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Akhirnya Melayu juga yang rugi ditipu

Since Annie’s is one of my favourite daily reading, I feel compelled to respond to a commenter at her blog, an Anon @18 August 2013 13:22 who wrote the following:

“[…] sebagai insan yg masih ada sedikit kewarasan (syukur kpd-NYA) saya rasa adalah tanggung jawab saya untuk memberitahu Annie agar jangan biarkan blog Annie ini menjadi medan mencaci sesama manusia walau berbeza bangsa dan agama apatah lagi warna kulit.

Saya mengikuti blog Annie dengan rapat dan mendapati 90% komen (sama ada drpd yg kritik Annie atau yg mempertahankan Annie) adalah berbaur perkauman. Saya sedar Annie siarkan komen-komen negatif terutama yg sindir Annie semata-mata kebebasan tapi perlukah kita membayar untuk kebebasan suatu hari nanti gara-gara niat buruk kita hari ini?” (minor typos corrected)

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What I think

I like Annie’s blog for its originality and genuine feel.

It seems to me that Anon above (commenter in Annie’s blog) is trying to form-fit her into a Kumbayah-political correctness mould.

He appears to want Annie to block negative comments “yang berbaur perkauman” when her readers slag each other.

I believe he should allow Annie to handle her blog as she deems fit.

First off, let me say that it is already an accomplishment for the blogger, and a debutant one at that, when so many readers are drawn to comment at Annie’s.

Anas Zubedy's logo
Anas Zubedy’s logo

Nobody got anything to say

Allow me to make a comparison.

Blogger Anas Zubedy is promoting a project called #SaySomethingNice. His national unity campaigns get a lot of airplay in The J-Star.

I’ve collated below the comment count in Anas’ blog over the month of August (from the 1st of the month to current):

  • 18 Aug 2013: ‘Shipping firm starts using new Arctic route – The STAR’ [0 comments]
  • 16 Aug 2013: ‘Beyond the Surau Incident — the Values that Bind us” by Dr Chandra Muzaffar’ [0 comments]
  • 16 Aug 2013: ‘Collect From Us Free #SaySomethingNice Posters – While stocks last!’ [0 comments]
  • 13 Aug 2013: ‘Letter To The Editor: Ensuring Justice And The Rule Of Law – Yayasan 1Malaysia’ [0 comments]
  • 11 Aug 2013: ’20s go-getters, 30s and 40s in lower gear By Goh Chin Lian And Andrea Ong – The STAR’ [0 comments]
  • 10 Aug 2013: ‘The spark to make the grade: By Charis Ding – Ex Zubedyan now Teaching for Malaysia’ [0 comments]
  • 10 Aug 2013: ’10 Life Lessons from Calvin & Hobbes’ [0 comments]
  • 10 Aug 2013: ‘A Hikayat A Day this Aidilfitri’ [0 comments]
  • 9 Aug 2013: ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’ [0 comments]
  • 4 Aug 2013: ‘Trio paints the best side of Malaysia to a ‘T’ by Tashny Sukumaran – The STAR’ [0 comments]
  • 1 Aug 2013: ‘Have A Meaningful Aidilfitri – Monday in The STAR’ [0 comments]

The sampling above from Anas’s blog is compiled at 10.45pm.

So plastic
The J-Star — So plastic

And my point is …

For a half month over 11 postings, Anas Zubedy who is urging Malaysians “to say something NICE” elicited altogether zero comments in his blog.

If you look at the titles of Anas’s series of postings above, they are mostly “nice”, inspirational stuff and contain phrases like “the Values that Bind us”, “Ensuring Justice”, “10 Life Lessons”, “paints the best side of Malaysia”, etc.

Does his blog have readers, you might ask. Our discussion is pointless if Anas’ blog remains unread by the general public. Well, the answer is yes — Anas’ Alexa ranking, which is 16,510 in Malaysia, points to a so-so level of readership.

This is the first time I’ve looked up Annie’s blog ranking and I will confess that I am a tad surprised to find her occupying the 4,110th spot (a high position indeed!) To provide you a scale, my blog is at 2,443 and Rocky is at 1,879.

In a nutshell, Annie’s relatively new blog is a runaway success.


3Rs: Realistic, Rational, Reasonable

The secret of Annie’s success lies in that her blog is an antidote to The J-Star type hypocrisy like the Jerusubang paper’s lets-all-hold-hands Fast4Malaysia publicity stunt and other contrived ‘togetherness’ phony gimmickry.

It is utterly hypocritical for the MCA-owned newspaper to be calling for an end to race-based governance when The Star main editorial line-up itself is devoid of Malays except for one editor in charge of a monthly pullout on fashion, beauty and sambal tumis recipes.

The J-Star is in effect hoodwinking Malays with its honey trap. All the butter-won’t-melt-in-their-mouths platitudes are to lull the Malay vote bank and make it easier for the evangelistas to accomplish their agenda.

The J-Star‘s misrepresentation of the national mood and its constant push for the DAP 3.0 manufactured media icons is both disingenuously deceitful and duplicitously dangerous.

Realistic? Not

The more the DAP and their staunchest media backer The J-Star spin their Unity crap, the stronger will the racial-religious undercurrents flow beneath the ground.

Annie’s Anon commenter is concerned whether “perlukah kita membayar untuk kebebasan suatu hari nanti”, what with the “mencaci sesama manusia [kerana] berbeza bangsa dan agama apatah lagi warna kulit” that is going on.

The answer is to his question is ‘Yes’.

However suppression the kind of which he advocates, i.e. to hide the negativity behind false smiles, is equally a suppression of rational engagement and its concomitant — rational thought.

Rationality favours the ruling establishment. The opposition is all about the pie in the sky.

For Malaysians to behave in a more reasonable manner – and you can surely appreciate how important it is for everyone to be reasonable given our current sociopolitical climate – we have to be rational. To be rational, one has first to be realistic.

Annie’s reply to the Anon commenter is apt:

“I know, it’s not nice to realize the ugly racism inside ourselves, but maybe knowing it means we can do something to remedy it.”

The DAP 3.0’s racism is adroitly camouflaged behind the tudung-wearing fetish, the liberally sprinkled “Insya’Allah” wishes and the surau-visiting missionary zeal.

Because Annie’s blog is a Dapster-magnet, she is giving them enough space to reveal their real selves. We really have to thank the indefatigable Annie for her national service.


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35 thoughts on “Akhirnya Melayu juga yang rugi ditipu

  1. Annie’s blog cut through reality. Her blog is also one of my favorite read.

    Anas on the other hand just hanging in the air to give feel good factor. The only way I know Anas blog is at Rocky’s blog roll. But I hardly bother to even click on it.

    Just like TDM vs Anwar. TDM always speaks his mind that cut through reality while Anwar loves big word but zero essence when it comes to practicality.

    1. The secret to Annie blog is a witty and sharp commentator. People come to read the good commentator.

      Preferably in Malay. As many malays want to read blogs but the english sometimes are those whose old english educated so they cannot take part and complaint its difficult to understand so and so even though they find it interesting.

      Without a good comentator, witty and sharp and harsh and sensual it would not be the same.

      Its a plus that Annie is a relatively single girl. so you have the usual ustaz and dakwah people also taking a peek.

      So a good malay commentator with outrageous and out of the box thinking is a must to make a blog outstanding.

      So do yours.

      Dull and boring commentators syok sendiri or senile like Shamsul Anuar or islam1st add no value to your blog.

      1. re: “So a good malay commentator with outrageous and out of the box thinking is a must to make a blog outstanding.”

        You offer your service here lah. Thank you.

  2. I do not like what the star, malaysiakini and kimisider writes, but i read them nonetheless to have a diverse perspective on many issues.

    it is ironic, that the PAS/ISMA Ikhwan fanatics and the Jerusubangites DEMAND that everyone prescribes to their views and values ONLY.

    hence you see these Pakatoons ironically demand that Utusan or TV3 be boycotted, you do not see UMNo bloggers say ban Malaysiakini or their rubbish Pakatoon portals.

    Pakatoon Rakyat are against freedom of speech and ironically liberalism that they say they represent. Freedom of speech to allow yourself be exposed to many views, even ones that contradict your values, DAPsters supporters have failed this test,

    when they fail to defend their lies, they resort to name calling and scream RACISTS at you, my encounters with them in many constitutional issues have revealed the brain dead nature of DAPsters when debating core issues that they like to play around with.

    Hence sadly, Pakatoon especially DAPsters will avoid MSM and Malay oriented media, making them more drifted away from the mainstream Malays. Their inability to digest other perspectives on national issues also make them pretty close minded hence they have extreme prejudice towards non Pakatoon people and views.

    1. It’s not unique to DAPsters mind you. It is pervasive in a lot of areas, including academics.

      I tried to be diplomatic – to the point that sometimes I felt hypocritical, when trying to carefully reason with them without ruffling feathers.

      Just that it is chronic in Religion, Politics and Football.

      1. REF: “Pakatoon Rakyat are against freedom of speech and ironically the liberalism they claim to represent. In freedom of speech you allow yourself to be exposed to many views, even ones that contradict your values: DAPsters supporters have failed this test. And when they fail to defend their lies, they resort to name calling and scream RACISTS at you. My encounters with them in many constitutional issues have revealed the brain-dead nature of DAPsters when debating core issues that they like to play around with.”

        Ladies and gentlemen,

        As an antidote to undisciplined thinking and irrational discourse you may be interested in this portal of classical western education:
        Our Prophet s.a.w. once commented that there is no religion for the individual who doesn’t possess a sound mind. Of course, as most people know, a good heart is prerequisite to clear and straight thinking.

  3. Hi Helen,

    Anas Zubedy has done many wonderful things to promote unity among Malaysians. I suspect however that his open letter to Lim Guan Eng may have made him appear partisan.

    This was the response from his very good friend Art Harun

    But you are right, Malaysians should demonstrate support to initiatives that promote respect for one another,

        1. I was totally shocked when first discovered how divided we, Malaysians were along political lines. Now the gap of polarization is so wide, (thanks to our politicians on both sides) I have yet to see serious remedies being put forward by the government as well as the opposition to mend the situation.

          The political blog that I first started to post comments was Malaysia in September 2012. This blog was frequented by mostly DAP hardcore supporters and as soon as I posted my first comment to introduce myself, they asked me which party I supported.

          When I stated BN, they straightaway branded me as their enemy. Eventhough they were nasty towards me (and other BN supporters) by calling names such as “Najib’s asslicker, UMNO slut” just to name a few, I remained civil in my replies to counter their comments.

          I also said that at the end of the day, we were still Malaysians irrespective of which party we voted for. I even suggested that after GE 13, all of us commentators on Malaysia should get together at a Mamak stall for teh tarik and roti canai.

          Well, my good intentions were met with snide remarks “If you want to meet friends, go to or other dating sites. We are here for serious business. Either you’re with us or you’re against us”.

          In my mind at that point of time registered “Wow! What has become of us, Malaysians? Something serious has happened that I’m not aware of?” That blog pre-Ge13 had garnered more than 100 comments to each of its topics mostly from DAP supporters who used a lot of profanies in their comments especially towards BN supporters.

          And they were there 24/7 but now for whatever reasons, it only manages to attract 10 comments, the most. I wonder what has happened to its DAP hardcore supporter group who called themselves by the name ‘BOOBS’ which I think stands for Band Of Opposition Bloggers (a BN smart Aleck said it stands for Bontots Oggles Other Bontots) as they have vanished into thin air post GE 13!

          I still have hopes that we, Malaysians, will be ‘like Malaysians’ again before it’s too late!

          1. re: “but now for whatever reasons, it only manages to attract 10 comments, the most”

            After the abusive and profanities are filtered, there is not much left to the pro-DAP comments?

            1. Helen,

              I don’t think there is any form of filtering done by the editor of the blog concerned as comments of abusive and profanity nature still persist by the few trolls (of both sides) who still frequent the blog. I suppose the BOOBS gang will make a comeback when the time is right ie closer to GE 14.

              1. I have to go with Helen on this one!

                ‘After the abusive and profanities are filtered, there is not much left to the pro-DAP comments?’

                Certainly so!

  4. It is a real shame that Anas’s blog does not generate the kind of attention that it should, compared to some of the other socio political blogs. Maybe it is the readers themselves who are actively seeking postings with some kind of “explosive” elements to them.

    Speaking of “explosive”, have you seen the below?

    Maybe it could be something that you would write about? Or does this not fit in with the direction / intentions of your blog?

    1. No fun reading Anas blog. It is all full of fiction and daylight dreaming. People want to read something real and sensational. We are all leaving in the post 13th May NOT pre Independence July,1957 lah!

      1. Mengumpat, Mengata, Mengutuk dan Bergossip tu semua dah jadi darah daging semua orang tak kira bangsa dan agama. Only severity of the syndrome will varies and differentiate one from another. The fact is everybody thinks that he/she is right and never in the wrong, thus the syndrome can be so serious that most of the time most of us fail to be rational , “sampaikan tuan/puan punya blog punya kena hentam” by his/her ardent followers.

  5. After I have been branded all sorts of things, I am back.
    Helen, I want to highlight one headline in the Chinese paper which is totally missing in the English press (eg Star of course). I don’t why the English press is hiding this. It is on the Chinese press.

    I have been commenting on the accidents from the Gurney traffic reroute. It seems everyday there is an accident but on Saturday the first double fatalities. I have to highlight this!

    In Mandarin.
    Please use Google Translate. Copy the text and translate.

    Excerpt (as translation)
    From Penang (husband, 69-year-old) Wang Suzhen (67 years old), is on Saturday 12 midnight ride motorcyclehome, but on arrival in front of Gurney Plaza stretch of road, unfortunately, was a runaway hit from the rear of the Audi car, causing them injuries died on the spot.

    1. re: “After I have been branded all sorts of things, I am back.”

      I apologize to you and any other regular readers (most recently Shamshul and Islam1st) who have been caught in the rough and robust exchanges with other commenters.

    2. The people who voted for the DAP are showing their regrets. See the FB below. The mess from the DAP Gurney mess and the deaths from the traffic system.

      “Say NO to Pulau Tikus one way traffic systemYap Soo Huey – 叶舒惠
      Don’t say the accident not related to the implementation, this is what the truth. If you don’t understand it, ask your team translate to you. Please showing the public the truth.”

      1. But not regretful enough that if you go to the polls now, they’ll change their votes.

  6. It is all right. No worries Helen. Marah at first, but what the heck. Both of us have gone through it. But lies must be exposed!

  7. My all-time favorite article put up by Annie in her blog is ‘End of Moderation’; an ‘epitaph’ of the former Johore MB loss to LKS in Gelang Patah Parliamentary consituency.

    The article was extremely well written and very poignant too. If there were a some sort of Pulitzer prize for blog writing, Annie would have won the prize with that article, hands down.

  8. Annie is half Malay/Chinese so she should be able to project fairly well as to what goes on in the minds of the Malays and Chinese; furthermore her mum is a strong DAP supporter whereas dad and Annie, for UMNO.

    We need this kind of mix to be able to bring issues out in the open.

  9. Thanks Helen and readers here for the support. Honestly, I have never checked the Alexa rankings. Kinda comforting to know that my blog is doing okay. Cheers :-)

    1. You’re are most welcomed, Annie.

      Actually, I didnt even know there’s this ‘Alexa rankings’ until today. Hahahahaha…

      1. go to rocky or syed’s blog, situ ada pautan to Annie’s blog.

        mu ni maleh nak google, ngapa?

        1. hehehe…setem.
          tkasih atas jawapan. saya ni mmg jenis malas google…bukan apa..sebab mata saya cepat rabun lepas beberapa minit tengok skrin komputer ni.
          anyway, dah jumpa dah….thanks again

  10. annie you stick to your guns. don’t let anyone damper your spirits and your writing.

    kalau orang itu tak suka janganlah baca.

  11. orang melayu memang sentiasa kerugian. sikap orang melayu sendiri yang majoriti masih terbawa-bawa dengan ‘tidak-apa’….dan ‘nanti-lah dulu’….membuatkan mereka sering sudah ‘terhantuk baru nak terngadah’….
    samada dulu, sekarang dan akan datang sikap orang melayu yang mcm ni amat sukar untuk diubah. bergelen-gelen nasihat dicurahkan tapi bagai mencurah air ke daun keladi aje… tak percaya?

    lihat aje berapa banyak ceramah diadakan di setiap masjig setiap hari sejak puluhan tahun dahulu…. betapa banyak nasihat sudah disampaikan… tapi ‘masuk telinga kiri…keluar telinga kanan’…. tetap orang melayu ditakuk lama.

    saya fikir orang melayu cuma akan berubah sekiranya terjadi satu lagi peristiwa seperti 13 mei….sebab, orang melayu ni perlu di’tukul’ baru ‘pahat’ bergerak…..

    tak percaya jugak?fikir2kanlah sendiri…………

    1. Ada kebenarannya…dan akan terbukti sekali lagi jika UMNO masih menyimpan pemimpin korup dan pengkhianat bangsa…jangan kata saya tak cakap!

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