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Dictionary definition of ‘toilet’

Is this a toilet?

Yes, if you wanna use the word.

Synonyms of ‘toilet’

— bathroom, lavatory, powder room, restroom, sauna, shower room, spa, steam room, washroom (

“The usual American word is bathroom” (

“In North American English the room that contains a toilet is usually called the bathroom, never the toilet. A room with a toilet in a public place can also be called a restroom, ladies’ room, women’s room or men’s room. Washroom is also used, especially in Canada.”


toilet = bathroom


  • toilet = a dressing room, especially one containing a bath
  • toilet = a bathroom: “A room equipped for taking a bath or shower”
  • toilet = a lavatory: “Any place where washing is done”, “a room fitted with equipment for washing the hands and face and usually with flush toilet facilities”, “a bowl or basin with running water for washing or bathing purposes”

The paper that calls a toilet a toilet

The paper that doesn’t call a toilet a toilet


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39 thoughts on “Dictionary definition of ‘toilet’

  1. Etymology, aside. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that Vell Paari has told Indians not to pay taxes if the Ministry does not do something about this.

    Now of course he is being mocked on Malaysiakini by the hypocritical cretins who post on the comment section. Not all mind you but the regular douchebags.

    Can you imagine if a DAP rep had made the same comment. It would be greeted with rapturous joy by the kool aid drinkers.

      1. I have always seen it, but the question is, do you acknowledge the hate narratives from UMNO’s side ?

          1. You know these racially provocative post do no favours for your Religion. Perhaps little girls being shot because they desire education is something you are more comfortable with.

            1. ‘You know these racially provocative post do no favours for your Religion’

              How is that so? I was just sharing with anyone here that people tend to do stupid things. Perceived or otherwise. I want us all start seeing the irony.

              And how is that not be in favour of my religion, again?

              1. What has this got to do with the subject at hand beyond “Of course you did, what am I saying, gosh!” you taking a racial pot-shot at me ?

                This is not the first time you have done this nor the first time I have called you out on it.

                Considering the subject this : would have been a more appropriate article” that people tend to do stupid things”….although how me asking you to acknowledge that the hate narrative comes from UMNO too, has anything to do with people doing stupid things.

                As to how this does not favour your Religion ? Well, you proudly claim to be an imperfect Muslim which is why you have this “mirroring” strategy and insist on using it against another Malaysian, who has been civil unless reacting to provocation by you. This post of yours is one in a long line of many. At least have the courtesy of not feigning ignorance.

                1. Well I guess people are free to disagree, no?

                  You, of all people calling us all to keep cool amid insults after insults hurled left, right and centre, felt insulted by the news of a Muslim boy with a tail.

                  I’m at lost for words.

                  1. I didn’t feel insulted by the story (and why make a reference to the fact he is Muslim? Doesn’t make a difference to me, although judging from your posting style, you would think it makes a difference to me) but disdain your cheap racial innuendoes.

                    I never asked “you” to keep your cool only to respect the opportunity for discourse and act civilly.

  2. LOL. good gawd. have you read this?

    apparently even the Muslim kids have been using the room to eat (during recess) before Ramadan due to lack of space in the canteen. The pictures, taken when most Muslim kids aren’t in the room due to the fasting month makes for a most unfortunate timing.

    I think there’s a real issue of lack of space in the school, but I get uneasy when it’s turned into a race and religious issue. Why didn’t anyone bring this up before Ramadan when everyone (of all races and religions) are using the room? O_o

    what do you think?

    1. I really hope that this is the case. Tak masuk dek akal Guru2 di Sekolah ini suruh hanya non Muslim students makan dalam toilet.

      1. bila tak masuk akal, kdg2 itu sebab memang pun situasi tu tak masuk akal, therefore either spun/ untrue.

    2. Does not go hand in hand with the hate narratives. So no one bothers. Pity the poorly paid Pengetua.

      For one maybe he/she deserves it for the tidak apa attitude. The Pengetua and team should have seen it coming.

      Haven’t we learned anything the last few years, to say the least?

  3. Tengok pun sakit hati. Ada manusia pendidik yang tak prihatin sebegini rupa. At home I have 15 cats, from stray cats my wife and children took in to our Persian cat and Rag Doll, never did we gave them makan in our bathroom.
    If our cats want to berak or drink inside our toilet instead of their cats litter sand, it is the cats’ prerogative. Never will be the time that we place a table or cat food dispenser inside our toilet. DISGUSTING!

  4. The two primary schools in Sri Gombak are really basic in design and crammed for space, pity the kids there’s not even a school hall, and the school field is half a sand pitch with stones and all. No proper sports courts. Everything is mini. Mini aviary; mini nature corner; mini canteen. Yet their teachers work very hard under those conditions and the kids have made them proud with their UPSR results last year. The ministry is short of funds aren’t we?

    1. Mana ada short of fund. 1Malaysia punya pasal, bila election satu SJKC je dpt berjuta2. SK dulu kini dan selamanya di anaktirikan. terutama di pedalaman sabah sarawak

      1. Ya, salahkan SJKC (re: Cina)… bukannya kementrian yang potong spek sana sini dan subcon kepada kontrektor kroni dengan harga mahal.

  5. Polite English gentlemen and ladies would refer the place as the WC or water closet. You would shock Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey if you mentioned “Mum, I would like to go to the toilet”. Matthew Crawley would certainly turn in grave (together with Livinia) if the T word was mentioned.

      1. all i know is if I hear tandas, I think of toilet bowls LOL (jamban)

        hence that’s why the word tandas (and direct translation to English, for me at least that;s the case) is really jarringly ewww compared to changing room (bilik persalinan <– not to be confused with bilik bersalin!!)

        1. There might be. We dunno.

          In the photo, we can see 3 cubicles. One had its door ajar and it held a shower. Two of the cubicles were closed and so we can’t ascertain what’s inside (either shower or toilet bowl).

          1. actually I did think that too LOL. and they did put a sign that students are strictly not to poo nor pee in the room.

            at any rate – I see it as a case that’s overblown for the WRONG reason. certain people want it so hard to be a case of religious persecution, when everyone’s been subjected to eating in the room regardless of who they are since a couple months ago.

            Shoulda brought up the case THEN but then it wouldn’t be half as sensational, wouldn’t it?

            1. You’re probably right that the Malay-Muslim kids had been using the toilet-canteen too and thus it is not a case of religious discrimination as the issue might blow up.

              Standard design I should think two showers and one toilet bowl.

  6. I sesekali ada juga makan di gerai makan tepi jalan, malah ada tempat ada longkang lagi…. no big deal. Most Malaysian have done that tak kira malay ke, chinese ke, indian ke, omputih ke…. tak mengaruk dan tak mati pun!

    Tempat tu bersih malah semua kemudahan ada. Mungkin cikgu pun makan kat dalam tu….he..he…

    Hipokrit. Melatah untuk apa? Ada kah sebab sekolah milik gomen dan majoriti malayos low class bersekolah di situ hingga Islam di babitkan sama.

    Belajar lah bersyukur. Teringat waktu dulu, apa pun tidak ada di banding sekarang.

    Isu yang bukan isu. Let their PIBG dan pihak sekolah selesaikan. Kesian Hm..Hm… tak pasal-pasal….

    1. Masa aku bersekolah di SK tahun 80an dulu, ada ramai budak india dan cina. Bila time puasa mereka duduk makan di kantin sekolah atau di mana2 tempat tersorok kerana menghormati bulan Ramadhan. Walaupun kantin sekolah tutup. Benda ni dah lama dipraktikkan kenapa skg jadi isu?

      Menteri jangan lebih2, terutama si Kalamanthan yg mcm gila kuasa lately ni. Cepat sgt melenting kalau melibatkan bangsa dia. Jgn nanti GB sekolah tu saman Kementerian atas tindakan melulu dan atas kebodohan menteri2 yg hal past six. Semuanya nak dijadikan isu politik dan perkauman.

      1. re: “Semuanya nak dijadikan isu politik dan perkauman.”

        Tu pembangkang evangelista yang dok pandai buat.

    2. Kenapa tak boleh guna kantin? Jadualkan kerja ubahsuai untuk dijalankan semasa cuti sekolah?

      Ada tempat lain yang lebih sesuai untuk dijadikan tempat makan.

  7. Reply to Islam1st post #10

    I never use innuendoes. I am tell it straight. Link me to any post you feel justifies your comment. And I mean one which does have you throwing the first stone.

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