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Is MCA still a legal society?

The Malay Mail reported recently on July 27 an allegation made by businessman Vincent Ng that he had once helped the MCA leadership conjure up “tens of thousands of phantom members” for the party.

The newspaper article, headlined ‘Phantom members rolled out for MCA-rigged polls, says businessman‘, claimed that the validity of the party’s registry is in doubt should allegations about the existence of these members – purportedly enrolled without their knowledge – prove to be true.

MCA has some 4,300 branches. Is the business of all 4,300 branches in good order?

Do recall the Kuala Lumpur High Court hearing of a 1988 civil suit where the judge, Justice Harun Hashim had declared that Umno was an unlawful society because of its 30 unapproved branches.

If some of the MCA’s 4,300 branches are marred by irregularities stemming from the alleged dubious membership roll, then the legality of the party itself might conceivably be challenged.


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14 thoughts on “Is MCA still a legal society?

  1. Ms H. Are the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, any good at administrating or managing political parties ? On the one hand, we have the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which is alleged to be in a limbo with the ROS concerning their CEC Elections of December 2012 and their mulling of a new CEC Elections soon. Either way, it is alleged that the CEC members who were elected as ADUNS could be neither fish nor fowl. On the other, the Red MCA has now become controversial due to recent reported events.

  2. Phantom members pulak dah.

    Probably they were flown in using the RM10K hexakopter which landed on the YB’s (forgot his name) rooftop?

  3. I have personally given up on MCA as a friendly member of the BN after all that’s been happening since the elections. So i’m reading uour post just for your informed opinions. But i just read Annie’s post and I’m happy to learn another meaning for the acronym DAP and that is Donkeys Asses and Pigs. Spot on!

    1. And the Donkeys Asses and Pigs are busy 24/7 destroying the very fabric of our society that has helped preserved the peace since 1969.

      Someone once told me, after the GE13, that the Chinese youth of today, those in the 21-40 age bracket, are very different from those of generations past. Looking at the viciousness they display 24/7, I have come to my own sad conclusion that these people are beyond hopeless. They are now a lost cause. They are agitating for a confrontation not only with the establishment, not only with the Malays, but also with whoever who’s not compliant with their line of reasoning.

      I hope from now on, the government will act firmly and decisively to protect the people. These Donkeys Asses and Pigs are agitating for a fight. They want war, and you know what, the government should give it to them.

      1. PPP. I support except the violence part. As TDM said there are other better ways to deal with these recalcitrants !

    2. Orangkampung. Brilliant ! Brilliant ! Brilliant. I got answer how to resolve the self-inflicted woes of the Red MCA but I am not telling !

  4. More updates on the Gurney deaths.
    Iguana does not want to acknowledge his team has fucked up. Normally in Japan, when there are deaths the MP resigns. Either Ms Yap (ADUN), Zairil Chris Ross (MP) or Chan Kon Yow (committee) or all should resign! Then it is bersih.

    From FB: Say no to Pulau Tikus one way traffic system
    two old folks can’t compared to the 白龙王, our 阿英哥 share the link below and refuse share the news of the accident. So disappointing.





    1. DAP will say why should its MPs resign when UMNO’s MPs never resign over many controversies/mishaps/accidents in the past.

        1. When people of you Kawasan Parliment and DUN die because of your work

          1. Sell Ubah mooncakes (on the day of the double accident)

          2. Buat jamuan hari raya (after the motorist is killed)

          Remember to buy the mooncake to protest the evil Mongol government of Malaysia

    1. FT. My favourite American President Harry S Truman once said, ‘ The buck stops at my desk !’

  5. Perhaps this is what MCA needs. Last GE, even MCA members were telling their friend & relatives to vote opposition. (not specifically DAP). So it’s good for MCA to solve their problems, whatever the outcome. It has dragged on for too long.

    I think the DAP will be very worried if MCA is deregistered…

    Whatever the outcome, good or bad, who knows. But this will definitely provoke MCA & the Chinese voters to think, for once… :)

    We shall see…

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