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Have we become a nation of potential murderers?

By Lousy.Engineer

I really don’t understand why is that video made by Chetz Yusof is considered insensitive. I admit that I can never comprehend why is that particular video would trigger such an outburst to the point she’s now being remanded in a lockup in Segamat.

But reading her blog a moment ago, unveiled some of her personal life about her love for her grandma Continue reading “Have we become a nation of potential murderers?”

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Another case of ‘He says, She says’ in school

The principal of SMK Alam Megah in Shah Alam is expected to apologize tomorrow to Indian and Chinese students during school assembly for earlier scolding them, “balik India dan China”.

So far, there’s been no public dispute that principal Yati Dani made those remarks. Continue reading “Another case of ‘He says, She says’ in school”