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Bila selalu menyertai majlis berbuka tetapi sebenarnya tak berpuasa, apa jadinya?

Bersambung dariThe Star thinks Malays are stupid’.


Saya difahamkan bahawa puasa bulan Ramadan adalah satu rukun Islam dan ia harus dikerjakan dengan tawaduk.

But what do I know? I’m after all a non-Muslim.

For some who however know better than me like Marina Mahathir (pic above) for instance, and the evangelistas-overnight-experts-in-Islam, all the races fasting together is done for the purpose of promoting “national unity”.

Non-Muslims berpuasa is also a social media event to be blogged about and tweeted incessantly.

Siapa diwajibkan berpuasa?

Below is a recent photo of DAP bigwigs; emphasis on the first part of the word ‘BIGwigs’.

Some of them harus berpuasa (go on a diet), i.e. if we take the connotation of the now social word “#sahur” which the non-Muslims have hijacked and imposed on the istilah ‘puasa’.


Funny how

the evangelistas like to sindir “Big Mama” (Rosmah)

The law of karma is ‘What goes around, comes around’.


HannahTwitter TEH

Now what happens when a politukus DAP evangelis selalu mahu menghadiri mahupun sendiri mengadakan/menganjur majlis berbuka puasa di surau-surau dan masjid-masjid?

Below are some makan-makan pictures:

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-07-27 10-26-56


And the result …

A feast is also called a “spread”, for example, a buffet spread like those you have in acara-acara meraikan dif kehormat serentak dan seiring berbuka, and those spreads hosted in Hotel Bintang Lima.

However when one indulges in too many majlis berbuka without remembering to berpuasa in the first place, then the spread inevitably takes place in the bottom half of one’s self.

See picture below. The DAP evangelista politician is the one in grey tudung and peach baju kurung.

Adun sesumpah DAP Hannah Yeoh makan pun bertudung (warna kelabu)

Back view and side view

DAP evangelista politician speaking on stage in a Subang Jaya hall to her political congregation



The J-Star promoting

non-Muslims to join the Islamic fast

Marina Mahathir’s column in The J-Star was headlined ‘Fostering unity through fasting‘. She and the Jerusubang paper and their Scissorati had organized a social media publicity event called ‘Fast4Malaysia’ for the non-Muslims to join in the Ramadan ibadah.

Marina wrote in the Jerusubang paper yesterday that “in fact in spite of the many upsetting events during Ramadan, there was still much that we can celebrate as Malaysians”.

Yup, she got that right at least. Malaysians, particularly the evangelistas whose credo is “anything you can do, I can do better (including #sahur and berpuasa)” are celebrating Syawal.

Marina organized the fast for the non-Muslims with Scissorati Nikki Cheong, and publicized by The J-Star
Marina together with Scissorati NIKI CHEONG @nikicheong promoting the event publicized by The J-Star

EXCERPTS from Marina Mahathir’s column

She wrote:


“About 60 of us woke up at 4.30am to gather at a 24-hour eatery in Bangsar to have sahur … One young Chinese man came alone and was immediately invited by a young Malay family to sit with them. Another young woman drove all the way from Shah Alam to join in. Two Indian women happened to walk in the same restaurant without knowing what was happening but decided to join in when they learnt why we were there.

“There was a sense of camaraderie among us that was truly unifying.

Niki Cheong (nikicheong) on Twitter 2013-06-04 15-10-36
Marina’s BFF Niki Cheong on Twitter / Marina can’t recall “a month more full of anger and tension than this year’s fasting month”

“Some first-timers were nervous about how they would cope but everyone else assured them it would be fine. All day on social media like Twitter, people encouraged each other.

“Many young Muslims were thril­led and fascinated that their non-Muslim friends were joining them in the fast that day and gave many tips on how to manage the hunger.

Non-Muslims chatted all day about their experience. They uploaded photos of what they ate at sahur and then later on photos of themselves breaking the fast with family and friends. […]

imokman @nikicheong looking smart!
@imokman BFF The J-Star‘s “social media analyst” @nikicheong

Many blogged about their experience which was overwhelmingly positive. […]

“Perhaps they should look up the #Fast4Malaysia Tumblr site to see how civil society can unite Malaysians in the sort of organic way that politicians cannot. There were no financial inducements, no sponsorship, no T-shirts involved. […]

“The main outcome was something no politician nor even religious leader could have engendered, mutual respect. Non-Muslim Malaysians, having fasted themselves, renewed their respect for their Muslim fellow citizens who do this for a whole month each year.

Muslim Malaysians, in return, gained a new respect for their non-Muslim compatriots for attempting something which they had no obligation to perform. Both sides experienced something very precious for one another, empathy.”


imokman Salam sahur

Adun DAP Hannah Yeoh baru-baru ini

What is mine is mine.

What is yours (like #sahur) is mine too.

Your Ramadan is my celebration month.

Your surau is now my surau, your masjid my masjid.

Your Allah is also my Allah.

Apa lagi Cina mahu? Apa lagi lu ada?

Ahli Parlimen Kristian DAP Serdang
Ong Kian Ming, DAP Serdang MP
Ong Kian Ming's stand on Allah
Ong Kian Ming’s stand on Allah
Ong Kian Ming says
Ong Kian Ming says


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53 thoughts on “Bila selalu menyertai majlis berbuka tetapi sebenarnya tak berpuasa, apa jadinya?

  1. Dedicated to Hannah Yeoh The FATTEST Speaker in Malaysia. A second accolade for her after being labelled as “YB Paling Pemalas Di Selangor”

    [YouTube: Anita Sarawak]

      1. Re. “No, Chinese can’t be lazy. This is not in their nature. Ptui…”

        Helen sila tunjukkan kiriman “Siapahkah ADUN DAP Yang Paling Pemalas”. So that Antisinoman can lick back his own spit….

        Lain kali pergi belajar bahasa Kebangsaan dulu baru bagi komen. Orang cakap pasal YB dia cakap pasal bangsa.

  2. Karma indeed.. Fatty Hannah has now a new name – HANNAH NANGKA.
    Rhymes with buruk sangka which is her middle name.

    Hu hu hu……

  3. bersahur,berpuasa,berbuka,berhari raya kalau dah galak dilakukan peminpin bukan islam, mungkin kerajaan perlu fikirkan semua rakyat malaysia perlu puasa sepanjang bulan ramadan.

    bagi umat islam ia rukun islam yang wajib, bagi bukan islam dia undang -undang kerajaan yang wajib.

    bukan apa berpuasa, bersahur, berbuka tanpa sebab tu kelihatan seperti lakunan, berpura-pura dan ejekan sahaja.

    1. Elok jugak tu, baru dikatakan rakyat Malaysia bersatu hati. Sama2 berpuasa dan sama2 beraya. Pasti tak timbul kes seperti di SK Pristina. Lepas berbuka atau bersahur, sama2 pula sembahyang. Pasti tak timbul kemarahan seperti kes surau di Sedili bila dah boleh sembahyang bersama.

      Lepas tu kita tunggu pulak Hari Raya Haji. Entah berapa ratus ekor lembu yang DAP nak tumpang korbankan. Jangan marah pulak kalau ada yang nak tumpang korbankan babi. Kalau tak mau, letak sebelah, pasti ada yang nak tapau dan bawa balik.

      Kan bagus kalau semua agama di Malaysia ni boleh pakat2, gilir2 sembahyang di surau, masjid, tokong, kuil, gereja dll. Bijak sungguh si Komeng bagi cadangan.

  4. Ms H. New Christians are welcomed to be Muslims. Why pretend to be play actinig and dressed in Muslim garb and made a fool of themselves as Christians in Muslim clothing ? Do the real thing to satisfy their conscience.

    1. When a Malay attends a Christian service, there will be outcries to have jakim jais and whatnot investigate if there was an intent to proselytize.

      If the Malays are smart, which in general they are not, they would plant a double agent within the Christian community. This agent would then rabble rouse and accuse Hannah of misleading the flock towards Islam by donning hijab, attending Islamic rituals etc. This would destroy hannah’s career. Fortunately for the Chinese, Malays are not too sophisticated or cunning.

  5. Hannah Yeoh. Just look at that face. The face of a village girl. Face it Hannah. So what if you are the Speaker ? So what ? Deep down, you are still a kampung girl. A kampung girl ? You know what is a kampung girl ? Now that she has gained more weight, there’s no turning back for her.

    1. hei ko jgn nak burukkan nama budak perempuan kampung plak.. tak smua seteruk hannah yeoh.

    2. For a kampung girl, she has certainly made strides to become the first female speaker in the state assembly.

      Meanwhile, all Helen Ang can do is rehash tweets and recycle photos out of spite and jealousy.

      1. re: “all Helen Ang can do is rehash tweets and recycle photos”

        If that is all I can do, it speaks poorly of your mentality that you’re such an avid reader of my blog.

        And don’t insult kampung girls please by comparing them with HY.

        1. “If that is all I can do, it speaks poorly of your mentality that you’re such an avid reader of my blog.”

          People need light entertainment and reading occasionally…

          For serious news and commentary, we have other websites for that.

          1. With your degree of addiction to my blog, I’m surprised that you can claim to have the time to go to other blogs.

            If you don’t mind telling, just where do you go for your “serious news and commentary”? Let’s find out who my competitors are …

  6. dah jadi pesta sahur & berbuka atau political mileage. kebanyakan agama ada ritual puasa, cuma caranya berbeza.

    waktu berbuka ialah masuknya waktu maghrib, mengapa depa tak join solat? (subuh & maghrib) makan & minum saja la. why are they doing things that they don’t believe?

    bikin tak serupa cakap, dalam hati lain dari perbuatan. only dap politicians doing this? how bout other non-muslim counterparts such as mca or mic or whatever.

    1. re: “only dap politicians doing this? how bout other non-muslim counterparts such as mca or mic or whatever.”

      Yup, only the DAP evangelista politicians doing this. MCA yang dah berkawan dengan Umno sejak 1952 don’t menunjuk-nunjuk, tweet #sahur, pakai tudung.

      re: “waktu berbuka ialah masuknya waktu maghrib, mengapa depa tak join solat? (subuh & maghrib) makan & minum saja la. why are they doing things that they don’t believe?”

      Excellent point.

      1. mintak majlis fatwa kebangsaan keluarkan PENDAPAT & wartakan yg bukan islam boleh berbuka puasa bersama moslems disurau atau masjid dgn syarat mereka wajib bersolat jemaah maghrib. tindakan undeng2 akan diambil termasuk ajk surau/masjid if the HUKUM is violated kerana MENGHINA ISLAM & MENGOTORKAN RUMAH ALLAH.

        can or not???

  7. Ms H. It is good that all mosques invite the new Christians for briefings on Islam that it is a clean, strong and compassionate religion. Why not ?

  8. Saya pernah melihat foto LKY memakai songkok, dan saya menyangka hatinya lembut dan akan terbuka utk menerima Islam suatu hari nanti. Mungkin saya terlalu naif…

    1. re: “hati … akan terbuka utk menerima Islam suatu hari nanti”

      LKY lahir 1923, tahun ini umur beliau 90 tahun.

      re: “suatu hari nanti”

      Tulat? :)

  9. Kadang-kadang menyampah bila membaca stunts macam ni. Macam hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong pulak si Marina Mahathir ni. Kesian pun ada, macamlah dia tu practicing muslim yang bagus sangat. Sesuai sangat berkawan dengan non-muslim especially kumpulan evangelista.

    Kenapa perlu meliberalisasi suatu ibadah yang khusus pada Allah? Nampak sangat niat dah lari, puasa untuk unity. Which means, her puasa most likely tak sah kerana niat dah lari, i.e bukan kerana Allah. Bersahur pun nak menunjuk-nunjuk, bukan kerana ianya suatu sunnah.

    Sepatutnya JAKIM atau orang-orang alim bangun dan bantah perkara ini. Ianya tidak selari dengan tuntutan agama. Apatah lagi apabila ia mempamerkan Islam sebagai agama yang apologetic. Alquran dah cakap, agamaku, agamaku, agamamu agamamu. Lagi mau buat bubur caca.

    Yang puak evangelista pun apa lagi, ambil peluanglah nak menyesatkan orang-orang islam yang vulnerable ni.

  10. From the “please call me doctor” to hari hari main kotor
    From main main puasa to cuba merampas kuasa

    From pagi pagi bangun sahur jadi bulat bulat macam telur
    Buka puasa pergi masjid sampai perut pun dan buncit

    Nak ambik kalimah Allah tapi dulu pakai sekali pun haram tak pernah
    Pandai pandai cakap Insya’Allah tapi cakap macam budak tak sekolah

    Apa lagi Cina DAP mau, you masih tak tau?
    Undi Melayu asal menang, yang lain semua kira belakang.

  11. Hi Helen,

    1. Moga anda sihat dan bahagia. Ini doa ok?

    2. Now, ada evangelists ini berdoa untuk orang-orang Islam ? Tak pernah dari pengamatan saya. Apa yang mereka buat hanya mencari pengaruh yang secara terang nya “against their will” tetapi terpaksa berlakon demi mengabui melayu dalam kandang mereka agar tidak berpindah dan melompat ke kandang BN atau UMNO seperti sebelum nya.

    3. Saya akui some malays masih stupid. Bukan stupid tidak pandai cari duit macam dulu, tapi menjadi lebih stupid setelah menjadi sebahagian ahli professional di mana di campur aduk ilmu dunia dan kefahaman agama mereka. Sebahagian nya melayu Islam hanya pada nama, hidup tanpa pedoman lagi kecuali mengumpul harta dan wang ringgit, kemudian tidak di belanja semula demi tuntutan murni Islam.

    4. Apa pun hak masing-masing. Selalu nya bila kita tidak di timpa musibah, kita lupa segala-gala nya. Tapi bencana menjelma atas hukum Tuhan, baru lah kita tersedar bahawa kita ini sebenar nya hanya di “pinjamkan” nyawa untuk seketika di dunia ini. Ada hak-hak yang di beri. Bukan merampas hak orang lain seperti artikel Helen di atas.

    5. Jika orang Melayu ini ganas dan perampas, penduduk bukan melayu akan menerima pada seperti rohinya di myanmar, melayu selatan thailand, melayu singapura, Islam cina di negara cina dan kebanyakkan orang-orang Islam yang menumpang di negara milik bukan Islam.

    Kadangkala kita tidak sedar yang kita ini memperbodohkan diri sendiri seperti artikel makcik kesayangan j- star tuu….. sebenar nya terlalu banyak artikel menghasut hasil perahan otak bodoh dalam kesombongan melampau apabila hanya di beri sedikit kuasa kerana pelupusan akta-akta yang boleh mengawal tingkah laku bodoh sombong. Akhir nya akan terpenjara dalam dunia sendiri, melalak seperti anjing-anjing di dini hari.

    1. And that Teh Eng Hock calling other’s “big”, I am sure his whole family members have slit eyes..

      Pasti tiap hari tengok cermin tak sedar ke mata dia SEPET?

      From now on I want to address them as Teh SEPET, Hanna tembam pungkok selambak, Tok Pe Kong Ong and so on. Don’t they dare get angry OK!

  12. Kalau Hannah and the gang pandai main wayang dah sampai masa nya orang Islam pun gunakan taktik yang sama.

    Depan mereka kita berlagak sebagai kawan agar mereka senang dengan kita, di-belakang mereka kita rancang jatuhkan mereka. Baru adil…tukar pendekatan pasti mereka serik!…….alah macam mereka kenakan pemimpin kita Ali Rustam, Najib, Ghani Othman. Takkan dah lupa kot?

    1. Jenuh le Hannah tembam pungkok selambak, this whole month must till Sept 4th entertain followers dia to feed their hungry ghosts, harap2 jangan pulak all the offerings senyap2 dia kebas!

      BTW DAP tak jemput ke kawan2 Melayu mereka masuk temple celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival, feast together, go on stage help with their puppet shows or join in the opera? Ajak le Marina sekali.

      Tok pe Kong Ong should this time around become their opera actor, nanti kalau tak layan, spirit marah susah hidup keluarga kamu!

  13. Hi Helen, Dah lama saya tak comment in your blog. What the evangelistas are doing betul2 menyakitkan hati saya and melihat the likes of Marina Mahathir and other pretentious liberals doing the same membuat saya lagi menyirap darah.

    Helpless rasanya to do anything and tak kuasa betul nak face PRU14. I tried to be a racist but its so tiring especially when your first instinct is to smile & exchange greetings with Chinese neighbors & retailers. Apa lah nak jadi pada Malaysia ni?? Kenapa lah DAP dan AnwarJuburi sanggup hancurkan our harmony?

    1. re: “the likes of Marina Mahathir and other pretentious liberals”

      They are given a high profile platform by The J-Star and other English media. Utusan, for example, would not be lending its support to Marina-type publicity stunts.

  14. Rukun Islam ada 5 perkara ;-

    1. Mengucap dua kalimah syahadah
    2. sembahyang 5 waktu
    3. Puasa di bulan Ramadhan

    Kenapa sibuk nak cuba yang no..3 saja . Kenapa tak nak faham yang no. 1 …” aku naik saksi bahawa tiada tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah….

    tapi nak share kalimah “Allah” …sangat hipokrit

    1. “Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada tuhan(1) yang disembah melainkan Allah(2).”

      Sebab dia tau Allah(2) tu lebih hebat dari tuhan(1). Orang Islam dah pilih yang the best, sebab tu dema nak yang itu jugak, tak mau yang number (1) tu.

  15. I am going to start off borrowing something from Blair..

    Quote: “I think the journey for a politician goes from wanting to please all the people all the time, to a political leader that realises in the end his responsibility is to decide. And when he decides, he divides.”

    These leaders are young and idealistic. Sure, as politicians, I have to add “opportunistic” to their list of ‘repertoire.’ Though opportunist may not necessarily be spoken in a negative sense.

    I remember there was a time when unity slogans were plenty but practical application were none. Politicians were only people you get to see every 5 years when they come out to shake your hand and ask for vote. We, voters shake our head but readily accept this kind of practices as the reality of politics.

    Come today, a new breed of politicians, emerged. Eager to reach out to the people through all means and utilize the social network platform to its full potential. Something their peers before them never did.

    Will these young ones able to walk the racial unity slogan talk? I don’t know. Nobody knows. Most of these young YBs are not seasoned politicians. Really, how many years have they slaved before they were suddenly swept by the 2008 opposition whirlwind that propelled them to YB ship? I would say not many years.

    Politically savvy, they are definitely not. Newly elected sans guidance from those who had been in the throne of power before, these YBs from the opposition camp groped their way through our political maze guided only by their ideals, shaped by their evangelical background.

    Some people are wary and resentful of the new approach of ‘openness’ and ‘one-ness’ these YBs are practising. This will be the ultimate test for the young YBs in overcoming these negative perception.

    Let’s see what they are made of and how deep is their conviction in reaching out to all races and faiths.

    1. Wow, how impressive!!! You quoting blair the war criminal to each us a thing or two about politics and political leaders! Very telling indeed HH. You have just outdid yourself on that!

      Nobody can top that, period!

  16. Ms H. It is good, very good that the new Christians are very interested in the Islam religion by donning the Muslim garb and take Muslim food and fast too. This is a good omen for our beloved Malaysia. All mosques should welcome these new Christians in view of the fact that they behave in Islamic ways seamlessly. This is what I call social-religious intercourse.

    1. There is no restriction for non-Muslims to enter the mosques in the first place AS LONG THEY FOLLOW PROPER PROTOCOLS. My main issue about this is when they don’t (shoes inside the mosque? not covering their hair? ignoring the guards just because you’re someone?) and when Muslims are more at awe when the not yet Muslims (LGE) give ‘ceramah’ with some words from Al-Quran. Hello, if you want to learn about Islam, why don’t you ask the experts of Islam directly? Oh yeah, I forgot. Everyone in UMNO are actually non-religious :(

  17. Why bother imitating Muslim’s religious practice? Why don’t they embrace Islam?

    Fasting is our ibadah, not just merely dieting. Marina and co are sending the wrong signal to non Muslims and the so called liberal Melayu Muslims and the young ones. These acts by the evengalistas are so despicable and revolting!!!

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