15 thoughts on “How many Aduns does it take to change a lightbulb?

    1. P Tikus traffic flow “UBAH” to one way…

      Kan duk tengah ganas campaign UBAH, mesti la kena ramai2 bergambar to show support to the new slogan – traffic flow pun kena “UBAH”..

  1. The public want to see the ‘show’, so DAP Penang give them the ‘midnight show’ hook line and sinker. Just when will BN wake up??

    1. re: “Just when will BN wake up??”

      When when BN wake up and smell The J-Star?

  2. We need only one DAP ADUN to change a lightbulb before because they have sold light bulbs before. But, it took all DAP ADUNs to erect a lamp post while posing for the camera.

  3. Ha..ha..notice “cyber guard” behind them? In fact its nothing to do with the trade name…but in a way imply the presence of those Aduns….

    Hannah made it possible. Good governance maybe?

  4. It takes a kiasu ADUN to fuck up the traffic.
    This is from the super wonderful Pulau Tikus system. The pole is block away from Zairil’s centre.

    The original plan was to have only Jalan Kelawai and Persiaran Gurney but now even Jalan Burmah, Jalan Cantoment and Lebuh Cordirinton was in the picture and many side roads. Sebab nak bodek Paragonlah.

    Anyway there will soon be the The Tan Sri LKS tunnel.


  5. Plenty if the photo is any indication. Methinks they look like lost sheep judging by the different places their visions are trained at. Perhaps they’re awaiting the good shepherd who’s the way, the truth & the life to lead them. No, not Jesus. It’s Guan Eng lah…

  6. I wonder whether they went for BERSAHUR with the local Muslims folks after this stunt.

    1. Pulau Tikus DUN only 12 percent Malay voters and that particular area in Burmah Road intersecting Codrington Avenue hardly any Malay houses except for a police station nearby.

      There’s a Catholic church, though, just a stone’s throw away from that traffic light in the picture.

      1. ok..ok…they might bersahur with the Muslim workers and the Muslim police at the police station nearby. hehehehehe..

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