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Munafik DAP cornering the market on #sahur

Bah Kut Teh is exactly what its name says — Pork. Ribs(bones). Brew(soup).

It is not chicken.

Alvin and Vivian posted on their Facebook “Selamat Berbuka Puasa (dengan Bah Kut Teh … Wangi, enak, menyelerakan!”)

In their poster when Alvivi invited Facebookers to share a meal saying “fragrant, delicious, appetizing” – adorned with the Halal logo – it is quite clear that it’s not chicken that is on the menu.

Yet some people are brazen enough to try and backpedal Alvin and Vivian’s provocation by giving the excuse that Bah Kut Teh does not necessarily imply pork. What kind of people are they who are capable of blatantly pushing this kind of in-denial?

They are the same kind who adamantly denied that the Chinese tsunami ever happened. They include The J-Star and former MCA leaders.

Deny, deny, deny

“What kind of people are they” is an important question that you must look into very closely.

Alvin and Vivian are only odikal pawns. They are merely the phantom menace. It is the sly, sneaky, smooth operators whom you should beware.

Photo below: This Scissorati (on the right) is just an odikal. It is the DAP evangelista on the left, however, that is the “6th most powerful woman in Malaysia”.

Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh

Musang berbulu ayam

The J-Star‘s “10 Most Powerful Women in Malaysia” said the selection committee had “applied three metrics: money, media presence and impact” to compose their powerful women list.

Let’s take first the (1) Money metrics: Selangor is the state government that provides its Aduns with the biggest allocations in the country.

With her multi-million ringgit allocations, Hannah Yeoh has been able to employ a bevy of Personal Assistants who are her clones. To the best of my knowledge, Hannah Yeoh only hires evangelista Christians to fill the ranks of her PAs.


As early as July 2008 (four months after being elected as an Adun), Hannah Yeoh had already an entourage. This fact was reported by Jerusubang (it seems he lives in Subang Jaya) Star senior editor Sujesh Parvithran.

And what is the relationship between J-Star senior editors and the DAP evangelista media-created personalities? Answer: Close

The screenshot above is Sujesh’s tweet tipping off Hannah Yeoh with regard to a story that was to appear in his newspaper the next day.


(2) Most Powerful Woman: “Media presence” metrics

Twit Meter: Hannah Yeoh has collected 571 new Twitter followers in the last week-and-a-half.

Hannah’s personal social media network enables her to reach a following of almost 80,000 people each time she hits the Enter button to tweet.

The MCA-owned and MCA-controlled Star Group empire has made a tremendous contribution in elevating Hannah Yeoh’s public image, so much so that she made the ’10 Most Powerful Women’ list on the back of her “media presence” top score.

On the other hand, MCA-funded Scissorati – who operate covert blogs like Stop the Lies and skulk anonymously in cyberspace – are wreaking subtle damage to the BN through their slander.

What Pakatan does with power

Another facet of the media, the Selangor Times, was devoted to promoting the personality cult of the Pakatan evangelistas (including the PKR Christians such as Elizabeth Wong and Gan Pei Nei).


The Selangor Times – a state paper without even a single Malay staff – did not bother with any pretense that Umno Aduns deserved some prominent space in their publication.

When Pakatan get hold of the levers of power, it is obvious that they abuse the state resources to churn out their saturation propaganda 24/7.

Which is how they managed to extend their grip on Selangor to a two-thirds majority – see pie chart above – after only one election cycle.

hannah yeoh

(3) Most Powerful Woman: “Impact” metric

Working hand in glove and “under the blanket” to promote the evangelista politicians – alongside the Selangor Pakatan media – is most certainly The J-Star.

e.g. Stridently advocating the demolishment of the BN formula is senior editor Aunty June Wong who recently wrote in her column:

“Do we have a de Klerk or Gorbachev among our leaders who will demolish race-based politics and policies …”

A method of demolishing what The J-Star labels “race-based politics” is the promotion of “colour blindness” and chameleon camouflage where a Malaysian Firster appears to be beyond race.

The Firster gives an impression that he is beyond race through high-profile publicity stunts.

One example is Hannah Yeoh who dons a tudung to have her photograph taken in a surau while presenting schoolbags to Muslim children. (Her assistant could have simply mailed the cheque.)


What kind of people are they?

Taking the Selendang Squad S.O.P. a notch higher is Ong Kian Ming.

Doesn’t bersahur imply the practice of a Muslim who fasts during Ramadan?

The behaviour of the DAP 3.0 politicians helps us to understand why the various state religious authorities have enacted laws to protect Islamic terminology from being misused and subverted by the evangelistas.

Imagine. If the DAP evangelistas have their way, bersolat can come to mean the form of worship carried out by the “bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes” (phrase coined by regular commenter AK47) in the Jerusubang evangelical churches.

Hashtag #sahur

Coming to the hashtag #sahur in Twitterjaya, you should not be at all surprised that Ong Kian Ming has monopolized the top tweets (see screenshot below).


The J-Star‘s favourite people

Hannah Yeoh was installed as Malaysia’s sixth most powerful woman after the Jerusubang icon’s highly publicized first-term performance propelled her to the Speaker’s chair in her second term.

As we’re aware, the evangelista pair of Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming are one of a piece.

The MCA-owned media is wildly devoted to both — see screenshots of tweets by the Star Editor.

Twitter TheStarEC okm star


What is the MCA’s real stance?

Since The J-Star is controlled by the MCA, our vital question must be: What is the MCA up to?

Look at the lead story carried by the revamped Bintang Lima Star Online earlier today.

The headline (see screenshot below) has MCA and DAP mentioned together in a single breath now.

Umno is only talking up unity with PAS. MCA has gone out and done it.

The Star Online


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12 thoughts on “Munafik DAP cornering the market on #sahur

  1. While these Munafik are at it, the rest of the Chinese community are clueless as to what is happening. When bad things happening to them i.e Chin Woo School land issue, Jonker Walk, they can only say “The Malays are like that. They never treat Chinese fairly”.

    Perhaps someone should tell them what these Munafik are doing. But I m not betting on this happening.

    By the way Helen, I have one question. Do the Chinese media highlight the things these Munafik are doing ? I m curious about this. Please enlighten me on this. Thanks.

  2. I suppose that is the magic of Islam.

    We as Muslims (satu dunia tak kira apa bangsa dimana Negara sekali pun) have our holy Quran to help guide us in almost everything we do in life.

    As young as 5yrs old, 5days a week we send our kids for formal lessons, later in SK and additional to Sekolah Agama. IPTAs and some IPTS also make it compulsory for students (below credit in their SPM).

    We as parents still attend weekend religious classes, a never ending process, until the day we die. There are too many topics to learn in Islam that we do not have the time to “poke our noses” let alone “make fun” of the practices of other religions.

    Question for those who “belittle and try hard to smear Islam”, do you actually know what Islam is all about? Or is it because they themselves are clueless (tiada arah tuju) about their own practices?

    Nak tanya Helen (I beleive ur non Muslim?), you sendiri belajar Agama (dengan mendalam) sejak kecil kat mana dan dari siapa?

    1. Rina most of melayu in malaysia are clueless about islam. they think islam is about doing the 5 pillars and for sure go to heaven. add to it stupid and not fully illiterate people like ustaz McD. then the stupid melayu went to other races claiming they know everything and start to talk about religion.

      when shit like these happened, they even quote that “chef zahar in 2009 from JW mariott hotel” has launched halal bakut teh. and therefore what the stupid chinese vivianalvin did is about halal bakuteh.

  3. Today’s Star 2 focuses rude celebrities. The golden boys OKM and Chris Ross should in the list together with The Tokong.

    OKM is was so rude at a seminar in Penang. He was so busy typing on stage when 2 Malay panelist were giving their message. Chris has a nose so tall like a Caucasian. His boss is legendary.

  4. tak lama lagi ah jiib gor turun la cepat-cepat. kalau tak ada orang berani biar grass root rami-ramai suarakan mintak ah jib gor turun. bila islam dipersenda dan dipermainkan orang melayu islam rasa telah dijolok sarang tebuan.

    yang saya benci boleh pulak orang pas yang memperjuangkan islam, syurga, api neraka tak rasa apa-apa pulak bila rakan sekutunya menghina, mencaci agama islam tanpa rasa bersalah.

    memang betul al-quran dan hadis kata pada akhir zaman akan wujud manusia yang mengaku islam tetapi hati mereka hitam dan gelap, mata mereka buta bila melihat sekeliling mereka yang berlaku munkar.

    contoh di selangor rumah urut makin banyak. bila rakan sekutu menghina islam pemimpin islam buta mata dan hati. memaNG NERAKA DAN BALA SAYA DOAKAN MEREKA YANG BERSEKUTU MENGHINA ISLAM DAN BERSONGKOL. SEMOGA MEREKA MATI PENUH KEHINAAN..

    1. Ayi,

      Begitu juga saya. Maaf jika saya katakan Najib “kering” jiwa Melayu. apatah lagi islam.

      Dia tak kisah bila islam/Melayu dihina. Tiada kerja batu digalas. Hubungan dengan Vatican tak bawa apa apa manfaat dengan Malaysia. Kini duta Vatican pula sibuk campur tangan urusan Malaysia menekan islam.

      Kita terkejut bila PM mahu letak SPR bawah Parlimen. Maka terbuka luas pula ruang untuk Kafir harbi/Munafik campur tangan urusan SPR. Apa salahnya SPR bawah raja raja melayu.

      semua dilakukan kerana Najib masih tak faham walaupun apa diberi, orang Kafir harbi ni tak akan berpuas hati sampai mereka boleh campakkan Raja raja melayu ke laut.

      1. Apa nak buat kalau PM selesa duduk dalam perut cina. Inilah jadinya. Semua yang diminta diberi. Naik kepala lah orang2 yang tak beradab ini.

        DPM has to take a stand.

  5. Helen, I am kind of shock when you use the word munafik. But I am please because you really know the meaning and nailed it in this article..

    Munafik does not limit itself to hypocrite but more than that…. Sadly PAS, the sleeping partner of DAP failed to see this as an insult to Islam….. PAS failed to act accordingly… maybe they are busy gathering their Milo can for another fund drive campaign for Kuala Besut (sigh).

    Keep on doing the good job… do you fast as well during fasting month?..

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