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Don’t let the Dapsters grind you down, Annie

The YouTube below is for blogger Annie who is feeling down due to the incessant harassment by Dapsters. The Komtar cybertroopers have been stalking Annie’s blog from Day 1 due to her meteoric rise and impact.

The video song is by U2 and a line in its lyrics goes “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

Annie’s lament is as follows:

<quote> “The most baffling thing however was that there are people who don’t even seem to like me and my thoughts who read and commented at my postings.

“As I’m writing this, I had released 25 comments at my last posting which was posted less than 12 hours ago. Seventeen of those comments were by people who don’t seem to like me or maybe even hate me.

“I still let them all through, including the vile ones about myself. I did so because I would like to adhere to the principle of freedom of expression as much as I could.” <unquote>

I believe many readers are in agreement with me that it’s time we pulangkan paku buah keras.

For starters I will dissect and deconstruct some of the hate comments directed at Annie in her blog.

Ingat Dapster, ingat gangster

(1) From Annie’s blog post ‘Saving face after the failed Arab Spring-wannabe stunt‘ (16 July 2013)

“Arab Spring by Pakatan is coined by UMNO to scare the general public, and here we have Annie the Ghani to continue misleading the public.”

My comment: Why are so many Umno detractors anonymous?

I will concede that a majority of the commenters in my blog are pro-establishment. Here’s the salient point though: Almost all who comment here have got distinctive handles albeit some are rather unusual like ‘melonhead’, ‘forrestcat’ or ‘’.

On the other hand, the DAP online supporters – if they’re not Anons – will otherwise employ mostly generic pseudonyms like ‘malaysian(this or that)’ or high-horse pseudonyms such as ‘fairnessforall / fair&just’ (which they are anything but).

Even though the rare Anons in my blog have given intelligent and credible comments (I bring this up to indicate that I do not dismiss Anon comments as invalid), but most unfortunately the Anon oppo operatives are slick and sly.

And I’ve also noticed that the Anons who attack pro-BN bloggers are just plain vindictive.

As Annie has pointed out, they will belch half a dozen comments consecutively, each within a span of a few minutes and serving no purpose other than to smear and run down oppo critics whom they are unable to engage through factual arguments.

“maybe Annie also receive some bonuses from the EC…hahahaha”

“silly Annie, RM200 juta sudah masuk kocek EC, tak tahu ke ?? lagi nak bravo ke ??”

“Annie the Ghani, are you related to businessman Mohd Salleh Mohd Ali (the indelible ink supplier to EC) ?? Pls share.”

The slew of comments above illustrate perfectly how the Dapsters operate: They simply accuse.

Their leaders behave exactly the same. So it is clearly a case of bapa borek, anak rintik.


Bagaimana boleh ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus?

(2) From Annie’s blog post ‘Slapping the Muslims for being stupid and divided‘ (15 July 2013)

“Ostazah Annie is also lack of confidence in her faith that is why she keeps bashing and insulting the Christian community for using the word ‘Allah’.

“UMNO Malay and Ostazah Annie should go learn from their Indonesian Muslim brother and sister about Islam.”

My comment: re: “Ostazah Annie is also lack of confidence in her faith”. Being judgmental about the faith of others is a hallmark of the DAP evangelistas, e.g. how they label me a kafir.

re: “that is why she [Annie] keeps bashing and insulting the Christian community”

A standard line of attack and deflection by the Evangelista Bintang Tiga.

Quite on the contrary, it is the Christian community that is insulting the Malay community through their determination to mensyirikkan Allah.

“Stupid Muslim ?? Annie, jangan biadap dan hina orang2 Muslim ok !”

“The Malay muslims by the quran teaching are to be rightly upheld righteousness and fairness to all(muslims and non-muslims), and yet we have a muslimin like Annie garnering other innocent muslims to support a corrupt regime like UMNO to rule the country.

“Indeed, the Malays and Muslim in this country are too lenient and too tolerant to allow rather bad Muslim to steal from them !!”

My comment: The Anon-RBA showboating above is doing a third rate imitation of Ong Kian Ming and his evangelista ilk (who are however a tad more polished in their language even when they express the same rhetorical thrust — that, you have to hand it to them).

(3) From Annie’s blog post ‘Just only a few good men‘ (14 July 2013)

  • Anonymous @ 14 July 2013 20:22

    “Come on lah Annie, let us read what “Gani the Malay girls whipper” comments, don’t be so chicken ok !!

    “After all, you have been calling and labeling the non Muslim with the most derogatory terms in your post.

“Anon 20:22, Which of my postings where I had labelled the non-Muslims with the most derogatory terms?”Anyway, I had been called all sorts of derogatory names by commoners here, yet I had let them through. Still not enough is it?
“If you want to post moronic comments about Datuk Ghani, then go set up your own blog. Don’t do it in mine.”

Previously Annie had received the following comment:

“Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion. u son of bitch ..”

Annie’s blog has been spectacular in its rise. Apart from gaining the notice of the alpha bloggers (she is on Rocky and Syed Akbar Ali’s blogrolls, among others, which channel a lot of traffic), Annie as a debutant blogger has been garnering a devoted following at supersonic speed.

Therefore we can take the Dapster infestation of Annie’s comment section as a sign of her success. If Annie was an ineffective blogger, Komtar would not be paying her this level of attention.

The above development has also caused Annie to be a magnet for the Dapster hate comments, compounded by their hatred for Chinese mualaf (Annie’s mother).

I for one have had it up to here with the Dapster behaviour, particularly their evangelista young punks. I know that many others also feel the same way too and believe enough is enough.

The Alvivi episode encapsulates the sheer arrogance and insolence displayed by DAP 3.0 groupies (and Scissorati).

If the Chinese community in general still wishes to continue condoning the biadab attitude of the Evangelista Bintang Tiga, then they should be prepared to deal with the consequences.



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73 thoughts on “Don’t let the Dapsters grind you down, Annie

    1. Annie, you have a role to play. We dont work for anybody, we just want to live peacefully in our beloved country. Anyone by virtue of positions, or mental defectiveness try to push their deep-rooted-self-gaining agenda putting our balances in jeopardy, we have to yell back to them, OUTLOUD. Carry on the good deeds, Anni.

      Having said that, Cina ni tengah confuse without them knowing it. So, if DAP-Clingers/ Dapster main kasar, we bagi paku buah keras. So we see now ;

      1) MCA refuse to take government positions. MCA knows the needs and problems, daily, weekly, monthly even yearly problems of the Chinese, because they are the front runner for BN. So when the yearly local U enrolment comes, the affected Chinese families, without MALU and SEGAN, cari MCA juga, BUT, MCA is not in the government. Confuse cina ni, yang rata-rata undi DAP GE 13.

      2) Cina said they don’t need the malay government, they are vely vely independent woo! If my child gets 4A, I will send her to the best U on earth. Malaysian U no good maa.

      3) When the [***] Vatican Envoy terlajak kata on Allah issue, DAPsters enjoying themselves. KEPALA DAPster, LGE, started the Malay-Bible-Using-Allah issues. How confuse kepala cina ini, they want ALL SUBJECTS to be taught in ENGLISH. Even BM to them is a waste of time. Teach BM with ENGLISH subtitle even. SO THEY WANT TO READ AND LEARN EVERY GOD DAMN THING IN ENGLISH!

      4) SO, WHY THE F*UCK YOU WANT YOUR MALAY BIBLE TO USE “ALLAH”. Siapa nak baca bible ini? WHO IS YOUR TARGET GROUP FOR THE BIBLLE? You want your children to read and learn and breath in English, but, you want your MALAY BIBLE to say GOD as ALLAH. Are the DAPster confuse or wanting to confuse the Malays.

      5) “NANG BO TINANG, KOI BO TIKOI”– kalau P. Ramlee masih hidup, itulah gelaran sebenar DAPster ini. Orang pun bukan Hantu pun Bukan

    2. I support Annie’s blog but seldom comment,it’s very constructive of what is going on in the political circle,keep blogging Annie.

  1. Helen aren’t you glad that moronics RBAs are no where to be seen now?

    Well at least in your blog. Annie being young and perhaps sensitive, I may be wrong, ses to be an easy fight thus an easy peasy target for them to pick on time and again.

    You on the other hand is the ever ready serikandi willing to face ‘come what may’!

    1. My blog is not a favourite haunt of the RBA b’cos the pro-establishment commenters here totally outnumber them.

      Dapsters are streetfighter bullies. They feel gah only when they have the strength in numbers (like in the pro-Pakatan news portals).

      1. “My blog is not a favourite haunt of the RBA b’cos the pro-establishment commenter here totally outnumber them.”

        Your blog talks about facts and figures, thus it is hard for them to dispute. Even during certain time they sent the pro with the “if you can’t convince them, confuse them” tactic, still they fail and left after few attempts.

        Annie writes most of the time with her emotion attached to it and she made it clear. It is not a bad thing, it is just her style of writing. Cyber bullies like this and they take advantage of the situation by excessively bombarding her with all sort of nonsense to stress her up. I tried to calm her down a couple of times before, but to no avail and let it be and never go back since.

        I had a little disagreement with you sometime early last year over my comment “What else does the Malay have to give to the Chinese Helen? Even we the Malay give them this country, they will want us out of this country after that” (Something like that). You picked it up and post it in one of your threads. A few jumped in to dispute me. But you did apologize after I explained everything which is basically derived from your own writing.

        Voila! what is the result of PRU13?

        The Chinese want everything (but they fell flat on their face). Frankly I have seen it coming as early as 2006 based on the J-Star news coverage. Even as early as 1998 the news are very Chinese and Singapore-Centric.

        Every time the news about the Malays came out it was always about crimes and corruptions. They would even post the pix and clearly spell out the name; but be it Chinese you won’t see the same tone of coverage not even race was mentioned. I always compared news from one paper/portal to the others and see how they spin the story. Frankly others are fairer as in they would hardly give out the name or race unless it is already a known news. At one time J-Star went all out after the Indian with news on crimes and gangsterism, until the government (via Samy Vellu at that times) passed a remarks in general over media coverage on the issue and they tone it down.

        1. re: “I had a little disagreement with you sometime early last year”

          Err, where?

          1. Can’t remember which topics, but I do remember Malaysian In New York commented that “If you have not been in this blog for a long time you don’t know anything (or something like that) and to that I responded and quoted you ” Just because I am not a Fan Coke, That Doesn’t Mean I Drink Pepsi” to show that I have been reading for a while but never commented anything. You even commented “Tolong sikit ya you ingat I Dapster ke?” Which I frankly thought so initially. : )

            1. Ha-ha-ha.

              I don’t blame you. The Komtar operatives are really slick and spread all kinds of fitnah b’cos they control the cyberwaves.

              They try to make as if I was ever connected in DAP in some way or another, which is not true, and now I’m against the party.

              Ya lah, I voted DAP in the past elections. Say, if a Malay guy living in Bandar Tun Razak voted for MCA, it doesn’t mean he has got some connection with the party.

              And secondly my anti-establishment bent remains intact. Pakatan is the gomen in Selangor with a 2/3 majority. So being anti-DAP Speaker is still being anti-establishment.

              Pakatan also has 85% support in Penang, where I grew up. So being anti-Guan Eng is being anti-establishment and going hard against the tide as well.

              1. And I don’t like the floating bird. I feel like feeding the bird some Gardenia breadcrumbs.

          2. HA, I grind what you wrote as times past by and try to find “any thought” of differences in opinion over the years, once honesty comes in our heart and mind, seldom do we stray beyond what we think is right or wrong over the years, you are honest in your comment Helen.

        2. lol. It was me who developed the concept of repatriation and acquisition of Sime Darby plc in 1972 at the beginning of the NEP and I assisted the Pernas Securities acquired it for a paltry sum of RM23 Millions because in those days financing for Bumiputras was hard to come by. THIS WAS THE FIRST BIG BUSINESS CONTROLLED BY THE MALAYS in 1976 AND IT WENT BELLY UP IN 1996 AND 2010. My vision was to have Sime to acquire strategic investments in 1976 onwards like Temasek in the 21st century. It now run like a Trust but with an elegant British trading house bent without the Empire Preference.

      2. Kudos to Kakak Helen: Only in the just war do principled people thrive . . . . . sweet surrender to you oh Lord! Annie take heart you got friends!

        [You Tube: Sweet Surrender]

  2. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” or Illegitimi non carborundum was [also] the motto of General Joseph Warren Stilwell (Vinegar Joe).

    As one of the few Anti Establishment posters here, let me just say, hang in there.

  3. Always love Annie blog. Keep it going Annie..You must doing something right to get this much attention from those RBA. Go Girls power – that include you Helen…

    :D sarah

  4. Annie. I waited since October 1951 to be able to contribute and participate honestly and truthfully on this wonderful world of Net. MY IMMEDIATE JOB IS TO DETOX THE INNOCENT AND NAIVE MINDS OF MALAYSIAN BRAINWASHED BY THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 9 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE. Even though I produced the true facts for the past 2 years, on a few days ago, www. and the contents therein confirmed every fact which was mentioned by me. These Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP guys are just watered down clones of those failed ones in Singapore. They missed by JUST ONE SIMPLE STEP TO CONQUER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA 3 TIMES..

    1. 1997. If the DPM had taken a holiday in Disneyland with his family, he would have returned as the Right Honourable Prime Minister. JUST ONE EASY STEP.
    2. 2008. If the Opposition sorted out the 32 seats BEFORE AND NOT AFTER THE 12TH GENERAL ELECTIONS, they would hav strolled to power. JUST ONE EASY STEP
    3. 2013. If the Opposition called for a 100 day hunger strike by its leadership and their 51% popular vote boycott the EC and the 13th General Elections, the BN would have won 100% of the seats with 49% vote, they would have been in Putrajaya by now. JUST ONE EASY STEP.

    Annie, there you are. These guys and gals of the DAP have been dysfunctional since 1966. What they used to be muscular men in 555 singlets wielding parangs, they have morphed into new Christians from the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes of Subang Jaya.


    Sadly, what I presented as facts and the truth about him and Singapore turned out to be correct as confirmed by and www. Moody downgrades 3 Singapore banks, DBS, OCBC and UOB to NEGATIVE.

    Without a holistic (I am a copycat) base in Singapore, these Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP fellows are just SHOOTING WATER PISTOLS. Just ignore them, Annie. Your Blog is providing a service to our citizens and our beloved Malaysia. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  5. Annie. I used to blog at the Malaysia Chronicles. Amongst the luminaries whom I did not know was Datin Seri Rosmah who was awarded a LLD (higher than the common Ph.D) by a university. I duelled with as many vulgar, obscene Opposition cyberstormtroopers as they appeared, sometimes up to 4 a.m. and up to 80 comments by me why a university since medieval times had the right to honour their benefactors. They lost because they could only indulge in obscenities. At the end, they stole my moniker and said I agree with them. I still got this historic piece in black and white.

    Have no fear for bullies. One bully is timid, two bullies begin to rumble, three bullies are a gang of gangsters. This is Malaysia for you.

  6. Wow, I really like how you defended some other blogger and dissected those ummm… vindictive postings, probably better than Annie would ever did, hah. No offense to Annie, I just don’t think she has the stamina and writing ability that you have. After all, you have some journalist experience, don’t know about Annie.

    Well, how about just not airing those comments anyway? I know that letting them get posted would probably show what kind of douche bags and assholes these pro DAP cybertroopers are, but then, I’m sure they are probably paid to post those hateful one line zingers.

    Don’t know how they get paid, but if they get paid by posts that get posted, well, you see where I’m going with that.

    BTW I’m one of those posters who just post using whatever name I feel like using while posting my comment.

  7. Ms H and Annie. These obscene and vulgar cyberstormtroopers have nothing in their heads, This I noticed a long long time ago. They have no brains otherwise they would not be only throwing obscenities around or on the Blogs. THE WAY TO BEAT THEM IS TO PRESENT FACTS AND FACTS WHICH THEY CANNOT REBUT BECAUSE THESE ARE THE TRUTH. The more we take a defeatist attitude the more they are aggressive. Gangsters are like this.

    I JUST LOVE TO THROW THE FACTS ON THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 9 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE AT THESE VULGARISTAS WHO NOW HAVE NO SPIRITUAL HOME, SINGAPORE because they are now spiritually bankrupt. This is why our beloved Malaysia is a runaway success in human terms and their beloved Singapore a runaway failure – a failed State.


  8. If dap got dapster or red beam army, UMNO is probably have their batman squad who abduct and beat up people. Annie is feeling down not because of dapster, she is not that weak.

    1. “UMNO is probably have their batman squad who abduct and beat up people”

      Since you said so, provoke us more you will see …ITU BARU SIKIT.

      1. Hard to tell. They all look the same to me now even my doctor that I met the other day…. :P

  9. Like i posted in one of Helen’s pieces. Sorry Helen – the chinese are cowards, YELLOW so to say. Annie, truth always hurts, itu sebab they are on the defensive. GO ANNIE GO. Helen too. Stick to your guns. Kalau kena kat batang hidung mereka, tak boleh. Tell them to go fly kites.

    1. Fazilah, with due respect, I do not know where you got the impression that the Chinese are cowards.

      Secondly, the term ‘yellow’ is a generalised term used to describe in a derogatory way all humankind who are not white skin. Apparently, it was first used in 1856 and later 1924.

      I first read this term ‘yellow’ as a boy in the Fu Man Chu novels – ‘inscrutable yellow skinned Chinaman with a wispy beard and pig-tail’. This did not upset me one little bit as I have confidence in myself. Novels with these descriptions died out after Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek joined the Allies in 1941.

      Now and then, some Hollywood movies still use this description which maybe ascribed to the underbelly of the coyote according to sources.

  10. The Chinese Dapster (all of them) in my area will always pass “irritating” remarks whenever I pass by, they jolly well know I am BN all the way (had huge BN flags flying on top of my shop during GE13), latest was “Mau apa free pergi jumpa MCA, mesti dapat!” and

    Everyday they will come up with something negative, just few minutes ago, “Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia semua tak terima Ringgit baru Msia, RM20 mereka berani kasi tukar RM3 sja”.. .

    When I stop to ask where they got all these infos so I can verify, they quickly disappear inside their shop… Crazy fellas.

  11. All Bloggers. It is high time that the unruly members of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP have already lost the battle as their spiritual home of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 9 failed Policies for Singapore has imploded vide. and its pure Singaporean comments.

    The DAP mocked the BN led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties for over 47 long years the mischievous PAP slogan, ‘ Malaysia for Malaysians ‘ and achieved nothing but got the Chinese up a pole with the tiger UMNO below. What a leadership !


    1. With the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, in their political mess, it is the duty and responsibility of the MCA, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore to SAFEGUARD THE SAFETY AND THE LIVELIHOOD OF THE CHINESE, THE MALAYSIAN CHINESE.


      Sir, obviously he can’t do that can he, since he needs more and more bangsa China for balancing acts-vis a vis the other Singaporeans that is.

      1. “he needs more and more bangsa China for balancing acts-vis a vis the other Singaporeans that is.”

        He already did that by importing NEWCITIZEN from mainland China before the last GE. Without this NEWCITIZEN PAP would have lost more GRC.

      2. The following link is rather long. If you look at the graph population between 2007 and 2010 there is a steep growth of more than 0.5 million people. Just point the cursor to the graph you can see the escalating number towards the end of 2010.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49478099,d.bmk&fp=559184ae2ecdd50e&biw=1366&bih=567

      3. Just like how they strategically relocating the Malays by dispersing with the hope they won’t band together, these New Citizens are also strategically located ( another form of gerrymandering).

        1. But hey Singapura is nothing less than a shining example!

          I’m sure this is not news to all of us, these kakis will say…
          In Singapore
          In Singapore…
          In Singapore…
          Well, in Singapore…

          Wait till the pulau tenggelam, then kut, they will see the reality with that red dot!

            1. lol. Soon Singapore has to make one of 4 choices :-
              1. Become the 53rd State of the Union. Then, we can fill up the Straits of Johor till it becomes a drain with a chain-link fence between us. And every morning we can say, ‘Selamat pagi. America ‘
              2. Become a British Colony like the Virgin Islands or Caymans.
              3. Merge with Malaysia. The only problem is that there is a saying that a good horse does not return to old pastures.
              4. Status quo. It is becoming more and more difficult for a one-street town to maintain all those aging brigades of Gurkha guards, F-35s, submarines, AWACS, Apaches, rusting tanks, spies, frigates, and a full Government of Ministers etc. Somewhat like the British Royalty and Britain.

              1. Singapore only existence depends on these factors:

                1. Economy – FDI from the west.

                2. Security – The US, Israel (They learned from Israel from the beginning and still do), other western power in general . Singapore is the proxy of the western military based here in Asia.

                Without these two they are Kaput.

                As you can see the world is changing,

                The last two economy crisis has shown that they are the first to go down; while Malaysia is relatively stable during the last one based on the banking industries performance;

                The US is no longer economically healthy thus they continuously interfering with other oil rich countries as you can see today. So do the rest of the European countries;

                Singapore is akin to an office where everything works like clockwise, as for value for life I don’t they have any like what we have here.

                Ask any of the Malaysian PR holder in Sg. whether they would gave up their citizenship to be a Singaporean today?

      4. Saudara, it pays to be humble and courteous like us Malaysians. For a whole life time, we were mocked as though we are sub-human. Now, what goes round comes around. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. Please remember bangsa Cina or no bangsa Cina there is nothing like the real INDIGENOUS SINGAPOREAN WHOEVER HE OR SHE IS !

        1. “we were mocked as though we are sub-human.”

          In this country when the government tell us to stand, we can still ask why and sit still, over there they have become Pavlov’s Dogs so to speak.

      5. Some entertainment about Singapore from Al Jazeera’s 101 East.

        Don’t you pity the poor China people from the mainland bullied by the native Chinese Singaporeans? Let us shed some tears. Boo hoo hoo.

        Anyway some peole can seek asylum in Oz [YouTube]

        1. Ladies and Gentlemen. Long long ago and far far away, I visited OZ in 1969. I found it was controlled by the 1% of the population eg. the Government, the Unions, the Jews, the Universities, the big landlords, the industrialists, the Church, the miners etc. The 99% enjoyed themselves. My conclusion was Oz was good for 3 things, steaks, oysters, girls (boys) any order you like, but do not do business there.

            1. lol. Correct. Correct. And please notice that BANKRUPTCY in OZ is a way of life – lots of things for sale at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES all the time !!!

  12. This is definitely the Lost Generation for the Chinese.

    For the first time in history there is no elected representation of the Chinese in Parliament and this is what the people wanted. They were so engrossed with changing the government and not the reason for change. Their elected leaders are so haughty that they reject any means of having a collation. No represent rightfully should be answered with a total disregard of that community.

    Why do the Chinese want change? If it is for a two party system for check and balance, then it is fine. No, it is just because it is popular to do so. People elect their officials because of hearsay and gossip and half truths that they heard in the coffee shop and on social media. They don’t exactly what they hate (or like) of the ruling government and what they like (or hate) of the opposition.

    The traits of the politicians of both sides are weak. Many have no strategic plan of what they want to do after they have won. The opposition candidates are good auditors but terrible administrators. For example, what has Tian Chua done for the past 5 years? The environment, NO, crime prevention, NO, education, NO. In any government, you need administrators not publicists.

    People we can do the work. What has Bung done except for creating controversy? OKM being a famous academic has been very silent on the university intake issue. He can ADD VALUE by giving suggestions to the Government but again he is silent. MCA can open up their institutions for the students (but why should they, they are no longer in the government).

    This is best time for PR to UBAH and show the perUBAHan but they are silent as they have no either how to analyse and solve problems. They have no administration skills. Do you see the MP running to see the doctor whose thumb was sliced off? No.

    Seeing the victim is one thing, organizing corrective action like neighbour watch etc is another. In fact you sit for years screaming wolf and you will still be popular. OKM with his vast knowledge in academia can add value to the administration of education but what has he done so far. Only blunders to the TITAS issue and neglect to the UPM issue.

    Instead we spend our time engrossed in the ever hedonistic antics of politicians and bloggers. We support and curse their 15 minutes of fame. We (and our politicians) don’t even understand the issues at hand and we politicize our ignorance. The TITAS case for example. The difference between nationality and race is another. The era of functional politicians such as the Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is gone. This is the era of shock politics – with controversies and tantrums. We take delight on who will throw pepper spray in the Assembly, who will commit adultery etc.

    This generation is lost because not because they have no representation but because with higher levels of education than their grandparents they have become really CLUELESS of issues at hand and they act out of impulse. They cannot function at work as they have no problem solving skills but only tantrums. They are horrid homemakers as they don’t have skills to run a household like cooking or sewing skills. (Without domestic help, most Chinese families would crumble as fathers and mothers lack parenting and marriage skills.)

    The young are so choosy with what they do, thus creating an ever open market for foreign workers to fill the positions of what the kids don’t want to do.

    Do you think this generation will benefit countries they feel they want migrate too like Australia? No. In the short run, Australia will receive the foreign exchange but because of their tantrums and bad social and work ethic Australia might want to send them back.

    1. ‘I am Mulan’,

      I agree with this. Where are the functional politicians such as Lee Lam Thye? I was a kid when Lee Lam Thye was in DAP and serving the BB area. My mom was working at one of the offices there and she often heard praises for Lee Lam Thye. She saw him in person one day and he was addressing an issue on clogged drains. We don’t see politicians with this kind of calibre nowadays. Lee Lam Thye – talk less, do more, whereas the politicians now talk so much, but do very little.

  13. Going by your logic, anyone who has an opinion contrary to the minority government and its online lap dogs are DAP members? Don’t you see how deluded you are.

    1. re: “minority government”

      Please define “minority government”.

      re: “online lap dogs” of the govt

      Please state who you mean to be the BN “online lap dogs”.

      1. Why ask questions for which the answers are obvious? Also stop bleating about race and religion all the time. Your recent post about the guy who got bashed for allegedly insulting religion shows you for the bigot that you are. The point is the decaying safety for everyone and not what the bloody hell car or political spin the star did. Continue with your bullshit and let your minions make you happy.

        1. Is the definition of minority government so “obvious” as you claim? If so, why don’t you enlighten us all as it won’t take you a minute to type out such an obvious answer.

          re: “Also stop bleating about race and religion all the time.”

          Fine. There is no such thing as’race’ in your Malaysian Malaysia. But Malays who wish to join DAP should learn how to write their names in hanzi so that they can fill in the membership form.

          1. Helen, there is a reason you dont have friends. And by friends I don’t mean your multiple online personalities….now go play far away…

            1. I do not have multiple online personalities. Just like I do not have a Swiss bank account or any of the other outrageous accusations that you people freely throw everywhere about just anybody that poses a threat to your evangelista icons.

              Your method is to fling any kind of imaginable mud hoping some of it would stick.

              You are the shadowy and sinister ‘Anon’ here and quite rightly fitting the description as I have profiled from Annie’s blog.

              And also rightly as I have said in my article above about how the ‘RBA’ carry out their Standard Operating Procedure of “simply accusing”.

              In one of Annie’s earlier discussion threads in her blog, a personality like yours has similarly been already profiled by her readers there. You all accuse others of what you yourselves are, e.g. loudly shouting and pointing finger at others screaming that Malays are “racists!” when 3 fingers point back at yourself.

              Pakatan, particularly the DAP, harbours repulsive creatures such as yourself.

              I’m certain that discerning readers are repulsed by your type. Or else why do you think that there has been such a strong backlash against your kind?

              Don’t just stalk my blog.

              Try going around the other major pro-establishment blogs, particularly those in the Malay language. Do you think it helps your cause to try and tarnish my reputation using your despicable “simply accuse” tactics?

              Mine is just only one. There are so many other blogs onto your operatives, that it has reached critical mass so that whatever you try to do to me (as an individual blog) will in no way turn the tide.

              The social climate has passed tipping point. Tick tock tick tock. And here you are like Alvivi ‘threatening’ “nantilah, enjoy your Ramadan for now, friends“.

              Tick tock tick tock … it is you and your ilk who will be blown away by the time bomb.

              1. “The Children Of The Corn” are arriving , brace yourself… Ha! Ha! Ha!

                Mereka sedang kepanasan.

                1. Yeah, the smear campaigners.

                  They merely confirm what I say about their cakap berbelit-belit and memfitnah.

                  They are indeed most repulsive.

                  1. “They are indeed most repulsive”

                    It is Ramadhan Helen, if not, you know what sort of superlatives that I occasionally used to counter their oxymoron to the highest degree remarks.

                    They are sending in “the douche bag troupers” ( whom we would love to diaper their heads because you know why….) just like in Annie’s Blog now, with the mission to stress you up. I think the EDITOR has received several sms yesterday regarding the age of victim hence these douche-bag CT arrival.

                    Just have fun with it and no need to waste time to justify yourself.

                    Remember Ali Karim before? What we did to him until he finally gave up.

                    1. re: ” “the douche bag troupers”

                      Can we find an appropriate term for these their most despicable and devious snipers?

                  2. Well, I certainly like your rebut. It’s like using a big hammer to squish an annoying fly.

                    It’s funny how you could make an article about these kind of people and here they come showing their stripes and essentially proving your article.

                    BTW I’m curious to know how Pakatan suddenly seems to think the number of total votes determine the government. Those people have been in general election for many times and all of a sudden they think the GE is like Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasi or whatever. Don’t those politicians have people who can tell their bosses to look up words on the internet instead of looking like fools?

    2. Well, from you parroting the minority government thing coming from DAP’s Lim Guan Eng, who obviously don’t know what the term means, it’s kind of obvious who’s an online lap dog here.

  14. Dear annie, what the Dapster write about you in their mindless blietzkrieg, it is none of your business. :-)

    I am very aware that the arrogance by Dapsters and their general supporters in expressing their huge political gain is more open, the DAP supporters in my office including the Chinese General Manager openly say loud in office that the govt is stupid and stealing money and that the economy in limbo despite our capacity at almost 100% and him gettung quarterly bonuses, it wasnt like this before.

    Even louder than the PAS goons in my office.

    Be prepared for more. I am more interested as how far it will go before PRU 14. The Alvivi duo and the taukeh judi bashed and left naked at Setiawangsa over allgedly putting pig head in a surau is just a recursor to more interesting events.

    On the other hand, the PAS and KeAdilan grounds seem more docile, perhaps their DAP masters cant find any use of the hardcore Islamist Malay Pakatan lembus , tarak boleh pakai.

  15. Ms H. Either our MCA or the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are politicians or playboys and girls remain to be seen very soon. Why ?

    All the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, political cards were banked on the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore like in a casino and not on their absolute loyalty for the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. From facts as presented to the Blogs in the last 2 days from that the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew has feet of clay and now subjected to ridicule and condemnation by his own people, the DAP has lost its morality and propriety to command legitimately since they draw their spiritual inspiration from him.

    Now the the DAP is no better than the MCA in terms of beliefs and skills and the only difference is in leadership wealth tersm, these TWO PARTIES MIGHT AS WELL JOIN TOGETHER and call a spade a spade and STOP PRETENDING THEY ARE SOMETHING ELSE by way of technical glitches.

    LIKE THIS, THE DAP WOULD HAVE GOT RID OF THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 9 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE AND ABANDON their hatred for the BN and Lee Kuan Yew as well. No one practices hatred in politics as far as I know from Machiavelli to Sun Tzu as politics is opportunistic. OK ?

    In order not to be labelled as CHAUVINISTIC, the MCA-DAP or DAP-MCA join the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties and the DAP senior leadership nominated to represent our beloved Malaysia at the United Nations, New York. At one stroke, the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, have exited from up a greasy pole and the ferocious UMNO tiger turned into a pussy cat. And we Malaysians are all on the fast trek to 2020.


    1. Sorry ! I forgot ! And the well-publicised Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai will know what to do with this newly contrived satrap ! We must not underestimate him. Win-Win situation for all except the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. – that was a contrived dead-end of no return. Tell me which Chinese disagrees with this Win-Win arrangement for peace, harmony and PROSPERITY !

  16. Annie probably should consider tweaking the blog comments setting so that any anonymices have to login first with an ID before putting up a comment (I presumed she set it to “Anyone” since there are anonymices commenting). That would put up a little bit of barrier against bullying.

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