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What next after Utusan made favourite whipping boy

The furore surrounding AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani is still yet to die down.

Another English media this week took a shot at Utusan. This time it is the weekly business newspaper The Edge (July 8-15).

The Edge senior managing editor Azam Aris wrote:


<quote> “Azran had, in the last couple of months, come under fire from many sides, notably right-wing Malays, over his facebook and twitter quotes, in which he said plainly that he is a Malaysian who is anti-racism and was disgusted with Utusan Malaysia‘s editorial slant.

“This follows the daily paper’s front page headline ‘Apa lagi Cina mahu’ – or what more do the Chinese want – following the community’s overwhelming support for the opposition during the last general election.

“Many deemed the headline, printed in red, as offensive and racist, which is not healthy when the BN government is going its way out to promote the 1Malaysia concept of promoting racial unity and parity.

Utusan Malaysia‘s position is that as an Umno newspaper, it is entitled to its opinion although some hold the view that media companies, notably those listed on Bursa Malaysia and which practise corporate social responsibility, should be made more accountable. Media companies are not bloggers or social media commentators. They are run by professional journalists who are bound to abide by ethical and responsible  reporting.” <unquote>

Scissorati “professional”? Assassins lah

Hmm, what about those who are disgusted with The J-Star‘s editorial slant that backstabs the BN?

What about those who are disgusted with The J-Star‘s position as a sneakily pro-DAP newspaper and lately not bothering much to hide it anymore?

Although The J-Star is entitled to its opinion, some hold the view that media companies, notably those deemed as belonging to BN components should not be misrepresented as an MCA mouthpreach when it is actually delivering DAP sermons all the time.

Its owner should be made more accountable for the hatchet job carried out by its Scissorati.


Media companies are not bloggers or social media commentators. They are run by professional journalists who are bound to abide by ethical and responsible reporting.

And you can see for yourself how professional The J-Star is in its photo selection of those politicians that the paper wants to run down, in contrast with its favoured DAP evangelistas who are lavished with TLC.

Yesterday I gave a pop quiz on The J-Star‘s front page choice of politicians.


Who did you find easiest to recognize? Were the Top 3 Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua and Khalid Samad?

Did you manage to recognize any of the BN politicians?

Can you name the Wanita MCA president?

What does this recognition factor tell you about the editorial bias of The J-Star the last 5 years?


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24 thoughts on “What next after Utusan made favourite whipping boy

  1. Re ; “Although The J-Star is entitled to its opinion, some hold the view that media companies, notably those deemed as belonging to BN components should not be misrepresented as an MCA mouthpreach when it is actually delivering DAP sermons all the time.”

    I think this would be a better strategy for Utusan to adopt rather than attacking individual Malays which just feeds the Opposition’s “acceptable Malays” narrative.

    If MCA cannot take care of its propaganda organ than it should be open season on it by the likes of Utusan. After all what has Utusan got to lose?

    As it is most Opposition supporters think that the Star and Utusan are pro Establishment running dogs, if anything by exposing the sub rosa pro Opposition tactics of the Star, Utusan is inadvertently practising a kind of ethical journalism which so far Utusan seems to have no idea exist

    1. Azam Aris works for that China gambling tokey Vincent Tan The Edge ma..

      So sekian melayu ni cari makan dengan Cina. He got to say what he got to say kalau tidak kena potong gaji.

      The Chinese are uncomfortable with UTusan for saying the truth. The Malays who makan gaji and coolies for Indians like Tony Fernandes and chinese like Vincent Tan all cari makan.

      But its the fault of Utusan themselves. They should use their clout to shut down Air Asia. use their clout to shut down toto.

      Just a few weeks of admonishments to the kampung Malays who are the main customers will see Vincent Tan on his fat knees mea culpa.

      Show your power utusan. Talk everybody can.

  2. If you noticed for the past week, the Star’s featured reality show is the Misadventures of Khairy Jamaluddin.

            1. From what I’ve heard, yes, ‘cos she’s already resigned from J-Star.

              However KJ coming under a lot of heat from the Umno bloggers, hence her reassignment to a less sensitive position (tu yang saya dengar).

  3. From S.Thayaparan’s latest piece :

    “However, it is pointless kicking the MCA merely because they are irrelevant and if Chua really wants to ensure the viability of his party,
    he should first start by taking care of business when it comes to his party propaganda organs. However, this is not my story to tell and I will leave it to others to relate that tale.”

    Methinks, he is referencing, you, Helen.

    1. Methought so too.

      But it does not look like CSL or MCA are willing to first start by taking care of business when it comes to the party propaganda organs.

      Hence I agree with your suggestion that Utusan should declare open season on The J-Star.

      1. The moment Utusan attacks The J Star, the Merchants of Lies a.k.a the Jerusubang hacks will scream “racist Utusan !”

        But hey, don’t worry. Anything that Utusan does will be labelled racist anyway so just whack them, and whack them hard.

        The J Star people are whiners. The moment the room temperature is up, they whine.

      2. I’ve been waiting for Utusan to ‘declare open season on the J-Star’ for some time now.

        I dont understand why Utusan hasn’t launched its first ‘missile’ towards Star when the missiles are already turned, positioned and aimed at Menara Star.

        I’d love to see Utusan’s head line ‘STAR adalah proksi kepada Pakatan’. WCW would fall off his bed when he reads Utusan in the morning. Hahahaha….

        1. Readers are encouraged to sms Utusan.



          Send to 37833.

        2. Good idea. Everybody will love to sit and see the fireworks as two pro government newspapers start fighting each other. : )

          1. After all Helen’s writings of the Setar being a musuh dalam selimut in BN in her blog, you still haven’t got it?

    1. Frankly, I dont see the relevance of PPP in the current Malaysian political scenario.

      PPP’s current state of affairs remind me of the Malay saying, ‘Hidup segan, mati tak mau’. MCA is heading that way too.

  4. Come to think of it I want to congratulate DAP for the most Machiavellian party in Malaysia. The resources of MCA are being used to the fullest to promote DAP. The Star and the subsidiaries and UTAR/KTAR have been churning out batches of BN haters. MCA foots the bill.

    We should all support “1,000,000 Chinese do not want MCA to represent them”. It is not because MCA is not democratic but MCA just gets from Dumb to Dumber to Dumberest. The MCA is like a SARS patient who is ready to infect other healthy BN members and at the end the StARS patient dies. Now our dear Khairy has been infected by the StARS virus.

    The other dumbass party is the PKR Selangor. DAP now has the power to chide Khalid.
    PKR Selangor is uncomfortable with the “nudity” clause. “Selangor won’t stop exco members who want to bare all”. In fact I am so excited to see a frontally nude Azmin Ali although I would not like to Anwar Ibrahim full frontal. Tony and Hannah must bare all.

    BN Penang is certainly contributing to the indecent behaviour of Penang girls. The indecent dressing of the PSY dancers are pornographic. Siti Zailah, who is also the PAS Muslimat chief, said “indecent” dressing among women was a “new phenomenon” and she took a jab at BN for contributing to this.

    It would be good women cut themselves bald. It is cooling, sexual repulsive and moral superior. Certainly women would save money buying Sunsilk.

  5. Kudos to what Azam Aris has written about Utusan. I concur with what he, Azran, Nazir, and many people have commented about that newspaper.

    Word from my friend in the ad industry is a lot of businesses have reduced their advertisements with Utusan in response to their post-election tantrums. There are other Malay language newspapers out there: Sinar Harian, Harian Metro, and the lesser evil Berita Harian.

    1. We should all boycott LI as it is indecent. The dressing on the network is indecent and there is too much discussion of sexual relations in the DOCTORs. Let us all write to Siti Zailah and inform her of the immorality from channel owned by MCA. I noticed that there are too many homosexuals on the network. Examples include Nate Berkus. There are too many shows glorifying alcohol as a glamorous beverage.

      I hope Mother Hannah is reading this. Save our kids from LI. Lust inspired by the Star. Good Christians must not watch such a channel. Avoid LI if you are fasting.

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