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Do you feel lucky punk?

Do you feel lucky punk? is an immortal allusion from the Clint Eastwood movie classic Dirty Harry.

For too long The Lucky Star has been allowed to get away with its treachery.

It is able to show its middle finger to the BN only because as an MCA-owned newspaper, The J-Star believes itself to be untouchable due to this MCA connection.


The J-Star carried 17 Alvivi articles over an October 2012 weekend when MCA had its annual general meeting at the same time. Alvin Tan is made the Face of MCA. But now the punk must not be feeling that it’s quite his lucky day.

Yet Alvin is just a dispensable pawn. It is the Scissorati are the bishops. But ultimately the buck stops with the kingmaker MCA.

Therefore it is MCA which requires to be checkmated.

Is 13 their lucky number? The number 13 illustrates how The Sneaky Star can bend it to suit their agenda.

Most lists are Top 10.

Yet The J-Star has a list of Top 13. Is 13 the new evangelista lucky number?


Look (above) at how the evagelista paper ran the ‘Richest Men in Malaysia’ story with the same sinister motive that it earlier ran its ‘Most Powerful Women in Malaysia’ story.

See who the billionaires are to understand why The J-Star had a strange “Top 13” instead of the usual Top 10.

The buck must stop with the MCA for all the despicable backstabbing that its devious Gunting dalam Lipatan has carried out.

To douse the Scissorati api dalam sekam, the BN should deal decisively with the MCA.


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45 thoughts on “Do you feel lucky punk?

  1. quote,”To douse the Scissorati api dalam sekam, the BN should deal decisively with the MCA.”unquote.

    sometimes I feel that your noble effort to caution BN about Star’s transgression is akin to the malay saying, ‘seperti menjirus air ke pokok keladi’.

  2. On this occasion, i think that list will only help to prove that the Chinese are not sidelined as they claimed to be and highlight that the Malays do not control anything.

    Numbers don’t lie. Most people are going to start spewing out percentages and project how much of the pie is going to the Malays and how much to the much-discriminated Chinese.

    Of course, the Dapsters will thump their chests and say, look at how much the Chinese contribute to the nation’s tax coffers. So you may be right Helen, this list may bite them.

    After all, the first thing that cross my mind is not that there are 13 names, but i thought how pathetic, the Shamsuddin brothers and Syed Mokhtar combined cannot even come up to that IOI Tan Sri and is about a third of Krishnan and is only slightly above 10% of the top 5 combined.

    Now, we wait for the “ghost” list, the one with Mahathir, Rosmah shooting through the stratosphere.

    1. re: “Now, we wait for the “ghost” list, the one with Mahathir, Rosmah shooting through the stratosphere.”

      Good one. You can read their S.O.P well.

      re: “the Shamsuddin brothers and Syed Mokhtar combined cannot even come up to that IOI Tan Sri”

      Any standard list is Top 10.

      The J-Star list is 13 so that to be able to rope in the Malay stragglers (the Sapura brothers).

      That the MCA-owned newspaper extended their list to the very odd 13 instead of employing the pro forma 10 illustrates the lengths that the evangelista paper is willing to go to deny the obvious.

      e.g. 1 Malay billionaire (Mokhtar al-Bukhary) out of 10 is 10 percent vs 3 Malay billionaires (al-Bukhary + the brothers) out of 13 is 23 percent.

      They did that to inflate the Malay numbers like how DAP fixed Zairil into the CEC.

      1. Chinese has always been in denials. The list had never changed so dramatically. It was the usual suspects. I doubt this will make them see any better.

        The top 13 was surely sneaky. But then again this is not news to us either.

        Glad to see the UMNO bullied Kuok reigning supremely at the top of the food chain as opposed to Al Bukhary at no 8. the so called anak emas UMNO. The UMNO government should make him number one next year to keep the hate narratives going.

        Such is life, ada mata buta, ada otak tapi odikal.

        1. Just as a matter of interest how do they assess one’s wealth? Isn’t it by market capitalization of one’s holdings in listed companies? What about people whose’s shares are held by proxies? They will never appear in such a list.

      2. Helen – need some clarification … Isn’t the Shamsuddin brothers at number 12 as a duo rather than Shahril at 12 and Shahriman at 13? If indeed the brothers are listed at 12 and 13 respectively, what’s their individual worth?

        I opine that they are together at 12 and hence individually, neither are in the top 13 so, its a clear case that the Star of intentionally spreading false information again

        1. You’re right. The brothers should be counted a pair (like the Walmart / Genting and other family fortunes.

          “the Star of intentionally spreading false information again” — golly, yes! They’re even worse than I’d initially thought in this particular piece.

          Really, MCA must be held accountable for the behaviour of its mouthpreach. No two ways about it.

    2. Orangkampung,

      They will continue lamenting that they re treated as 2nd class citizens. No amount of explanation is sufficient to them.

      Not until they “dump’ the Malays completely. the only thing that eludes them is political power. To achieve the elusive goal, they need to dismantle the very pasrty that “hold the forts” for the Malays :UMNO.

  3. Ah the number 13. Why don’t they just come out with a list of The Top 100 in Malaysia ? I wonder how many Malays will feature in the Top 100.

    I have been thinking about this for quite some time.

    Mind you, if they can really come out with a Top 100 List, we will know for sure how many Malays are colluding with the Chinese and how many rich Chinese have Malays as their partners enriching them.

    But does The Star have the courage to do a cover of The Top 100 in Malaysia ?

    1. Better Still Would like to see who the Hidden Malay Hand that made them Rich. Eg: Mahathir for Ananda Khrisnan and Vincent Tan.

      1. No la, Joe, the non Malays are all pandai berniaga. These are the fittest among us all.

        The Malays on the list on the other hand are handouts lazy good for nothing sakai better of go jungle!

      2. And lets not forget a majority of those people on the list, Malay Chinese, Indian……… had and still have strong ties with the ruling federal government.

        The continuation of the status-quo is in their best interests

    2. The Star has no courage.

      As I said before, the MCA were fat cat plutocrats enabling the warlords of UMNO.

      I have no doubt there would be many Malays on any list if all assets were disclosed or discovered.

      The Chinese (generally) had it better under the kleptocracy then any other community.

      1. And don’t forget that they also have proxies acting on their behalf, so if assets were declared or discovered, they can always say “these are not mine. Look at the names. not my name”.

        And their loyal fans will say “see, we told you so. The Chinese are in control, the Malays are just scrapping for a living”.

        Now I m saying all this not because I m trying to defend the Chinese or anybody else, but to set the record straight. I m being objective here. And if people accuse me of being this or that, they can f*** off.

        We are being rob by people who claim to represent us. And we must wake up, sober up or this whole facade will persist until God knows when.

        1. “We are being rob by people who claim to represent us. And we must wake up, sober up or this whole facade will persist until God knows when.”

          This is the truth.

      2. So we can safely say that it was the Malays with their taxes that had contributed to the wealth of the country. The Chinese version of it was a myth all long, bought by them en bloc!

        1. The list does not refer to average Malaysians. Also if you are hiding from the taxmen which is why you are not on the list , you are hardly contributing to the coffers of the country.

            1. This from a hypocritical duplicitous hack who can’t hold his tongue even having said he would. Keep aiming from perfection.

    1. anyway, sapura only has 3 billion je….hhmmm

      dapster yowtai evangelist tak puas hati dengan satu muka melayu, now at least mereka berjaya masukkan dua lagi muka melayu – the shamsuddin’s duo…so now dah jadi 3……siaplah nanti mereka kena buli kaw2 dgn geng2 yowtai

      pelik bin ajaib…..

      dulu dgn hanya SATU melayu dlm senarai, syed mokhtar – yg dikaitkan dgn umno-bn, maka itulah juga melayu yg geng2 yowtai boikot kaw2…roti gadernia yg tak berdosa tu pun jadi mangsa

      then bila bercakap ttg taikun2 cina dan india yg dah sah kaya-raya – maka ada pula yg bising mengatakan dibelakang mereka adalah umno-bn terutamanya tun mahadir

      and yet…dapster yowtai evangelist claim bhw cinalah yg paling byk contribute tax kepada kerajaan, tanpa sedikit pun ada hati perut mahu meraikan sumbangan2 yg telah banyak dilakukan oleh orang/bangsa lain

      Oh Helen…..psychological warfare is really very challenging, very twisting and yet very interesting……….. so definitely true, actual and genuine facts and figures are the silver bullets to shoot and kill those people sharply and zip their mouth forever

      padanlah ramai orang sakit mental pd zaman sekarang – dah susah nak berfikiran secara waras & terbuka sebab maklumat2 yg mengalir dlm neuron2 minda sudah kena hijack dan telah kena twist here and there……. oleh J-Star & Scissorati

  4. “It is able to show its middle finger to the BN …”

    You should post the pic that the J-Star posted pre pru13 about not to paint your nail yet.

      1. Not sure who is the model, it just a picture of party logos painted nail, where DAP got the Thumb and BN got the middle finger.

            1. Should post the pix in Najib’s FB with the caption ” Here is what the Star thinks of BN”

              1. Readers of this blog are encouraged to take up lol’s suggestion as well as tweet to the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi — both the finger photos (one subtle – the nails and one sneaky – manipulating the policewomen in tudung).

  5. Ms H. I have no hang-ups or hangovers. I like everyone to be rich. Good list. BUT THEY LEFT OUT THE 7 1/2 POOR SINGAPOREANS WHO BECAME MULTI-BILLIONAIRES DURING THE NEP. Oversight. They have since returned to Singapore to bump up the ANNUAL WEALTH QUOTIENT INDEX for Singapore. Remember Singapore’s annual rejoinder,’ Our multi-millionaires increased again this year !’

    1. Well then All My Muslim Friends stop Patronizing “CINA DAP” shop whenever you can at once. Make them your last choice. I have done that and “Tak Mati Pun”.

      This Hariraya do your shoping in Jalan TAR, I-Setan, H&M, and other Bumiputera and foreign brand outlets avoid Parkson, Metrojaya etc.

  6. Ms H. For those who love to cook, I like to point out that we could have BEEF KUT TEH or LAMB KUT TEH by the simple expediency of buying the herbal ingredients for BAK KUT TEH in any Chinese medicine shop. They will give you the correct herbs. OR IF YOU FANCY HERBAL SOUPS FOR STRENGTH AND VITALITY, just mention ‘for chicken legs, dried mushrooms etc’ or ‘ ask the shopkeeper what he recommends for double boiled beef or lamb or chicken soup ?’ He would do the rest. All Halal for all. Nutritious -better and cheaper than chicken essence and viagra.

    1. “just mention ‘for chicken legs, dried mushrooms etc’ or ‘ ask the shopkeeper what he recommends for double boiled beef or lamb or chicken soup ?’ He would do the rest. All Halal for all.”

      Definition of HALAL does not only confine to the ingredient alone but also encompass method of preparation up to the utensils being used.

      Dried Chicken Leg = If the chicken is not properly slaughtered by the Muslim, then it is not Halal.

      Utensil = If the utensil being used are also used for preparation of other non-halal produces, then the whole ingredients including the Halal produce become Non-Halal e.g. separate Halal Kitchen is required in Hotel.

      Cleanliness = If the premise and the utensil being used are dirty, it is also considered Non-Halal.

      1. Last time they want us to import literally the communist to teach the young Mandarin. Now this. What else is in store for all us, only time will tell.

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