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MCA objects to ‘asalkan bukan Cina’ slogan

A regular commenter AK47 wrote @ 2013/07/02 at 9:15 am:

They’re going to fight about everything every day Helen Ang 2013-07-02 09-25-03

Who does The Star speak on behalf of?

When Utusan carried the headline ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu?’, the Malay broadsheet was immediately pounced upon as racist.

Utusan is a kampung paper in the eyes of the DAP supporters. Kampung voters are dungu in the eyes of the DAP supporters because they vote BN.

hannahyeoh I only have to look at Utusan

The J-Star is an urban paper. Urban voters are smart and sophisticated in the eyes of the DAP supporters because they vote Pakatan.

If Utusan represents the Malay kampung voice, then whose voice does The J-Star represent?

Philip is the Star Online editor

WongSaiWanWong Sai Wan is the former Star executive editor
who is now in the Malay Mail

The Sneaky Star spinning for whom?

MCA’s Air Hitam MP Wee Ka Siong was reported in Malaysiakini to have told the Dewan Rakyat yesterday:

“Things like ‘asalkan bukan Cina’ cannot be used. If not, we will lose their support for sure during the next general election.”

The former Deputy Education Minister is in denial. There is now precious little Chinese support left for the BN to lose.

And The J-Star doesn’t even bother with the pretense of featuring MCA in its pages anymore.

Wee Race-based political retribution wont help

“Deep racial sentiment”

The ‘Dah Ikhwan’ blog has an interesting take on the Chinese tsunami.

Dah Ikhwan wrote that the Chinese giving 90% of their votes to the opposition was “a strong manifestation of a deep racial sentiment”.

The blogger also cautioned “DAP and the Red Beans Army better stop under-rating the  Malay intelligence”.

Dah Ikhwan blogged the day before yesterday:

“You better be honest in what you are fighting for and find a win win formula without threat to the Malay political dominance, otherwise the Chinese will always be at the losing end …”

According to Dah Ikhwan, the Malays “get more united behind Umno and BN when they sense political threat from the Chinese”.

The GE13 results in Perak, Kedah and Johor bear out Dah Ikhwan’s premise of increasing Malay unity consequent to the Chinese political onslaught.

What is behind the denials?

MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong has slammed the Buy Chinese Last campaign which uses the tagline ‘Asalkan bukan Cina’ which mimics the ABU campaign of ‘Asalkan bukan Umno’.

“ABU! ABU! ABU!” is a chant that is constantly on the lips of the opposition supporters, particularly the DAP Chinese.

However what is good for the goose is not goose for the gander.

Even though MCA is the second most senior partner in the BN, the Chinese party and the media it controls The J-Star has not complained that the slogan ‘Asalkan bukan Umno’ “cannot be used” else the Malays rasa tersinggung.

But Wee Ka Siong complained in Parliament that ‘Asalkan bukan Cina’ “cannot be used” as it will alienate the Chinese.

Tsunami, what tsunami?

The campaign to boycott Chinese products arose in retaliation to the direction the Chinese votes went.

MCA owes an explanation to its partners in the BN as well as to the 5.2 million-strong electorate who gave their endorsement to the BN on 5 May 2013 on why 90 percent of the Chinese votes went to the opposition.

The repeated and prolonged denial of the Chinese tsunami in the MCA-owned J-Star is an insult to the intelligence of BN supporters.

And now MCA’s Wee Ka Siong has brought to Parliament the same berani buat tak berani tanggung attitude of the newspaper owned by his party.
Wee is displaying the same turpitude shown by the newspaper controlled by his party — baling batu sorok tangan.

Apa lagi DAP mahu?

Twitter rajiv4malaysiaBack in City Harvest Church
YB Rajiv Rishyakaran was Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-05-19 22-09-52

What does the DAP want? Obviously more power.

Less than a fortnight after polling day, the DAP was already embarked on its voter registration drive (see Hannah Yeoh screenshot above).

The DAP efforts to register Chinese and Christian voters bore fruit in Gelang Patah.

In 2004 Gelang Patah had 70,023 voters, and in 2008 the Parliamentary constituency had 78,676 voters. However in 2013, Gelang Patah recorded a quantum leap to number 106,726 voters and in the process delivering a handy victory to Lim Kit Siang.

Over the last five years when the DAP was busy planning and plotting to earn the success that it did in GE13, the MCA was stealthily assisting the DAP to succeed.

The MCA-owned and MCA-controlled newspaper has been a major promoter of the DAP propaganda, for e.g. “colour blind” as well as a major publicity machine for the DAP evangelist politicians.

Twitter hannahyeoh Did another interview with ... 2013-05-21 10-08-45

A day after her voter registration drive, Hannah Yeoh met up with UiTM students (photo above).

While the DAP is infiltrating the Malay campuses, the mosques and trekking into the kampungs, the MCA is quietly lending a hand.

MCA permits the media conglomerate that it owns and controls to cover up for the DAP politicians whenever they are caught with their pants down, in addition to giving all the promotion and publicity to raise the public image of the evangelistas.


The end game

What is the ultimate conclusion to the DAP acquiring more and more and more power?

Read ‘Guan Eng: Jentera pilihanraya DAP adalah yang terbaik sekali’

The party sec-gen said it himself in an open letter to members following their triumph in GE12 — DAP is aiming for the Putrajaya crown.

And they are marching to the administrative capital riding on the best election machinery there is.

DAP claims that they cannot even afford to pay a single cybertrooper. Ya lor, who needs paid commenters on Facebook when ‘DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star‘.

Today a regular reader of this blog tells me that “DAP [is featured] on Pages 2 and 14 or more in the Star”. He says he was “looking high and low for some mention of the MCA. There were none”.

MCA is now MIA in its own newspaper.

What is the MCA’s hidden agenda in allowing the Scissorati running the overt (Battlestar Galactica) and covert (Stop the Lies, etc) operations to undermine the BN?



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140 thoughts on “MCA objects to ‘asalkan bukan Cina’ slogan

  1. hahahaha …saya tak paham pendekatan pentadbiran najib sekarang … apa mau takut ..nak tutup jonker street pun takut …tutup atau buka cina tetap sokong pr …so ..apa takut ..buat saja apa yang perlu tak payah pikir diaorang … tu je cara ajar puak2 ni

  2. what else is there to lose ? nothing. lost everything at 505.

    lost everything already la. what’s lost will not come back. no need to waste time with them. just close Jonker Walk.

    see whether PKR and Pas will come to their aid. if PKR and Pas don’t come to their aid, then it confirms that BN has nothing to be afraid of. like the Nike slogan Just Do It.

  3. What do you feel about this whole ABC thing, miss Helen?

    Seems to me before the GE13 elections pro BN reacted to ABU with ABCD which is political, then it turned to ABC and economical with MCA’s failure and DAP’s success.

    Well, initially I’m skeptical but then why not? Seems to me like the Chinese always been smug about their stranglehold on business while the Malays don’t mind, even when the Chinese stranglehold keeps the Malays out and down.

    If they keep this going, this could provide more opportunities for Malays which have always been obstructed by Chinese monopoly.

    The difference is ABC is loud and clear while the Chinese stranglehold is silent and subtle.

    Also ABU seems to have gotten really quiet now. ABU really pissed me off. Always thought of them as mad dogs used by DAP to strike at Malays. Why?

    Just as DAP’s hatred for UMNO actually is hatred for Malays, when they paint UMNO as evil racists, they could tie anything Malay to UMNO and make Malays racists every time Malays fight for Malay or question anything related to Chinese.

    Don’t believe me?CAP’s president is Malay, look what happened when he opposed something DAP does. That’s all it needs.

    1. re: “What do you feel about this whole ABC thing, miss Helen?”

      It’s a collective punishment. If up to 90 percent have voted oppo, then how to sidestep from the accusation that Chinese are anti-govt?

      Furthermore, the 10 percent are not vocal. Even MCA kept quiet when Pakatan and the 90 percent Chinese were chanting “ABU! ABU! ABU!”

      re: smug and subtle Chinese

      I agree with you. “Umnoputras” is a code word for Malays.

      1. Why not extend the punishment even further ? The Government Linked Companies have the financial means to take over Big Chinese Businesses. After all PNB already has control over SP Setia. Go after those other Big Chinese Companies. Its not that difficult. Buyout those Chinese businesses.

        The GLCs are actually doing them a big favor. They get the money, then they move to other countries. The Malay dominated Government has so many instruments at its disposal yet it is not employing them properly for the benefit of the Malay community.

        1. International Jew. Actually Malaysia has still got the natural resources aplenty. IT IS THE INEFFICIENCIES AND THE WRONG PEGS IN THE WRONG HOLES THAT CREATE A SCENARIO OF SHORTAGES OF EVERYTHING ESSENTIAL. The real shortage is in the availability of qualified personnal. You will note in the Press today that we do not even have a person to be qualified as the General Manager of a small bank.

          THE BEST THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP BARKS ABOUT IS TO ADMINISTER THE GOVERNMENT SERVICES NORMALLY. Do not expect them to fly to the Sun like the Greek hero, ICARUS. They cannot provide miracles which even eluded their founder, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

      2. Is it really a punishment?

        I read some online opinions denigrating the Malays buying and selling power.

        Conclusion I could make is some people think the Malay spending power is insignificant, and the Chinese sell everything so if the Malays stop buying Chinese they starve to death.

        For the first point, well if Malays are so poor then Chinese shouldn’t care about ABC anyway. Why should they?
        The second point may be a crisis but it can be an opportunity.

        All the Malays need is just some entrepreneur types to make use of the opportunity. Also some support from UMNO.

        Which is what I’m worried about. Probably it’s not just MCA that’s in denial over this loss of Chinese support thing. Either that or even UMNO is filled with opposition collaborators. Or maybe they’re in a separate world of their own. I don’t think this ABC thing doesn’t come from them upper UMNO types, though I believe Najib coined Chinese tsunami. Even if Malays are divided politically, there’s lack of initiative in UMNO to make use of this ABC thing. It’s like they don’t care about the people who actually voted for them. Please tell me the tentacles of chinese oligarchy doesn’t wrap all over UMNO too. That minister of tourism just disgusts me.

        1. “Conclusion I could make is some people think the Malay spending power is insignificant, and the Chinese sell everything so if the Malays stop buying Chinese they starve to death.

          For the first point, well if Malays are so poor then Chinese shouldn’t care about ABC anyway. Why should they?”

          Just think of this way, if everyone of us Malays do not spend RM10 at CINA DAP shop and buy from other Malays daily, there will be approximately RM150 million loss to CINA DAP daily nationwide.

          Start killing all their small businesses first by shunning them altogether.

      3. The ABC, ABCD whatever is catching up fast with our youngs.. I see this taking effect, just within a month my son and his friends have coordinated their effort (networking) – as starters to service friends and relatives.

        …… cars/accessories/parts/minor service and repairs/paint-work/ driving classes/insurance

        ….. electrical appliances repairs, eg washing machines/ dryers/ fridge/ computers/ phones etc I just call them, (need pay only for actual cost of replacement parts, belanja makan) and its as good as new!

        …. Ramadan – Hari Raya preparations (clothing, handbags etc)

        Do not underestimate our young graduates.. they have THE qualifications and THE skills, all these while hidden, only need the right push and motivation…

        Thanks to the ABC alert and esp so to the Red Beans Army kerana meniup SEMANGAT supaya anak2 Bumiputra bersatu.

  4. MCA’s explanation is simple. How could they get support from their target audience when their business partner and its media like Utusan are constantly demonising that target audience?

    Right hand builds it up but the left hand knocks it down.

    1. Utusan may be beyond the MCA’s control but The J-Star is majority-owned by the party.

      The MCA refuses to use the genuinely persuasive arguments (why Chinese should give them support) it has in its arsenal.

      More tellingly, MCA owns the biggest, most influential and most effective media conglomerate in the country. But bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in the Star. The Star is owned by the MCA but run for the benefit of the DAP.

      1. Ms H. I never like split loyalties. This sort of behaviour reflects on us Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, very badly. We are already ridiculed from all angles. THIS IS THE RESULT OF DE-TRIBALIZATION OF THE CHINESE, THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE when now only life-style, money and sex count. All the age-old values seem to have in a flash with the younger generation below the age of 50 !


          Mr AK47, do you care to comment when does this start? Before or after Merdeka?

          1. Islam lst. Good question. It was the NEP which hastened the de-tribalization of the Chinese with its emphasis on urbanization. The young Chinese drifted to the towns and KL and adopted a new life-style focussed on sex and money and leisure. When the country was booming in the 1990s, easy money was the balm which salved any discontent. But after 2003, the goodies from the Government pyramid dried up on the slippery slope and were seen to flow to the tip defying gravity, with this discontent and other pressures, the young Chinese were attracted to the RM2 incorporated churches even though they are still in the minority.

            By the same token, the MCA leadership changed from towkay leadership to control by the Mandarin speaking small town boys from humble backgrounds. Using the excuse that the Malays control Sime Darby, the MCA leadership went big time into making tons and tons of money without a care for their constituents and setting up a proper political MCA machinery which has always been wanting. How to argue or fight verbally without logistics ?

            There were also other factors which affected the Chinese to further de-tribalized them. Emigration, the attrition of their clans demography, Western influence through the commercial media, etc.etc.

            With so much social and economic pressure and without a proper political leadership (the DAP was in the midst of contemplating their navels by doing nothing since 1966), all the young and younger clansmen fell by the wayside without much awareness because of the fine weather and the easy life provided by the BN. No need to care for anything or the future, lah !

            You just ask a Chinaman one question, the Malaysian Chinese, ‘ WHAT IS THERE TO BE ARROGANT ABOUT FOR THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE IN THIS BELOVED COUNTRY ?’

            1. The change from towkay one man rule MCA politics to rule by cabal Mandarin small town boys MCA politics was in April 1974 when Tun Tan Siew Sin resigned.

              The 99% Chinese are now wandering souls without a proper political leadership which befits their renown heritage and legacy.

              In this context, the cause of the political downfall of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, was the lack or complete absence of A QUALIFIED, EDUCATED AND CREDIBLE LEADERSHIP which should stand alone and not rely on the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

              1. Islam 1st. How to resolve this self-inflicted Chinese, Malaysian Chinese conundrum ? The answer actually is quite straightforward and simple. This could be resolved in a jiffy.

                1. Do you know how? So it was external factor rather than an internal one. Meaning NEP had pushed them. But do you think there is a basis to this? I mean of course their concern were genuine, but I felt it was so, because of the irresponsible or rather lack of it, from the MCA to educate the Chinese Malaysian about special positions of the Malays as stated in the Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
                  Is that to much to ask?
                  Or MCA to, since Tun Tan Siew Sin had wanted to do away and fought for Malaysian Malaysia ala PAP and now, DAP?

                  1. islam 1st. The NEP brought urbanization, slowly till 1981 (because of the untimely demise of Tun Abdul Razak) when the pace was stepped up. Boys and girls coming to town found solace amongst themselves. This led to FREEDOM, and LIFE-STYLE which requires more and more money which led to the deterioration of the age-old values which were inculcated in all ASIANS.

                    The MCA because of its uneducated, unqualified and inexperienced leadership throughout did not explain to the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese the wherewithal of their status vis-a-vis with their compatriots.

                    1. Political education is a life-long process and is unrewarding.

                      As for Tun Tan Siew Sin, he had the personal backing of the Nation’s founder, Tunku Abdul Rahman until in the afternoon of 13th May 1969, Tun Tan unilaterally and alone withdrew the MCA from the Alliance. But after the riots started, the MCA rejoined the Alliance at 10 pm. From this point, he was a lame-duck President until April 1974 when he resigned – the end of the one man Towkay rule and the Mandarin speaking small-town boys took over and made big time in money terms. Tun Tan was dead against the DAP and Lee Kuan Yew’ ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’. For this act, please read what Lee Kuan Yew wrote about him in “SINGAPORE STORY”. I hope this explains.

    1. Malaysian. When I was on the Board of Trustees, EPF, it was run like a Trust, no commercial deals with the private sector. The Malaysian ringgit was RM1.00 to S$1.03.

  5. The Chinese gave it all to ensure DAP gets the power they so craved for and, as a small token of appreciation, put Anwar as PM BUT it FAILED….

    The Malays realized this and under a weak leader, will forever listen to the Oppos as opposed to its supporters.

    Surf around and you will find voices against PM Najib and a growing momentum asking him to leave.

    All this follows the campaign in the likes of Buy Chinese Last, Anything but Chinese, Asal Bukan Cina DAP (still have some token and gesture to the 10% of the Chinese population)

    When anti govt (read UMNO) promoted ABU, no Chinese voice was heard, least of all WKS and yet, he again go on to win the GE in a Malay area.

    Why is he so vocal when it comes to the Chinese (when he was supposed to fight back for the govt. He was also asking for every penny for the Chinese community and yet he failed to deliver the Chinese votes)

    So WKS and gang, Melayu dah give up on Chinese support. We are on our own now and we will determine who will lead us into the next battle ground. And we will make sure, dollar for dollar when we make any concessions to MCA.

    It is said the Chinese are clever but when it comes to MCA, obviously plainly stupid OR biggest hypocrite.

    The urban Star failed to defend its fellow BN when attacked and yet unashamedly ask for help and safe seats.

    WKS, before you say anything more, check between your legs and make sure your orbs are still there and don’t bark….you are toothless

    1. re: “The Chinese gave it all to ensure DAP gets the power they so craved for”

      Correct. The slogan was “wu yue wu, huan zheng fu” (505, change the government).

      re: “voices against PM Najib”

      Am aware that the Malay right wing is rising. But I hope moderation will prevail. He is not “a weak leader”. He is a kind leader and tolerant as seen in the last few years.

      Very and most unfortunately, the Chinese are unable to think big picture. I feel bad for the way they have treated the PM.

      We would not have come this far as country if not for the tolerance that we have enjoyed. DAP has destroyed that.

      I’ve been mulling in my mind how to understand the ‘betrayal’.

      Ultimately we Chinese have betrayed ourselves and our place in this country. PPP is correct to observe that with how the vote went in the GE13, this is the beginning to the complete marginalization of the Chinese community.

    2. Melayu Malaysia. With due respect, after the 13th General Elections the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP lost big time. They did not achieve to kick out the BN and failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to save the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 failed Policies for Singapore, LEGACY.

      I hope you now see HOW FOOLHARDY THE CHINESE, MALAYSIAN CHINESE WERE BY VOTING DAP with the hope of changing Governments which did not happen. THEY WERE MISLED.

      1. re: “they were misled”

        Thought the Chinese always think ourselves plenty smart one? Not that smart if one were to be so easily misled.

  6. Ms H. How to support, donate and vote the MCA any more ? Their main broadsheet has been hi-jacked by the Singaporean Trojan Horse pirates since 2005 without so much as a ‘thank you very much’. I really hate to say this, ‘ Is the MCA and its leadership a gonna ?’ OMG !

    And I donated my world class and best in the World (Singapore’s favourite words) 3,000 books of Malaysiana to the UTAR, just 4 years ago and not to Singapore after much thought !

    I did not realise the MCA and its leadership would capitulate so easily without a fight from ADVERSITY ! OMG !

    1. re: “Their main broadsheet has been hijacked”

      The J-Star has always been a tabloid, never a broadsheet. Utusan remains a broadsheet (which says something about its management’s determination to hold on to tradition). NST downsized to mini broadsheet and is now a tabloid too like The J-Star.

    2. “Ms H. How to support, donate and vote the MCA any more ?”

      Spend the money on those who needed most i.e. the poor and the underprivileged. Approach them directly and never to NGO.

      1. lol. I have done precisely what you suggested a whole lifetime. But the wastage in the GLCs is a sight to behold. This is why I proposed that these GLCs be sold back to the private sector to reduce jealousy and everyone eyeing the Prime Minister’s post.

  7. Helen,

    Permainan politik cina sudah berubah. Keberanian menukar strategi adalah kelebihan orang cina.

    Keputusan pengundi cina untuk merehatkan MCA dan Gerakan setakat hari ini tidak langsung menjejaskan kehidupan mereka. Kestabilan kehidupan mereka dari segi ekonomi, pendidikan, kebudayaan masih kekal seperti dahulu malahan mereka juga sudah berjaya memecah monopoli melayu dalam menunjuk perasaan.

    Keberanian ini adalah munasabah kerana jika terhidu sahaja bahawa ada bahaya akan menimpa mereka maka nya MCA akan ditonjolkan melebihi DAP. STAR adalah milik MCA. Makanya segala tindakan nya adalah atas pertimbangan strategi pemilik.

    Keadaan sudah berubah. Orang melayu tidak perlu mentertawakan MCA.. Ini sebahagian dari strategi orang cina untuk memastikan survival mereka.

    Keutamaan kita sekarang hendaklah tertumpu kepada memastikan kita bersatu. Tekanan mesti diberikan kepada UMNO dan PAS untuk walaupun kelihatan seperti berlainan rumah namun tujuan mestilah sama. Belajarlah dari strategi saudara cina kita ini.

    Tidak perlu risau yang keterlaluan terhadap kekuasaan politik. Selagi ada Raja Raja Melayu, kekuasaan politik tetap berada ditangan kita. Kedudukan penjumlahan kerusi yang berpihak kepada kita juga menjamin survival politik kita selagi kita bersatu.

    Kita perlu tekan kan tentang meningkatkan penguasaan ekonomi kita. Berilah sokongan padu kepada perniagaan orang kita. Tekanan mesti kita berikan kepada UMNo dan PAS untuk memastikan kuasa politik kita dapat membantu melonjakkan kuasa ekonomi kita.

    1. Saudara,

      seperti yang telah saya sebutkan tadi, kerajaan BN yang di kuasai oleh orang Melayu memiliki banyak instrumen yang boleh di gunakan untuk memperkasakan kedudukan ekonomi masyarakat Melayu, sebagai contoh GLC. pihak kerajaan harus lebih bijak menggunakan sumber sedia ada seperti GLC.

      dan seperti yang di perkatakan oleh PPP, Kuala Besut boleh menjadi “foundation”, langkah pertama ke arah penyatuan orang Melayu. apa salahnya kalau Pas menang kat Kuala Besut ? kenapa harus Umno/BN bimbang jikalau kalah kat Kuala Besut ? pada pandangan saya, tak perlu begitu bimbang, tak perlu begitu takut. yang harus bimbang, yang harus takut berhubung dengan pemilihan semula kat Kuala Besut tu sebenarnya adalah puak Cina DAP, seperti yang PPP katakan. belum lagi mula pemilihan semula kat Kuala Besut Guan Eng sudah buat bising, desak Pas supaya boikot pemilihan semula Kuala Besut. ini tanda yang sangat jelas, seperti yang PPP katakan, yang puak Cina DAP ini sedar ada kemungkinan jika Pas menang, akan ada percaturan baru.

      1. For kuala besut, saya rasa tidak perlu beri kemenangan kepada PAS. PAs masih belum betul-betul sedar bahawa penyatuan melayu adalah penting dan mereka masih lagi khayal dalam permainan politik PKR dan DAP. Selagi PAS dalam PR selagi itulah mereka akan terus dijadikan pentas untuk PKR dan DAP berkuasa.

        :o sarah

        1. PAS leadership are dummies.
          Their stupidity infects all their followers. Give those idiots a victory and their heads would swell.

          I really like to hear what does the DAP leaders really think of them.

          Or better yet have it recorded on tape and played to all those PAS people.

      2. Saya sefahaman dengan tuan. Najib mestilah didesak untuk menggunakan sepenuhnya GLC dalam mempertingkat kuasa ekonomi kita. Saya kesal kerana dalam perkara mudah seperti pengiklanan pun Najib dilihat gagal mengawal GLC untuk menolong orang kita. Kemungkinan ini terjadi kerana GLC ini diuruskan oleh mereka yang konon nya ‘Melayu Baru’.. Isu GLC ini juga jika najib gagal tangani akan menjadi barah dalam kepercayaan melayu pada beliau.

        Besut bukan isu besar. Menang atau kalah, melayu yang akan memerintah.. Kerusi itu pun pernah dimenangi oleh PAS..

        Jika 16-16 pun, UMNO masih memerintah kerana kuasa speaker masih suara UMNO. Bagus juga jika PAS menang kerana UMNO ini perlu diajar oleh pengundi melayu.

        1. sangat setuju… Najib nampaknya tidak menampakkan dirinya sebagai ultra melayu… takut sangat hilang undi cina… banyak sangat beri kelebihan pun masih tak nampak cina dapsters tak perlukan sumbangan dari najib… kalau berterusan macam ni.. NAJIB SILA BUNGKUS…

  8. Cuba tengok perangai orang Anglofil di negera impian DAPSTER Australia, this is the future for the PAS Malays under Khalifah Lim Guan Eng….abused as unMalaysian for being Muslims..the Muslim Australian MP is not even a pious Muslim and reportedly drink beer but already whacked as unAustralian for placing hand on Koran which probably never red. The Australian already gila with one Muslim MP, in Malaysia, we have to deal with 20% of parliament MP that are Christians and no PERKASA demo in sight.

    1. You cannot compromise with people who do not understand the concept of being reasonable. If you compromise with such people, you will look weak.

      The majority race of this country compromised for far too long. I m not saying that from now on, we should act unreasonably on these uncouth types. What I m saying is, it is time we look after the interest and welfare of the majority and those who needed our help.

      The uncouth types have made clear their position on certain issues. One is vernacular education. They have said that vernacular education, principally Chinese education, has flourished despite “obstacles”. If that is the case, then it is time the government tells them that from this moment on, they are on their own. This does not mean the government is going to abolish these schools. On the contrary, the government will not get involved if issues affecting these schools crop out, for instance the issue of providing land for the construction of facilities for these schools.

      1. International Jew. In 1966, I was standing in the middle of the King Chulalangkorn Stadium, Bangkok with the Malaysian Asian Games Team. When the 30,000 Thais sang their national anthem, I too was moved to tears as they expressed their loyalty so vividly. I leave the rest to your imagination about the Malaysian Chinese political leadership up to now.

        1. Sulaiman Abdullah pernah kata, Melayu ada masalah minority complex. Seperti yang kita boleh lihat sebelum ini dan seperti yang dapat kita lihat dalam kepimpinan UMNO sekarang ini, walaupun akar umbi sudah tidak bersikap sedemikian.

        2. Tak akan terjadi di malaysia. The chinese are not loyal to the country. They are only loyal to money.

        3. AK47

          Maybe it’s because some Thais are not discrimated against on the basis of their ethnic origin.

          Just a crazy thought

          1. Crazy thought indeed!

            Chinese Thais on the other hand don’t ask Obama for help when they were asked to study in Thais only.

            Chinese Thais speaks Thai like the average Thais. They are smart to learn, for their own good, not to behave like pendatangs and be pigeon holed by anyone for their skin colour. Looking different is enough for them not to behave differently like the average Thais. They even speaks English like the average Thais.

  9. Some silence malay I knew already fed-up with what they term as a very sensitive chinese. Whatever related to them, cannot be touch, remark or write but whatever related to malay they “hentam sampai mati”. These make them vote for UMNO during the GE#13. Please keep in mind this are the people who I knew who didn’t have any parties preference. With me, they are very straight foward and tell me directly who they vote for. Last two GE, they vote for oppo.

    They said, after seeing what chinese has done to the Malay on GE13 (vote en block to DAP) they will vote for UMNO. Get this – even it means the leader was dirty as hell. If Chinese didn’t care, why should they. At least he/she is a malay and not a chinese. They are the one who support ABC/BBC/BCL and the trend is growing.

    As I mentioning before, last time, after 13th Mei 1969, the intergration is possible because malay still going to the chinese for day to day items ( a majorities of sundries own by chinese). Today, they have a choice, go to malay first and indian second. That put the chinese last. Just imagine, if you cannot find the item in the malay store, what the odd that the indian store didn’t have it?

    My take, WKS still didn’t realise whatever MCA doing, the malay didn’t care anymore. They view MCA as lembik not that they saying DAP is strong. For them, if needed, they can take care of DAP once and for all.

    And if DAP continue to go on like these, one of these day, DAP make a serious mistake that will lead to their supporter doing something that will make the malay retaliate. (I pray it didn’t go that far)

    After all who say DAP is brilliant strategist. They only make a plan base on what to do before and not after. Sorry to say this but a lot of Dumb dumber in it.

    :o sarah

    1. Sarah,

      What chinese chooses to ignore is that DAP is bringing them literally to clash with the Malays. and the clash would eventually turn physical.

      Day in day out DAP is drumming that UMNO is so cruel., so racist, so stupid, so despicable. It is matter of time that the patience will snap.And we will likely see another May 13.

      I notice increase in hostlity towards Prophet Muhammad, Malay rulers . Mainly because malays are Muslim . And they love the tradition of “raja raja’.

      Chinese may fool themselves by thinking Malays are afraid to act. Maybe some Malay leaders are afraid. But not the Malay in general. We are just holding our breath, controlling our anger.

      What chinese tend to ignore that despite their over rated influence they would not be able to bring down the government WITHOUT THE MALAY SUPPORT.

      PRU13 just shows the limit of Chinese influence. They wholeheartedly rejected UMNO in PRU13. But still UMNO survives . why? Because these quiet Malays know what DAP is up too.

      My point is that Malays too will react. Nowadays, i heard Malays loudly say that they will no longer vote MCA in Malay areas. So, there goes Alor setar, Kuantan, and strings of Malay majority areas.

        1. It is alright for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP to incite the BN as led by UMNO with the 13 component parties because the members can enter Singapore freely in times of crises. Their founder the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 9 failed Policies for Singapore said ‘, The gates of fortress Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees in times of crises.’ But only open to the DAP members I suppose. Maybe this is one root cause of the stampede of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese to vote DAP. Cunning, wily, mischievous, calculating, non-compassionate etc.

    2. Dear Sarah,

      Glad to hear when you agree that we not suppose to care anymore about MCA and his brother DAP. They are the very same person.

      1. MCA and the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, are these the vehicles to make money ?

    3. Sarah, the problem with the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is the same as with the dysfunctional MCA. Both have unqualified, uneducated and untrained leadership from Day 1. What we see everyday is JUST THE GIFT OF THE GAB AND A QUICK TURN OF THE MIND. No more. No less.

      To have a proper political leadership it takes years and years, decades and decades, generations and generations of careful selection of the right candidates or else we get what we now see daily in the Malaysian political firmament. ARROGANCE WITHOUT SUBSTANCE.

    4. I am doing that. Whatever supplies i need for my company i purchase from malay companies. Semuanya melayu. Let us empwer the malay business and give the chinese a run for their money. Pergi holiday pun guna travel agent melayu, duduk hotel run by melayu. Melayu all the way.

  10. If Dah Ikhwan is an example of “Malay” intelligence, then I do not blame the apparatchiks for under rating (sic) it.

    Besides his (her?) racist and stupid – you can be racist and smart, just look at the propaganda of the DAP – polemic on racial dominance and muddled view of the historical colonization of America and Australia, the blogger is an example of the lazy partisan hacks that dominate the blogosphere.

    British hated communism. That is why their special operations against the Japanese involved cadres of commies that they armed and trained. British hated communism. That is why they were allies during WW11.

    If anything, they “hated” (even this is debatable) Nazism, which is why Philby and Co were comfortable in their ideological conversions and why Trotskyism enjoyed a brief flirtation in the green and pleasant lands.

    But then again “hate” in the context of political expediency or intellectual honesty is always preferable to dull historical facts.

    In addition, this:
    “The British encouraged and helped to organise Malay political force to counterbalance the spread of communism in Malaya and the Far East”

    I was laughing so hard , I’m sure they heard me in North Korea.

    “a strong manifestation of a deep racial sentiment” is implicit in race based parties in which BN (now no more) and PR are merely playing the same game, but the latter enjoying a tip in the scale with regards to the Non Malay vote.

    Why go so far and “punish” the Chinese through economic means, like that would ever happen. Far too many UMNOputras would have the nipple ripped from their ravenous mouths.

    And when I say UMNOputra I do not mean those Malays who notice that the Chinese have everything even though the Malays through UMNO have enjoyed political dominance for decades.

    Have the courage of your (aimed at nobody in particular) convictions and enact laws that would ensure that the Chinese community is never able to participate in the political process.

    Then I would be spared the pontifications of Tony Pua and Our Lady in Subang Jaya, who is fast becoming the Michele Backmann of Malaysian politics.

    Do not be like those sad losers on
    Malaysiakini always wallowing in victimhood and false Bangsa Malaysianess.

    Grab the far right standard and charge into battle.

      1. Saudara, maaf kerana Bahasa saya, tidak begitu baik. Pada pendapat saya, “true Bangsa Malaysianess” adalah propaganda pihak pembangkang.

        Jika konsep ini betul wujud, ia tidak akan ditemui dalam bisikan pembangkang atau kerajaan. Lebih jujur pada pendapat saya, kalau kami tidak cuba menetukan konsep ini dan paksa orang tunduk padanya.

    1. One day, a Minister for Chinese Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Dept. will be appointed if the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, continue to be recalcitrant. The British had the Office of the Protector of the Chinese, in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The office in KL is still there.
      I have always said the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, are the best treated in the World, better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Not forgetting the numerous billionaires and millionaires even those poor Singaporeans during the NEP produced. And the only country in the World to have nation-wide vernacular schools, not even in Singapore.

  11. I think BN top leaders especially Najib and CSL should watch White House Down which is currently being screened in Malaysia. The story tells about how the threats to the nation’s administration come from INSIDE, not outside and how people that you trust the most can betray you for their own agenda.

    Based on your analysis and several pro-BN bloggers, we all could figure out which characters in WHD that resemble The Scissorati, MCA, CSL and Najib. I strongly recommend you all to watch this movie. Forget about the US propaganda, just see how the plot resonates with our current political scenario.

    1. For once Hollywood speaks the truth. But then again it may not be news for most of us.

      I have seen the movie in Alamanda last thursday. The midnight show was full, but no Najib and FLOM in sight.

    2. True. The biggest threat to Najib and the Barisan Nasional are not the Chinese, or Indians for the matter. It is the sects within the coalition who are working to unseat Najib, battle each other (this blog is one of them..), or grab whatever GLC positions and Ministry contracts they can.

      It hillarious watching some people blame the Chinese for not supporting Najib, then turn around and scream for Najib to be deposed as Prime Minister.

      1. It is hilarious indeed especially with it hit hard on the very people that chooses to deny and dismiss it, every single time they breathe in and out.

      2. AC-DC,

        They say the truth hurts. Indeed the truth does hurt. Najib was simply spot on when he mentioned ‘chinese tsunami’.

        That is the reality.. chinese whole heartedly rejected BN( or more importantly rejected UMNO). Message is received. Period.

        The reality is Chinese rejected BN. and the reality too shows that UMNO still rules the land.

        And the reality too (short of saying it) shows that Sino-Malay relationship is equivalent to ‘kaca terhempas ke batu’..

        And it is “hillarious” too to see people screaming “ini kalilah:(meaning this is it: this is the time we were waiting so long to topple a govt led by Malays) TO BE REPLACED by “what happened? How come UMNO still perserveres?”.

        PRU13 is a bitter pill to many people. We all can learn if we want too.

        Chinese as example learns that their over emphasized “king maker” status does not deliver when it matters the most. as it ignores one “elephant” in the room: That UMNO can be dethroned ONLY if MALAYS TOO REJECT it.

        Malays too will learn. and hopefully they learn a thing or two. That whatever said about Chinese being “yahudi” (no offense ) is quite a revelation. mean the truth.

        And Malays also learn that despite UMNO’;s being so fond to declare that chinese are King maker, actually not the case. A govt recognised by the whole world still can be established without Chinese support.

        And Anwar too should learn to accept reality that the old saying “man proposed God disposes” is actually very very true. Anwar often ignored divine power . DEspite whatever assistance rich and famous rendered to his disposal, UMNO still holds the fort.

        And finally Najib too should learn that ETP, GTP, Blue Ocean strategy or strings of consultants fail to carry votes. At the end of the day, UMNO was saved as vast majority of Malay voters (when it matters the most) still have “iman dan takwa” at the ballot boxes.

        1. i definitely agree 200% with you…!!

          “ini kalilah…..!!” ——>> “what happened aarrr…..??”

          remember….the power of SILENT MAJORITY..!!

          1. Wangsa,

            Before the election many of my chinese friendly proudly said “ini kalilah’ whenever they saw me. they know that i am ‘inclined” towards UMNO.

            I smiled at them and said “i am not so sure about that “.

            After the election, i saw confused faced “what happened to the Malays?”

            My… i had the greatest feeling while answering them. “What happened to the Chinese? You rejected the government whole heartedly. But UM NO still perseveres. Instead you voted yourselves out of government”.

            I tod them off tht thy are simply making fools of themselves if they believed 100% what STAR or Malaysiakini were telling them.

  12. At the present time, I support BCL, but not ABC, at least not yet.

    I will Buy from Cina Last, if I can’t find it from the Malay or Indian shops. I will ditch the regular tukung urut Cina for my foot reflexology when I find a tukang urut Melayu as good as him. As a matter of fact, I am constantly looking to replace the regular org Cina services that I am currently patronizing, with org bukan Cina.

    It always feels good that when I stop at the NS hiway rest area at Serdang, I will walk straight to the fruit stall (by passing the Cina stalls) that is owned by a Malay to buy some fruits. Cina2 tu pun nampaknya terasa. Whenever I call for taxi ride to the city, I specifically mention that I only want Malay or Indian cab. I’ve already got a regular Malay budget car to send me to the airport.

    To MCA, for now, you can go fly kite. I dont trust MCA party anymore. MCA is obviously musuh dalam kelambu.

    1. “To MCA, for now, you can go fly kite. I dont trust MCA party anymore”

      I have entered a phase where they don’t exist anymore all I can see is DAP.

  13. Actually, all these ABC, ABU, ABCD etc are dividing us apart. Even further apart. I dont agree with all these.
    But one thing for sure, the STAR should change it’s logo again to incorporate something like a rocket going to the star. What is the meaning of 5 stars when no rocket can take you there? The STAR needs the rocket to bring them to the 5 star level.

    And one thing I cannot understand, why are the MCA so dumb muka tak tahu malu? Owning the STAR and letting DAP use it is like having a wife and let others sleep with her. No shame ah?

    Helen – if you have a way to reach to MCA folks, forward them this message ok?

      1. ‘And one thing I cannot understand, why are the MCA so dumb muka tak tahu malu? Owning the STAR and letting DAP use it is like having a wife and let others sleep with her. No shame ah?’

        How to malu tengok Presiden sudah la. Bapak Borek Anak Rintik.

        Ask CSL la dia tahu malu ke tak? Kepada ahli-ahli MCA yang pilih dia sebagai Presiden, ask them, tahu malu ke tak?

        Obviously lepas tengok perangai MCA lepas kalah teruk, masih nak jaga CINA ONLY (lepas Melayu bagi menang!), I doubt it!

    1. “Actually, all these ABC, ABU, ABCD etc are dividing us apart. Even further apart. I dont agree with all these.”

      Who is asking for it in the first place? The Gelang Patah Seat is turning point of everything. Enough Said.

  14. Maybe this phrase aptly describes MCA’s actual stand on UMNO/BN

    ” The Enemy (DAP) of My Enemy (Secretly i.e UMNO/Malay) is My Friend Grasshopper”

  15. The quote came from Star Publication annual report:

    “As a publisher, we are ever mindful that our content should more than meet the stakeholders’ standard for objectivity, fairness and truthfulness. We endeavour to filter out material that may corrupt the minds of our readers and sow seeds of discord. Sleaze sells but in our marketplace, we are mindful of such content. Constructive engagement, not harping on the negative, is the order of the day. This is embodied in our content development and management values. We have also conscientiously blocked out offensive stories and advertisements although it is sometimes a tough choice to make between monetary gains versus values.”


    1. Yes, really.

      The Scissorati “have also conscientiously blocked out offensive stories” that may cast a bad light on the DAP.

      1. Bottomline, “it is sometimes a tough choice to make between monetary gains versus values.”

        Each year they have KPI to meet with target profit to meet and expected dividend to pay. So, in the end, it is about monetary gains.

        1. re: ““it is sometimes a tough choice to make between monetary gains versus values.”

          Tough, meh? Wong Sai Wan blithely said “the bottom dollar” is what counts, what.

          Anyway, monetary gains goes well enough with the Prosperity Gospel embraced by the Jerusubang evangelistas who populate The J-Star.

          1. haha..that’s what I mean. It is about money, not integrity. Big bonus at the end of the year. ..ka-ching..ka-ching!!.

            Stories on goody-two-shoes BN do not fit the need of phony tabloits like The J-Star.

  16. All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.

    George Orwell

    -Awkward!!! It seems like what we are here..

  17. ‘What is the MCA’s hidden agenda in allowing the Scissorati running the overt (Battlestar Galactica) and covert (Stop the Lies, etc) operations to undermine the BN?’

    Asal Bukan Umno

    1. MCA will merge with DAP to form a new party called “Malaysian Chinese Democratic Party” MCDP—I think so!

      1. Gerakan should follow MCA to merge with DAP; those non-Cina members in Gerakan can join PPP or ask to join BN party.

        1. So if Gerakan-MCA-DAP combine,they will name a new party call “Malaysian Chinese Gerakan Democratic Action Party-MCGDAP”..How about that?

          1. In naming their party, orang Cina should take a que from the advertisements they always put up;’Chinese Only’ or ‘Mandarin Speaking Only’.

            Name the party ‘Parti Orang Cina Saja’ POCS.

            No need to hide their hypocrisy anymore.

            1. Lagi mudah… PARTI CINA MALAYSIA… bukan cina memang takde tempat pun dalam jawatankuasa penting kan??

              1. Seperti juga suratkhabar milik MCA itu. Asyik kibarkan logo bendera Malaysia “we are Malaysian Malaysia” tetapi daripada 26 jawatan teratas dalam sidang pengarang, hanya satu sahaja yang dipegang orang Melayu.

                Dan itupun sebagai pengarang sisipan bulanan yang memuatkan rencana-rencana fesyen, solekan, masakan dan resipi sambal tumis.

  18. Tu la dia. MCA akan menyelinap masuk DAP. MCA akan dibubarkan, kesemua ahlinya menjadi ahli DAP. Akhirnya DAP akan keluar dari PR dan masuk BN. Sebab kena hijack oleh MCA!!

  19. MCA’s Air Hitam MP Wee Ka Siong was reported in Malaysiakini to have told the Dewan Rakyat yesterday:
    “Things like ‘asalkan bukan Cina’ cannot be used. If not, we will lose their support for sure during the next general election.”
    The former Deputy Education Minister is in denial. There is now precious little Chinese support left for the BN to lose.

    With reference to the above, i dont think wee ka siong is in denial. He is trying very hard to gently tell BN there is no longer MCA ie no more chinese votes in the next election. This is a break-up. UMNO must take the cue. They (UMNO) are on their own totally for the next elections.

    1. WKS sounded like the Opposition if he said this in the Dewan Rakyat. This shows there is a complete breakdown of camaraderie between the MCA and its partners in the BN. The MCA famous ‘behind closed doors consensus’ seems to be wanting here. What a mess ! The present fiasco by the MCA shows the lack of forward planning by unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced leadership of MCA and the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP.

    2. With 90% chinese voters against UMNO and yet our president still being prime minister.. so why should we care about MCA or DAP or Dhong Zhiong or chinese voters???

      Everybody but Najib know about this cue.. Give najib some more time to accept the fact that UMNO are on their own for the next election.

    3. Wee Ka Siong, BN does not need Cina votes anymore.

      Your blardy MCA party failed to deliver the Cina votes.

      So, shuddup la.

  20. No need to go very far back in history. Walk around Bangkok at 6am and 6pm, and you will notice that everyone will stop whatever they are doing and stand still. The reason? The national anthem is played at that hour, every day. The Thai treat their national anthem with great respect.

    It is the product of education, I believe. In Malaysia, due to their political inclination, the teachers or the parents themselves do not even bother to respect the national anthem, how do we expect the young generations to follow? The Thai people are very proud of their country and the king. They may fight politically but the love of their country and their king come above all.

  21. Does punishing the Chinese extend to quitting your jobs in Chinese dominated firms/factories that ranges from managerial (sic) positions to factory work? Boycotting products imported by Chinese companies or Chinese dominated companies. The list does unfortunately go on.

    Does this apply to UMNO too or just your average Joe Malay?

    On another thread, a few months back, when all this talk of boycotting/punishing first cropped up, one poster wrote about how she thought her Chinese mechanic was only interested in her business/money. Well duh.

    There is this great Malay restaurant I patronize regularly, which does extremely brisk business and I for one moment do not ponder if they really, really like me or just my money. I did not stop patronizing it nor did anyone else that includes many Chinese and Indians simply because they displayed UMNO flags in the run up to the elections in an Opposition stronghold.

    All this talk of punishing the Chinese is racist. All this talk of punishing the Chinese without regards to the economic implications to the Malay community is dumb. If you claim that Malaysia is a democracy and trumpet the fact that the Malays in general voted for UMNO, then everyone else who voted otherwise has the same democratic right as you.

    If you want to punish the Chinese then as I said earlier, you may as well enact laws that actually do this, rather than blather on about petty retaliations that would not have any real consequence for the Chinese community. Of course then you cannot call yourself a democracy.

    If you think that the Chinese have benefitted under UMNO rule and that they are ungrateful, then you should be asking why the Chinese benefitted at the expense of the greater Malay community. Why is it that the Chinese community does not need UMNO to survive?

    But more importantly as a community, when will the time come when the Malay community does not need UMNO, and politicians are beholden to the community instead of the other way round.

    1. Ah ha ha ha !

      Umno should take my advice. As I have said yesterday, they should order those Government linked corporations to take over those Chinese businesses. The GLCs certainly have the means, financially, to swallow these Chinese businesses. Turn the tables as people say.

      Instead of a boycott, why not be their masters ? Be real masters. Once you have control over those Chinese businesses, then you can do what you want with them. Don’t get me wrong here. I m not advocating anything here. I m saying that, let them taste a bit of, you know……….push them around here and there. Those Malays who work for Chinese employers would know what I meant.

      now isn’t this more viable than calling for a boycott ?

      1. I do not think the GLCs have enough funds to do what you want, what with funds dispersed to other areas to prop up other UMNO agendas.

        Forget about the legality of it, what we are talking about here is an attempt to wrest control of the private sector which is the domain of the Chinese. There will definitely not be enough funds for that, not to mention the havoc raised in the stock market.

        Then of course you are talking about the links with foreign companies which would not take kindly to this “turning of tables”.

        Being pushed around is what got the MCA into this mess in the first place. There is nothing viable about that.

        I know many Non Malays who are being pushed around in the civil service. This is why they have chosen the legitimate means of voicing their dissatisfaction in the ballot box.

        This is what being a democracy means.

        1. Democracy also means that people are free to move, associate and patron whichever sundry shops or businesses that they wanted. Some would do it rather quietly. Some would do it loudly. As BCL and ABC did.
          Brother Conrad, I don’t think it’s dumb. I don’t think it is wrong. But I don’t know whether it will be successful as I have seen a lot of Malays still patronised Chinese own businesses.

          1. re: “Democracy also means that people are free to move, associate and patron whichever sundry shops or businesses that they wanted. Some would do it rather quietly”

            I wasn’t arguing that boycotting was undemocratic. However using government funds of a democratically elected government to punish a certain ethnic minority because they did not vote for a particular political coalition, is not only undemocratic, it is racist.

            re: “Brother Conrad, I don’t think it’s dumb. I don’t think it is wrong. But I don’t know whether it will be successful as I have seen a lot of Malays still patronised Chinese own businesses.”

            Brother, remember how the Oppo/Chinese were going apeshit and were screaming racists chants to boycott “mamak” owned establishments not to mention going on about how race blind they are, yet using the most racist terms to describe a former PM ? How did that work out for them ?

            My suggestion would be to name and shame every Oppo linked business interest (esp Chinese) which has financial ties with this so called “racist regime”.

            At least in this way, we will discover how closely linked the institutions of power are with the corporate establishment and how the rhetoric never measures up to the reality.

            Besides UMNO/Malay have already demonstrated that they do need the Non Malays to have political dominance. Economic dependence is another matter, though.

            1. re: “At least in this way, we will discover how closely linked the institutions of power are with the corporate establishment and how the rhetoric never measures up to the reality.”

              :) :) :)

              re: “Besides UMNO/Malay have already demonstrated that they do need the Non Malays to have political dominance.”

              You meant to say “Besides UMNO/Malay have already demonstrated that they do NOT need …”

              1. My bad. Yeah, Do Not need…..

                Hopefully not a Freudian slip on my part…..

                1. “At least in this way, we will discover how closely linked the institutions of power are with the corporate establishment and how the rhetoric never measures up to the reality.”

                  this I can agree with. No harm with that. All of us should be working towards exposing this, so that they myth that the average Malays has got free rides, can be debunked, once and for all!

                  “Besides UMNO/Malay have already demonstrated that they do need the Non Malays to have political dominance.”

                  I dont think the Malaysian elites (politicians and businessmen) are willing to do this to the great extent. We will see more and more lip service to keep the status quo-the parasites not NEP.

                  Economic dependence. No I don’t think the average Malays needs the Chinese, rather the other way around. Manpower and Mass Spending power. I may be wrong because I was basing this solely on population ratios.

                  ‘However using government funds of a democratically elected government to punish a certain ethnic minority because they did not vote for a particular political coalition, is not only undemocratic, it is racist.’

                  The boycott was not supported by the government, so I don’t know how and why would you make such conclusion.
                  It was started by the Malays from all walks of life, if you may. And thus I believe they have every right to buy or not to buy from anyone, as they wishes. Thus if the Malays (again, how effective is yet to be seen), chooses to boycott the Chinese businesses, I say, who can stop them?

                  1. Re “ I dont think the Malaysian elites (politicians and businessmen) are willing to do…”

                    I do not get what you are trying to say here. UMNO has already proven with this election that as a political party it does not need the Non Malays to remain relevant. Even Mahathir admitted during his Annus horribilis, that he needed the Non Malays to remain politically viable.

                    Re: “Economic dependence”.

                    Depends on what type of economy we are talking about. Foreign labor and the sub altern economy created it by proves that cheap labor for a certain section of Chinese business interest is plentiful. Cheap local (Malay) labor for Chinese linked International concerns means that if the labor is no longer cheap it would move elsewhere.

                    With regards to cheap foreign labor I once read an Utusan comment piece by a Malay actor lamenting the fact that Malays themselves were to blame for the existence of this “cheap labor” because they refused to participate in certain kinds of employment.

                    And remember, we are only referring to employment here, what of products, etc. ?

                    Re: Boycott

                    Well I was referring to your comment on the GLCs and how the government should make use of them to “punish” the Chinese. As I said up thread, what would this boycott involve ? Don’t visit major shopping complexes, for instance ?

                    It is pretty difficult to organize a credible and sustained boycott against the whole private sector (in this case) as opposed to a specific company.

                    As it is, boycotting the business of a specific ethnic group is racist be it the Chinese or as I mentioned earlier the Indian Muslims but as you say maybe not “undemocratic”.

                    Lastly brother, you and maybe many subscribers to this blog may not realize this, but from a majoritarian and humanist perspective, I am the Malays, best friend.

                    1. ‘Well I was referring to your comment on the GLCs and how the government should make use of them to “punish” the Chinese. As I said up thread, what would this boycott involve ? Don’t visit major shopping complexes, for instance ?’

                      Perhaps International Jew made the comment.

                      Re: “Economic dependence”.

                      The cheap labour needed by the businesses to continue be in business. Losing them is worrisome I believe.

                      Purchasing power also, by volume. Most Chinese berniaga, I don’t think there will a lot more Chinese left to berbelanja. The pengguna Melayu cakes is much bigger.

                      ‘As it is, boycotting the business of a specific ethnic group is racist be it the Chinese or as I mentioned earlier the Indian Muslims but as you say maybe not “undemocratic”’

                      What I detest most is the hypocrisy, maybe not on your part, but the Chinese community as a whole were ‘boycotting’ the Malays businesses rather silently or some openly, known among themselves. Growing up and started my sales career in Penang slightly after graduation had taught me about this.
                      Maybe not so in KL. But having lived here for almost 20 years, I would say it does take place too.

                      So when the Malays had initiated this BCL and ABC, rather loudly, the Chinese are telling us it is racist bla, bla bla, which makes me more angry actually.

                      ‘Lastly brother, you and maybe many subscribers to this blog may not realize this, but from a majoritarian and humanist perspective, I am the Malays, best friend.’

                      Naturally you are. At human level we are all are. But what has we become. Me from loving all and trusting all, but having second thought on that as I get older. For hundreds of different reason it will take a lifetime, so to speak, to justify.

                      I guess all of us here, are trying to understand, what went wrong. Why can’t everybody accepts the fact, the context of this country. The Perlembagaan Persekutuan that we had agreed upon as Malaysians?

                      The hate debate was not initiated by the Malays, thats for sure! Their tidak apa-membisu-sabar attitude save them for that. So when the non Malays start to question the Malays right, don’t you think they would do the same?

                      When they Malays were mocked, don’t you think they would do the same?

        2. There will come a time Malays will dominate the economy in Malaysia…in sha Allah…amiin..the chinese? they will bungkus kaput…banyak chinese company melayu akan ambik alih…ramai akan bunuh diri sbb kedai depa kosong lengang…when that time comes..hooray…

          1. clue…lehman brothers pun dah bangkrap…hehe…ekonomi amerika pun dah lembab sekarang ni….hehehe

    1. I have cut off the Star Online from my list altogether so I won’t bother to click the link given. Every time the CINA DAP told me that they are planning to migrate deep in my heart I always say “GOOD RIDDANCE”; as if that the country would lose another Pulau Batu Putih. One of them is a Real Estate Agent in my area, can’t wait to say bye! bye! to her soon.

      I know a few Chinese friends or their relative (mostly the old one) who are planning to return to this country. One of them is supposed to be here this month but haven’t heard from him yet, but his sister is already back here since early this year. Why oh! Why ?

      1. lol. It seems to be the order of things that Malaysian Chinese who either emigrated but kept their citizenship or only work in the foreign countries to gain enought capitla, did return. Here is my list for you :-

        1. Family emigrated to Australia but husband and son returned to do business which they found not profitable in Oz.
        2. One worked in New York for 3 years and returned to establish a successful restaurant.
        3. A doctor worked in Vancouver his whole life and returned to live in TTDI, KL.
        4. Another doctor and his wife returned from Hong Kong on retirement.
        5. A lady after working for 8 years in a hair salon in Florida returned to look after her son.

        1. The thing is why did they get offended when I ask them why? I usually politely say “isn’t it much better the other side?” and they gave me that “LOOK.”

          At least my friend who is supposed to come back this month is quite frank with it by saying “they did it discreetly” (meaning discrimination). This is despite that he is a chartered accountant, from a good family background and well connected.

          A friend who was born here in Jalan Imbi KL, migrated with his parents to the US in the late 70’s. The parents applied for greencard and but the children became naturalized US citizens; thinking that the children education will be better off there but sadly none went to college. In 2008 during his last visit here to KL, he told me that his parents were planning to reside back in Malaysia, Ipoh to be exact, and he regretted that his parents decided to change his citizenship.

          CINA CINA DAP kat Malaysia ni jangan nak perasan kalau kau orang tak kaya dan tak ada pelajaran, no western countries in this world will take you in. Itu pun kalau kena sergah tengah jalan dengan Mat Salleh kat oversea, cepat-cepat kau orang kata kau tu MALAYSIAN, since for the whites, Chinese are from China and they are called Chinky in the US.

          1. lol. Generally the Aussies and the Kiwis are racists and dislike Chinamen. A true story. I have a friend with a first class Cambridge University degree and the highest post he could get at this top Australian Government telco was adviser.

            Australia is governed by the 1% elite which consists of the Civil Service, the University, the big land owners, the Jews, the industrialists and miners, the unions, the Church, the 4th Estate etc. The 99% enjoy themselves all year round.

        2. Any historical account of and happen to the 250,000 thousands Chinese/Indian who were given the British citizenship before Merdeka on the basis of “Good Character” (or something like that)?

      2. They do it quite often don’t they?! Sikit-sikit nak migrate, bila orang dah suruh, terasa plak, marah plak…

        Mat salleh dok mai sini, Malaysian my second home, among top ten, sebab cost of living rendah, a lot of nature, english widely spoken etc, tapi depa nal blah, setuju, good riddance!

        1. “Sikit-sikit nak migrate,”

          Exactly, as if it would be lost to this country. Their favorite phrase is “Do you know that more than 1 million has emigrated from this country Bla…Bla,,,,Bla…”.

          The next time they come up with that again I would say “Only 1 million? it should have been more don’t you think?”.

    1. I am Mulan. It is not a tunnel which is to jack up the costs to make the extra billions of ringgits from the taxpayer.


      1. A series of large concrete tubes joined together lying ON the sea-bed. This is the most practical and cheapest method.

  22. malay mail also should change their name into chinese mail.. since most of the writers ( I think ) are chinese… why still they want to retain the name malay? My thought must be their agenda to wink the malays thinking the paper is actually own by malays like utusan… so.. dumb… think we don’t know ka?

    1. Okay, anytime we all mention the Malay Mail, we must make sure to add in brackets that is it really a chameleon like the DAP evangelistas wearing tudung and going into the mosques.

      The Malay Mail is full of Chinese Christian women.

      The oppo has gained almost total control of the English media. Has the BN not yet realised this?!

  23. With reference to Islam1st post #116

    Re “International Jew”
    You are probably right, if so my mistake.

    Re “Economic dependence”

    Even if I subscribe to your belief that Malay purchasing power is greater than that of the Chinese, how does boycotting the whole private sector, work? As I said earlier, Malays not buying products, patronizing “Chinese” owned Establishments, or maybe resigning en masse from their jobs in Chinese owned interests. Is this viable?

    Re: Hypocrisy and hate dialogue and “Naturally you are. At human level we are all are.”

    I think you misunderstand me. I think the current set up by UMNO
    has damaged the Malay community. I think what PR is suggesting will just continue damaging the Malay community. The politics of hate is a two way street embedded in our political system.

    1. ‘The politics of hate is a two way street embedded in our political system.’

      I believe you have proven me that it is.

      1. I hope that does not mean that you think I hate you, brother.

        I just mean that the system is set up so that each community is holding a gun to each others heads. Except the Indians of course who brought a knife to a gun fight. Silly Indians.

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