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“MCA has learned from election results” – gua tak ‘caya lu lah

MCA vice-president Chor Chee Heung said yesterday his party would:

  • mobilise its members [err, what members, the ones who didn’t vote BN?]
  • and supporters [“supporters”? oh you mean the Melayu kampung who voted MCA]
  • to respond to the lies spread through cyberspace [through the Jerusubang network that is supported by Scissorati on the payroll of a media company owned by the MCA]
  • that caused the MCA to perform poorly in the recent general election [deservedly].

The MCA website reported Chor as saying “the lies spread through social media had influenced the people not to support the party despite the good service provided by its representatives”.

Oh, sekarang baru terang bersuluh bagi MCA.

And of course this MCA Vice Prez should be aware that the media owned by his party is the most ardent promoter and defender of those oppo people who slam his party and bash the BN, right?

Or then again, maybe not.

Chor was quoted as saying: “We have done well in serving the people but there are some who believed the lies on the Internet.”

Well, tough.

Who asked your party to allow the multi-billion ringgit media conglomerate that you control to so enthusiastically endorse all those twits who spread lies over the Internet? Oh wait! The Scissorati were enthusiastically tweeting and Facebooking their support for the oppo too.

Chor said a postmortem of the polls results showed that the MCA losses were “due to lies spread through the Internet”.

Padan muka! It’s called senjata makan tuan. Politikus MCA sendiri yang bela gerombolan Scissorati itu — “Wow, terribly impressed!”

The report on the MCA website concluded by saying: “MCA had learned from the election results and would work hard to improve the people’s trust in the party and Barisan,” according to Chor.

  • “MCA had learned from the election results” [learned what?]
  • “would work hard to improve the people’s trust in the party and Barisan” [“work hard”? MCA can’t even rein in The J-Star and blunt all the scissors stabbing]


How about making the media that MCA controls Stop the Lies first, like The J-Star repeatedly denying a Chinese tsunami ever happened?

Ti Lian Ker is an MCA exco. He tweeted today “@staronline front page photos of mostly PR MPs is going to get another round of attack…

So what has the MCA vice president Chor Chee Heung got to say about his colleague Ti Lian Ker’s observation that The Star front page photos are mostly of Pakatan MPs?

Twitter tilianker staronline front page photos

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I have no Faceook or Twitter.

57 thoughts on ““MCA has learned from election results” – gua tak ‘caya lu lah

  1. I feel like I want to scream to these MCA fools’ faces, ‘Go read Helen’s blog about STAR editors continuously backstabbing of BN, UMNO and MCA!”.

    1. I believe they did read this blog religiously. They just don’t bother because by the look of it ahjibgor is making them feel indispensable. What a pity.

    2. You really are funny. And also believe everthing eh….well Helen would be happy with the likes of you.

        1. Setem, the fact that, shampoo muncul and post words from funny to Helen to happy out of nowhere, says a lot about them monitoring this blog. Helen says so too.

          But surely they bayar ciput by the look of the one liners like shampoo and gangs.

          1. I think they have SOP as a guideline on how to answer or reply a post by blogger they saw as pro gov :D. Look at it care fully, a lot of it was recycle from other blog. Change name and bla bla bla…

            :D sarah

            1. Their standard line is to say “this is the stupidest article I’ve ever read” or call the writer “racist” (spewing venom/hatred).

    1. Tak, dia orang tengok gambar saja. Dan terpegun melihat keanggunan YB Speaker.

      1. ” keanggunan YB Speaker”

        Ha! Ha! Ha! is it just me? Tenguk muka dias pun aku meluat sampai nak muntah hijau..

        1. I use it to line my pet’s litterbox, especially the pages with their pics, and sometime the shit lands on the right spot, and it just seems so right.

  2. Money’s more important i think. Imagine the income MCA derives from the Star. I may be wrong but the MCA’s silence vis-a-vis the Star’s pro-DAP stance may not be puzzling at all.

    1. Obviously. Star paid MCA an eye watering gross income of RM144,689,218.00 for their 313,315,760 shares held by AMSEC Nominees for their latest financial year.

      Hell, MCA didn’t even give a damn when the Star bought a double storey semi detached house in London way back in 1995. No 26-A, Randolph Avenue, London W9 1BL could be WCW’s accommodation when he’s in town. After all it is only about 5 miles from the home of his beloved Arsenal Gunners…

      1. FFC. I have seen it all. Directors of public listed companies enjoying themselves at the expense of shareholders. This is not only instance because the Malaysian shareholders are timid. In 1966, I went round to the shareholders of a plc and told them the Directors of a certain plc were enjoying themselves by setting up a mess in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur etc. They told me that since the Directors were so hard working, it is alright as long as they were paid 1% dividend annually. At the end of the day now, the Directors have become billionaires and the minority shareholders lost all.

        This is Malaysia, The land of financial capers like the RM2 incorporated churches with no enforcement and no tax. My illiterate sister-in-law, a hair washer in a salon in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur set up a RM2 incorporated church herself and collected tons of unregulated and untaxed money which she invested in London in the Marble Arch area which is better than Randolph Avenue.

  3. Not one leader of MCA or Gerakan EVER came forward defending UMNO whenever it was attacked by DAP! these Chinese party think UMNO or the malays are so stupid not to realised it? I think it is time to show these party the exit…. UMNO can survive without them. The last election has shown it. Let them bergabung with DAP.

      1. Janganlah terlalu ghairah mengatakan UMNO boleh “survive” tanpa sokongan kaum Bukan Melayu – perlu diingat bahawa dari dahulu lagi, undi Melayu tidak pernah tertumpu kepada UMNO dan dewasa ini semakin banyak undi Melayu yang telah pergi kepada parti-parti yang menentang UMNO

          1. I second setem’s motion. Whoever says UMNO cannot survive without sokongan kaum bukan melayu is not melayu at heart.

    1. Agreed. The MCA leadership was unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced which is the reason that all the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese are in dire straits. They dare not attack the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore because they have relatives, bank accounts and condos there.

  4. Cikgu dah meluat dengan bangsa Cina…cikgu serius!!

    Kalau di sekolah, bangsa Cina tidaklah cerdik tetapi cikgu tidak pernah membiarkan mereka. Mereka juga manusia yg perlu diberi ilmu. Cikgu tetap ajar dia dan bimbing dia supaya anak2 Cina menjadi warga Malaysia yg baik. Itulah dia cikgu2 Melayu, kami baik hati dan tidak rasis macam DAP.

    Kalau Cina MCA pun tak boleh percaya, takkan melayu Kampong nak percaya cina PKR atau DAP yg terlalu ekstrem kecinaannya. Bila Cikgu pergi overseas, ramai kawan2 Mat Salleh tanya cikgu “Orang Cina Malaysia ni ada penyakit apa? Baikkah memburukkan negara sendiri depan kami Mat Salleh?” Cina yang macammana lagi yang hardcore Melayu nak percaya? Dalam negara tikam Raja Melayu, bila ke luar negara memburukkan negara sendiri?

    Orang Melayu diam tapi bukan bodoh. Orang Melayu sedang mencari siapa rakan2 Cina yang boleh percaya utk sama-sama bina negara tercinta bernama Malaysia. Setakat ini bangsa lain Malaysia sangat membantu membina keharmonian negara tetapi bukan bangsa selfish macam bangsa Cina.

    Hardcore Melayu tak suka cina yg berpura-pura kawan tetapi menjadikan harta, kekayaan dan bangsa sebagai umpan.

    Cina selamat di Malaysia kerana Melayu beragama Islam…

    Helen- i support you!

    1. Cik gu kampong,

      Mungkin anda baru sedar sifat bangsa spesis jenis ini. Kami di-Singapura sudah menyedari nya sejak tahun 70’an lagi…kerana mereka amat ramai di-sini (bekerja).

      Setiap cina dari Malaysia yg kami kenali atau pun mereka yg berstatus kerakyatan “Penduduk Tetap” mahu pun sudah menjadi warga Singapura…mereka semua tetap konsisten : kerja nya hanya mengutuk pentadbiran UMNO sahaja. Dari zaman arwah nya Tun Hussin Onn ke PM Najib.

      Kami yg bekerja dgn mereka sejak dari dulu lagi sudah “mempertahankan” UMNO. Kalau tidak suka duduk kat Malaysia baliklah ke Negara ibunda yg tercinta CHINA. Selagi ketua Negara adalah Raja Melayu…jgn mimpi di-siang hari.

      Baru2 ini kegagalan mereka untuk jatuhkan UMNO tidak kesampaian, telah mereka pamirkan “keaiban” di-tempat kerja. Kami melayu Singapura had a field day pulangkan paku buah keras pada mereka.

      Kesimpulan nya adalah DAP besar kepala kerana ramai melayu “bengang” yg tidak mengetahui cina adalah gunting dalam lipatan. Orang melayu Singapura yg berada “luar dalam kotak” nampak apa yg Melayu Malaysia tidak nampak!

      UMNO tetap relavan…cuma kepimpinan harus di-ubah. Hidup Melayu!….

  5. Ms H. The decline and fall of the MCA empire is not even like the fall of the Ching Dynasty. It is more like the fall of the Ming Dynasty when traitors let in the Manchus by the backdoor of the Great Wall of China.

    Chinamen are treacherous. You ask me ! My own wife, my son-in-law, my brothers, an islander, etc cheated me after I helped them to be rich, very rich.

    1. They cheated on you because you allowed them to. Do your homework. People cannot cheat on you if you are aware of what’s happening around you.

      1. The International Jew. You know that case of Dato Sosilawati and her 3 Malays. If they knew they were going to be murdered that afternoon in Banting, you think they will go ? My case was exactly like that. I could have been murdered in my sleep by my wife, come to think of it. I was not only cheated by my wife, but also my son-in-law, my brothers, my nephew (also Lee Kuan Yew’s), an Indian lawyer etc who held my money in Trust. Don’t comment when you do not know the truth of the circumstances. The whole lot were Trustees.

        1. The International Jew. You think I knew I was going to be cheated by my closest relatives and the Indian lawyer, you think I let them have the money to look after as Trustees. Without me killing them, they all suffered one by one. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES

      2. All HKTVB movies show the son-in-law is always crooked and a cheat. I only knew about this after the events because I do not watch such films.

      3. International Jew and Ibni Ismail. When I mentioned that my closest relatives cheated, without naming names I was also referring to the cheating activities, of the very rich, the multinationals, the drug producers and of course, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese in their various activities and now the Star which is trying to mislead us as to its true political colour. I HOPE BOTH OF YOU UNDERSTAND THAT CHEATING IS WIDESPREAD EVEN AMONGST TYCOONS in our beloved Malaysia because of poor enforcement. As a practical exercise please look at what items in your household which are falsely labelled or badly packaged for starters !

    2. You blame your family too much.. If our wife (my wife also chinese) cheated us, that becoz we allow her to do so, not becoz she is chinese.. Honestly, I;m not happy with your judgement..

      1. Ibni Ismail. Read my rebuttal on your comments when you do not know the circumstances of how I was cheated. If Dato Sosilawati and her 3 Malays knew they were going to be murdered that afternoon in Banting, you think they would go ? Or any other murder victim for that matter. My wife, son-in-law, brothers, and nephew (Lee Kuan Yew”s) and one Indian lawyer were Trustees in different capacities at different times. If you do not trust your own closest relatives, who are you going to trust ? I am not talking about a few ringgits. I am talking about millions and millions of ringgits. See how the MCA leadership siphoned money by the billions of ringgits out from 1950-2013 from us ! They were Trustees in a way also !

      2. Ibni Ismail. Every human problem is different. This is why we have 13,000 lawyers in Malaysia. My wife was poor and penniless. I made her rich and she kicked me out. The first Chinaman in 5,000 years to be kicked out of his own home. I view this as cruel and unjust. I have a list of 52 people who harmed me. They are all dead !

        1. And my late son-in-law, a Hainanese, age 39 died clutching a naked woman and my money in Hong Kong !

      3. International Jew and Ibni Ismail. Both of you made patronising and sanctimonous comments on my relatives cheating me without the facts. I NEVER make any comment without facts. My comments on the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 Policies failures for Singapore and the 15 MCA leaders who became extremely wealthy ARE BASED ON FACTS.
        Both of you fell into the very same trap which I set for my son-in-law. If he did not cheat on me and ran to a crooked Tan Sri, he would be a billionaire in HK Dollar terms by now. I had to test him in my lifetime and he failed my test clutching a woman and my money and died. He was jobless, uneducated and penniless. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

        1. Internationa Jew and Ibni Ismail. For your edification, I did not fight, shout, quarrel or slap any of my relatives. I just walked away when I was asked to leave. The half blind ex-wife now counts the money daily and alone in a tiny condo until she is 100. Her son-in-law died at 39. My brothers and nephew (Lee Kuan Yew’s) not only lost millions and millons of ringgits but have nothing to do until 100. What a miserably life waiting for DEATH by these cheats because they only know how to CHEAT !

          And I am exceedingly happy and satisfied with my life !

          1. International Jew and Ibni Ismail. Through legal Suits I will recover all the lost money in time with interest.
            PATIENCE AND TIMING to catchee monkeys.

            1. My son-in-law, my brothers and the Indian lawyer said to me face to face that they would not cheat me and yet they did.
              What say you Ibni Ismail and the International Jew ?

              1. Ibni Ismail and the International Jew, Malaysia is a land of financial capers all promoted by the Chinese except the Chit fund and forex money changer capers. As follows:-
                1. 1949-1950s. The MCA Social Welfare Lottery. Tontine.
                2. 1960s. The mushroom insurance companies. Tontine.
                3. 1970s. The Chit Funds caper. Tontine.
                4. mid-1970s. The 1st RM2 incorporated church established by a heathen tycoon. MCA co-operatives caper. Tontine.
                5. 1980s. Insurance companies guarantee caper. Share rigging. More RM2 incorporated churches.
                6. 1990s Share rigging. More RM2 incorporated churches
                7. 2000s.Share rigging. RM2 incorporated churches consolidate and expand. Forex moneychanger caper.
                8. 2005-2013, Share rigging. RM2 incorporated churches now rich and mighty seek political space. Gold Bullion caper.

                When I said that the Malaysian Chinese are DETRIBALIZED and hollow, I know exactly what I meant !

                1. Ibni Ismail and International Jew. There is a free run of the untaxed and unmonitored RM 2 incorporated churches from mid 1970s. My illiterate sister-in-law who washed hair in a salon in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur established her own RM 2 incorporated church and made tons of tax free money which she invested in London propertes 30 YEARS BEFORE EPF AND SIME DARBY. Howzat, gentlemen ?
                  Cheating a small word in Malaysia ? Please don’t joke !

  6. MCA should close shop and ask their members, who are actually closet opposition supporters, to join the racist DAP. That way Umno will have less headache and one fewer musuh bawah selimut to deal with.

  7. sekarang bila myself pergi mana-mana saya dah tak ada senyum senyum say hello lagi to my chinakui fren in my neighbourhood. dulu rajin hantar kuih, rendang, untuk bukak puasa i make sure all my neighbour termasuk chinakui and my indian fren rasa. tahun in my ultra malay dah jadi tebal and this year i feel LAIN KALI LAH. mysefl always feel diaorang ni talam dua muka. tak payah tunjuk baik.. buat baik pun bukan reti nak berbudi..

  8. saya fikir, apa juga yang MCA fikir mereka perlu buat konon telah sedar, biarlah mereka buat.
    yang penting pada waktu ini ialah orang melayu….
    orang melayu memang perlu bersatu….tapi boleh ke?
    jika boleh, apa caranya?
    tidak kira samada MCA ada dalam BN atau tidak, sudah jelas ianya tidak lagi memberi apa-apa makna.
    tunjang kekuatan BN adalah orang melayu maka orang melayu mesti bersatu sekiranya Malaysia mahu maju ke hadapan….

    1. Alwie,

      Memang benar yg saudara katakan…jika orang melayu bersatu it is “game over” for the opposition.

    2. Boleh ke Melayu bersatu ? Jawapan saya, dan ini hanya melalui pemerhatian saya sahaja, Melayu kini sudah berpecah belah. Ada kem Umno, kem Pas, kem Anwar. Dalam kem Umno sendiri, ada puak puak lain pulak. Macam mana nak bersatu ? Semua berjuang untuk kepentingan masing masing. Slogan “Demi Melayu” dan lain lain slogan cuma setakat nak meraih sokongan sahaja.

      1. Saya rasa tak jadilah. Ujian adalah bulan Ramadan/Syawal ini. ABCD (Asalkan Bukan Cina DAP) kalau Melayu benar-benar pulaukan barangan CD.
        Tengoklah penyata kewangan syarikat2 tadi lepas Raya. Kalau ada susut maknanya Melayu bersatu. Kalau tak ada, Tun M memang betul – Melayu Mudah Lupa.

      2. bulan Ramadhan ni kan dh bersatu, semua berpuasa termasuk 1.3 Bn penduduk dunia agama Islam.

  9. The articles in The Star Metro North really enticed me to comment. On Saturday, it was reported that UMNO objected to the certain job advertisements in Penang MNCs require their applicants to have Mandarin. The DAP defended this as proper and not racist. May I ask if it is proper for MNCs who exports to India require all their customers to learn Mandarin before buying their products. Secondly, is it racist for Malay companies to refuse Malaysian applicants who speak Malay as a foreign language? In the UK, such advertisements are considered a violation of the Race Relations Act. In Penang, it is not racist.
    The second is in today’s The Star Metro. The Star heralds the Heritage Day Celebration a success. With visitors less than half from last year, (I was there) is it fair to say the celebrations were a success? It was wonderful to see a wayang kulit show that praises LGE as very good. LGE is now part of wayang kulit stories. It seems the Georgetown Celebration is all about glorifying the great leader. Penang should be called Tokong’s Tanjung. I bet if next year nobody came it would also be a success if LGE came.
    Thirdly, did you notice the people who complain of Mahathir’s tyranny were mostly those who were born during his tenure? Those who had to go through the tin, rubber era had little to complain. But those who earn their bling from the factories have lots to complain.
    Did you also notice there are calls to close the Chinese schools but no one seems to bother to close Tamil schools? Why? Chinese schools like Chung Ling come out superior students which are cleverer than the average Malay. Tamil schools are all so belakang. Why do we hate the Dong Zong? Because they think that they are so superior and the rest are so dumb. Like the Penang MNCs, applicants from the Mandarin medium are so superior while the people from the National Schools are so average. Tamil school leavers of course are suitable for janitorial positions.
    Why ABCD? Because they think they are also bloody superior and rest of us are just stoopppiiiid.

    1. I am Mulan, I think this particular post of yours is insightful for a whole bunch of reasons. Posts like these popping up one of the reasons I like this blog a lot. No doubt we would have very little to agree with on a whole range of issues, but this post is one of the better posts I have seen in any pro Establishment blogs when it comes to the Sino-Malay dynamic.

  10. Do you mean it took the MCA leadership from 1950 to 2013 to learn from the 13th General Elections results ? Someone must be sleeping on the job. But then, you see from my list of 15 very wealthy MCA leaders that they were not sleeping when it came to MONEY !

    As I said before, the MCA leadership is unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced in PUBLIC AFFAIRS. As a result, the MCA imploded and we all, not only the Chinese but also the rest of the Malaysians suffered.

  11. Ms H. Reading on your past record of how the Star is controlled, there is no doubt whatsoever that the buck stops at the MCA leader’s desk.

    Are the readers of the Star being misled when in fact they are reading a Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP newspaper and online site ?

    Who is responsible for this devious game plan ? Surely the responsiblity does not rest on those who are paid RM1.9 Millions per annum. These guys are only the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

    Ans as the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore said once, ‘ He who pays the Pied Piper, plays the tune.’ Is this the repeat of the fall of the Ming Dynasty when a traitor led the Manchus through the Great Wall of China. History repeats itself.

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