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In my previous posting, I wrote about how The J-Star put words in P. Waytha Moorthy’s mouth.

Today the blogger Jailani Harun (Bujai) – whose articles often appear in the MCA-sponsored blog Stop the Lies – posted in his own blog:

“While the government was trying to clean up the streets from notorious gangster groups, Waytha – the former Hindraf leader appointed by Najib to help foster national unity and integration – accused the police of ‘simply executing the five’.

Bujai, by putting the phrase “simply executing the five” within quotation marks, is attributing the following words – “[police] simply executing the five” – to the Deputy Minister.

Bujai’s write-up says that Waytha Moorthy accused police of “simply executing the five”. Bujai, just like The J-Star, is putting words into the Deputy Minister’s mouth.

If that soundbite [phrase as spun by Bujai] was indeed what WM had said, it would have made the headlines in Malaysiakini, TMI and the other pro-oppo media days ago. The truth of the matter is that WM didn’t say that.

What he said was:

“Looking at the photos I do not think anyone with the right frame of mind would believe that there was actually a shoot-out between the Police team and the suspects.”

Bujai saying that WM “accused the police of ‘simply executing the five'” is being batu api untuk memporak-perandakan pentadbiran Najib. The Scissorati are playing the opposition’s game to undermine the ruling party and WM is their convenient scapegoat due to his newly appointed position in the PMO.


Scissorati striking in stealth

It is of interest as to who Bujai is — you can read here and here.

He is a friend of Wong Chun Wai and The J-Star‘s staunchest defender — his article here. Bujai however has disclaimed receiving a payoff from the paper:

“Sorry folks, I don’t ‘makan gaji’ with The Star, not even before. However, The Star (as a pro-BN English Daily) and Utusan (also a pro-BN Malay daily) are for Barisan Nasional, for Umno, MCA, MIC and others.”

It is questionable what Bujai says about the MCA paper being pro-BN. On the contrary, some Malay bloggers believe that The J-Star is “trying to incite public anger” against Umno.


Endless possibilities

The Star Media Group has a reach to an audience of 5.63 million adults. There are endless possibilities to what they can do in misinforming.

As it is, the BN is floundering in the battle of public perception by the Prime Minister’s own admission. And who shapes public perception?

The main criticism by Umno-ites against Waytha Moorthy is that he must be careful about what he says, now that he himself is a part of the Najib administration.

On the other hand, there is no MCA representative anymore in the Najib administration. With the Chinese party presently being out of government, the MCA machinery has been freed from its previous constraints to toe the line.

The MCA-owned newspaper is thus free to do all the Scissorsing that its wants.

This is the bottomline:

  • MCA will die a natural death by GE14. All Umno has to do is take back the Malay-majority seats that it has been letting MCA to contest.
  • MCA will 101% lose all the Chinese-majority seats where they are up against the DAP and even PKR.
  • The Chinese know that MCA is dead in the water in the BN set-up. The party is now outside the Cabinet and for the next 4-and-½ years will be shut out from the most important Ministerial meetings deciding the course of the country.
  • The Chinese also know that DAP is the strongest party in Pakatan. Given these two options of the Chinese future, it is no surprise that the MCA-owned Star Media Group has lalang-ed.


Do big numbers equate great strength?

What kind of people are they?

You know what the Dapsters are capable of.

You know what the evangelistas are capable of.

So what do you think the Scissorati are capable of?

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  1. I noticed Bujai’s blog did not have any ‘pautan’ to your blog, Helen.

    In my opinion, Bujai is a partisan blogger.

    1. Tun M as an Indian [edited-deleted].


      Helen: Did Dr M do something to your sister’s cat when you were a child to traumatize you and leaving you emotionally scarred until today? You have been sniping at him and at mamak in general in my blog for ages and ages.

  2. Remember many years ago foreigners came to Malaysia in droves to take advantage of Ramadan and Syawal posing as beggars (also dressed the same tembam pungkok selambak and Tok pe kong Ong to con the local Muslims).

    Some stationed themselves 24/7 along walkways, overhead bridges or waited outside the mosques for handouts (sedekah).

    Today we have another kind; non-Muslim YBs going into mosques to display their Ramadan and Syawal antics.

    One group begs for money and the other group begs for votes.

    Kepala otak 2 x 5.

    1. typo ….also dressed the same as tembam pungkok selambak (kurung and selendang) and Tok pe kong Ong (baju melayu and songkok) to con the local Muslims….

    2. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) Selangor menahan dua orang wanita Cina bukan Islam pakai tudung labuh dan jubah yang menyamar sebagai pengemis Muslim di Bazar Ramadan — klik sini

  3. New version:

    Ingat Gangstar
    Sama Kapster
    Itu DAPster
    Memang GengStar

    First OKM the so Malay. Now he is so Taoist pulak.

    And he is so bored
    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman 13h @y_doublei_ng haha, bored at Poh Toh events :)

    And then he is so concerned about the Allah debate.

    Zaidel Baharuddin ‏@Sinatra_Z 23 Aug @imokman tak perlu YB saya sebenarnya memang ada satu naskah disimpan di rumah dan saya memang ada membaca alkitab yang melayu dan inggeris

    Ong Kian Ming ‏@imokman 23 Aug @Sinatra_Z Tak boleh, dua perkataan Hebrew yg berlainan, YWHW ELHM, Yahweh Elohim, LORD God in English, TUHAN Allah dalam BM.

    1. Note:
      Jamuan Hari Raya Chris di Nuri. Ini restoren fast food Indonesia. Soalan: Mengapa main table Chris tak ada Melayu? Melayu semua kena duduk jauh. Yang ada semuanya India.

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