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Kenapa anak syarikat MCA pilih lambang Bintang Lima

The J-Star “Storify” today.

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The Star Online editor Philip agrees that because Lee Chong Wei is not based abroad, hence our No.1 national badminton player is not mentally strong and it was already “kind of expected” that he loses the big matches to Lin Dan.

No surprise that The Star‘s Bintang Lima logo looks to China and Singapore.


Republic of China flag


Republic of Singapore flag

King and Queen host Raya open house at Istana Negara

ABOVE: The Star in-house promotional advertisement. The Star’s new republican logo comprises five stars forming a circle. The similarity of the Star design to the China and Singapore symbols is not by coincidence.

BN must ask MCA (owner of The Star) to explain why 90 percent of the Chinese vote went to the opposition in GE13. BN supporters, especially those who voted MCA in the Malay-majority areas, deserve an explanation as to the MCA and its Star mindset.

BN should also suspect that the anti-national content of The Star has something to do with the newspaper’s Bintang Lima orientation.


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33 thoughts on “Kenapa anak syarikat MCA pilih lambang Bintang Lima

  1. Mereka semua sama. 3 bintang untuk tentera nya. 5 bintang untuk pentadbiran mereka. Negara China menjadi kiblat walau pun pemimpin China tidak ingin melibatkan diri dalam urusan mereka. MCA pun tak malu berbuat demikian.

    Penafian hanya lakonan. Realiti nya berbukti dan terbukti. Konon parti semua kaum. Yang tersirat ialah perjuangan total hanya untuk kaum cina sahaja. India dan melayu hanya mengabui.

    Race-based politic. LKY tuding satu jari pada melayu. Tapi empat lagi jari tuding pada diri sendiri dan “breed” nya yang begitu taksub disini.

    Orang cina tertipu lagi. Tidak ingin jadi rakyat Malaysia yang berhemah lagi. Sentiasa ada agenda menyakitkan hati Bangsa Melayu…..

  2. Re. “No surprise that The Star‘s Bintang Lima logo looks to China and Singapore.”

    MCA pun buat lawatan ke China. Siapa nak jawab tu?

  3. As I have pointed out the Chinese are now divided into 3 groups, the Red MCA=China, the Blue Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP=PAP=Lee Kuan Yew=America and the Yellow Group of Malaysian Chinese. Akan Datang.

  4. “The Singapore National Flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, red above white. In the top left canton is a white crescent moon beside five white stars within a circle. The features of the flag were not arbitrarily chosen. Each feature has its own distinctive meaning and significance: red symbolises universal brotherhood and equality of man; white signifies pervading and everlasting purity and virtue; the crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascendant; and the five stars stand for the nation’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.”

    With two giant gambling dens situated in the middle of town raking in the world’s second largest casino profits, in the island state that Singaporeans call home, who can claim that this is representative of “pervading and everlasting purity and virtue”?

    1. The 5 stars of the J-Star logo signify Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, George Town and Subang Jaya?

        1. All featherweights who are unqualified, uneducated and inexperienced in what they are attempting to do now for America. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP=PAP=Lee Kuan Yew=America v MCA=China. As I said before Kuala Lumpur has become a major espionage centre of the World. Have you noticed ? There seems to be more and more foreigners residing here.

      1. ‘Gilbert Goh of organized a Singapore National Day celebration for the first time at Hong Lim Park. The event was held on 9th August from 4pm to 7pm.

        This 48th National Day celebration at Hong Lim Park is titled — “Singapore for Singaporeans”. Gilbert told TR Emeritus (TRE), “Many people have mistaken the event as a protest which it is not.” “It’s a National Day celebration event where we also want to remember some great Singaporeans who have made a difference in our lives.”

        According to Gilbert, many Singaporeans have lost their love for the country. “Hopefully the event can recapture some of the kampong spirit we have back in the old 1980s and renew our love for our country,” said Gilbert.

        A series of wide-ranging topics was covered over at the event — “Why I love Singapore”, “How to rekindle the kampong spirit”, “How to be contented in life”, etc.’

        The Firsters Singaporeans loves the kampongs, the Malaysians Firsters had nothing nice to say about it!

        1. If you go to Australia and New Zealand, you will notice that certain places are populated by Singaporeans. These Singaporeans are the equivalent of our very own Malaysian First tribe. These people too complain about how life in Singapore is like a pressure cooker and the reason they fled from Singapore is because they see Singapore as a hopeless case.

          And you know how the Singapore government deal with this ? They simply go all out to recruit more immigrants. In China, these Singapore officials even go to the extent of visiting schools, both primary and secondary, to recruit those they believe to possess potential to contribute to Singapore. Now they have expanded their scope to include India and other, far away countries like Russia and Ukraine. All this is to complement what they have in place through their various incentives i.e scholarships to attract various talented people in South East Asian countries.

          People are free to go. If they think Malaysia is not good enough for them, go ahead. What out government must do is recruit immigrants to replace those who have fled to other countries. Singapore is a good model for us to emulate. One more thing. We should also emulate Singapore’s no nonsense approach when it comes to dealing with troublemakers and other agent provocateurs.

          1. I concur. Maybe some of the Arabs business communities in Malaysia are ever willing to replace those choosing to flee the country. Some are already married to local women. Some like the late Mr Najadi had proven to add value to Malaysia.

            How’s that for Arabization?

            1. Not just Arabs. There’s the Central Asian states like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Those from Eastern Europe should also be considered. We already have Indian expats working in our IT sector. We should look at these people too. With economies in western countries now in the doldrums, we have an opportunity to recruit well educated professionals from these countries too. Instead of spending tons of money trying to bring Malaysians back from overseas, we should channel our resources and focus our efforts on expats already here and overseas talent.

              1. Yes, we should just do that. And with western economies melingkup, naturally some Malaysians would come back crawling. The wealth is here, Southeast Asians and generally Asian countries, if they (the fled Malaysians) haven’t knew it already, it is not our fault is it?

              2. Correct. Correct. I support. We can also recruit Singaporeans too, Chinese and Malays and Indians and non-PAP Eurasians if any.

                1. You will be surprised. Many Singaporeans would like to live and work in Malaysia. In fact, many are already doing so quietly.

                  1. quote, “Many Singaporeans would like to live and work in Malaysia. In fact, many are already doing so quietly.” unquote.

                    Betul ke?

                    I would think that Sporeans would like to live in Malaysia (i.e. JB) but continue to work in Spore, for the Sing dollar, mar!

        2. I have said elsewhere that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with the mischievous PAP slogan ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ since 1964 met its Waterloo through successive Malaysian Elections. And now even the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore dared not even to appear in Hong Lim Green to shout, ‘Singapore for Singaporeans’. What irony ! What irony ! He has been promoted as the Founder of Modern Singapore. And at the end of the day, this is the REALITY.

  5. This kampong boy is Singapore’s no. 1 human rights lawyer as oppose to some KJ John of Kedah. He had a lot of nice things to say about his kampong upbringing as well, unlike some here, Kedah born or otherwise!

    ‘From the barely known unknowing drug mules to the politician to the aging author, M Ravi has defended them all.

    The renowned human rights lawyer recently released a memoir, Kampong Boy, which revealed much about his life stories, from his youth in Kampong Jalan Kayu to the cases he fought in court, notably campaigns to save the lives of Yong Vui Kong, Vignes Mourti, Shanmugam Murugesu and Amara Tochi, the defamation case between Chee Soon Juan and Lee Kuan Yew, as well as Alan Shadrake, the elderly author charged with contempt of court.

    The book reveals much about the human rights’ lawyer’s rise towards prominence in civil society today. His journey towards the Bar and into the judicial system of Singapore was fraught with difficulty – as he recounts in his book, M Ravi grew up in a state of extreme poverty, where his older siblings had to drop out of school in order to work. M Ravi also recounted domestic abuse from his alcoholic father, who often demanded Ravi’s school fees so he could buy a drink.

    In a way, the book has been an inspiring look into the legal fights for justice. The activism M Ravi and his friends have led have given much hope in the homosexual community, death-row inmates and activists for freedom of speech, for several of his cases have led to landmark decisions and sea changes in the judicial arm of the government, such as the real risk test for defamation in Shadrake Alan v. Attorney-General and the landmark decision that there ‘was indisputably reason to question the constitutionality of 377A’ and that citizens need not have been charged with an unjust law before they can question its constitutionality.

    The book has also been insightful in its description of how M Ravi has handled his bipolar disorder and the challenges in reaching a psychological balance. As he wrote: “My conclusions about the bipolar experience: It’s important that you don’t allow people to label you – don’t allow yourself to be trapped under the labels. That’s why I myself reject this terminology, this label that I am a ‘bipolar person’, with all the negative baggage attached to the label.”

    If you’d like to know more about M Ravi or read about his life story, you can purchase his book at any Kinokuniya outlet in Singapore, or online at Ethos Books here.’

    1. Ms H. Your botak wrote an article about the real life in Singapore today in the Red Star. I now relate the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 failed Policies for Singapore specially for his collection and those bloggers who are not aware of what I was talking about all this while.
      1. Money was used as investment as a Foreign Policy which killed or maimed or injured innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin. Shinawatra. Bangkok Riots. 2003-2013.
      2. US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of the citizens Trust money was lost by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes’ men with the smartest fellow on top in October 2008 on Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee Saturday Column. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009-2013
      3. The 2 Child Family Policy. 1970s-1980s. This is the killer. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2013. In 1959, Lee Kuan Yew took power. Indigenous population was 100%. 2013, 62% and 2030, 45%.
      4. Humanity and Multiculturalism not practised. Vide. The Curry Smell Tribunal.

  6. Sorry. Continuation. 4. Humanity and Multiculturism not practised. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 2011. The 188 bus drivers strike. 2012. The Toilet fights 2011. etc. 1970s – destruction of places of worship till someone told the Boss to stop !
    5. The perfunctory Judiciary which is known the world over. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw -if the police stopped at 1, he would not be involved. The police stopped at 51 !. Poor girl !.
    6. 5,000 pigs are imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. King of the Road. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank etc.etc.
    7. A full Cabinet of Ministers (enough for a 50 Million population country) in a one street town of 5 Million with the highest paid salaries in the World. Vide. Warren Buffet.
    8. The creation of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1966 which did nothing for 47 long years but to quarrel with all and sundry. The DAP failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to Lee Kuan Yew to save his legacy of a lifetime. The DAP now under pressure from his latest book to do something.
    9. Lee Kuan Yew assumed power in 1959. He is still there. During this period MALAYSIA HAS HAD 6 DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRIME MINISTERS. Malaysia has become a runaway success in human terms and Singapore a runaway failure !

  7. Helen,

    MCA ni Buta hati dan Perut ke?

    Saya hanya menmgetahui tentang Mendiang Tan Ah Eng melalui Blog Annie sebelum PRU13. Saya perhatikan hingga saat-saat akhir beliau
    pun, beliau masih menunjukkan taat setia kepada BN/MCA dan berkempen untuk BN.

    Tan Ah Eng’s message to the people of Gelang Patah (updated)

    Beliau meninggal dunia beberapa hari yang lepas. It is a great loss to Gelang Patah community.

    “Farewell for Tan Ah Eng

    Just got words from Johor that former Gelang Patah MP Tan Ah Eng passed away just now.”

    Sadly I have not heard/read about a big tribute for her, for being a great MP that she was in the past. Tak ada sesiapa pemimpin MCA yang tweet tentang berita pemergian beliau ke? Atau full page condolence message dalam J-star?

    I haven’t read J-Star for a while now, so I didn’t follow any story regarding this. If this is true, MCA is truely “PARTY CEKIK DARAH” yang tidak tahu menghargai jasa ahli-ahli mereka yang bekerja keras selama ini. Sedangkan ahli-ahli Jerusubang dan DAP diberikan liputan meluas dalam J-star.

    Memang PADAN DENGAN MUKA MCA ditinggalkan oleh pengundi-pengundi Cina. Saya ulangi lagi yang saya berharap di PRU14 nanti, semua kerusi yang dimenangi mereka sekarang dipulangkan semula pada wakil-wakil Melayu.

  8. Helen,

    Baru perasan tentang warna bintang 5:

    Merah = DAP
    Hijau = PAS
    Biru = PKR
    Ungu = LGBT
    Oren = Tak tahu apa tapi rasanya warna bintang PRC.

    If this is true it is official that it is an opposition news portal and they should declare it as such. Jangan nak TEMBERANG.

    1. LOL. Sorry. Blue MCA has now become Red. The Star is now the Red Star. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is now Blue instead of red. The group of Malaysian Chinese loyal to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia should be Royal Yellow.

        1. ‘The group of Malaysian Chinese loyal to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia should be Royal Yellow.’

          Just like the Tangs and the Mughals!

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