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Surau di Tg Sedili mungkin terpaksa dirobohkan nanti

Sebuah surau di Tanjung Sedili, Johor – yang dengan ‘tidak sengaja’ pernah digunakan sekali oleh satu kumpulan penganut Buddha Singapura untuk membuat meditasi mereka – telah disyorkan oleh pihak berkuasa agama Islam agar ia dirobohkan, mengikut laporan terkini The Mole.

Tokoh biksu juga turut memohon maaf bagi pihak kumpulan penganut Buddha itu atas keterlanjuran mereka.

Berbeza negeri Umno Johor, negeri Pakatan Selangor mempunyai lebih ramai penduduk kaum Cina dan kaum India yang beragama Kristian daripada yang beragama Buddha kerana puak evangelis kuat mendakwah.

Mungkin Teo Nie Ching (gambar bawah) iaitu bekas Ahli Parlimen Serdang, Selangor akan membawa budaya evangelis DAP kepada orang di kawasan Parlimen barunya pula di Kulai, Johor.

Teo Nie Ching senam



Teo Nie Ching melawat Masjid Al-Taqwa
Teo Nie Ching melawat Masjid Al-Taqwa
Ahli Parlimen Kristian DAP
Ahli Parlimen Kristian DAP Seputeh
Adun Kristian DAP Teratai
Adun Kristian PKR Seri Andalas
Ahli Parlimen DAP Bagan menrangkap Adun Ayer Puteh di Masjid Sungai Nibong, Pulau Pinang
“Khalifah” Lim ‘Umar Abdul Aziz’ Guan Eng di Masjid Sungai Nibong, Pulau Pinang
Ahli Parlimen PKR Gopeng, Adun PKR Simpang Pulaidan Adun PKR Teja
Ahli Parlimen Kristian PKR Gopeng, Adun PKR Simpang Pulai dan Adun PKR Teja
Orang besar DAP Perak James dan David di masjid
Pasangan sepupu Kristian DAP David Nga Kor Ming & James Ngeh Koo Ham, masing-masing MP Taiping/Beruas
Ahli Parlimen Kristian DAP Serdang
Ahli Parlimen Kristian DAP Serdang
Adun Kristian DAP Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-07-27 10-26-56
hannahyeohProgram Ramadan bersama penduduk
Adun DAP Hannah Yeoh baru-baru ini
Adun sesumpah DAP Hannah Yeoh makan pun bertudung (yang warna kelabu)
Baju kurung bercorak kulit biawak


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83 thoughts on “Surau di Tg Sedili mungkin terpaksa dirobohkan nanti

  1. Thank you for this posting. I was about to post a comment on this as well.

    Nasib baik mereka ni semua – ahli Jerusubang dan seangkatan dengannya bukan di Johor, negeri kelahiran saya, kalau tidak sudah tentu Tuanku Sultan akan amat murka. Silap-silap kena PENAMPAR JEPUN dari Baginda Sultan. FYI, ada yang dah kena….

    Setakat ini belum lagi kedengaran suara-suara dan perlakuan LKS dan Teo Nie Ching yang akan mengundang padah. Ingat kisah Iguana Eng yang mengatakan bahawa Johor Bahru tidak selamat suatu ketika dulu, rasanya baginda Sultan Johor telah bertitah dan Iguana terus senyap lepas tu.

  2. Re. “Adun Kristian PKR Seri Andalas”

    Selepas Adun Kristian PKR Seri Andalas beri ceramah dalam Masjid Ar Rahimiah, Ramadhan, Masjid tersebut terus mendapat bencana, yang sebelum ini tidak pernah berlaku atas faktor ianya terletak diatas bukit.

    “Buat pertama kalinya dalam sejarah Masjid Ar Rahimiah itu sendiri, Solat Jumaat pada 30 Mac 2012 bersamaan 7 Jamadil Awal terpaksa berpindah ke tingkat atas…

    Ramai dikalangan jemaah penduduk berhampiran masjid merungut dan menyingkap kisah KAFIR HARBI masuk ke dewan solat yang dilakukan oleh pimpinan PAS, maka berbunyi suara suara berkata “ini semua terjadi sebab nak samak tapak kaki Dr Xavier…”

  3. Ms H. There you have this person wearing a tight SIA uniform in a mosque which by proper religious custom she should wearing proper Muslim garb for females – properly covered up from head to toe in white or black.

    1. AK47- as a Muslim you should know that this tight SIA stewardess garb was purposely intended by the DAP evangelist-turned politician to mar the sanctity of Islam in Islam’s holy house- unbelievably this is the party you supported. May be it is high time for you to rethink vacating your seat if you really care about Islam.

      1. Dear anakbukitgantang,

        This “AK47” is not Sakmongkol.

        He’s a Chinese Uncle from Lee Kuan Yew’s era who knows all about Singapore policies and can remember the 1950s and 1960s.

        1. Ms H. Yes ! I am a Malaysian Chinese, brother-in-law by marriage to Tun H.S. Lee, Malaya’s First Finance Minister and to Lee Kuan Yew. I remember events in the mid-1930s onwards. I deliberately assumed a very low profile since 1960. I consider myself a Nationalist. 15 members of my family went up to Cambridge from 1925 to 2013. One or two were blackguards who cheated at exams and nearly sent down !

      2. anakbukitgantang. Before you accuse me, a Muslim, I refer you to my comments in And please do not simply accuse me on my comment on the SIA tight garb worn by the DAP intruder. You should say sorry to me for your frivolous and emotional accusation. YOU FORGOT ONE THING THAT NON-MUSLIMS ARE NORMALLY NOT WELCOMED IN MOSQUES ! Right ? abg.

        1. anakbukitgantang. Please do not think every Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, is pro-DAP. I have been a NATIONALIST SINCE 1954. Where were you abg ? You bullied the wrong person.

          1. Ms H. . One thing I am sure anak……. agrees with me is for the Muslims to evangelize the new Christians since they are so keen to operate politically in mosques. Right anak…?

        2. anakbukitgantang mistook you for Sakmongkol AK47, the Malay DAP Member of Parliament for Raub.

        3. Unwelcome is not the correct word. It’s okay for non-Muslims to enter the mosque as long they follow proper protocols like covering their Aurat and to leave their shoes at the rack (walk bare feet), be quiet, and not littering.

          It’s not okay only when people act like this in a mosque:

          1) ‘oh, if you ask me to follow your culture or law, you’re racist’ DAP

          2) ‘oh, they’re non-Muslims, they don’t know our culture/law, we shouldn’t be so strict with them’ PAS/PR

          That’s all. *head desk*

  4. What a cruel lady you are!

    Why are our eyes assailed by the numerous pictures of Madame Speaker? One is plenty.

    Have mercy on us please!!! Any more & we’ll be in danger of losing our sanity as we’re bewitched by her oh-so-not-sweet looks.

    1. Before Madam Speaker wears animal prints she should measure her waist. She is getting fatter and fatter.

      If there were a program called Fashion Police Asia, I would say she looks like a “biawak yang baru telan seekor kucing”. We better arrest ask the fashion police to tangkap her under ISA.

      1. A few days ago, she tweeted about her being featured in a magazine with Shay on the cover. When I showed my mum the photo & asked her if she knew who it was, she looked intently before saying she didn’t. When I said it was Madame Speaker, all she said was; she must either be so rich now she could afford to have a plastic surgery makeover or the Allah she’s fighting for must really be generous to have granted her wishes.

        Me? I say its Photoshop

  5. Halen,
    Jika merujuk pada gambar Adun Kristian PKR Seri Andalas, masjid tuh pernah ditimpa banjir selepas adun tuh bagi `tazkirah` di situ. Masjid tersebut tidak pernah alami banjir, tetapi slepas tragedi itu masjid itu banjir. Tuhan nak tunjuk tapi orang yang masih taksub sahaja masih tak sedar.

  6. Speaker tu macam “Mother Christmas” pulak, ada muka dia kat masjid ada saja jamuan atau beri hadiah?

  7. JAKIM should spend more effort and study on how to attract Yeoh Yuan Tseoh to masuk Melayu. Obviously Yeoh find it easy to mix with the Malays.
    Both Christianity and Islam come from the middle east.

    So for non born muslim one is as good as another.

    In europe and us christianity is a discredited religion and now depends on backward Africans and borneos natives for growth.

    We can see Catholics changing their religious basics allowing women as priests, abortion, men and men sex etc.

    Its the way of the new world.

    Instead of emphasing the old punishments and hell fire which the majority of western world find hard to believe, JAKIM should focus on humanity on friendship. In this open world even Arabs are rebelling against ulama dictatorship as in Egypt.

    Malays and UMNO have always been pragmatic about Islam, allowing women freedom to vote, appointing them as Judges, freedom to mix freely with men at work and concert, allowing male doctors to treat women etc. All these are haram in Islam but the Malay/UMNO have allowed these. Except for PAS Malays but they are a minority and have been rejected in Malays states. So the majority of Malays are secular and modern.

    instead of threatening beautiful malay girls, JAKIM should get to know all the beautiful women in the beauty pageants and invite them into Islam notwithstanding their clothing. Surely getting these beautiful women into melayu is more important than stressing their clothing? Do you convert the non Malays by stressing on the rituals of Islam like cutting of prepuce or clitoris as a necessity? Of course not. That would surely scare Ms Yeoh away.

    And its not even a wajib. You can still be a Muslim and keep your prepuce. Got to move away from Arabs obsession with private parts if the Malays want to move on.

    1. Re: backward Africans and borneos natives for growth

      You must be one of those who subscribe to Hadi Awang’s views that Sarawakians still wear loin clothes & live on trees. Have you been there recently or for that matter ever before giving your two cents?

      Re: We can see Catholics changing their religious basics allowing women as priests, abortion, men and men sex etc.

      Women as priests? Where pray tell, do you see this happening in the Catholic church? Insofar as I can tell, even the idea of altar girls is not fully accepted by the majority. As for Hannah being a senior preacher (or pastor) here’s the thing; she AIN’T Catholic.

      As for abortion, birth control (condom, the pill, diaphragm) with the exception of BOM & homosexuality is still forbidden last I checked.

      The “born again” enlightened majority at least here in Klang Valley would inevitably find a check next to the boxes of “evangelical church” & “rabid DAP/PR supporter”.

      The fact that they’re either professionals and/or comfortably middle/upper class income earners are quite the norm as it correlates how quickly the church move out of their temporary shoplot lodgings to their spanking new, state-of-the-art premises worth a mint ready to host even world class acts like a couple of Aussie crooners famous for their easy to relate love songs.

  8. The evangelist hands stretches wide from here to there. They are organized.

    The folks in these Malay Surau probably hope these evangelist “nak dekatkan dengan Islam”.

    I thank you Helan for helping us understand what opportunistic politician do from LKY to the present evangelist DAPster. . We can be easily outsmart.

    I am here to remind myself and my Malay friends to reflect about being among the believers not being opportunist politicians of now and in the past.

    i will like to share my experience,

    recently in the news we heard,

    “I do not think the action of giving permission to believers of other religions to use the surau is wrong. This is because they only wanted to use the surau for meditation.

    “I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. My intention is to show that Islam is universal and tolerant,” said the Singapore-born Muslim.

    My takes,

    …you got to catch up Malaysia. Are we mature enough.?

    I live in foreign land and I have reported to my family on how I have performed my daily prayers and jemaah prayers in a church (church basements to be exact).. WE Muslim don’t have enough duit dan harta to get together in a big enough place… just “to be together”.. The fire Marshall(secular) directed us to meet with Church(religious) elderly for a bigger accommodation.

    We who believe in God are community of believers.

    My sons and daughter learned Solat and Quran with the rest of Muslim children in the church basements. Sunday school mean the kid will hear two ritual simultaneously seeping thru the cracks in harmony(we were in the basements while they were upstairs).

    The church asked our community $50 a month (maybe just to show we are serious.. cannot beat that with no raise ever).

    3 years later we were able to buy a building in front of the church (still on church St by the way).

    When I bought a house in a different town later we were faced with the same scenario. Another Church in this town came to the rescue.

    Again, because we are community of believers.

    After 11 years we finally own our own Mosque.

    I always bershukur that the treats the church got from the not so happy Christian all over the United States that could harm them and our children had passed.

    God house don’t need any flags.

    ….. every body want their own place, if they can afford.

    So even if the politicking of the evangelist is apparent and evil, there is the bigger picture in being good and smart to people who pray for guidance.

    1. ‘I live in foreign land and I have reported to my family on how I have performed my daily prayers and jemaah prayers in a church (church basements to be exact).. WE Muslim don’t have enough duit dan harta to get together in a big enough place… just “to be together”.. The fire Marshall(secular) directed us to meet with Church(religious) elderly for a bigger accommodation. ‘

      Alhamdullillah, kami kat Malaysia tak payah nak lalui apa yang encik lalui. Syukur sangat-sangat kat Malaysia ni kerajaan banyak sediakan masjid dan surau untuk orang-orang Islam beribadat.

      ‘My sons and daughter learned Solat and Quran with the rest of Muslim children in the church basements. Sunday school mean the kid will hear two ritual simultaneously seeping thru the cracks in harmony(we were in the basements while they were upstairs).’

      Alhamdullillah encik dapat melatih anak-anak encik belajar menjadi orang-orang Islam dalam keadaan sedarurat encik. Saya rasa bersyukur sangat.

      ‘…you got to catch up Malaysia. Are we mature enough.?’

      Tak payah lah kita ikut acuan orang lain. Tak payah kita guna Pakistan atau Bangladesh sebagai parameter. Tak payah kita guna Belanda dan Amerika Syarikat pun sebagai acuan dalam hal ini kerana semestinya dan Alhamdullillah kita tidak perlu beribadat dalam keadaan sedemikian. Status quo masih sama dan itu yang kami sedang pertahankan. Encik dan sahabat-sahabat muslim di sana berjuang dan berdakwah cara yang kamu semua mampu. Saya faham. Kami buat cara yang kami biasa dan encik juga perlu belajar faham.

    2. Kalau nak buat macam tu boleh tapi label la sebagai Dewan Am supaya boleh gilir-gilir guna tak kisah agama apa. Tapi bila dah dilabel RUMAH ALLAH, orang Islam dan ahli kitab (Kristian dan Yahudi) jelah yang boleh guna. Kaabah tu pun Rasulullah hancurkan semua berhala yang ada tapi kita pula nak benarkan berhala dimasukkan semula ke Rumah Allah? Kau biar betul bro.

      Kalau darurat, memang la apa-apa pun boleh terjadi. Sekarang ni kita di Malaysia ni dah darurat ke sampai terpaksa kongsi rumah ibadat?

  9. Buddhism Esposes Kindness and peace to all mankind. Your kind of Buddhism should remain only in the Muslim District of Myanmar and not allowed to come here. Or better still you should go there to practise your hate messages.

    1. This has nothing to do with Myammar Buddhism.
      This kind of Singaporean kiasuism is not acceptable, Is there a saying ‘Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto to you’?

      Would it be acceptable if a church service or even solat is performed in a Buddhist temple? NO NO NO

      The point is about respecting people. The Malays are not “ultrasensitive”. It is the kiasu behaviors and “insentitivity” especially of the Chinese who irr others. The bah kut teh insident, the KFC, now the minions at McDonalds at Bandar Perda and Namewee show the utter arrogance of the Chinese. It is NOT the norm of appologise if you are wrong. You justify.

      For example the CM’s driver can park in a clamping zone. It is wrong. CM should appologise instead he justifies why he is right. Sheer arrogance.

      It seems like what is Chinese is considered correct but others wrong. Certain Chinese leaders complaint of how loud the azan is but NOBODY seems to complaint of the ever load and irritating Chinese getai. I bet Malays will NOT complaint of the getai this Ghost Festival. If church members come to your home and sit for hours to tell you about Christianity, it is to share Good News and not BUGGING someone. How many times the Chinese will place a tent on the road when someone has died. You don’t see the Malays closing the road because someone has died!

      The problem today is the Kiasuism and Kiasism. The louder you are fine.

      The minion issue! Kurang ajar! Buying food as throwing away. Buy beef but not eat beef because you are Buddhist! Did the cow just die for fun so that you can get a toy! Dispicable! Pushing and shoving and scolding Malay McDonalds workers in the midst of Ramadhan for some stupid toy.

      To justify their lust for the minions. Give the food to the street urchins. Do you think the street urchins are human dustbins to service the lust of the Chinese middle class.

      This kind of Malaysian/Singaporean kindness is disgusting!

      1. re: “You don’t see the Malays closing the road because someone has died!”

        But they do to hold kenduri kahwin (tents).

        1. But bila Cina kahwin, it is for selected guest only.
          Kenduri tents are open to the whole kampung.

          Different, isnt it?

          1. Kenduri tents are erected across the road in the suburbs. A suburb is not a kampung and guests are by invitation too. You and I would not gatecrash the suburban Malay wedding.

        2. Helen – You forgot to highlight that Malays also close the road when they host big Hari Raya open houses.

          But I doubt the urban Malays close the road (when they hold kenduri or Hari Raya open house) without consulting their neighbours and without providing alternative road access. It’s not typical Malays to ignore their neighbours. Unless those urban Malays have become kiasu like the Cinasters.

          1. re: “consulting their neighbours”

            Wedding dates are planned way in advance.

            Deaths are not.

            1. How many hours will it take to walk over, sms or call their neighbours? Usually coordinated by the neighbours or the mosque committees. Tak kan you all biarkan the bereaved family members terlari kesana sini to do all those formalities?

              If someone dies in the hospital usually to move the body out even without going thru post mortem may take few hours for the body to reach their homes.

              Church or Temples tak coordinate ni semua ke?

          2. We had Malay wedding kenduris in our neighbourhood where we only knew about it on the morning of the event itself… when the tent men came to pitch the canopies on the road.

            In the spirit of “muhibbah”, we are fine by it.

      2. quote, “Certain Chinese leaders complaint of how loud the azan is but NOBODY seems to complaint of the ever load and irritating Chinese getai.” unquote.

        Actually Im okay if my Cina neighbours hold the annual Chinese getai.

        I just can’t stand the incessant barking of their dogs, ALL THE TIME!

      3. Why are you accusing the Chinese/Singaporeans when it was a Malay who offered them the use of the surau?

        During the Seri Pristana and the Hari-Raya dog video fiascos, you jokers were blaming the Chinese for everything even though the incident did not involve them directly.

        In other nations, non Muslims are willing to offer their places of worship to Muslims for their use, but here the generosity is not reciprocated. Does it have to go to the point where the Malay manager is locked up?

        And now we have ‘I am Mulan’ saying it is ok to block the road for a wedding celebration, but not for a funeral. Who is the arrogant one here??

        1. I am Mulan has very blinkered views. My neighbours (Malays, Mamaks, Chinese etc) block the roads with their tents and on’t bother letting the other neighbours know. Worst still is when their guests block your gate with their cars and don’t seem to care. So as far as I’m concerned such bad manners (biadap behaviour) cuts across all races. Mulan and the others who just hantam the nons for certain types of bad behaviour are really talking nonsense.

          1. Ya. Mata saya sepet Sham. Tak boleh tengok. I and others like me are all psycho. DAPhaters. Racist etc. We all psychotic and we ramble.
            We are so SHAMeful.

            Sorry ACDC for not respecting our kinds customs. We can block the road anytime we can. Our Lord Tanjung’s Tokong has made me open my sepet eyes that I can park anywhere so long the driver is in the car.

            When we put the coffin, we must ask Maria (Pinoy maid) to take care of the road. The same when we have a wedding.

          2. Sham tak rajin ke semejid ker? Kebiasaan semua urusan kenduri kendara (kawin atau urusan jenazah) ni ada biro2 khas yang akan bereskan!

            Sham tinggal tak kenal2an dgn jiran ker? Masjid jauh?AJK JKKKKpg akan uruskan. You only need ONE phonecall, semua beres! Next GE vote for BN, specifically UMNO..

            Sistem hidup bermasyarakatan tersedia ada dari toknek kita lagi Kalau ngaku diri Malaysian tetapi tak terdedah dengan sistem ni besar kemungkinan Sham adalah anak PATI ie tak tau menahu adat resam cara hidup orang sini.

            1. wakakakaka…saya telah undi BN lah di tempat saya. Did you read the whole thread? People like Mulan only blames others for the very same things that everyone else does. That is the point I am trying to make that rudeness cuts across all races.

  10. Mengapa hendak dirobohkan? Itu kerja membazir, sekiranya kiblat tidak betul, perbetulkan.

    1. Sebagai suatu tanda “isyarat” kepada masyarakat umum, kot.

      Ni berita besar. Tajuk utama muka depan Utusan hari ini berbunti “Surau akan diroboh”, diiringi dengan gambar si pemilik resort ditahan polis dengan tangannya nampak digari.

      Namun saya rasa ia tersasar kerana yang terbabit pun bukannya orang tempatan tetapi dikhabarkan mereka adalah pelancong dari Singapura.

      Seterusnya, ia bukannya penganut Buddha yang ada niat masuk surau. Mengikut laporan berita, kumpulan itu telah meminta supaya diberikan dewan untuk kegunaan mereka.

      Sebaliknya ia politikus evangelista Pakatan lah yang selalunya dok sengaja nak naik turun, ke hulu ke hilir di masjid dan surau. Malah di halaman ini sudah ada berpuluh keping gambar menunjukkan kegiatan-kegiatan mereka mengusik rumah ibadah orang Islam.

      1. Surau tu tak ikut arah kiblat. Surau tu pun dah tercemar dengan berhala. Untuk mengelak daripada ramai orang nak lawati surau tu dan polemik berpanjangan. Nabi Muhammad SAW pun pernah merobohkan masjid yang tercemar dalam bentuk lain. Ini bukan dibuat out of vacuum semata-mata sensasi!

  11. My suggestion to BN, scrap 1Malaysia and replace with Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2.

    The Chinese all seem to like to become Korean. They all want to be Girls Generation and want to dance Psy with the DAP and scold BN.

    The little ones dress up in Hello Kitty dresses and pack a Resident Evil style behavior. It is so cool to behave like the undead – everyday is Por Tor day.

    See how many Cina go to Farenheit 88 punya Jepun store.

    MCA should go Dasar Pandang Ke Timur 2. Serve Kimchi during mooncake festival.
    Let us pray so that we get sponsors so that we can have plastic surgery so that we look Korean.

    1. My suggestion to BN is to pull the life support from MCA. Let them Swim or Sink on their own in the Next GE.

        1. Once I commented in one blog that MCA is actually in self-destructing phase by reading and observing their thought and action in J-star. I think it was about 2 years ago. Among others, they gang up with DAP with everything Chinese even though it is against UMNO/BN’s wishes.

          1. re: “even though it is against UMNO/BN’s wishes”

            MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu in his interview with Malaysiakini said:

            “MCA had been giving the public impression that the party is subservient to Umno particularly. However, asked if he meant that MCA is factually submissive, Gan denied this, saying that it was just because MCA was not doing well enough in terms of political articulation.”

            DAP and their Dapsters have been successful at portraying MCA as Umno’s “poodle” and Umno as a bully whenever MCA goes along with Umno’s wishes.

            The J-Star is one of the main weapons in helping the opposition win the perception war.

            1. Re. “MCA was not doing well enough in terms of political articulation”

              Should I laugh or should I pee over this….

              Ada media empire pun serupa macam tak ada.

    2. i dont think the hardline chinese kiasu totok type would agree on that.. especially concerning japanese related matter.. some open minded genaration might be ok but the majority never forget the nanking and sok ching.. the japanese too dont like the chinese very much especially ultra nationalist group like uyoku dantai and zantokukai.

      1. “i dont think the hardline chinese kiasu totok type would agree on that.. especially concerning japanese related matter.. some open minded genaration might be ok but the majority never forget the nanking and sok ching.. ”

        That one sudah 80 tahun. Time to die.

        Today one. Love japanese and korean.

        Here is one about our super noisy neighbour.

        “But a new survey of students in Singapore has found that nearly a quarter of those who come from the country’s predominant ethnic Chinese population wish they were not Chinese. Instead, virtually all of them said they preferred to be Caucasian or Japanese.”
        They will live cross 2020.

        “Nearly 95 percent of their elders said that they wished to remain Chinese”
        No wories, coming soon to a funeral home!

        1. so we’re gonna have a bananana genaration(chinese) after this together with the coconut generation(malay) that is on the rise too they can be a good fruity flavor or can be a toxic combo too.

    3. Mulan – something is really wrong with you when you have such petty hatred for others. Why are you so bothered about how they dress or what they like etc. It’s painful to see a Muslim (and I presume you are a sister) having so much bitterness in her. Commenting on the way they dress (even the kids) and where they shop is pathetic. Obviously you haven’t been to many of the UniQlo stores in KL; You will be surprised at the number of Malays who also shop there.

      1. Sham,

        You got all wrong. I am Mulan is a Chinese and is not a Muslim. She criticizes the Chinese (DAP) for their kiasuness. I don’t see anything wrong with that! I at times also criticize my fellow Malay Muslims for being too over-sensitive and narrow- minded.

        1. Its just goes to show how sepet mata Sham is!!! He is so into defending the Chinese by pretending to be a Malay, to the extend of blaming the Malays and Muslims (patronising too, when he accused Mulan to be one and should not be behqving as such) for an opinion a Chinese had made!

          Nampak sangatttt!!!

        2. No, Mulan does not merely criticise a party he/she does not believe in. This individual actually chastise an entire race because of the overwhelming support the Chinese gave to the opposition.

          Cloaked in anonymity, anyone can claim to be whatever or whomever they want. What is telling is the bigoted overtone of this person’s message.

          1. If I’m not mistaken, Helen did mention somewhere in her blog that ‘I am Mulan’ is a Chinese. Helen would know as we have to provide our email address to enable us to post comments in her blog.

  12. Since we are on the topic on non Muslims in mosques, a little reading material about Muslims in churches.

    Credit to Syed Akbar Ali @ Outsyed The Box

    In this country, I think it would become an issue if a Muslim is seen even walking into a church, never mind attending some function i.e. a wedding or a funeral. Please correct me if I am wrong, because I would really like to know how Muslims in Malaysia view such situations.

    1. When my former classmate got married last year, one of the attendees at the church ceremony was a Muslim ex-classmate with his wife.

      1. In Kuching, I’ve attended countless weddings & funeral attended by Muslim. Interestingly, the women would use a scarf to cover her head if she’s not already using a tudung.

        No issues there. They’re treated with respect & the same reciprocated. But then again, perhaps Sarawakians are more tolerant as mixed marriage is fairly common in the state

        1. I live on the US and my husband is an American. His family members are mostly Christians and our circle of friends are Muslims, Christians and Jews. I’ve been here since the early ’90’s and have attended many wedding/funeral/Bar Mitzvah services in Mosques, Churches and Synagogues. Do my actions make me less Islamic? I don’t think so but then again I have been exposed to peoples with different beliefs, cultures and traditions. There are many Malay Muslims in Malaysia who don’t have this kind of exposure. To them using the surau for the ritual of another religion (in this case Buddhism) has violated the sanctity of the surau and WE NEED TO RESPECT THEIR SENSITIVITY! PERIOD!

          1. No need to shout at the end of your comments ma’am. We’re (mostly) civilized people engaged in intellectual (at times debatable) discourse.

            Everyone in Malaysia seems to suffer from a certain degree of butthurt nowadays, be it Muslims or Christians or Hindus. As for the Buddhists, as far as I can recall, this is probably the 1st incident which involves them.

            I think we need to manage our “sensitivities” better. Society at large draw conclusions & take sides before even taking in the whole picture.

            As for the exposure argument, how can society be exposed if there are quarters out there out to suppress information and/or mislead the masses?

            It’s a messy affair obviously, but let’s be clear here. The Buddhists may not have done themselves any favor by using the surau for their meditation/chanting/prayers. But, bear in mind the proprietor gave them permission to use the premise for whatever reasons he thought was right.

            So lets not be too quick on the trigger in apportioning blame. Allow the authorities time & space to investigate this. And there’s this practice in Malaysia where countless police reports are lodged on the same issue will result in a mountain of paperwork & wasting precious resources, which adds nothing to the issue but instead giving some publicity starved persons/organizations their minute of fame on Buletin Utama if they’re lucky.

            We would do well to reflect on the Sri Pristana fiasco. That should make the Dummy’s Guide on How To Avoid A PR Disaster.

            1. Fakin’ Fake Calvin,

              Oops! Sorry! I apologize for my rudeness. Thanks for reminding me.

    2. For someone who does not give a hoot to the Prophet’s sayings, Pak Syed was being funny (weirdly funny too) when he asked (the readers, of some whom he don’t bother to have his comment published) some of us on how would the Prophet of Islam would have responded on the Sutera Resort’s Surau!

      His repetitous ini bukan saya kata ok despite having said quite a lot about the brouhaha.

      Thanks. But no thanks to Pak Syed. He still owes me an explanation on his real thought on the issue. So Pak Syed what do you think the Prophet will say and do? Care to give us your saying on that?

  13. Re . “Since we are on the topic on non Muslims in mosques, a little reading material about Muslims in churches.”

    When in Rome acts like a Roman, When in Greece acts like a Greek. Di Mana Bumi Di Pijak Di Situ Langit Di Junjung.

    Jangan asyik nak menyamakan Malaysia dengan Negara lain.

    In many places in the UK and US there is no big mosque to accommodate the Muslims so they have to make do with whatever facility is available in case of need. They can pray in the open field if they wish to but due to security reason e.g. anti Islam group, they choose a more secure place.

    You don’t see the Muslim rearrange the Church according to their wishes (except they will not face the Cross while praying and any idol within the vicinity).

    In Singapore, the Muslims are not allowed to play loud Azan and they abide by it.

    In Switzerland, the Muslims are not allowed to build Mosque with high tower (Dome).

    Please note in Tg Sedili case the Singaporean Buddhists have brought in their prayer items and picture/idol into the Surau and this is considered taboo in Islam.

    Re. Credit to Syed Akbar Ali @ Outsyed The Box

    Bila cetek Ilmu agama tapi hendak tunjuk pandai itulah jadi. Kalau tak tahu lebih baik diam atau bertanya pada mereka yang lebih tahu.

    1. LOL,

      It’s not a matter of equating Malaysia with other countries or acting like a Roman when in Rome, I think you have mistaken the purpose of the article. I am looking more at how Muslims in other countries practice their faith. I am looking at the compassion and respect shown by the priest in Aberdeen to his Muslim brethren. These are the things I am looking at.

      You have said nothing about what Muslims believe about entering a church in Malaysia, and I would like to know your take on the matter, presuming you are a Muslim, of course.

      With regards to your observations on Singapore and Switzerland, in any country, the minority have to comply with the rules made by the majority. It’s really quite simple. In countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, I do not believe the same restrictions would apply.

      What the Singaporean Buddhists have done was not correct, and we have already heard an apology from the Chief High Priest in Malaysia.

      Having said that, is it then true that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) allowed a visiting delegation of Christians from Najran to pray in Masjid Al-Nabawi? I am not a Muslim, so, I am asking to clarify what I have read. This, to me, is a remarkable sign of tolerance and respect.

      RE: Bila cetek Ilmu agama tapi hendak tunjuk pandai itulah jadi. Kalau tak tahu lebih baik diam atau bertanya pada mereka yang lebih tahu.

      >> The comment above sounds somewhat judgemental, but, that is your right to comment. I’m not sure about the level of your Islamic knowledge, so, I cannot comment. I believe there is an Arabic phrase which means the equivalent of “Allah knows best”.

      1. Seriously,

        I am blaming you or anything. I merely responding to your question. My apology if I sounds that way.

        re : “Having said that, is it then true that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) allowed a visiting delegation of Christians from Najran to pray in Masjid Al-Nabawi? I am not a Muslim, so, I am asking to clarify what I have read. This, to me, is a remarkable sign of tolerance and respect.”

        Yes he is very tolerance towards other religions (but not the idol worshiper). I believe during the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) time, it was the time of beginning of Islam. During the time Christian (or Nasrani as it was known back then) is considered as people of the book (Ahli Kitab) and not like the modern day Christian that we have today (especially the JERUSUBANG CHRISTIAN). As Muslims we believe in other books of revelation (percaya kepada kitab-kitab adalah salah satu dari rukun Iman), thus the old testament or Injil (bible) is one of them. The other are taurat and zabur.

        I watch on Natgeo sometime back how the Orthodox Christian in Egypt do the prayer which is similar to the way, we Muslim do our prayer. I Will try to locate it and post it (if can find it).

        Even Muslim men during that time can marry the Nasrani women (Ahli Kitab).

        RE: “Bila cetek Ilmu agama tapi hendak tunjuk pandai itulah jadi. Kalau tak tahu lebih baik diam atau bertanya pada mereka yang lebih tahu”.

        I have read his blog on this issue and about other issue on Islam as well, which I personally feel ‘Cetek Ilmu Tapi Nak Juga Bercakap”. The message was meant for OutSyed not for you.

        1. 1. Jewish Rabbi and Christians praying like Muslims [YouTube]

          2. christians follow the bible and Pray like the Muslims!! [YouTube]

          So I hope these two videos will clarify the issue about prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being tolerance towards the Nasrani (Christian) during his time.

          1. LOL,

            I greatly appreciate your clarification so that there is no misunderstanding.

            I still have questions, but, I want to thank you for taking the time to explain.

            Will take a look at the videos, thank you for providing the link.

    2. ‘When in Rome acts like a Roman, When in Greece acts like a Greek. Di Mana Bumi Di Pijak Di Situ Langit Di Junjung.’

      Some of us take our cue from the Irish; “when in Rome, act like a Romanian….”


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