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Kian hari kian tunjuk belang

Lidah pengarang The J-Star hari ini berkata:

“His list of controversies is long, including his famous run-in with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Nazri called the former Prime Minister a “bloody racist” for supporting a government programme said to promote racist thinking in civil servants and public university undergraduates.”

Saya rasa The Star Says “menyebut” tentang (bukan “pukul”) anak dengan untuk tujuan menyindir menantu, yakni kononnya bercakap tentang Nazri Aziz tetapi ada udang di sebalik baru — sengaja mengungkit pasal kritikan Nazri pada satu masa dahulu mengata Tun Dr M “bloody racist”.


Lidah rencana suara J-Star tersebut yang bertajuk ‘Colourful leader who tells it like it is‘ juga memuji Menteri Pelancongan itu atas pengakuan beliau bahawa “I [Nazri] am a Malaysian first and Malay next.”

Lebih-lebih lagi, The J-Star cukup teruja bahawaNazri is the only high-ranking Umno minister who has openly taken on racist groups like Perkasa. … Not only that, he threw the challenge: “Does any bigot have a problem with that?”, in reference to Perkasa’s criticism of him”.

Suratkhabar milik MCA tersebut mengakhiri kalam dengan mengucap, “In such contentious and sensitive times, it is a comfort that we still have leaders who are truly and consistently multiracial at heart and critics be damned”.

Harap maklum

Di antara kolumnis The Star ialah Marina Mahathir, Shad Saleem Faruqi, Zainah Anwar dll. Rencana-rencana mereka disiarkan di akhbar tersebut tetapi mereka bukanlah wartawan The Star.

Rencana-rencana saya dulu pernah disiarkan oleh Malaysiakini dan saya merupakan bekas kolumnis portal tersebut. Namun saya TIDAK pernah bekerja sebagai wartawan Malaysiakini.

Perlu dicerahkan perkara di atas kerana ada sesetengah blogger yang terkhilaf.

Orang yang sebelum ini menjadi pemberita Malaysiakini serta Scissorati ialah Regina Lee — sekarang dilantik sebagai setiausaha akhbar Menteri Belia dan Sukan Khairy Jamaluddin.




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18 thoughts on “Kian hari kian tunjuk belang

  1. Aku lebih suka kalau Helen guna perkataan ‘tembelang’ dari ‘belang’. Rasanya lebih tepat, samaada untuk J-Star maupun Nazri Aziz. Warna belang kurang impact berbanding bau tembelang. Heh heh hehh…

  2. Intiparti rencana tu nak promosi Malaysian Malaysia la tu. Bukan susah sangat pun nak buat rumusan. Kalau macam tu mereka ini sepatutnya bersetuju lah dengan cadangan satu sistem persekolahan sahaja iaitu sekolah kebangsaan. Tu baru namanya “Malaysian first, race second’.

    To be Malaysian first, race second, ahli-ahli parlimen pun mestilah fasih berbahasa kebangsaan ketika berbahas, berhujah di Parlimen. Kan mereka ini lahir di Malaysia dan duduk di Malaysia, mestilah mahir bahasa kebangsaan. Ini tidak. Nampak macam susah je sangat nak bercakap dalam bahasa Malaysia. Dengan nahu yang bertarabur dan tunggang-langgang ketika berhujah. Kita yang menonton perbahasan tu pun naik mengah. Apa sebenarnya Yang Berhormat ni nak sampaikan. Nak susun perkataan untuk dijadikan ayat yang memberikan maksud seperti yang dimahukan pun susah. Kami tidaklah expect diorang ni cakap bahasa Malaysia terror giler macam Pang Chin Fei tapi mereka tidak sepatutnya struggle untuk bercakap bahasa tersebut. Mereka ini kan rakyat Malaysia yang pegang IC Malaysia. Kenalah bilingual atau trilingual.

    Bahasa ni sebenarnya, tidak kiralah bahasa apa pun, kena selalu practice, kena selalu guna untuk jadi fasih dan cekap. Kalu tidak guna ianya akan berkarat.Tidak cukup hanya sekadar tahu dan faham sahaja. Kita perlu conversant dalam bahasa tersebut.

    1. You’re still here stalking Helen. Now its getting funnier. Stalking has become, sort of, an enterprise for people like you. I would like to sign up as a stalker.

      May I ask you a question ? Make that 2. First of all, how do I sign up ? Two, how much will I be paid ?

      I shall wait for your reply. Thank you.

  3. Tiada ahli politik yg sempurna…namun Nazri salah satu ahli politik kerajaan yg berani menyuarakan perasaan tanpa memperdulikan siapa yg terasa pedas…biarpun yg mengigit cili itu ialah mahathir yg maksum.

    1. Sri hartamas,

      Dr Mahathir never claims he is “maksum’. He is bold, brilliant. But unlike Nazri, Tun Dr mahathir is not ‘”kurang ajar’. Tun Dr Mahathir does criticize the Malays. But he is not rude like Nazri.

      And Tun is often hated for telling point blank. But he as far as i can see it never sold the malays.

      The question here is that Nazri simply brushed aside those who criticize him. they have a point. UMNO is not a family owned company like DAP ( owned by Lim dynasty).

      If Nazri appoints his son in his own private family bussiness, Nazri would not face objection. But what is the boy doing in the Kementerian?

      And do mind your manner. Do not simply accuse others as behaving as if they are “maksum”. Cari dosa kering saja.

      1. Shamsul Anuar. I support your holistic views on TDM and the Blue DAP (linked to the United States via LKY) only. I have no comment on Nazri.

        1. Shamsul Anuar. ‘The Tun is often hated for telling point blank’ but also these detractors thought they should be GIVEN MORE MONEY AND DECORATIONS ! I know of one fellow who has the all the 3 classes of Datukships of each State and more. I counted this heavily enobled fellow has about 50 or more decorations etc. If he put the whole lot on, he will look like a North Korean general. It happens in our beloved Malaysia. MORE AND MORE ! AND MORE !

  4. Helen,

    I know you are going to pick up on this when I read The Star this morning. Very blatant and glaring “pukul keliling” by The Star. Very interesting also if you could speculate the ghost writer behind the article. Any guess ?

    Proping up Nazri and racist accusation on TDM. Pukul keliling la tu.

    Having experience with my Chinese colleage in the office, the Chinese will never compliments the “towering malays”. They normally very kedekut in giving such treatment probably their siege mentality, jealousy or fear of losing.

    Normally accolades are given to liberal malays who drinks. Performance is irrespective and so so will be good enough. High performance Malays will eventually leave and the mediocre Liberal Malays with normally stay. The Chinese will hold their balls. Victimisations will be tolerated by the Mediocre Malays.

    Back to the seas of compliments given to Nazri, I think that is what is happening here. Whilst I do not want to accuse Nazri to drinks, definitely he is a Liberal Malays and a mediocre one as well. He will tolerate victimisation and very suitable to be “a good kuda” by the Chinese.

    The question is, why Najib and and his very clever advisors are not doing anything? Is he also the mediocre one?

    1. “The question is, why Najib and and his very clever advisors are not doing anything? Is he also the mediocre one?”


      “Normally accolades are given to liberal malays who drinks. Performance is irrespective and so so will be good enough. High performance Malays will eventually leave and the mediocre Liberal Malays with normally stay. The Chinese will hold their balls. Victimisations will be tolerated by the Mediocre Malays.”

      Like in Singapore the “clever Malays” are usually “bought over” and got their “balls squeezed”…and mostly they are politicians, social leaders and civil servants. They got their perks and crumbs for their “loyalty”. For the ordinary Malays….they got their “Final 1” winner a Malay….(a singing talent programme).

      For the real talented Singapore Malays who does not want their “balls squeezed” or “walk in the yellow line” they have gone out of Singapore…e.g. fashion designer Ashley, academician Lily Zubaidah Rahim, Anita Sarawak etc…they would not even survived decently had they lived in Singapore.

      1. Ali Retiree. If you have time, and want more info on how the Singaporean Govt treats the Malays, please look up the annual list of honorary LLDs awarded to retired very senior Civil Servants of the Government of the Federation of Malaysia. Then, you look up the glowing reports in the Straits Times on the selected few younger UMNO Malays who were invited to speak at the Institute of South East Asian Affairs ( a Hitler/Goebbels type of establishment) which was set up for the very purpose of flattery with a thin veneer of academic overlay, provided by the likes of Bridget Welsh and the late Barry Wain. On the other, you have the info on the treatment of the Singaporean Malays. This is BRAINWASHING AND CORRUPTION PAR EXCELLENCE !

        1. AK47,

          Singapore Malays are a minority in Singapore. They are at the mercy of the LKY Dynasty.

          I am referring to Malaysian Malays in Malaysia. That is the norms in MNCs, Chinese owned companies and even in GLCs led by Chinese.

    2. Durian Vendor,

      Nazri forgot that he was elected on UMNO”s ticket. Meaning say if he contested under “bebas” banner against UMNO in Padang Rengas, chances are he might lose.

      Malays voted him not due to his personal briliance. He is voted in as he represents UMNO, the only party that is able to keep racist DAP at bay.

  5. The Star represents the blinkered view of the middle class who will not be caught rubbing shoulders with the rest of the populace. From their wonderful world of Penang Xavierian, they do not know how the rest of us live.

    Firstly, the middle class complaint of crime and when police take action is violent and racist. I believe the definition of criminal would be foreigners with guns. Gangsters are definitely only Thais and Indons while mainland Chinese girls are all hookers.
    These people believe that the job of the police is to aid UMNO and serve parking tickets. Any shootouts would be like PG rated action films with no blood. That is the Star’s starry view.

    Secondly, crime does not exist in Penang. Everybody lives in peace and sing Kumbaya songs. It is the Bangla, Thais and Mainland sluts that disturb the sing-a-long sessions of the Isle of Peace and Pearls. Do you notice most crime stories are reported in the Chinese papers, or the ever “racist” Utusan? Do you here of any hard boil crime stories in the Star or Malaysiakini?

    Pictures of accidents in the Star and all so “U” rated! The pictures in the Chinese papers are very gory. Denial by the middle class! Elementary Watson! To the Starry middle class, criminals are like characters from Dick Tracy.

    The Star was of the opinion that the Gurney traffic mess is controllable but the brickbats stories are all over the Chinese papers. How would the middle class understand what cyclists and pedestrians feel with the new traffic? Riding their RM3,000 bicycle with their Lance Armstrong wear on Sunday at Beach Street does not give them the right to represent people who actually cycle to work. Define people who cycle to work – Bangla. Apology! Banglas are not human. People who go around with their SUVs are human. The rest are not.

    How can the police solve any crime when the middle class is constantly at odds with the police? Does it mean the job of the police is only to hand out parking tickets, arrest foreigners and shoot tear gas? When the Star and Malaysiakini move out from their land of “stars” and live in the real world like in the Chinese and Malay papers, perhaps perceptions will be different. It is fine to ask for governance but constantly being at odds with the police will solve nothing.

    I am still waiting for Star’s commentary on the Genting tragedy? Perhaps there were no middle class fatalities, so the tragedy is not news worthy to the editors. It is just some news you put on the cover.

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