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The Alvivi-MCA connection

The MCA 8-Point Action Plan for GE13 as outlined by its party president:

8 steps taken by the MCA

1. Voter registration

MCA Headquarters revealed that about 15% of party members have not registered as voters. Therefore, the HQ will provide assistance to hire people and provide a voter list, while Divisions are tasked with tracking down and providing help for these members who qualify to register as voters.


2. Reaching out to youth voters

alvivi4New Villages face an aging population where approximately 30% of new village voters are youths who work outside the constituency. The youths might not understand the real situation of their own constituency; they can be easily incited and vote based on emotions.

The Headquarters will ask party members at branch level to collect names and contact numbers of their relatives and friends who work outside the constituency, in order to enhance interaction and communication with these youth voters, so that they are always in touch with MCA. Central leaders will be assigned to interact with these young voters.

Photo by The J-Star
Photo by The J-Star

3. Enhancing new media warfare

MCA Divisions must pay attention to publicity, especially through online media. Divisions will need to train more on new media warfare expertise, in order to conduct new media warfare with the use of blogs, Facebook or Twitter.

1,000,000 Chinese dont want MCA

4. MCA leaders’ online media propaganda

All MCA state members must set up a personal website, in order to refute the false allegations of the Opposition, expose the malpractices of Pakatan Rakyat at the same time to promote the BN agenda.

Last updated 16 Dec 2010
Dr Chua Soi Lek’s personal website last updated on 16 Dec 2010

5. Strengthening publicity in mainstream media

MCA central to Divisions will have to know the importance of publicity through mainstream media. MCA publicity in the mainstream media has a lot of problems, leading voters to hold a negative impression of MCA.
What’s wrong with The J-Star?


6. Emphasis on democracy, freedom and fairness

MCA members should change i.e. not only looking after drainage but must be aware that people want to see fair and democratic policies, such as equal opportunities in education policies.

The Star logo changed to Bintang Lima /1million MCA members changed their vote to DAP

Dr Chua MCA ready and united for election battle against DAP

7. Taking a political stand

MCA must take a political stand on every important policy. It should be issue centric and not ethnocentric.  MCA leaders should request a dialogue with the the respective state BN Chief and let the Chinese community know about MCA’s contribution.

The Chinese Tsunami
Contributed the Chinese tsunami

8. Make good use of party resources

so that Divisions have adequate resources to undertake activities

To ensure that party assets are safeguarded, an asset management firm will be appointed to manage party assets professionally. They are requested to submit a report to the Presidential Council 3 times per year.

Managed party assets so professionally

The Face of MCA

Alvin is a fan of Dr Chua Soi Lek
Alvin is an avid fan of Dr Chua Soi Lek
    Vivian menyokong MCA
Vivian is The J-Star poster girl
The J-Star has done so very well in promoting the BN agenda


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

30 thoughts on “The Alvivi-MCA connection

    1. I think she is more observen that you are. Just because you are ignorant about the media issues doesnt make Helen a MCA and the Star hater.

  1. Finally an article that places the course with its proper name. (Of course tied to our Alvivi story.)
    Yes TITAS.
    Islamic and Asian civilisation – the name
    and not just Islamic civilisation.

    Look at the half truths that MCA was sold into and objecting. MCA thought it was a plan to Islamize the students but they did not check that there is the Asian civilisation element in which their UTAR teaches the …. remember Sun Tzu element.

    Even sadder. The OKM session at UTAR to see whether students objected to IC….
    See MCA did not even check their facts. Just pull out the syllabus at UTAR and read in detail. (All universities would have the new TITAS syllabus). To add to the confusion, the papers (Chinese) report the IC but did not check the AC component. And DAP used this to do a session at UTAR.

    Dumb ass isn’t it, these MCA people?
    And from Muslims to non Muslims are agitated (included people in this blog) because the politicians and the press did not check their facts.

    1. And it seem a lot of chinese politician makes this mistake over and over again especially if the first artical was wrote in Bahasa Malaysia. Makes you wonder right….. hmmm

      :D sarah

    2. Looks like we can review OKMs performance so far 60 days since he first became MP.
      SNAFU watch:
      1. Mistaking a adopted Chinese man for a Bangla.
      2. Neglecting the rape case at his Serdang
      3. Discussing TITAS’ Islamic Civilisation without Asian Civilisation

      Let us review his SNAFUs so far.
      No. 1 he shot his mouth before checking. No. 2 it is sheer neglect. No. 3 – as a former academic at UCSI he knows well how syllabuses are formatted. He did not check and get the whole syllabus. So the poll he did is for nothing. He did NOT check on the Asian Civilisation thing.

      1. lol. We should be concerned because the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is going to rule us like the PAP in Singapore but without the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore.

        1. “for all who have bank accounts in Singapore like some MCA leaders.”

          These are those who tried to evade tax from the Malaysian Government. Let them go kaput together with the banks.

  2. From the article:

    Abim president Amidi Abdul Manan (left) said the subject would also help the people to appreciate diversity.

    “There would not be anyone wanting to drive away anyone or attempt to degrade or belittle a any particular race,”

    Perhaps if the laws were applied equally it would be more effective than this nonsense. Has “moral studies” helped improve the situation in any way ?

    When will these people realize that shoving a value system down peoples throats when the reality is blatantly contradictory to whatever that is taught never works.

    But I got a solution. Make the subject compulsory but allow private colleges to design the syllabus.

    1. Edit to add:

      Just to clarify. How exactly is the study of cultures/history going to foster racial sensitivity ? The problem here in Malaysia (and probably everywhere else in the world) is that history/anthropology is often used by some as a weapon, when in reality it is merely a tool. As far as improvised weapons go its effectiveness largely depends on the ignorance of its victims.

      1. I took this subject in my distance learning.

        I think the missing part about this subject is the interpretation. While it might present history, how people interpret it is important. Competent history lecturer can provide the narrative IMO.

        One thing that I learned in this course is, globalization has happened long before. All great Asian civilization is global in nature – where they trade and mingle with all sort of people from other civilization.

        Another is the pluralistic nature of most, if not all of the civilization. This is a pill for thought even for Muslim who were allergic to the word “pluralistic”.

        I don’t see the syllabus as bias to particular civilizations (I took my course in IPTA). It highlight bright part of all great Asian Civilization.

        The feel I get from this course is the attempt of those who devise the subject to foster understanding about the root of most Malaysian (Islamic Civ – Muslim. Asian Civ. – Indian, Chinese, Nusantaran). Probably as a way to promote Malaysian social integrity.

      2. Civilized people do not need the law to police them. They are not going to do anything that’s detrimental to the well being of the society in which they live in.

        Barbarians are not going to obey the law anyway. You can enact the most stringent of laws and the barbarians will still ignore them. So no amount of laws is going to deter them from committing terror.

        That’s the main difference between these 2 groups of people.

        As for the study of history/cultures, it does not foster national unity or reduce racial sentiments that’s inherent in a multiracial, multireligious society such as Malaysia.

        In fact, the study of history/religion/cultures, they merely serve to amplify the differences that exist between the various stakeholders. This is because the various ethnic, religious groups have a vested interests in projecting an image that conforms to their own biases.

  3. Now there is this annual affair of MCA’s trying to help the Cina students (offsprings of ungrateful 90% Cina I suppose) who did not get their chosen courses in IPTA and who did not get any offer to go IPTA.

    MCA should ask their parents first, whether they voted for MCA/BN or Pakatan. This time I donot have much sympathy towards these parents; all I saw in them was people who rejected MCA/BN in GE13 but now buat muka tebal tak tau malu, crying and pleading to MCA to help them.

    Najib said he wanted to discuss this issue in the cabinet. Errrr…who’s going to talk about the Cina students plight during this meeting? This should be a strong message to the 90% Cina who voted for Pakatan. They kicked out MCA from the cabinet, they put up petitions in FB to ask people to reject MCA, now padam muka!

    And about those students who did not get the courses of their choices, I wonder whether they think it’s their right to get a place in the medical schools in IPTA just because their GPAs are 4.00. There are finite places for medical schools in IPTA; if the number of qualified students exceeds the number of places available, obviously some will be rejected. Is that too hard for these 4.00 GPA students to understand? Heck, scores of American high school students who have 4.00 GPA did not get into Havard University laa! Do you think the Malays should give up their alloted spaces in medical schools in IPTA for you people? No way!

    Talk about potential brain drain come up again. Is there any guarantee that those anak Cina who got accepted to do medicine in IPTAs will stay put in Malaysia? In fact those anak Cina who got scholarships studying overseas are trying to figure ways of not coming back to Malaysia and to break the bond. These kind of young Cina cikus are like their parents, ungrateful bunch of Cina tak sedar diri.

    * sigh *

    1. Back in the 90s, SPM results were measured by units of which BM + 3 compulsory subjects (e.g. Science, Biology, Chemistry, Accounts, Economy, Maths) + 2 best subjects are counted. The best was of course 6 units if you got 6A1s in the subjects counted.

      My best friend, a Bidayuh got 16 units. He was offered a place to study medicine in UM. I got 6 units with 8A1s but was offered to do engineering thus destroying my dreams to be a doctor as my parents couldn’t afford to send me to a private college being civil servants.

      Guess what? I moved on. That’s life 101, idiots! You don’t always get what you want. Otherwise we’d all be married to movie stars, artistes or gazillionaires.

      Life’s simplest lesson & they still don’t get it. What good are the immaculate grades if you can’t understand that life will almost always never conform to your needs or your wants?

      Najib should give them the finger & tell them to sod off. Not literally off course, that would be conduct unbecoming of a PM tho’ I’d happily give a month’s salary to see him do that in their faces.

      After pulling the wool over the PM’s eyes pre GE, they not only stabbed him, they twisted the blades in the wound. And now they wanna claim their “rights”? Eff off lah!!!

      As for MCA & MIC empty can MPs, just zip it lah. Your fall from grace to oblivion will be complete by 2018 at the very latest. So much noise when Sarawak BN won more seats than them. Malu lah wei!!! Representing the 2nd & 3rd biggest races konon.

      Btw, today’s one of those uncommon days when an MCA leader frontpage’s the Scissorati. Also, seems like they’ve persona non grata-ed Alvivi describing them as “publicity crazed couple”.

      1. I always view it as a fruit season. Every year someone will crying in front of camera while trying to justify why their precious deserved to be accepted to their chosen course..

        Some even said their precious was born with the right of it. Like the others who get in didn’t deserved it.

        :o sarah

        1. diam lah biadap.. caci cina caci bn bantah mca… cakap pabenda u nih?? siap2 kita sudah lapor bkt amn pasal u punya -ve komen

    2. [MCA should ask their parents first, whether they voted for MCA/BN or Pakatan. This time I donot have much sympathy towards these parents; all I saw in them was people who rejected MCA/BN in GE13 but now buat muka tebal tak tau malu, crying and pleading to MCA to help them.]

      I don’t think this is necessary.

      Just be sincere in helping, no matter who.

    3. Malay can only get those U seat depend on quota system. If they were to compete fairly no way they can get those seats. These are no my words, there are the Mamak Dr M’s words.

      1. Sorry to bust your Bubble my friends. Tun M is very wise, he doesn’t want the Malays to be satisfied at any time and at any achievement level. Hence the remarks.

        Once upon a time, after the SPM result was announced the Chinese will dominate the front page of all major news paper. Remember the guy who got 13A? After that the Malays have started to push the boundary with 17A and another 17A + 1B. Now they have limit the number of subjects you can take. Every year now you can see most of the ” Sekolah Menengah Agama” with perfect and almost perfect score. There is no turning point after that.

        I am not even talking about those in elite Boarding Schools, they are in a different league altogether.

    4. Very much agreed.

      And these pemuda dan pemudi will come back once a year for the Chinese New Year and complaint about everything Malaysiana as oppose to you all can guess what. Its not so hard to imagine is it…expect more bak kut teh coming my way with these ingrates to say the least

  4. Oh MCA
    7. Taking a political stand
    Check your facts before commenting. The TITAS fiasco is one MCA did not check their facts.
    8. Make good use of party resources
    Do you actually take interest in what UTAR and KTAR run their affairs? So much so there were so many PR based events.

    1. Note Helen.. P/S my comment is my love comment to MCA. The “you” is MCA leadership.
      How can I support MCA with their so many bumbling mistakes? How can anyone support MCA?

      1. I now see the only way to push them by ignite the campaign of changing their leadership first. that means by mailling all those mca youth to break up and start making a stand Meet a few and now push them to act. Let see what happen…

        :D sarah

  5. Look at the following comments on 1,000,000 Chinese do not want MCA to support them.!/Jennythesexy?fref=ts

    Why cover your face when you dont even feel shameful when posting the sex video on your blog?

    Bung Mokhtar accuses DAP of sponsoring Alvivi. No lah I think it’s Anwar fault!

    Do the administrators support Avivi or not? Is it a “serves you right message” to Alvivi or “I sympathise with you”?

  6. Wrt not getting the course you want.

    Well as someone who made the grade but did not qualify for the course I wanted while his Malay contemporaries who did not preform as well and in some cases down right bad (in context), miraculously made the grad for those same courses, I sympathize with those getting the short end of the stick.

    Most of my non Malay friends went on to do what they wanted to do which was a long hard road but made them what they are today. Bitter most certainly but imbued with a sense of confidence that perhaps would have been lacking if things came easy to them.

    Such is life.

  7. betul ke mereka layak masuk ipta?yang saya tahu selain kena minima dapat berapa A mesti lah aktif,dalam persatuan,kelab.mesti A dalam bahasa malaysia.contoh ipta ada seribu tempat untuk kursus fakulti perubatan yang memohon ada 3000 orang.katalah orang china yang memohon 300 orang mestilah nampak melayu je yang dapat.dari segi bilangan.kebetulan ramai pulak melayu yang layak pada tahun ini tepai orang china ramai tak layak tak cukup kelayakan.contoh dapat 7A tapi tak memohon kursus utama.atau dapat 8 A tapi bahasa malaysia bukan A 1.cuba kementerian keluar data berapa cina memhon kursus utama ,berpa ditolak,berapa yang layak.melayu,india dan sebagainya.lagi satu tak menahan kata sistem pendidikan IPTA tak berkualiti..nape nak bising-bising ooi…

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