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Senator stabbed

by poison pen

Stabbed by pen

MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu complains that his “honest views” have so much discomforted others that he is now “having to deal with poison pens”.

It must be the Scissorati at work. Wow, terribly impressed (at the efficacy of the virtual assassins).

Twitter ganpingsieu Vicissitudes of a political

Imagine. If an MCA vice president can lament that he is a victim of poison pen fitnah, what more slander then are these venomous J-pens capable of smearing against the other component parties in the BN.

Gan had earlier expressed his interest to go for a higher post in the upcoming party election, i.e. deputy president or MCA president.

The different factions vying for control of the cash-rich party – MCA has billions of ringgit in assets – are busy backstabbing each other.

Do recall that the secret taping of Dr Chua Soi Lek in the Batu Pahat hotel room was suspected to have been an inside job.


In his interview a couple of days ago with Malaysiakini, Gan admits that his party needs to learn how to express itself more eloquently if it wants to remain relevant.

Strange that he should say so considering how the MCA ostensibly controls the country’s biggest media conglomerate that has an audience of 5.63 million adults.

Yet despite the MCA’s ownership of the Star Media Group, the party is far from eloquent. In fact MCA is shambolic in putting across its message and has long ago slipped into political irrelevance.

If the party cannot even rein in a media that it effectively owns, and curb the editorial staff on the company payroll from their lethal scissorsing, how effective do you reckon the MCA to be? What is the purpose of MCA on the planet?

Dial_M_BlogAccording to Gan, MCA must get its priorities straight (video above).

The main priority is that MCA does not continue to become the cause for the BN to eventually bleed to death from sustaining all those scissors wounds in the back. With friends like MCA, the BN doesn’t need enemies.

Stabbed by pen2


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8 thoughts on “Senator stabbed

  1. GPS is daydreaming again. Who does he think he is ? I doubt he has any intrinsic value. He thinks he is some big shot. What has he done for the MCA, for the Chinese community, for BN, for our country ? So far, nothing. His contribution is almost zero. Well, not zero. At least he contributed his saliva with his participation in numerous “dialogues” with opposition politicians organized by NGOs.

  2. I find it interesting, hilarious even, that prior to the GE, MCA kept the omerta sacred. No snitching, no complaining, no problems no matter how unjust a issue might be.

    Post GE, sans government positions, all bets are off. The likes of Tiong Lai, Ka Siong etc etc has been vocal to the point of drawing comparison to the opposition. Being at the back benches instead of their usual positions must have made honest men out of them.

    For all their moaning over the supposed “ill treatment” of Chinese in the country, they’ve clearly forgotten that many others are deprived. Ask the Orang Asli or East Malaysian Bumis. At least most Chinese in Malaysia have a proper toilet to crap in daily.

    “Count your blessings? What’s that? We take & take & take some more until we have too much even if it means others go without. Let’s start with the PM’s Open House as we come armed with our Tupperwares.” A Chinese friend’s opinion on what goes through the mind of a typical Chinese in Malaysia when the issue came up for banter yesterday.

    1. re: “We take & take & take some more until we have too much even if it means others go without.”

      Yes. That’s the predicament of the Indian poor (going without). They’re trampled underfoot when the gajah sama gajah berjuang.

      1. It is really disgusting that the Chinese go around town telling everyone how they are being discriminated yet when it comes to relations with Indians, they have no hesitation whatsoever to spit, to trample our fellow Indian citizens.

        Speaking of honest men, these people have never been honest. Not even after they have lost their ministerial posts. Now they are bitter that all bets are off. We can now expect more bile, more venomous attacks from these charlatans.

        If there is one phrase to describe these people, here is one. They expect to enjoy all privileges yet they shun all conceivable responsibilities.

        1. My bad.

          The sentence should read; (…) made “honest” men out of them. Not for one mili-second do I consider them honest in every sense of the word. They’re just as opportunistic as their bible verses quoting, Ramadhan fasting, Muslim greeting spewing DAP brethren. In fact, they’re made for & deserve each other.

  3. i find it odd now since the PRU13 is over GPS is more and more in the news.. where is he during PRU13? should not he be more vocal at that time…

    1. re: “GPS is more and more in the news”

      In the alternative media. Not really in Star news.

  4. Kaiju alert, I mean GPS Twitter alert!!!

    Seems like GPS on the warpath with ROS for not giving reasons for DAP’s CWC ruling.

    “@ganpingsieu: DAP’s party election is fundamentally flawed.That is bIindingly obvious .ROS not giving decision over its ruling is equally flawed.”

    “@ganpingsieu: “Duty to give reason” by authorities in administrative decisions (except some security matters) is a must in modern public admin practice.”

    “@ganpingsieu: Public Authorities must keep up with modern practice of gd governance n not to hide behind outdated notion of absolute discretionary power.”

    Like the Kaijus, MCA & its leaders are evolving. To ensure their political relevancy & survival, they’re not adverse to act like DAP. Then again, perhaps the Star was part of a not so hush hush plan to push the evolution agenda to the dinosaur like MCA upper echelon & their not so young members.

    For those who are wondering what “kaijus” are, here’s a link to enlighten you:

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