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Jahat, The Star

What is the MCA-owned newspaper trying to do?

ROS directorgeneral groundless comment

Don’t harbour false hopes’ (The Star, 26 July 2013)


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18 thoughts on “Jahat, The Star

  1. DAP sendiri korek lobang, orang suruh tutup lobang tahi mereka sendiri, DAP just refuses to get out af the pit. Self-centred person/s always have this kind of attitude.

    What the Indian DAP members are very true then…CEC is LKS and son wimps and fancies.

  2. The Star is really batu api. Absolutely not professional. They are full of hatred inside. Trying to fan fire. Shame on you the STAR. NO Shame. Low class newpaper (borrowing Jerusubang’s words).

  3. I also dont understand DAP. Why so recalcitrant? It is obvoius that the CEC vote counting was not done in a proper manner and it is their own party members who have lodge reports. The RoS is just doing their job. Why are they afraid to do re-election?

    DAP only know how to complain and comment on other parties. But your own mistake just sweep under the carpet ah?

    Shame. Shame. Shame. Low class party.

  4. Gampang DAP ni.. UMNO sendiri pernah diharamkan.. Apa DAP tu atas drpd undang2 ke?

  5. Helen, Don’t la provide link to The Star like that – nanti saya klik, naik lagi dia punya readership statistics etc …

  6. good news la tu … they all can masuk PKR and have a better representative under 1 party. Soon can ask PAS join them too. Then we can have 2 party system … see whether can survive or not ….!!!

  7. @ Zahid Hamidi KDN ..sila batalkan lessen The Star- sudah boleh kena caj di bawah Akta Hasutan 1948…no wonder Omar Ong wanted those Acts to be abolished (referring to EO and ISA)

  8. Dear Helen, may you would have a very wonderful weekend

    tapi nampak gayanya, my coming hari raya macam nampak tak berapa best je pada tahun ini….gara2 pasca pru13

    belum habis dengan isu makan kat bilik persalinan, now LKS dah guna the HARI RAYA name for his political reason

    kalau LKS nak kutuk sesiapa pun, boleh tak jangan associate dengan sebarang apa2 nama yg melibatkan agama sesiapa saja..??

    what a HARI RAYA suprise…??

    dulu waktu zaman Tun M, kita semua boleh je sambut multiple celebrations together with harmony – rayamas, deparaya, kongsiraya etc….

  9. theStar piece was a pretext for the article at KitSiang to emerge and gain legitimacy to condition his almost 200k followers and and their kakis to believe that what was wrong was actually right and vice versa.
    Perhaps it is going to happen. It has been left untouched for far too long! Raya or no Raya they need to do it.

    Notice the Raya remark to tag along race and religion into the mess. The narrative is UMNO are natural born bullies, so regardless if what ROS gonna has got nothing to do with race or religion, Malays/Muslims government servants are being perceived as UMNO bullies.

    The real bullies are the one who had always pick on UMNO’s as can be seen done time and again whenever the got the chance to.

    What kind of people are they?

  10. He he he, Lim Kit Siang always tidur siang. Itu mimpi dia lah. So then, apa mahu cakap biar lah dia mimpi. Kasi chance sama dia.

  11. waaaaa… manyak jahat ini star, mca n dap arrrr…. mmg backstab org melayu sungguh…. lu olang tunggu arr….. melayu bangkit!

  12. I dont know if you guys remember but when the DAP announce its election got problem, at that time James were embroiled in the Kelantan land controversy. Suddenly this election issue crop up, James’s land is forgotten. Smoke screen? Oh well. What to expect from party that’s full of hypocrites.

    1. DAP internal problems why associate it with Hari Raya?

      Next year Feng shui 2013 is going to be a very challenging, colorful, full of changes and a eventful year; Lots of overseas travelling, changes, mobility, relocation because of the earthly root for the year of the water snake癸巳年. Retrenchment, contagious sicknesses (like virus), poisoning, car accidents, prominent public scandal/slander and robberies on the increase. Natural disasters that are likely to happen are earthquakes, forest disasters, flooding, severe thunderstorms, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, relating to “earth” disasters because of the multiplier effect of a double “5″ “3″ and double “7″ whammy and 伏吟 fu yin of the feng shui flying star theory! It will be accentuated in the month of August 2013! so do take precautionary measures.

      So DAP should take notice of August 2013…… Real disaster!!

  13. Helen

    What on earth did KJ think when he engange Regina L to become his press sec?

    So that Regina L could work her magic and woo the chinese to like him (and consequently vote him)? I somehow doubt that this would be the case…

    I think some people still havent learn their lesson..

    When Ah Jib Gor implement so many thing…dish out so many thing in favour of the chinese, has it work for him?

    1. Maybe Ah Jib Gor was being advised by the very same people that had advised KimJong…hmmm possibilities are endless…

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