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(Updated: Buka puasa dengan Bah Kut Teh) Memang DAP & MCA takde beza

Gimik murahan.

Yang di bawah – Ahli Parlimen Serdang DOKTOR (PhD) Ong Kian Ming – DAP punya.

Twitter  imokman Buka puasa di KAMPAR, makan ... 2013-07-12 09-54-56

Yang di bawah ni pembangkang punya. Pasangan seks blogger buka puasa dengan Bah Kut Teh.

Dan yang di bawah sekali MCA punya. Wajah seks blogger Vivian Lee menghiasi muka depan The J-Star pada hari perhimpunan agung MCA (tahun lepas).

cina alvivi

Baca seterusnya di laman Mymassa.


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Posting asal

Yang di bawah ni DAP punya.

Saya kebas poster dari blog

Terima kasih diucapkan.



Seperti juga MCA, si DAP pun mengucap “Salam Ramadhan & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”.

Seorang pengomen blog saya antihipokrit berkata @ 2013/07/11 at 4:03 pm:

“It should be:

Selamat berpuasa & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Selamat menunaikan Fardhu Haji & Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.. all in one go.. :)”


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

45 thoughts on “(Updated: Buka puasa dengan Bah Kut Teh) Memang DAP & MCA takde beza

  1. Bebas dari api neraka.
    Kekalahan sememangnya rasa macam dibakar di neraka.
    Lain kalilah.

    MCA lain kalilah!

  2. You have to hand it to DAP for a well played game. If i am some jubah & serban guy,from say the east, i will be elated on how islamic DAP is.

    They’re like the pied piper,churning out calming & soothing ‘ music’ that put the rats into trance. Hell, i don’ t even know what the hell is maghrifah ( nor do i care to find out).. but to some jubahis & hijabis, they can see ‘ nur’ from the banner.

    1. Maghfirah is keampunan. The arabic root is gh-f-r. One of Allah’s name is Al-Ghafuur.

      Agree that they took this opportunity well. They are getting good at this I must add. Imokman #sahur might also impress a person or two.

      While it might be far fetched, what do you think will happened if DAP3.0 people become muslim?

      1. re: “While it might be far fetched, what do you think will happened if DAP3.0 people become muslim?”

        DAP 3.0 is evangelista. Muslim would have to be DAP 4.0.

        1. That these people will “embrace” Islam, and I use the word “embrace” as sarcasm here to set the record straight, is a possibility, no matter how remote it is.

          These people are not decent Christians anyway. To begin with, they are not even Christians, at least for those who claim to be Christians and telling the whole of Malaysia that they are doing God’s work, at least to those in a state of trance.

          But as these people are foxes i.e politicians, well, politicians of the scheming types, they will not hesitate to embrace Islam as they know for sure that embracing Islam will allow them to boast openly to everyone that “hey look here. You say we are anti Malay, anti Muslim. Yet now, we have embraced Islam. So are you going to say we are anti Malay, anti Muslim ? More than anything, we are now brothers and sisters. Ask our partners Pas”.

          And the first one to come out of the “closet”, again I must make this clear that I m not insulting the LGBT community by using the word “closet” here, is none other than The Fasting Doctor. He will most gladly tell the Malay Muslim community that he is the first to become a “Muslim”. But Hannah Jerusubang Yeoh will not take to this too kindly. She will scream “what ! He beat me to it ! Shit !

  3. Helen,

    ..sound so artificial and shallow. The greeting simply doesnt jive with the logo!

  4. Adoi, nak jadi parti yang relevan tapi bahasa malaysia mereka berterabur. Takkan lah dalam ramai-ramai ahli DAP dan MCA itu tak ada yang boleh nasihat pasal bahasa kot…..Kata rakyat malaysia, apasal bahasa Malaysia pun tak boeh betul? typo error lagi ka

    :D sarah

  5. Anakjamil, are you kidding me? That idiotic face on the banner is such a turn off. And that stupid slogan at the bottom spoils the whole greeting.

  6. Kata pepatah Melayu, “mulut manis tapi hati di dalam rencong”. Bukan ikhlas pun…..

    Banner MCA yang ni pelik. Selalu mana ada tulisan melayu! dah tu tulis atas tulisan cina pulak! Biasa mereka utamakan bahasa cina (tulis di atas) dan english (tulis di bawah).

    Dapsters dah tentu 100% tulis dalam bahasa cina. Lagi pelik tulis dalam bahasa melayu…he..he..

    Maaf helen, saya nyatakan apa yang benar. Kalau orang-orang cina punya segumpal hati yang kaya, mereka akan sama-sama menjadi Rakyat Malaysia yang bertanggung jawab, saling mengenal, bantu membantu. Sama-sama cari untung!

  7. Honestly, as far as the language issue on the banners is concerned, hiccups like these occurring is part and parcel of living in a multicultural environment. Ibrahim Ali made a faux pas with his white angpow.

    Having said that since I am all about the cheap shots, it is strange that the DAP at least who consider Bahasa extremely important as a national language when it comes to the Bible would not have the relevant experts in BM to advise them on such nuances.

    Not that I am stalking Ong Kian Ming (well not yet at least) but here’s what he said about receiving his “Malay” language Bible. Details here :

    “As a Christian, I’ve always wanted to have a copy of the Holy Bible in BM, to be able to read the Holy Scriptures in the national language”

    or this :

    “While the Indonesian Alkitab was adequate, I knew that the Bible in BM would be a much more natural read given that we use slightly different words and sentence structures in BM as compared to Bahasa Indonesia (BI).

    Furthermore, it seemed strange to me that I should have to resort to reading the Holy Scriptures in another language when a translation in my own national language was available, or so I thought.”

    Son, if the national language is so important to you then why is it you seem* to offend some in the very demographic you are seeking to impress who use it ?

    *I really don’t know if what the banners say, is incorrect in any way, but like I said, I enjoy taking the cheap shots.

    1. re: “Not that I am stalking Ong Kian Ming (well not yet at least)”

      There is no better time than the present to commence the noble endeavour.

      @imokman will be a greater challenge to you than @ganpinsieu (who’s too nice for me to stalk).

      Unlike GPS, the OKM is NOT nice. Like his female counterpart the Mama Dapster, he’s the father of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

      1. typo: it’s @ganpingsieu

        He has only 2,566 Twitter followers currently.

        At the time that Fakin’ Fake Calvin signed on to his Twitter feed in late April, GPS had got 2,394 followers. An increase of 172 followers over the span of 3 months — not good at all.

        As comparison, the Twit meter reading on 24 April 2013 was 65,316 twits. The Twit meter reading today is 78,231, an increase of 12,915 twits in Hannah Yeoh’s following over roughly the last 3 months.

        She must thank @staronline for the MCA paper’s enthusiastic support of tweeting her 10 times in a single day.

      2. Re: “…..OKM is NOT nice”

        How do you mean ? DAP nonsense (as is any political party nonsense) – twitter post, blog post, speeches etc. – is brought to my attention by friends.

        OKM’s religious fervour seems to me a new phenomenon because I didn’t get a whiff of it in his political “analysis”. Since he joined the DAP , I have observed a marked increase in his religious rhetoric.

        To be honest I just like taking the piss on whatever he says because of his rather stupid justifications for joining the DAP( I would have felt the same no matter which party he joined – Establishment or Opposition) and the way how he attacked Chua the Younger via “the aspirations of the youth”, even though I think Chua the younger is a wanker, and have said as much.

        1. re: “How do you mean ? ‘…..OKM is NOT nice’.”

          Simple: Gan Ping Sieu is still nice nonetheless … all said and done, and Ong Kian Ming is NOT nice. (Read: What kind of people are they?)

          “OKM’s religious fervour” is opportunistic. (Think: What kind of people are they {the selendang squaders}?)


          1. OMK is not only NOT nice. He is totally unethically. prepared to lie and exaggerate to be noticed. Remember his claims of hundreds of thousands of phantoms on the electoral roll? Then when he was proven wrong, he simply moved on to new allegations.

            1. No wonder he’s the father of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies. So now we know who they take their cue from.

            2. Wasn’t OKM the chap who claimed that a voter was a “foreign national” and later discovered he was a Malaysian Indian ? OKM apologised of course but it does seem rather strange for a so called academic to make such a mistake.

              1. re: “a so called academic”

                He’s a political animal. He was with Insap (MCA think tank) and Sedar (Gerakan think tank).

                What kind of a political animal?


                1. You will notice that OKM and others similar to him want fast track up the political ladder.

                  The slow and sluggish way MCA and Gerakan deal with their young members will benefit DAP. That is why UTAR and KTAR become oppo maternity hospitals.
                  You want to be powerful by 40, join DAP. With the other two you just wait. They are few who wait decades at Pemuda but once they hop to DAP they fly like a rocket.

  8. “Penghujungnya bebas dari api neraka….” Lafaz
    ini pasti tak dapat digunapakai oleh Tokong LGE kerana
    akhlaknya lebih banyak persamaannya dengan akhlak seorang
    ahli api neraka. He is no man of peace.

  9. OKM is fasting this Ramadan, at least according to him lah.

    “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Matt 6: 16-18

    So the respected & venerable DR (PhD) OKM wanna fast & tell the whole world is it?

    BKT is made with porcine meat cuts so either the “intelligent” duo missed that point or were pointing 4 middle fingers at the authorities who “mistreated” them for their very public sexscapade.

    Here’s a piece that left me smiling like a kerang busuk on a slow lazy Friday morning in the office.

    Gives you a whole new perspective into the “failed lawyer” moniker granted her. Tak dapat jadi hakim, jadi speaker pun OK juga kan? Ada jubah, boleh potong percakapan orang, boleh tegur orang…

  10. Aku tak percaya puak2 ni betul2 puasa. Masa mogok lapar geng Lynas dulu pun sempat curi makan lagi. Tak sampai pun setengah hari.

    1. Dia puasa lah, cuma dia boleh makan menyorok macam budak2 belajar puasa, tapi jangan kasi orang tau ye sebab orang tak nampak, ha ha ha

  11. I wonder if OKM and Co, laugh amongst themselves in private about this whole fasting image. Well if your Religion prides itself on form…..

    Anyways, is anyone else expecting blowback of the appointment of the transgendered individual as polsec by the Green YB by the Evangelists or does something like this go unremarked ?

    Mind you, I’m all for it.

    1. re: “I wonder if OKM and Co, laugh amongst themselves in private about this whole fasting image. Well if your Religion prides itself on form…..”

      wrt to cynical manipulation of religious imagery vis-a-vis the “what kind of people are they” question, we should look into the trickery of the ‘religious’ (e.g. DAP evangelistas) class in taking power.

      For those who haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend an account in the Kite Runner (novel by American-Afghan writer) about the antagonist – a Taliban potentate-enforcer who cynically manipulates Islam so that he could be powerful.

      Always, always keep this question on our radar: “What kind of people are they in DAP 3.0?” (It’s a question the old DAP people should mull over as well.)

      A governing class who are religious manipulators are the most dangerous of all.

      1. Marx was wrong in describing religion the opiate of the masses. Fact it, entertainment, in the case of the DAP, entertainment with religious themes is the real opiate of the masses. See how many of their people are in a state of trance during their so called “service” on Sundays.

      2. I think there are two things to consider here as far the Evangelists are concerned. The first is the subtle appropriation of Islamic dogma as a means to garner votes and the second the nullification of specific meanings – as in usage of “Allah” – as a means of subverting certain cultural norms.

        With the Papal Nuncio throwing his weight behind the local diocese in the Allah controversy, and the Islamic wing of PR(so far) passing no comment, it would seem that the religious dialectic in this country is taking an interesting turn.

        Of course when Helen mentions Islamic extremism of any kind, I would be the first the sneer at UMNO, however as I think that the Establishment acted rationally in this case and the Opposition led by the Komtar Potentate acted mala fide, this whole idea of an Evangelical Wing of PR is something that should be of great concern to anyone who votes Opposition.

        1. Edit to add:

          This is a comment by one of the more rabid and well known DAP/PR supporters over at Malaysiakini regarding certain Malay NGOs objection to the comments made by the Vatican Emissary :

          I disagreed with the NGOs. I say, send more vatican representatives and human rights organisation and GI Joe over and help the minorities to speak up to preserve their language, culture and religions – Baiyuensheng

          Of course his concerns for “minorities to speak up” was missing when he viciously attacked Hindraf, Uthayakumar or anyone speaking up for the Indian community.

          1. Wrt Alvin & Vivian Facebook posting :

            “Yeah, in a way. I don’t know. I was just curious to see how
            people will perceive it. It seems not everybody is on the same page as us. It is dark humour. It is just our attempt to see how it will be perceived. It is just trying to be humorous on the matter,” he said in a phone interview with The Star Online.

            I hate it when hipster kids attempt humour. I wonder if their repertoire extends to offending Christian religious sensibilities ?

            1. These two kids were stressed out at the National University of Singapore and became SHORT-CIRCUITED LIKE THEIR DAP FRIENDS.

  12. Satu perkataan je yang sesuai untuk Vivian dan pasangannya = BIADAP! Mereka seronok agaknya menjolok-jolok sarang tebuan. Teruja nak tengok samada tebuan akan mengejar mereka atau tebuan berpindah ke dahan lain. Saya tak fikir ia (status FB) merupakan salah faham mereka terhadap islam tetapi lebih kepada tujuan menghina atau mempermain-mainkan perasaan umat islam dan melayu Malaysia. Tambahan pula mereka dapat publisiti murah dengan cara tersebut.

    1. Does anyone know any Islamist Extremist or Activist out there? Maybe we can send their FB link and let those people handle these two…

  13. [profanity edited]. We condemn the insensitivity of this ******* couple. Should put them and the parents in lock up. Real disgrace.

  14. pada saya, apabila penganut lain mengucapkan selamat hari raya, saya boleh terima tetapi apabila mengucapkan selamat berpuasa ramadhan, selamat berbuka dan ditambah dengan lain-lain perkataan seperti keberkatan, maghfirah dan bebas dari api neraka, saya terasa seolah-olah mereka ini telah menghina Islam….

    apa kelayakan orang ‘kuffar’ untuk menyebut salam dan menyatakan ‘bebas dari api neraka sedangkan mereka ini adalah penghuninya?


  15. hello cik helen,

    saya rasa dap dan sekutunya pkr,pas,right wing church,suaram,bar council,christian vatican,bersih group,1,2,3, group lgbt,dan the star adalah satu kumpulan yang kami orang melayu rasa adalah agen zionis,yang ingin merampas palestine dari penduduk pribumi.kami akan tetap mempertahankan tanah melayu tumpah darah kami dari ,agama kami dari penghinaan .dap,dan kumpulannya lupa bagaimana orang china di layan di indonesia tahun 1998.jangan di ganggu saraang tebuan.nanti memakan diri.

    bila orang islam,di hina,dan agama suci mereka dipermainkan mereka sanggup bermandi darah demi memepertahankan agama mereka.jangan jadika

  16. jadikan rakyat malaysia yang diam-diam itu menghulurkan keris demi mempertahankan agama suci mereka dan dihina agama mereka. jika kaum china dap ingin melihat orang melayu marah cuba tonton peristiwa 1998 di indonesia.

  17. “merangkap Canselor UniSel dan UTAR”


    What is the good DOCTOR doing at UTAR Kampar?

    Why is your sexy MCA man not at UTAR? The problem with MCA is that are not visible at their own products. They have the Apek behaviour. Uncle will never visit nephew. Uncle must not understand nephew as nephew is lower in rank. That is why the young become Christians or join oppo.

    Let me outline why I left Taoism. Taoism is so caught up with superstition and generation distance. When you are grieving you are rewarded with pantang. The Evagelista will come comfort you.Taoism neglects and people become Christians and they BURN the idols. The joke is that the neglect and insensitivity of the Taoist is rewarded with idol burning karma.

    The evangelical take ground because Taoism is superstitious and insensitive. I am not too supportive of the evangelical Christianity (i am for the traditional ) but I am in favour of the superstitious Taoist.

    The same logic is with the MCA. The generation distance makes MCA so unapproachable to the young. Even the Ramadan messsge is melepas batuk s di tangga.
    Taoism like MCA will rightfully end up at the Chinese museum.

  18. My neneh friend predicts Khairil C Lim will one day battle Khairil Jamaludin.


  19. Correction am not too supportive of the evangelical Christianity (i am for the traditional ) but I am NOT in favour of the superstitious Taoist.

  20. Nak pamerkan BAK KUT TEH boleh…asalkan jangan guna daging kaki pendek…masaklah BAK KUT TEH EKOR LEMBU….sedap

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