27 thoughts on “MCA mengucapkan kalian ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’

  1. Is it so hard for them to separate the Ramadan and Eid wishes that they have to do it at one go? Sounded like ‘melepaskan batuk di tangga’ kinda wish.

  2. Ong Kian Ming @imokman

    Oats n runny egg plus 3 bananas and green tea utk #sahur

    I wonder if it is mandatory for OKM’s interns to fast just as it is mandatory for them to have twitter accounts ?

      1. More or less like how he wears songkok lah.

        No wonder the Beliawanis treasurer in 2010 called @hannahyeoh and @imokman “DAP SuperCyber Bully”, one wears tudung and the other songkok. They are two peas in a pod, the male and female versions.

    1. Thanks for the alert. I’m on the same page as you wrt to this DOCTOR (PhD).

      1. A frog ?

        Speaking of him fasting, I have one piece of advice for him. He has been going round town saying that certain quarters have accused him of putting up a show through fasting. To put this to rest, he should embrace Islam. Can he do that ? Well, your answer is as good as mine.

        1. He could. He could be a strong contender for Menteri Besar after the conversion. Please refer to the Christopher Ross Lim case study. UNDI TANPA WAS2.

          1. Tun Prof Dr Mohammad Imokman Ong, Menteri Besar Selangor Darul Ehsan merangkap Canselor UniSel dan UTAR.

  3. Helen,

    It is Ramadhan and I am trying very hard to “jaga my mulut and my hati” apart from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, but I can’t help to laugh when I read the caption i.e. “MCA mengucapkan kalian ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ plus the oral version of it as to be “performed” by many in this blog. : )

    1. Next step MCA will put an advert on TV, not unlike Najib’s drum playing….imagine CSL banging the kompang or whatever he can bang….

      Too late…….

      1. Maybe he will be seen in a doa selamat ceremony wearing songkok and baju melayu.

  4. Ehhhhh…. Ramadhan baru sahaja bermula…. Raya tak penting la…. Ramadhan yang ditunggu dan disambut oleh kami.

  5. Aku tak kisah sangat apa yang MCA, Gerakan atau DAP nak cakap. Sekarang ni terasa macam tak ikhlas pulak setiap tutur kata yang orang Cina cakap, walaupun di depan muka aku, walaupun yang aku dah kenal berpuluh2 tahun. Pasal apa ya? Bila rasanya nak reda rasa was-was ni?

      1. Your name is being abused by someone at Stop The Lies to spread lies. I suggest you go there and have a look. It is becoming increasingly clear that Stop The Lies is the place for hacks to attack pro establishment people who are regular readers of this blog. Take precautionary measures to protect yourself.

        1. Hold the MCA accountable (!) because Stop the Lies is a Scissorati operation.

          Since it is a sinister and shadowy blog, then there is no point to deal with them. The buck stops with the MCA as its funder.

          1. Setem is not the only victim. Even Anak Jamil has been dragged into the charade that is Stop The Lies.

            http://stopthelies.my/?p=3343#comments using the name of Setem to utter vulgarity


            http://stopthelies.my/?p=3346#comments using the name of Anak Jamil to spit profanity.

            What kind of people are they ? Yes we have asked this question many times. Is it any wonder why they are labelled as pendatang time and time again ?

            Have a nice day folks.

        2. I noticed that too, but many nicks had been abused the same way.

          I thought of putting up a comment that someone had used my nick to post comments in STL that do not reflect my true beliefs, but after a second thought, I changed my mind. STL is such a shadowy blog. Moreover the comments are not moderated which goes to show it is a like a wild-wild west cyber nest in STL, anything goes. STL is opened to abuse to the extreme and the credibility of the commenters are almost none.

          So I said to myself, ‘Gasaklah!’.

  6. Thanks for trying to make feel puasa is about to end. But I am afraid it just started. Still 29 days to go.

    Should try puasa, Helen. Good for your health and soul. Don’t have to convert.

    1. Heh-heh, might try if I’m living in a Nordic country during a short daylight season.

      1. Helen – you can still fly down south to New Zealand. it’s winter over there now and the day time is short. :)

  7. It should be::

    Selamat berpuasa & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Selamat menunaikan Fardhu Haji & Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.. all in one go.. :)

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