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Lagi dema kenakan Najib

MCA sudah berada luar kawalan.

Mereka buat lawatan belajar ke Republik Cina untuk mendapat panduan daripada Parti Komunis.

Logo Bintang Lima

Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan The Star ibarat ‘lalang’ kata blogger otai The Unspinners. Baru-baru ini si Wong Chun Wai itu dilantik menjadi pemangku CEO Kumpulan Media Star, sekaligus meletakkan jentera MCA tersebut di bawah cengkaman evangelista.

Media milik MCA juga ‘UBAH’ dengan air bah — sudah tukar logo mereka kepada Bintang Lima mirip bendera Republik Cina.

Philip (kanan) ialah pengarang The Star Online manakala Wong Siah Ping (kiri) ialah Ketua Pegawai Operasi (COO) Star Publications Digital Business

Ong Kian Ming dilantik menjadi kolumnis The Star

The Star Online melaporkan suratkhabar mereka telah melantik Ahli Parlimen DAP Serdang Ong Kian Ming sebagai kolumnis mereka.

Ini selain Fahmi Fadzil, setpol Nurul Izzah Anwar yang pernah disabitkan kesalahan memfitnah di Twitter dan dijatuhkan hukuman oleh mahkamah, yang juga dilantik menjadi kolumnis The Star.

Maksudnya jentera media MCA bertekad mahu menyalurkan propaganda pembangkang. The J-Star telah mewawancara Ong Kian Ming tentang puasa bulan Ramadannya bagi memberi publisiti positif sepertimana suratkhabar itu beriya-iya mempromo “event management” Hannah Yeoh.

MCA bersubahat

Ibupejabat Menara Star tidak lain dan tidak bukan sarang Dapster.

MCA sama ada sengaja tutup sebelah mata kepada kegiatan si Gunting Dalam Lipatan menikam belakang BN ataupun MCA sebenarnya merestui perbuatan musuh dalam selimut itu.


Pilihan gambar The Star

Di bawah ialah screenshot liputan The J-Star semalam tentang rumah terbuka Hari Raya yang diadakan oleh perdana menteri.

Cuba lihat pada gambar utama yang dipilih oleh akhbar itu. Teliti raut muka Perdana Menteri yang menoleh ke tepi tatkala bersalam dengan pengunjung warga emas keturunan Cina.

Daripada berpuluh bah beratus gambar yang dirakam oleh jurugambar The J-Star di majlis tersebut, kenapa pengarang akhbar milik MCA itu memilih gambar di yang bawah untuk ditonjolkan?

Renungi juga tiga keping gambar lain yang dipilih oleh The J-Star bagi rencana sambutan rasmi Aidil Fitri di Putrajaya. Ada nampak niat jahat akhbar itu?

Thousands throng Seri Perdana for Hari Raya open house


Berita tentang Agong diiklankan dengan lambang komunis


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39 thoughts on “Lagi dema kenakan Najib

  1. They have been very open with their position. The question is, what Umno and the other component parties must do to to deal with this Fifth Column.

    We are secure in our position only if we are vigilant. Believing that the other Malay parties will be there to defend our interests is a very dangerous thing to do.

    We must press Malay parties to meet our demands. It is very simple. If you want our votes, then you must end your collaboration with the DAP. If you can do that, you can rest assured that we will stand alongside you.

    There are no two ways about this. Don’t wait till the next GE. Don’t wait until we are near the GE. It will be too late then to apply pressure on these Malay parties. By then they will be too intoxicated with their partnership with the DAP.

    Remember ! We are only secure if we continue to stay vigilant.

  2. Coincidentally, since the status elevation of Philip, he’s regularly engaging politicians on Twitter rather than his substantial following. Used to have good banter with him on Twitter. Nowadays he seems more aloof.

    After the visit to China, Liow Tiong Lai felt that the time was right to tell the whole world the Chinese community want MCA back in the cabinet. That may be true but at whose expense? The East Malaysians who delivered some 50 parliamentary seats? Or UMNO who did better than GE12? Or poor MCA who are beating the crap out of each other in the run-up to their party elections?

    I personally hope Najib continues to put them in cold storage. After all, they were so proud to proclaim their 1M membership, which incidentally is higher than the Star’s daily circulation, only to plan a re-registration exercise to weed out traitors. Are they saying they’ve only just realized it? What are they smoking there at Wisma MCA I wonder…

    1. re: ” What are they smoking there at Wisma MCA I wonder”

      DAP 3.0 has crates and crates of holy water.

          1. Shisha is a hazard, too much of it is detrimental to one’s health, mental health that is.

  3. CSL, when asked by journalists yesterday on the committee formed to save the MCA, had said that these people are fairies sent by God. That got me thinking. Was he referring to the God of the evangelists ? L O L !

    1. MCA infighting: CSL has been sidelined a long time now from having a media platform by the faction that controls The J-Star.

      Look again at the photos on the Star page screenshot above. Liow Tiong Lai and his camp are pictured. CSL is missing from the paper’s pages.

      Actually The Prez gets the most subtle bad or no publicity from his party’s own media. We usually have to read what CSL says reported in TMI, Mkini or recently even The Malay Mail.

      1. CSL is a real man, a REAL man. He at least has a video to prove that he is indeed a real man. Some may think I m being sarcastic but I m not. Liow and Wee, and those in their camps, these men are not real men.

        Wee only became vocal after the GE13. Which by the way raises the question : what kind of men are they ? The tragedy is that as people, men like CSL exit the scene, the MCA, or whatever that’s left of this party, is now nothing but an NGO whose very existence is to first and foremost, deliver the vote to the DAP and at the same time, as a reader recently commented, deliver empty seats for the BN.

        BN and by extension, Umno, will survive and move on. But the big question is, what will become of the Chinese community once people like CSL and the old timers have all exited the scene ? I shall leave readers to answer this question.

        1. Ref: BN and by extension, UMNO, will survive and move on. But the big question is what will become of the Chinese community once people like CSL and the old timers have all exited the scene?

          A very good question for the Chinese community to ponder.

          The Chinese always say that they have the same and equal rights with the Indians and the Malays in Malaysia and yet they dump MCA that represent them in the BN with the believed that DAP is the right party to deliver them their wishes since MCA had failed miserably in providing them what they want.

          They chose DAP because of Anuar Ibrahim factor with his PKR party. The Chinese believed that Anuar PKR and PAS will give the advantages for them through DAP to wrest Putrajaya in GE13. But you see what happen? Majority of the Malays rallied behind UMNO in the Peninsular. PKR, DAP and PAS failed to deliver for PAKATAN as what they had expected.

          Now, the majority of Malays realised that BN cannot depend on MCA anymore to provide the winning seats from the Chinese majority areas. What MCA had won were from Malays majority constituencies. Coming PRU 14, we Malays promise to kill MCA for good if BN put MCA candidates in Malays majority seat.

          And this will be more easy by that time if Anuar is no more a factor in the political game, because all the Malays in PKR will start looking for a place to try their luck. The big question is, will the Chinese have the same sentiment in PRU14 as what they did in PRU13? Only the Chinese can answer. As for Malays, the tendencies is the samer is to give full support to UMNO in GE14.

  4. So you see something wrong with a newspaper getting various views from both sides of the political divide? You really need to grow up.

    1. You’re still alive and hanging around my blog?

      What I see “wrong” is allowing the evangelistas to successfully play a dirty double game at the BN’s expense.

      Utusan is vilified as Umno’s mouthpiece. The Star Editor even tweeted that Utusan prints “outrageous lies”. That is the mud (bad reputation) thrown at the “Umno-controlled” Malay paper and it has stuck in public perception so much so that Boycott Utusan campaigns abound.


      In parallel, The Sneaky Star is made out to be the MCA’s mouthpiece. This is as sneaky as the chameleon evangelistas subverting Islamic forms and terminology, and ultimately attempting to syirikkan Allah.

      Not only is The J-Star not the MCA’s mouthpreach but it delivers DAP sermons on a daily basis.

      Do I see a problem with OKM and Fahmi Fadzil being made Star columnists? No problem at all if The Star is a non-partisan media.

      So the ball is thrown back into the BN’s court. MCA owns and directly controls The Star.

      Umno has no influence at all on The J-Star which is a commercial business. However Umno is the one effectively calling the shots in the BN coalition. Hence what does Umno expect of MCA’s machinery?

      If the Scissors is left to venomously stab-stab-stab in the back as it is doing now, the BN will fatally hemorrhage, and Umno and its satellites may find themselves warming the oppo benches post-GE14.

      To see how effective Pakatan can be when they are in control of propaganda, just look at the situation in Selangor and how much the state is under the thumb of the DAP evangelistas.

      1. OKM actually doing free advertising for Utusan… nak tau what lies he is talking about?

        You have to BUY UTUSAN to know more.

        Should encourage him to tweet on Utusan everday la like that!

        1. Utusan kena rajin le ikut rentak mereka,

          Siarkan tiap hari satu berita bohong seperti “Eden dengar kabar berita dari Najib sedang dalam perancangan supaya tiap Bumiputra graduan dihadiahkan sebiji banglo percuma”.

          Si OKM akan melenting kat tweeter dia (first to always buy Utusan), maka tiap makluk dalam Malaysia mesti nak beli Utusan.

          Jangan lupa, tiap hari keluarkan satu cerita bohong.

          1. assalam rina , helen n team,

            cikgu setuju jika mulai sekarang orang melayu belajar ‘bohong’. jika kebaikan dan kejujuran tidak dihargai oleh kawan2 Cina, utk apa lagi buat baik. Melayu bukan tamak dan kaki menipu mcm sebahagian besar cina msia, tapi org melayu cikgu rasa ‘dah tak boleh tahan’.

            lihat bagaimana polis dan pegawai kerajaan dikutuk setiap hari dan lihat juga bmana penjenayah bersenjata yg rata-rata cina gangster belaan DAP terus dipertahan oleh pkr dan dap. ya rina, akhbar perlu create perception negatif ke atas cina yg menentang kesatuan dan perpaduan bangsa malaysia.

            yakin bahawa manusia yg sombong dan suka aniaya sesama manusia akan ditimpa bala dari Allah, dan bala ini sedang menuju Penang. Bala boleh dtg dlm bentuk gempa bumi, taufan dan tsunami. Kuasa Allah lebih besar dari kuasa najib, laksamana LGE, Anuar mahupun tuan2 guru yg terlalu berpolitik dari menyatakan kebenaran.

            Kebenaran kian hilang dihati manusia …..

  5. wah that syahredzan also a columnists? x pandai baca pun boleh jd kolumnis? lupa, x pandai baca x pe janji pandai tulis benda mengarut.

  6. Wow! I’m terribly impressed with someone’s vocabulary…

    “@ganpingsieu: Vicissitudes of a political life–having to deal with poison pens–just bcoz 1 has uttered one’s honest views to the discomfort of others..”

    Poor thing. Somehow, the chastening defeat MCA sustained made honest men out of MCA’s last few standing. And to think they were happy to be subservient to UMNO in the past merely to secure their positions in the administration, GLC or government tenders.

    1. Hmm, I’d like to know what “honest views” he uttered “to the discomfort of others”. How to ask to him? I got no Twitter.

      1. Perhaps we’ve been too judgmental over his fondness for Regina. Was just googling to check out what “honest views” he expressed that caused consternation when I stumbled upon this:

        LL.B (Hons), Queen Mary College, University of London– 1989
        Barrister-at-law, Lincoln’s Inn – 1990
        Diploma of Syariah, International Islamic University – 1996
        LLM, University of Malaya – 2002

        Not really wowed nor terribly impressed but I suppose he ain’t too bad…

        1. I don’t think he’s too bad either.

          Wonder how he managed to survive politics (the dirtiest game in town) and climb up the MCA ladder. A great mystery there.

  7. Don’t you feel odd when J-star adds Dr Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya as their columnist instead of someone from PAS?

      1. My reading is they are trying to “UMPAN” the UMNO youth to their site and at the same time mess up the kids’ mind with OKM’s Muslim antics.

          1. Postscript: The J-Star promoted Ong Kian Ming’s fasting stunt unquestioningly.

            When Hannah Yeoh distributed Chinese New Year angpows (custom-ordered envelopes) with a Bible verse emblazoned on it, the MCA-owned paper similarly promoted without questioning the subversion, i.e. imposition of their evangelical substance on a Chinese cultural form.

            MCA IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! The Chinese BN party aids and abets the evangelistas.

            1. Re. “When Hannah Yeoh distributed Chinese New Year angpows (custom-ordered envelopes) with a Bible verse emblazoned on it,”

              And they deny over and over again about the MURTAD case taking place in their Church.

      2. Plus their mission now is “pretending” to be Muslim-friendly after they are done with Alvivi.

        If any the Alvivi’s case has given or shaded some light to them about the Muslim Malays who are in-sync in not taking any nonsense when it comes to Islam i.e. Insulting Islam.

        I think it is a part of their damage control strategy too.

        1. MCA and Gerakan are more consistent unlike the Iguana Engs. Dapsters are amazing in their talent to turn white into black and black into white, like their insistence that Bak Kut Teh is not pork.

          But the Chinese thoroughly rejected MCA and Gerakan, and are solidly behind DAP.

          It’s the “double” nature that’s duplicitous like The J-Star. Since The Sneaky Star belongs to the MCA, ergo the MCA can no longer be trusted.

          1. Anyway I think they are already all out for Muslim-Malay-Centric mission as predicted; or we are the one who gave them the idea …sigh!

            1. re: “all out for Muslim-Malay-Centric mission”

              They can only do that because PAS control the Klang Valley mosques. Hannah Yeoh cannot simply waltz into a mosque without the connivance of the mosque committee whom are PAS people.

              If Umno controls the mosques, then no invitations would be extended to the evangelistas.

              Similarly the evangelista buka puasa and Raya open house functions require the cooperation of the PAS leaders who bring in the crowd.

              To stop the evangelistas, Malays must make PAS realise and urge JAIS, MAIS and Jakim to not tolerate their nonsense like OKM memperkotak-katikkan ibadah orang Islam.

              1. I mean the PAS leaders who bring in the ‘Malay’ crowd. Imagine how silly it would be if DAP held a buka puasa/rumah terbuka Raya and only Chinese guests turned up.

                Hence through their collusion, PAS is feeding the DAP circus and helping the show to go on.

              2. Re. “If Umno controls the mosques,..”

                1. UMNO has a policy not use the Mosque for politics.

                2. The government and even many Sultan around the country have urged politicians and political party not to use the Mosque for that purpose, but it falls on deaf ear i.e PAS and PKR

                Re. “To stop the evangelistas, Malays must make PAS realise and urge JAIS, MAIS and Jakim to not tolerate their nonsense like OKM memperkotak-katikkan ibadah orang Islam.”

                The way I see it “NOT IN NAJIB’s TIME” , I am hoping for the next smooth transition to Muhiyyidn Yassin. His father is a kiyai (preacher); same goes to Zahid Hamidi where his family own Sekolah Tahfiz in Perak I think.

                1. re: “UMNO has a policy not use the Mosque for politics”

                  Well, PAS is using the mosques for politics and allowing DAP to do the same and that was why Sultan S’gor murka kepada Teo Nie Ching and MAIS issued her a letter of warning, and the S’gor religious depts have furthermore issued several circulars repeatedly forbidding the use of mosque for politics.

                  Since there is a political dimension to PAS’s monopoly of the mosques, then it makes sense for Umno to neutralise PAS’s undue influence in the mosques.

                  1. Re. “Since there is a political dimension to PAS’s monopoly of the mosques, then it makes sense for Umno to neutralise PAS’s undue influence in the mosques.”

                    Orang UMNO dan Orang PAS sama-sama Islam, tapi orang PAS yang pernah tuduh UMNO Kafir hingga ada amalan sembahyang dua Imam atau dua masjid berdekatan. Bezanya lagi satu, UMNO berpendirian tegas yang AGAMA itu bukan politik dan wajib dihormati dan diletak ditempat yang tinggi.

              3. helen,
                cikgu has initiated many programs of islamic understanding and proactive community works in many mosques in Sgor. u know what happen? they (PAS) was not only boycott but also sabotaged many initiatives. very disappointing! JAIS is useless as most of the officers are PAS members. they r too emotional and cannot accept other good muslim except PAS! if cikgu or someone advise their management or any mosques admin matters, they will call us spyumno or talibarut umno. you just imagine how to develop strong bangsa malaysia if we have Pas, Dap and Pkr as well as hypocrite mca, the star and arrogant umno?

  8. Re. “ergo the MCA can no longer be trusted.”

    I think the present UMNO-MCA cooperation is just “wayang” in the making. I believe Najib is trying very hard to prevent the Malay-Chinese gap from widening further to the point of no return; but he is facing a tough job ahead since you know how thing is now between the two races.

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