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Jstar trying to halalkan bak kut

In The J-Star editorial today:

The Star Says


“Granted, in a multiracial society, there is the expectation that people should know how to speak and behave so as not to cause offence. […]

In the past, we took it in our stride and rarely let off-colour jokes and remarks get to us. But of late, no thanks to social media and the Internet, any action or remark spreads like wildfire and gets mangled, misinterpreted and embellished along the way.

There seems to be a wilful desire to think the worst of “others”. It doesn’t matter the source: it can be the Government trying to introduce a compulsory subject in private colleges, or people from one community trying to scale Everest, or high scorers not getting places in their chosen courses, or two foolish young people trying to be funny in their tasteless and ill-conceived joke.

The reaction to all of the above is there is a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive to all such actions. Because of the suspicion, it leads to the desire to hit back, to accuse, to hurt, to mock or even to punish beyond the actual “crime”.

More worrisome is the almost-automatic way to look for racial and religious undertones in just about everything, which inevitably leads to people thinking along the lines of Us Against Them.

Sadly, there is a strong belief that the results of the general election on May 5 has worsened race relations. The hearts of the people have hardened against each other.

One group feels betrayed by another, that there is no sense of gratitude for or appreciation of what has been done for them nor the generous accommodation of their demands.

The other group’s response is that they have been pushed to the wall and the decades of accepting what they perceive to be biased policies and implementation has gone unacknow­ledged and finally, enough is enough.

Interestingly enough, the lyrics of Elvis Presley’s song Suspicious Minds encapsulates this Malaysian dilemma:

“We’re caught in a trap, we can’t walk out … Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me when you don’t believe a word I say? We can’t go on together with suspicious minds, and we can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds.”


Above are extracted paragraphs 2-11 from the J-Star editorial which has 14 paragraphs all in all.

Please refer to underlined segments.

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Cina in Menara Star really think Melayu bodo

Below: My rebuttals to the what The Star says.

(1) “any action or remark spreads like wildfire” — correctly describes the Alvivi Facebook viral posting.

But for The J-Star to say that Alvivi’s iftar greeting had gotten “mangled, misinterpreted and embellished along the way” is a stretch. Pray tell, in what way had the offended Muslims “misinterpreted” the Alvivi insolence?

How was the message “mangled” when we can see that the pair held, between their chopsticks, a piece of lard-coated pork?

(2) In what way has the Malay-Muslim interpretation of the ‘berbuka puasa dengan bak kut teh’ poster been a “wilful desire to think the worst of ‘others’?”

The J-Star should enlighten us on how to “think the best” of the Alvivi episode.

(3) The J-Star editorial characterized Alvivi as “two foolish young people trying to be funny in their tasteless and ill-conceived joke”.

Were they merely “foolish” or belligerently biadab?

Were they “trying to be funny” only as The J-Star editor would have you believe or did they insult and incite?

Was it a “tasteless and ill-conceived joke” or a deliberate spit in the face?

(4) Now Malay-Muslims mustn’t suspect that there is any “hidden agenda, an ulterior motive to all such actions”, is it?

So The J-Star is saying Alvivi simply provoked without any agenda or motive?

(5) To live up to the paper’s exhortation on magnanimously refraining from hitting back and hurting back, how then should Alvivi be penalized without the risk of “to punish beyond the actual ‘crime’?”

I say, why not award the two of them Star scholarships instead? After all, Alvin’s studies were suddenly terminated half way.

The Battlestar Galactica can help airlift him and his kindergarten teacher friend to a better and brighter future since the MCA-owned pro-DAP paper believes that “biased policies” have screwed up the future of Malaysia’s best and brightest Chinese students.

(6) Is The J-Star saying that there are no “racial and religious undertones” in what Alvivi did?

Tweet by MCA vice president
Tweet by the MCA vice president

(7) “The other group’s response is that … enough is enough.”

Fine. So what is the DAP-MCA-Star going to do about the young Dapster generation seething with resentment?

(8) “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me when you don’t believe a word I say?”

What are the words said that ought be be believed — “Halal bak kut teh”? “Vegetarian bak kut teh”? “The duo may be practising fasting”? “Humble, sincere apology”?

Bear in mind that The J-Star is the most ardent promoter of the evangelist politicians and the most diligent defender of the ‘Red Bean Army’ with its slew of articles pooh-poohing the existence of coordinated DAP cybertroopers.

The job of these cybertroopers is to mount smear campaigns and to spread the most malicious and vicious lies in order to discredit DAP critics. That is the treatment that they have meted out to government agencies like the Election Commission and MACC, to BN politicians and to pro-establishment supporters.

With all this in mind, please don’t forget that The J-Star aside from providing the Jerusubang network – who are the BFF of the RBA – with reams of positive publicity, have also been assiduously covering up for the opposition.

Pakatan politicking and the dirty tactics of their operatives is the primary cause of the breakdown in public trust.

They are Orwellian in their doublespeak of turning black into white and white into black, and fanning the perpetual hysteria (oppression, allegations of fraud, 40,000 airflown and frozen Bangladeshi voters, blackouts, etc).

And The J-Star has the temerity to whinge “We can’t go on together with suspicious minds”?!


Well, let The J-Star editors enjoy their mutli-million ringgit perks while the lucky star still shines. But remember: What goes up must come down; the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

And everyone can see that the MCA media empire and their beneficiaries are such bloated behemoths.

"super" a superlative adjective


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10 thoughts on “Jstar trying to halalkan bak kut

  1. All I can is that, after all being said and done. the paper had only themselves to blame. Not one less.

    Good job guys. Enough is enough already. Owned it!

  2. Dear Helen,

    What does Mr. Terribly Impressed means by “enough is enough”? Is it a threat? If a threat, a threat to do what? Do you know?

    BTW, what is his solution to the problem? If he has, do share it with us here. If he has not, can you ask him, please.

    Also, what is MCA’s official solution to the problem? Is it published? If not, why the MCA do not have a solution and why its office bearers are tweeting here and there about it when the party has no solution. Can you get the MCA to respond?

    1. re: “BTW, what is his solution to the problem? If he has, do share it with us here. If he has not, can you ask him, please.”

      I hope Fakin’ Fake Calvin who follows the YB Senator on Twitter will do us a favour by tweeting him.

      Latest he is in the news,

      re: “Also, what is MCA’s official solution to the problem? Is it published? If not, why the MCA do not have a solution and why its office bearers are tweeting here and there about it when the party has no solution.”

      Latest from the Prez, on pages 8 & 12 of The J-Star the last couple of days.

      re: “Can you get the MCA to respond?”

      :) :) :)

      They read ,) this blog, I’m sure.

      1. Who cares what MCA says.. remember the chinese voted MCA out of the govt.. no so long ago?

      2. Aiyaaa… Everyone can fly, I mean can be his follower maaaa…. Just a question of whether his tweets will make you queasy or not. As for the “enough is enough” tweet, I think it lacks conviction. But will ask him when he raises the issue again since the cabinet will be discussing it this week.

        Re: And everyone can see that the MCA media empire and their beneficiaries are such bloated behemoths

        Their favorite personality for news report is a bloated behemoth too apparently…

        Over the weekend, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with a cousin who’s a bigwig in the Info Dept. Apparently, the Borneo Post is the Sarawak version of the Scissorati. They’re big on highlighting bad things about the government & favorable news about DAP. Looks like the disease has crossed the South China Sea. Pretty soon even fortress Sarawak will fall to the might of DAP…

  3. The longer the ministers avoid the transformation of the vernacular schools into the national mainstream, the more uncompromising our social relations will be into the future.

    RE: The Star: “two foolish young people trying to be funny in their tasteless and ill-conceived joke.”

    Doesn’t their episodes of sexual exhibitionism and narcissistic humour actually underscore how ill-conceiving two university-level individuals can turn out to be concerning personal morality and social perceptions that are divorced from the harmonious values of the mainstream Malaysian culture in which they have, by and large prospered; but are now trying to corrupt with their invitations to other young people to join in their sex orgies.

    What’s so hidden and ulterior about their agenda and motives; they’ve broadcast their intentions in broad daylight. If some newspaper editors can’t perceive this affront to civilized behaviour that goes beyond racial lines and “religious divides” then we hope we’re not all doomed to return to the age of the dinosaurs when “might is right” rules the ethics of semi-human beings. Of course, it is analogous to “mighty provocation and club-wielding journalism”

  4. Today news about the merger of MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, 3 Chinese component parties under BN. We think its a good idea to merge and rejuvenate and rebrand and infuse new ideas and support.

    Hopefully MCA and Penin.based parties will gain foothold in Sarawak and fight the DAP there. What will be the new party be called?

    someone did suggest CAP, for Chinese Action Party.

    Let fight and action a bit lah, ada Action baru Nampak oomph.. If MCA is only Association and Gerakan tak pernah bergerak, now CAP is really Action for the Chinese. After all the hardworking Chinese wants Action day and night.

    MCA and SUPP are all Chinese members. Gerakan have but never mind the odd Malays and the Indians in Gerakan can be push aside marginalized like the Malays and Indians in DAP, just show off, just window dressing to claim that CAP are multi racial.

    CAP will be good as it will confuse the Chinese.

    Suggest the logos to be something like, maybe a cluster of bombs but with some doves overhead, like some of the Mullahs party logo of Iran, white against blue and red.

    CAP can truly be a force to be reckon with and don’t join BN officially but just like PERKASA you guys will be BN friendly.

    Fight Elections under your logo.

    When it matters merge with DAP and rule the country and make it corruption free, haze free, halal is for all including all the Kut Teh concotion (kambing or ayam lah), no more throw out of window death like Beng Hock or in cell death like Kugan, Chinese boys will play football as there will be betting. Chinese VCD vendors can apply for loans and Chinese will all get 4 pointers so that U education are all free.

    Chinese can sapu all the rubber gloves and rubber wood timber exports, can run PETRONAS, Chinese IGP and Chief of Army, Chinese Speaker of Parliament.

    In fact you can set aside the “pribumis” like in Thailand or Indonesia now. You can now agressively promote your kiasuness and your Chineseness and your culture agressively.

    You can influence and corrupt UMNO and the Malays and take over not only business but politics as well maybe declare a Republic and make Anwar Ibrahim as first figurehead President of Malaysialand.

  5. Ms H. I have always said that the both the leaderships of the MCA and the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced for public affairs.

  6. Hi Helen,

    Same brand same shoes. What da ya expect? Is it enough afterall? In their mind, malayos are always bodo…

    Phatetic KORO (refer to the explanation by The Scribe of Kadirjasin). They never stop unless someone put a stop on it.

  7. To RBA and DAPsters… please la.. don’t insult our intelligence… we are not stupid ok… “bak kut” is NOT HALAL… whatever way you spin it.. we Muslim Malays are utterly gross with anything related to babi ok??? You all think we lived only yesterday ka?? I knew about bak kut a long time ago…

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