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God says sorry to City Harvest Church pastor

The City Harvest Church congregation applauded when ‘Reverend’ Kong Hee cried:

“For the first time in eight months, God, I heard Him cry. And he said ‘My son, Kong, thank you. Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone, so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I’m so sorry, but you need to go through this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation.” (see from minute 1:40 onwards)

(2:28) “Oh come on give the Lord a big hand tonight,” said the evangelist pastor Kong Hee.

CBT trial resumes in Singapore

The video (above) of Kong Hee claiming that God apologized to him has caused an outrage in the island republic.

See Yahoo! breaking news.

UPDATE: According to Yahoo! news Singapore, the comments were made in “what appeared to be a sermon at a church conference held in Australia last year”. — 5.33pm

Bad news for Jerusubang is no news in The Star

Kong Hee is accused of misappropriating church building funds and standing trial in Singapore on multiple charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT). He faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

But The J-Star strangely enough buried this big story when it broke last year.

Why did the MCA-owned paper cover up news that impacted negatively on the burgeoning evangelical cult movement which has successfully crossed the Causeway?

The City Harvest Church pastor's wife "reaching out to the unconverted"
The City Harvest Church pastor’s wife “reaching out to the unconverted”

The City Harvest Church of Subang Jaya has been implicated by the Singapore authorities for diverting S$2.1million between December 2007 and May 2010 for the purpose of launching the pop star career of the pastor’s wife Sun Ho (nama glamer) in Hollywood.

See Asia One article on 27 June 2012 below.

The Sneaky Star did not report this either. Perhaps it’s not so strange after all, ya, that the Gunting dalam Lipatan buat tak tahu.

Why did the MCA-owned paper fail to highlight a ‘church’ scandal that not only hit international headlines but had local connections to Subang Jaya?

Hannah Yeoh in City Harvest Subang Jaya

Oh look who’s on stage at the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya (photo below).

Hmmm, who is Hannah Yeoh sharing the stage with, ah?

Rev Kong Hee of City Harvest Church
Rev Kong Hee of City Harvest Church

It looks like Hannah Yeoh on stage during Subang Jaya City Harvest Church building launch

Hannah Yeoh gave a donation to City Harvest

The DAP Subang Jaya Adun gave a donation of RM2,000 in April 2009 to the City Harvest Church in her constituency.

This money was claimed from her DUN allocation.

Ref. Duit kerajaan Selangor disalurkan kepada Gereja City Harvest yang skandal itu

Her then personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran – now YB Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya – had carried out their political activities in the City Harvest Church as well.

Twitter rajiv4malaysiaBack in City Harvest Church

The J-Star‘s Jerusubang agenda

It is clear that there was a deliberate whitewashing by The J-Star in terms of news coverage of the link between the serious CBT court charges in Singapore and the City Harvest Church’s affiliate in Subang Jaya.

All this while, the MCA machinery has not only been promoting the DAP evangelistas but covering up their potential bad press again and again.

The DAP SuperCyber Bullies operate like a cult and The J-Star has been helping to foster the DAP evangelista personality cult.


MCA must be held responsible

BN must hold the MCA accountable for the musuh dalam selimut operations of the media group which is under the full control of the BN Chinese component party.

BN supporters should also urge the government departments and GLCs to cancel their subscription of The Star which is api dalam sekam.


Jerusubang churches, the millionaires club

Skandal gereja Singapura-KL, murtad, superstar dan gejala cuci otak



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40 thoughts on “God says sorry to City Harvest Church pastor

  1. This is absurdity at its worst. What will these people say next ? Speaking of which, if God tells them that He wants them to embrace Islam to “seal” the deal with Pas, will their followers agree ?

    As for The Star, even if the subscription is cancelled, people will still have access through the Internet. People will still read the online edition of the paper, unless the government and government linked companies block access to The Star Online. Is the government willing to do that ?

  2. It is time the Government in the interest of the public establish a Commission for Charities like Singapore to monitor, regulate etc all those RM2 incorporated religious entities which collect money from the general public. This form of tax free business has been going on since the mid-1970s.

    1. Agree. These overpaid Star journalists should do some investigative reporting how rather than becoming the mouthpiece to DAP. They need to contribute to the betterment of society and not vv.

  3. God apologizing to His people? He didn’t do that after the destroying it with the great flood. He sure as hell didn’t do that after obliterating Sodom & Gomorrah.

    Now why the hell does God apologize to the revered “Reverend” for putting him to “test”?

    Only idiots would be gullible enough to believe that load of crap. And a nest, nay, a menara Star full of vipers with forked tongues & slimy moves to bury the story to safeguard their idols from public scrutiny.

    1. Forget Kong Hee….. my disgust is aimed at the gullible, naive, brain-washed and pitiful worshipers who believed in him before and still believe in him now.

  4. Pastoress Sun Ho is so talented.



    She is definitely more talented than the nun in Sister Act. Makes me wanna convert and give money.

    1. It’s really elementary reasoning for everybody by now, how the sodomizing and lechery of the “PKR standard bearer” jives with “DAP groovy evangelism”.

      It’s not that “ALLAH” is the proprietary right of all Muslims. It’s rather the sacrilege of belittling the Lord Most Wise and Just while jesting with the spiritual sensitivities of the true and faithful.

      While I have no doubt that Allah created and cherishes each and everyone of us all, I dissent from the the mis-appropriated god of Anwar and the J-Stars.

      The last big-time affront of the LGBT cultists on the moral rigour of God Most High ended with showers of fiery hailstones on Sodom and Gomorrah.

      ETHICAL HEDONISM is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them. That is probably not too off-the-mark where Anwar and the J-stars are concerned, God not withstanding.

  5. I’m still perplexed. Which one of the triune apologize to Ayah (Father) Kong Pin? Does he refers to Jesus or God the Father or the Holy Ghost, or maybe three of them synchronously apologize to him? But there is still a chance that only two of them agree to apologize and left the other one saying nothing at all. What if only one of them agree and left the other two disagree to apologize to him? Ayah Kong Pin should have explained it all in details.

    If it is Jesus was the one who apologize, it reminds us of ‘turn the other cheek’ verse in his Ayah Kong Pin Bible. Once you slapped God or Gods or whatever by stealing funds to His or Theirs or Whomever ‘s church, God or Gods or whatever will turn His or Theirs cheek for Ayah Kong Pin to enjoy slapping it once again as Ayah Kong Pin is the Holiest above the Holy. Kodesh Ha Kodeshim.

    If it is God the Father was the one who apologize, it reminds us how He felt guilty and promise not to inflicts corporeal punishment in totality to human race. He admitted He made mistakes in Genesis chapter 6. And this time He made His mistake too by forsaking Ayah Kong Pin while Wycllef Jeans slaps the Holy Pastoress butt. No no.. please don’t get me wrong. Subverting the norms is allowable according to the Church.

    By giving Wycllef the chance to slap the Holy Pastoress butt, they saved him from eternal condemnation.

    Hmmm.. I wonder whether Hannah Yeop too offer the same stunt for any lost sheep salvation? If there’s an offer, please do let me know so that I don’t have to queue behind Wong Chun Why.

    Hannah.. Hannah.. Lama Sabakhtani?
    Hannah.. Hannah.. Lama Sabakhtani?

    1. The good thing about Islam is that if there were instances of ajaran sesat, the authorities can investigate and take action. Unfortunately the same is not seen with the non Muslim. Ajaran sesat like this is left to flourish.

      Not only just Christianity but the countless issues with mediums who rape etc. In this time and age there are people who will follow such ajaran. Rich and educated folks in Singapore can finance such a bootilicious ass shaking tongue speaking cult is mind boggling.

      The folks at JSubang and Penang aren’t too kleawer too (opposite of stoopeeeed)

  6. I’m a Christian and I feel so indignant tht Kong misused God’s name and defamed His holy character.

    No bible verses shows tht God had to apologize to His son for cruxifying Him to the cross Nor did God apologize to Job aft allowing Satan to test him in a great deal. In fact God asked Job, “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Who stretched a measuring line across it?“? With one word, God made the world and everything in it.

    The depth of the riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge are immeasurable. his judgments is unsearchable, and his paths beyond tracing out. “who has been his counselor ?”. “Who has ever given to God, that God should repay them?” For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory … romans 11.

    Kong taught heresy and cover himself up in God’s. I pray for your repentance.

  7. “Fast for a day to show unity – The STAR”

    The Star and the 3 jokers who want this must be not thinking straight ….remember Lynas ..and their hunger strike wat a joke

  8. Reminds me of Arqam.. and their followers.

    In the early 2000’s will see this community in Country Homes. Their leaders living in style whereas the followers seen roaming around appearing very much like the Talibans.

    1. I think David Koresh & his Branch Davidians is much closer to Ayah Kong Pin than the Arqam. Abuya once declare his strayed entertainer wife as general of Iblis. He wanted her to repent. But it’s not the same case for Ayah Kong Pin. He asked ‘Goad’ to repent for her strayed path. & finally ‘Goad’ succumb to his demand. Check what Helen paste up there for minutes 1:40 of the video.

  9. Helen,
    Kelakarlah posting ni.

    Ini salah Melayu jugak ke? Atau mungkin salah UMNO dan PAS yang gagal memberi kefahaman bertuhan sebagaimana dalam perlembagaan persekutuan “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan”.

    “Oh come on give the Lord a big hand tonight,” WOW! Tuhan perlukan pengiktirafan manusia dgn diberi tepukan gemuruh?

    Cikgu pernah pergi Papua New Guinea negara yg mengamalkan kehidupan tanpa agama. Tak pernah mereka sampai ke tahap kepercayaan bahawa the spirit needs big hand…

    teruk betul DAP ni… pengkhianat kestabilan negara dan pengugat keharmonian sesama bangsa Malaysia.

    Hargailah Islam, orang melayu dan Raja & Sultan Melayu demi kesejahteraan negara tercinta.

    1. Betul Cikgu Kampung,
      Even the Malay-Javanese Buddhist Bhiksu in the days of yore rejected Dhandang Ghendis instructions asking them to worship him as god. To the Bhiksus, it’s sacrilegious to worship human being as God. You can read the story in Kakawin Pararaton (Book of Kings AD 1481 – not the Book of Kings – Sefer Melakhim -ספר מלכים- of the Bible) .

      God cannot be equate to other. What more giving him some anthropomorphic attributes just like Ayah Kong Pin did. What the Buddhist Malays back then believe does not contradicts with what the Muslim strongly holds on to the Attributes of Allah.

      Al Ikhlas verse 1 to 4
      Say: He is Allah, the One and Only; [1] Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; [2] He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; [3] And there is none comparable unto Him. [4]


      The fourth verse “And there is none comparable unto Him.” confirmed what the Malay Buddhist believe. That is why, when the Islamic wave hits Nusantara, they accepted Islam without hesitance.

      Anthropomorphic style attributes of God sacrilege Him to a level of immortals, fallible and weak.

      The great Greek teacher, Xenophanes, once said :

      “If oxen and horses and lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and do the same things as men, horses would draw the shapes of gods to look like horses and oxen would draw them to look like oxen, and each would make the gods bodies have the same shape as they themselves had.”

      With advance developed mind, human beings should have achieved better or at least a step ahead of the way oxen and horses perceived God as Xenophanes symbolized in his parable.

      What Ayah Kong Pin and his church did shows the level of mentality of him, his church and his ilk.

  10. according to my psychiatrist .. the moment you hear God’s voice (or any other voices) talking & having a conversation with you, it’s a sign that proper medication like prozac, valium or xanax can be prescribed.

    Maybe the good father can free his time from consulting to seek consultation.

    1. Kat Tanjung Rambutan pasti ramai inmates ghaku jumpa tuhan mereka tiap hari, I am pretty sure of that.

      1. Socrates heard voices too. He called it Daemon & not a single University in the west which have Faculty of Philosophy does not exclude his way of thinking, his student, Plato, and his students student, Aristotle, philosophical works.

        But, Ayah Kong Pin case is different. His mental status now is a subject of scrutiny by Singaporean court. Maybe he needs prozac just like anakjamil suggested.

    2. 10 Things Therapists Won’t Tell You

      10. “Time’s up. Here’s a pill.”

      “There has been surge in the use of medication to treat mental health problems, studies show. In 2005, a mere 11% of psychiatrists — who, unlike social workers and some other kinds of therapists, are licensed to prescribe drugs — used talk therapy with all of their clients, down from 19% in 1996, according to a 2008 study in the medical journal of the American Medical Association. Similarly, the proportion of patients visiting psychiatrists for talk therapy fell to 29% from 44% in the same period. Psychiatrists get reimbursed by insurance companies at a lower rate for a 45-minute psychotherapy session than for a 15-minute medication visit, the study found.”

  11. Hannah Yeoh always so ever ready to point every fault and corruption of BN but not a squeak from her about the outright corruption taking place in her church. This is so wrong. The woman has no moral right to criticise others if she continues to close an eye to wrongdoing in her midst. Such a hypocrite.

  12. nik aziz versi kristian.. nampaknya tuhan allah jesus trinity son and god semua dah berkampong di malaysia. ..

  13. I know a pentecostal christian.

    He doesn’t drink, smoke, curse, or wear jewelry.

    I understand that some pentecostal christians don’t eat pork.

  14. Really? Never heard Allah, Jesus, Lord Krishna or any animisme god our friend worship in sabah n sarawak apologize to a mortalm this kong fella really give insanity a new kind of level. N the believers to add to that. No wonder our sakit jiwa statistic is quite high compared to other country.

  15. actually when I read this article about that poor guy who claimed his god talked to him…I just cannot control myself laughing instantly… haha…and then what?? Really crazy la this..

    I just cannot believe their so called clever chinese congregation (meaning Dapsters ) could really believe all this BS… I thought they were the clever ones… kesian kan mereka ni…. diperbodohkan oleh orang yang bodoh…. who the stupid ones now?? haha

    1. While it’s true that the evangelistas in our region have a largely Chinese congregation, I must clarify that the so-called “Reverend” Kong Hee is Singaporean, the main City Harvest Church is in Singapore (with affiliates in M’sia) and the recorded video clip, according to Yahoo! news, is suspected to be recorded in Australia.

  16. Tim Beaver. This is a true story. My illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong who worked a a hair-washer in a salon in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur established her own RM 2 incorporated church and made tons and tons of tax free and unmonitored money which she invested in the Marble Arch area of London as compared to the inferior investment by the Star.

  17. I’ve visited both CHC SG and Subang a few years back.

    The message conveyed are consistently “instructional”.
    Not much of a room to question. And they have very extensive programs to keep church followers focus on church development.

    The church is grandeur in its outlook. Presentation of worship is “modern” and appealing to the younger crowd. And sermons given, has strong undertones of “god’s wishes & aspirations”

    that is where the cookie crumbles.

    within my community of friends which is CHC inspired,
    either they flock back to SG to be “closer” to God (which is CHC to them) or they choose to evangelize around M’sia.

    Perak & Johor have grown churches with CHC connections.

  18. Ms H. How did God say sorry to the City Harvest Church pastor, by email, sms, fax, tweeter or by Fedex etc ? You mean they were in constant touch with each other so far away in hot, humid tropics ?

    1. Twitter seems to be the communication medium of choice among the DAP evangelistas.

      1. Ms H. Why did’nt the holy Pastor of the City Harvest Church Singapore let us know God twiitered him so we all be twittered by God also.

          1. Can I have God’s direct Facebook account? And Santa’s too. Will the Easter Bunny be my friend?

            People at this time and age can believe such. I remember one aunt who shuns people with her pantang says…. Ang Kong says we must….

            She was so selffish. Don’t want to share Ang Kong’s telephone number.

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