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Kalau tak puasa pun kenapa nak berbuka?

Oleh Khairul Ryezal


“Malam semalam sahaja, dua majlis berbuka puasa atau Iftar diadakan oleh Ahli Parlimen DAP. Menjadi satu trend sejak akhir-akhir ini, ahli-ahli politik DAP berlumba-lumba mengadakan majlis berbuka puasa untuk menarik perhatian dan minat orang-orang Islam terhadap DAP. Malah Roketkini, lidah rasmi DAP turut mengadakan majlis berbuka puasa baru-baru ini.

Di Pulau Pinang, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Mertajam, Steven Sim Chee Keong, tidak ketinggalan mengadakan majlis berbuka puasa di sebuah surau di Taman Pearl, Berapit. Majlis berkenaan ditaja oleh Lydia Ong, Exco Pulau Pinang dan juga merupakan Adun Berapit. Bukan setakat orang-orang Melayu beberapa pemimpin Cina turut hadir memeriahkan majlis berkenaan.

Lebih ironinya, gambar Tokong Joseph Lim, megah bergantung di perkarangan surau berkenaan. <Unquote>

Baca sweterusnya di blog Cucu Tok Selampit.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-07-27 10-26-56

Sebagai umpan untuk remaja Melayu

By lol


“There will be more Muslim-Malay-Centric stories in the J-Star from now on I guess, gearing up to GE14 ( I have totally cut them off so I can’t tell for sure).

The last time I read they engaged Lisa Surihani on twitter right after GE13. I believe more and more Malay celebrities will be roped in to achieve their target. Sebagai umpan untuk remaja Melayu yang semakin “urban” katanya untuk membaca fitnah mereka.

PAS has done that in the last GE albeit with little success, yet the impact is still there as a crowd puller. The young and so called “urban” Malays are less likely to root for religious issues/ celebrities but they will most definitely root for entertainer which the J-star is trying to capture now.

Komen olej ‘lol’ pada asalnya @ 2013/07/16 at 1:20 am.
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Adakah Umno sedang memantau taktik-taktik The J-Star cuba memenangkan DAP?


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53 thoughts on “Kalau tak puasa pun kenapa nak berbuka?

            1. The guardian of Mecca which help the American to kill the fellow Muslim in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          1. Of course they are. They are all US lackeys involved in the conspiracy.

      1. ‘As I’ve noted before, Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here with an envoy from Tunisia — perhaps the first Iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago. And some of you, as you arrived tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our friends at the Library of Congress — the Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson.’

        Funnily he brought up Thomas Jefferson whom had similar view with Muslims regarding Jesus and believe in the unity of God. And although he had considered himself as a follower of Jesus, he thinks ‘Jesus to be merely human, not divine’ and ‘much of traditional Christianity, Jefferson claimed, was error and corruption added by later followers of Jesus.’

        He ‘was convinced that the authentic words of Jesus written in the New Testament had been contaminated. Early Christians, overly eager to make their religion appealing to the pagans, had obscured the words of Jesus with the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and the teachings of Plato. These “Platonists” had thoroughly muddled Jesus’ original message.’

        May God bless whom He wishes. Ameen.

  1. Buka Puasa has now become a cross cultural/religious festive event. This is common in many companies. i work in a GLC and we have such functions all the time and invite our non-Muslim staff and customers as well.

    1. It has been there towards the end 1990’s. Anyways it defeats the purpose of fasting and spirit of Ramadhan where abstinence, moderation and more Ibadah are required. The Buka Puasa Buffet has the turn Malaysian of all races into gluttony.

      1. hmmmm, now the buffet is the culprit..just wonder how long we are going to entertain the denial syndrome among the urbanites. Its a completely different story for the Malay muslim folks in the kampong

        1. Its a matter of personal choice. Some, out of personal or business reasons would buka at hotels to entertain. Most of the time we would prefer to buka with our loved ones. I see no dosa to berbuka in hotels, as I see nothing wrong or less adequate to buka at home or a good makan place, wherever they are located. Puasa time we like to have a lot of good foods and good times. In situ, clean and comfortable suraus will definitely adds value.

  2. i think the better wording would be: join the berbuka….

    if you dont fast then how can you berbuka?

    1. I fail to see the issue here.. this is Malaysia after all. As much as we think its damaging for DAP to covet Malay votes in so many spectrum of social cum religious activities, its very constructive that social engagement between races are very much alive. Thats the only way, empathy and cross culture tolerence can be build. There is definitely nothing wrong for non muslim to join in iftar and not fasting..

      I would take offense if the nuances are built upon just because DAP engage the malay moslem, we assume the malay moslem would support DAP politics.. you must be one of those liberated Malays who think other malays are ‘fragile and gullible’. Come on… lets not underestimate the Malays political will shall we?

      1. True that there is no harm for non-Muslims to join in the iftar but here we’re talking about an evangelista pollie who’s deliberately politicking.

        Does the ordinary non-Muslim joining iftar feel it is imperative to don the tudung and traipse to all the suraus to berbuka?

        1. Then the issue is not about joining iftar. The reporting should be on what the evangelista is saying about non evangelista in their congregation. That reporting would help the Malay moslem to have the correct perspective when they are being engaged by DAP evangelista.

          On the subject of donning the tudung in surau area, its applicable to moslem and non moslem. Something that cannot be negotiated. Boleh try and see what happen.. YB or no YB

          1. Which begs the question is it necessary for the evangelista Aduns to keep barging into the suraus for their photo ops?

            Since Merdeka we’ve had 56 years of politicians and never ever have we had such exploitation of the houses of worship until the DAP evangelistas came along.

            Even Wanita Umno did not splash their faces in the media during the mosque rounds and certainly not Wanita MCA nor Wanita Gerakan or Wanita MIC.

            As for the critical coverage, if we’re talking about The J-Star, they’re musuh dalam selimut. “What the evangelista is saying about non evangelista” are nasty things about the MCA – like the accusation that MCA is anti-Islam – which cost BN to lose 90 percent of Chinese support.

            The J-Star should be held responsible for the knife stuck into the MCA’s back.

            1. I would rather stick to what can be done as opposed to what cannot be done. For eg. Can we stop DAP from barging again? We cant.

              What can be done is for UMNO led government to change from the ways it run its constructive engagement with all races. Enough of running it like it was for the last 56 years where BN dominates with 2/3rd majority. Time has come for even Wanita UMNO, MCA and MIC to be splashed all over to win the war of perception, dont you think so? is that too hard for UMNO to undertand? If even that UMNO can do, perhaps UMNO led government doesnt deserve us…

              1. re: “Can we stop DAP from barging again? We cant.”

                Are all the mosques that acquiesce to the evangelistas exploiting PAS-controlled?

              2. On the matter of JStar responsible for the knofe stuck in MCA back, i think MCA put the knife in Jstar hand and then simply push it back to the knife.

                Helen, didnt you posted sometime ago on the number of political parties new member registration by both MCA and DAP over a certain number of the years? MCA simply didnt bother to be a political party which means continously recruiting members but more of business men club limiting participation since less would be merrier in business sense, dont you think so?

    1. Harapan ku dia orang Muslim jangan tahu berbuka puasa perutnya saja tapi ada cuba membuka minda dan hati si saudara Cina itu terhadap maknanya “tiada tuhan melainkan Allah” & “Muahmmadur Rasulullah” Jangan main bersocial saja tanpa maksud suci melainkan bersyubahat dalam tujuan budaya politik pihak yang berkenaan.

      1. Apa peduli pada nama, nama Allah pun mahu dikongsi juga, tidak peduli maksud dan makna melainkan untuk budaya politik jua. Mereka lupa Tuan Allah ‘malah olang buat jahat’.

        Tapi sikalang mana ada olang jahat. Olang tatak salah kena tangkap, itu pasal Bar Counsil misti tolong. Itu jahat punya olang satu saja… UMNO! Kit misti kasi hanam sama lia!!!

  3. Sauidmarabia the guardian of Mekah also helping Obama to bomb Afghanistan and Iraq.

    1. Saudi Arabia & Qatar was reported to be financing the war in Syria together with America and the usual suspects.

      Can you please tell me more about them bombing Afghanistan and Iraq?

  4. Helen,
    Dah jadi yang berhormat banyaklah duit, jadi bila lagi nak melabur supaya di GE14 mereka masih boleh jadi YB.

    Bagi saudara-saudara Islam saya yang dijamu untuk berbuka puasa tak perlu risau selagi duit yang digunakan oleh YB tu dari sumber yang halal. Kalau duit itu dari sumber yang haram, maka fikirlah-fikirkan lah. Bagi YB yang bukan Islam mereka bukan tahu hukum halal dan haram. Fikir-fikir lah….

    1. “Bagi YB yang bukan Islam mereka bukan tahu hukum halal dan haram. Fikir-fikir lah…”

      Betul sangat tu seperti yang pernah berlaku di Penang.


  5. Kita tenguk pulak “Raya Open House” nanti macam mana. Gempak tak tahun dari PUAK DAP ni?

  6. “Adakah Umno sedang memantau taktik-taktik The J-Star cuba memenangkan DAP?”

    Mungkin itu sebabnya KJ lantik Regina Lee@ double agent kut?

    1. Maksud anda mungkin Regina Lee sedang memantau KJ berhubung dengan taktik-taktik Pemuda Umno untuk menarik sokongan golongan belia?

      1. Good one Helen. let the Pemuda UMNO create so many activities to engage the DAP attention that KJ would be seen as the bridge or window for DAP to monitor UMNO esp Pemuda propaganda machine. There must be more than that… this is politic after some one mention earlier ‘ wayang kulit’ can be played by not just DAP but UMNO too.. Lets hope this is not a case of ‘luncai terjun dengan labunya’ for Pemuda

        1. Mungkin juga KJ dan RL digunakan oleh UMNO dan DAP sebagai jambatan rundingan secara sulit bagi penggabungan UMNO /BN dan DAP dalam kerajaan. Kalau ya, maka habislah PKR dan PAS melopong.

      2. Apa lagi kalau bukan tu?

        Takkan la pulak dia nak tolong naikkan peratusan undi dan sokongan golongan muda UMNO pulak?

      3. REF: “Adakah Umno sedang memantau taktik-taktik The J-Star cuba memenangkan DAP?” Mungkin itu sebabnya KJ lantik Regina Lee@ double agent kut?”
        “Maksud anda mungkin Regina Lee sedang memantau KJ berhubung dengan taktik-taktik Pemuda Umno untuk menarik sokongan golongan belia?”

        Siapa yang ikhlas niatnya dan bijaksana rancangannya akan muncul sebagai wakil rakyat jelata yang sebenarnya inshaAllah

        1. “Siapa yang ikhlas niatnya dan bijaksana rancangannya akan muncul sebagai wakil rakyat jelata yang sebenarnya inshaAllah”

          Kita sebagai pengundi berdaftar haruslah CELIK MATA DAN HATI untuk memilih yang terbaik dan pantau yang tak baik.

  7. haiya…buat pun u complain…tak buat u kata tak mau kawan sama melayu…susah la ini mcm…

  8. saya suka nak menyarankan agar pas dibubarkan dan pemimpin2 depa masuk dap. dengan cara begini keahlian ahli melayu islam bertambah dan saf kepimpinan dap akan mendapat lebih ramai melayu dan semestinya beri lebih kelebihan menjelang pru 14.

    itupun kalau dap memang ikhlas untuk menarik ahli2 melayu melainkan klu tujuan hanya untuk jadi pak turut depa sahaja.

    Kalau benar mereka mahukan ahli2 melayu mengapa tak mengambil jalan termudah dahulu??

  9. Seorang alim (wali) bisa mengagihkan wang sedekah yg diterima dari org ramai utk beberapa tujuan > utk bina mimbar masjid, bina tempat wudhu masjid, bina bilik air masjid, bina tandas masjid, bina dapor masjid………….. dan (antara yg tk kurang pentingnya juga) utk sediakn makanan kpd ahli kariah.

    Dipendekkn cerita, pd suatu hari wali itu ditanya oleh anak murid beliau “Kenapa tuan asingkn duit yg diberi oleh si-anu tadi utk membina tandas, dan tidak utk perkara lain yg lebih mulia?”

    Wali tu tidak menjawab soalan tersebut, tetapi setelah ditanya sekali lagi soalan yg sama oleh murid berkenaan > lalu beliau berkata….

    “Semua wang ni mulia dan harus dimanfaatkan utk tujuan yg baik, Tetapi ia dtg dari sumber yg berbagai, yg menentukan ‘darjat’ sedekah itu sendiri. Maka aku diberi kelebihan oleh Allah utk ‘melihat’ darjat itu”.

    “Wang dari sianu tadi aku nampak ‘darah’ hasil dari jualan buruannya yg tidak disembelih atas nama Allah > maka aku manfaatkan ia utk tujuan yg kau sebutkan tadi”.



    Alangkah ruginya hidup kita didunia dn akhirat jika kita berpegang kpd pemimpin yg palsu dan tidak jujur. Jangan salahkan mereka, kalo kemudian hari kita menderita. (Surah Ibrahim: ayat 19-22)

  10. Helen,

    rasanya tak salah kalau diingatkan bahawa orang melayu mempunyai budaya ‘suka’ apabila orang asing atau kaum lain ‘membodek’ mereka.

    lagipun siapa yang tak suka di’bodek’ kan?

    maka evangelis DAP yang telah mengetahui tabiat terutama ‘kesukaan’ orang melayu tentu saja akan mengambil kesempatan. saya fikir mereka ini (DAP) amat bijak menggunakan apa saja peluang yang ada…..

    cuma adakah orang melayu nanti menunngu ‘sudah terhantuk baru terngadah’????

    1. well….orang UMNO telah lama dibodekkan dengan orang Cina MCA. Satu contoh, perniagaan ahli baba yg sering berlaku sejak zaman Dr M lagi. Bukan ke satu kejutan yang 9 dari top 10 org billionaire di Msia terdiri dari orang Cina yang sekian lama membodek org Melayu dalam perkongsiaan kosmetick kepura-puraan?

      orang Melayu sudah terhantuk baru terngadah bila 90% orang Cina menyokong parti Cina DAP, walaupun majority mereka sudah dapat habuan sekian lama dari orang Melayu yang mereka bodek dengan kekayaaan sementara.

      padan muka pada org UMNO.

      1. re: “9 dari top 10 org billionaire di Msia terdiri dari orang Cina”

        8 orang. Yang bukan Cina ialah Ananda Krishnan dan Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary.

  11. maaf cakap.. kepura-puraan Dap ini hanya buat aku sakit hati… yg buat aku sakit hati ialah manusia yg tak nampak kelibat pisau dibelakang mereka akibat mudah sangat percaya dengan puak yg sebenarnya anti Islam.. tak tau ke YB Hannah tu kumpulan evangista yg banyak menyokong muslim jadi murtad?

    Isu lain… halal ke duit yg depa ni sponsor untuk jamuan tu? kalau aku.. sori la… makin nak muntah dengan sikap hipokrit depa ni..

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