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In Komtar (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak), Tanda Putera no show

Mulan in a comment @ 2013/08/29 at 2:34 pm alerted us that all the cinemas in the vicinity of Komtar – a DUN that is at the heart of the Tanjung Parliamentary constituency (which is the state capital George Town area) – are NOT showing Tanda Putera.

The name Komtar is coined from “Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak” which is the buildings complex that houses the government administrative centre of Penang. Komtar was designed by architect Lim Chong Keat — younger brother of the former Penang Chief Minister, the late Lim Chong Eu.

Mulan is correct to point out the irony that Komtar is ‘banning’ (refusing to screen) a biopic of Tun Abdul Razak.





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76 thoughts on “In Komtar (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak), Tanda Putera no show

  1. satu hari nanti i tak terkejut tokong lim kata nak penang nak keluar dari Malaysia. apa peduli? sekarang dia rasa dia raja. tapi dia kena ingat masa dia kat atas ingat masa dia di bawah. berapa ramai orang dap satu hari nanti akan pull the red carpet kat dia.

    ingat tak kes Dap melaka? masih kah dia lupa DAP n MCA adalah satu kaum dan bangsa yang akan tikam belakang jugak. ingat the Star ingat Chua Soi Lek. ingat Tan Koon Swan ingat Lee Lam Thye.. ingat lim kit siang ingat lim guan eng.

    dia ingat orang sekeliling dia seorang yang setia? orang seperti DR Ong yang melompat 3 parti juga ingin naik ke atas. ingat orang seperti doktor mah akan menjilat punggung lim seumur hidup?

    berapa lama DAP nak jadi pembangkang bila kaum china majority akan slowly akan di pinggirkan? berapa lama ahli DAP nak duduk melangut tak dapat apa-apa dari kerajaan dan orang melayu terus mempunyai prasangka pada orang china?

  2. The cinemas at ADUN of Komtar are TGV Cinemas – 1st AVENUE, Georgetown , LOTUS FIVE STAR – PRANGIN MALL, Georgetown and ODEON – PENANG, Georgetown

    Sumber :

    Only LOTUS FIVE STAR – BUKIT JAMBUL PENANG, Bayan Lepas Tel: 04-6401515 is showing Tanda Putra
    Date: Thursday, 29 Aug 2013
    Tanda Putera (P13)
    1 Hour 57 Minutes, English / Malay
    12:10PM 02:30PM 04:45PM 07:00PM 09:15PM

    Anyway our dearest MPPP has come out with a new ruling
    In a letter to the local councils yesterday, state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said he had insisted that the state merely “advises” and not “directs” the operators to stop screening the movie.

    Does Chow understand what P13 means? Penjaga 13. There is an advisory system for flims.
    – Viewers under 13 require guidance from a parent or guardian. Film may contain scenes that are inappropriate for younger children or a hard to understand storyline

    Since Iguana and his team are so busy at work, I believe they don’t have time to go to the ciinema. This is for the benefit of the busy money earning DAPster’s knowledge.

        1. Wow. Not only a threat but arm-twisting ‘blackmail’ by the Penang state government.

  3. GSC is just taking the opportunity not to screen this movie and blame this on LGE because they know this screening this movie is a losing business. Better vacant the slots for Hollywood movies with better return.

    LGE should not behave like opposition anymore and he is setting an example for UMNO to use the same tactic against them in the future. I would say this is a stupid move by LGE. Whether this movie will cause racial clash or not is not important but definitely this movie will be a disaster in box office.

    1. I think you are wrong. Many people want to see this movie because out of curiosity after all the brouhaha. As for me and other Malays, this movie will remind us about the struggle of the late Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail to save the country, the aftermath of the worst racial riot in Malaysian history. I also want to see the part where LKS, the man responsible for 1969 racial riot, pissing on a Malaysian flag.

  4. Saya pernah komen this/these race/s riots ini bukan masalah Malaysia saja, tapi masalah seDunia. Just google and you get a long list right from the 1800’s… surf satu bulan pun tak habis baca. Tarak usah sembunyi, semua olang seDunia sudah faham ma!

    I am sure Tanda Putra will interest many many many other “similarly” effected countries. They too can learn from what happened here. Kejadian2 yang berlaku sini lebih kurang ‘SAMA’ yang berlaku dNegara2 lain juga. Haiyaaa… kasi UBAH la!

    Kena belajar supaya kesilapan tidak berulang. Apasat tamau kasi semua belajar? Tamau belajar pasal mana pigi suka bikin kacau ke?

    1. The Jerusubangite will osbcure their own grey cells to convince the world that racial riots only occur in MALAY-sia.

  5. Although currently abroad, I will buy a ticket for Tanda Putera as a gesture of support for the cause.

    1. Just made an order for a seat in TGV cheras, chink central . Anyone who wants the Friday 9.45 showing at tgv cheras, one seat let me know.

      If you want to bring another also let me know, so I can sponsor another seat.

      Just respond to this message and I will post my email and I send the ticket.

      1. Antisinoman,

        You just have to tell the recipient the booking number (no need to “send” the ticket).

        Any reader interested in the ticket pls just leave a comment.

        Btw, “chink” is a racial slur, y’know. You still haven’t answered my question I asked you some time back: Why are you anti-Sino?

        1. Are you a cinema operator? I got a printable ticket with a bar code after payment. In my last visit back, they actually scanned my printed ticket.

          Don’t be offended and sensitive my dear with words like chink. As they say, stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

          My dear, if you want my ticket, just say so la. I can’t just post the number, too many ppl might want to claim. You remember the whole Mcd minion / chinion debacle. Chinks ( not you, so don’t feel offended) were tripping over themselves to get free toys. They would do anything for a freebie, even attend religious open house occasion organized by their political and racial nemesis.

          So. You want, right?…. Let me entice you, it is free.

          1. (a) I don’t see how you can send the ticket in time, but up to you lah. Do your arrangement whatever. Like I offered, if I can facilitate, I’ll help.

            (b) Why should you think a Chinese would be interested in watching as to want your ticket?

            (c) In any case, I’ve already got an appointment fixed with some Malay friends to watch it.

            (d) “Chink”: The racial slurs will only heighten the climate. Imagine if there were to be race-baiting of the Malays in my blog at every post. It doesn’t happen here but I see a lot of race-baiting of Chinese in some Malay blogs, and this development being rather pronounced ever since the tsunami.

            1. One of my nephews had attended Oundle school, a private boarding school in England and he was called ‘Chink’ or ‘Chinkie’ by students, the majority of whom were Whites. Nevertheless, they appointed him as the head prefect.

              1. of course, the only ability the whites have today is to hurl insults like some here did, and live on the left over from their colonial past. pity.

                1. But nobody felt wrong labeling Muslims Taliban and hurling Arabization, when its fun to do so. But Chinks has got the Cina offended?! Come on, you guys can do better than that!

        2. My username will be explained in the future…

          As for the sensitivity surrounding the word Chink, I have not seen you raise as much opprobrium against the word Nigger, which I know I have used before. Just because we may not have blacks reading this blog doesn’t mean you don’t need to apply your moral or self censorship standard only to the main Malaysian racial groups.

          1. re: “I have not seen you raise as much opprobrium against the word Nigger”

            (a) Like you yourself admit, they do not read my blog. No reason for them to do so.

            (b) “Nigger” is not a word in common usage among Malaysians to slur each other. For the same reason there is no need for me to bother policing other (European race) slurs like “kike” or “kraut” or whatever b’cos they’re not applicable in our social context.

            (c) The racial slurs against Chinese is however an escalating problem in Malaysia.

            (d) As for uniformity of standards, you do not see racial slurs against Malays proliferating in my blog, do you?

            1. Please do educate us what the Chinese call Malays in their Chinese dialect… This will help foster mutual… Ahem… Racial antipathy…

              1. Yes , helen let your readers know what a tiong hua with all its complex “tonal” expression, which can be easily misunderstood us backside washing non sino. Please do tell

  6. I do not agree with LGE in trying to block the film. Transparency and openness are PR’s mantra and they should walk their talk.

    To say Tanda Putera is just a film that has no other motive other than provide pure cinematic entertainment to the masses is not quite right either.

    Judging by the insistence of KJ in having the film screened at all cost, naturally begged the question why the determination? Surely it cannot be just the hope of boosting our local film industry.

    1. Re: “To say Tanda Putera is just a film that has no other motive other than provide pure cinematic entertainment to the masses is not quite right either.”

      Exactly my preferred form of dissent by a political party like the DAP which also forms the State government and PR would be to hand out copies of Kua Kia Soong’s book on May 13.

      In fact I wouldn’t really mind if public money was used because Putera is also funded by such monies.

      And think of it, UMNO/BN could give out literature of their own at screenings of the New Village.

      Sometimes people need to be reminded that democracy offers a variety of entertaining and informative forms of dissent.

      1. Conrad

        Quote: “Exactly my preferred form of dissent by a political party like the DAP which also forms the State government and PR would be to hand out copies of Kua Kia Soong’s book on May 13. ”

        I believe people choose to believe what they want to believe. Facts, sadly are interpreted subjective to one’s objectivity. All too glaringly clear in your exchange with Shamsul Anuar on another thread.

        If DAP were to hand out the book, I can already envision the ultra’s reaction though I’m not blessed with the gift of prophecy. The ultra (s) would simply go into defensive mode and come out guns blazing Kua Kia Soong is a Chinese (ex-DAP) with a mission – like those other ungrateful Cina biadap that voted for the opposition, to wrest power from the Malays and misled them with a flawed account of May 13.

        My take is, those who are really interested in the truth would have sought them out already in this information age. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King, Jr

        1. HH,

          I agree with you and although I don’t mean to make light of the situation….

          I was rather cheekily alluding to the phenomenon of poison pen letters, pamphlets, books, dvds and other such means of propaganda that is endemic in politics in this country, which goes on in a sub rosa fashion.

          I remember reading of how Christopher Hitchens was distributing pamphlets about George Galloway when he made his appearance before the US Congress and his book launch.

          I have this image of OKM furiously handing out copies of Kua’s book during the Tanda screening while Ibrahim Ali hands out Ridhuan Tee Abdulah’s “Masih Adakah Ketuanan Melayu? Antara Realiti dan Fantasi” during the New Village screening.

          1. Edit to add:

            It does distress me though to mention Kua’s book in the same sentence with RT. Petty as I am, the juvenile joy of taking a potshot at OKM more than makes up for it.

            1. Conrad

              hahaha I actually thought you were serious what you said about the books… Me bad, me bad.for being so daft. lol

            2. Its nice to see you guys are admiring one another. But taking potshot at Shamsul Anuar when he seems to be rather respectful towards all of us here, is cheap! Dead cheap!

              1. Islam1st

                Did I take a potshot at Shamsul? No, just merely using his exchange with Conrad to make a point. No intention to offend.

                Good to see you rise and shine and all ready to patrol Helen’s comment section armed with lethal rhetorics.

                No poetry this time?


    2. Re. To say Tanda Putera is just a film that has no other motive other than provide pure cinematic entertainment to the masses is not quite right either.

      Take it from me, it is a history lesson for the Malays so that they will remember that CINA DAP can’t be trusted at all cost.

      1. :LOL,

        Quote: “Take it from me, it is a history lesson for the Malays so that they will remember that CINA DAP can’t be trusted at all cost.”

        You’ve watched the film? Really that good meh?

        I’ve not seen it. So no comment on its content. Will get back to you after watching it!!


        1. “Take it from me, it is a history lesson for the Malays so that they will remember that CINA DAP can’t be trusted at all cost.”

          Take it from me, I have. It does!

          1. Islam1st

            You watched already? Hope you watch in cinema, our local film industry is in dire need of your support bro.

            Psst, if online then in the spirit of 1 Malaysia share the link. Kakakaka

          2. RPK did clarify in his blog that May 1969 racial riot started when a Chinese man killed a Malay man somewhere in KL (I forgot the name of the place). After that all hell broke loose! DAP cannot deny the fact that they were responsible for the 1969 tragedy by advocating political of hate among the Chinese. Now they are doing the same thing all over again with the help of MCA and Gerakan. And Ah Jib Gor is still dreaming of winning the Chinese support.

            1. If you watch the movie, for which I did, you would find the rethorics used by the DAP are the same, then, and now!

              Time bomb is definitely ticking…

  7. Memandangkan KOMTAR ini di bawah penguasaan Penang Development Corporation (PDC) yang dikawal LGE saya cadangkan nama kompleks ini ditukar dari KOMTAR kepada KOMLIM. tak malu ke duduk dalam satu kompleks yang diberi nama sempena Perdana Menteri Kedua lepas tu tak bagi orang tengok filem yang paparkan perjuangan Perdana Menteri tu dalam kompleks tu.

    Bangunan KOMTAR adalah satu bangunan yang saya kira bersejarah walaupun belum cukup lama untuk jadi bangunan warisan. Pernah jadi bangunan kedua tertinggi di Asia lepas Sunshine 60 dekat Tokyo. Bahkan nama KOMTAR tu pun dah sinonim dengan orang Pulau Pinang dan yang datang ke sana sebab akronimnya senang disebut dan kena bunyinya. Jadi lepas ni marilah kita sama-sama panggil kompleks ni KOMLIM. “Woi Mat, Hang nak pi mana?” Aku nak pi KOMLIM ni, jom…”. Ok tak bunyinya?

    1. Lupa nak tambah satu pilihan lagi. KOMKONG. singkatan untuk Kompleks Tokong Guan Eng. Ni lg ok kot?

      1. Komlim macam tribute to Lim Chong Eu. Itu iguana tak suka.

        Komkong pun boleh tapi kita kena ada yang moden sikit to cater the youth macam Alvivi dan Namewee punya age group.

        How about Iguana Tower? Modern kan.

        Depan tower boleh bubuh Patung Burung Hijau.

  8. The Kim Guen Eng only giving publicity to Tanda Putera..silly guy..people can watch in kedah.

  9. i wacth already tanda putera. the story about tun razak. more like memoir. i dont believe this film cost 5 million. i cried more about the relationship of tun dr ismail n tun razak. no story about hating chinese.

    it is very sensitive to tokong lim because of bendera dap banyak di tunjukkan j dap jadi pembangkang yang anti tun razak punya pembaharuan untuk malaysia..

    ramai budak sekolah tengok. i met my fren as Pa to multi million company milik bumi. sponsor tiket for 50 student yatim piatu. company to bukan glc n bukan dapat kontrak kerajaan. banyak buat bisnes oversea.

    1. Memang banyak sekali bendera DAP! Jelas dan nyata. Itu yang DAP takutkan. Wa masa Theresa Kok buat iklan Ubah kutuk BN lu orang happy. Freedom of expression. Creativity. Tapi sikalang itu filem kritik lu punya DAP, lu mau banned sana, banned sini!

      Theresa Kok buat dua iklan wor! Lu olang happy saja wa tengok!

  10. There you go: DEMOCRACY as defined by the DEMOCRATIC Action Party! Don’t you just love the irony…

  11. I read in Malaysiakini. The reporter asked the Chief Minister if he had seen the movie. He said No. The clown has not even viewed the movie and he is accusing it it of all things and wants to BAN.

  12. I remember the hop-haa over Salman Rushdie’s book ‘The Satanic Verse’. People read the book not because that the book was of Pulitzer Prize material, but due to the publicity and controversy the book generated when it was launched.

    Now many people want to watch Tanda Putera, not because it is Oscar-material, but out of curiosity to know why DAP die-die want to restrict/ban the movie.

    No class this LGE laa…

  13. I find it extremely amusing that KJ is pushing for freedom of expression and making the claim that the May 13 riots was that of a communist insurgency which comprised of Malays and Chinese.

    [“The film shows events in history where we were angry at the Communists, comprising the Chinese and Malays. We are angry at the terrorists, not at any race” – KJ (Malaysiakini)]

    KJ says (Malaysiakini), “If there are scenes in the film that uses creative licence, which are caused by the creativity of the director, that is normal in any historical film,”

    Well I suppose it is normal in revisionist films but if Tanda Putera is a film about a Communist terrorist insurgency then I weep for the poor Nationalistic Malays who go to see this film hoping it would be a wet dream about the Chinese community engineering a racial riot or specifically the DAP engineering a racial confrontation with UMNO.

    Meanwhile the creatively bankrupt film’s director says, “He (LGE) should be able to differentiate between his narrow politics and the country’s creative industry” (Malaysiakini) – as if the UMNO Establishment has ever made this distinction.

    Poor Komtar Potentate, maybe he just doesn’t understand the creative process, which is strange because the DAP is extremely adept at spinning.

    Remember kids, hypocrisy is not just a sin, its a lifestyle.

    1. Conrad

      Quote: “Well I suppose it is normal in revisionist films but if Tanda Putera is a film about a Communist terrorist insurgency then I weep for the poor Nationalistic Malays who go to see this film hoping it would be a wet dream about the Chinese community engineering a racial riot or specifically the DAP …”

      You really crack me up.

      Seriously, LGE need to watch the movie before issuing a banning decree which he later retracted.

      Since there is nothing ‘sexy’ and provocative about the film, I might just pass.

      1. Re:”Since there is nothing ‘sexy’ and provocative about the film, I might just pass.”

        The irony being it was a sexy and provocative era in more than just the literal sense.

        The Malays were different then as were all Malaysians. This could have been a zeitgeist tonguing piece of filmmaking but look at the director.

        Shekhar Kapur said that when he was making Elizabeth, he viewed the film as the people of that era would have, as in thinking of the period as not in the past but as contemporary.

        There is plenty from that era that was provocative and sexy and race relations was just one aspect. But this hack of a director chose to do what all hacks to, take the easy sloppy way out.

        I have seen bits of it and it is laughable. A friend is organizing a watching party for the film and I’ll be able to give a better review of the flick then.

        1. Conrad

          I wasn’t born into that era and could only catch glimpses of it through P Ramlee’s rerun. The night clubs and tight baju kebaya…..

          It will be interesting to hear your take on the movie after watching becos Islam1st is giving the film top marks.

          Er, try to not to doze off, K?

    2. ‘Remember kids, hypocrisy is not just a sin, its a lifestyle.’

      Of course, if its coming from you, it must be true then. What do we know anyway.

      ..creatively bankrupt film’s director…do you even watch any of her films? What merit do you have, labeling her as creatively bankrupt? Was it based on Malaysiakini reports?

      Please stop kid yourself will you?! Enough of the wet dream already, OLDMAN!

  14. Helen,

    You should read the live report by Star, courtesy of a ‘Rashvin’ and ‘Patrick Lee’, under the hashtag #TandaPuteraLive.

    While they didn’t say anything overtly pro-DAP, the way they did it is purely juvenile. A good comedic narrative, at the very least.

  15. Some more updates.
    Oh Penang lang, why must you be in the news all week for negative stuff? Negative news from your ever loving The Star.

    “Officers from Penang Special Affairs Department were surprised to find mixed reactions from patrons in several Penang cinemas when the national anthem, Negaraku, was played before the screening of movies here….
    When the Negaraku was playing on the silver screen, some of them stood up after their friend stood up, some got up but did not sing at all, while some just sat through and crunched on their popcorn.”

    And more movie news from the wonderful land of Penang.

    “The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia will refer to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action regarding the decision of the Penang state government to ban the screening of the film ‘Tanda Putera’. ”

    I was wondering. “If there are scenes in the film that uses creative licence, which are caused by the creativity of the director, that is normal in any historical film,”
    Does this mean that Titanic is bogus as it does not contain real dialogue from people who actually drowned on the ill fated ship. Judging from the Penang definition, James Cameron did not use actually taped dialogue from the black box of the ship. That is creative licence and it is so unethical. Titanic should be banned in Penang too.

    Oh Penang. All we want is a peaceful Merdeka weekend…. instead we get all sorts of extraordinary news from the little turtle shaped island.

  16. Here is a Twitter gem.

    Wan Saiful Wan Jan ‏@wansaiful 28 Aug
    How come nobody complains about the historical accuracy of Lincoln The Vampire Hunter?

    1. Or the fact that Singapore was full of Chinese pirates in the POTC’s franchise? How come PAP or DAP is not even offended by that?! Hollywood blockbuster movie la brader!

      1. Or the fact that the Young & Dangerous franchise with Ekin Chen, the one that was shot in KL had, Baju Melayu and Songkok wearing Datuk, got thrashed kaw-kaw in the film. Baju terkoyak and all.

        Looks like Tun M aslo wor the Datuk!

        How come DAP not maing noise then? Tun M mana ada get taruh by Gangster Hong Kie like that one! Got ahh?

  17. Critics of Kim Guan Eng’s actions against Tanda Putera beware! He may follow footsteps of his northern brother……..

    North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is believed to have ordered the execution of his onetime girlfriend, according to South Korea’s largest daily newspaper.

    Seoul’s Chosun Ilbo reports that the female singer Hyon Song Wol was arrested along with 11 other entertainers on August 17 for filming themselves having sex. They then sold the videos, some of which made it to China. The 12 people, who belonged to prominent performing troupes, were killed by firing squad on August 20 as their families looked on.

    Hyon was best known for performing the song “A Girl in the Saddle of a Steed.” Kim met her a decade ago, but his father Kim Jong Il — then North Korea’s ruler — apparently did not approve of the relationship. Hyon subsequently married a member of the military while Kim married Ri Sol Ju, also a singer.

    The Korea JoongAng Daily quoted an intelligence official last July as saying that a rumor had circulated among the Pyongyang elite that Kim had resumed his romance with Hyon after his father’s death. The rumor was so rife that when Kim paraded a mystery woman by his side last year, the media had mistook her for Hyon when it was actually Ri.

    A Chinese source told Chosun Ilbo that families of the executed appear to have been sent to prison camps in accordance with the country’s practice of punishing relatives.

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