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They’re still denying that bak kut teh is pork

Our “best and brightest” top scoring Malaysian student who qualified for a Singapore scholarship will make international news headlines when this case goes to court.

Alvivi charged over sex and religion, denied bail - Malaysiakini 2013-07-18 20-22-40

Below: Subscribers’ comments in today’s Malaysiakini article on former National University of Singapore (NUS) student Alvin and his “professional colleague” Vivian.

All comments screenshot from

Alvivi “may be practising fasting” … urm, praticising fasting like the DAP Serdang MP Doctor Ong Kian Ming?


A Malaysiakini commenter ‘What4’ contends that bak kut teh can be “kambing, ayam, lembu”.

Now it is Umno which has to “prove that bak kut teh on the picture is made from pork”, remarks another.



Another commenter suggests that the bak kut “they ate was really halal” while a ‘LogicalMalaysian’ said that since Alvivi had displayed the halal logo, the dish must really be chicken bak kut teh.

‘Franky’ commented that the daging in the Alvivi greeting could also mean cow or goat meat, and responding to Franky, one ‘kfcman’ proposed that it should be the bak kut teh outlet that is charged instead.




Aiyah, why Umno supporters are super duper touchy one …

Now you’ve made the Malaysiakini crowd think BN gomen only want to make Alvivi “the scapegoat” lah.

Everyone is asked to look at the name of the restaurant which one Malaysiakini reader claims is called ‘Syed’.



The subscriber going by the handle ‘MyFoot’ further claims that since ‘Syed’ is a Malay restaurant, the meat contained in the bak kut teh serving must really be something other than pork.

“So what’s all the fuss about?”

The Star Online tweets #AlviviCharged live

When Alvivi were brought to court, the Star Online editor Philip provide live coverage over his Twitter.

The photo below is Philip.

And screen captured below are his live tweets on the scene.

Philip pengarang The Star Online

Coming PhilipGolingai

bullet PhilipGolingai

halal PhilipGolingai

***  ***  ***

Update: Mangsa culik dilarikan dalam Toyota Alphard atau Proton Saga?


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156 thoughts on “They’re still denying that bak kut teh is pork

  1. International headline that Malaysia will make a joke about themselves that some idiots who put up some low level joke go to jail but rapist cum murderer walks free.

        1. Let me go out on a limb and assume … coz this is the most talked about rape/murder case these days. Cjb can correct me if I am wrong.

          This case involved a son of a datuk. The son was a suspect because of a DNA match and was picked up by police. He was released on bail but he managed to sneak off to Australia and remained there for 3-4 years.

          He was arrested when he came back to Malaysia and stood trial with others. He was then acquited.

          1. “He was arrested when he came back to Malaysia and stood trial with others. He was then acquitted.”

            So what’s the problem here?

      1. The one in sg petani. Some malay dato son who was acquitted despite his semen was proven to be present in victim vagina. If a serious crime suspect can be bailed, why they were not allow to be bailed? This will be perceived as Punishment against non Muslim but when Muslim rape and murder a Chinese, he was freed despite the present of strong evidence. Same to Ibrahim Ali, his provocation is asking Muslim to burn bible is considered a non issue.

        1. 1. “The one in sg petani. Some malay dato son who was acquitted despite his semen was proven to be present in victim vagina”

          Have you read the full judgement summary that resulting in his acquittal? If you haven’t and not there please don’t just easy just judgement based on your bullock perception.

          2. “If a serious crime suspect can be bailed, why they were not allow to be bailed? This will be perceived as Punishment against non Muslim”

          You are saying issues related to religious sensitivity is not important? Try to leave in other Muslim countries; those two would have not been survive another day. They are lucky that this is Malaysia. Have read about Christian and Muslim conflict in Indonesia that resulted in hundreds of lives from both side death or the Burmese Buddhist killing the Arakan Muslim in Burma?

          3. Same to Ibrahim Ali, his provocation is asking Muslim to burn bible is considered a non issue.

          Have you heard of Namawee, Dong Zong (or whatever bullock that is?) and others DAP Politicians that have been insulting Islam or questioning Islam but get away with it before.

          Not this time around my friend, The Muslim and Malays won’t that happens again. They asked for it.


          1. Edit:

            If you haven’t and not there please don’t just easily passed judgement based on your bullock perception.

      2. he meant the de facto Ketua Pembangkang? Or does he meant Gobind anak Karpal the lawyer for Banting slayers?

    1. Cjb,

      “…some low level joke…”

      Unfortunately, it is not a low level joke. It is actually an insult to a religion.

      Just as “kipas” connotes ‘angin”, the mere word “bak kut teh” connotes “babi”.

      I am sure both these people know that. So, is it a joke wishing Ramadhan “buka puasa” with eating bak kut teh?

      Freedom is not limitless. They are quite lucky actually. in some countries, they are already “history” .

    2. well…the numero uno sodomiser in Malaysia also walks free.

      did the international headlines made joke about that?

      1. This porno-duo are the “disciples” of the wannabe numero uno sodomo ministero. Theirs is no joke, but a moral menace to Malaysian youth in general. They are now organizing sex orgies and guiltlessly advertising their stuff on cyberspace!

        Kurang ajar punya orang; kecewaan ibu bapa! What kind of stuff did they learn from their school years? Even westerners will be taken aback, if not downright shocked by their moral contemptuousness and brazen sexuality.

  2. .. if it is not pork then why Alvivi apologise on youtube? They should just say there and then.. it is not pork but chicken or whatever halal meat that they are having at a Muslim restaurant named Syed. Instead in response they said “Muslims are too sensitive. It is just a dark humour.”

    .. the more Cina support this couple, the more Malays will distrust Cina. If Cina in Malaysia are truly not racists as they so claimed, they would join the chorus of condemning this Alvivi BUT we all know that race is thicker than anything for the Cina.

    .. so let’s forget about Malaysian Malaysia will ya? For Cina in Malaysia, it is anything but. Most can’t and won’t speak Bahasa Malaysia and yet call themselves Malaysian.

    .. some look down on Malay language and want to study in Cina or English only and yet fight for Malay bible to include Arabic Allah. Who is the target audience then? Shouldn’t you fight for Arabic Allah to be in Chinese and English bible instead since you love the word Allah so much?

    .. the amount of bad faith that the Cina are spewing right now is so mind-boggling. Do they honestly think that Malays have limitless patience to tolerate all these provocations? Do they wish to live in a tense environment where the majority population of the country hate and distrust them? Will that make the Cina in Malaysia happy?

    1. I agree with what you wrote MM….and I also found out that most comenters in Malaysiakini as per above article are big mouth “loyar burok” types who would split hairs to justify and “menegakkan benang basah”

      I am having a good laugh at these people own ridiculousness, “low class stupidty”(must be HY’s people) No wonder Malaysia is going down to the dogs……

      Some raw nerves have been touched and instead of showing some “class” and “intelligence” all that came out is a lot of bullshit….

      And when the Malay/Muslims retaliate and show anger, hah…suddenly voices of concern and tolerance appear…..and the Malays/Muslims continued to be stamped and trampled…..

      Sad, but this was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, now Malaysia….and if my history was any good, probably this was also Persekutuan Tanah Cina/India/dan lain-lain….

    1. When you think with your other head most of the time, that’s what you get….BUSTED BIG TIME

  3. Hi Helen,
    You might want to remove that video I attached as a comment (from you tube). I just noticed one of the adverts attached at the end of their video may not be allowed online. My most sincere apologies.

    Farouk Zahir.

  4. “The sticky white kind”

    Good lord, glad to see the discourse is dominated by such pearls of wisdom. Golingai is a hack as is nearly every Malaysian journalist out there.

    If this gets international media attention I hope it would be as much an indictment against journalism in this country as it is with the concepts of freedom of expression and Islam.

  5. I guess it easy for the chinese to just say sorry everytimes they doing something that hurtfull to others races but when others saying something that touching their sensitivity what do you think they do hmmm. This trend have been repeated again and again and again.

    I hate to say this but one of these day someone will doing the same things to the chinese because the way they see it, if it ok to chinese then it ok to them. Then who will take responsable to it?

    :( sarah

    1. Dear Sarah,

      The UMNO/Perkasa fellas who opposed the Hindu temple in Shah Alam and paraded with a Cow head 3 years ago never apologized to the Indian community!

      If you notice, i never mentioned Malay fellas who paraded and stepped on the Cow head. Only UMNO/Perkasa fellas who are using the Malay community as cover for their evil racial war.

      The case is still under investigations by PDRM for 3 years?! Can you help ask your UMNO leaders to apologize to the Indians already…

      ~ Anak Bukit Raja

      1. The temple was illegal la bro, how can you talk about upholding justice when at the same breath supporting illegal buildings?

        1. I don’t support illegal building (if it was such). Does this mean you condone the act of the cow head stompers or would you (did you) demand for them to be punished to the full extent of the law ?

          1. re: “illegal building” of temples

            There has to be a cut-off date inserted into guidelines e.g. if the temple was built without permit on land that it does not own some 5 to 25 years ago, then I would agree that it be deemed illegal.

            However some temples are a 70-100 years old, meaning they had been standing on the land even before the Perjanjian Tanah Melayu was signed in 1948. Naturally temples this age would not have the ‘proper’ paperwork.

            They should be examined on a case-by-case basis and the significant temples accommodated. One good example is the Hindu temple smack in the middle of Mid-Valley Megamall.

            1. It was claimed to be 400 years old, if I remember correctly.

              Have you seen the temple Helen?

              I did. Every single day, passing the temple at least twice a day, since I used to lived there at a time before this brouhaha was made into a nation wide mess.

              Surely it does not look 400 years old to me. Not in form nor aesthetics. Perhaps you can fill in the picture here if you have it Helen. I don’t but I surely remember the faint yellow coloured temple.

              ‘However some temples are a 70-100 years old, meaning they had been standing on the land even before the Perjanjian Tanah Melayu was signed in 1948. Naturally temples this age would not have the ‘proper’ paperwork.’

              I’m not pakar undang-undang, far less pakar undang-undang tanah negara, so hopefully smart pakar will care to put their kepakaran here, so I can’t seem to comment on this.

              But I do think this is one of the biggest problems all of us, regardless of race and religion faced. A lot of illegal religious building has been ‘allowed’ (tutup sebelah mata) to be build or to continue to be operated despite the illegals status that it has.

              This is the problem with this country. On top of a big tidak apa attitude, which we sneers at whenever we have the opportunity too. We the rasuah hating and merit loving Malaysians on the other hand would always ask for a leeway when it is in our interest to do so. We will bring in our MPs, the newspapers, the NGOs and some gangsters too, at times, so that the kesudahan cerita will go our way. We the so called law abiding and the one that has been calling for the government of the day to practice transparency every single day, will be quick to dance to a different tune when it is us yang kena. Human nature nor particular race that I’m referring. Others simply be damned.

              Boleh kaw tim has to stop at all level. But as a public like you and me, also, I might add, we are what we are because the authorities seems to be giving some parties special allowances. This is the tidak apa attitude among the law enforcers. I know for a fact a lot of unlicensed illegal churches operating in rumah-rumah kedai all over the country and yet they still operates like nobody’s business. But I guess one can say that too on suraus.

              In Sungai Petani, in one taman perumahan where my sister is staying at a public padang near the big wet market a small tokong house has been put in place. Now nobody is doing anything, so far. I don’t know about the persatuan penduduk whether they have made any report against it or not, to any party. But for sure the Chinese developer does not bother to relocate the tokong house. Not even the local authorities, again the tidak apa attitude. It has been a few years and now somebody has cemented the padang and unofficially turned the cemented portion of the padang into a what we call a ‘religious building’.

              This will definitely one day become ‘the 400 years old religious building that UMNO wants to demolished’.

              So if certain allowances were to be given on certain illegal religious building, then more and more quarters will tend to ask for the same leniency. When will this stop?

              When will we be able to put a stop to this, once and for all? I simply believe the kaw tim thingy will only put the country into religious animosity quagmire that we are trying to overcome the very first thing the problem crop up. We are already blaming one another as for the kaw tim culture all of us had wrongfully tolerated for so long.

              Instead of putting this sensitive issues to a stop by applying the laws effectively above everything else, we are digging ourselves into a much bigger mess!

              As for the hundred of years claim made by some, personally my opinion is that having the country being colonised by the British does not give this land a stop to the legitimate right for the pribumi to practice and upheld their very own undang-undang sanctioned prior to the colonisation.


              But then again, what do I know about undang-undang.

              1. Where is the “400-year old temple” located and what is its name (or otherwise what is the name of the god that it houses)?

                  1. Thanks lol.

                    However Islam1st says there is made a claim for a 400-year-old temple.

                    Your list refers to several demolished temples claimed to be 100 years old and thereabouts.

                    1. I may be salah, I say if I remembers correctly la, ada caveat maa…the very same temple, the section 19, I duduk sana dulu until 2005

                  2. This is how it goes normally. They will start with a small structure and gradually over the years the will extend it make it bigger. They know deep down that it is illegal but at the same time they are riding on the religious sensitivity issue to save their backside. I have seen a lot of this in Sentul area last time.

                    Same goes to the Chinese (My apology Helen, I am talking fact here), even my Scottish Prof. had on few occasions during lectures taking about the small “Red Box” that become bigger overtime and playing the same game.

                    These places of worship when they are bigger with many worshipers will become money generating machines through donations.

                    I am not singling out other religions, for Islam also has a fair shares of the “cult” that use the same tactics e.g. Al Arqam etc. and not forget the Jurusubang Cult.

                    For us Muslim, we need to get proper approval even to built a small Surau and there is no two ways about.

                    1. re: “For us Muslim, we need to get proper approval even to built a small Surau and there is no two ways about.”

                      I was under the impression that it is mandatory for every new housing estate to build (incorporate) a surau. Can anyone help enlighten me on this? (to save me the trouble of having to wade through the maze of local housing by-laws to find the relevant clause).

                    2. lol, I’m really keen to see how will YTL, with the money and the connections that it has, will deal with the temple cum ladang ternakan lembu dalam bandar in Sentul.

                      Their new high end apartment will be completed soon but it seems that the temple and the lembus is there to stay…only time will tell.

                    3. Try to post the few times but failed. This my 10th time maybe…

                      Reported by Utusan in 2011 but not sure it has been gazetted :

                      Pemaju, pasar raya wajib sedia surau

                      BEAUFORT 6 Ogos – Pemaju perumahan terutama Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) serta agensi perumahan kerajaan dan swasta akan diwajibkan membina surau di kawasan penempatan baru bagi memudahkan masyarakat Islam beribadat.

                      Artikel Penuh:
                      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

                    4. Yes it was reported in Utusan in 2011 that is mandatory for every new housing estate, commercial building to build (incorporate) a surau, but not sure whether it has been gazetted. I try to post the link here several times but to no avail.

                      Dunno Why wor..

                    5. “I’m really keen to see how will YTL, with the money and the connections that it has, will deal with the temple cum ladang ternakan lembu dalam bandar in Sentul.”

                      Parlimen Batu under Tian Chua/PKR and just remember Kampung Buah Pala as reference. NO BIGGIE FOR YTL….

                    6. Pemaju, pasar raya wajib sedia surau

                      BEAUFORT 6 Ogos – Pemaju perumahan terutama Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) serta agensi perumahan kerajaan dan swasta akan diwajibkan membina surau di kawasan penempatan baru bagi memudahkan masyarakat Islam beribadat.

                      http: //

                    7. Dear lol,

                      Sentul is under Wilayah Persekutuan jurisdiction.
                      DBKL will take instructions from KuNan no problem.

                      Can you please ask KuNan to force YTL to protect the rights of the Indian settlers affected in the development area?

                      Also, since it’s under Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan, can you you get the UMNO leaders to provide the locations of all the illegal Hindu & Chinese temples for immediate demolition…

                      ~ Kg Dato Senu Boi

                    8. Still can do… but the title is “Pemaju, pasa raya wajib bina surau”

                      Try uncle google

                    9. Thanks. The link to Aug 2011 says the Act will be formulated.

                      We shall still have to look for the relevant legislation tho’ if it was passed after 2011.

                      I was thinking that the local councils would have already mandated this.

                    10. I had the opportunity to help one community to rebuild their surau, there is where I got to know they new approval from JAWI, just for rebuilding.

                1. Kg Dato Senu Boi,

                  There are too many small Hindu temples there, how many does the Indian Community need, plus there are already 2 big temples i.e. one in Jalan Ipoh and the other in Bandar Sentul next to Sentul Timur LRT Station.

                  Don’t get me wrong, I study Hinduism in college as one of my elective subjects, thus I understand about the religion enough e.g. 330 million god and goddesses hence the various temples.

                  However the Indian community has to be practical here. You can’t relocate every single one of them but what you can do is “prioritizing the needs” ( I am out of words on how to be culturally sensitive here)

                  “Can you please ask KuNan to force YTL to protect the rights of the Indian settlers affected in the development area? ”

                  I am a nobody here to ask Ku Nan to do any of that. My advise is that as a community you have to pressure Tian Chua to fight for your community cause. He is your YB in the area.

                  Now there is a new “Menteri Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan” i.e. Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, I don’t what he is like, but prior to this was Raja Nong Chik and he is very accommodating. I know this from a community project that I was helping and when dealing with his department.

          2. “I was under the impression that it is mandatory for every new housing estate to build (incorporate) a surau. ”

            This was reported by Utusan in 2011 but not sure whether it has been gazetted:

            Pemaju perumahan terutama Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) serta agensi perumahan kerajaan dan swasta akan diwajibkan membina surau di kawasan penempatan baru bagi memudahkan masyarakat Islam beribadat.


          3. I have seen a documentary about that issue. It was a plantation temple that originally served the Indians who worked as plantation labour. It was eventually surrounded by housing developments as the lands were sold off for new townships. The building has been there before 1957.

            So islam1st thinks its ok to parade a cow-head to protest an apparent “illegal” Hindu temple? Good thing you called out his shit Conrad. Satu pelempang hebat kepada muka gemuk si islam1st. :D

            1. Little knowledge and half past six knowledge is more dangerous than total ignorance. Don’t get riled up with islam 1st. He/she needs to just make a point, that is all to it. The relevance of little knowledge is of no consequence. The buck stops there. I am curious though, how do you know he/she is a muka gemuk?

      2. Anak Bukit Raja, you see, there is one standard for pro Barisan Nasional supporters, and another standard for other people.

        Ibrahim Ali, the cowheaded protesters, Zul Noordin, Parpukari, and the pro Barisan Nasional media can do anything they like such as insulting Hindus, threatening to burn Bibles, threatening genocide, and so on… and these swine get away with barely a slap on the palm.

        1. Friend, are you confabulated. The issues you raised is not new. This has nothing to do with Pro BN or otherwise. These are issues politicized to capitalize one’s own position whether it is BN or DAPster. Look at the masses, there is no conflict, So stop behaving like a brain dead and exhausted evangelized Dapster.

          1. If these issues are not new then what are they if not a continuation of policies that continue to be divisive in terms of nationhood.

            In an interview even Uthayakumar said that most Malaysians get along despite the unjust policies that define our legal and social system.

            And the masses are in conflict. We have become an extremely partisan nation. But being partisan does not mean that the conflict should be violent or that it should be unhealthy. Tension is part of the democratic process.

            There are a few opposition supporters here that discuss issues without resorting to the methods of partisans . AC-DC, HH (who if I am not mistaken hangs out a Elleese blog) and me.

            If you think the issue of selective prosecution and the biased implementation of law is something that only a “brain dead” and “exhausted evangelized Dapster” would argue perhaps it is you who have been indulging in too much Yasmin Ahmad feel goodism at the expense of rational thinking.

              1. islam1st :….denials…..

                Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  6. by all means.. bakuteh is halal

    i’ll give white angpows to Cinapeks and say its actually red

    1. i guess the guy who threw the pig head on the mosque compound would claim that it was actually a cow’s head.

  7. Both Alvin and Vivian faced 2 changes against them:

    1. Insulting Islam
    2. Pornography

    I would also like to highlight they are not the first one. Last Ramadhan J-Star had published “Ramadhan Buffet + Alcohol” advertisement or write up as well, remember?

    1. re: “Last Ramadhan J-Star had published “Ramadhan Buffet + Alcohol” advertisement or write up as well, remember?”

      I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the KDN is now keeping a very close watch on The J-Star.

      However you could be on to something there. With the benefit of hindsight, the KDN officers would be going back to look over again The J-Star‘s subversive contents in the recent years.

      And if the KDN officers were to this time look more closely into The J-Star materials, I’m pretty certain they would find far more subtle subversive instigation other than the paper’s infamous pork ribs Ramadan Delight alone.

      1. The KDN folks should just read your blog, Helen, to get the gist of what the STar has been writing for the past few years.

  8. i remember in my uni years some cina SubanJaya wench student bising that the Malay commitee organizing a makan makan accidentally ordered nasi goreng with beef which our hindu coursemates cannot consume and made a ruckus out of it despite the commitee going through all the trouble to get non beef substitutes.. sebab melayu nye commitee.. abeh kene hentam. kalau cina chauvinis.. 1001 excuses to cover up.

  9. it is ridiculous n embarrass to see chinese in malaysia still dont know halal and haram for muslims which are the majority here. they call themselves malaysian citizen but not only do they not know how to speak proper malay but they dont know what is sensitive to muslims n malays.

    again and again they make all sorts of provocations. its about time the muslims and malays speak up and take control. case of Alvabi is indeed a lesson for all malaysians to not mess with Islam.

            1. Mirroring…at times when the time seems right, I like to think that I’m actually being paid by khalifa onar abdi najis in pulau mutiara

              At most times I would like to remind myself of my kebodohan being born a Malay and such.

              And also reminding the Chinese of their favourite make believe mantra on Malays apart from malas and many others, uttered in their choice of vernacular languages thinking we would never understand!

              1. But then again when our leaders seem to be okay with nonsense uttered time and again, we might just be as bodo as what they had perceive us to be…kan?

  10. I am very intrigued on myfoot’s comments there esp on Christianity. . I am a born and bred Catholic in a purely Catholic family. . Now the comments on how pork is actually “haram” to christians is beyond me really. . . This DAPsters live, eat and breath pork yet somehow pork is “haram” in christianity??

    We cook regularly in churches for potlucks and for fund raising never once have i come across any priest ever telling me or anyone else pork is “haram” whereby cannot consume, cook, or watever like the muslims and jews. . . I really heran bible mana thus fella read la??

    Btw bah ku teh is to everyone pork bone soup la this DAPster idiots. . Chicken wan is called Chick ku teh see the difference?? Look at the meat in the pic closely. . Do you see a nice thick layer of fat on that chuncky piece of meat. . Now does a chicken breast have that glorious layer of fat and skin just like in the pic?? No??

    By the way no one eats chick ku teh not even indians la. . You want the full flavor. . The good stuff. . .

    P.S, . .No offence to my muslim brothers and sisters yea.. Just wanna whack the shit outta this DAPsters heads. .

    1. The new ‘Christianity’ of the Dapster evangelistas memang boleh ditafsir oleh mereka ikut suka hati.

      After all even Hannah Yeoh and her husband are lay pastors preaching in the various churches all the time, including giving a talk at the established ones like DUMC.

      1. Helen,

        Just goes to show how “low” the standards are to be able to even give.a sermon or preach religious talks in this “new” christianity of theirs. . .But then again what do you expect from a RM 2 company bosses?? Make even more money from their mindless zombie spiritually lacking but financially wealthy sheep of course!!

        The very fact that religiously uneducated people can even lecture others on religion is beyond me really. . Now wouldn’t it be a surprise when they die and at judgement they are sentenced to hell. . Now I can imagine the ruckus they would create and heck might try to even lecture God even!! LOL!!

        1. re: “Now wouldn’t it be a surprise when they die and at judgement they are sentenced to hell”

          They will get CSL to plead and petition that Chinese deserve more than 19% quota in heaven.

      2. Sister,

        RE: “The new ‘Christianity’ of the Dapster evangelistas memang boleh ditafsir oleh mereka ikut suka hati.”

        Have you seen this video about the liberal islam movement? It kind of makes sense how “progressive” Anwar meshes in ideally with the fabric of “DAPster evangelism”. There you have it … the assembly of religious sedition, promoting their own perplexing notions of the “transcendental unity of all religions” heralding salvation to LGBT freedoms, and championing insurgency (in Sabah) and killing people in the process ….. guiltlessly. Which heaven and hell are they preaching to their flock?


    2. Agree with you on Bak kut teh issue…A side note….Christian do actually prohibit alcohol and pork…just like the muslim and the jews…

      Is just the western kind of christian that menghalalkan those thing…

      Please remember that …your religion (christian) or even the muslim is not by the priest, the father or the ustaz…it is by the book of God…by AlQuran…by your holy text (Bible).

      Anyhow….the christian then should actually joined the muslim to condemn this ugly porn duo as they too are prohibited from pork.

      1. 1. ada ka pork-free bah kut teh?

        2. kalau depa nak berlatih puasa, kenapa bulan ramadan. bulan2 lain tak boleh ka? kebanyakan agama ada ritual puasa, cuma caranya berbeza.

        3. isa or messiah or jesus christ was a jew. (pasti dia kena sunat masa kecik2 – wajib) his responsibility was to implement the laws of moses and not to introduce a new belief (religion). swine & alcohol even usury are prohibited till the end of time.

        anyway, freedom of speech or expressing ideas has boundary. respecting each other’s belief is the best. all wars produced casualties, yg menang jadi arang & yg kalah jadi abu and then become history. let’s live on geography. cheers!

  11. Hi helen,

    1. Komen bangang apa tahap tongsan-tongsan ini? Masih persendakan Islam? Babi itu haram dalam Islam. bahkuteh memang sup tulang rawan selangka babi! Kawan cina saya mengesahkan.

    2. Cina suka ke makan sup kambing atau lembu? Jika ada, boleh di kira bilangan nya. Itu pun cina Islam! Tingkah laku mereka gerenti bersopan.

    3. Harap helen hentikan polemik dan komen-komen dari manusia bodoh ini. Majoriti cina yang bercakap tidak faham langsung apa itu Islam. Dah tu suka-suka komen bukan-bukan pasal Islam. Ajaran Islam ini bukan seperti bakar colok, goyang-goyang, cucuk dalam pasu, sembah tok moyang, dan lepas tu buat segala benda luar tabie manusia, berperangai buruk tanpa batas larangan (macam sundal dua ekor tu) dan melantak makan apa saja berjalan, merayap melata termasuk aps jua jenis bangkai konon ubat mujarab….

    Maaf helen. Hati Melayu Islam kerap sangat di sakiti. Hentikan.

    1. Saya tidak setuju dalam menghentikan polemik komen mereka.
      Selagi ada golongan yang tidak bertimbang rasa dan meremehkan Melayu yang berselindung bawah ketiak media pembangkang, selagi itu seharusnya ada yang memantau dan mendedahkan mereka ni.

      Saya tak rajin melihat media pembangkang macam Malaysiakini jadi ni sedikit sebanyak membantu. Walaupun yang dipaparkan disini adalah pilihan peribadi tuanpunya blog, jadi bias tak terhindar, tapi tu dah memang hak tuan punya blog.

      Walaupun begitu saya berharap pada masa yang sama orang Melayu juga bersedia bersabar, menahan diri dan memakai akal sihat dalam membuat posting. Komen yang tak membezakan adat resam menghormati leluhur dan perilaku seks terlampau sesetengah orang mengguris perasaan keseluruhan kaum lain.
      Tapi 2 komen awal awak memang ada isi dan cukup membidas komen loyar buruk mereka.

      Walaupun 2 orang tu menyakiti hati Melayu tapi Melayu tak perlu bertindak balas kepada seluruh kaum mereka, sebab ni cuma akan termasuk perangkap provokasi. Itulah dikehendaki pihak tertentu yang tak bertanggungjawab. Cukup fokus ke hal bersangkutan dulu sebelum berlanjut ke hal lain yang tak berkaitan, nanti diskusi panjang jela sampai lupa tujuan asal.

      Kalau terlalu serius dan cepat marah,cepat tua dan mati. Lawan komen loyar buruk tu dengan lawak sendiri yang berpatutan. Lagi pedas lagi bagus. Tapi jangan sampai terlalu menyentuh agama dan kaum, kalau jadi begitu apa bezanya kita dengan 2 orang yang masuk jel tu?

  12. Best they are denied bail, serves as a cooling down period for all as well as for the safety of this couple while investigations going on.

    It does not matter if the case is lost due to technicalities (twisting as always) and they later may walk away free. But the “out of ordinary activities” of this couple is now open for all to judge, so hopefully they will THINK FIRST first the next time before coming up with more outragious stunt – which could lead to worse situations;

    …..(tweeted …You may shut us down now, but we’ll be back. And we’ll be stronger & better than ever! NANTIKAHLAH. Enjoy your Ramadhan for now, “friends”) ….

  13. Yes, and they also were not naked making porn but actually wearing flesh colored body suits to simulate sexual intercourse.

    1. The couple surely are useful in the penjara…you know the sexually deprived type would have got their prayers answered at last.

      I just wonder whether they will be making any penjara theme videos?

        1. She should aimed higher, Lovelace. Linda Lovelace should be the benchmark she sets herself up to.

          Anyway, with the look of it, she might had just top the twos in months to come.

  14. it is a mistake for chinese to think that this is an umno issue. i am not an umno member, but i get offended, i am just a muslim. u needs only to be a muslim to be offended.

    u don’t even have to be a malaysian muslim. just a muslim. even a bangladesi, pakistani or indonesian muslim in malaysia get offended, and i bet if there are muslims who want to physically hurt alvivivi, it could even be a foreign muslims in malaysia.

    if alvivi did this in indonesia, they’d not survive another day in this world, and hundreds or even thousands other chinese would pay the price in resulting anti-chinese chain reaction.

    malaysian chinese should be thankful that malaysian muslims who are predomonantly malays are more moderate than other world’s muslims.

    1. re: “malaysian chinese should be thankful that malaysian muslims who are predomonantly malays are more moderate than other world’s muslims.”

      Yes I am. Unfortunately in this I’m an insignificant minority.

        1. “the Chinese minority will some day turns into a good majority”.

          Such noble hope displayed only by a Malay Muslim.

          1. Our Chinese suadara kinda gone hip seduced by the worser aspects of Western culture …. showing signs of lawlessness and the ascendance of materialistic warlords; from which their nenek moyang strove so very hard to liberate themselves and to reorder their culture with self-cultivation and social propriety …. this Beijing Prof’s lecture on friendship sounds very much like the blessed Prophet’s ethics to me; but the majority of us, termasuk saya sendiri, can’t seem to hold on to these finer points. What do you think about it folks?


    2. Am I the only one that hates it when people say something like he would die if he did it in Indonesia or Pakistan? Seriously, these kind of statements make Muslims look like murderous madmen.

      Not to sound ungrateful living in Malaysia, on the contrary I am grateful, because those countries are shit.

      I would like to reword those into something like, Malaysia has been blessed with remarkable peace so far, do people who keeps provoking like those two wants to turn Malaysia into shithole countries like Pakistan, Indonesia or Yugoslavia?

        1. Could you cite some examples pleas ? Specific laws would be nice.

          An example that comes to mind with regards to religion (Judaism) tangentially , is Germany’s Holocaust Denial laws.

                1. So in other words as far as the UK law is concerned you are wrong . Now how about the executions in the US ?

                  (Actually I did a paper on the retaining Blasphemy Laws in the UK, while reading law there. More of an exercise in contrarian thinking rather then any real conviction. )

                  1. Good for you. I was made wrong now that the law has cease to exist. I was in fact referring to Salman Rushdie’s case as the links suggested.

                    1. As for the US since it seems that you are lacking in going ons worldwide. I was referring to cases of virtually everyone will be made to face with retribution whenever they pose a threat to the majority Anglo White Christians, be it perceived or otherwise.

                      That you can google, the recent would sikh temple shootings, thinking of them to be Muslims and pose a threat to America and American Values.

                      But we can have our denials anytime.

                    2. ReIslam1st post 90#

                      So you were wrong about the UK (post #89) and also the US.

                      I am very well aware of the racial/religious violence that goes on in the US. The problem here is that you attempted to erroneously imply that the US and UK had similar laws against free speech against religion, specially the Christian faith.

                      Why you would do this is beyond me. Every culture deals with these issues in their own way. The problem with the Malaysian context is not that the laws are “unfair” or rather I have no desire to debate the merits of these laws, but rather their application is selective and biased.

            1. I do.

              There are no such laws in place. Like I said, please cite your sources for execution in the US and jail time in the UK.

      1. Facts do hurt and difficult to accept.. but you must know the fact that Indonesian Muslims or Pakistani Muslims would have gotten into hysteria and would have lynched Alvivn and Viviana to death if they had done this in Indonesia or Pakistan, and the cops would just look the other way.

        It happened before in these two countries. And it would always happen again there. I am just stating a fact.

        These statements make Muslims look like murderous mad men? No! These statements merely state a fact!

        It’s Islam-insulting statements from Alvin and Viviana that will turn Muslims into murderous mad men. Even a Muslim was killed by other Muslims for being perceived as insulting Islam in Syria recently.

      2. By the way dear..insulting Islam is punishable by death under Pakistani laws..Muslims and non-Muslims alike have been sentenced in Pakistan for this crime.

        What constitutes ‘insulting Islam’ in Pakistan? That’s up to the state and authorities of Pakistan to interpret!

        Same thing in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi Arabian Muslim ran to Malaysia recently to avoid death penalty in his country after being accused of “insulting Islam”! Malaysia sent him back to Saudi Arabia under diplomatic pressure.

        My bet is that actions by Alvin-Viviana would definitely land them in death row if they were in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

        Pakistan’s and Saudi’s laws make Muslims like look mad murderous people? Up to you to interpret whatever makes you happy. Me? Just telling you a fact of life!

        But insulting Islam is a serious crime in many Muslim countries except a few such as Malaysia. It seems in Malaysia, moderate Malay Muslims allow non-Muslims to insult Islam with banging their heads against the wall to express anger the only way Malaysia Malay Muslims will do at the most.

        Lucky in Malaysia for non-Muslims like Alvin and Viviana – they no worries about being extardited to Pakistan or Pakistan. They only need to face harmless Malay Muslims.

        1. I would like to think that Malaysians are better than those people.

          Why should we stoop to their level?BTW, it does make them look like murderous madmen in the eyes of other people. Are muslims suppose to agree with whatever they do just because they’re fellow muslims?

          So what if they kill people who insult their religion in their country?Are Malaysian Muslims supposed to tell Malaysian non Muslims they have it here better because they don’t get killed?

          Is what they are doing really follows islamic principles?They have other things like honor killings and suicide bombings too, is that part of Islam?

          Why don’t we let PAS take over the country then?

    3. If eating something can affect your mind and soul, that means you’re quite weak in your mind and soul.

      Is Pork/Pig really that offensive and hurtful for the mind and soul?

      Why do you just aim to be “more” moderate than other muslims? You admit that most Muslims are not moderate?

  15. Unbelievable level of deceit these DAPspter is willing to go to. They really think they live on their own here in Malaysia. They are fighting from day one that the Chinese can live independently without integrating until the day they die kot? Sekolah mesti lain, bahasa mesti lain, universiti mesti lain, tempat kerja lain, persatuan lain, makan lain etc etc. Yet they argue we must always think Malaysian first. Others who don’t think Malaysian first is racist. But if they don’t think Malaysian first, its their right to be separated and not integrate.

    As a result we get more and more of these Alvivis and DAPspter who live in their own world and care a damn about others.

    These DAPspter from lks to LGE to these DAPspter commentators are nothing but utter racists bigots. Malaysians must rise to stop these racists bigots from hypocritically claiming their cause as a Malaysians first cause. As kee thuan chey says “No more Bullshit”.

      1. for people who think they are superior in basketball, there are only 4 teams or so in the national basketball

      2. Right, when was the last time we saw a great Malaysian Chinese footballer? Come on lah bro Cina, “The Towkay” and “Wong Choon Wah” sudah fading from our football memories. Tolong contribute-lah anda punya anak laki yang cekal gempak pergi main bola sepak boleh kah tak boleh? Malaysia first!

        1. Tapi kalau kalah kata ramai sangat satu-satu bangsa dan tak cukup majmuk. Ada ke siapa2 yang halang bukan Melayu main bola kat Malaysia?

          Kutuk polis dan askar…suruh berkhidmat seribu satu alasan. Komplen pandai tapi tak mau nk tolong join dan perbaiki!!!

    1. Ellese:

      “Sekolah mesti lain, bahasa mesti lain, universiti mesti lain, tempat kerja lain, persatuan lain, makan lain etc etc. Yet they argue we must always think Malaysian first”.

      I know how difficult it is to comprehend the Chinese…they say one thing but they do another. It is no great mystery actually…they are what they eat…”Bak Kut Teh!”. I give you a clue…how do you think China has the highest population in the world? and who does the 2 ugly ducklings learnt and perform unashamedly from?

      But I am certainly sure this morning, lunch and dinner both of the uglies won’t have the privilege to have Bak Kut Teh. Instead they will have teh gayong and 2 pieces of miserable roti keras with mentega. For lunch and dinner…ada sikit ikan asin, tahu, sayur splash with some kuah. Delicious! inilah di-katakan “from riches to rags”. One thing good will come out from this…the uglies will be tamed in their daily dealings with the Malays.

      Any assholes such as the uglies will learn their lesson if they are at the receiving end. Just hope that these 2 uglies assholes pray that the prison population especially the Malays does not know what they are in for….they may perform live on him or her?

  16. Ms H. First let me congratulate you for providing this wonderful Blog to expose the naughty politicians of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and their associates. Second, do you not think it is laughable when the SPIRITUAL LEADER AND SPIRITUAL HOME OF THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP HAVE ALREADY IMPLODED BY WAY OF THE EXPOSE’ BY SINGAPORE’S VERY OWN BLOG an downgrades 3 Singapore banks DBS, OCBC and UOB to NEGATIVE.


    1. Money was used as investment of Foreign Policy which killed, maimed and injured innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin and the Bangkok riots.

    1. ‘…yet Malaysia ranks and scores better than us in the Democracy Index.’

      WOW. So much for YOUR SINGAPORE pakatoons!

      Now what have you got to say about that?!

      1. islam 1st. I am very proud to be a Malaysian long long ago. It is my duty and responsibility to arouse my fellow citizens through facts why we all should be very proud of our beloved Malaysia. And please do not listen to all the negative comments to do us down by jealous busy bodies. This Democracy Index thingy is only one of the many aspects of how fine this Malaysia is. This is why I came out to balance things up against all the detractors. Between, you and me, I believe Malaysia is already on the threshold as one of the World’s finest – BUT YOU AND ALL OF US MUST WORK HARD TO MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE AND REACH GREATER HEIGHTS. Everything is possible.

        1. Ya. I agree with you.

          As for me, I can’t imagine Malaysia any other way. I agree very much when you mentioned about the implementation level of policies as having it flaws, and I may want to add that due to that very reason, every single one of us has been victimised one way or the other. All of us had lost.

          So don’t la come forward acting like you rugi (not you in particular, but anyone that is) the most, and starts questioning this and that.

          Is it hard to understand when one question the other person’s right, that very person’s also will start to question your right?

          So don’t la start.

          Instead we should be working together drafting something constructive to reduce and hopefully eliminate the flaws altogether. Surely this will take time. And surely new challenges will also surface over a period of time. Nothing in life is smooth sailing. So we must fix the kapal rosak together or otherwise we will all be drowned at sea, so to speak.

          But instead of working out ways and finding the solution to the problems, some quarters simply chant- its UMNO’s fault! Melayu practices apartheid! Melayu can goyang kaki also kerajaan will help! Stupid Malays also masuk universiti! Loans at 4%! Islam curi mayat orang! Isu Allah, Iman tak kuat sebab itu takut!

          Don’t la. If the opening of a ‘sane’ discussion starts with insulting us or anything that is related to us or whatever deemed sensitive to us and expect the discussion thread will be, sane and civilised.

          Just like asking us to be cool and composed to Namewee lagu or Alvivi bak kut teh for buka puasa’s poster! We must be really cuckoo if we are not offended and by it all. And that can never be a good sign, no?

  17. Contine.

    2. US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of the citizens Trust money was lost by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top in Ocober 2008 on Wall Street. Vide. Channelasianews. Lee Kuan Yew. November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009-2013. Financial Times. London. Gillian Tett. April 2010.
    The Star. Seah Chiang Nee Columns.
    3. The 2 child family Policy of 1970s-1980s. This is the killer. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013. In 1959, the year Lee Kuan Yew took over, indigenous population – 100%. 2013 – 62%. 2030 – 45%.
    4. Humanity and Multiculturalism never practised. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 188 bus drivers strike. The toilet fights. etc.
    5. A perfunctory Judiciary which is known the world over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw (If the Police stopped at 1, he would not be in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl !). etc.etc.
    6. The Government officials are the highest paid in the World. Vide Warren Buffet.
    7. 5,000 pigs imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. King of the Road. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc.etc.
    8. The creation of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 indirectly by Lee Kuan Yew. The DAP failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to him to save his legacy AFTER 47 LONG YEARS and it still pushing AGGRESSIVELY AT THE LINE WITHOUT KNOW THAT THE KING AND THE CHIEF OF STAFF AT THE SPIRITUAL HOME SINGAPORE HAS IMPLODED. How to fight without a BACKSIDE ?

    My 9 Policies failures of Lee Kuan Yew are based on REAL FACTS AND NOT LIES CONCOCTED BY ME. Believe me ALL MALAYSIANS INCLUDING THE 90% CHINESE AND THE CHINESE MEDIA – THE GAME IS OVER. Be loyal citizens to our beloved YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG

  18. Ms H. As you can see the FRONT LINE DAPs still do not realise the LEE KUAN YEW GAME IS OVER FOR THEM. The only solution to resolve this MALAYSIAN CHINESE MESS AS CREATED by the MCA, the DAP and the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore, is for MCA and DAP to join forces and JOIN THE BN AS LED BY THE UMNO WITH THE 13 COMPONENT PARTIES to continue our developmental progress towards 2020. THIS MOVE IS TO DISCARD THAT CHAUVINISTIC LABEL STUCK ON THEM.

    And a senior member of the DAP heads to the United Nations, New York, to represent our beloved Malaysia.

    THIS IS A REALPOLITIK WIN-WIN SITUATION FOR ALL LOYAL MALAYSIANS. Who wants Arab Spring in our beloved country of ETERNAL SPRING ? Stupid !

  19. Ms H. It is time for the Chinese media whatever to be HOLISTIC (I am a copycat) ONCE AGAIN WHATEVER THIS MEANS !

  20. Most comments in MK are from decendants of prostitutes from China.. what do we expect? Flower and apology from such low life scum?

    1. I am Mulan. That Alvivi duo is just a pair of SHORT-CIRCUITED CHINAMEN. You will find these types are the most troublesome and always breaking the law either for monetary gain or to gain attention. I RECOMMEND YOU TO STUDY HOW THE BRITISH TREATED THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHINAMEN IN BRITISH MALAYA.

    2. Why should those 2 people be treated with care? Just treat them as you treat anyone else going to prison.

      If prison conditions are bad and dangerous, then prison conditions should be reformed as a whole instead of needing to favor some celebrity lawbreakers to keep them unmolested in prison.

      I don’t even know how prisons are like in Malaysia. Do inmates have the chance to keep up with outside current events? Do they even get to earn degrees in prison like in some other countries?

      Is corruption and smuggling items rampant like in Indonesia?

      I’m not kidding man, if you have money and connections you could even run your drug syndicate while in prison in Indonesia.

      The cell rooms of those corruption case convicts are better furnished than my room in Uni. Hell some guy even got to watch a tennis match in Bali while supposedly being in prison and he even got his picture taken.

      1. ‘Is corruption and smuggling items rampant like in Indonesia?’

        Try Brazil. And American prisons too are not spared for this, I might add.

  21. too bad that everybody fucking forgot that the court can take judicial notice under the evidence act that bak kut teh is traditionally made with pork.

    So wtf mutton bak kut teh – mana nak cari ni? And what the hell is meant by Chik Kut teh? my chinese friend told me its chicken bak kut teh what.

    all my life ive been hearing omg bak kuteh sedap but you muslim cannot eat cos its pork. suddenfuckingly its mutton or chicken? kepala hotak ingat bodo ke apa.

    oh the court can also take judicial notice that chikkutteh or mutton bak kut teh is seriously rarely found and further take judicial notice that chinese people tend to mostly eat normal, regular, good old lazat harum segar whatever menyelerakan bak kut teh which is made with pork. 3 things to take judicial notice of!!

  22. I know this may sound sarcastic, but still I will say it out loud. We should nominate these 2 porn stars for

    Best Actor in a Leading Role , Alvin

    Best Actress in a Leading Role, Vivian

    For the Film “Bak Kut Teh 2013”.

    We must also thank those involved behind the scenes for actively promoting this dynamic duo, namely The J Star.

    The honorary opposition leader The Butt Man will present the awards in a yet to be confirmed place and date.

    Well folks, if you deem The Butt Man as not worthy then may I suggest CSL present the awards. He has a video to show for his enthusiasm. Or if you folks have other people in mind to present the awards, feel free to name them.

    1. PPP,

      I want to post this Best actor and actress but you beat me to it. Well thanks for it. I cannot agreed more especiall on VVIP hahaha

      :D sarah

    2. I’m sure DS Nazri would be glad to give them a FINAS grant and help them make new movies.

  23. Helen Ang,

    It is quite sad to see that Malaysians continue to be divided on race and religion.

    The articles and comments here in your blog are really not very much different from the very same pro-opposition blogs which you lot seem to criticise so vehemently.

    For example, this “bak-kut-teh” fiasco is simply being blown out of all proportions by vested interests both in the UMNO/BN camp and the pro-Opposition camps.

    Well, it’s no good me telling you lot to think of ways to get Malaysians working together in harmony as I suspect most of you are protecting your own interests – and yes, it is unfortunately the same problem over on the “other side”.

    I await the day when I will see a Malaysian politician and political wannabes who would forgo the power tripping and the bagsful of free money, and step up for the Malaysian people, do his/her work quietly then go away quietly.

    Hm… I could think of one such politician who would almost meet my conditions but then I hesitate to rush around madly waving flags for him as I do see some problems in his ideology.

      1. UMNO/BN kepala hotak ko! Ni lah masalah Cina mcm ko ‘An unimportant person’. Dah hina Islam dan Muslim/Melayu dah marah, ko kata UMNO yg buat kecoh. Kecoh kepala hotak ko!

        Aku bukan ahli UMNO pun tp aku pun marah sangat pada Alvin-Vivian. Apa ko ingat Muslim UMNO saja yg ada feeling? Kami Muslim2 bukan UMNO ni semua takde feeling ke?

        Wey Cina bodo ‘An unimportant person’! Tak payah jadi ahli UMNO, Jd Muslim saja dah cukup utk rasa nak mengamuk dengan Alvin-Vivian. Muslim2 luar negeri seperti Indon, Bangladesh, Pakistan pun marah.

        Aku heran sunguh lah denganCibaneng2 Malaysia..dah duduk di Malaysia beratus tahun, Dah lah tak reti cakap Melayu dan tak mau campur dengan Melayu tapi ngaku Malaysia, Islam pun mereka tak paham. Bila dah hina Islam dan orang Melayu marah, mereka pertahan si Cinabeng penghina Islam dengan menyalahkan UMNO..

        1. Err “..dah duduk di Malaysia beratus tahun” tu baba kut. Tok Su aku cakap yang ada dulu pun kat Pangkor dah jadi Melayu..yang ada sekarang ni yang British bawak masuk kuli, tu yang perangai tak senonoh tu…

    1. Blown out of proportion my foot ! .. Do you not understand insunuaiting breaking fast with babi ..its so filthy to muslim that we cant even think of it?

      Working together in harmony doesnt mean free ticket for chinabeng to be loud mouth and say whatever they like about others .. and then say sorry..ikhlas sorrry.

      You can got to hell with ALvivi to.. and take harmony song together with it,

    2. I just sent home cooked juadah Berbuka puasa to my son in PJ to break his fast with his housemates.

      5 of them living in harmony as Malaysians in the same apartment for the last 4years. 2Malays. 2Chinese (a Christian and a Taoist) and an Indian (Hindu). Fasting for Hindus are normal so Shan joins in to fast for the whole month, bersahur and berbuka together… been doing so for the last 2years, for health reasons too.

      The Chinese boys dont eat or drink in the house during Ramadan (faham sama faham) but joins for berbuka together everyday with the others (they cook together or eat out).

      Send LKS to meet these boys… probably can learn from them how to appreciate each other as Malaysians

      1. BTW my son shares a room with one of the Chinese boy, a Christian from Penang. The other Malay boy shares a room with the Indian from Seremban.

        One clean corner of the living room is reserved strictly for solat.

    3. Re: “Hm… I could think of one such politician who would almost meet my conditions but then I hesitate to rush around madly waving flags for him as I do see some problems in his ideology.”

      Is it Dr.Jeyakumar ?

    4. An unimportant person,

      “…This bak kut teh.i ssimply being blown….”

      What UMNO/BN has to do with it? The rude couple insulted Muslims. Do you expect Muslims to kiss them in appreciation?

      There is this thing called pride and dignity. If muslims do not defend Islam, who will?

  24. Reported by Utusan in 2011. But not sure whether it has been gazetted:

    Pemaju, pasar raya wajib sedia surau

    BEAUFORT 6 Ogos – Pemaju perumahan terutama Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) serta agensi perumahan kerajaan dan swasta akan diwajibkan membina surau di kawasan penempatan baru bagi memudahkan masyarakat Islam beribadat.

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

  25. I think it is quite conclusive what Bak Ku teh is even for the Non-Malay? What is inconclusive is what direction is the masses are embarking in?

    It is refreshing that many here whom I presume are Malays coming forward to voice their grouses against such a blatant act amongst the non-malays. It is also welcoming that besides the usual suspects, people like Rina portraying such experience to depict the positive element of the Malaysian social fabric is not a lost cause in Malaysia irrespective of their origin with such act of hooliganism like Alvivi.

    In this society, or rather our social construct in the current state, where almost all is left up to the individual’s interpretation, the line between virtue and vice seems less perceptible than ever before, therefore it is only fair that the Alvivi pair should not be granted bail as a deterrent for future assholes and muddy the nation. This has nothing to do with religion, race or creed but common decency and rationality of an action.

    If one reflects oneself in the mirror without any vanity & arrogance, you will understand that when your have a right does not mean you are right in a Orwellian or a Machiavellianism manner but rather what should be right in a heterogeneous state like us.

    The constructive arguments are refreshing when the participants are not those who are for wrong is wrong as everyone else is doing it rather than right is right even when no one is doing it.

    Thumbs up to Rina to illicit the positive element of the Malaysian society that we have and hope to enhance.

  26. Terima hakikat. Ada niat provokasi di sebalik paparan.

    Jika kita berpolemik, menggauli apa yang sudah pasti fakta, tapi tetap di pertikai, bukan kah kita dalam golongan bodoh setaraf mereka yang tidak tahu hujung pangkal bersoal jawab, lantas serupa mempersenda diri sendiri…

    1. Yang tulah namanya berdebat.

      Mau terima hakikat, pertama-tama harus menyedari apa hakikat yang dilihat dan dirasa.

      Paparan mereka adalah apa yang mereka suratkan. Bergantung kepada kita untuk meneliti apa yang tersirat dan seterusnya menghadapinya dengan cara yang bijak. Kadang-kadang caranya harus tegas, seperti dengan undang-undang, contohnya dalam kes Alvin Vivian ni. Kadang-kadang mungkin harus dibiarkan saja. Cara boleh berubah.

      Kalau mereka pertikai, teliti dengan cara yang sama dan seterusnya kita terima atau kita bidas kembali.

      Bergantung pembawaan masing-masing, kalau mereka mengutuk macam orang sewel dan kita pun ikut sewel, yang tu memangle jadinya kita ikut boh mereka dan mempersendakan diri sendiri.

      1. re: “Kalau mereka pertikai, teliti dengan cara yang sama dan seterusnya kita terima atau kita bidas kembali.”

        Yes, mirror the Dapsters and tell them “tick tock, tick tock”.

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