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Update2: Mangsa culik dilarikan dalam Toyota Alphard atau Proton Saga?

Sekarang polis menjelaskan bahawa kereta yang terbabit ialah Perodua Alza. – Utusan, ‘Empat suspek kes culik bakal didakwa’ (19 Julai 2013)

Facebook PDRM memetik siaran Bernama yang mengatakan ia sebuah Toyota Alphard — lihat di

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Rencana The StarFour nabbed over assault of teenager‘ hari ini mengatakan mangsa Cina yang dipukul sekumpulan lelaki Islam adalah seorang “remaja” yang hanya berusia 15 tahun.

Liputan sepanjang beberapa hari lepas oleh blog-blog pro-kerajaan pula mengatakan mangsa berumur 21 tahun.

Rencana Malaysiakini bertajuk ‘I did not insult any religion‘ – yang turut disiarkan hari ini oleh The Malay Mail (but operated by Chinese Christian females) – mengatakan mangsa telah dilarikan dalam sebuah kereta Proton Saga.

Blogger-blogger pro-kerajaan pula mengatakan mangsa dilarikan dalam Toyota Alphard.

Adakah butir-butir yang dinyatakan dalam laporan The Star (remaja 15 tahun) dan Malaysiakini-The Malay Mail (kereta Proton Saga) untuk menepati rekayasa jalan cerita media pro-pembangkang?

Ataupun adakah media pro-pembangkang sengaja membayangkan bahawa para blogger pro-kerajaan adalah kaki kelentong yang suka menyebarkan maklumat palsu?


Aduan akan dibuat kepada KDN tentang putar-belit jahat The Star

Four nabbed over assault of teenager - Nation

I did not insult any religion The Malay Mail


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57 thoughts on “Update2: Mangsa culik dilarikan dalam Toyota Alphard atau Proton Saga?

  1. Hmm can 15 years old work at cellular phone shop? Correct me if I’m wrong but you need to reach 16 to work right??. If not, you will be consider as underage worker right?? And that make the cellular phone shop…… can someone take action now??????

    Or he just helping his family in this shop, so you cannot say he’s a worker right??

    Why I pening? Is this just another spinning???

    :o sarah

  2. Look at the pic of Mother and Son, kind of plastic expression, it reminds me of the same pose of that Lim Chong Wei’s dad who wasn’t invited to the wedding and published the J-Star.

    1. All the media, even Malaysiakini, said the victim was 21.

      Only The J-Star‘s headline called him a teenager of 15.

      There is something seriously ‘wrong’ with that Battlestar DAP Galactica.

      1. Adakah The J-Star sengaja membuat berita yang tidak benar?


        Boleh ke buat macam tu? Tak kena jentik telinga ke?

      2. Maybe they have started taking conservative value based on all the mistakes that LGE made when it comes to number?

        I still LOL thingking about Tun Daim coment that 2 + 2 is not 5.

    2. What is the Sms number where all of us can bombard them about this and see whether they response to it?

  3. Can someone give me the facts? Did he insult Islam? I remembered the KFC I-city episode – everyone was just harping in FB that it was the Malay guy who beat up the Chinese guy. The thing is, I never get to see the full video. What happened before that? What happened that cause the Malay guy to beat him up? No one will just beat anyone up unless they are insane, right?

    If this fella insult Islam or any other religion for that matter, serves him right for not watching his tongue. Hasn’t he heard of the saying ‘Kerana mulut badan binasa?’ If you don’t respect others, how would you expect others to respect you?

    You know, there’s one Chinese fella in my FB who has a very foul mouth despite the fact that he is a commercial pilot (First Officer). And guess what? His dad is his friend in FB, and can read all his swearing words. His dad even commented on his foul statuses (not condemning him for all the bad words though). Just look at that. Parents actually encourage their children to have have a foul mouth.

    Anyway, if anyone knows the real story about this guy’s case, do let me know.

    1. ‘Parents actually encourage their children to have have a foul mouth.’

      ‘What kind of people are they’ – Helen.

  4. Sex bloggers denied bail. Alvin will be in Sungai Buloh prison while Vivian in Kajang prison. #AlviviCharged

    I still support Alvivi! At least they are honest with their sexploits unlike the super holy Jack Neo who cried loudly about his church affair. [YouTube]

    Then he made his super holy testimony [YouTube]

    And later he made Ah Boys to Ah Men with the racist pork scene. [YouTube]

    And the racist Pinoy scene. [YouTube]

    1. Sex bloggers denied bail. Alvin will be in Sungai Buloh prison while Vivian in Kajang prison. #AlviviCharged


      1. Lol but look at the hypocrisy surrounding the Alvivi case.
        A friend of mine said the opposition was so against the Akta Hasutan. Now there are so quiet , he says.
        Remember this

        In fact we get this
        Little Buddha: The difference between Alvivi (online moniker of Alvin and Vivian) from the others is that they are openly defying the system, stating they will be back with a new site even if their current Facebook page is shut down.

        We, the rakyat, do not need such agents of trouble. Enforced the law and show what people’s power and unity can do to wrongdoers.

        Remember Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim is in consensus with his BN counterpart to nail the two troublemakers. Just do it.

        My question to the opposition. Is the Akta Hasutan 1948 up for abolishment or not? Why the silence on someone who is not subjected to the act?

        1. I hear you. I didn’t vote for DAP/Pakatan they did, so they made their own, they have to lie on it.

  5. I don’t think the MSM, AltM and bloggers have much use for fact checking.

    Doesn’t the police report have a description of the vehicle ?

    1. I did find his story interesting though. Robbery and then this stunt.

      What surprises me is the PDRM claiming that this was connected to the storm surrounding Facebook postings. I have no idea what kind of investigating the PDRM carries out or how they handle their public relations.

      1. The ransom of RM5,000 does not seem realistic.

        That’s why whether the car was an Alphard or a Saga is a key factor in the believability of either version of the story.

          1. Edit to add:

            Also apparently some men are being held to “facilitate” investigations, so the truth or whatever passes for it will be out soon.

          2. Two conflicting versions of the story: The Alphard version and the Proton Saga version.

        1. If you follow the Chinese papers, there are plenty stories of abduction demanding not too high ransom.

          The logic is when you are not demanding over the top amount, the chances of getting paid is high and because the amount is within reach, most family will pay first and after getting back hostage only then make police report. (if at all)

          1. re: “demanding not too high ransom”

            That’s where the discrepancy in the report on make of the car comes in.

            If the victim was abducted in an Alphard, then it makes the version of the story that the kidnappers returned his wallet & valuables to the girlfriend more believable, i.e. it was a vigilante and not a ransom kidnapping.

            1. Postscript:

              I doubt that other Chinese kidnapped for under RM5,000 would have the words “Saya hina agama Islam” scrawled on their chest.

              1. This is the interesting part though. If it was really just a regular kidnapping/robbery and this was inked in then we have to admire the ingenuity of the perpetrators.

                1. Thought everybody’s always complaining that we’re a very polarized country.

                  So the Muslim kidnappers selected this Chinese target for 5k? Actually, we don’t often hear of the crime of kidnapping for money as being very much a Malay thing, do we?

                  1. Well the racial angle doesn’t really interest me as much as the inking. If those persons of interests are finally charged it would be interesting to see how the “derogatory remarks” is defined in the larger context of the crime.

                  2. Coincidentally RM5000 is the daily limit for ATM transactions. We have all heard cases of people kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from their ATM account and then released. In this case, the man claimed he could not enter the correct pin (three strikes and you are out). The brother was called up to pay the ransom in return.

        2. The earlier report from the blog stated that all his belongings wallet, phone , shirts, pants were return to the girlfriend before he was abducted. But the victim told otherwise.

      2. Details are all over the place, there’s more than one version, but it is certain that the police arrested some suspects quickly.

        I’m venturing that the police interrogated them and that’s where the facebook storm connection came from.

        I’m curious where the blog’s post about this initially came from.

        Apparently it came complete with a picture of Mun Tatt while at the police station.

  6. Boarded a MAS flight today for Kuching. Around 100 or so passengers of which majority are Chinese. As I wanted to avoid the rush, I boarded dead last. The Star was almost untouched. Mail was all taken & even the NST was almost all taken but not the Star. Die liao lah WCW. Pretty soon bottom line also cannot make how?

    1. The Star tidak diminati oleh orang Sarawak,nothing good about Sarawak if it appears in this newspaper furthermore they seldom give coverage to Sarawak,its a blessing in disguise.

    2. This further confused me who are really the 5million plus readers of the Star and its media?

      The Banglas?

  7. HY.. the abductor should take him again and cut his tongue if proven he lied in his statement to J Star

    or better still cut his ear for not listening to whatever majority sane malaysian about living in harmony etc etc

    1. And if its proven he is correct?

      I suggest the four men have their kneecaps smashed.

      1. We will take PAKATAN’s route…Deny, Deny, Deny.

        But seriously whatever the story is, it is a clear sign that the Malays have had enough of the CINA DAP’s Bullock…

  8. According to NST, the victim does not speak Malay or English. Therefore how can he understand what was written on his body?

    1. So he does not use English or Malay. Which means any online comments he made….. IF he made those comments at all, would not be in English or Malay.

      I doubt any of those four men could read Chinese.

      1. “I doubt any of those four men could read Chinese.”

        Maybe they could or couldn’t. Allegedly the guy was insulting Islam, those guys may not be the only people who read the post, others also read the post e.g. Muslim Chinese, other Malays who read Mandarin (like my nephews and nieces) etc. words get around…

        1. So out of tens of thousands of comments in Chinese, these four people chose to select, copy, and paste in Google Translate one comment?

    2. The victim does not speak Malay or English???? come on, he lives in Malaysia for what? 21 years and he still cannot speak Malay. How he doing his biz then? All his customer are chinese only. Give me another reason but not these please. You doing sales then you must speak malay…

      :( sarah

        1. I have witness a man with a toilet bowl BM lodging a police report not long time ago.

          It was hard for the polis wanita to help him, as much as she tries too, in structuring the police report, another good samaritan with slightly better toilet bowl BM has to be roped in to assist.

          It was painful for both. Awfully ‘gruesome’ to us all in that balai that day. I would not want to be in that polis position. Boleh sakit jiwa dibuatnya.

      1. my chinese neighbor cannot speak malay or understand any word of it.. confusing me,am i living in malaysia..


  10. “Malayu mana mampu guna Alphard maa, so betul la tu Potong Sagaaa liao.”

    It is possible they’ll think like that.

    1. Yea, surely, like last time they commented in LKS blog about the so called China lady by none other than I-did-not-say-that-she-was-perempuan-China-Ms Kok, when it was reported that the lady was in fact, a perempuan melayu…

      ‘how can they be so white one?’

      These katak dibawah tempurung made racist remark while chanting Malaysian firsters at the same breath thinking all Malays are simply brownny and brownny only.

      Perhaps maybe, going by the very same logic, HY husband is Chinese, by their katak dibawah tempurung standard la, apa lagi, sebab kurang gelap kut?!

    1. Tajuk berita The J-Star — “Ng Mun Tatt: Four charged with abduction for RM3,000 ransom”

      Lain kali, kalau ada satu geng 6 orang penculik baik minta wang tebusan yang lebih sedikit.

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