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Oik again / Pop quiz

Blogger Oik is still perplexed. This time he is baffled as to “why do people fib when it’s ever so easy to find out if they’ve been fibbing?”

Lemme answer, please lemme answer his question … It’s because they are Dapsters and Jerusubangites lah. Kalau tak cakap berbelit-belit, maksudnya bukan jadi Dapster dan warga Jerusubang dah tu.


Oik fingers “one Rita Sim from an organization calling itself Cense who has been going around telling folks that only 54% of Malays voted for BN in GE13”.

Oik may be interested to know Cense co-founder Rita Sim is the former deputy chairman of the MCA think-tank Insap as well as the former deputy secretary-general of Wanita MCA.

And by the way, I do agree with Oik that blogger Dah Ikhwan’s estimated 63.7% Malay votes going to the BN is a realistic figure.

Non-Cense indeed

The bar graphs above by Cense illustrate an opinion poll where the respondents answered a question on whether the results of GE13 reflected a “Chinese tsunami” or a “Malaysian tsunami”.

Cense declares that their survey, conducted a week after the polling day among some 1,300 people, showed that the respondents had felt it was a Malaysian tsunami.

(Sidenote: An FMT poll conducted on June 25-28 and drawing 3,053 respondents had asked the question, “Should Pakatan Rakyat continue with its Black 505 rallies?”.

It elicited reader responses saying that 63% of them wanted the rallies to keep going. FMT titled its polls findings ‘Most people want rallies to go on‘.)


Back to Rita Sim.

Her outfit Cense concluded that:

  • the Chinese tsunami is an “Umno theory” to mitigate the BN failing to win a 2/3 majority
  • the phrase “has become a crutch for Najib and Umno politicians to explain why Pakatan Rakyat managed to … win the popular vote”
  • and “used by Utusan Malaysia and Umno bloggers to carry out a campaign of demonising the Chinese”

The Malaysian Insider also reported that “Sim joked that the only people who believed the theory about the Chinese tsunami were ‘the Umno fellas who lost’.”

Like Oik says, what utter nonsense.

See Oik65’s blog entry today titled ‘Utter Non-Cense‘.

However what should trouble the BN (read: Umno) is the fact that the ruling party is losing the perception war badly and the people taking up the cudgels to uphold the truth (as per the data) are anonymous bloggers like Oik — whom I’m pretty certain is no Umno stooge.

What should cause Umno sleepless nights every day from now until GE14 (it should but it wouldn’t since ‘Tidak Apa’ is Umno’s middle name) is the fact that the English media is totally under the control of the opposition.

And that those who are provided the high profile platforms to influence public perception adalah mereka yang menegakkan benang basah dakyah pihak pembangkang sepertimana penafian bahawa telah berlakunya tsunami Cina.

Not Oik and not me (we do not have the public platforms, we just have our two separate little blogs) … our platforms do not have a huge or wide reach.

Hannah Yeoh to be in live tweet session 2012-04-25 15-31-08

MCA ‘is’ the problem

Also reporting on Rita Sim’s presentation was Malaysiakini with its article ‘Most agree GE13 was a “M’sian tsunami”, study finds’.

Malaysiakini misleads its readers. Cense did not conduct a “study”. It conducted an opinion poll. Or if you want, you can say it was a “survey”.

(For example, if I e-mailed 130 of my blog subscribers and asked them the question “Do the Scissorati suffer from odikal or biji mata di kepala lulut?”, their collated replies would not constitute a study but a survey.)

Anyways, Malaysiakini reported:

“Malaysians across the racial divide all agree that the 13th general election should be described as a ‘Malaysian tsunami’ rather than a ‘Chinese tsunami’, according to a study.

“It found that 65.8 percent of Malays, 93.2 percent of the Chinese, 87.6 percent of Indians, 68.1 percent of Muslim bumiputeras and 79.7 percent of non-Muslim bumiputeras are more favourable to describing the election results as a ‘Malaysian tsunami’.”

According to the news portal, “‘Most of the population thought that it was a Malaysian tsunami, and maybe anyone who thinks that it was a Chinese tsunami are the Umno fellas who didn’t win,’ joked Centre for Strategic Engagement (Cense) director Rita Sim”.

Malaysiakini also informs its readers that Sim’s survey had found ‘pent-up anger’ over being treated as second class citizens to be among the main reasons for Chinese voter dissatisfaction.

Twitter tilianker Solaris1761 PUT it simply
Ti Lian Ker is an MCA exco

The problem is the MCA

I’d like to trace Sim’s agenda back to the MCA.

Do recall that Cense co-founder Rita Sim was formerly the deputy chairman of MCA think-tank Insap as well as ex-deputy sec-gen of Wanita MCA.

In the TMI article cited earlier on this page, it was reported that Sim had noted how the Chinese “viewed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as the best platform for their race”.

By now I hope you would all have fully realised how MCA is really, really problematic and must be held responsible for the following development — All the party’s machinery is geared towards shepherding voters to the DAP camp as well as popularizing The J-Star‘s fave Pakatan politicians.

Take the pop quiz below first and we shall continue this discussion afterwards.

Please look at The Star front page (see scan) two days ago on July 7. MCA exco Ti Lian Ker had tweeted “@staronline front page photos of mostly of PR MPs is going to get another round of attack…”

Can you name the MPs whom The J-Star had put on its cover page? (click on scan below to enlarge)

(For the answers, click HERE.)



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45 thoughts on “Oik again / Pop quiz

  1. When I first read it it sure was rubbish. The figure should be 2/3 of Malays/ bumi are with bn/ umno. Who are they trying to con? But I guess there’s so many gullibles out there who are simply proud to be unthinking ignorant follower.

    1. re: “Who are they trying to con?”

      It’s important to note Rita Sim’s strong connections with the MCA.

      More importantly, who is the media facilitating the con?

      And most importantly, if the media conning the people is a popular newspaper belonging to a BN component, then it surely begs the question: What secret agenda has that BN party got up its sleeve?

      1. It is not a secret anymore. However, because of UMNO’s utter silence yang membuat pihak jstar dan dapters and dapsy ini macam cacing panas. Itu sebab mereka menghilight gambar2 MP2 oppo. It is mischievous on their part.

        They are waiting for UMNO to melatah but is not forthcoming. I wonder how long UMNO will hold back before all hell breaks loose.

        1. Selagi Najib, presiden UMNO, selagi itulah UMNO tidak melatah. Mereka tidak ada jawapan!
          Moga moga selepas Pemilihan Pemimpin UMNO akhir tahun akan muncul, Insya Allah, pemimpin pemimpin baru yang bertulang belakang untuk menyerang balas pihak pembangkang sehingga mereka terduduk!

  2. “In the TMI article cited earlier on this page, it was reported that Sim had noted how the Chinese “viewed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as the best platform for their race”.

    I have to say, at least she’s consistent and she made her stand to become ex-MCA. Hmmmm if only CSL would make his position as clear…

  3. Didn’t Rita’s boss (I’m assuming a CEO would be the boss) Fui K. Soong said the following;

    “There was a 22% swing away from Barisan among the Chinese electorate. That’s quite significant compared to 4% Malay votes and 3% Indian votes. I would say it’s a “Chinese tsunami” but (also) a “Malay Flash Flood”. The magnitude of that swing certainly came from the Chinese. It’s not just an urban and rural divide.”

    So who do we listen to? One Rita Sim or the CEO? Or do we just tell them to stuff their studiously done “study” up their @$$ where the sun don’t shine?

    1. I stand corrected. Rita is FKS’ boss apparently. Quite upper crust apparently.

      Rita Sim Sai Hoon, 50, holds a BSc (Hon) in Chemistry and Management from King’s College, University of London and a postgraduate diploma in Chinese from Ealing College, London. For the past 20 years, she has been actively involved in developing her family business which includes operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

      In 2004, Rita was appointed to the board of the Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad as an Executive Director, the first English-educated person to take that role. In this capacity, she oversees operational departments such as ICT, production, HR and administration. Two years later, her portfolio was extended to cover circulation, logistics and distribution, and marketing.

      With her significant experience in setting up joint-venture companies with foreign partners in manufacturing and utilities, she was the first woman to sit on the board of British Gas Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd, an international energy and utilities company.

      1. Quite the MCA profile vis-a-vis business dealings. And the Sin Chew directorship must pay well too, I’m guessing, to use WCW’s RM2.2m director’s fee as a benchmark.

          1. Methinks the MCA is heading for an open breach with the BN.

            As a former Wanita MCA deputy sec-gen, RS’s comments – especially in tone – are telling of a type of attitude that is gaining ascendency, particularly among the Chinese business class.

            1. Well, good riddance.

              The way they’ve been going about in a huff over the recent conversion bill was grating. And the way CSL was questioning the non Muslim ministers was a conduct unbecoming of a component party.

              I was watching the news earlier & it was reported that the one exco seat reserved for MCA in Johor’s assembly is now filled by UMNO. Their arrogance over the Sultan’s wishes was probably the straw that broke UMNO’s proverbial back when it comes to accommodating MCA.

              I thought back then that CSL would be the man to lead MCA’s redemption after GE12. I was obviously misled & mistaken. His moral indiscretion notwithstanding, he has sunken really really low with his recent antics.

              And the scissoring Scissorati watches with glee at CSL’s epic meltdown.

              1. I have always said that the political leadership of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese is unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced.


              This exciting event is definitely coming. AKAN DATANG !

              1. Ms H. The Prime Minister of Australia, Curtin, used to say, ‘TWO WONGS DO NOT MAKE A WHITE !’

                1. Ms H. With 99.99% of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, being led by the 0.01% Chinese political leadership going for a 100% confrontation with the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, it is time these chaps take a national referendum amongst the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese whether they agree to this suicidal and un-Chinese tactic at the expense of the 99.99% – BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PLACE TO RUN TO. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore said that he would not open the gates of fortress Singapore in such an eventuality.
                  Why I said all these comments is that I find over the years from 1950 to 2013, the Chinese political leadership is/was shaky because it was unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced. 63 years of what have they been doing ?

                  1. Ms H. One fact for sure the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP contemplated their navels for 47 long years without doing anything for the Malays, Bumiputra, Chinese, Indians and all. Now we find ourselves as bystanders thrust into the unknown and watching these guys and gals everyday tickling the apparent toothless paper tiger. What happens when the tiger becomes a real tiger ? How long these fun and games are going to last remains to be determined !

                1. If I was BN “powers that be”, I would just let MCA linger and die a natural death. Let it shout and scream but take no notice and bulldoze all policies that benefits the majority. No need to consider the feelings of those who continually bark and bicker, and yet do not make any significant contribution…

                  Next GE,give them a token seat to contest…and MCA will for sure, bow out of national politics and government to form an unholy alliance with DAP/PKR/PAS/Gerakan …

                  Take back Malay majority seats and return to UMNO and lets see what song they sing, what dance they dance to…..

                2. Kalau itu kesnya, jangan tendang MCA daripada BN. Pada masa yang sama jangan beri dia kerusi untuk bertanding dalam PRK atau PRU.

                  Seperti yang pernah didedahkan oleh blog ini, hampir kesemua kerusi yang dimenangi MCA adalah kawasan ramai orang Melayu. Pulangkan kepada UMNO.

                  Kawasan tegar Cina pilih wakil wakil Cina berkebolehan untuk jadi calon walaupun bukan wakil dari mana mana parti komponen BN, ataupun orang India malah orang Melayu pun boleh.

                  Situasi ini bak kata pepatah Melayu untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam. Beri pada orang MCA pun kalah juga!


              1. Ms H. HISTORY IS IN THE MAKING. For the very first time for 5,000 years, the 0.01% of the Malaysian Chinese leadership is seeking DEMOCRACY for the 99.99% Malaysian Chinese in direct CONFRONTATION WITHOUT AN EXIT STRATEGY -Singapore’s doors are closed and only fast yachts to Phuket possible.

                WHAT WILL CHINA and the World Chinese THINK of these SOUTH EAST ASIAN CHINESE in Malaysia ?

                1. These people are not, I repeat, not the citizens of China. So China is not going to bother one bit what happens to them. They are on their own.

                  As for exit strategy, their exit strategy is to fold up and engineer a massive exodus to the DAP, which they succeeded in doing at GE13. So the exit strategy is now almost complete, now just waiting for the MCA big guns to come out and declare openly that they are exiting the BN, but only after they have inflicted a mortal blow to BN.


                  2. It was the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties which made these Chinese the Malaysian Chinese feel so good and feel so rich etc. since 1957 !!!

                  3. PPP. I conjecture that the MCA wants to be kicked out of the BN. Then, it will be shiok news. SOMEONE IN THE MCA HAS HARA-KIRI IN MIND AND WANTS TO BRING DOWN THE MCA AND BN AS WELL ! Akan Datang. for the filem “SELF-DESTRUCT”.

  4. Ms H. It is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ time for Chinese, Malaysian Chinese politics – where the losers the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP claim they are the winners, and the winners the losers, the boss is not in Malaysia but in Singapore, and since the losers are the winners, they must carry on the fight by buttinig their heads as a 25% minority against a 51% majority. The losers who are actually the winners will do till the next General Elections in 2018. And these losers who actually won according to their statistics have accepted the control of State Governments and have sworned in at the Dewan Rakyat demanded certain laws to be abolished which gave rise to more crime. This same lot of winners now want the Government to provide security which their requests forced the Government to abolish the very laws which protected them. Crazy gang !
    I have always said that the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP is unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced. How can they fight a battle without an order of battle and a clear line of retreat. There is only one word for this – applicable to Chinamen for the very first time -KAMIKAZE !

    1. “25% minority against a 51% majority”

      You mean the 51% who voted for Pakatan Rakyat? ;-)

      1. Nah! The 25% minority Chinamen/women against the 60% majority Malays. THIS IS THE STARK TRUTH IN BLACK AND WHITE AFTER THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS WHICH HAVE BECOME HISTORY OF 5 MAY 2013 ! The Stark and Disturbing Truth !

  5. Although I don’t have any reliable figures to back me up, I would say that more Malays voted for UMNO and for all intents UMNO controls the significant majority of the Malay vote.

    However all this talk of a “Chinese tsunami” has always been intellectually dishonest. It is only a “tsunami” if UMNO suffered a setback in terms of its target demographic and I would argue they have not.

    On the other hand it would be correct to use the tern “tsunami” if with the Chinese votes and excluding the seats that went to PKR and PAS, UMNO would have retained their 2/3 majority.

    If this is the case, then the Chinese community was indeed a “tsunami” for UMNO and are indeed “kingmakers” in the 2/3 majority context sense.

    A close UMNO friend related that the “Chinese tsunami” propaganda was in fact in reference to the reality that the Chinese community had chosen to side with recalcitrant Malays to unseat UMNO, which would be in line with the 2/3 majority argument.

    Helen, of course would be the best person, to sort out the “numbers” when it comes to my argument.

    But then again vilifying a community merely because they did not vote for a particular alliance reeks of the kind of fascism that is slowly seeping into this country, more so when the demonized community in question vilifies those that do not support the alliance of their choice.

    1. PAS and Umno contested mainly in the Melayu pekat seats, particularly in Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah and Perlis where the rural seats could be as much as 98-99% Malay voters.

      Having said that, both parties did also contest in some of the mixed seats with PAS making a breakthrough this time on the back of unprecedented Chinese support.

      And in the majority of those seats, the fight is a straight one between Umno and PAS, just like in the Chinese majority seats where the face-off is between DAP and MCA.

      Umno contested 121 Parliament seats and received a total of 3,241,286 votes.

      PAS contested 73 Parliament seats and received a total of 1,633,389 votes. (It’s hardest to quantify the PKR’s ethnic vote shares b’cos they contested in the most number of as well as the most racially mixed of seats.)

      Averaging the above figures, Umno obtained 26,787 votes per Parliament seat and PAS 22,375 votes per seat.

      Hence between the two parties, Umno received more votes.

      And considering that 90 percent of the Chinese rejected the BN, whatever the votes that Umno had gotten would have to be Malay (+Indian with a sprinkling of dll votes).

      So definitely Umno got the bulk of the Malay votes. If they did not, BN would not be ruling the mixed state Perak, the success of which is almost Umno’s solo effort.

      1. Thanks.

        So what this more or less proves is that UMNO really does not need the Chinese vote hence the whole tsunami thing is red herring.

        The same can’t be said of PR, which is heavily dependent on the Chinese vote and also the fact that the DAP has the most (if I am not mistaken) seats in PR.

        If anything maybe in the next GE, Anwar could legitimately claim that his coalition suffered a “Chinese tsunami” if the community swings back to UMNO. Chances of this happening is low, but who knows…..

        1. Conrad,

          Chinese too are not that “happy” with PORU 13. they manage to give big win for DAP.

          But UMNO still prevails. In fact, total rejection of Chinese towards Najib only emphasizes one thing: THAT UMNO STILL PREVAILS WITHOUT CHINESE votes.

          Nowadays, I do not hear UMNO leaders saying Chinese are Ling makers in election anymore.

          The reality is staring on their face with opposite result. That despite massive Chinese rejection of UMNO, UMNO still prevails.

          1. Shamsul,

            That was my point. UMNO has shown that it does not need the Chinese to maintain control. The Chinese are irrelevant for the survival of UMNO.

            The Chinese are only relevant for the Oppositional forces in this country. Besides gaining a foothold in State level power structures, they also form the alternative English media.

            Which is why saying that there was a Chinese tsunami is wrong.

      2. Helen,

        AS I said earlier, it is now time for “damage control”. Having led the chinese to believe that this election(PRU13) will see the fall of UMNO( meaning this time Mlay will lose political power), these people(those who support DAP and believe DAP is God sent) now struggles hard to accept reality.

        The reality is that Chinese rejected BN( or more importantly UMNO) due to their senseless lies. And Chinese were bold enough to reject BN only to face harsh reality on May 6 that UMNO still prevails and they are out of government completely.

        So, unable to accept reality, they have been trying to create another “reality”. That it is not “Chinese tsunami” but “Malaysian tsunami” too.

        MYTH: That UMNO only dominates Malay votes in rural areas. “Rural” to these DAP lovers mean “backward”, “poor”, “uneducated”, “not reading STAR”,

        THE TRUTH: UMNO dominates Malay votes in urban area too. In my area , Parliamentary seat(Ampang), UMNO manages to get I believe more than 60% votes from Malay communities if not 70%. But UMNO lost the seat as almost all Chinese voters (non malay forms 45%) voted PKR.

        If UMNO does not get the lion of urban Malay area, how come UMNO manages to take over Kedah and retains Perak despite onslaught from DAP backed totally by chinese community. Mind you UMNO alone won 30 seats , just enough to form a government. Let us call a spade a spade. Perak is completely a Malay based government as it is formed on strengh of UMNO. Of course 1 consolation seat from MCA.

        Negeri Sembilan would have fallen to PR had UMNO not managed to get the lion share of Malay votes.

        I do not know what is Rita’s credential but i believe the “survey’ for what ever reason tries to weaken UMNO by saying it does not get the urban Malay votes. The opposite is the truth.

        The party that should worry about losing Malay support is PAS. It is losing Malay support. That PAS lost Kedah and sees UMNO making inroad to Kelantan should serve as a reminder that Malays are not happy with its “dalliance” with DAP.

        The trhinbg with UMNO however, it tends to behave like a loser. UMNO is not a loser. It gets 40% of parliamentary seats. In Fact, getting 50% is so seasy if UMNO does no have to sacrifice Malay seats to be contested by dying MCA or Gerakan.

        I believe this coming UMNO General assembly will see greater call for UMNO to stop babysitting MCA. the message is clear. Stop babysitting MCA and Gerakan and the stories of “gunting dalam lipatan” will come to its end.

        OR another choice may not be palatable to Najib.

        There is no harm in “voting” in another premier. Najib too must realise he “too ‘ is not Indispensable.

  6. Ms H. Let us now be serious. A spade is a spade. Black is black. White is white. The MCA, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore (he signed himself in by the Grand Tour of the Opposition Leaders in April 2008 – very badly advised) are RESPONSIBLE for the SAFETY AND LIVELIHOOD OF THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE in their dire need of a sensible political leadership. OK ?
    I PROPOSE THAT THE MCA-DAP OR DAP-MCA HOLDS A JOINT REFERENDUM FOR THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE THUS.(voting in their nation-wide offices and the finest grade of indelible ink used)
    2. PLEASE ANSWER YES OR NO THAT YOU AGREE TO THE ARAB SPRING TYPE OF DEMONSTRATIONS. This question is optional and need not be answered.

    By having a national vote for the Malaysian Chinese thus, we should be able to see whether the DAP-MCA or the MCA-DAP are fighting from the mountain top or down in the deep dark valley. This referendum is also good for them and their senses.

  7. I am shocked. The Star can use the “S” word. I am very sure if Hannah’s kids used such language, we can slap them.

    “We have got shit-stirrers now and the Opposition is trying to stir things until the country turns chaotic,” he said, adding that laws like the Sedition Act were still needed in the interest of national security.

    Ku Nan: Opposition ‘stirring up shit’ to create chaos

    My goodness. Such language and on the first day of Ramadhan! I am shocked!

      1. A minor clarification. ‘Unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced are these people in the Star.’

    1. Mulan, as if that mat salleh would know. Hiding down under but writing nonsense about our country and politics. He cannot tell a red bean from a red ant.

  8. Tengok ini!

    Join Pakatan, or form MCA Baru

    Koon Yew Yin
    | June 30, 2013

    These are the important resolutions that should be debated at the party’s annual meeting to ensure it remains relevant to the Chinese community.


    Just before the elections, I predicted that the curtain was coming down on MCA and warned of its demise as a force in Malaysian politics.

    The elections showed that my prediction was right. The party suffered a stunning loss of support and won a dismal seven parliamentary and 11 state assembly seats.

    In numerical terms, the party has only three per cent of total parliamentarians and two per cent of total state assemblymen in the country’s Dewan Rakyat and state assemblies.

    What this means is that the party is effectively a mosquito party. However, the leaders of the MCA are still refusing to accept the fact that the party has been consigned to the dustbin of Malaysian political history by our electorate.

    In fact they are behaving and talking as if they are important and influential stake players in the country’s political system.

    This explains why Dr Chua Soi Lek and his gang are so keen on reversing the earlier MCA general assembly resolutions of 2011 and 2012 to not accept any government posts in the event that the party perform worse than during the 2008 elections.

    Of course, Umno leaders are keen on getting the MCA to renege on its earlier decision and are pushing for a few MCA leaders to take up positions in the cabinet and state legislatures.

    It serves Umno’s political agenda by providing the fig leaf of multi-racial cooperation behind which Umno and Malay dominance can be asserted.

    It also provides the basis for the Umno claim that non-Malay interests are factored into policy making at the highest level and that there are no policies of marginalization and exclusion aimed at non-Malay communities.

    But how true is this claim of a fair or equal political partnership between Umno and MCA? Ask any Chinese – Chinese or English educated; blue collar or white collar; rich or poor.

    They will all say that on issues close to the Chinese heart such as education, civil service employment, and equal opportunity in the economy, the MCA is a chicken hearted and spineless party that has sold out the Chinese in return for a small number of leaders at the top getting filthy rich and sharing the loot from being middlemen and facilitators to big business and Umno cronies.

    Resolutions to transform MCA

    In light of its long record of political impotency in tackling Chinese or Malaysian concerns (the MCA’s record on civil liberties, human rights, social reform, environmental management is equally negative and pathetic), I would like to suggest that the party – should it convene an emergency general meeting (EGM) as proposed by Chua or at its next annual general meeting (AGM) –debate two alternative resolutions.

    The first is a resolution for the party to leave the BN and to join the opposition.

    The second, should the first fail, is to dissolve the party and establish a new party with a new name and a totally new slate of leaders to change the future direction of the party.

    All the old guard should be kept out to show that the new MCA is serious about reform and protecting the interests of all Malaysians, especially the Chinese.

    To my way of thinking these resolutions would be more realistic, sensible and urgently required than the one that is aimed at asking delegates to revoke the earlier decision and to provide the opportunity for Chua, his son and various other MCA crony leaders to return to lucrative government positions that will only benefit them personally.

    In joining the opposition the party will bring considerable financial assets estimated to run into billions of ringgit for the use of the opposition during the next elections.

    The deployment of these enormous financial resources will provide the fire power that will surely ensure victory for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

    In this way the MCA can change the course of its own as well as Malaysia’s political history and remain a force in Malaysian politics.

    I am confident that the strategy proposed here will be supported by the majority of delegates as well as by the Chinese public.

    If taken up, it will bring an end to the anger, agony and disappointment that millions of Chinese have experienced as a result of the MCA’s collaboration in the running down of the rights and interest of the Chinese and other non-Malay communities.

    It will also provide a fresh start by opening the way for new blood and less towkay-driven Chinese participation in the country’s political life and bring Chinese politics to a higher ethical and moral level, free of the business and sexual scandals that have plagued the current leadership.

    Success for the current “return to government” resolution currently vigorously lobbied for by the president’s men and Umno will undoubtedly please Umno as it continues to look to the MCA to act as its cover in the mis-governance of the country.

    But it will only result in more despise and disdain from the voting public at the avarice and greed of the party’s leaders in reversing an “irreversible decision”.

    And this in turn can only bring more grief and suffering for the Chinese community’s interest and concerns.

    Koon Yew Yin is an investor and philantropist. He is the founder IJM Group, Gamuda and Mudajaya.
    – See more at:

  9. Clearly MCA has played well in ‘managing’ the Malay mindset of UMNO. They have allowed ‘The STAR’ to test the water of the patience of very malayed UMNO where it almost guaranteed slow or no reaction from UMNO as seen today. Only the pro UMNO bloggers are making noises and no one else in the ‘top of the mountain’ echelon of UMNO. Some even feel more UMNO have not not given enough to the cina demand. Yup, i heard that directly from the UMNO guns.

    Given the above, there is no need for MCA to play its ace cards and join PAKATAN. Just lounge back, hang your feet up and keep the business going by hanging around with BN. Doesn’t it sound more chinese by doing that for MCA?. Just play both end of the game. Checkmate. Its all business. No exit plan required for cina Malaysia. Just take all.

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