15 thoughts on “Dapster asyik dok komplen aje, keluar kata-kata kesat lagi

  1. Ikan kembung baru ni melambung RM15/kg
    Bunga kantan sekuntum dah berapa
    Gaji pembantu minima pun dah naik
    Chef pun berkelulusan tinggi

    Apa salahnya RM16 kalau ramai sanggup bayar dgn harga lebih kurang bila makan spaghetti? Maam kasi support le sikit local cuisine.

    Sementara tu minta jasa baik YB tolong sms brothers kat MCA dan DAP tolong kasi turun sikit harga ikan.. kenapa mahal sangat? Biasa harga RM8 saja. Sorok ikan ke?

      1. Ala dia ni poyo. Bukan tak biasa makan noodle harga macam tu. Nak aircond. Nak cosy. Standard la. Saja buat bising. Konon government servant contoh! Prudent la konon!

        Tapi kat Putrajaya (dia ni tak pernah sampai Putrajaya kut sebelum kerja ngan KJ?), tempat, ala-ala Melayu, banyak pekerja gomen pulak tu, mana boleh laksa RM16!

        Melayu punya masa lagi murah daripada Cina maa…Mai Balik Pulau la, Durian Sebiji RM180 pun ada wor!!!

  2. pay lah …… typical chinese attiude either the want something for free or very cheap, or 2 other options she can consider.

    1. Ask mummy to tabao food and drink for you.
    2. Buat macam OKM fasting , then you wont have to complain the that price of food is expensive

  3. I wish to correct this misconception that such hawker food in Putrajaya is expensive. Like many big cities where rentals of business space are expensive, the price quoted is reasonable and there is no issue. There are good places to enjoy hawker food, such as in Presint 8 and 16 that I know of during my abode in Presint 16 Putrajaya.

    Otherwise, just try the food available at the many canteens in the various Ministries. Please get your facts correct and don’t exploit the issue as the visitors to Putrajaya maybe misinformed!

    1. “Otherwise, just try the food available at the many canteens in the various Ministries” MO, you are right!

      Hawker food in places like DAP controlled Penang too is expensive. How much is eating at the Gurney Drive? Even with the crazy traffic people still fork out hundreds to eat there.

      I was shocked in the Kedai Makan 1 Malaysia at Medan Tuanku RM3 has some use. You can buy some food. A little nasi goreng and a teh. RM3 is worthless in Penang. Perhaps you can pay the parking there.

      Did you know the hawkers in Penang make so much money that the IRB would have their officers sit as customers and count how many plates the hawkers serve?

  4. Hannah Yeoh: Portrait of a Fat-ass who eats her emotions and ended up with constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth

  5. Laksa tu jual kat mana? Restoran mamak? Kantin gomen? Pusat konvensyen? Tengok tempat la mangkuk ayun oi! Aku pun boleh kata mee goreng mamak mahal – kat PJ Hilton.

    Kalau aku jual laksa kat Putrajaya aku buat saman fitnah.

  6. Dear Helen, please allow me borrow your space as I need to reflect my thoughts in response to Annie’s posting of forced patriotism which she had deliberately directed at some of our fellow countrymen.

    I recalled that some years ago I had posted about the level of patriotism among Malaysians, who were both residing overseas and in Malaysia in good times and bad times based on my 29 years of abode overseas. I reckon and believe that one should reside overseas for a period of time in order to gauge our level of patriotism to this blessed country called Malaysia. Traveling and seeing places are not the same from being residing in a foreign land, for which I have gone through in soft and hard postings in the course of national service as a long serving career diplomat overseas.

    All my six children were privileged to have studied overseas in various countries at all levels of their education from primary, secondary and up to university, in United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Apart from my youngest son who had chosen to serve in the New Zealand Armed Forces in the field of IT and defence logistics, the others are back in Malaysia to serve this nation and country upon their graduation. Like me, they were lured with good prospective job offers and permanent residence and privileges overseas, but we have all declined the offers and had committed to serve and give something back to our home land without forced patriotism!

  7. I dont mind paying RM16.00 for a bowl of laksa if… a very big IF, that is if the taste is really that good and the service is really that efficient… But there are some who always like to complained, condemned, accused, finger pinpointing, and keep saying that others (except themselves) are at fault…. while they themselves are the one who are really responsible for it….and supporting it silently…

    1. But you know what, when these people work as dishwashers, cleaners for the white men and women in white Anglo Saxon countries, they never complain. They just smile cheekily. Maybe it has something to do with their inherent inferiority complex.

      There is a joke that cosmetics companies come up with skin whitening products for these white wannabes because as you all well know, looking at the black, brown, yellow and all those other colored people, indeed, yes, many of these people dream of becoming white. In order to become white, first of all, they must undergo a process known as white washing.

      1. Pakatan Pembohong,

        Yup. What is it with our preoccupation with anything Western, anything white.

        We have beauty products that try to make you white although beauty is not restricted to white people only.

        And there is an irritating habit of using English name like St Petersburg for a block of apartment.

        Not to mention the wastage on appointing consultant with exorbitant price on service that are easily can be provided by local talents.

        1. Kalau guna nama Cina, nanti nampak sangat racist nya, nama Melayu mana low class, nanti Cina tak mau beli wor, nama India, jangan cakap la…

  8. CINASIA dan CINABENG memang pandai pusing harga pasaran… mula2 sorok barang jauh… lepas tu ….cakap laa…stok abis…kena order… kalu mau oder, kena naik harga maaa…. KONONNYA speSIAL oder….

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