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National school with 99% Malay-Muslim enrolment

Reported in the media today:

“At least three non-Muslim pupils have left SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh and 10 others are to follow – the result of alleged intimidation following the shower room incident.

The three who left earlier claimed they were intimidated and bullied by school authorities after the issue of non-Muslim pupils being ordered to have their recess in the school’s shower room surfaced.

At a Press conference today, it was revealed that the parents of 10 other non-Muslim pupils will be transferring their children out of the school following the arrest of a parent for allegedly intimidating the headmaster.

Non-governmental organisation Malaysia Tamilan Today Welfare Association national secretary K. Gunasegaran said these parents have lost all faith in the school’s headmaster and teachers.

‘We don’t see any other way as these pupils are being harassed and bullied in the school, just because their parents spoke up,’ he said.

There are 25 non-Muslim pupils among the 1,400 enrolled at the school.”

Continue reading the rest of this article at The Malaysian Insider, here.

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My comment: In some of the pro-Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor coverage by the Malay blogosphere, the Seri Pristana headmaster was declared to be a staunch Umno supporter by some influential Malay bloggers.


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133 thoughts on “National school with 99% Malay-Muslim enrolment

  1. I am all the way pro-Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor. Why? Because he is a Malay/Muslim and I am an ultra-Malay/Muslim. If we don’t support him, do you think the Chinese and Indians would?

    I am now will support anything and everything that the Malays do whether the actions will jeopardize the harmony of the major races or not. To me, my race and religion come first and everything else does not matter.

    1. Aku pun boleh mengaku ultra-Malay.Muslim jugak, terutamanya selepas PRU13 ni. Tapi Islam menjadi pegangan dan pedoman utama hidup aku.

      Memang aku sokong GB Nasir sejak mula kes ini meletop dulu,kerana aku percaya dia di pihak yang benar, ikhlas dalam tindakannya dan tidak berniat untuk menganiaya sesiapa,lebih2 lagi anak muridnya sendiri.

      Tetapi jika ada bukti mengatakan dia punya agenda tersembunyi yang menjurus kepada diskriminasi kaum ketika itu maupun selepas itu, aku tidak akan teragak2 untuk mengutuk perbuatannya.

    2. Dear Anon

      Am I confused or are you? Did you not just professed to being a Muslim first above all else and at the same breath say you don’t need to follow the concept of justness as prescribed in your faith?

      We are talking about children being victimized. If you can find pride and justification in the victimization of innocent children in your quest for ultra-dom then you must be an ‘exceptional’ being.

      1. Didn’t I mention that I’m an ultra-Malay? There is nothing wrong having meals in the changing room.The children were not being victimized. This Indian parent who made herself famous (cheaply) is to be blamed solely. Now most of those children (Indians) have been absorbed into Tamil vernacular schools. Good luck to them!

        1. Aku Melayu

          Quote: “Didn’t I mention that I’m an ultra-Malay?”

          Yes you did but it is not written on stone one has to be mean-spirited to others in order to call oneself an ultra-Malay. Does being an ultra-Malay meant giving up decency, empathy and rationality?

          Helen’s posting is not dwelling on the changing room turned canteen issue for non–Muslims. This current post talked about the children being harassed by the school authorities after the fact. Punishing the children because their parents lodged report. The teachers can slug it out with the adults/parents if they wish, it is deplorable and cowardly to pick on the kids.

          1. “Does being an ultra-Malay meant giving up decency, empathy and rationality?”

            Rational discussion is dead here lately.

    3. yes me too pro-Nasir. go ahead leave the school. the last time i check you are free to choose your offspring’s education path even going to vernacular school. what happen to be an issue of lack of facility became an issue of race. and i’m suprised that helen view this as a form of marginalization by a Malay authority. duh…

      1. re: “what happen to be an issue of lack of facility became an issue of race. and i’m suprised that helen view this as a form of marginalization by a Malay authority”

        In my previous postings I’ve pointed out that the school has in fact excellent facilities,

        such as music room, art room, Living Skills workshop, resource room, textbook room, computer lab, science lab, counselling room, prefect’s room, sick bay, recovery room, dental health rooms, two meeting rooms and as has been highlighted in the media reports, Seri Pristana has two shower/changing rooms.

        Now many schools have changing rooms which are not toilets? The amenities available at Seri Pristana (it looks like the same batch of building design as the Putrajaya schools) are top notch, so it’s hard for me to credit the “lack of facility” excuse.

        Secondly, wrt “a form of marginalization by a Malay authority”, ask yourself why is it that the 13 pupils transferred (and to be transferred) out are all non-Malays if race were not an issue?

        1. hello helen, i was referring to the canteen facility, not other facility such as textbook room, computer lab, science lab etc as you mention. even you yourself in your previous posting pointed out the shortsightedness of the architect/jkr who design the canteen that is too small. secondly why can’t you even grasp what you yourself posted. Let me reiterate the sentences:

          “…it was revealed that the parents of 10 other non-Muslim pupils will be transferring their children out of the school…”

          that itself explain that the authority, in this case the school was not the one that TRANSFERRED them out. it was done by the parents own accord on a race basis.

          1. re: “pointed out the shortsightedness of the architect/jkr who design the canteen that is too small”

            No, it was the school who gave the story that the canteen was too small and thus necessitating the use of the shower room.

            I merely pointed out that IF the headmaster wanted to make an excuse that the canteen was too small to cater for the enrolment, then the JKR and architect must be blamed.

            Personally I don’t suspect that the architect botched his design. However all those who agree with the HM’s story that the canteen was too small must also agree that the architect made a bad job of designing the school buildings to fit its student capacity.

            1. assuming that we take on the hipotesis of not believing what the headmaster said. a wise man once said “a picture says a thousand word”. the problem is the guy who posted on facebook accused the HM for forcing non muslims eating in a changing room which is unhealthy, unhygienic on the BASIS that it happened during fasting month. fine we take into account that the decision was made during this holy month (i’m giving all the winning argument for this indian guy and neglecting the defendant argument which is the HM).

              but one thing for sure, in the VERY SAME picture (one of them) was a girl dressed in baju kurung and tudung walking in the changing room. what was she doing? pissing? no picture of toilet bowl. changing clothes? that time was not in the morning where it might be that kid change to sport attire for PJ session or balik rumah time. it happened during recess time.

              1. If it was puasa month, what was she doing in a room during meal break time with all the rest of the non-Muslims? You’re adding to the mystery.

                1. exactly that is my point. it means that girl also eat in the canteen. fyi, kids who does not yet reaching puberty is not compulsory to fast. so why did this indian guy makes a hoohaa about this changing room turned canteen thing into something racial and religious? that was what created tension.

                  i wouldn’t mind if he was commenting on the inept of the HM. the HM or the PTA, since this was brought up in the meeting. they should have at least decided on other venue that is more suitable if the canteen is not available under any circumstances. i’m sure there must be some empty classrooms to cater the recess session for all the pupils. or converting their multipurpose hall (if there is, since you said they possess top notch facility) into a temporary canteen. that would suit better than a stuffy changing room.

                  so in this case i would say both parties are to be blamed. the HM and the PTA for bad decision making. and that indian guy who raise this issue out of proportion.

                  1. re: “it means that girl also eat in the canteen”

                    Okay. I’ll go along with what you say about that Muslim girl also eating in the shower room.

                    Looking at the staged picture of Malay men in their baju Melayu-and-songkok who buka puasa in there, we can see 11 adults in the room.

                    Let’s say the shower room can accommodate 25 kids (we double the head count since kids are smaller in size). Twenty-five is still a very tiny number considering the school has 1,375 pupils and the canteen is closed.

                    Two dozen kids having recess in the changing room during fasting month implies that the arrangement was made to keep the eaters (including a small handful of Muslims who skip fast on any particular day) out of sight of those fasting. This is the allegation made by the Indian parents.

                    There are still questions that have not been answered:

                    (1) TIME FRAME: When was the shower first used as a makeshift canteen? Months before like the HM says or just when fasting month started like what the Indian parents report?

                    (2) RENOVATION: Why was the whole canteen closed for weeks when only a glass door (and possibly some glass panels) was changed, and this minor work could have been done within 2-3 days as well as over the weekend when the kids don’t have school?

                    (3) SIZE OF CANTEEN: As I’ve pointed out, the school has 18 physical classrooms which can cater for 36 classes if both morning and afternoon sessions are held. The enrollment is ideal, i.e. it is NOT overcrowded vis-a-vis the complex build-up and infrastructure.

                    If the classroom-to-pupils ratio in Seri Pristana is fine, then I don’t see why the canteen size should suddenly be faulted as being too small as if the planning by the JKR and Ministry of Education was shoddy. By blaming the canteen size, the HM is imputing that the MoE and the architects are shoddy planners.

                    The fiasco arose because of the bad judgment of a few individuals viz. the HM and the PTA but instead the entire government system (Education Ministry and Jabatan Kerja Raya) is implicated due to the intense race baiting over the controversy.

                    1. i’ll try to answer as brief as possible
                      1) time frame : the HM claimed that the decision was made on Mac in a PTA meeting whereas the indian guy claimed it was made during fasting month. i would rather believe the HM not because he’s Malay but rather because it was decided in a formal meeting and should be minuted UNLESS he’s lying. this is easy, just check the minute on that decision. or at least a circular to the parents.

                      2) renovation : this is also easy. check the bill of quantity or quotation. it might not been just a couple of glass door as you think.

                      3) size of canteen : i guess the HM was just nervous and come up with excuses, thus starting the blame game, typical of government official (ini bukan saya buat, orang lain/pejabat tu/jabatan ni/bla3x). regardless, what really matter is the decision to relocate to a temporary canteen. as i said before, a changing room is a stuffy place to be converted to a canteen of a school. i think we both agreed on this matter. if we visit sk sri pristana blog there are at least two hall that is Dewan Serbaguna and Dewan Komuniti Ultras (named after Ultra Malaya i guess). and these facilities would be an excellent subtitute for a canteen rather than classrooms for it size. isn’t a multipurpose hall a favourite venue to hold wedding feast and all sorts of jamuan? why the HM and PTA chose a changing room over multipurpose hall on the basis of there are water and sink facility shows that they just took a shortcut way of overcoming the problem and don’t look at the bigger picture. thus inviting some bigots who trump the race card and fan the issue uncontrollably.

                    2. (1) Apparently the police interviewed the kids (and further fuelling the parents’ complaints that their children were questioned without permission and their supervision) and the authorities know the real fact of this matter. So is the police willing to clear the air should the issue escalate?

                      (2) I’ve already mentioned previously that this argument can be ascertained by providing the contractor’s invoice.

                      (3) The Living Skills or Dental Health rooms should have sink facility. There is no need to be near the ‘real’ canteen since it is closed anyway and no vendor is selling food and the kids have brought their own Tupperware from home.

                    3. seeing your posting below i just realized there’s no canteen operator. living skills or dental health room as you suggest is a good option. but i still prefer multipurpose hall. because the design of the multipurpose hall is more open and thus will make it more comfortable for pupils and teachers to eat.

                      it’s not that hard to setup anyway. they just need the general workers to bring all the table and long chair from the renovated canteen. as for water and sink facility, maybe the school can fork out some money and purchase several portable sink that is a norm in kenduri kahwin nowadays. I’ve been to several kenduri kahwin which utilises this portable sink and it’s really convenient.

                      and the school can then hire an operator to run this temporary canteen. i can’t imagine how did the school manage to cope without a canteen because this school lies in an urban area. so I guess majority of mothers are not housewives who has the liberty of time to prepare food.

                      If they’re more enterprising, the school can even invest in buying roundtables, chairs and install a decent piping system. By doing this, not only can they cater if anything happen to the canteen. They can also rent the hall to public to hold event especially kenduri kahwin, VVIP functions etc. This generated income in turn can be used to organise many extra curricular activities rather than depending solely on ministry funds, PTA fees or ad hoc collections.

                    4. re: “how did the school manage to cope without a canteen”

                      Probably because it was puasa month and 99% of the kids are Malay-Muslim.

                      However primary school starts with Standard 1 whom are 7 year olds.

                      Nowadays, Malay kids are starting their fast at a younger and younger age. This social trend of emphasizing outward Islamic practise is impacting, if not pressuring, the majority population.

                      You all have to think for yourselves where this is leading to and where it will take the Malay community.

                      I’ve mentioned before that I like the comments here that come from the older Malay readers (say P. Ramelee’s time) because they lived through a period when the country was different than it is now. I do subscribe to the criticism by some Malays (e.g. Syed Akbar Ali is a prominent one among them) that there is intense Arabization going full stream ahead among the Malays, which I think is a pity.

                    5. hello what’s wrong with training our kids on fasting at an early age? It is a form of practice if you must know. It’s is just not a matter of abstaining oneself from eating only. Do you think it’s easy to wake a 7 year old kid for sahur? Bapak orang pun payah bangun apalagi anak kecik. And there are other practice such as the tarawih prayer, early morning prayer, alms, reciting quran etc. we muslim believe fasting teaches us to be humble and patience, virtues that is decading in this era. an arab, malay, chinese, indian, mat salleh, latino, afrikan, or even an eskimo as long as he/she a muslim must fast when they reach puberty age. It has got nothing to do with the process of arabization since this is compulsory to all muslim. Please know how to differentiate between race, culture and religion. And stop referring to syed akbar ali. He might be good and critical in some areas, but Islamic studies is definitely not his forte.

                    6. re: “hello what’s wrong with training our kids on fasting at an early age? It is a form of practice if you must know. It’s just not a matter of abstaining oneself from eating only. Do you think it’s easy to wake a 7 year old kid for sahur? Bapak orang pun payah bangun apalagi anak kecik.”

                      Std One: 6-7 years old
                      Std Two: 7-8 years old
                      Std Three: 8-9 years old
                      Std Four: 9-10 years old
                      Std Five: 10-11 years old
                      Std Six: 11-12 years old

                      The Seri Pristana student population would comprise the above age cohorts.

                      The school had simply shut down the canteen. The changing room can accommodate 25-30 kids (which is about the number of the non-Muslim pupils).

                      I’m just wondering if the closure of the canteen had coerced ALL the Muslim pupils in Std 1 and Std 2 (6-8 year olds) to compulsorily fast.

                      re: “we muslim believe fasting teaches us to be humble and patience”

                      Sorry, I didn’t see humility and patience in some of the reader comments and reactions to Seri Pristana.

                      re: “an arab, malay, chinese, indian, mat salleh, latino, afrikan, or even an eskimo as long as he/she a muslim must fast when they reach puberty age.”

                      Say puberty is 10 years old. That means it is not compulsory for half of Seri Pristana (kids in Standards one to Three/Four) to fast. Yet the canteen was totally shut down. Like I’ve said, the show room can only accommodate 25-30. The school has 1,375 pupils. We all the Muslim youngsters compelled to fast by being deprived of canteen facilities and the food vendors not operating?

                      re: “It has got nothing to do with the process of arabization since this is compulsory to all muslim.”

                      I never referred the Arabization to fasting. Actually I had in mind the Malaysian Malay women who covered themselves from head to toe in black including their faces.

                      re: “Please know how to differentiate between race, culture and religion.”

                      Surely if you have been following my blog, you can’t imagine that I’m so ignorant. If I am, then my ignorance might rub off on you (as my reader) through the process of osmosis.

                      On a side note, the Madam Speaker of Selangor doesn’t know how to differentiate between race and nationality.

                      re: “And stop referring to syed akbar ali. He might be good and critical in some areas, but Islamic studies is definitely not his forte.”

                      Okay lah :) I referred to him b’cos he’s vocal and high profile. If you have a theological dispute with him, I’ll give equal weight to both of what you say so you needn’t worry that I might underestimate your Islamic credentials compared to his.

                      I do have a stack of Islamic books that I can refer to but you also know lah, books just keep piling up on the bookshelves and gathering dust. I should spend more of my time doing my own reading and less of it to layan you’all :D

                    7. Typo

                      re: “Like I’ve said, the show room can only accommodate 25-30.”

                      SHOWER room.

                    8. you can imagine what you want to imagine. if you see this in the eye of discriminated, then you will feel discriminated.

                      i on the other hand think this is just another failure by the school administration. Since we both haven’t got the priviledge to view the PTA minute or any circular, this HM by law standard is still innocent right?

                      Yes as I mentioned before it is not compulsory yet. But as a form of education, everything must start at an early age. What’s the point of embracing a religion when you don’t practice? The reason why muslims never learn about humility and patience is because they think fasting equals to no eating whereas it means more than that aka spiritually.

                      If a Malay Malaysian wants to cover their head to toe with purdah 3 – 5 layer of clothes to cover her curves like an Arab then what’s your problem? As long as he does it on her own accord, then let it be. I thought everyone is entitled to their fashion statement? What, wearing western attire ok but arab attire cannot? Why double standard?

                      As for Madam Speaker Selangor well I just think that she’s a confused lot. DAP are a confuse lot as a whole and then want others to confuse as well. Act, talk and behave like typical chinese but have no shame in shouting Im Malaysian first. Why can’t they just embrace and be honest about it?

                      But Madam Speaker Selangor confusion is on different level. She thinks that this country is no different than USA where evangelista roam around freely in churches, public, the internet and daily tv shows.

                      Secret to share, she’s actually my senior a year older at secondary school. Never thought she could be in her position as of now hehe. As for books, well internet really has taken over it’s function. But needless to say, I never take you as an ignorant to the likes of namewee or alvivi. It’s normal to not know in depth of a religion since we don’t practice each others religion. But it never stops us from exchanging views right?

                    9. re: “What, wearing western attire ok but arab attire cannot?”

                      How to produce driving licence photo for identity recognition if refuse to remove face covering?

                    10. e: “What, wearing western attire ok but arab attire cannot?”
                      How to produce driving licence photo for identity recognition if refuse to remove face covering?

                      Kalau dengan polis or JPJ wanita tak ada masalah. Selak atas nak tengok muka, selak bawah nak tengok jantina. Saja nak bagi ubat untuk Helen sebab balas soalan dengan soalan : )

                      Actually, takde masalah dengan pihak berwajib di Malaysia. Ada budi bicara dan tolak ansur. unless dia jadi suspect. Kalau dia refuse jugak, kena tunggulah pegawai wanita datang.

                    11. tula pasal qalam. if the need arise, such as the situation you asked, then by all means that purdah lady have to show her face la. even arab saudi government, custodian of the holy mecca and medina also issue instruction which requires Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage to take full face picture for passport. the usage of purdah is to avoid fitnah btw.

    4. You are (any Indian/chinese) most welcome to get out from the school. We have nothing to loose when you are not around. Bye. Bye.

      1. “We have nothing to loose when you are not around”

        ‘Except poor English skills. But nevermind, we prefer to be under the tempurung.’

        1. As if the Cina speaks better English than the rest of us!!! As for the tempurung thinking, I think spamming Obama’s facebook says a lot of that goes around the Cina communities!

        2. ACDC,

          I think an Indian but is ashamed to be classified as such. So tell us what have you done to the betterment of your community so far?

        3. Sheesh! Typo error lah! As if your English is really that good.

          BTW, why do you use Id AC-DC? Is it because you ‘main depan boleh, main belakang pun boleh?’

    5. I hereby support all actions taken by the headmaster. Everyday I’m getting more ultra Malay. It’s time to change the nation. The old ways don’t work anymore. One school system for all. All races go to the same school. This is the only way. The new generation should not let the nation get hijacked by these backward, insincere politicians anymore.

      Headmaster, just do your job. We are behind you all the way.

      1. How do you expect parents to support the National School when you have inept management running the place?

        1. Right. As if everything is super meticulously efficient on the other side. Inept management aside, with or without we won’t be seeing you supporting the National Schools. Tak payah nak buat alasan!

  2. Re. “There are 25 non-Muslim pupils among the 1,400 enrolled at the school”

    I empathize with the 25 non-Muslim pupils. Where have the 3 transferred to and the remaining 10 will transfer to? Unless they are on witness protection program, I don’t think the situation will be any better for them in any other SK.

    You can see and read how the Malays (UMNO, PAS, PKR) are in sync about this issue without even having to say it out lout.

    If the kids are from the rich family, they have the option to go to private schools. SJKC doesn’t not sounds promising as well knowing how the Cina DAP have treated the Tamillians.

    As an Ultra-Malay-Racist, I would say this – I still blame the mother@ whistle-blower who posted the pic in FB with all the ranting without thinking about the pro and con over her action. Frankly, I have met this type many many times, selalu nak tunjuk HERO.

    Sekarang apa jadi? Ada tak sesiapa yang tolong? Nak minta tolong dengan UMNO/BN? Silap besar lah tu.

    Tamillians please take note and don’t just complain in here. Step forward and propose a solution (minus the blaming game). If need be please pressure J-star to provide financial aids the kids for they have certainly gained mileage, readership and dollar and sen our your community predicament over the past 2 months.

    1. It was reported that Guneswari Kelly’s daughter transferred to vernacular school but it wasn’t mentioned whether Chinese or Tamil medium.

      However the area where the school is located was mentioned in the articles, so if anyone is interested to find out – whether SRJK (C) or SRJK (T) – can make an effort to check what schools are in that particular area.

        1. Oh ok.. Thank god, The kids will be fine.

          Only the road ahead will be much tougher for him/her, as SJKT does not have the network and support like that of SJKC. The parents really have to plan ahead for his/her future tertiary education.

  3. And what was Keyling who took the photos? Was she a DAP supporter? Or is that suddenly irrelevant?

    Helen using alleged claims of the HM being pro UMNO as a form backhanded ‘ad hominem’ attack. It should be irrelevant if he is UMNO or not. He is being assailed for making a decision that is now like ancient history and which has caused absolutely ZERO harm to anyone. Why chinese and indians so sensitive?

  4. Keluarga ni pasti tak pernah ziarah sekolah2 pendalaman Sabah and Sarawak. Agaknya kalau anak mereka belajar kat sana, tiap hari ibubapa mereka akan menangis tersedu2 meleleh air mata darah.

    1. re: ” sekolah2 pendalaman Sabah and Sarawak”

      Ya lah Rina. That’s why Sabah and Sarawak natives are accorded Bumiputera privileges in the field of education and that’s why more Sabahan and Sarawakians are living in Greater KL to work after they finish their studies. And that’s why there are the Sidang Injil Borneo churches in the Klang Valley and that’s why now we have the issue of the use of kalimah Allah in the BM church services in the peninsula.

      1. My point here is, some races here teramat perasan diri rasa hidup mereka begitu tertindas dalam Negara ini. Tak sedar even Bumiputras don’t get the opportunity to learn in schools having facilities such as Sri Perdana. This is one reason why Kampung voters including Sabahans and Sarawakians religiously voted for BN – sedikit lambat pun dengan penuh harapan datang mengUBAH nasib mereka disana. Bukan sekadar gedik nak UBAH Agama mereka saja!

        I once commented many non Bumis kat Malaysia ni mengada2, Kenapa? becos melayu terlalu lembut. You rajin2 read the forums from other countries about this/these “same” race/s, bukan masalah Malaysia saja ya, INI MASALAH SATU DUNIA!

        Helen pi visit Keningau saja pun cukup, boleh nampak Churches all over the place. Sabahans – religion tiada jadi soal bah! Its the newly converted descendants of immigrants yang tergedik2 kat Semenanjung. Just hope mereka tak terlalu gedik sampai satu hari nanti ramai2 minum racun macam Jim Jones tragedy. Endless possibilities.

        1. re: “Its the newly converted descendants of immigrants yang tergedik2 kat Semenanjung.”

          In this I can wholeheartedly agree with you.

  5. I think tmi is putting a big spin and lie. if you see the report theres not even an instance to justify what is the intimidation. Its a hearsay taken as a fact. A day before this story they set out again a selective piece of reporting on Sri pristina to remind people of what transpired. Not an objective assessment.

    Also I’ve met recently someone close to Shuhaimi baba. She never actually say its a pure fiction. The movie was based on stories and historical facts. But TMI went to spin to say she said its pure fiction. Jahat this jahabar sidek and tmi.

  6. Everything now is political. Since Pru 13, Chinese votes are gone. Indian votes not actually makkal sakti. Umno hanging on dearly to Malay votes for power. Hence how they treat the HM is mighty important now. Who cares about those boys?

    The mother who blow up this issue out of proportion must be very proud now. Same as LGE. They change this country more than the dude who peed on MB’s flag pole way back in May 1969. What a measure of success!

      1. Re. But in 20 years would her daughter will be proud of her?

        Just pray that the daughter will skip the vicious cycle and not turn into Phoolan Devi.

        1. I have sympathy towards Phoolan Devi. The movie was an eye opener too. No lah LOL the daughter would not, not in Malaysia anyway. Kat sini dalit jadi raja!

  7. .. mind you the PM is UMNO President.. so the argument that the Principal is a staunch UMNO supporters does not hold water… furthermore.. majority of Malays are very patient until they can no longer bear the bashing and intimidation by others.. the British knows it very well.. the Dutch cannot stand it… LKY have to deport it and the huaren with the pariah is repeating what Bintang 3 did 65 years ago in another form.. they nuture the Kiai Salleh breed.. and it will not be nice to all Malaysian once it reaches the break point..

    1. Interesting that you refer the Chinese as ‘huaren’, but you use ‘pariah’ for the Indians.

      Helen, do you feel your bunch of readers actually have a deeper subconscious hatred for the Indians?

      I have been reading some pro UMNO blogs in wake of the Seri Pristana incident and the police shootings. The words and threats they have for the Indian community were harsher than what they used on the Chinese.

      1. Interesting observation. We must be more alert to this trend.

        On the Pakatan side, they hate the Malays but suck up to the Muslims (in effect the Malays) at the same time for the sake of the votes.

          1. There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, only permanent interests (quote).

            :) I go according to the issues.

  8. kan dah kata, klu ada mak bapak buat ‘najis’ dah tentu anak2 mereka yg juga susah.

    guru2 nie hati mereke sebenarnya mulia. tak pernah membuat keputusan untuk diri mereka, tetapi semua adalah untuk anak-anak Malaysia tak kira bangsa dan agama.

    oleh kerana terdapat segelintar ibu dan bapa yg begitu mudah ‘mengaibkan’ guru tanpa sebarang bukti dan akhirnya mereka terbukti memburukan seorg gurus SAHAJA. MAKA SEMUA GURU AKAN akan kenang ‘jasa’ mak bapak pelajar tersebut.

  9. Saya tidak pasti adakah komen Anon 12:08 di atas itu adalah satu luahan hati yang sebenar, atau pun satu sindiran.

    Jika ia adalah satu luahan hati sebenar; maka tak tahu lah apa nak di kata. Moga-moga pemimpin yang bijaksana fikir lah baik-baik. Ke manakah arah negara ini hendak dibawa oleh mereka.

  10. sekarang semua hal dipolitikan.

    dimalaysia tiada sekatan untuk mana -mana pelajar untuk memileh sekolah untuk mereka belajar.

    jika mereka memilih untuk belajar diluar negara sekali pun pergilah jika mampu.

  11. Nak tanya Helen.

    Saya dengari pelajar bermasalah atau kurang cemerlang sekolah cina apabila tamat sek rendah sengaja dihantar menyambung pelajaran di sekolah kebangsaan. Manakala pelajar cemerlang mereka dipastikan terus berada dialiran cina. Dan apabila pelajar ini gagal dan tidak cemerlang disekolah kebangsaan, maka kualiti guru-guru Melayu di sekolah kebangsaan dipertikaikan.

    Apakah benar ini sikap pentadbir sek Cina?


    Pada pengamatan saya, hakikatnya memang terdapat ramai pelajar cina yang dihantar ke sek kebangsaan tidak boleh bertutur baik atau langsung tidak boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu. Mereka hanya berkawan dikalangan kelompok mereka dan tidak memperduli utk memperbaiki kebolehan berkomunikasi dengan bangsa lain.

    Dan agak menyakitan hati, apabila saya dengari ada segelintir dari mereka bersekolah hanya untuk mendapatkan sijil berhenti iaitu syarat minimum untuk mereka bekerja dinegara luar terutama di Singapura.

  12. Helen,

    If we want the truth we then must accept the fact.

    The Sri Pristana case has nothing to do with race. But it was blown out of proportion. Let us move on.

  13. So, can we say 71% out of these 13 pupils will become gangsters?

    Mereka akan lebih bersifat berdendam, apatah lagi kena masuk sekolah Tamil yang silap haribulan tidak cukup facility.

  14. I’m wondering too Helen; why are you re-igniting this as a race story? The children felt intimidated? After the father was remanded for threatening to kill the HM? Who is intimidating whom?


    1. re: “Helen; why are you re-igniting this as a race story?”

      Isn’t it a race story? The dozen parents transferring their kids out are all non-Malay.

      re: “Who is intimidating whom?”

      There are close to 20 police reports filed against the school and the HM, including by the affected parents complaining that Mohd Nasir returned to the school when he was supposed to be absent on leave, and that he took photographs of the non-Malay children.

      1. just claims .. hearsay maybe by some disgruntled parents… he did not have to take pics of the said children… one of the parents already did and show it to the whole nationwide or the world maybe.

        1. But when a parent forwards this claim (wrt the HM) in a police report, he (the parent) is liable to be investigated by the police sebab kes sudah diserahkan kepada polis.

          Don’t think any ordinary rakyat will be keen to main-main in matters like this, esp. when the police can turn around and charge you for making a false and malicious report. Takat membabitkan polis kira serius dah.

  15. The Pristana incident is a non plus, the fractioning of the school system has been ongoing for decades, Malays and non-Malays.. sama sama salah.. they made their decisions.

    But again, this is a demographic struggle, the big number wins.

  16. Helen,

    I browse few of your recent postings and I really want to ask you something.

    Do you seriously, I mean really serious, try to get some sympathy for the Tamils from your ultra Malay frequent commentators?

    I am sure you have heard phrases like “when pigs fly” right?

    And have you wonder why they are called “ultra” in the first place. If they can be reasoned with, they will not be ultra then.

    Please dont start on evangelists this and that. I am just trying to figure our what your intention are.

    If your intention is what I think it is, no doubt it is a noble one. But it being noble could only be appreciated by people who are reasonable.

    You could go on bashing DAP for a thousand years to their delight. But in the end of the day, they will still think a good Tamil is a dead Tamil.

    Pity you.

    1. Nizam,

      As long as I can reach people like you

      And aroused your curiosity to contemplate

      Then I consider myself to have made some inroads.

      Each exchange with the ultras allows both sides (them and me) to explain, to elaborate and to make our case.

      There are the silent majority who quietly read. As long as everybody is prompted to think deeper, I’m happy. I don’t have to win every argument or make everybody agree with all my views.


      1. By the way, this may be off topic. But since I can post a comment here and there, I would like to hear your opinion on this particular issue.

        The National Education Blueprint. The Chinese educationist groups have been making a lot of noises on this subject on how it will affect vernacular education.

        Now so far, I have yet to hear anyone from the Opposition, specifically from the DAP, making their stand on this subject. So what do you make of all this ?

        Cheers ! and have a great day !

      2. Aku rasa nak ucap terima kasih dekat Helen kerana telah berjaya kumpulkan dan juga convert several mild-mannered Melayu kepada ultra-Melayu setiap kali ‘everybody is prompted to think deeper’. Semakin hari semakin banyak, dengan tekad semakin kukuh.

        Jika sebelum ni tumpuan hanya kepada Cina DAP sekarang dan ditambah pula dengan India Pristina dan India gengster. Melayu dah mula sokong polis dan GB Nasir, dah tak peduli siapa di sebelah sana.

        Aku pun dah dengar sendiri Melayu PAS dan PKR sokong polis, mungkin ahli biasa, tetapi di situlah majoriti sesuatu kumpulan.

        Apa yang aku sedih ialah kita semua semakin meruntuhkan negara demi membela rakyat.

      3. Seeing as how most of the kool aid drinkers are nodding with approval at how Africans are treated in a certain condo apparently only some types of racism is abhorrent.

        The politics of love, ain’t it grand.

        The Ultras Malays and their Chinese counterparts have more in common than they think.

        1. True. When it comes to football, badminton, and bashing on dark-skinned foreigners, we can be assured that 95% of Malays and 95% of Chinese will be in total support.

      4. If Helen has openly declared that she is a DAP supporter, do you think that we, the Malays want to visit or read her blogs? In the beginning (pre-GE 13) I did read a few pro-opposition blogs but post GE 13 I have stopped completely. Their reports are biased and mainly UMNO bashing. Likewise I will stop reading and commenting on Helen’s blog when I get a whiff of her being a ‘Musuh dalam selimut’!

    2. Rational discussion doesn’t work here anymore, just read Helen’s analysis will do.

    3. Nizam, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      After the election, the ultras have been going to town and rambling against the Chinese. But bashing on one demographic becomes stale quickly. You can see how Utusan swaps from bashing the Chinese one day, to Christians the next month, then to Singaporeans, then S’hia’s, then Jews, and then Indians, then gay people… repeat the process.

      When the Seri Pristana canteen affair happened, it did not take them long to switch their sights on the Indians. A case of bad management by the school authorities becomes a whine that the Indians are “not knowing their place”.

      1. AC-DC,

        Yes. Funny when she said the mythical RBA goes around promoting hate when her fans did just that in her blogs.


          1. Helen,

            I did not disprove anything.

            My choice of word-mythical is correct. From Merriam-Webster,:

            : a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence

            Have you anything to verify that RBA does exists?

  17. Helen,
    If your aim is people like me, then all is lost.

    I am a Sarawakian you know, the only land where none is the majority. And where Hindus population is so few that we dont even have public holiday for Deepavali.

    Yet I remember the few big Hindu temples and cannot recall anyone asking for its abolishment.

    Yet I remember reading in the news about state government giving grant/donations? to the temples and the representatives talk about trying to negotiate for some public holiday for deepavali.

    Yet I remember myself reading the news and then have no second thought about it. No thoughts about “what in the f**k giving money to those minorities temples”. Nothing. No second thought like I said.

    Oopss.. I did have a second thought. I did think it would be nice to have an extra public holiday. So I do not have any 3rd thought then.

    Still think I am Chinese?

    1. Dunno. There are two Nizams. And probably a few Ahmads and Zuls.

      Since we’re on this topic, I hope that Anon will adopt a name in here, even if it is a pseudonym.

      1. Re. Dunno. There are two Nizams.

        I think our Nizam is already gone after I described him as “A bit Totok but Adorable” Melayu.

      2. Aiyah Nizam, lu sekali sekala latang mana Helen boleh ingat punya. Dia lagi sibuk wor! Manyak menda nak tulis, lu lagi tanya dia ingat lu atau talak. Aiyah sein oo!

  18. Just to add Helen.

    I came from Missionary school. I passed under crosses from the age of 7 to 17, 5 days a week.

    Almost 20 years later, I still dont believe Jesus is son of God.

    But now you know why I like to write in English, still think I am Chinese?

    My uncle likes to boast of getting an A for his Bible studies – he went to the same school 40-50 years back. That is one of his favourite stories.

    Today, he is a frequent surau goers. One of the committee members, if I am not mistaken.

    I remember talking with him on our previous school, how the standard has gone down and etc.

    Never about putting those crosses down in fear that our fellow Muslims would be somehow mysteriously converted by it.

    I am amaze when I read that some headmaster want to put down the crosses to protect Akidah. And all this while, I thought I am a bad Muslim! With iman probably lebih tipis dari kulit bawang. Can’t imagine the iman of Muslims converted by those crosses, if it really happen at all.

    You cannot reason with the ultras. The only time they will speak about compassion for the poor is during the Ramadhan month-after listening to some religious talks in TV or in Suraus.

    And that is after their belly are bloated with all the excessive food they bought in Pasar Ramadhan a few hours earlier.

    You want to talk about the plight of Tamils? Maybe in Ramadhan next year

    You choose the wrong time Helen. And it will avail nothing.

    Reasonable is not in the vocab of the Ultras.

    To make matters worst, they think God is on their side.

    It is like trying to mix oil and water.

    Pity you, really.

    1. Yes sir, you’ve made a point about the extremist with irrational fears whose faith is thin as an onion skin …
      Without cultivating the compassionate heart and an upright intelligence the self-proclaimed religionist may cause more havoc than offer salvation to humanity, and thereby lose the purity of his own soul.

      You may be interested in Ustaz Zhul’s advice. He is often sought out to present Islam to the Catholic seminarians in Singapore.

  19. I’d love to see heading like this:

    “University Malaya with 99% Malay-Muslim enrolment”.

    and maybe after a couple of generations:

    “Malaysia with 99% Malay-Muslim population”.

    1. And when that happen, Malay-Muslim will find reason to fight each other. Blood will be spilled but thats fine since there’s no ‘racism’ involved. Ever heard of a place called Middle East?
      I like the country the way it is. Shit and all.

      1. quote,”Malay-Muslim will find reason to fight each other.”unquote.

        lessons from the Taiwanese law makers, eh?

  20. Helen,

    My advice ; stick to DAP bashing article, that is what you do best. And these ultra Malays will love you, even more since you are Chinese bashing DAP who are dominantly Chinese. Your rank might be slightly lower than Ridhuan Tee in their eyes (because you are non Muslim), but you are cherished too by them nevertheless.

    No need trying to get sympathy from the ultra Malays. Many Tamils are poor-not their problem. Many join gangsters-solution shoot them all.

    But if you insists on trying to get sympathy from the ultra Malays, wait for Ramadhan month next year. That is the time where all theories about fasting comes out and one of them is empathizing with the poor. Then your chances of getting their sympathy is increased slightly.

    Good luck!

    1. This is Helen’s blog, and she can write anything she choose.

      Though I might no agree with her in a few issues, I respect her rights to blog the issues she choose to blog.

      Nizam, grow up laa..just confess that you are a Cina DAP.

      1. Nizam kaching ni Helen!!! Tidak syak lagi!!! Cara dia cakap. Lenggok dia cakap. Sarawakian pun BM tip top! Dia ni mesti toilet bowl BM papan atas!!!

      2. Because I am not Chinese. Pure and simple

        Newsflash to you, there are Malays who do not agree to your extremist stand

    2. “My advice ; stick to DAP bashing article, that is what you do best. And these ultra Malays will love you, even more since you are Chinese bashing DAP who are dominantly Chinese. Your rank might be slightly lower than Ridhuan Tee in their eyes (because you are non Muslim), but you are cherished too by them nevertheless.”

      So long as Helen is useful in producing DAP-bashing articles she is of use to them. But recently her favour has dropped after sympathising with those parents. ‘How dare she break ranks to show empathy to the Indians?!’

      Some commenters in other blogs are now claiming she is a DAP double-agent or ‘sifat Cinanya mula menimbul’, or some garbage like that.

      “No need trying to get sympathy from the ultra Malays. Many Tamils are poor-not their problem. Many join gangsters-solution shoot them all.”

      ‘They want to eat in a proper canteen?! How dare these coolies be uppity and speak out!? Do they not know their place?’

      1. “Some commenters in other blogs are now claiming she is a DAP double-agent or ‘sifat Cinanya mula menimbul’, or some garbage like that.”

        That is why I suggested she stick to DAP bashing. If she wanted to highlight the plight of Indian, she better try to find something which could be pinned to PR. Eg, Indian discriminated by Selangor state government and etc.

        Rule no 1, BN led federal and state government never discriminate anyone.

        Rule no 2, DAP is the sum of all evils in the world. Whatever they do is wrong.

        Only then she might get sympathy for the Indians from her ultra Malays commentators.

          1. Let’s wait and see where Nizam ka-ching ka-ching tries to steer his comments to next.

    1. ‘Where are all the Indians?’ The rich and the Christians deny they are Indians. 75% of the poor have become gangsters and criminals. The rest of the Indian community are oblivious of what’s happening.

      I’m pretty sure there are Indians who read Helen’s blog but they are just silent readers. Why don’t they post comments? Are they ashamed to admit they are Indians?

      1. A Christian Indian professional colleague of mine scorned his fellow vegetarian Indians over their vege diet.

        He claimed that they were undernourished that could lead to improper brain development.

          1. Re: Will the real Indians please stand up?

            Indian here and far from being ashamed of it.

            Wtf do you shithead racists want?

            1. Dapat dah real Indian sekor… Nampaknya perangai serupa jugak dengan yang kena tembak.

              Dei thamby, kami cari real Indians supaya boleh kenal sikit cara berfikir real Indians, nak belajar, nak faham, nak tau apa yang korang fikir, apa yang orang India mau lagi. Kita boleh discuss in a civilised way, try to understand each other. Kalau real Indians perangai macam ni, betullah apa yang orang selalu imagine…

              1. Holy shit…you actually think you and your kind here are civilised? Tepuk dada tanya selera, bahalol. With your racist mindset, what do you think you are qualified to discuss?

                1. Kalau aku atau Melayu dikatakan rasis, mampos dah tok nenek kamu kena sembelih. Tapi tengoklah, bila bercakap dengan bangsa kamu pun kami dah tergeliat lidah. Itu pun tarak sedar ka thamby?

                  Apa pasal thamby cakap ‘you and your kind here are civilised?’ Thamby pun serupa juga, satu kali buka mulut sudah cakap tarak baik. Tinggi baca, English pandai, tapi lagi tarak civilised.

                  1. Re: ‘Kalau aku atau Melayu dikatakan rasis, mampos dah tok nenek kamu kena sembelih.’

                    Dah lah racist, gasar pulak tu.

                    Tak pasai-pasai nak sembelih orang pulak.

                    Orang putih dulu dulu bukan saja bawak kami mai sini mangkuk oi…pasai hangpa tak gheti buat kerja la depa bawak kami mai sini.

                    Penyegan tak habih-habih sampai hari ni.

                    Orang lain punya usaha, dia pulak nak mengaku tuan.

                    Kalau kami dgn Cina tak mai sini, hangpa boleh ka naik kepala sampai macam ni hari ni?

                    Sedaq diri sikit la woi…

                    1. Penang Dude

                      You can keep on playing the blaming game and there is no end to it. Why don’t you suggest or comment something that will benefit your community.

                      Re. Orang lain punya usaha, dia pulak nak mengaku tuan.

                      When the Chinese and Indian first came to Tanah Melayu, they basically work for the British. All your forefather hard work and gain, was robbed by the British back to the UK.

                      The Chinese being business savoy and lived in major cities have the major advantages in bigger slice the economy back then.

                      The Indian mostly are still back in the estate and mostly are coolies. Majority of them are still at the bottom of the pyramid. This is issue in contention here, where everyone has to participate to find a solution for it. As an Indian, I am pretty sure that you are well off and a professional, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT TO HELP YOUR PEOPLE.

                      The Malay with political power, definitely have the advantage over the Indian and slowly catching up with the Chinese. We have done it in term of education, and now progressing to economy and there is no turning back for us.

                      If the Indian keep on wallowing themselves in self pity and keep blaming MALAY/UMNO/BN, they are not going to go anywhere.

                      Time is running up on you guys.

                      If you think Iguana End and LKS (throw in Anwar Ibrahim as well), have done better in uplifting the Indian community social and economy status, the please show it to us.

                    2. ‘depa bawak kami mai sini.’

                      Tau pun.

                      ‘Kalau kami dgn Cina tak mai sini…’

                      Kami tak heran la. Hal2 dunia, duit dan harta bukan proiriti hidup kami. Tapi bangsa hang macam mana? Dah kaya raya? Dah bijak terlebih kot sampai ada yang tak mau mengaku bangsa India? Atau ramai yang masih kurang bijak sampai mau pilih samseng jadi kerjaya. Keluar dari estet sudah tak tau mau buat apa.

                      Cina nak pakai kereta laju, India nak pakai kereta besar pun pakai la. Kami tak heran, kami tak jeles. Tapi jangan ingat kami tak kisah semua tu hang rasa sudah boleh pijak kepala kami.

                      Thamby, no point la mau sakitkan hati satu sama lain. Tableh habis punya. Orang bodoh saja mau gaduh satu sama lain. Sedaq la sikit kalau mau ingat diri sudah pandai. Kalau Melayu, Cina dan India gaduh, tiada siapa yang menang, tapi aku boleh tau siapa yang akan rugi.

                    3. Yang aku tak faham, kita baru nak kenal real indians yang datang geng 04 plak…brader itu hari tunjuk prasan kat siram road tak habis lagi ka?

                      Dok buat ramai pasaipa! hang ingat kalau hang ngan satu kumpulan tu tak mai sini, kami makan batu ka?

                      Kami memang dah senang kut. Hang ingat pasaipa yang mat saleh mai jajah negara ni? Kalau takdak gula semut pun tak lalu lah!

                      Bangang! Pakai otak sikit, jangan cakap ikut sedap todi saja!

              2. “Dapat dah real Indian sekor”

                Nah, minda kelam-kabut, rasis dan angkuh si Qalam Qabut sudah terselah.

                1. AC-DC,

                  Yang terserlah ialah cara pemikiran kamu. Sila baca dulu komen bermula dari Islam 1st. yang menulis ‘Will the real Indians please stand up?’. Dan bacalah komen2 aku hingga habis. Takkan aku kena mengaku jadi Firster dulu baru tak jadi rasis?

                  Penang Dude tak angkuh bila jawab ‘… Wtf do you shithead racists want?’ untuk satu soalan yang begitu mudah? Pambu selalu kena katok sebab nak patuk orang, ingat tu.

                  Dan tiba2 you nak masuk sebelah Penang Dude, sebab sebangsa? Tak rasis ke tu?

                  1. “Pambu selalu kena katok sebab nak patuk orang, ingat tu.”

                    Ha, satu lagi contoh sikap rasis anda terhadap India.

                    “Dan tiba2 you nak masuk sebelah Penang Dude, sebab sebangsa?”

                    Saya bukan bangsa sama dengan si PenangDude lah.

                    1. “Pambu selalu kena katok sebab nak patuk orang, ingat tu.”

                      Cakap pambu pun rasis?

                      ‘Saya bukan bangsa sama dengan si PenangDude lah’

                      Aku tak kisah sangat apa bangsa kamu. Saja nak usik macam LOL | Ogos 29, 2013 at 6:32 pm di atas usik jugak… ‘AC-DC your “INDIANa Jones” is coming out little by little..’ Tapi kalau setiap hari perangai kita berubah ke arah itu, orang akan buat tanggapan begitu. Tengok sajalah Guan Eng yang lidah dah bercabang. Tak payahlah nak tuduh aku rasis sekali lagi bila aku bagi contoh Guan Eng atau biawak.

                      Aku bukan rasis, cuma priority utama aku ialah Islam. Kakak angkat aku (sejak 40 tahun lalu) adalah Banggali + Siam, dia kahwin dengan Ane beragama Hindu. Adik2 dia ada yang masuk Islam (ada kerana perkahwinan dan ada tidak kerana perkahwinan), ada yang kahwin Cina Kristian. Anak cucu dah tak tau bangsa apa, kecuali Malaysian. Dan keluarga aku masih rapat dengan dema semua.

        1. HaHaHa! Some time ago, I visited my younger sister who had delivered a baby at a private hospital. She was sharing a room with an Indian and this Indian stated her husband is an Indian whereas she is a Christian! WTF? I had had encountered similar case when studying at Sekolah Menengah Assunta. My Indian classmates who were Christians malu nak mengaku they were Indians and they looked down on their Hindu classmates!

          I also have several Indian friends here in the US. They are all Christians who came from Kerala. One of them named Kesha Oonnittan (such a beautiful name and I must say, she is quite a looker too). They are very proud to say they are Indians and explained that their ancestors became Christians because of poverty as most of them belong to the lower caste.

          1. RE. They are very proud to say they are Indians and explained that their ancestors became Christians because of poverty as most of them belong to the lower caste.

            These are the like of Gomez, Fernandez etc. here in this country. Christianity has uplifted their forefather social status back then in Indian. Now they are another type of caste within their own.

          2. To answer your question, I am an Indian and a Christian albeit a heretical or lapsed Christian. I have no idea how many times I have been asked this question here when I have asked nobody if they are Malay or Chinese or whatever other marginalized community that finds itself at the losing end of the Sino-Malay discourse.

            Truth be told I do not mind Indians converting to Christianity or being born Christians simply because it makes it easier to dismiss their religious preoccupations than something like say Hinduism or Buddhism which unlike the Abrahamic faiths have always been more fluid in terms of separating culture and creed.

            Now those Indians who convert to Islam, really piss me off. Unlike those Indians from India who consider themselves Indians culturally which also means they retain much of their “Hindu” ethos, these local Indians suddenly become a different race.

            This was also observed by my Indian Muslim comrade from Indian on a recent trip. “What’s the matter with them ?” he asked because he was distressed to hear about the body snatchings and esp the child conversion issues which he was told was a particularly Indian phenomenon.

            We had a good laugh. Christianity and Hinduism enjoy a special relationship in the Western world much like how the (London) Foreign Office describes English and Indian, diplomatic relations.

            But here, I would rather throw my lot behind Christian leaders like Dr.Jeyakumar and his band of merry (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist) men & women, who have found a way to sublimate their religious preoccupations with an ideology rather that the nutjobs who profess closeness to God but are anything but.

            1. Edit to add:

              Also although I have met some Christians – Chinese and Indians – who are uncomfortable with their Hindu or Buddhist pedigree, the majority of Christians don’t seem to have this problem but who unfortunately a silent majority.

              Normally an Indian self identifies along religious lines, such as “I am a Christian but my wife is Hindu”, normally to establish that certain religious/cultural observances should be acknowledged in a social context.


                1. Yeah but the same could be applied to state sponsored Islam too. The surau demolishment is an example of this.

                  There was an interesting passage in Commander’s Thaya’s latest piece about “fasting in solidarity”.

                  I do wonder though if many people get that the tile of his latest piece was in reference to himsef and not anyone else.

                  1. re: ” Meanwhile during the fasting month, the rather ludicrous suggestion of “fasting in solidarity” with our Muslims brothers and sisters was attempted in the hopes of fostering unity.”

                    The J-Star poseurs and their publicity stunts.

      2. Re. Why don’t they post comments?

        After years of neglect one can be numb and emotionally paralyze. It is understandable, but they need to speak up and make their voices heard by everyone both BN and Pakatan.

        I am pretty sure both party through press secretary/ read bean armies are reading this blog.

        I suggest they “HENTAM” both BN and Pakatan left right and center over any issue that matters to their community. Your votes and voices matter.

        Tapi jangan la maki hamun pulak.

        Re. Are they ashamed to admit they are Indians?

        You should ask Hannah Yeoh’s hubby this question directly. Apparently not only that his tamil is non-functioning but also his veto power at home.

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