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Makan nasi kangkang “bakal perdana menteri” Khairy

Kolumnis The J-Star kata Khairy Jamaluddin satu-satunya biji permata Umno yang paling bersinar.

Rencana oleh Karim Raslan kelmarin dalam suratkhabar pro-DAP itu berjudul ‘Khairy now a polished gem‘ (27 Ogos 2013).

Ia membandingkan kegemerlapan Khairy dengan kemunduran pemimpin-pemimpin Umno yang lain yang dikatakan oleh Karim dalam suratkhabar itu sebagai tidak mempunyai keyakinan diri, tidak lancar percakapan mereka, tidak jujur serta kurang cerdas dan pintar. Dalam bahasa Inggeris, ayatnya berbunyi KJ adalah seorang yang “confident, articulate, frank and witty (a rarity in Umno)”.

Karim juga berkata bahawa KJ mempunyai “candour and honesty (neither of which are Umno traits)”, iaitu sifat-sifat terpuji mampu berterus-terang dan ikhlas yang kedua-duanya tidak ada pada Umno.

Karim Raslan and Hannah Yeoh
Kolumnis J-Star Karim Raslan bersama Hannah Yeoh


Kolumnis The J-Star Karim Raslan menulis:

  • “The Youth and Sports Minister’s ability to reach out and explain a moderate Malay standpoint without losing his credibility with the Malay heartland goes to show that there’s still ‘some’ hope in Umno.”
  • “Khairy Jamaluddin has and always will be different. He’s taller, more handsome (in a dark way), smarter and sharper than most if not all, Malaysian leaders.”
  • Only Rafizi Ramli (who desperately needs to lose weight) can match him blow for blow – intellectually and politically.
    Twitter - KarimRaslan
  • “The fact that he came to represent the Government and the Prime Minister at the prestigious conference underlines the level of trust placed upon the Umno Youth leader by the current administration (notwithstanding his prominent detractors).
  • “Indeed, his youthfulness and intelligence has enabled him to build a degree of trust and mutual respect with …”
  • […] Khairy was confident, articulate, frank and witty (A RARITY IN UMNO) – navigating adeptly through a range of thorny questions posed to him from the floor.
    Twitter KarimRaslan tukangcerita is appalled
  • “Khairy’s responses were well thought through and astute – ideal for the twitter generation.”
  • “[…] made him a far more polished performer, confident enough to show a little vulnerability in the face of tough questions, thereby earning mounds of sympathy from an distinctly ambivalent crowd.For example, when he was asked what he admired about Pakatan, he paused before answering and very graciously – “their camaraderie”.
  • “Needless to say his candour and honesty (NEITHER OF WHICH ARE UMNO TRAITS) won further points.”
  • “[…] straight-forward enough to admit to his Government’s shortcomings … [in order to] solve Barisan’s conundrum in getting back urban support.”
  • “He didn’t ask those who disagreed with him or his Government’s policies to opt to live elsewhere.”
  • “Instead, he offered a well-reasoned explanation of the moderation at the heart of the grand old party …”
  • “It’s refreshing for “Middle Malaysians” such as myself [Karim Raslan] to have Khairy centre-stage.”
    Twitter - KarimRaslan- @imokman wherever middle msia
  • […] his studied confidence and sheer brain-power is reassuring.”
  • “I especially appreciated his tact and razor-like pointedness when he was pressed by a questioner to choose one word that best summed up the Head of the Opposition. Instead of picking something insulting and vulgar as most in Umno would do …”
  • “In short Khairy was withering and dismissive without being rude: Malay elegance, understatement and disdain all in one.
  • “He has gained humility and a real sense of grassroots sentiment. Now if only there were a few more like him…”

(Beberapa ungkapan dihuruf-besarkan oleh blogger ini)

Selain Nazri Aziz dan Saifuddin Abdullah, yang dipetik oleh suratkhabar milik MCA itu baru-baru ini sebagai berkata, “He [Saifuddin] declared that he was a Malaysian first and a Malay second”, Khairy juga di antara Menteri Umno yang menjadi ikon kesayangan The J-Star.

Sementara itu, YB yang tidak digemari suratkhabar tersebut ialah Mukhriz Mahathir kerana beliau berani mencabar Lim Guan Eng. Tengok saja pada gambar-gambar Mukhriz (bawah) yang sengaja dipilih untuk disiarkan dalam The J-Star.



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51 thoughts on “Makan nasi kangkang “bakal perdana menteri” Khairy

    1. RR+KJ are the two smartest guys in Mal pols. One or both has to be PM. If not, we lose out as a nation.!

      Apa yang kacuk ni dok meraban?! Dia tak taktau ka depa dua ekoq ni penipu? Sekoq kantoi rasuah! Sekoq kantoi fitnah! Macam ni nak bagi jadi PM dan kalau tidak kita rugi?


  1. in a nutshell, yes khairy is articulate and a good orator. that i think majority will agreed whether he/she is on the right, middle or left wing. but is oratory a major attribute to elevate a person as a Prime Minister? look what happen to the likes of anwar or obama. both are good orator and have a sense of charisma surrounding them but what have they achieved or contribute as a statesman?

  2. Sekarang DAP pun mau jadi taikor BN ke? Baik DAP jaga tepi kain sendiri dan buat perwakilan CEC 2.0 dengan baik-baik. Hal UMNO jangan campur. Lebih baik bagi tumpuan kepada pegawai-pegawai pilihanraya CEC supaya memahami bagaimana nak gunakan Excel dengan baik. Kalau yang tua-tua pula ajarlah macam mana nak pakai Lotus 123 atau yang apek cara guna kalkulator.

    Jaga juga hati yang India tau. DAPster India pun banyak juga.

    Ingat pergi ke Jamuan Merdeka Raya. Nak jimat kos. 2 dalam 1 dan usah bawa Tupperwear. Kena jimat cermat.

    Zairil Khir Johari ‏@zairilkj 18h Majlis Rumah Terbuka MerdekaRaya
    Anjuran YB Zairil Khir Johari, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera
    Sabtu. 31 Ogos…

  3. Oh kalau ada soalan pada Pak Zairil tolong hubungi JStar ya.

    The Star ‏@staronline 4h Any questions for Bukit Bendera MP @zairilkj? You can #AskZairil anything by 11am tomorrow: moderator @pualdidan picks top 20 questions!Retweeted by Zairil Khir Johari

  4. Panas… Penang bans Tanda Putra?

    Penang asks cinemas not to screen Tanda Putera
    Susan Loone
    2:28PM Aug 28, 2013

    The Penang government will request cinemas in the state to not screen ‘Tanda Putera’, which is scheduled for release nationwide tomorrow.

    State exco member Chow Kon Yeow, who is in charge of local government and thus cinema licences, said his department will issue the written request today.

    “We have no control over the content of the film, (which is the prerogative of) Finas (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia).

    “However, in view of the sensitive nature of the movie, we are directing the two local councils (in Penang and Seberang Perai) to write in to ask the cooperation of the cinemas to not screen the movie,” he told a press conference.

    Asked what would the state do if the cinemas refused to comply, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (left), who was also present, did not provide a direct answer.

    “The film has scenes which are slanderous, based on lies, and it is a threat to the harmony between the different communities in the country.

    “Those scenes of Chinese youth urinating inside the Selangor menteri besar (Harun Idris’) residence and Malaysian flag can create chaos in society,” he said.

    He said the incident never happened because the residence was heavily guarded, as claimed by a witness who was at Harun’s house at the material time.

    Licence to lie?

    Lim also took the mainstream media to task for failing to point out that the scene was a work of fiction.

    On film director Shuhaimi Baba’s explanation that the filmmakers claimed “creative licence” to adapt historical events into the film, Lim said that it was not a “licence to lie”.

    “If this trend continues, what if one day they make a film suggesting that Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered by Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang?” he asked.

    “We cannot understand how the government can spend money to sponsor such a malicious and dangerous film.”

  5. And the tukang cerita tells of a cerita dongeng to his followers yesterday.

    Khairy is a lot of thing but honest & sincere? The real Spongebob & Barney would have to be walking the face of the earth before I can even consider believing that.

  6. karim raslan nie dok diam2 je la kt indonesia tu…liberal neo con malays or whatever..sama la cam KJ

  7. Well, we all know where Karim Raslan is coming from. He really is very transparent, isn’t he?

  8. Memang lumrah manusia, qualification, status keluarga, $$$$, rupa, cara bergaya mudah mempersonakan siapa saja. Sebagai pelapis pemimpin, saya pun bangga dengan kebolehan KJ.

    Bagi saya rakyat biasa lebih tertarik dgn pemimpin macam Bung Mokhtar. Cara dia relax, easy-going, lucu dan mencuit hati. Kawasan dia luar bandar dan banyak OrgUtan jadi dia tak le perlu bergaya hebat sangat. Tetapi ayuh tinjau pencapaian dan pembangunan kawasan Kinabatangan sejak dia jadi MP kat situ. Hebat kan?

    Rembau kawasan KJ macam mana?

  9. The Evangelical rag is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel if they have to go creamy over KJ.

    Does handsome in a dark way, mean seductive in a dark side of the Force kind of way, or is Karim contrasting his handsomeness in a light way, with his subject.

    And that cherub Rafizi, couldn’t even mount a proper defence when he went up against Commander Thayaparan over the TITAS issue but he sure as hell made sure his response was published in nearly every media outlet.

    If these are the new breed of post racial (sic) Malay intellectuals, Malaysia is really screwed.

    Colour me unimpressed.

    1. Point to me the new breed post racial (sic) Cina intellectuals.

      And dont you dare say Tony Pua or Doktor OKM.

      1. You do realize that there is no such thing as post racial in the Malaysian context, right ?

  10. Now you all know why VJJ Lee Opps. Regina Lee is in the picture. Untuk jadi tukang karut/Tok Dalang KJ dan Nazri dalam J-Star.

    Do you think the Cina DAP will buy that?

    These two good for nothing kitol alaf baru akhirnya akan dilantik jadi BARUA DAP dalam kerajaan UMNO/BN.

  11. Helen,

    To be a good Malay (from viewpoint of Karim Raslan and people like him), one must look down on Malays.

    Khairi fits the bill. He won on “kawasan pekat melayu’. Yet he challenged Utusan for asking a question that is really pertinent: What more the Chinese want?

    Khairi “earns” a lot by appointing someone seen as hostile to UMNO/Malay as his secretary. Meaning no one from UMNO youth is good enough for the post.

    Khairi may br articulate but certainly he is not the only one with that quality. Mukhriz is much more articulate. And no need to be surprise that Mukhriz is seen as more honest, genuine.

    Karim Raslan looks down on UMNO. As if UMNO leaders are all morons, incapable of debate. The reality is that people like Khairi is the person who make Malays upset with UMNO.

    With due respect to Khairi, I am not that comfortable with him. What was it that he had to deliver passport to Anwar?

    I notice Karim has nothing good to say about UMNO. That is not surprising. UMNO that champions the Malays is too much to stomach.

    1. re: “Khairi ‘earns’ a lot by appointing someone seen as hostile to UMNO/Malay as his secretary. Meaning no one from UMNO youth is good enough for the post.”

      So what Umno Youth gonna do? Still re-elect him?

      1. Dia dah pasang kaki siang-siang dalam perwakilan. I am not surprise if he still win this time around.

        1. But the voting system has changed from delegates to direct voting by members, wor … Wouldn’t that blunt the practice of money politics?

              1. John Doe = Idris Harun…LOL

                I was hoping for Datuk Razali Ismail, Muar MP. Apparently he is not contesting plus KJ Kitol is his boss.

                Any other names to suggest. Let’s get the ball rolling…..

      2. Helen,

        If UMNO Youth still elects him, then serve the wing right. you got what you choose.

        It is very simple actually. Why on earth UMNO Youth would want khairi as its boss. The decision is in their hand.

        Do something. Get a new Ketua Pemuda. If not just shut up. and be prepared to see Malays leaving UMNO in droves.

        Remember, Malays may not be that ‘charitable” again to UMNO in next election.

  12. Re. itu, YB yang tidak digemari suratkhabar tersebut ialah Mukhriz Mahathir kerana beliau berani mencabar Lim Guan Eng.

    Mukhriz and KJ Kitol Budak Hitam were both gunning for youth chief post. KJ Kitol won atas POLITIK WANG DAN DIDAPATI BERSALAH.

    Sekarang ini Mukhriz adalah pencabar KJ Kitol untuk jadi PM kita satu masa nanti. Muhkriz has a very strong Malay support both urban and rural, plus the Tun M factor. KJ Kitol is trying very hard now to rally support from Cina DAP hence VJJ Lee and the J-Star come in the picture.

    Saya nasihatkan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan mula tanamkan semangat cintakan Muhkriz Mahathir sebagai Idola dari sekarang. So when the time come, the Malay support will be100% for Muhkriz.

    1. edit

      Saya nasihatkan tuan-tuan dan puan-puan mula tanamkan semangat cintakan Muhkriz Mahathir sebagai Idola pada anak-anak anda dari sekarang dari sekarang. So when the time come, the Malay support will be100% for Muhkriz.


      How now the next round PAU?

      Btw, apropos of nothing, the Youth and Sports Ministry has a humongous allocation from the annual Budget.

      re: “KJ Kitol is trying very hard now to rally support from Cina DAP hence VJJ Lee and the J-Star come in the picture.”

      Regina Lee as KJ’s press sec is given a free run of the gomen Ministries and resources.

      1. Re. , apropos of nothing, the Youth and Sports Ministry has a humongous allocation from the annual Budget.

        Rasa-rasanya masuk POKET dan PERUT siapa duit tu agaknya?

        Re. Regina Lee as KJ’s press sec is given a free run of the gomen Ministries and resources

        KJ Kitol and VJJ Lee if you are reading this, please remember to engage and help the Indian Youth. They are Malaysian too and need a lot of TLC from the government.

        What are you doing about it?

  13. Amusing, KJ had to pretend to be a taxi driver and join Wataniah during his pariah days after the collapse of the Slumberjack Bodohwi regime to show he is close to grass roots.. u know… the Utusan readers types.

    Now dah jadi menteri….. mau tunjuk belang, tunjuk kuasa… I bet he even send his children to International school nak jaga kasta bangsawan dia sebab dah jadi menteri.

    Amusing that Jerusubang now lifting his up, wasnt they the one who cautioned against his meteorite rise to power? Didnt LKS coined KJ as ‘The most powerful 28 year old man in Malaysia?’ as if its something to languish about? Now they seem to sing the same tune. So it seems that Anglophiles flock together.

    The development of KJ’s political career will be interesting. He seems popular but also unpopular. What he wants, we dunno, coz he was the second most powerful man in malaysia if I take LKS word for it,

  14. Karim Raslan, anak si accountant Raslan yang bolot kerja kerja audit GLC pasal bapak dia orang yang diberi amanah oleh Tun Razak. Dia ini specis yang duduk dan enjoy apa yang bapa dia dapat, firma accoutant bapak dia diuruskan oleh profesional, dia duduk lantak duit profit. Dah tu pi lari duduk Indonesia pasal [edited-deleted]. Dulu nak cakap melayupun punya susah, sekarangpun sama. Bila duduk Indonesia baru nak cakap melayu sebutan indon. Tak ada jati diri Melayu ataupun M’sia. Kecik kecik taknak mampus dan besar meyusahkan orang. Cakap tentang rasuah dan kerajaan yang berhemah tapi boleh buta dan pekak tentang perbuatan KJ.

    KJ adalah graduan gred 3 dari LSE. Setakat dapat C dalam economic, baik duduk rumah jaga anak je.
    Cakap yakin dan lancar tapi penipu dan penyamum buat apa. Pilah mati jadi macam bapa anda.

    Terima Kasih.

    1. Karim Raslan dan KJ ada persamaan yang ketara. Dua-dua cari makan dengan hina Melayu. Seorang dengan penulisan. Seorang dengan politik.

  15. Karim Raslan… well he…hmmm he the one…..uh Karim Raslan is…… Well ……. I guess Karim Raslan…….so….. ok, Karim Raslan can speak malay. That it about him.

    :D sarah

  16. Penang dah melampau. Penang bertindak bagaikan dia negara lain dalam Malaysia.

    Pertama Penang menggunakan slogan Hari Kebangsaan yang asing. – “Negaraku: Selamat, Bersih, Hijau, Sihat”

    Sekarang Penang ada kuasa ban filem. Macam Penang lebih kuat daripada Putrajaya.
    Kalau kita pantau GSC dan TGV, pawagam di Penang tiada filem Tanda Putra.

    Ini pun sedikit lebih daripada 100 hari menjadi kerajaan. Kalau DAP perintah 365 hari, apa akan jadi? Kalau Penang boleh ban Tanda Putra, kerajaan Perak, Kedah dan Pahang pun boleh ban buku Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang daripada dijual di kedai.

    1. Cadangan yang baik, Apa lagi, negeri-negeri lain pun boleh start ban LKS and LGE and gangs daripada travel depa punya negeri!

      Kit Siang duduk Gelang Patah saja. Guan Eng duduk Pulau Pinang saja!

  17. MR Karim Raslan, tell us abt KJ and Avenue Capital Bhd story of dragon being swollen by an ular lidi and became ECM Libra Bhd under the watch of his FIL $minister then ? so much of polished gem. Elsewhere, with that insider trading role, he wld become a jailbird now.

  18. karim raslan penyokong kuat LGBT.. entah entah dia stim tengok KJ yang hitam dan menawan.terliur.. tengok dada KJ.

    regina tu satu hari nanti akan jadi Christine khir mak kepada zairil christoper ross lim. dah ke hulur ke hilir mengekor bontot KJ siang malam, si Nouri duduk rumah jaga anak jadi orang bodoh.

    tak baca ke apa mak zairil lim buat kat arwah khir johari. mula mula jadi clerk, naik jadi setiausaha, lepas tu Pa, lepas tu jadi bini no 2, lepas tu jadi bini no 1, habis anak-anak bini satu satu sen pun tak dapat harta mak bapak disapu mak zairil lim.

    satu hari si regina tu pun bercita-cita jugak nak jadi […] bukan ke orang kuat city harvest boleh tukar baju, pakai baju kurung, tukar nama terus orang islam melayu jatuh cinta.

    so kj tu pun akan makan nasi kangkang regina jugak satu hari nanti. kan dia kata dia seorang wanita yang hott.. ramai je menteri nak berkenalan dengan dia…

  19. If KJ is that honest ask KR (Karim Raslan) to ask KJ would he (KJ) have become Ketua Pemuda:
    1. without FIL’s interference?

    2. Since KJ is Youth Minister, why did he not conduct “How to get rich before 30”) to all Malaysian youths (for free)?

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