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Restraining order to keep evangelistas away from mosques required

Who are Lawyers for Liberty?

renuka_balasubramaniamLawyers for Liberty’s non-executive director is Renuka T. Balasubramaniam (pic, left).

A few Malay establishment bloggers have labelled LFL as “musuh Islam [yang] wajib diperangi”.

Utusan senior news editor Zulkiflee Bakar believes that the group are kurang ajar. His editorial appeared two days ago under the headline ‘Kebiadaban, keceluparan LFL‘.

Some Malay bloggers have meanwhile questioned: “Siapa dalang di sebalik Lawyers for Liberty?” This is a pertinent question, just as I have similarly remarked as to who are behind the sinister, slanderous and anonymous blog ‘Stop the Lies’, and suggesting the answer — Scissorati funded by the MCA.


LFL is a company, similarly to the RM2 companies registered as evangelical churches.

One pro-Umno blog observed that “LFL dilihat banyak mempromosikan pakatan pembangkang dalam portal, facebook dan twitternya”. The blog admin of Angin Perubahan further pointed out that the LFL website had carried an article titled ‘Anwar still our best hope‘.

Blogger otai AIDC queried: “Kenapa Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) berucap dalam kongres PKR?” AIDC was referring to Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, the LFL campaign director who spoke at the 8th PKR congress held in Johor.

Fadiah with PKR's legal affairs bureau chief Latheefa Koya, Nurul Izzah, Sivarasa Rasiah and N Surendran
Fadiah with PKR legal affairs bureau chief Latheefa Koya, PKR vice presidents Nurul Izzah & N. Surendran, and PKR Subang MP R. Sivarasa

Attending the launch of LFL in Feb 2011 were then the PKR deputy president Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali, PKR vice president Tian Chua, PKR Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong, PSM chairman Dr Nasir Hashim; Bar Council past presidents Lim Chee Wee, Ragunath Kesavan and Sulaiman Abdullah, Bersih steering committee member Andrew Khoo, Loyar Buroker Amer Hamzah and prominent Indian lawyers.

Why are LFL in the limelight?

They issued a press statement yesterday, which I’ve reproduced in full at the bottom of this page.

LFL made several statements – copypasted below within quote marks – which need clarification. My own comments within square brackets.


(1) Blaming Umno leaders

LFL: “several minor incidents of perceived insult against Islam have been blown completely out of proportion by Umno leaders”

[This accusation made by LFL is vague. Who are these Umno leaders by name and what exactly did they say to blow the incidents completely out of proportion?]


(2) Blaming Umno politics

LFL: “this obvious attempt to pit Malay/Muslim against other ethnic group/religion”

[LFL makes no mention of the identical “obvious attempt by DAP to pit non-Malay/non-Muslims against the majority ethnic group/religion”. Never heard of the adage ‘it takes two hands to clap’, meh?]


(3) Blaming pro-Umno individuals

LFL: “What Alvivi, Chetz and Syed Ahmad have done while insensitive and naïve were nothing compared to what pro-Umno individuals such as Ibrahim Ali, Zulkilfi Noordin, Ridhuan Tee, Mohd Noor Abdullah and others have done which were much more serious and offensive but led to no repercussion or action.”

[What about all the utterances by pro-opposition individuals such as Bersih’s Ambiga Sreenevason, Aliran’s P. Ramakrishnan, Bishop Paul Tan and others which also fail to invoke any repercussion or action,

e.g. ‘Felda screening of Tanda Putera proves movie racist, Ambiga says‘, ‘Piss off, Tanda Putera filmmakers! [P. Ramakrishnan] and ‘Stop Dr M before he burns M’sia, says Bishop‘]


(4) Blaming pro-Umno police force

LFL: “while doing nothing against pro-Umno individuals”

[Similarly nothing is done against pro-Pakatan individuals.]

A good example of nothing being done, no repercussion and no action taken against them is the DAP evangelistas who traipse in and out of the surau and mosques as if these places of worship are their grandfather’s house.

LFL implied that police had misused their powers for Umno’s political ends to divide the nation between Malay/Muslim and other ethnic group/religion and to bolster Umno’s credential as the ‘defender’ of Islam and Malays.

When DAP misuse the surau and masjid for their political ends to bolster DAP’s credential as being Islam-friendly, the state enforcement agencies in the Pakatan-ruled states have nothing to say as well.


Commenter Rina wrote in my blog @ 2013/08/16 at 11:23 pm:

“Mohon Jabatan Agama Islam sentiasa memantau kegiatan si tembam pungkok selambak ni [Hannah Yeoh], dah naik seram tengok gambar2 dia dalam masjid”.

Who is manipulating religion the most, the BN or Pakatan?

If anyone wants to complain about action or inaction by the authorities, then just look at the abuse of the mosques and surau-surau, and the accompanying silence of the state government agencies.

Why does Lawyers for Liberty view with “extreme concern the escalating religious intolerance in Malaysia” and linking the development solely to “Umno leaders, their supporters and the mainstream media”?

Does not the escalating religious intolerance have links to DAP leaders, their supporters and the mainstream media such as The J-Star too?

LFL has called on the authorities to “act fairly and professionally, and not to misuse their powers for Umno’s political ends”.

The same call should apply to the authorities in the Pakatan states.

It is unfathomable how the DAP evangelistas are being allowed to get away with their intentional and deliberate misuse of the mosques when a chance and foreign Buddhist group is being raked over hot coals for their accidental use of the Sedili surau.


Related: Letakkan syarat wajib bersolat jemaah maghrib jika politikus evangelis mahu berbuka puasa di masjid

***   ***   ***

16 Aug 2013
Lawyers for Liberty views with extreme concern the escalating religious intolerance in Malaysia where in recent months, several minor incidents of perceived insult against Islam have been blown completely out of proportion by Umno leaders, their supporters and the mainstream media – leading to the arrest and remand of Maznah Yusof, known as Chetz, and Syed Ahmad (the resort owner), and in Alvivi’s case, criminal charges and denial of bail (which was later reversed after eight days in prison).
While religion especially Islam is a sensitive subject to most, this however must not detract from the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious democratic state with established democratic norms including the Federal Constitution guaranteeing fundamental rights, rule of law, due process and other practises that mark Malaysia as a modern and civilised state.
Religion like any other important issue cannot escape from being subjected to scrutiny, comment, satire and to the less eloquent, insult and condemnation.
The government and state institutions such as the police, Attorney-General’s Chambers and Jakim, instead of advocating harsh action, should take a more measured approach in diffusing this obvious attempt to pit Malay/Muslim against other ethnic group/religion and explain why Islam or any other religion should not be subjected to insults.
While it is true freedom of speech is not absolute and there are accepted limitations e.g. incitement to violence and hate speech – the threshold for freedom of speech however must be high.
This is all the more true in the vast and borderless Internet and social media age where anybody, in good faith or otherwise can comment on any issues including on religion.
It would be futile and irresponsible for the authorities to keep going after these perceived “insults” when there are more pressing matters at hand especially the high crime rate and the shocking spate of violent crimes involving guns and explosives.
What Alvivi, Chetz and Syed Ahmad have done while insensitive and naïve were nothing compared to what pro-Umno individuals such as Ibrahim Ali, Zulkilfi Noordin, Ridhuan Tee, Mohd Noor Abdullah and others have done which were much more serious and offensive but led to no repercussion or action.
Needless to say, the authorities have acted selectively, disproportionately, in bad faith and double standards when persecuting Alvivi, Chetz and Syed Ahmad while doing nothing against pro-Umno individuals.
We therefore call on the authorities to act fairly and professionally, and not to misuse their powers for Umno’s political ends which are clearly aimed at eroding our nation’s inter-ethnic/ inter-religious relations and dividing the nation between Malay/Muslim and other ethnic group/religion and bolstering Umno’s credential as the “defender” of Islam and Malays. — by Lawyers for Liberty

Update: 11.33am, 18 Aug 2013 — Lawyers for Liberty adviser is Eric Paulsen


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47 thoughts on “Restraining order to keep evangelistas away from mosques required

    1. Lawyers for Liberty of Chinese and Indian should take steps to enable to self deportation of these group of recalcitrant who cannot learn to adapt to the Malay lifestyles.

      The Mat Salleh greediness in bringing these races to work in their plantation was the origin of our problem.

      So please stuff yourself with your righteousness..

      Malay for Malay Liberty and Independence

  1. Hi Helen,

    Your article at its best. I have no comment at all. Hopefully somebody in that Gov. dept and Umno seriously take note.

  2. Islam 1st. I propose that all mosques should have an air-conditioned room to brief all non-Muslims how pure, strong and compassionate is Islam. All Dappies/Pappies are specially invited.

    No more sneaky ways of donning Muslim dress, eat Muslim food and pretend to assume Muslim ways. All new Christians are welcome to join. Let us have real socio-religious intercourse.

    1. I agree. Nationalist like you and me, and to a certain extent Helen, must promote this.

      But honestly I don’t have a solution for this delicate matter. I rejects Interfaith Council for what it demands for. But the idea of inter religious discourse is very much what I strive for, although not all the time I acted as such. I have my own reasons for that.

      1. Islam1st. It is good to let the World know that Islam is pure, strong and compassionate. New Chrisitans are especially invited for the mosque briefings so they can fit in seamlessly. No more sneaky ways for them pretending to be Muslims.

        1. I consider Ms H is a good Malaysian and puts up this Blog for all good Malaysians like us, with sincerity and conscience.

    2. No way the non Muslim should go near to any mosque at all to prevent controversies and complication of being labeled anti Islam. Sadly as a Malaysian non Muslim, I got the liberty of visit into a mosque in Xinjiang China and Uzbekistan without asking prior permission or being given prejudice view. This is unlikely to happen in Malaysia.

      1. We have so many foreigners visiting Masjid Negara and Putrajaya and they are all wellcome, you know why, because they come with respect.

        But here, with all the bad comment about Malays and Islam by non muslims, the motives by non muslims visiting mosques and suraus create suspicions, and no sincerity.

      2. Re. “Sadly as a Malaysian non Muslim, I got the liberty of visit into a mosque in Xinjiang China and Uzbekistan without asking prior permission or being given prejudice view”

        That is because you probably look like one of them.

        1. Exactly the point. The Malaysian Malay Muslim are bigot. They put themselves Malay first and Muslim second. They judge people based on race rather than treat them fairly as thaught in Islam. The is the result of brainwashing of UMNO making the non Malay especially the Chinese as their bogeyman and portrait them as anti Muslim.

          1. Re : “The Malaysian Malay Muslim are bigot.”

            Let me add for your own personal gratification, on top of that WE ARE ULTRA RACIST.

            Tak Suka?

            Sila BERAMBUS. We certainly don’t need CINA DAP to rule this country.

            1. So if I don’t want to merambus, what can you do? Calling a jihad? Since you are expert in this. The fact that I am also Malaysian wit EQUAL right not minion contributing tax to UMNO to spend on Malay only!

              1. Re. : So if I don’t want to merambus, what can you do? Calling a jihad?

                Keep being KURANG AJAR and BiaDAP, the time will come for JIHAD, and there will be no turning back by then. Let the Indonesian Chinese experience be a lesson to you.

                Re. “The fact that I am also Malaysian wit EQUAL right not minion contributing tax to UMNO to spend on Malay only”

                The fact is after PRU13, you are no longer equal and no longer exist in our view. You are just “PENDATANG YANG TAK SEDAR DIUNTUNG”.

                1. ‘The fact that I am also Malaysian wit EQUAL right not minion contributing tax to UMNO to spend on Malay only!’

                  Cjb, since you brought this ‘minion contributing tax’ things up, lets us put this into context then. Just how much are we talking about really, of UMNO spending your tax money on Malay only?

                  Berapa satu tahun lu bayar towkey?

                  1. More than you I am very sure. And just quoting what Dr M said, 70% Malaysian tax are from non Malay

                    1. Right! Do you have a figure to begin with? Or you just pluck it out of thin air? Or out of your arrogance and racist imagination?

                      So I ask you again, how much did the Malays owe you for your tax money spent by UMNO on them?

                    2. Islam1st

                      There is no disclosed stats on tax contribution according to races furnished by our Jabatan statistik or Inland Revenue Dept that I am aware of. I stand corrected of course, If you have, maybe you can share to disprove cjb.

                      The 70%-30% Chinese share contribution alleged by Tun M is the closest indication of Chinese tax contribution percentage we are made known. So far there is no dispute on this percentage by the official mouthpiece.

                      How much cjb paid in taxes in his/her individual capacity in the 70% realm is irrelevant in the larger context of things. The crux of the matter is all Malaysians regardless of race, contributed in their ways.

                2. LOL,

                  I concur. Cjb is a typical DAP Cinabeng who thinks that only the Chinese pay taxes and the Malays just songlap their so- called hard-earned money. This is a DAP propaganda that has been successfully instilled in the mind of the majority Malaysian Chinese.

                  They (Malaysian Chinese) should know that big corporations which contribute mostly to Malaysian treasury. Among these big corporations are GLCs which are runned by Malays and these companies pay taxes. Most smaller business operators are Chinese and they find ways to cheat in order to avoid from paying taxes. Do they think, we, the Malays are that stupid not to know?

                  Cjb, if you think only your race that contributes mostly to the treasury, you definitely have a ‘pendatang’ mentality and as such we, the Bumiputras, request that either you change your mindset or find another country which you think is not bias and fair to all its citizens. Singapore, for instance is fair to its citizens (translates Chinese)!

                  1. Edit :

                    ..big corporations which are run (not runned! Please excuse my tololness!) by Malays…

          2. Cjb.
            Don’t blame UMNO. UMNO got nothing to do with the thinking of the Malays and Muslims. To Malays and Muslims, the teaching of Islam is the way they should live with. So anybody try to ridicules their religion, this won’t be tolerated. Why previously the Malays and Muslims were very tolerant with non muslims and not now. Look around you and observe the way non muslims behaved and passed remarks at Islam and Malays. If we do the same towards you, will you accept it without anger?

            1. In this incident, a Singaporean Muslim giving permission for Singaporean Buddhist to use his own surau, why Malaysian non Malay got blamed? Majority of non Muslim given the choice would not want anything to do with Muslim or going into their territory. But sometime like getting the children custody, when that Indian become a last minute Muslim and using Islam as a tool to get custody of children, do you expect the non Muslim to just keep quiet?

              1. re: “Majority of non Muslim given the choice would not want anything to do with Muslim or going into their territory.”

                So the DAP evangelista politicians do NOT represent the minority of non-Muslim sentiments? Then how come Mama Dapster – who is obsessed with everything to do with Muslims, including wearing tudung and berbuka puasa, and constantly going into Muslim territory – can be appointed Madam Speaker of S’gor (representing whom)?

                1. Cjb ini kurang cerdik. Politics is very dirty. Religion is clean whatever your inclination is. Never the twain shall meet.

                  Politicians must stop using places of worship for their political agenda. Stay clear.

                  1. Betul kata Fazillah. Politik itu kotor manakala agama adalah suci.

                    Politikus yang menunggang agama bagi melariskan agenda mereka sebenarnya bertindak mengotorkan agama.

              2. ‘In this incident, a Singaporean Muslim giving permission for Singaporean Buddhist to use his own surau…’

                He is a Malaysian PR. We are a sovereign nation and governed by our very own set of rules and law. He built the surau not for private use, so YOU and TheStar komunis no need to insinuate the event as a private affairs!

                He did not ask them to meditate in his bedroom in his house did he? So how was it a private affair?

                1. In this case, yang memberi kebenaran menjalankan perniagaan tanpa memikir consequences. Mungkin jahil atau in his opinion it is ok.

    3. AK47

      Cost of upkeep and maintainance of Masjid and all related community activities will depend very much on the contributions from its community. Majlis Agama do contribute a small amount to help meet some of these expenses.

      Aduns/MP do contribute for occasions like Ramadan (during my time about RM500) and if you see the feast spread in front of tembam pungkok selambak, this amount may just about enough to feed her for the occasion.

      1. re: “this amount may just about enough to feed her for the occasion”


        Thanks for the info.

        I suggest that Umno supporters demand that the PAS surau/mosque committee members put a stop to the nonsense of coddling the DAP evangelista politicians.

        The power of contribution is in your (Umno supporter) hands. You can withhold your contribution to the PAS surau/mosque and instead pray at the next nearest surau/mosque or the ones at or near your office should PAS-the-Parti-Gadai-Agama still prefer to bersekongkol with the kalimah Allah thieves.

      2. RINA. The funding will come from the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties when our Government becomes a normal bureacracy again. It does not cost much. Only the political will for Muslims to touch base with the non-Muslims like the new Christians in disguise.

        1. AK47,
          Our Masjid serves around 6K Muslims (all races including foreigners, Indons, Pakistan, Banglas, Thais etc). During my 9yr term as Internal Auditor (voluntary) MAIS contributed monthly RM2.5K to help cover some expenses eg Tok Siak given RM60/mth …hmmmm.

          Money is not our immediate concern – funds flow in from individuals or business community around us – many chose to remain anon. There are regulars who donate graciously eg A young Pilot sending RM800 each month. Indonesian Muslim foreign workers are very dedicated contributors too.

          An Adun/MP contributing RM500 (Alhamdulillah, syukur) but trying to act funny in our masjid is a no no please.

  3. I think you should state your intended message which is keep the opposition away especially those anti UMNO.

  4. Some people do believe that all religion are only ways and alternative ways in our path going to God. During my college days I still remember one of my Indian lecturer who teach philosophy says that whether we are Musllim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or any other religion, the religion is only ways to go finally to the “same” God.. that it the ultimate….

    During that time… I am confused whether to believe or not the statement made by the lecturer.

    Now I do realize that we cannot accept that kind of statement, simply because the concept of God are very different among these religions. In Islam…. there is One God and The Only One….thats why in Malay… we says the God is not one, not two, not three.. but “Yang Maha Esa” thats mean “The One and Only”. And this concept is not accepted in Christianity….So, for the people who really have their own agenda in exploiting this issue…they will do it…to disrupt and affect the faith of the not so inform person… be it Muslim or not…

    For the Muslim… I do hope they think carefully what are really these with agenda’s person aim in making friends with them… Are they really sincere… or…what? Be extra careful…

  5. I don’t know about you, but to me a mosque is a unique place to find solace. If I have a choice i will be in a mosque of my persuasion. I will not walk into a Shia mosque even Masjid India with over excited arrogance.

    I will pray there but with caution. Why would a non Muslim be in a mosque.? Did she/he come to pray.? To who and for whom.? Under his/her own free will.? Lack of better place.?

    If these Lawyers understand sensitivity of religion leave Allah name to Islam and not interpret and used it in any other way or purpose.
    Muslim (not just Arabs) have used Allah names continuously uncreased and unabridged.

    We are aware. You evangelist are manipulating and scheming.

    Umno is split, but blaming Umno is opportunistic. Umno splits is Dap field day. Malays are not Chinese or Indians last time I check. Vice versa.

    It is still about class of human as Karl Marx prescribe and about Kongsi as DrM prescribe.

    Even in USA class is alive and well.

    Be careful and respect that class of human society even if its temporary.

    1. ‘Even in USA class is alive and well’ is so true.

      My husband who is a manager in an engineering firm, does not want to hire Blacks because he says they are not up to the mark. The fire department in our city used to hire only Whites as firefighters but after a brouhaha from a prominent and powerful Black Congressman, now they are willing to hire Blacks. But still the number of Blacks are miniscule – even later immigrant Hispanics have outnumbered Blacks in fire department and the police force.

      1. it is heart breaking. We been here for a long time, its hurts. No laws can change hearts. If the blacks continue to be in the poor class this outlook will continues. Nowadays with Blacks been Doctors and in Business the outlook are changing. Thanks for the under current Affirmative action working in silence.

        Malaysian Chinese remind me of whites the real Ketuanan.

        1. Re. “Malaysian Chinese remind me of whites the real Ketuanan.”

          Just take a peak across the Tambak Johor, you will see their true color. Sebab itu jangan lagi berkompromi dengan Cina DAP di Malaysia ni.

          Brunei for instance has made a great and wise move by not giving citizenship status to the Chinese and rendered them as ” the Stateless Citizen of Negara Brunei Darul Salam.” Ini semua dibuat atas pengalaman mereka melihat bagaimana kurang ajar dan biadapnya bangsa yang TAK SEDAR DIUNTUNG di Malaysia ini.

  6. urusan antara wakil rakyat/pemimpin bukan islam dan orang islam memadai di buat di dewan aje.

    memasuki masjid ada adapnya, cara berpakaian, ada niatnya, ada solatnya dan ada doanya dan dari segi kebersihan ada standardnya yang perlu ada/dikuti.

  7. Saya dapati keghairahan untuk memasuki masjid/surau kebanyakannya berlaku di Selangor. Di tempat tempat lain jarang terjadi. Malah mungkin tidak pernah terjadi!

    Golongan yang paling rajin masuk di masjid/surau pun golongan yang sama dan orang yang sama. Paling popular ialah ‘tembam pungkok selambak’ dan beberapa kerat pemimpin lain dari parti BiaDAP!

    Saya pun naik hairan mengapakah perkara ini dibiarkan berleluasa di Selangor. Apakah pihak berkuasa masjid negeri itu sudah menjadi DAYUS malah perintah Sultan pun diDURHAKAI!

    Apakah mereka begitu BERKUASA sehingga perbuatan mereka gagal untuk dicegah?

    Apakah sudah tidak ada cara lagi untuk menghalang mereka itu dari ‘berleluasa’ dalam masjid dan mencampuri urusan aktiviti berkaitan dengan agama Islam. Jangan terperanjat nanti mereka akan ikut Majlis Sambutan Maulidur Rasul pula!.

    Kalau tujuan mereka untuk menarik minat orang Islam terhadap mereka, cara mereka amat silap! Perbuatan perbuatan mereka itu menimbulkan rasa loya hendak muntah kebanyakan orang Islam kecualilah PAS. Jangan lupa pengaruh PAS pun telah merosot di kalangan umat Islam Melayu.

  8. With regards to the debate should non-Muslims be allowed to visit mosques/ suraus, there is two ways to look at it.

    Firstly, from a scriptural perpective. I am sure many esteemed learned ones on Islamic matter here on this blog can help clarify once and for all are non-Muslims allowed on the masjid premises? If there are criterias and condition, would this issue be settled if those condition are met by those visitors?

    Secondly, personal standpoint. Do you feel resentful these ‘visitors’ come into your place of worship and in a way, you felt intruded upon? Or is it because you simply don’t like these people to begin with? For one reason or another, justified or not, let’s admit there are people whom we dislike around us. Race may or may not be a factor.

    If the objection in having visitors to mosque is solely from personal standpoint, it is then crucial to be honest about it and recognize it has nothing to do with any religious decree or even the visitors themselves. Constant distrust and skeptism are personal issue one has to work out themselves.

    There is no point making excuses about tourists are welcome but certain individuals are not because you are skeptical about their intentions. Intentions are a matter of perception. How somebody reach their conclusion is in direct correlation with how much distrust and to a certain degree, resentment, towards the others to begin with. Naturally one would perceive the good in the face of someone we like and vice versa.

    Politicians want to be loved. If the Muslim majority felt mosque visitations are not OK, naturally the politicians will back off when they are getting negative results. The pertinent question is, are those Muslims who oppose visitation by certain individuals, the majority or minority.

    1. mengikut apa yg aku tau..orang pompuan yang sedang haid pun dilarang masuk masjid…ni lagi orang bukan islam…mereka hanya boleh berada diluar kawasan masjid…yang pasti evangelista ni dgn pengikut Pas yang benarkan depa masuk ni semua bengong…konon la cik tembam tu nak masuk islam…ptuihh..sebijik aku tak percaya…

  9. saya selalu pergi masjid pink dan masjid negara. ramai mat saleh dan orang bukan islam masuk masjid. tetapi sampai kat hall luar je. hall tempat sembahyang diorang tak naik pun. diorang respek la adap-adap masjid. tak adalah keluar masuk nak raih populariti dalam masjid.

    nak tunjuk pungkok selambak tu islam and malay friendly. orang puasa dia pun puasa. tapi minum air. orang sahur dia pun nak sahur. orang baca quran dia pun nak baca quran. orang nak sebut ALLah dia pun nak sebut Allah.

    ni nak bagitahu pungkuk selambak selagi hang mempermainkan masjid dan rukun orang Islam selagi itu lah kami orang Islam akan selalu suspicious dengan puak puak cina dap dan sekutunya.

    kami rasa orang Cina Dap ini adalah bermuka-muka dan tergolong orang-orang munafik. di zaman nabi orang seperti pungkok selambak dan sekutunya telah mati di rejam kerana orang Islam selalu diingatkan di dalam hadis dan AL quran adalah manusia yang harus dijauhi dan harus diperangi.

    mereka berpura-pura menerima Islam tetapi di dalam hati dan dibelakang orang Islam mereka adalah musuh dalam selimut yang wajib di perangi..

    1. Re. kami rasa orang Cina Dap ini adalah bermuka-muka dan tergolong orang-orang munafik. di zaman nabi orang seperti pungkok selambak dan sekutunya telah mati di rejam kerana orang Islam selalu diingatkan di dalam hadis dan AL quran adalah manusia yang harus dijauhi dan harus diperangi.


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