Are there really many Indian members in the DAP?

There are two often-tweeted toddlers living in the heart of Jerusubang. They are Chinese.

Their mother is a tudung-wearing, mosque-addicted DAP politician.

Her husband Ram was disgusted at the MCA and the Chinese party’s Dr Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde bipolar disordered lalang newspaper “for racializing [their] ‘Anak Malaysia’ bid” for their daughter Shay Adora.

Like his wife, Ram is a DAP member.

ramachandran_m lowclass TheStar and MCA

Ram’s daughter(s) is officially Chinese.

Insofar as mother tongue goes, it is suspect whether Ram is an Indian — see his tweet below where he confesses his “Tamil is non-functioning”.


Today the MCA’s Dr Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde bipolar disordered lalang newspaper carried a challenge by the chairman of the political party (to which Hannah’s hubby belongs) made to the Hindraf chairman calling on the latter to resign as Deputy Minister — see ‘Karpal challenges Waythamoorthy to resign ministerial post‘ (The J-Star, 24 Aug 2013)

I’m not sure if DAP chairman Karpal Singh is to be considered an Indian (he’s Punjabi). Many Jerusubang denizens whose forefathers migrated here from the Indian sub-continent are adamant that they are NOT Indian!

It’s funny that Karpal should lecture about an Indian “maintaining his pride”.

Where is the pride of the Indian (ooops, taboo word) men in the DAP when their children are ascribed a matrilineal lineage?

What are the Indians doing in the DAP when their delegates are deliberately shut out of the party elections, according to complaints received by the Registrar of Societies?

Are the DAP Yang Berhormats thrilled that Indians take pride of place in the Malaysia Book of Records for gang membership?

What does the DAP want to do to Indians?

It wants to Clorox away their skin colour so that Malaysian Indians become colourless.

Will being ‘colourless’, should the DAP succeed in skin-and-brainwashing 90 percent of the country’s Indian population, help solve the problem of the involvement of Indian youths in crime?

Karpal wants Waytha to quit the Najib government.

DAP wants to take over the federal government and occupy the green-domed Bangunan Perdana Putra, and in all likelihood their Serdang MP is acclimatizing himself with all the #sahur, “Insya’Allah” and “Look at how many copies of the Holy Quran I have” warm-up practice.

Can someone tell me what programmes the Malaysia-Book-of-Records- #sahur-champion party have lined up to dilute the Indian record-breaking feat as stated by Bukit Aman CID director Hadi Ho Abdullah? (ref. Malaysiakini link above).


Surely an Indian boy doesn’t say “When I grow up I want to be just like Bentong Kali” about his ambition. Better be a dentist.

The stats released by Bukit Aman CID with regard to gangsterism is but a symptom. The root cause is the social condition of the marginalized Indians (not the dentist, doctor, lawyer Indian who are NOT really Indian and quite disinterested in “low class” economic problems).

And Pakatan was totally lacking a genuine interest in endorsing the Hindraf Blueprint as well.

I hope you will take a second and closer look at the picture above. I don’t know about you, but to me, his ‘expression’ is haunting. But then again, the Dapsters and evangelistas are not only colour blind tetapi buta mata dan hati juga.


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48 thoughts on “Are there really many Indian members in the DAP?

  1. Just as he faces criticism from the other side for allying with Barisan Nasional, Waytha faces opposition from within the coalition.

    MIC does not like him. They see him as an upstart trying to grab their self-proclaimed status as the defender of Indians.

    On UMNO’s side, we have Zahid and the conservative faction who have a fear of all Hindraf factions. We will see more of this sentiment as your readers sound off their opinions on Hindraf.

  2. The issue is being spinned into another racial issue. The way karpal speak of Waytha is condescending, I am sure Mkini readers are having mass orgasm practicing creative writing on character assassination on Waytha these past few days. This will will give them a break from writing about Rosmah’s big hair an big everything.

    Anyway, I think its better the picof the dead body be just a link, its gruesome. Im sure no one would like his or her body be portrayed in such a way online.

    1. Agree and I think it is quite demeaning as well for the families, although I don’t think Helen is trying to demeans them or anyone.

  3. i was born in penang, so, i am a penangite. penang is part of peninsular malaya, no doubt i am also a malayan & peninsular malaya together with sabah & sarawak (singapore for a brief period) formed a country called malaysia, therefore i am a malaysian.

    anybody whether mat saleh, jepun, negro or whatever born in india and given a citizenship is an indian.

    question is: ada ka indian malaysian atau malaysian indian? as far as i am concerned there only two types of manusia in this world…good & evil irrespective of race, religion, gender, age, color, size & what have you.

    1. re: “question is: ada ka indian malaysian atau malaysian indian?”

      For the Firsters, it is Malaysian only. Neither Indian Malaysian nor Malaysian Indian comes into the picture. That was what Hannah Yeoh was bullying the National Registration Dept clerk over.

              1. Sure will do.

                Just give up your CITIZENSHIP. That’s the arrangement for your forefather before they were accepted as Citizen on Jus Soli.

                We the Malay would be happy to give up our Bumiputera Status if the Chinese and Indian would give up their citizenship.

                1. Ya lor, takkan kami nak bagi dan bagi lagi. Dulu dah bagi. Sekalang lagi lu minta kami bagi. Susah la ini macam. Lu semua mau sapu saja!

                  Amacam. Kita sama-sama bagi?

                  Lu bagi, kami pun bagi!

                  1. My take on this. Gasaklah dia orang. Kita orang Melayu lepas PRU13 dah tahu halatuju bangsa kita dan siapa yang boleh di percayai dan siapa yang tidak.

                    1. Melayu tidak Memerlukan Cina DAP untuk memerintah

                    2. Kaum India hanya satu bonus, kalau takk join tak apa. Sebab sejarah dah membuktikan, bila dia orang dah maju, kaya dan berjaya, dia orang akan join pembangkang.

                    Bangsa sendiri yang miskin pun dia orang tak pandang, pulakan kita yang Melayu ni.

                    Dia orang nak harap pada Cina DAP. Kampung Buah Pala kena roboh, CEC tak dapat jemputan, keturunan India pun tak diiiktiraf oleh Hannah Yeoh.

                    Apa lagi mau cerita maca?

                    3. There is something that I started to see clearly from Najib lately and as suspected from before. It has got a lot to do with his “Cat sniffing Pic”. It is totally a wise and good move.

                    1. re: “”Cat sniffing Pic”

                      It looks like an ‘official’ portrait shot. When was it released, by whom (which state agency), and for what occasion?

  4. Indians, if they are not careful, will devolve into the niggers of Malaysia, while DAP stalwarts of the chinese variety rise to the rank of Ku Klux Klan grand wizards. Just as planned.

  5. The Indians they don’t help each other, the caste system still rampantly practiced here.

    Yang from the lowest class (untouchables – Dalits) bila dah cerdik kaya mengoyan diri mereka above everything sampaikan nama “bangsa” dan “tuhan” mereka pun gedik nak UBAH.

    MIC, 50 tahun duk buat apa? Itu Samy Vellu hello mana sembunyi. Out of office out of sight? Perjuangan apa macam tu?

    And the Bengali fella, old and senile already – tak kira la Bengali also once from India kira Indian la. 50yrs could have done wonders for this community instead asyik nak tunjuk taring saja. Now asking Wathamoorthy to step down, so cetek pemikiran whereas BN put W there to be an extra voice for the Indians.

    The problem is themselves.

    PS: Parents sue over Facebook photos of dead daughter

    1. re: “Parents sue over Facebook photos of dead daughter”

      Was the dead daughter a black woman strangled by a white policeman? Different circumstances there and here.

      The Indian families want justice. If the photos do not see the light of day, then it’s business as usual.

      1. Kepala hotak semua memang rasis esp towards the Malays and Bumis. Terlompat2 semacam.

        Lets take the Genting Highlands tragedy, had the deceased bus driver or bus operator are Malays/ Malay coys, habis le.. imagine 37 dead and 16 injured… so silent?

    2. The caste has nothing to do with India being backwards its racism practised by Malaysians when its comes to emplyoment, education and even rooms to let. In fact one of the characteristics of the caste system, is that food cooked by one caste is not eaten by another. Now, can you tell me which community does this in Malaysia? ‘

      Large chunks of this economy are owned by Malays and Chinese, how on earth can a community which owns only 1% of the nations equity ever discriminate itself!, Unless of course a typical racist like you has the mentality that Indians only deserve to work in Saree shops and banana leaf restaurants. If your contented with working like that them ask your government to stop sending Malays to UK to study courses like Accountancy!.

      Because of the small size of their economic ownership they are not working in their factories, companies and businesses of their own but have to find work in those run by the bigger races. There two ways for ethnic businesses, both Malay and Chinese help their own kind, one, they let some of their small businesses to participate in the supply chain, two, subcontracting to firms owned by their own kind, thirdly, by employing their own kind.

      Because of this great social contract of Malaysia, the Malays firms who offer a majority of the opportunity in the categories mentioned above are tolerated, the Chinese who form the second largest, feel the squeeze, so they have no choice but to practise their own form of preferential treatment. That leaves large chunks of economy divided among themselves, leaving very little chances for Indian businesses to grow and become part of the supply chain.

      Even if the big businesses owned by Indians, most of the shareholders are Malays thanks to prefer the Bumiputera policy of the government. Even if there is an Indian firm that is big enough to support Indians, will the other races keep quiet if there is preferential treatment given to the Indians by it? No, just look at how the Malay media makes a song and dance out of Chinese preference in private sector but some how keep queit about Malays preference in government and Malay owned firms.

      The problem is yourself and your stupid government, still mendokong an out dated perlembagaan which says somenone is special because of his/her ancestry, so cetek pemikiran.

      1. Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandez, just to name a few, are rich Indians. Why can’t these successful Indians help other Indians who are less fortunate? One thing about Indians is once they are successful, they are ashamed to be called ‘Indiana’s. Why?

        Take for example Ram, Hannah Yeoh’s husband, he is an Indian but cannot speak Tamil and on top of that his kids are classified as ‘Chinese’! Is he ashamed of them being ‘Indians’!

        The Indians should look hard at themselves first before blaming others for their failures! Is Ambiga doing anything to help the Indians?

        BTW, I love going to banana leaf restaurants and I am not an Indian!

        1. If every race in this country needs only to be helped by the rich of their own kind, then scrap the Dasar Ekonomi Baru and institute a Dasar Orang Kaya Bantu Kaum Dia Sendiri, let all of us pay taxes to our own kind, and let us take care of our ownselves.

          Besides, would you recommend this solution to the minorities living in other countries. Very funny, Malaysians would be up in arms should only the minority be threatened overseas, there is no shortage of newspapers editorials asking that country and this country to do that and this for their minority.

          Successful Indians not claiming themselves to be Indians?? And Ram is the Prime example of that?? One guy, so Noordin Mohd Top and Ayah Pins attitudes could be ascribed to the whole Malay race? Did you personally ask Tony and A.K whether they are Indians?

        1. Nak minta tolong dengan Melayu tapi asyik nak mengutuk Melayu. Padan muka sokong DAP dan PAKATAN terus Kg Buah Pala kena roboh lepas PRU12.

          1. Mungkin depa takut, kalau depa mintak tolong melayu dan buat baik dengan orang melayu, depa jadi mamak.

            Mamak, to them is so demeaning that it is probably the new lowest caste to Malaysian-hindu-indian. Cannot maa………

      2. If you are not satisfied, go somewhere else. Migrate la ! Always blaming others. Look at yourself first la !

  6. There are Indian members in the DAP. I m sure about it. They are really Indians. Just look at their ICs. Stated as Indian.

    But they are Indians only in name. Pity those who have had their identity stolen i.e the Children of Ram l o l !

    The skin whitening products must be selling quite well with the Indians of the DAP. They want to be white..oops sorry fair looking as the whites and Chinese l o l !

    Deep down, the Dapsters and their Evangelist friends must be very happy with what the police have done to these Indian crooks. They say to themselves “Good riddance. Finally these Indian crooks have been dealt with” and then, with a twist, they continued “even when these Indian crooks are history, they are still quite useful. With this latest episode, we can use this to denounce the police as CRUEL as they acted on these Indian crooks with so much force and so violently”.

    So what are the Indians to the Dapsters and their Evangelist friends ? Disposable goods l o l !

  7. Nah kawan kita nak selalu pakai baju Melayu .

    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman 11h
    Can’t think of a better way to end this day, menziarahi keluarga intern di kawasan saya di Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.


    Sheeeeeena ツ ‏@syarinamaat 11h
    @imokman comelnya yb berbaju melaju, tapi sampin tu labuh sangat hehe
    from Puchong, Petaling

    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman 11h
    @syarinamaat haha, mesti belajar pakai samping…
    from Puchong, Petaling

    Sheeeeeena ツ ‏@syarinamaat 11h
    @imokman nanti suruh member melayu ajarkan, btw u look great in baju melayu :)

    from Puchong, Petaling

    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman 10h
    @syarinamaat thanks, baju Melayu memang selesa, I prefer baju Melayu to wearing suits, I will wear one for the next parliament sitting.

      1. So for the Hungry Ghost Festival dia buat jemputan tak kepada Melayu2 semua ni untuk turut serta meraikan upacara jamuan hantu2 lapar dan pementasan opera Cina? Hah! this time around kena le distribute pakaian yang sepadan dengan perayaan itu kan?!

        BTW tak ade gambar si temban pungkok selambak sitting kat meja2 jamuan hungry ghosts? Kasi share le sini… Dia make-up muka dan pakai baju Opera pulak ke?

        1. OKM is an Evangelist, a born again Christian, as such he will NEVER convert to Islam. All his kepuraan-puraan like fasting in Ramadan, celebrating Eid are just acting to hoodwink the Malay Muslims to vote for DAP in GE 14.

          We have to be very careful with these people, silap langkah kita orang Melayu akan hanyut dibuai mimpi oleh lakonan mereka! Malaysia akan tergadai kepada orang Cina DAP oleh orang Melayu sendiri!

  8. Yeo Bee Yin ‏@yeobeeyin 22 Aug
    Had a wonderful supper time v committee of Masjid Al-Mujahideen & Persatuan Agama DU. Good to listen to wise men! 😄

    Retweeted by Ong Kian Ming

    1. Amoy tu bagi apa tok Aji? RM500? Satu meja berapa harga makanan, nampak macam course meal – mahal tu?

    1. Their Malay-Muslim-Centric plan in action and in full force. Kesian semua Pakcik, Makcik, adik,kakak, abang yang terpedaya.

  9. hai yo melayu tak ada. bukan ke open house tu patut di buat oleh MP melayu islam? atau buang duit je tak serve the purpose. patut tony pua buat majlis majlis makan-makan untuk ahli Dap dan peminat Dap ok tak?

    orang melayu rasa pelik bila orang bukan islam buat majlis hari raya bila tuan rumah bukan orang islam. kita rasa suspicious. tak tau lah apa perasaan orang china atau India bila pemimpin orang melayu buat open house deepavali atau open house krismas bila tuan rumah hosnya bukan orang india atau kristian.

    mungkin Dap colour blind semua perayaan dia nak sapu. kita orang melayu rasa tony pua hipokrit. hari raya bukan saja majlis makan makan ketupat atau rendang. tetapi hari mulia menyambut kemenagan melawan hawa nafsu dan berjaya berpuasa dengan beroleh kemenangan. jadi untuk melawan nafsu dan mempercayai bulan ramadhan barulah berpuasa dan barulah berhari raya.

    untuk berpuasa di bulan ramadhan mestilah percaya rukun islam dan rukun iman. bila tony pua buat open house dia ingat orang melayu bodoh ke kafir menyambut hari raya jika kafir tak puasa dan percaya islam..?

  10. I do not understand why some Opposition members find it so intriguing to fraternize with their compatriots in the year 2013. Many other Malaysians have been doing so including myself since 1954. Their ‘show-off’ attitudes complete with posed pics only goes to prove the superficiality and the hypocrisy of this sort of attitude.

    All Malaysians beware of being used like a step in a ladder by these ambitious politicos. Why they did not do it before?

    The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP spent 47 long years since 1966 contemplated their navels and did nothing for the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all. Their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for DAP spiritual homeland Singapore wrote a book and urged the DAP leadership of 2 to leave the troika and maybe to join the BN.

    As it was said by TDM, a week is a long time in Malaysian Politics – don’t laugh at me, irony of ironies, the Blue MCA has turned Red, and the Red DAP has turned Blue. Maybe someone is colour blind. What a laugh for Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, politics !

  11. Waytha’s problem was that he shot his mouth off before the GE making it sound as if UMNO was never the problem in the first place. He seemed oblivious to the MIC in the strategic sense and the fact that his brother is languishing in jail, makes him look like a stooge of the worst kind.

    Not to mention his backdoor appointment and the reality that he has no real clue as to how to get the Machine to focus on the problems of “his” community, makes him a symbol of political hubris.

    Forget about the DAP because what makes his position untenable is the fact that the faction within UMNO like the imbecile Zahid, are controlling the discourse and attempting to put him (W) in his place rhetoric and actions which is what got them (UMNO) into this mess in the first place.

    Hindraf under Uthaya used to be about pissing in the Pakatan kool aid but now Hindraf or whatever remains of it, is a sad reminder that a certain majority of the disenfranchised Indian community has lost it last best chance of participating as equals in this country.

    But then again any form of egalitarianism was never really the goal of either Alliance.


    1. re: “his brother is languishing in jail”

      What can we do?

      I’m glad that Commander (rtd) Thayaparan wrote this

      But Uthaya’s jail term is 2-and-1/2 years and I’m afraid that with the passage of time, most people will eventually forget even that he is inside. In fact, the oppo were more aware and concerned about Alvivi’s few days in detention rather than Uthaya’s sentence.

      And whither the Indians? Where to? What path to take?

      1. Re: “What can we do?”

        I don’t think we can do anything. As the Commander has always said, issues such as these are supposed to be championed by the Oppo and they despise Uthaya.

        Look at how any Indian personality who does not tow the Oppo line is treated by consumers of the alternative press.

        Re: “And whither the Indians? Where to? What path to take?”

        I think for a certain section of the Indian community, they will just die out, implode by circumstances of their own doing and by the Establishment.

        What will remain is a Christian dominated “class”, which would be the face so to speak of the “new” Indian community. Honestly, as far as the “Hindu” middle class, their tethers to the Establishment are frayed to the point of irrelevance as far as leading a path for their disenfranchised brethren as if that was ever a goal.

        I doubt there will even be a “Hindu/Indian” culture of any real meaning once the dust settles when it comes to the Sino/Malay dialectic.

        The disenfranchised of the Indian community or rather that specific class of Malaysians, who actually represent the [Indian] culture is over.

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