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Khairy’s outstation trip

Heard that uber Scissorati Regina Lee has been made press secretary to the Youth and Sports Minister.

reginalah First outstation trip with ... 2013-07-26 20-30-51

reginalah Negeri di bawah bayu, I M in U



Hannah Yeoh tweeted that Regina Lee is in this photo

Not at all surprising that The J-Star had often assigned Regina Lee to cover the Iguana Eng events.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

52 thoughts on “Khairy’s outstation trip

  1. KJ…well.Im not surprised, DAP owes him many favors considering KJ and his FIL crippled zbM, and Regina is one prize out of many.

    1. How about those TM shares that was bought and resold by Singapore Chinese Temasek?

      Why is DAP supporter in UMNO government?

      Khairy ini dulu didapati bersalah kerana rasuah dan tak boleh bertanding Ketua Pemuda. Jadi jawatan KP dia tidak sah.
      Jadi jawatan Menteri dia tidak sah.

      Eloklah Razali ambil aleh. Kalau tidak orang Melayu yang undi UMNO dengan setia akan dikotak katikan.

      Apalah bodohnya Najib. Dah Cina tk sokong pun ambil juga perempuan Cina DAP jadi pembantu Menteri.

      Khairy ini tindak tanduk dia yang takut pada orang yang dah marah menjatuhkan maruah Pemuda UMNO.

      1. In 2005, PAP cadre appointed Chief Editor of the UMNO owned New Straits Times. A luscious Sime Darby contract was placed on his lap to make him more than happy in the Ulus ! All had a good laugh !

      2. MTM. Our beloved Malaysia has lost money, assets, territories etc in peacetime than embarking on a War, MAINLY TO SINGAPORE AS RIGHTLY POINTED OUT BY YOU. We should make it to the Guiness Book of Records.

        1. 1962. The lop-sided 3c per 1000 gallon Water Agreement with Singapore for 100 years. We end up paying for the free water which we give to Singapore !!!

        2..1971. The break-up of MSA (Malaysia-Singapore Airline) fiasco gave all the soft-ware assets (except the planes) to Singapore. The 3 wise men nearly got the sack from the late Tun Dr Ismail.

        3. 1980s. The alleged lop-sided Oil Palm Tariff Agreement with India.

        4. 2003 -2013 The selling and buying of TNB shares. The rush to the International Court of Justice to cede the Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore when TDM did nothing for 22 years. The Saddam Hussein 1 Million oil barrels arrangement. The Brunei 2 oil blocks arrangement. The KTM arrangement may not include the 25 miles of steel rails which rightly belong to Malaysia..THE TPP WILL WIPE OUT ALL THAT THE BUMIPUTRA BUSINESS CONCOMITANT WITH THE NON-BUMIPUTRA BUSINESS HAVE BUILT UP SINCE 1971.


        WE MUST ALWAYS SAFEGUARD OUR SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM. If we do not recognise these GOLDEN VIRTUES, it is just like selling our hapless grandmothers down river !

        1. MTM. Sorry. I forgot to add the super money sucking machine for Singapore, CLOB.

          6. The CLOB of the Malaysia-Singapore Stock Exchange which was only dissolved in 2000, was the super money sucking machine for Singapore between 1972 – 2000. Before 2000, the CLOB was manipulated by Singapore, up and down with money sucked out to Singapore. Since 2000, you will notice there were no more horrendous crashes of the BURSA.

            1. Islam 1st. These are the few we know through the media. What we do not know. We do not know.

              1. I’m already gutted for all of this that you have mentioned. Equally gutted with things read elsewhere as well. Could not imagine the ‘what we do not know’ part of all this mess.

                Obiviously UMNO was behind all of this as well? If yes, if I may, what make you still had hope and trust for UMNO to make it right for this country. On other thread you had say something to that effect? Correct me if I’m wrong, Sir?

                1. islam lst. UMNO is the organisation not only for the Malays but all Malaysians. I have great faith in UMNO which members I grew up with until recently. The UMNO CAN DO NO WRONG only its members. I EXPECT UMNO TO RE-INVENT ITSELF IN THE FACE OF DETRACTORS WHO OPENLY WANT POWER. The Malays have got something unique in UMNO. If you look back in recent history so many groups lined up to DO IT DOWN beginning with their diatribe on TDM. Please take it from me without the POLITICAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEFENCE BUILT UP AROUND UMNO, the Malays, 14 Millions, would lose all their heritage, legacy issues, religion, the unique sultanates, and more. And all the non-Malays suffer too because of the nature of the historical-political environment of our beloved Malaysia. For example, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP shouted for 47 long years ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’. Can the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore shout,’Singapore for Singaporeans’ now in Hong Lim Green, Singapore. BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES MY MALAY FRIENDS. DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH SOME HUMAN WEAKNESSES IN THE PUBLIC ARENA.

        2. AK47,

          Sometimes i wonder why the rush to cede KTM line in the heart to Singapore back to Singapore.

          Laws are law. The agreement was that KTM has a lease for 999 years, correct me if I am wrong. So, stick to it. After all, Singapore never fails to stick to even lopsided Water agreement.

          No wonder why sizable section of PERKASA is made up of UMNO members. They just cant tolerate UMNO leaders’s could not be bothered attitude anymore.

          I am really upset with Khairi’s choice of secretary. Khairi seems oblivious to the fact that he is stabbing himself. He has the habit of underestimating age old wisdom that more often than not often the truth. Instead he places importance to be looked as “cool, suave, 1Malaysia (meaning no Malay interest please)”

          “Tak ada ke orang beriman dari kalangan Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW yang layak jadi Setiausaha Menteri”.

          That was a comment from a Pemuda UMNO from Seputeh when I asked him about Khairi’s choice of secretary.

          I told him that he is much more qualified to be Ketua Pemuda instead of Khairi.

          But I do admit that Najib, Khairi do not have time to read our comments. They are busy “pleasing” others. The only time to have ample time from us is when they court our votes.

          AND THAT because those whom they are eager to please NOW do not have time for both these politicians.

          1. S.A. From my experience and observations on Malaysian politics, the UMNO will be re-vitalised. Hopefully sooner rather than later. THE UMNO IS THE ONLY CREDIBLE POLITICAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC STRUCTURE FOR THE MALAYS WHO NUMBER 14 MILLION SOULS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. It is silly for a MALAY not to support an organisation which encapsulates MALAY HERITAGE, LEGACY ISSUES, ISLAM, the unique Royal sultanates etc. etc. and it has been functioning since 1946. THOSE WHO HARP FOR A CHANGE ARE UNQUALIFIED, UNEDUCATED AND INEXPERIENCED IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS. All the funny going ons especailly after 2003, were human problems. AND IT IS UP TO THE HUMANS IN UMNO TO RECTIFY
            THEM. The UMNO is a must for the Malays and the non-Malays as a bulwark for the genesis of things Malaysian because of the historical Malay overlay. HENCE THE PRESENT DETERMINED EFFORTS OF THE OPPOSITION TO SIZE DOWN THE MALAYNESS OF EVERYTHING – unfortunately, the winds of change are not with the Opposition because of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 failed Policies for Singapore – their SPIRITUAL LEADER AND SINGAPORE THEIR SPIRITUAL HOMELAND. One of his failures alone caused Singapore to lose US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of her citizens Trust money. And the 2 Child Policy 1970s-1980s which killed off the indigenous population and many more. SO YOU SEE, THE DAP IS ONLY MAKING LOUD NOISE IN FRONT BUT THEY HAVE NOTHING AT THE BACK IN SINGAPORE.
            The solution to the Malaysian conundrum is straightforward. As I have urged for a long time let all those who have duties and responsibilites in Government returen to NORMALCY – as the first step

            1. SA. Man proposes. God disposes. Even with the loss of all those money, assets, territories etc. to Singapore and others in peacetime and without a War, insyallah what happened to Singapore and her loss is far far greater than our beloved Malaysia’s loss in money terms. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. Their loss is also coupled with an invisible loss which cannot be measure. This is why Singapore tries its best to rope in Malaysia into the TPP to screw us properly a second time, the first was the 1962 Water Agreement in which we now give FREE WATER plus we pay Singapore to give away free water.

              1. SA. Please remember Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessors safeguarded our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM. This is the main reason they did not sell or give away our money, assets, territories, etc etc, in peace time without embarking on a War. Like selling our hapless grandmothers down river.
                My favourite American President Harry S Truman said,’ THE BUCK STOPS AT MY DESK,’ TDM and his predecessors understood this.
                There is NO ALTERNATIVE TO UMNO for all of us.

                1. Become the 53rd State of the Union. We can fill up the Johor Straits until a drain and a chain-link fence separates us. We can say, ‘ Selamat Pagi, Amerika’ every morning to the folks across.
                2. Become a British Colony, like Bermuda, Caymans, Bahamas, Virgin Islands etc.
                3. Merge with Malaysia. An ancient forbids, a good horse does not return to old pasture.
                4. Status quo with the aging Gurkha Guards, the F-35, rusting tanks, submarines, spies, AWACS, Apaches, a FULL CABINET SUITABLE TO RULE the United Kingdom in a ONE STREET TOWN AND IS THE HIGHES PAID IN THE WORLD etc.etc. All these cost money.
                AND HAVE YOU NOTICED THE UNITED NATIONS NEVER RECOMMENDED THE POOR COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD TO FIND OUT FROM SINGAPORE HOW ALL THESE PROSPERITY CAME ABOUT ? How come ? Why not learn from the World’s best moneymasters, Singapore ? Why the studious SILENCE ? Maybe their only resource is BLUFFOLOGY !

      3. Pemuda UMNO rembau tak ada telor, pondan n bacul. Kalau aku ajk pemuda, aku demand mesyuarat khas dan minta kj BG rasional perlantikan Regina Lee. Prerogative kj tak boleh malukan pemuda UMNO. Pemuda UMNO membisu kerana mereka bukan pejuang tetapi mencari peluang. Apakah pemuda UMNO juga sudah ketandusan pemimpin pejuang?

  2. Good!!!! ..go outstation and you will make everyone happy by not returning home…. go away far far away…. KJ can go to his place of birth and take your regina with you…..

  3. Outstation dengan bos…
    “I don’t know how @khairykj does it every day”
    “And you know what happens in the showers.”

    Sorry, can’t resist.

    BTW, I wonder what you feel about this. All this time saying things about Star and MCA and not only they don’t pay heed, looks like Star extended their influence into UMNO too.

    Now what.

    1. re: “‘And you know what happens in the showers’. Sorry, can’t resist.”


        1. No like in the film American History X or because I’m in an expansive mood, Skyfall

  4. Kata bidalan Melayu, Malay saying, “Musuh dalam selimut”

    “..enemy under the pillow/bedsheet/divan/thermals/, or whatever but it means its too close for comfort, might kill or strangle you or poke a dagger/or kris whilst you are sleeping or whatever once in bed, where “selimut “is often used to warm the body in the morning chill.

    The cloth selimut must be big or wide enough to cover the body whilst sleeping to ensure a comfortable sleep. One that the lovely MAS flight stewardess always cover you with gentle and care, esp if you are travelling First and you are a Mat Salleh. SQ Stewardess were all mostly Malaysian but the real Spore or Chinese ones are very rough.

    I don’t like to wear anything, selimut or what whilst sleeping

    1. Would be wonderful if KJ were strangled by regina…and what a headline it would be….

      musuh dalam selimut…hahahahah…bermadu lah dugong

    2. Lassim Imran. You mean two people sleeping on one bed can have different dreams ? I am learning.

  5. Swallows have been by applied by the KGB from time immemorial. PAP began in 1957. This a tradition of Singapore as old as the hills.

  6. It is time the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP joins the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties – to elevate its members and supporters who had waited for 47 long years into positions of POWER. And the DAP becomes a Malaysian Horse.

    1. DAP is taking over MCA already.

      (I don’t thinks so but) if ROS de-registers the DAP as LKS is spinning, then the DAP members can join MCA en masse since MCA also already behaving like the Malaysian Christian Action party.

      1. Kudos for you Ms H. We do not need a Singaprean rocket scientist to resolve this inscrutable Chinese puzzle.

  7. Mamat ni nak tunjuk dia “Malaysian” first tapi yang hairan bertanding kat Rembau.

    Masa nak dapat undi cari Melayu bila dah jadi menteri ambil Chinese jadi Setiausaha Akhbar. Melayu oh Melayu

    1. ASH,

      Betul tu. Masa nak bertanding, cari kawasan majoriti Melayu.

      Bila menang, tak mampu cari seorang pun Setiausaha politik Melayu.

      Dulu terhegeh hegeh jadi budak hantar pasport. Ada apa apa ke?

  8. Like a leader of an opposition party taking along his tea-boy on outstation/overseas trips….

    1. Funny enough, so much of marhaen, fighting keadilan for the average rakyat, this guy behave like he is some kind of dubai royals having tea boy following him around. Marhaen-nya!

  9. Tak tahulah macam mana nak komen tentang hubungan KJ dengan RL ni. Seperti seekor Ayam yang mengeramkan telur ular pulak rasanya hubungan kerja mereka.

  10. KJ is the new Anwar. Both are good at manipulating people through cultivating a cult like image among their followers.

    In Anwar’s days, he had the entire government controlled PR machinery i.e The NST, RTM etc, KJ has the New Media i.e Facebook, Twitter, Blogs to do the work for him.

    Different eras, difference tools, different audiences but the objective is still the same. To create a loyal, cult like persona.

    If anything, KJ is more dangerous because he’s barely 40 while Anwar is already almost yesterday’s news.

    Stay tuned.

  11. This Regina like Hannah, OKM and Alvivi seems to tweet every damn thing they do.

    This is the trait of the budak hari ini. Are there any instances they do not want people to know? This is clearly very narcissistic.

  12. Kj..kj….rupanya kau x tau saper yg menangkn kau dulu ya….hish…hishh….hishhhh…..terjunar labu…..

  13. I don’t know who’s Regina Lee until now. Maybe KJ hired her based on meritocracy. What is the big deal? Why make such a fuss?

  14. Nampaknya kubur yang digali oleh Ah Jib Ghor untuk dirinya semakin dalam.

    Perlantikan KJ dalam cabinet amat tidak popular di kalangan Melayu Islam. Luka semakin parah bila KJ sendiri melakukan tindakan tindakan yang memburukkan keadaannya!

    Nampaknya hayat Najib sebagai PM semakin menuju ke penghujung, Insya Allah!. Komentar komentar yang sering berbaur ‘memaki hamunnya’ di dunia maya begitu meluas.

    Komentar komentar anti Ah Jib Ghor di alam maya boleh digunakan sebagai indicator betapa tidak popular SiDia ini!

    Nampaknya teori RAHMAN mungkin akan berlaku dengan Najib sebagai PM UMNO terakhir!

    Di bulan yang mulia ini saya mengharapkan ada parti berteraskan Melayu Islam yang kuat muncul menggantikan UMNO. Apa yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin pemimpin UMNO hari sudah tidak ‘mampu’ saya telan!

    1. Norlin,

      Maaf saya katakan kita sebenarnya berada disaat menyaksikan berakhirnya kuasa politik Umat Nabi di tanah tercinta ini. Ini kalau kita tengok cara Najib buat keputusan.

      Jadi saya setuju sangat apa Norlin cakap. Banyak yang Najib buat sekarang tak ada roh “iman dan takwa”.

      “Kerana iman dan takwalah maka disaat yang begitu genting kami berjaya pertahankan Melayu/Islam di perak”.

      Itu ayat seorang pakcik dari Perak. Beliau berkata demikian selepas BN (atau lebih tepat UMNO) pertahankan Kerajaan Perak dalam pilihanraya lepas. UMNO memenangi 30 dari 59 kerusi. Cukup untuk bentuk satu kerajaan.

      Ramai pemimpin UMNO kini dah “lupa” pasal “iman dan takwa”. Pemimpin PAS tak payah cakap la. Agama pun kena gadai kalau ikut cakap mereka. PKR pula memang langsung tak ada iman dan takwa ni.

      Kalau DAP dah sah terang terang “yahudi”.

      Kerana “iman dan takwa” jugalah orang Melayu berjaya halang gagasan Malayan Union yang dibawa oleh satu Empayar (British) yang baru pula menang perang dunia.

      1. Kesian kat Melayu. Dah la kena jual. Kena kutuk dan hina pulak tu! Tunku, Tunku, kalau dengaq cakap Tun M kan tak jadi macam ni!

  15. These DAP people. They are a bigot minority, in the words of Rocky’s Bru. A bigot minority.

      1. A minority with majority complex plus notion that it is superior to other races. But always playing the victim game. Sick of them!

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