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Update: Alvivi now on Twitter / MCA objects to making Tamadun Islam course compulsory

The J-Star‘s poster boy and girl Alvin and Vivian have decamped to Twitter after the Facebook admin shut down their page due to public complaints.

Alvin and Vivian – the MCA-endorsed media celebrities – do not want to be called a “couple” but prefer to be referred to as “professional colleagues and sex partners”.

Speaking of “sex partners”, Calvin Sankaran once commented in this blog:

“I would compare The Star with a girl who is high maintenance who spends her rich boyfriend’s money freely and having a good time doing it while at the same time sleeping with her BF’s sworn enemy and making jokes about her BF.”

Alvin and Vivian (AlviviSwingers) on Twitter 2013-07-14 23-03-03

You can check out the rest of the Alvivi tweets HERE.

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By Shamshul Anuar

Yup. MCA is a liability.


It refuses to tell the Chinese point blank that no way Chinese going to prosper if they carry the attitude of hostility towards Malay community. Period.

MCA simply refuses to tell the Chinese they simply cannot ignore the most important factor of all in all election: the Malay voters. This time around, Chinese decided to discard all traces of cordiality by rejecting BN (meaning Umno) en bloc.

As goes the saying, be careful with what you wish. Chinese got their bargain. They wholeheartedly rejected BN (meaning Umno) and whatever Chinese parties that ally with Umno.

And rejected they are now. They booted themselves out of the government. The illusion of “kingmaker” who are actually not a kingmaker begin to sink in.

It is better for BN to eject MCA (and Gerakan) too.  At least Umno can get back all Malay seats such as Alor Setar, Tanjung Malim, Tanjung Piai, Kluang, Air Itam, Kulim, Padang Serai.

Having MCA outside BN will be good for all. It allows Chinese to think that while they can reject the Malays gesture all this while, Malays too can do the same with more greater impact.

After all, Najib needs not worry. See, without Chinese votes, Umno still can rule the country.

Just as much as Chinese expect the Malays to appreciate their concern, they too must make the same move. Continuously whining that Chinese are 2nd class citizens but refuse to open up to other races are sign of hypocrites.

‘Seperti kaca terhempas ke batu’. That is what I describe Malay-Chinese relationship.

Shamshul’s comment originally @ 2013/06/24 at 8:33 am

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By Helen Ang


MCA has no locus standi

(1) The Chinese community have declared loudly and without a shadow of a doubt that they do not want MCA to represent them. MCA must accept the GE13 results that DAP is now the voice of the Chinese in Malaysia.

(2) The Chinese community through their ballots in GE13 had unequivocally decided that they do not want to have MCA represent them in the Cabinet where the MCA leaders were previously Deputy Education Minister and Deputy Higher Education Minister.

MCA must accept that they are out of top government. DAP is now the voice of the Chinese and hence, in this problematic matter of varsity placement, the MCA must allow the DAP to step forward and represent all the Chinese who voted opposition.

(3) Gan Ping Sieu and Chua Soi Lek are unelected while Heng Seai Kie lost the Parliament seat that she contested. Therefore the trio do not speak for the voters. They can only speak on behalf of the MCA.

Wee Ka Siong is elected by the Malays and he should go to Air Hitam and listen to his constituents.

Is the BN obligated to pay any heed to MCA? After all, the majority of MCA’s one million members themselves had voted the DAP.

Ultimately it was the MCA’s own choice to vote themselves out of the decision-making process in Putrajaya. And not only that, the MCA-owned media had subtly encouraged its readers to vote Pakatan.



Utar lecturers are DAP representatives

Utar lecturer Chong Zhemin represented DAP in the debate against Shen Yee Aun representing MCA

(4) Heng Seai Kie said in her press statement:

“By making it compulsory for students to study only on one religion will aggravate racial and religious relations and create prejudice and narrow-thinking people. This is not conducive to Malaysia’s diverse background of many races, religions and cultures. Thus, the government should focus on creating a harmonious, stable and united country instead.”

The MCA publicity bureau chairman believes that studying the Tamadun Islam course in university “will aggravate racial and religious relations”.

Strange that it did not cross her mind about the Scissorati’s staunch support for the Dapsters. Clearly MCA had not felt that the behaviour of the Chinese electorate and social media users had aggravated racial and religious relations.

The mainstream media owned and controlled by MCA even actively aided and abetted the Dapster-evangelista behaviour.

Heng also said that making Tamudun Islam compulsory for students will “create prejudice and narrow-thinking people”.

In the MCA-owned and MCA-controlled Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar), the majority of the students and lecturers gave their solid backing to the DAP.

@imokman tweeted that “many Utar students” attended his DAP forum in Kampar (where the university is located)


Where is the 90% DAP support cultivated?

Regardless of the presence or absence of the Tamadun Islam course, what are Utar students being taught by DAP lecturers like Chong Zhemin?

MCA deputy national organising secretary Heng Seai Kie believes that the compulsory study of Tamadun Islam in university “is not conducive to Malaysia’s diverse background of many races, religions and cultures”.

Can she propose something else more conducive to Malaysia’s diverse background of many races, religions and cultures? Like the daily contents of The J-Star, is it?

Heng also recommended that “the government should focus on creating a harmonious, stable and united country instead” (through other means).

How about this suggestion for creating a harmonious, stable and united country: At present, the MCA mouthpreach (The J-Star, et al) is constantly airing the church activism and delivering Jerusubang sermons to its 5.63 million-strong audience.

So rather than foisting the Tamadun Islam contents on the college syllabus, how about a test run having The Star carry Islamic civilization contents in their articles instead?

“Charity begins at home” goes the saying.

Therefore the business of creating a “harmonious, stable and united country” should begin in the MCA’s home turf — the Star media empire.

Twitter tilianker staronline front page photos
Ti Lian Ker is an MCA exco member


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

57 thoughts on “Update: Alvivi now on Twitter / MCA objects to making Tamadun Islam course compulsory

  1. Kingmaker? Court jester more like. All the wealth, all the education, all the perceived intelligence & still they don’t understand they’re not & will never be the majority race in the country.


    1. Fakin’ Fake Calvin,

      I must say that UMNO too should be blamed for telling Malays that chinese are king maker when it comes to byelection.

      I did mention that during Bukit gantang by election, again UMNO said Chinese who forms approximately 20% of voters are the king maker.

      Strange enough, UMNO also said that Chinese are king makers during Sibu byelection where chinese forms almost 70% of voters.

      The question that any Malay should ask these moronic UMNO leaders is when Malays will be the King maker. Humble is another thing. Low self esteem and underestimating Malay influence is a different story.

      But PRU13 put an end to this nonsense. Both malays and chinese are equally surprise. Chinese were simply dumbfounded that despite almost total rejection by chinese, UMNO does prevail.

      And malays too are surprise as they initially never though that UMNO will prevail despite massive rejection by Chinese. But again it is a pleasant surprise.

      I believe Najib or Muhyiddin would not dare to “splurge” on chinese community again on any forthcoming election. Meaning no more sudden grant to chinese schools . They especially Najib were made like idiots during election.

      Let us hope they learn a thing or two. If they love their posts within UMNO.

      As for MCA and Gerakan , well to put blindly they already “cease” as voices of chinese. So, do not be too worry about what they say.

    2. FFC. The Chinamen here have been brainwashed that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore and the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are great. Little are they aware that they are being used. It is time these Chinese ask Lee Kuan Yew for many free Singaporean universities scholarships.

  2. Its hard to fathom how the Malay Chinese relationship will evolve from now on. I think the current form will be detrimental to the nation development.

    Malays are already saying unscrupulous Chinese are hiking up prices of chicken and food to show who is the second class citizen in control. I believe its the arrogance of being economically dominance allowed such minorities to openly mock the majority Malays like Alvivi duo did.

    I can’t help but comparing this to the Mubarak and military cronies of Egypt that sabotaged fuel and electricity lines to make Morsi govt look powerless.

    But then again, the Malay majority govt controls the police, army and can pull out policemen and security personnel from Chinese neighbourhood like how the Egypt police force deliberately pulled off the street leading to crime.

    If the Chinese and Malay Gajahs start to fight, kita yang kena.

    1. forrestcat. Our problems with the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese began as long ago as 1964 when Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP wanted to conquer Malaysia. They failed. He indirectly founded the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 which did nothing for the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all for 47 long years. From then on, these Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese were thoroughly brainwashed first by imbibing how brilliant Lee Kuan Yew was at Cambridge. I know a Malaysian who did 100% better than him at the college entrance. BUT LITTLE DO THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE KNOW THAT LEE KUAN YEW’S IMPORTANT POLICIES FAILED HIM. Hence, the DAP’s keeness to deliver a conquered Malaysia to save Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.

      1. forrestcat. BY RIGHT IF THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE POLITICAL LEADERSHIP IS HOLISTIC (I am a copycat), THEIR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP WOULD HAVE LED THEM TO SUPPORT THE BN AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES 100%. But you can now see clearly that after being DUPED to support the LOST CAUSE of others, THEY NOW SUFFER FOR THEIR THICK HEADEDNESS ! And where are those HEROES who made the Chinese now ? Where are they ? The pawns – the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dance troupes of Subang Jaya ? Up to the Singapore blessed DAP leadership ? And on to the MCA leadership ?

      2. forrestcat. Any pieces below UMNO and Lee Kuan Yew are pawns. Our beloved Malaysia is the chess board. It is English chess played out since 1964 and Lee Kuan Yew’s Queen failed him and failed to checkmate UMNO 3 VITAL TIMES in 1997, 2008 and 2013 ! From the pawns up to the Queen will be sacrificed in this game of life and death. MCA’s Mandarin speaking types played Chinese Chess and lost big time.

    2. forrestcat. If the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, really think they dominate the Malaysian economy, they should have their heads properly examined by a good head shrinker !

  3. Helen,
    Sekiranya hanya 10% Cina voted for BN, MCA duk cuba bela nasib berapa jumlah rakyat Cina diMalaysia ni? Kalau tak ramai, guna saja the billions of asset they have to help these small numbers of MCA Chinese supporters that deserves their assistance.

    Why sibuk2 nak assist the DAP supporters, they have the Lim Dynasty to take care of their welfare.

    Post Merdeka, the SJKC was even better equipd and very much superior compared to the Convent schools, I believe huge contributions by the rich Chinese towkeys. Many students sent under their scholarships (even today) overseas..

  4. Re: “Yup. MCA is a liability.


    It refuses to tell the Chinese point blank that no way Chinese going to prosper if they carry the attitude of hostility towards Malay community. Period.”

    Don’t make me laugh. The Chinese have always been hostile towards UMNO just that they hid this hostility behind voting for the MCA.

    Even though the DAP apparatchiks go on about the “humiliation” , degradation” etc of living under an apartheid (sic) like system”, they still managed to remain economically dominant and in a far better position than the average Malay.

    All this was done of course with the numerous special positions, privileges and “rights” that charlatans like Ibrahim Ali and his ilk wish to protect.

    Now with a schism in the Malay community , the Chinese community have some other Malay power structure to latch on to. UMNO may not need the Chinese vote to survive but they do need the Malay community to be untied behind them.

    Nothing last forever and sooner or later the Malay vote may fragment even more and when this happens, it is the alliance which has a history of making the tough compromises with diverse allies which would benefit the most.

    Whatever retaliations UMNO thinks it has will not make much of a difference in the long run to the Chinese community. May 13 resulted in an urban Malay middle class chaffing at the feudalistic bonds of UMNO. The Chinese community not only thrived but dominates the economy.

    Sabre rattling is not going to help UMNO in any way.

    1. re: “The Chinese have always been hostile towards UMNO just that they hid this hostility behind voting for the MCA.”

      Spot on. MCA was the ‘shock absorber’ (the car thingy). Now with MCA stripped of this role, the unadulterated hostility of the Chinese can be felt in direct impact by the Malays.

      re: “the Chinese community have some other Malay power structure to latch on to … sooner or later the Malay vote may fragment even more”

      No, PAS will soon wise up and no longer allow themselves to be latched on to. The Malays will unite b’cos the Chinese-Christian bad behaviour compels them to do so.

      1. Re: “No, PAS will soon wise up…..”

        This is a possibility. However as one of very close PAS friend reminds me, this close to Federal power is intoxicating .

        While some in UMNO may not mind sharing, others are rabidly afraid of being under the thumbs of the Mullahs.

        A PAS/UMNO power sharing formula would change everything and much of it would be anathema to many UMNO potentates.

        1. re: “anathema to many UMNO potentates”

          DAP is a much greater anathema. Plus the Christian bogeyman factor too.

          1. You know why I despise certain aspects of the DAP ? They have no problem spitting at UMNO but still deal with the Capitalist vultures within UMNO.

            As for the Christian bogeyman, admittedly this could cause problems but it remains to be seen if religious piety trumps commerce when it comes to political hegemony.

            I believe as long as UMNO can go on its own it will.

            1. re: “They have no problem spitting at UMNO”

              They spit at everything. The Alvivi stunt was the height of insolence but the in-denial by the Chinese bubble (people who downplay the insult) trumps even that.

              1. I think you pointing out the whole “halal” bah-kut-the defense as complete bollocks was extremely important.

                What I can’t stand even more than hypocrisy are people who don’t have the guts to stick by provocative acts that they deem acceptable.

                1. Ms H. I have always said that there are no stupid Chinese in the whole World. But sometimes they are so very clever as to be stupid. This I have examined to be their self-serving arrogance. It is just a feel good feeling. You may see ALL THE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES NOW PREENING BEFORE YOU.

      2. Ms H. Wrong ! The Chinese, Malaysian Chinese were never at anytime hostile to the Malays, Indians and all. Where they got caught up in all this nonsense of the naked battle between the UMNO and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore is the PERCEIVED WEAKNESS OF THE BN AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES. Lee Kuan Yew was so cocksure of the demise of the BN that he made his ill-advised Grand Tour of the Opposition leaders in April 2008 AFTER SOFTENING THE UNDER-BELLY OF THE BN SINCE 2003 culminating in parachuting a PAP CADRE AS THE CHIEF EDITOR OF THE UMNO OWNED NSTP IN 2006 AND A LUSCIOUS SIME DARBY CONTRACT WAS PLACED GENTLY ON HIS LAP. OMG. There was a lot of commercial trading between the Federal Government and Singapore’s agencies from 2004 to 2012, ending with the railway deal.

        1. Ms H. When the BN is PERCEIVED TO BE WEAK THE MOUSE COMES OUT TO PLAY after 47 long years of waiting since 1966. IT IS DOWNRIGHT MISCHIEVOUS. !

  5. Chinese have shown their true colours…. back stabbers best describe them…. I doubt Malays will ever trust them again…

    1. Dina. The thick-headed Chinese, Malaysian Chinese were used by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore through the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP for his own ends. THIS GAME OF ENGLISH CHESS IS AS OLD AS THE HILLS. Now, the Chinese are up a pole with the fierce TIGER below, WHERE ARE YOU LEE KUAN YEW ? WHERE ARE YOU SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP ? WHERE ARE YOU MCA wealthy leaders ?

  6. “Dr Chua found it unacceptable that the number of successful Chinese applicants for the term had dropped to 7,913 (19%) this year from 8,986 (23%) last year; a 1,000-student drop.”

    CSL MCA and gang why dont you guys just sponsor these 1000 odd applicants to study in UTAR , KTAR or for the so called bright ones to Taiwan , China or US , quite sure that wlth all the millions that MCA has wouldnt make a hole in their pockets.

    1. If you place a frog in a hot water it will jump out immediately but if you put in a cold water and slowly heat the water, it will die slowly.

      Ini baru sikit, I hope more to come.

    2. I thought there are those who find local Public Univ. low class. Is it not natural then when there are those who shun Malaysian public Univ.?

      1. They still want to study medicine at the highly subsidized medical schools in Malaysian public universities. Imagine a 5 year medicine course in IMU costs about RM 400k+, and in University Malaya the cost is not more than 5% of IMUs.

  7. The Malay facebookers ganged up on the Alvivi duo and successfully closed down their facebook by submitting complains to facebook. I believe there was no organized effort to do so, the accumulation of complains by individual Muslim Malays offended and determined to do something about made it possible.

    This shows that offending the Muslim Malays can cause a random determined concerted effort.

  8. Ms H. What I believe will happen, is it now coming true ? With the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, supporting the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP without a cause. Are these Chinese suffering for all their unfounded support ? Please DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, please come and help us, Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. Your bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya are ineffective. Too much sex, I believe. Please us more university places etc.


  9. Ms. H. Now I will have to say that the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are treated the best in the World even better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World provided the UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF MALAYSIAN POLITICS. Maybe it is time the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, get help from the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore to safeguard their safety and livelihood. For starters, free university places in Singapore.

  10. Why is MCA bitching over the lack of Chinese places at IPTA? Don’t they want more business at UTAR? Isn’t the atmosphere at the IPTA extremely foreign to most Chinese? The Chinese are better off at the IPTS. Mixing with non Chinese is very weird for most Chinese.

    1. I can also say the same thing with regards to the Malays and Indians as well. Nothing unusual. Its been going on for decades.

      The reason why today we have less Chinese at public universities is because those who can afford it have have either 1) gone overseas, 2) enroll at private higher education institutions such as the Malaysian campuses of foreign universities such as Nottingham and Newcastle. Even Malays and Indians who can afford it have chosen the same route as the Chinese.

      Those who can’t afford it will have to slog it out with those sharing the same predicament. So when applicants failed to secure places at public universities, naturally they make a ruckus out of it. Even when they have secured places at public institutions, they have to confront the issue of paying for higher education. Since they cannot afford the higher expenses of overseas/local private universities, they will have to settle for the one last avenue that’s available for their children : public universities.

      So the way I see it, public higher education institutions are going to become dumping ground for those who cannot afford to study abroad or local private higher institutions. Survival of the fittest as some would say. And 10 years from now, if you have children or children of your relatives and friends enrolled at, or planning to apply for places at public universities, say good luck to them. they are going to need it.

      I m not being sarcastic. I m expressing genuine concern here. The quality of public higher education is deteriorating. You have kids spending 3, 4 years and yet the end product is, most of them are not fit for employment. I meet these people all the time. You’re at a loss as to how to deal with them. They need to be told to do something. They need to be retrained yet even after having done so, they are still not up to the mark. Hence we have a lot of graduates technically unemployed.

      This is not solely a Chinese issue. The Malays and Indians too grumble about this, but they do so in private, unlike the Chinese who have a habit of turning this into something similar to a reality TV show.

  11. Although UMNO Malay is trying to be champion of Islam and trying to convert the non Muslim indirectly through this tamadun Islam but I think they won’t succeed. Back to my UKM time we were forced to take this subject as well but it was not a problem at all. Most of us scored A and better than the Muslim students.

    1. Malaysian,

      “…trying to convert non Musim….”

      No. It is called “dimana bumi dipijk disitu langit dijunjung”

      Would learning “tamadun islam” destroy your life, your faith?

  12. Ms H. Whilst the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore plays English Chess with the Queen and all the pieces in Malaysia, our MCA plays Chinese Chess very badly.

    I have always said that the failure of the MCA to grasp the nettle of Malaysian politics did not arise today. This happened as long ago as the 1960s and then the Mandarin small town boys took over control and turned the MCA into a personal ATM machine. The whole financial caper collapsed and had to be bailed out by the UMNO if you remember.

    When I read about the hatred in the Chinese, I thought how wrong these people have been neglected by both their political leadership, MCA and the foreign backed Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. In the case of the MCA as I detailed previously as much as RM20 Billions were garnered by the leadership from 1949-2013. As for the DAP it is forever playing the tune of the Pied Piper of Singapore.

    The Chinese normally are not jealous or have hatred for others. Their philosophy in this aspect is entirely based on their individual behaviour. IT IS THE FAILURE OF THEIR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP TO EXPLAIN AND DISCUSS WITH THE CHINESE THAT LED THEM TO THIS UNENVIABLE POSITION TODAY. Time will tell how these DE-TRIBALIZED CHINESE GOING TO REGAIN THEIR PLACE IN THE NATIONAL FIRMAMENT. In the meantime, the NCA, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the briliant Lee Kuan Yew are responsible for their safety and livelihood. Let us have many free university scholarships from Singapore as starters.

  13. Astro Awani update: Alvivi have been called up by SKMM for the Ramadhan stunt.

    UTAR info: Do you know that Sun Tzu Bing Fa is a univeristy course at UTAR for all students? Why bitch of Islamic Civilisation when Sun Tzu is equally strange? IC maybe strange to non Muslims just like Sun Tzu is strange to non Chinese too.

    The bitching is getting to be ultra bizzare. For example remember the time Yoga was considered unIslamic. The charismatic church has questioned yoga for a long time. Yoga is supposed be a vessel inviting spirits which are in conflict with the Holy Spirit. I went to a seminar in a very traditional church in 2008 and the speakers said Christians should not perform the following:

    a. Yoga, Taichi and Chi Kung – as the exercises invite demons and spirits
    b. hospital visits – demons might possess you
    c. masturbation – it is lustful.

    All these coming from a so called Christian sociologist from Singapore.

    My point is. If we start pointing and labeling everything to be Islamic, Christian, gay, Buddhist, secular etc and stop its practices then life would stop itself. A good Christian should not celebrate Xmas as it is the pagan solstice festival. CNY is unchristian anyway. Muslims should stop the green packet. Hindus should protest if a gym has a Christian teaching yoga. Christian women should not buy designer clothes and the clothes are designed by homosexuals.

    Are we turning into such psychos?

    DAP/PAS issue: DAP wants to use the PAS logo but don’t want Islamization. DAP objects over Islamic civilisation.
    Isn’t it time PAS blow off DAP? If PAS does not stand up to DAP, one day members of PAS will move over to UMNO. Period!

    1. re: “UTAR info: Do you know that Sun Tzu Bing Fa is a univeristy course at UTAR for all students?”

      From your link it would seem it is a specific course – Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Advertising – so your anxiety seems unwarranted.

      I would understand your anxiety, if for example there was resistance in teaching Islamic poetry or literature for an arts course or something.

      Maybe an “Islamic” equivalent of Sun Tzu, would be appropriate …..I dunno’, since I think the Art of War is overrated.

      A whole different ball game in the context of making Islamic Civilization compulsory for every student.

      re: “Are we turning into such psychos?”

      No. Just hypocritical. Just as some Muslims bitch about the Jews but have no problem using the products or endeavours of Jewish thought, Christians suffer from the same blindness.

    2. “For example remember the time Yoga was considered unIslamic. ”

      For thousands of years Hindus have revered the sun, which they call Surya, as both the physical and spiritual heart of our world and the creator of all life itself. One of the means of honoring the sun is through the dynamic asana sequence Surya Namaskar (better known as Sun Salutation).The Sanskrit word Namaskar stems from namas, which means “to bow to” or “to adore.” The familiar phrase we use to close our yoga classes, namaste—te means “you”—also comes from this root. The essence of its meaning is “the divine in me honors the divine in you.” Each Sun Salutation begins and ends with the joined-hands mudra (gesture) touched to the heart. This placement is no accident; only the heart can know the truth. Surya Namaskar, or sun salutation, is included in a regular morning ritual of prayer and worship. It is the prayer of Lord Surya, the god of health.

      This is part of Yoga routine which is against the Islamic teaching. Muslims do not worship the sun or any other living or dead idol/things in this universe except the one and only god, Allah swt.

      “Muslims should stop the green packet.”

      There are customary practices that are not contradicted to the religion such as the green packet. Even before the presence of green packet the Muslim has started giving money known as Sadaqah.

      The Muslim Chinese are allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year (minus the religious ritual that is associated with it) since it is a cultural celebration for the Chinese. My late uncle (a Chinese convert who married my aunt) never stop celebrating CNY until the last year of his life.

      In Islam customary practices that are not against Islamic practices are allowed.

      Please do not comment on issue that you know nothing about.

    1. In the US, some universities required student to complete a module of religious studies e.g. Eastern Religion i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc, or Western Religion i.e. Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Some colleges even make it compulsory for every student to complete bible studies.

      In the UK those who do their A level in boarding school are required to attend Sunday Service including Malaysian Muslim students.

      Never once in the entire time did the Malaysian government protest over all of these requirements.

      Muslim Civilization Study is not about how to become a Muslim rather a module to educate both Muslim and non-Muslim about Muslim achievement that have influenced and used by technology in present day.

      To the non-Muslims in Malaysia and perhaps around the world, Islam is only about Hudud and terrorism. I personally feel the proposed Muslim Civilization Study is a good platform to mitigate the negative perception about Islam; the way I have experienced learning about other religion in college.

      1. Unfortunately in Malaysia, forcing students especially self paying student to take this subject is interprated as force indirect conversion of the student to Muslim. They risk losing enrolment in their private colleges and UMNO will eventually back down once they realised that their cronies profit in IPTS will suffer. This stunt is mainly due to the by election to construct the image that UMNO is denfender of Islam on earth. BTW why must it be Islamix civilization, why not Malaysian History as compulsory subject? the opposition will have no reson to object.

        1. “the opposition will have no reason to object.”

          They have and will object everything and anything under the sun. PERIOD

        2. “This stunt is mainly due to the by election to construct the image that UMNO is defender of Islam on earth.”

          The way Islam has been manipulated by the opposition is more likely the attempt for them to be perceived as “defender of Islam on earth”. In reality they did nothing to actually crystallize it except complaining, bickering and promoting on false pretense.

          What UMNO tries to propose regardless of the motive at least has a sense of direction in term of educating, informing and creating awareness among the students.

          Heck! why not introducing Hudud Law in colleges if gaining mileage is the issue here for UMNO?

        3. Malaysian,

          You must be dreaming. They reject everything that bring us closer. They rejected Sekolah Wawasan. Of course they reject one school system. They must study separately. They must put “mandarin is required’ in job advertisement.

          They moan why malays are suspicious on chinese while their politicians from DAP behaves exactly like “pendatang’. They have no qualm in insulting Malaysians of darker complexion by calling these dark people as “bangla’.

          What is wrong in learning Tamadun islam even in IPTS. It is just a course. I took compulsory “Christian. love, sex, marriage” course while studying in USA. No big deal.

          No need for UMNO to show it as defender of islam. Why on earth you think more than 60% Malays voted UMNO in PRU13? especially when they see PAS is selling islam and PKR has nothing to do with Islam.

      2. So what should you expect MCA to do? Thier earlier stance of doing nothing to UMNO’s antics is what caused them to lose support.

        1. “Thier earlier stance of doing nothing to UMNO’s antics is what caused them to lose support.”

          Their earlier stance of doing nothing to the J-Star’s antics is what caused them to lose the support. Najib and Ghani Othman have done it all to gain the Chinese support but what did they get in return “A Spit On Their Faces”.

          There is nothing that we the Malay/UMNO can do for the Greedy and Ungrateful “CINA DAP” because now they want everything.

      3. As far as comparative religion courses I don’t see anyone making an issue of Islam being included and if they did, then there is something wrong with them.

        The issue here is the State’s attempt to impose the course on private institutions. You have to wonder why. If anything attempting to impose this course mitigates any positive perception of Islam and indeed reinforces negative perceptions of Islam as an intrusive instrument used to supress individuality and rational thinking.

    2. “So why not Islamic Civilisation?”

      The point is IPTS are private entities. People are paying for it, largely non-subsidized by the government, so why shove this ruling into their mouth? By the way, almost half of the Form 4 Sejarah syllabus is about Islam history. Isn’t that enough already? Sun Tzu’s Art of War is not about religion, it’s about military strategy, which is now being applied into business world. Your asking about why not Islamic civilization is like apple and orange comparison here.

      The whole point of Helen’s post here is why MCA has to speak up? Why DAP hasn’t say a freaking word about this? Afraid of hurting their pact with PAS?

      1. Although IPTS is private entity, it is still in Malaysia.

        Furthermore, I was told that it IS NOT Islamic Civilization ONLY. It includes other civilizations in Asia. The subject is acronym TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun ASia).

        To me History is important if not crucial. It can shed light to the aspiration of people and gives understanding. Even in personal relation, knowing personal background (history) can help us tremendously in empathizing with them.

  14. Oh yes. IPhones and IPads are gay as the CEO Tim Cook is openly gay. So are we going to ban that too? Calvin Klein is gay so are we going to burn all his designs.
    Like the labeling of Islamic Civilisation as foreign, we are becoming divisively psychotic. P/S The words sugar and alcohol are from Arabic. I wonder the MCA and DAP lovers would not totally stop using alcohol and sugar as the two items are from Arabic.The evangelistas should not use any Iphones to tweet as the device is gay and unchristian.

  15. I think MCA is simply allergic to the word Islam. Us Muslim might share some blame in it though …

    From what I heard, the subject IS NOT about Islamic Civilization only. It includes other Civilization coming from Asia. The subject was acronym TITAS – Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun ASia.

    Why single out Islamic name only? As far as I can remember TITAS do have Chinese and Indian civilization too.

  16. Sex partners? hhahahahahhaha

    Macam tak percaya Malaysian can actually use this kind of term.

    This is more liberal than liberal!

    1. Alvin tweeted to the media that “sex partners” is how he preferred his relations with Vivian to be described rather than the reporters calling them a couple.

      (Note: Like their Facebook, the Alvivi Twitter a/c has also been shut down.)


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