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Endless possibilities: Majlis Hari Raya DAP takde Melayu?

@azmanhaj 17 Aug

Tak nmpk muka Melayu pun “@yeobeeyin: Hari Raya celebration with SS4 residents with @tonypua @cynthia_gabriel.

Ada nampak?

It’s important to measure the degree of impact.

A few thousand readers of my blog saw the gruesome photos that I uploaded of the deceased following a police raid that killed five in Sungai Nibong.

One dead suspect was in bed. Two other dead suspects appeared to be on the floor beside the bed; in one photo the bed frame is clearly seen while in the other, the piece of furniture caught on film at the edge of the photo is most likely a bed.

It is difficult to imagine the scenario of three men killed on/beside a bed to be a “shootout” as claimed by the police. Our idea of firefight is not of such passivity.

As to the question of whether the photos should have been published or not.

Wow, terribly impressed … Nazri Aziz photo in The J-Star today

The few thousand readers of my blog pale in significance to 5.63 million audience of Malaysian adults enjoyed by the Star Media Group.

The Star clearly labelled the five men as “murder victims” and the newspaper showed their bodies being carted out of the apartment.

So the most widely circulated English newspaper in the country had – even before I blogged about this incident – pronounced that the men shot by police were “victims” of “murder”. Millions of people, including foreign correspondents and diplomats, read The J-Star.

There are endless possibilities for The J-Star to subtly undermine the BN.


Even more terribly impressed! The DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming is in GREEN baju Melayu but his kain sampin looks to drop anytime

The J-Star‘s love affair with Nazri Aziz

Nazri is again featured by the Jerusubang paper today after being a topic of a J-Star editorial on 21 Aug.

The evangelista editors like him because he slags the Tun — see here.

They love him because he is “an unorthodox Malay politician” who is willing to go “against the grain of [his] party’s struggle”.

Today The J-Star published ‘Nazri will always be Nazri‘ and ‘Nazri says it as it is‘.

The paper wrote about Nazri’s “a strong faith in multi-culturalism”.

They quoted his as saying: “I am a Malay but if I want to do something for my race, it should not be a zero sum game whereby it is seen as being at the expense of another race.”


What does KJ’s special officer Regina do, ah?

The J-Star picks which Umno pollie it chooses to highlight according to their Firster agenda.

The J-Star reporter also spoke to Nazri about the appointment of Nedim as a Ministry special officer:

“Your critics say it is inappropriate to have your son working in your office …”, “Why is your son working for you and what does he do?” and “Your son does not use government facilities when carrying out his duties?

The same questions as well apply to Khairy Jamaluddin’s press secretary who is an ex-Malaysiakini and J-Star reporter.

@imokman and @hannahyeoh do indeed have lot in common

Endless possibilities for Scissorati

The Star senior editor June Wong had written in her column last week about ruling multiracial Malaysia:

“I will support those in power who believe in educating and empowering its people and not keeping them stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever.”

And there are endless possibilities as to what the Scissorati are doing for the DAP because they believe that there are those in power who are deliberately keeping Malaysians stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever.

That means The J-Star does indeed believe that there are stupid Malaysians.

Yeo Bee Yin is the DAP Adun for Damansara Utama, a DUN which lies in the PJ Utara Parliamentary constituency.

The MP for PJ Utara is Tony Pua. The Adun for Damansara Utama used to be Tony Pua’s special officer.

And some Malaysians think there is no nepotism in the opposition. Imagine if Umno were to take a leaf from PKR’s Anwar-Azizah-Nurul playbook. Dr M could be the Ketua Umum of Umno, Siti Hasmah the Umno president and Marina the Umno vice president.

yeobeeyin Hari Raya celebration


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27 thoughts on “Endless possibilities: Majlis Hari Raya DAP takde Melayu?

  1. Dear YB Yeo Bee Yin, is this photo Christians praying or Hari Raya gathering? Memang betul, tak nampak bayang seorang Melayu pun.

  2. There is no need to pay too much attention on Nazri. Umno members will deal with him. Paying too much on him will only play to the hands of the Jerusubang hacks.

    Majlis Hari Raya DAP takde Melayu ?

    Well, they are Malaysian First. To them, as long as you are Malaysian, you can have a Majlis Hari Raya.

    After their failed attempts to hijack the use of the word Allah, they are turning their attention to hijacking Hari Raya celebrations instead.

    Remember. They will hijacked anything. they will steal anything. They have stolen the identity of Hannah Yeoh’s daughters, although in this case, Hannah Yeoh was complicit.

    You might want to write on how they are attempting to hijack Hari Raya in your next expose. If you really do decide to write on this attempted hijacking of Hari Raya, I will be waiting with anticipation.

    Chill out. Have a nice day.

    1. International Jew,

      One criteria that would impress those in DAP is the ability to lash at Malay leaders who defend the right of Malays. Nazri hit the right button by slandering that Tun is racist . So he won the accolade.

      Nazri claims that he has the “could not care less” attitude on what people say. It is actually not a principle worth emulated. Rather, it is a sign of ‘riak”.

      Politicians especially must think on what people perceive. Nazri forgot that he won in Padang Rengas, a heavily Malay area. Nazri made a fool of himself b saying he is Malaysian first. Nobodty believes that Kit siang and Guang eng are Malaysian first. They are Lim dynasty first.

  3. Saudari Helen, baru tau ke puak DAPsters ni sebenarnya syok sendiri… Setakat pakai baju melayu atau baju kurung dan menganjurkan majilis Hari raya terus mengaku dah diterima orang Melayu… Pada mereka ‘what’s on the outside is good enough’ untuk mengabui mata para pengundi melayu… nasib baik samping OKM tak terlondeh..!! hahaha..!!

    1. naiza….nak buat mcmana, puak dapsters ni cuma mengambil kesempatan atas sikap orang melayu sendiri yang suka kalau bangsa lain memakai pakaian budaya melayu, makan makanan melayu dsbnya.

      orang melayu sendiri mudah ‘terribly impressed’ bila ada bangsa asing pandai cakap melayu… kena pulak sikit2 mahir cakap telo kelantan, telo kedah, telo nogori… even kalau boleh cakap jawa…

      #biasa saya lihat orang melayu ‘terlopong’ bila ada ‘orang puteh’ speaking jawa…..!

      1. I’ve noticed the two DAP SuperCyber Bullies lately making the effort to tweet one or two sentences in BM.

        Their Malay Twitter followers must be wow, terribly impressed.

  4. When comes to Hari Raya Celebration hosted by Chinese, Malay runs passive. The day will come when we Malay runs amok….

  5. helen,
    melayu lihat dari sincerity. melayu bukan pelahap dan opportunist macam cina DAP. kalau melayu pergi kenduri bukan sebab nak makan tetapi respect tuan rumah. kalau boleh lepas ini minta adun DAP buat lagi open house atas nama hari raya haji. lepas tu another one by the nama of open house maal hijrah. bagi award tokoh maal hijrah kpd lim kit siang, OKM, Regina, Nazri dan tak lupa bapak sandiwara Malaysia Tian Chua.

    helen, unit amal PAS off-duty ke masa open house YBY di atas? at least ade le wakil PAS atau Melayu utk menjaga keselamatan dan join pelahap cina DAP.

  6. I had to laugh seeing the photos. I wouldn’t even want to go to their pseudo-Raya open house. Actually it’s kinda funny when there are some Chinese who claim that Hari Raya Aidilfitri is perayaan 1Malaysia. It isn’t, to tell you the truth. It is a Muslim’s celebration.

    If you look at the meaning of Eid-Fitr, it means ‘Kembali kepada fitrah’. We Muslims fast, perform Tarawih, pay alms and other ibadat as sole devotion to Allah, cleansing ourselves from sins in order to ‘kembali kepada fitrah’. Hence, these people don’t ‘kembali kepada fitrah’, considering their lies, half-truths, pretenses, arrogance, etc.

    OKM’s version of fasting made me laugh. It wasn’t fasting, rather it’s dieting. He wanted to fast like a Muslim, but obviously he didn’t since he drank while fasting. How can he understand the feeling of Muslims fasting when he still drinks, let alone understanding the suffering of the poor, needy and those who are less fortunate being deprived from food and drinks? Why not he just say that he wants to diet? No need to associate himself with Islam with words such as sahur, insya-Allah, etc. The man is just so full of himself. He makes me despise DAP even more with his hypocrisy.

    What’s funny with Chinese yang tak tahu malu is that they can even go to the PM’s Raya open house armed with Tupperwares. This is the typical attitude ‘Anything free I oso want’. If they despise the PM so much, why would they go to his open house? After they condemned him, criticized him and cursed him here and there, they had the nerve to show up. Shameless, ungrateful, greedy bunch of hypocrites.

    I am not surprised if no Malays show up at their open house. I, for one, hated them so much that I won’t go there even if I were invited. Let the DAPsters syok sendiri. Malas nak layan.

  7. How the Malays want to attend this Hari Raya Celebration makanan halal or not …….needless to say all attendees majority chinese . as long as free food or free anything else China Mesti Mahu

  8. Tak Nampak Muka Melayu

    Thats the ultimate dream of the DAP Chinese and LKY worshippers.

  9. Perhaps Khairy should appoint GPS as his “special officer” or something as the latter’s experience in the ministry would come in handy. Then, the dear Senator would be looking forward to work every day considering how he would be wowed & terribly impressed in the office.

  10. Mama fashion

    Hannah Yeoh ‏@hannahyeoh 21 Aug A lady at our event tonight told me she found 4 abandoned kittens & named them @hannahyeoh @rafiziramli @WongChenPKR @hanizat. No idea why!

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