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MCA appears to have picked its side

Blog House Malaysia president Syed Akbar Ali blogged on how our country is unravelling:

“Not only has the average citizen (like your friendly classmate or your own brother and sister) have become ultra kiasu wannabe Arab Bungkus but there are also the ultra kiasu Christian Born Again psychos in the country. I thank Allah that the Buddhists in this country are not ultra kiasu.”

(source: OutSyed the Box, 2 Aug 2013)

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DAP ROS status: Interesting how the Chinese mind works

Below is FMT columnist Selena Tay’s take on what will happen if the DAP is deregistered.

Selena, who is a DAP member, writes:


“The majority of the Chinese voters will stand firm against BN’s bullying tactics. The more the Chinese voters are thrown a disadvantage, the more they will strive to overcome the challenge Continue reading “DAP ROS status: Interesting how the Chinese mind works”