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The Star thinks Malays are stupid

Please read the following article by The Star senior editor June H.L. Wong very, very carefully.

By the way, June Wong is up there among the heavenly Wongs (Star ‘kings’) alongside Wong Chun Wai.

After you finish reading, and if you are a BN supporter, please think very, very clearly what you would advocate that the BN should do with the MCA.

At the foot of this page is a screenshot of the article. Its url link is

Below I’ve excerpted several paragraphs from June Wong’s article today and highlighted in bold the bits that you should pay very, very special attention to.

June Wong writes:


“I will defend a leadership that will not use other races to invoke fear in the Malays by insinuating that these ungrateful interlopers are greedy and grasping and will steal the nation from under them if they are not careful.

“I will support leaders who are strong and courageous to stand firm against those who preach hate and divisiveness and punish them appropriately, regardless of who these hate-mongers are. […]

“I will admire a leadership that recognises the competition is beyond our shores and if we don’t stop bickering among ourselves and trying to frighten each other, our country might be left far behind, even within the region as all our neighbours get their act together and grow from strength to strength.

“Hence, I will rejoice to have leaders who embrace meritocracy and will fight to nurture and retain all its talented citizens to benefit our society and nation and give us the edge on the international front. […]

“I will support those in power who believe in educating and empowering its people and not keeping them stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever. […]

“I will cherish a leadership that is inclusive with a consistent message to all, actively promotes true racial accommodation and acceptance and not play lip service to mere tolerance. […]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “I will honour a government that is led by leaders who are morally clean and upright, with zero tolerance for corruption and will not use underhanded means to enrich themselves and to keep themselves in power.

“I am all for Malay rule as long as my leaders are committed to and believe in a multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia and want to keep it this way.”


Does The J-Star senior editor June Wong sound very much like DAP to you?

Ruling multiracial Malaysia - So Aunty, So What


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34 thoughts on “The Star thinks Malays are stupid

  1. I don’t think I have to analyze what ‘these’ people say too deeply anymore. ‘They’ can sugarcoat, offer heaven and earth, sweettalk, rationalize or whatever they wish to do, I don’t believe any single word coming out from their mouth. Especially after PRU13.

    Write what they want, say what they want. I think I can speak on behalf of majority silent Malays, who gives a rat’s a**. Bunch of hypocrites.

    1. We should move to revert to Federated Malay States as Malaysia is giving rise to confusion among the chinese and indians that they own the country.

      The fact is that they are not wanted by the Malays but were forced by the British. They are British Protected Persons not Malaya citizens.

      so maybe someone can start the ball rolling.

    1. Don’t forget Conrad. Also Helen sometimes falls prey to June’s type of thinking as well, but fortunately Helen has the mental and intellectual fortitude to overcome that bias.

      I think it is natural to be biased and think some races, religions and cultures are inferior or superior to others. This is something we do everyday. We discriminate and rank people almost automatically. Most men assume women are weaker. Most Chinese assume Malays are weaker. They think it is the natural order of things.

    1. Two wongs do not make a ‘light’. You know how the chinese have problems with ‘r’ sound. ie. Flied Lice…

      Racist jokes are so good at defusing racial tension. I wonder why DAP hasn’t created any stand up comedians who can joke about racial problems. Are they afraid that they would be targeted?

      1. Jo Kukathas and gangs at ICT and the rest have been laughing on BNs, especially UMNO ministers for years. Surely DAP don’t need their members to do the dirty job. Others would do it for them, for free!

  2. Nope, she sounded more like trying to sell the newspaper to its captured market ie the urbaned readers be it Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races. She has consciously potrays the ‘urban issue’ and skip any mention of the rural folks..infrastructural divide, basic amenities divide etc…She is riding the political waves, going with the flow and trying too hard to sound relevant to the existing newspapers captured readership…Whats new? Anyone see the word ‘rural development immaterial of races’ anywhere there?

  3. Is this lady for real? She sound like those Singaoreans who like to pretend they are cleaner, more moral, cleverer than us up north.

  4. Singapurapura pon tak dapat tahan warga-warganegaranya dari berhijrah ke negara lain, termasok keMalaysia … So how?

  5. Was nominally listening to TV3’s Nightline while reading through some files when I caught Raymond Goh mentioned something about “MCA selling The Star”.

    “MCA is not selling Star shares, we are accumulating Star shares” said CSL

    Interestingly, both The Edge & Malay Mail which reported this news online left out the part CSL said that MCA had no reason to sell as The Star was bringing in a lot of revenue (or something along that line).

    Looks like MCA sold its’ soul for 30 pieces of silver. They apparently chose to ignore what happened to Judas Iscariot later.

  6. Well said June. She meant to say: `I/We shall put a Melayu Kayu/Malay stooge to run all the stupid Malay at the behest of Cinabeng meritocrats. Cinabeng beware! DAP runs Malaysia then your Chinese vernacular schools are ysrteryears stories.

    1. My family and I have already decided which party to vote for in GE 14 – UMNO/BN! Tap apalah, Melayu want to remain bodoh ke, tak nak ubah ke, UMNO/BN is still the relevant party for us.

      So June, please tell us which party is morally clean and upright, with zero tolerance for corruption? If you meant DAP, PKR or PAS, hmm… jauh panggang dari api!

    2. Well, no matter who runs Malaysia, the purely Chinese vernacular school has become irrelevant to our national interest and should have long been a yesteryear story. The DAP might want to copycat Singapore but yet hangs on to its Cina Komunis mould.

      PAP did away with all vernacular schools 30 years ago; they integrated language studies into their mainstream national school system.

      So, June Wong you know which leadership you could not admire that willfully promulgates divisiveness in the education of our children. Aren’t these pure vernacular schools a horrible formula that perpetuates misunderstanding and dislike for the Other?

      Dear ministers of the nation how long more shall Malaysia wait to have our quality national mainstream integrated school system?

  7. If this lady were to campaign in USA, I will said she have a business interest at heart not the interest in the less fortunate (the folks at the bottom of meritocracy).

    A Blue Dog republican leaning Democrat.(Blue Dog democrats was a reaction by the Democrats to align with with the rise of “Contract with America” Republican of the Republican controlled House.

    Just as the MCA is aligning with DAP today.

    By 2010 the coalition had grown to 54 members. But many of its members lost in the 2010 midterm elections during Barak Obama presidency.

    She look up to astronauts instead of the support staffs on ground.She looking on how to compensate the astronauts more then to reward the penny pinching base crews.
    Ketuanan Astronauts not Ketuanan the Base Crews for her.!!
    Is this what MCA is today.?

    1. Meor Usa, I have feeling this woman tak penah turun padang or seen rural poverty. She speak like someone who is so comfortable that even if government collapse in chaos like Cairo, she will not be affected.

  8. Argh…. here we go again. Try to justify their PRU#13 drama.

    When she write this pieces, do you think that this madam think that the rural and some urbanite Malay don’t know how to read/understand English?. And those who read/ understand, share her way of thinking thus will support her.

    This is why she boldly write this and thinking she can get away with it. After all this kind of artical have been published before once in a while by the J-Star since 2003.

    :( sarah

  9. dear helen
    the star can put anything about malays. can call anything to the malays. the fact of the matter is that, the malay leaders have lost their edge. nothing will be done to the star. in fact with KJ p,a. (regina lee), the star might become the ‘saviour’ in fighting malay ‘stupidity.

    you must remember in the old days malays are farmers, fishermen and very shy people same as the local aborigines.

    so don’t worry. put whatever the star want, the malay will support and follow. after all the biggest star readers are the malays, this is what najib and the malays call ‘national reconciliation’.

    1. Yes malays are stupid. But which type of Malays? PAS malays or UMNO malays?

      THe fact you have generalised all Malays shows how racist you are. You lump all Malays together like how most Malays, including myself, tend to lump all CHinese together.

      1. “THe fact you have generalised all Malays shows how racist you are”

        And a few posts up by ThaiMalay:

        “i.e. the chinese are basically of one mind.”

        Speak for yourself, duh…

  10. Who cares what STAR wrote Helen.. we the stupid MALAYS do not need chinese votes to rule the country. People like Janice can go fly kite

    1. Re : “we the stupid MALAYS do not need chinese votes to rule the country”

      But MCA needs Malays to exist

  11. Anwar Ibrahim cannot become PM by partnering with the DAP and Pas. He knows this but he’s not going to tell the Chinese and Indians because if he does, he’s toast

    He’s just biding his time. When Umno is ready to go into a pact with him and his PKR and Pas, he will dump the Chinese and Indians.

    In other words, he’s just like Ku Li but the difference is, he has more leverage than Ku Li. I bet that as of now, his men are secretly in talks with certain Umno elements and a deal will be struck before the next general election.

  12. Star today are controlled by the elite Wong goons under directive from their mafia boss CSL. The President had abused his power n position in the Star. CSL had a secret pact with LGE during the pre n post PRU13!

    Malays have eyes n ears, not stupid as u have perceived but just practical n tolerant with the Chinese goons in MCA. They will have to pay a premium price later when UMNO put their acts together to form the Unity Council approved and currently in process.

    DAP, PKR n PAS representatives to the council have been approved by our King Maker behind the scene. Sorry for MCA as they deserved to be outcasted but a few good ones have been included based on UMNO’s T&C. We have already started our mission post PRU12/2008 and our elite stars infiltrated into DAP/PKR/PAS.

    Now we should see the result of our so called 1Malaysia Unity National Agenda. A new NGO with a appointed Chairman in all the states to compliment the Unity Council have been formed pending ROS approval. The Chinese, Indians n other minorities will not be sidelined in strict compliance to the Federal Constitution. Tunggu dan Lihat!

  13. June forget to add one more quote i.e
    ” I will not tolerate and support any leader who use religion for political stance like trying to use word “ALLAH” as Christian god of 3 in 1 at the expense of Islam.”

  14. While driving in Penang 2 days ago, i saw a banner displaying 3 org cina (top leader included). Written on the banner “Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar), !st thing came to my mind is what can the 3 cina teach me about this topic to a muslim?. They to me are actually justifying their true characters as told by Quran. Words uttered may not be the same as in the heart. It is much filthy within.

    1. I’m in Penang too at the moment driving around with families for makan, durian and pantai, but amar makruf nahi mungkar is the last thing I think about Penang!

      Maybe to the very few in Balik Pulau kampungs!

  15. hi june, i believe all those stuff you wrote come out of your arse?

    another deceitful approach to the masses. no way we are buying.

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