true. But unfortunately many Barisan Nasional supporters are too narcissistic and they believe the earth revolves around them. The “kera kena belacan” responses you get here is an excellent example. For instance, we have some person called Rina who thinks Utusan is the only Malay newspaper around, unaware there are alternatives such as Sinar Harian, and Metro.

      And then we have another who thinks its not ok for one newspaper to use unphotoshopped photos, while it is ok for newspapers like Utusan to use blatant lies.

      1. Utusan use blatant lies?? Have u ever read the paper?? Do u know that they always quote the oppo leaders on anything that they write so we have both points of view. Just because it fights for malay rights you diss the papers n the readers. You will be happy if there is nothing in msia that fights for malay rights. No malay mouthpiece. This is a country where malay is the majority. If u still cant understand n accept that fact then nothing i can say..

        1. Yes, I have read Utusan. They write something totally different than what the opposition leader said. Example, Karpal Singh was accused of insulting the Sultan because the Utusan journalist could not be bothered to find the meaning of the term ‘ultra vires’.

          And there has been many times they have been taken to court for publishing fabrications and lost.

          1. Used to be a time when Utusan was a respected news organ. Now it just publishes the wet dreams of reactionary right wing Malay hacks.

              1. Edit to add.

                Would you consider Dean Johns, Mariam Mohktar , Kee Thuan Chye, et all hacks of some kind ?

                If so apply the same standards to the pundits of your choice.

    11. jibkoko. Hey ! You never heard of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 failed Policies for Singapore ? as follows.
      1. The use of money as an investment of Foreign Policy which killed or injured innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin. Shinawatra.
      2. The loss of US$108 Billions(RM350 Billions) of the citizens Trust money by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes’ men with the smartes fellow on top in October 2008 on Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009-2013. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. Saturdays.
      3. The 2 child Policy 1970s-1980s. This is the killer. Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister 1959. The indigenous population was 100%. 2013 – it was 62% 2030 – 45%. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2013.
      4. Humanity and Multiculturalism never practised in Singapore. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. The 188 bus drivers strike. The toilet fights. etc.
      5. A perfunctory Judiciary well=known the world over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw (If the Police stopped at 1, he would not have been in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl !)
      6. The daily import of 5,000 pigs. The flower nurseries contracts. The King of the Road. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank.
      7. The highest paid officials in the World in a place the size of the Isle of Wight, England. Vide Warren Buffet.
      8. The founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966. It did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, the Indians and all for 47 long years. And it failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to Lee Kuan Yew to save his legacy in JUST ONE EASY STEP.
      9. Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minister in 1959 and is still there in 2013. During this period, Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

      Vide. Malaysian Maverick which was published in a hurry to counter balance October 2008 states Malaysia’s loss over 22 years was RM100 Billions. This figure is unsubstantiated and should be properly designated as DEVELOPMENT EXPENDITURES unlike Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy failures.


      1. I like to clarify what I mean by JUST ONE EASY STEP.

        1. In 1997, if the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

        2. In 2008, when the BN led by UMNO with the 13 component parties was asking to be kicked out, the Opposition did not sort out the 32 votes before the 12th General Elections but only after (when BN resumed powers). JUST ONE EASY STEP

        3. In 2013, the Opposition did not call a 100 day hunger strike and their 51% popular vote to boycott the EC and the 13th General Elections. BN would have won 100% of the seats with just 49% votes and faced World condemnation. If they did, they would have strolled to power in their hospital beds. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

        The above illustrates the ineffective and bungling intellect of the Sinaporean Trojan Horse DAP which is now operating well above their depth.


  2. Jual pantun:

    Badan Lim berbau busuk,
    Hendak mandi sudah malam;
    Jin Dapster gigih merasuk,
    Pakai J-Star gunting di dalam.

    Silakan beli :)

  3. Jibkoko, you sound like a staunch subscriber to The Star and an avid reader of The Rocket. I don’t think you can even speak Malay let alone be able to read Utusan Malaysia. In case you suffer from selective memory, Malaysia was an agro based country until Tun Mahathir jumpstarted it into the industrial era. Now you know what happens to people who understand Malaysian history as it is written by Dap.

  4. Was DAP 3.0 formerly registered as 21st Century GERAKAN (please place the Fox fanfare)? Didn’t Tony, Chris Ross, DOCTOR, Rainbow all migrated from 21st Century GERAKAN (the Fox fanfare again)? In fact Tony and DOCTOR was from GERAKAN untuk J (classical music please!).

    All these are jumping jack flashes!

  5. ‘Malaysian media is polarized along language lines — Malay language pro-establishment, English language pro-opposition.’

    Helen how do you see the role of the Chinese media in this, Kwong Wah Yit Poh for example has been around since 1910. How does these vernacular newspapers contributed towards the national reconciliation, before and post GE13?

    I spare you with regards to Tamil media since, I presumed you don’t read Tamil, do you? Or you may comment if you are familiar about them as well…

    1. Kwong Wah Yit Poh Penang based-paper. They seem chummy with the local deity.

      There was one time the Chinese papers enjoying honeymoon period with the demi-god who got flattering coverage esp. the society (dinner functions) and business pages (ribbon-cutting, MoUs).

      The Chinese sentiment pre-tsunami was pretty well consolidated. Post-tsunami I think they’re also beginning to be worried about the tremors from the Malay backlash and making conciliatory noises.

      1. The purported change of Government never took place. You may reduce the declining chances of a change of Government from March 2008 towards the future – once bitten twice shy.

        1. By October 2012, even some Malay Tan Sris were sitting on the fence and having doubts whether the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties could win. I had to reassure them and was pleasantly surprised at their dubious attitude towards their patrons !

      2. Stop the Lies…… is a black covert ops owned by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which magnifies and glorifies the DAP leadership. With many pics of the DAP leadership. I told them to put a list of the BN Bloggers up beginning with Chedet. Their latest is to disrupt the ops of TV Malaysia.

        This Stop the Lies……is one more mischievous action of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP as founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore in 1966.
        Its main function is to divide the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all. This mischief is clearer day by day.

      3. Go to any Georgetown Festival event where LGE is the VIP and you will find LGE getting all the standing ovations and not the artiste. So Mao Tse Tung and Juan Peron! LGE should be declared as the official religion of Pulau Pinang Darul Sampah.

          1. Ms H. Strange. People would stand and give an ovation for a phenomenon or philosophy which is based only on normal administration of the bureaucracy and not on political beliefs of Mao Tse Tung etc. Maybe the people think the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Polcies for Singapore, and Singapore’s glittering success have come. Halelujah !

          2. Cult worship of Kim Guan Eng is mostly concentrated on the island. No prizes for guessing why.

        1. I have been to one of LGE’s function – a dinner. Guests were told to stand up and clapped when he arrived. His aide actually went from table to table with this instruction well before his arrival.

  6. What can the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP do as they have already lost the 13th General Elections ? Whichever the DAPPIES toss the dice in any General Elections, they will have to play SECOND FIDDLE to Malay based political parties. WHO ARE THEY KIDDING ? SINGAPORE ?

    As long as the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties OBSERVES THE ABSOLUTE RULE OF THE LAW, IMPLEMENTS FAIR AND TRANSPARENT POLICIES, PROVIDES A NORMAL BUREAUCRACY, AND ESCHEWS DOING BUSINESS WITH GLCs, there is nothing the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP can do except to get its university graduates to behave like sam-sengs. And head butt themselves at the solid concrete wall to eternity.

    1. The more aggressive and arrogant the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP becomes, the more defensive walls will be thrown around it as the incumbent BN is fully cognisant of the intentions of this Trojan Horse. Forewarned is forearmed.

      1. Why do the aggressive and arrogant keep on their daily verbal attacks on the BN ruling party ? They know full well that with every attack it serves to widen the racial divide – to serve their hidden agenda. Do not forget the DAP is the Singaporean Trojan Horse since 1966 as founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

        1. re: “They know full well that with every attack it serves to widen the racial divide”

          So from now till GE14 with the daily attacks over 1,765 days, how wide will the racial divide ultimately get?

  7. What is happening in Egypt and Turkey is a reminder to Malaysians. If you throw a regime through street demonstrations expect people to throw you out through street demonstration as well. Also that the Islamic state slogan and negara kebajikan or whatever won’t matter if you don’t know how to manage the economy.

    1. This may be relevant to the understanding of Malaysia’s social problems with regards to the “Negara Kebajikan” political oxymoron of the liberal-evangelical DAPsters and the “Hudud Ideology” of the obscurantist religionists, as they walk-the-streets heedless of the hubris, greed, and envy coating their own souls.

      A scholar counsels against the dangers of heedlessness in the psychology of the human being: [YouTube]

  8. Malaysia akan berada di takuk lama selagi ada pembangkang yg asyik bangkang je kerje nya. Kucing beranak pun nak jadi isu agaknya.

  9. Malaysia is not a matured democracy yet. So true what Mahathir said. Just look at the childish response by Tokong about the water issue.

    1. One can the Malays and Kedahan control water.

      Start buying shares of PBA Berhad. Please all Kedahans. Just buy at least 100 shares. You can all make a difference.

      You deserve to share the profits of PBA.

  10. Hi Helen,
    1. They never grow up, do they? Latest the jonker’s joke. Before, the rumours of DAP party of not being registered. Then…shooo, quiet ….the transfer of $$$$hhhh Earlier on the controversial DAP’s CEC. Flashback, remember CAT? None other than DOGGIE named CHOW CHOW dressed in catsuit…. quite similar to the photo paste on your article, Helen. The sheep! The sheep! Grooowl! Grrrwoooooooo….

    2. Now, find these doggies CHOW CHOW. Do you like it? Rate it or just simply refer to the given ratings. Now CHOW CHOW, The bintang tiga, upgraded to army. The bintang lima is very special, meant for the jerusubangites cum J Stars’ which mean the elitist , the evangelist – untouchable / unquestionable” . Refer again to photo, nicely pasted by Helen. Orders must be obeyed or otherwise…. I’m the Speaker, don’t you people see? Me, I’m one of The Big Boss! (Jenice and others with the unlucky stars could answer that). What about you, Helen?

    3. So Helen, you’ve spoken the truth. Exactly The Star exclusiveness is lima bintang ! Next, mission accomplished, they will declare for tujuh bintang. They say Utusan is shit with no bintang at all ! That’s how they look and downgraded all the Malays. The hidden term, hate all the Malays…… They really fond of the perfect couple of 69….. but in the mean time, try to forget that they enjoy and live happily all along fifty four years till now under the care of THE DUMBS! ( UMNO and BN)

    4. All the above are not my saying, Helen. That what they really are. The denials only come from the same roots,pinned down at the bottom of their heart with the saying….”don’t ever forget your root”…

    And I wonder, where my roots are…. are they umno+pas+ pkr or + others…..
    DAP and new chronies , I dont think so.

    1. dah biasa sgt dgn gelaran2 malas, bodoh, dungu, dumbs and whatsoever…..hahaha

      tapi…..bila kita cuba kata dapsters evangelist tu……………..rasis…wwaaa……terlompat2 mereka macam apa je……we are not? lets working for national reconciliation bla..bla..bla

      eh….malaysia ni tengah bergaduh sesama kaum kah??? siapa yg suka-suki buat demo kat jalanan tu….??

      how about MAJORITY of SILENT malaysian yg cintakan keamanan??? yg tak suka tengok trafic jam di sana sini, menyusahkan orang je…

      ya lor….mereka kan ke manusia2 yg memperjuangkan malaysian malaysia…….membuang semua identiti unik setiap kaum yg ada…..sehingga sesetengah cina pun dah malu nak mengaku cina, nak jadi omputih….india pun dah malu nak jadi india….melayu lagilah….ada yg segan jadi melayu………mereka ni nak jadi apa sebenarnya….????

      The Star……?? sky is the limit eh…??

      ooppss..The Star ada kawan dengan The Bulan maa…..

    1. No, religion is not emphasized in this article. I only mentioned the DAP’s evangelista faction in passing.

      But in any case, isn’t Religion the first principle of our country’s Rukun Negara?

      And when religion is mentioned in my articles, it is only the deviant evanglistas. I rarely talk about Buddhism or Hinduism or even Islam and Christianity. And I don’t talk about Hindu priests or Buddhist monks or ulamas.

      What I’ve emphasized is that the Jerusubangites belong to a cult. The City Harvest Church, for example, is a cult founded in Singapore not more than 20 years ago and which has made its way here to Subang Jaya.

      The Jerusubang churches are registered as “RM2” business entities. As such, they should be treated like businesses because the pastors collect 10 percent of the income of their parishioners in the form of tithe.

      Now that’s an easy promise no guarantee (the buyers can get their money back if the key to the door of Heaven they bought fails to open)!

      The most salient feature of the DAP new breed politicians who are carpetbaggers (they only joined the party a few months before the election but are selected to stand for the DUN and Parliament seats) is that they have no qualms about donning the tudung/songkok to barge into mosques to do their politicking and they’re using the religious coin in their politics.

      Shouldn’t this be brought to public attention?

      1. Dear Helen,

        Thanks for the response.

        re: Beware. It’s just a sneaky trick contrived by the conniving pro-Pakatan media. Remember, the English media are thoroughly controlled by the opposition, particularly the Christians.

        re: The most salient feature of the DAP new breed politicians who are carpetbaggers (they only joined the party a few months before the election but are selected to stand for the DUN and Parliament seats) is that they have no qualms about donning the tudung/songkok to barge into mosques to do their politicking and they’re using the religious coin in their politics.

        This is the part that ticked my toe.

        Thanks for clarifying.

        When it comes to political parties propagandizing cloaked hidden in religion.
        They deserve a good kick in the teeth and be stoned.

        At least UMNO was honest enough to say its party’s agenda was Islam & Malay rights openly.

        I agree that it should brought to public attention.

        Worrying part for me, is when one’s interpretation deviates assuming every individual who is a Christian supports DAP.

        The focus shouldn’t be the religion and its believers.
        Instead the people who manipulate religion to their advantage.

        1. re: “assuming every individual who is a Christian supports DAP”

          Well, Fakin’ Fake Calvin doesn’t and neither does Mulan, and a few other Chinese Christians who comment here. But one thread running through them is that they’re ‘old’ Christians born into the faith.

          I believe some of the DAP activists are both converting the born agains into their brand of evangelical Christianity as well as incorporating them into the DAP grassroots. Killing two birds with one stone.

          The more power DAP has – i.e. state money and resources, Speaker’s chair, enforcement officers, local councils in the palm of their hand – the greater the opportunity for the party to carry out this agenda.

          e.g. DAP holds the Housing portfolio in S’gor. This means they can give their new evangelical churches permits to build.

    2. It is simple. Nothing else incites her readers better than a purported Christian plot to subvert the nation.

      Check some of her recent articles. A 105 year old Tamil church near Melaka’s Jonker Street can be spinned into evidence of Christian infiltration into ‘Chinatown’.

  11. A friend said this:

    The problem with the people of Jerusubang is that 80% of Jerusubang are full of Aussie, NZ and Canadian PRs. Somehow they feel they are better than all of us and they can be so mobile. They can leave Malaysia whenever they want and they can spread ill news about Malaysia anytime they want.

    1. I am Mulan. Very true about these bongo bongo voodoo choral dancing troupes of PJ. All their monies siphoned overseas.

    2. I am Mulan. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore said not too long ago that the doors of fortress Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees. By the same token was he implying only DAP members would be admitted (causing all the Chinamen to vote DAP) if there are untowards happening in our beloved Malaysia ? Cunning, wily, mischievous, uncompassionate, calculating etc ?

  12. I like to read the comments here. They just solidify my political beliefs and views.
    I must admit I come here to read and remind myself everyday what I should do should there be a by election or GE.
    I can also see who are the real racists and who advocate racism.

    And, of course, the retaliation of a sore loser!

    1. you have become so active. so after being exposed, you decided to lay low, now that the heat is off, momentarily, you show your ass here.

      speaking of sore losers, there’s no need to point fingers at anyone. we know who the sore losers are. we also know who the real racists and the advocates of racism are.

      and on all counts, these people are the first to shout racism and call people racist the moment they lost arguments. need me to show you who they are ? I’ll give you a hint. one of them is a failed lawyer turned event manager turned politician and who is now serving as Speaker of a certain state.

      but I doubt you know anything. after all, you’re paid to clean people’s butts. and you are doing a nice job. of course you have to do a nice job. the competition is intense. if you failed, there’s another person waiting in the wings.

      now get it ass cleaner ? I m not going to call you a Red Bean Army trooper from now on. you see, soldiers fight to defend their country, and soldiers fight with dignity and honor, as our brave men and women in uniform showed in the Lahad Datu incident. and soldiers do not desert the people they have sworn to protect. I cannot say the same thing about you though. now you come in here as what ? Sara ? well, for all we know, you could come in here using any name you prefer. but we recognize you. so from now on, I m going to call you an ass cleaner, a butt washer. because that’s what you really are. when your masters have problems, you come and clean, wash their backsides.

      1. For some “failed lawyer” she has certainly done well by rising to become the first female state assembly speaker in our nation’s history. : )

        1. Successful event manager.

          Arranging events for perception management – an area in which the MCA has fared poorly. But an area in which the media it owns has gone all out to assist the BN arch rival.

          1. the problem for the DAP, and by extension, the Chinese, is that they have no idea how much the Malays despised them, as pointed by some of the commenters.

            they live in denial. they think just because PKR and Pas Malays are with them, they assume that these PKR and Pas Malays are in the bag.

            the GE13 is just the start. it will pave the way for the complete marginalization of the Chinese community, including those 5% to 10% Chinese who voted for the BN.

            the Kuala Besut by election, if Umno play their cards right, will serve as the foundation of a Malay unity government. that’s why LGE is calling on Pas to not contest the by election. he knows that if Pas win, the likelihood of Umno/Pas forming a unity government will be set in motion.

            yesterday, I had a conversation with a few Malays. they pointed out that, Umno could throw away the seat and let Pas win uncontested. then wait and see how PR respond, but especially how DAP will respond. Umno has nothing to lose in the by election.

            1. re: “the complete marginalization of the Chinese community, including those 5% to 10% Chinese who voted for the BN.”

              Am aware. Sad.

              re: Umno throwing the Kuala Besut seat

              The same thought crossed my mind. It’s a bold gamble and a risk worth taking, in my opinion.

            2. Yeah…I really doubt a party which before the latest 505 rally had someone high up declaring people who died would be martyrs, wants anything to do with UMNO.

              I think that really shows how they feel.

              And the subsequent low Chinese turnout for that rally shows how the Pakatan Chinese feel about being martyrs too.

  13. Ms H. Today, I am able to read only news about the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP on Pages 2 and 14 or more in the Star. I was looking high and low for some mention of the MCA. There were none.


    I could be wrong on all counts. But whatever the reason for the Star to turn into a Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP newspaper, it is only proper the Board of the Star as representing the owners let the public at large know.


  14. panas betul dengan Tun M kan … sebab apa ..sebab Tun M pandai dan dia tau untuk … [edited]

    minta maaf le kasar ..panas hati

  15. as for me.. after GE 13.. I don’t trust the Dapsters anymore… and I really hate them…. i think also I’m not the only one… many malays also.. soo i would say… boikot ABC…

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