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Updated: Yup, it is most definitely Umno’s fault

A classic display of blame-Umno-for-everything by DAP uber evangelista Ong Kian Ming. Imagine, he is actually calling the Najib administration “duplicitous”.

See also Fakin’ Fake Calvin‘s satire below @ Ogos 14, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Updated: 2.20pm

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Lim Guan Eng’s official car is illegally parked.


His supporters make all kinds of excuses for him, including scolding the reporter who wrote the story as a “stupid and moronic”, “UMNO journalist pimp” who is “bitching” about a non-issue.

Guan Eng’s followers even whack the Penang mamaks for this matter becoming a news headline. How they can manage to connect mamaks to the fact of the CM’s chauffeur parking illegally only goes to show the workings of the Dapster mind.


And best of all, when Guan Eng was contacted by the “UMNO journalist pimp” (in Dapster eyes), the Chief Minister said that his driver was liable to being fined like everyone else, “if he was unlucky”.

The news report further quoted Guan Eng as retorting:

“But we don’t often go to five star hotels for our coffee or when we entertain our guests. Maybe we should go to hotels since we have no problem with parking in those places then.”

Lim Guan Eng just had to drag in a comparison with other people who entertain their guests at five-star hotel coffee houses. Do you think he had Umno politicians in mind?


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43 thoughts on “Updated: Yup, it is most definitely Umno’s fault

  1. mmg perangai org politik suka putar belit isu pokok. confirmed kereta nya salah parking KM bekas banduan patut mengaku jer lah. abis cerita ngape perlu putar2 cakap…

    aku ingat dulu keta Menteri Kerja Raya (DS Sammy Velu) pun kena saman d Airpot Subang tp saman kpd pemandunya krn salah parking d garisan kuning…

  2. tokong lim always right maah never cheat dont believe me ask his wife looh ini semua fitnah umno lu tanya pas di mesti ckp sama ini fitnah umno buat itu pas talak bohong ooh dia orang masuk syurga gerenti punya ooh

    1. Expose of Rainbow’s affair pun dia blame UMNO.

      Kena baling dgn ashtray pun dia blame UMNO.

      * geleng kepala *

      1. Rainbow is a robot woman placed by UMNO to seduce our Lord Tanjung’s Tokong.
        UMNO steal all our money and do research to come up to robot minion sluts to seduce good men. UMNO send our money to North Korea. Do you know Rainbow robot cost USD1 billion?

  3. I rasa LGE senyap2 planning for a revenge on this photo-of-his-car-parked-illegally on UMNO when UMNO holds its convention in the coming months at PWTC. Usually, there will be many UMNO VVIPs’ cars parked illegally in the vicinity of PWTC during such conventions.

    LGE’s cyber troopers must now be planning to grab every single opportunity to snap photos of UMNO’s VVIPs’ cars parked illegally.

    Low class politican LGE will surely plan such sinister revenge plot. :)

      1. dont underestimate the kiasu dapsterlah Ms Ang.. probabaly 100 photo make a lot more sense for the kiasu

        1. Don’t you agree that it is a good idea for Kiasu Island North to bergabung dengan Kiasu Island South? They are Sejiwa: One people, One republic.

          1. One Republic OKMan suka-lor.

            I dedicate this song to OKM’s Neneh Chinese friend.

            And to our beloved Tanjung’s Tokong.

              1. Takmaulah Helen, I banyak saudara kat balik pulau. Banyak dusun durian maa. Nanti nak makan pun kena passport. Susah.

                -In Balik Pulau Dusun as I wrote this-

  4. On the other hand, LGE’s beginning to feel the boomerang effect of it’s own cyber world political tactics.

    His nemesis is slowly fighting back by using the exact tool he and his DAP party had used to undermine, spread lies, spinning issues their No. 1 enemy, i.e. UMNO, via the internet.

    Probably he’s realised that UMNO is learning fast from his own sinister tactics, and now UMNO is feeding LGE his own medicine.

  5. You all cannot see clearly ah? The car is definitely not parked under the sign boad let alone next to it! Its some meters away from the sign board la!

    Helen, you pun sama, better change your glasses.

  6. It must be the evil Nasi Kandar sellers on Campbell Street who want to harm and crucufy our Lord Tokong.

    The driver must have been taking Nasi Kandar with Ketamine. Posioned by the evil mamaks and Banglas.

    The evil mamaks have been poisoning the good folk of Love Lane so that they become unloving.

    We love our very own Tanjung’s Tokong.
    Remember everything bad is from UMNO.

    1. Ouch! Nanti ada pemberontakkan. Human rights. Nanti bersih pindah penang. Best jugak. LGE please ban mobile phones with cameras.

    1. Actually, I have been waiting for LGE’s supporters to come up with that kind of defence.

      Belum ada yg comment cam tu…

    2. Sudah reported by Sya

      This one by Chris Yu
      photoshop ..Yesterday at 6:50pm · 1..

      Bert Deen menteri besar sure have authority to park , their time is manage the country , or state , what is so big problem , there are tons of car parking without any special authority. so ? pull off.

      John Yap is not a driver in the car parking violations, it is waiting, so difficult that you do not experience like butter? If there are civilians not in the driver seat thirty thousand.

      1. Bert Deen menteri besar sure have authority to park

        Menteri also can sleep like baby.

  7. China dolls to internet trolls

    Water supply disruption to waste collection

    Nuclear technology to Anwar’s sexual trilogy

    Talam white paper to DAP cousins land caper

    Violent & murderous cops to Azmin’s blow job

    Mansor’s tokong kowtow to Guan Eng’s rainbow

    Penang shooting spree to parking ikut suka hati

    Amanat sesat Haji Hadi to charging water to irrigate paddy

    Rafizi’s whistleblower allegations to Eton & Elton’s

    SELCAT hearings to political posturing

    Fasting doctor to madame Speaker

    Kalimah Allah to wannabe mullahs

    Masuk masjid pakai tudung to cakap hari hari pun bohong

    UNISEL hostels to massage parlours, spas & maybe brothels?

    Tanjung Pengerang to tipu terang terang

    Raub gold processing to illegal sand mining

    Lim Guan Eng to Ng Phaik Kheng

    Zairil Cina jadi Melayu & MB Selangor mata kuyu

    Penang’s first lady to plaster on her kid’s daddy

    Altantuya’s murder to Putrajaya takeover

    Taking Subang for Jesus to calling others useless

    Alcohol & cinema ban but Anwar’s orgies cannnnn

    Calling people tak pakai otak to publicity stunt going botak

    40000 phantom Banglas to Stopa’s Spender

    Anak Hannah cakap bangsa Malaysia tapi register Cina

    Freedom of information & everyday misinformation

    Promise the moon & stars to lower prices of cars

    Promise to abolish loan so can ascend throne

    It’s all not their fault don’t you know? The cause of it is always itu jahat UMNO.

  8. interesting quote from a chinese acquaintance who have neutral view on politics,, LGE is just a cina kuey.. nothing impressive.. hahaha

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